UAE Labour Law 2014-Download PDF copy

UAE Labour Law 2014 – Download PDF

I have covered UAE Labour Law previously on my blog. Most of my readers seek advice through the blog on clarifying certain aspects of the UAE Labor Law. Though I am not an HR expert, my team which comprises of HR professionals are able to help answer the questions regarding UAE labour Law. And most importantly, the question are with regard to Gratuity Calculation/End of Service Benefits, Termination, Labour Ban, Visa issues, Labour Law updates.

Ministry of Labor UAE has done tremendous efforts to protect both employers and employees. There have been numerous initiatives to enhance the general working environment by introducing things such as mandatory insurance, clarity with regard to labor ban and so on.

This post is merely a repetition of my existing post wherein I provide an opportunity to download the UAE Labour Law in order for both employees and employers to read and understand them. It is vital that everyone employed and employers to read the Labour Law and understand the implications which will clear a lot of air around various concepts.

Click here to Download UAE Labour Law PDF copy


  1. Shon Jose says

    Dear Deepak

    My name is Shon Jose, working in Mussafah, i joined here as a sales executive on February 21th, now am completing my 7th month. but till now i got only 2 month salary. I am financially very tight because of this issue. Company not taking any responsibility in this case.

    Please advise me to solve this issue.

  2. Rufus says

    Dear deepak,

    I got a six automatic labour ban when i resigned from technician post from my first employer since i got a better offer. The second employer lifts my ban using my degree certificate (B:E: Mechanical Eng: without attested)) and made my contract with labour salary of 12000 Aed eventhough i am getting much lower salary(4000 Aed) . Now the current employer is breaking all the promises he had given to me. i had completed 1 year with current employer.

    What option i have to get out of the company without any ban..?
    Did the current employer can do any ban on me if i am resigning..?

    Please help me, I am in a desparate situation.

  3. Mohamed says

    Dear sir
    I was work in dubai last two years and four month after came to home country on emergency leave then i decided not go back to dubai after company treatning me if you not come back , they will put on me gcc ban but i dont have any criminal case or loan
    Now i got visa from qatar. Will i face any problem in airport
    Pls advice me

    • Deepak says

      They can not impose GCC level ban. However, they can report you absconding and this means you will not be allowed to enter UAE.

    • christ says

      i am in working in newly started company under husband visa.
      how many days leave is allowed in a year, whether i am eligible for ticket allowance, gratuity?
      what is the notice period i should give, if i resign? is probation period is applicable?
      what are the other benefits i can avail?

  4. mohamad says

    dear deepak,
    how can i avoid 6 month automatic bann if company not paid the salary for 3 months

    • Deepak says

      you will need to file a complaint with the MOL for this first and propose your case.
      Once they have done the study they will suggest you.

  5. Rajesh says

    Dear Sir,

    My wife is working for a LLC company in Dubai from last 3.5 years and currently she is on maternity leave for 45 days.When she requested employer to increase the maternity leave for another 15 days , company has sent her termination letter,asking her to come after 1 m onth to collect her end of service benefits.Is this legal as per UAE labour law and also provide us details of the end of service benefits that she is entitled in this case.

    • Deepak says

      That is completely illegal and you could file a complaint with MOL immediately.
      That is absolute discrimination!

  6. linda says

    Hello… wanted 2
    ask about one of my colleuge..shes working with us a secretary for almost 10months..shes not competent and shes not dealing good with everybody..she dont do her job well and she fight with some of our colleuge and she called one of them “SICK”…this is an assault right? Is employer hav the rights to terminate her?and what the company should pay her? Can she file a case against our company? Appreciate your response..thank you..

    • Deepak M says

      This is verbal abuse!
      A case could be filed for such behavior. What is your company policy on such behaviour?

    • Sajin Thankam Vasavan says

      Dear Deepak ,

      Is there any ban for Engineering visa ? How is the condition for that?

  7. Muhammad Shihabudheen says


    i am working as an accountant in LLC company in last 8 months,but profession in my visa is Archives Clerk,and my basic salary is 500 Dhs only.i signed in my contract 8 hour duty only but am working 12 to 13 hour.i discuss with my boss he tolled me if you want to cancel you should pay which one you signed at the time of joining.sir you know,i signed 3 white paper,they wrote that,you received 8000 DHS cash loan from our company.i tell him i dont received any cash but he tolled me this is our rule. and i signed ,if i cancel my visa without finishing 2 year contract you should pay 6000 DHS salary is 2000 (including Basic salary 500 ).some time my boss behave me very bad character,he says that you are a Indian i am pattan you don’t know my character i will make big problem for you like that. i give him resign letter but he don’t accept .
    then what will i do.i need cancel when file any complaint is there any chance to cancel my visa without ban and without expenses.
    thank you.

    • Deepak M says

      THis is cheating on part of the company. You could immediately file a complaint with the MOL.

  8. Shaik Ansari says

    hi good morning sir.. i have 2 years contract i finish 20 months. my father is sick so i regin to my job.. with 20 months notice period. my hr is saying to pay 2200 aed. and my own ticket. but my basic salary is 1050 aed. but i dont know y i want to pay this much of money.. and my vise ia free zone. can u please help me sir…

    • Deepak M says

      You actually do not have to pay any money.
      Is it mentioned in your contract that you should pay?
      Ticket is provided only in case of termination.

  9. says

    Hlow deepak sir
    I jst want tmnow about my ban..
    Im prsent wrking in llc company from 7 year
    I renew my new visa two months back
    Now i hve good job offer from other company
    If ill mke cancel my visa ill get ban
    Plzz let me know my brother

  10. mika says

    Please help. I’m working in Dubai and is planning to quit my job due to conflict of interest and my direct manager is harassing me with foul languages and sometimes hit me physically when the job is not done according to his preference. Also, most of their employees are asked to work more than 8 to 9 hours without any additional compensation. How will I file a complaint to the Labour and do I still need to pay for the visa costs?

    • Deepak M says

      For any physical abuse, you need to file a complaint with MOL or Police.
      You do not need to pay any visa costs.

  11. Muthuraj says

    I am last 6 years working in dubai.5years in. One company. and last 18 month’s working in other company. Now I working employer that my contract is period is balance. I got other offer. In above 5000. I am studying only high school
    now i will change the company.. If any labour ban or not.

    • Deepak M says

      For your qualification and salary offered, you may not have labour ban.
      But please confirm with MOL.

  12. Ryan says

    Hello Deepak! Thank you for this very informative site. I would like to ask something deepak. I am currently on unlimited contract and will finish my 2 years next month. I plan to switch job. The HR of our company did not accept my resignation though and wanted me to sign a waiver and plans to extend my visa. If i sign this waiver but still continue to resign, will i get banned? Is he trying to renew my contract? Please help me sir. Thank you so much.

    • Deepak M says

      You should clearly indicate that you have no intention of renewing the contract and do this in writing and let them no renew your visa or labour card.

  13. Prabhu says

    Hi Deepak,

    What about the ban details, while company terminate or resign the employee in probation period?

  14. Rushwan Ahamed says

    Hi Deepak…Thanks for sharing with us the UAE labor law. I would like to know if I tender resignation during the probationary period, does the Company have the righs t to recover all the costs incurred during your employment including visa, medical etc? I am not able to find any article on UAE labor right on this deduction. Please advise. Regard Rushwan

  15. Freniel Fiel says

    Hi deepak,im phil im about to finished my 2 years contract here in Dubai,my for the last 1 years and 3 months my basic salary was 1500,but afterwards i was promoted as supervisor my basic was 2 k..i will not renew my contract,, how much possible i will get for my gratuity ? please let me know so i have at less knowledge about my case.thank you

    Best regards.

  16. Olas scholes says

    Thanks for your reply do you mean I can’t change the job for free zone or government job. You said I will be bound to such contract. I was the one that pay for my visa change thY collect 560.

    If I get a job of 4000 can I lift the ban.

    And does the company have the power to hold my International Passport?

  17. jenny says

    Its been 2 years and 7 month since i have working for my company. Now am planing to resign from my work due to maternity issues. SO can i claim for my gratuity?.
    And how is it calculated?

    Kindly reply.

    • Deepak M says

      Yes, once you complete 1 year, you are eligible for gratuity.
      If you resign before you deliver, you may not get maternity benefits.
      But you will surely receive gratuity.
      Read my article on gratuity calculation.

  18. Olas scholes says

    Hi Deepak, Thanks for creating this informative forum. I ‘ve some few questions to ask. I got an offer letter from National corporation Tourism and Hotels with catering division. I was given an offer letter as an Office boy with 1000. I came on VISIT Visa. So in my offer it was written duration of contract as Unlimited which means is two year contract. It was stated that my probation period is 6months. Meaning that I can terminate the contract after probation period with 30 written notice. Stated that your contract may be terminated by your employer within the period of probation without notice. However after completion of your probation period the employer or you at any given time can terminate the contract by giving 30days notice.

    Secondly it was also stated that if you resign for any reason prior to the completion of two years service, you will be required to refund to the employer all expenses related to your hiring such as visa fees medical plus Emirate I D plus recruitment ticket and other expenses.

    I was a little bit confused about the two statement does it mean I can’t leave for a big offer.

    My questions now is let assume I work for four months and I got a good offer from another company is it possible for me to resign and if I resign do I need to pay any money incurred on me. and will I have a ban from Labour. I need your advice on it.

    • Deepak M says

      I presume this company is semi government. They do not come under the MOL purview and could make policies themselves.
      If you have signed such a contract, you will be bound to such contract.

  19. Elena says

    Hello guys,
    Sorry to bother.
    I need a suggestion.
    I am from albania,i have signed a job offer in abu dhabi for catering manager (even why i have studied computer scienze,informatics),but currently im working like a waiter 11 hours a day,at least 9 hours a day and for a month with no day off.its my first week at my job,but i want to change my job.please can anyone tell me how much hours a day should i work based on the laws,and what can i do to change my there any ban or any fee to pay :( please help me.

  20. Muhammad Saqib says

    Just a quick question. By labor law can your employer ask you to pay the cost of the visa spent on you if you are leaving the Organization?
    Just to clarify I’ve been working in DMCC Freezone Organization for more then 7 months which just got converted to LLC. They made me sign new unlimited contract for LLC Visa. I have been offered a good position with a better pay grade in a Government Organization. The day I resigned my employer asked me that “I have just spent money on your visa. I want you to pay for the visa.” Is he allowed to do so? since when i joined the company was Freezone and they have converted the company into LLC. Also can ministry of labor will help me with my query. Thank you for all your help.

  21. Mitch says

    I am currently employed and my employer is under the labour, I got an offer from a freezone company.

    I want to grab the job because the salary is good compared to my current job.

    My start date on the contract is December 29, 2014. I’m still in the probation period right?

    I just want to ask, what will be the consequences if I will grab the job offer in the freezone company?

    If the ban will be lifted because I will transferring to a freezone company, is there any certain amount that I will pay to my current employer? If yes, approximately how much would it be?

  22. achilez says

    I had worked with the company for almost 4 years now on a limited contract. I wish not to renew anymore because I found a better offer, then I informed my present employer.
    Which date will I follow for my last day with them?
    Labor card exp: June 5?
    Contract exp: July 8?
    or Visa exp: july 21?
    They are insisting for me to follow the visa expiration.
    Please help

  23. gohar ayub says

    hi sir i m working since 4 months n abu dhabi with catering cmpany i am graduated part 1 passed . my company want cancel to me with termination letter . after cancellation can i take the new visa . if i can plz reply me whats the process to which i got the new visa n new company without ban. thnx

  24. Jilu says


    I would like to inquire whether there is any clause in the UAE Labour Law related to Business trips /travels. My company wants me to come to the office immediately after landing without rest which is quite stressful. I am subjected to work until 12:00 AM on some days while on business trip. Then , after my return to Dubai at 02: 00 AM early morning on a working day, they expect me to return to office by 08:30 AM with absolutely little amount of rest though I will be working abroad until we board our return flight.

    Also, I would like to clarify certain information about the medical insurance. At the time of hiring/ employment, my company promised to provide medical insurance. However upon obtaining the medical insurance card, the company asks me to pay the insurance maintenance charges for the first 6 months though my visa was transferred to company visa in the first 2 months. I would like to know whether the employer has such rights to claim the insurance charges for the first 6 months from the employee.

    Thanks & Regards

  25. Balaji says


    I need a immediate answer from u… Iam a civil engineer.. I joined in a company and I worked only 10 days ther now some personnel issues I just want to stop from that company so I want to cancel my visa .. I didnt sign any contract and I have not did medical also.. The company provides visa for me they spent some money for that.. But they r not canceling my visa and they said they won’t give 10 days salary also.. They are asking 9000 to pay to cancel my visa.. So I made complaint in ministry of labor.. So I want to know how long it will take to get solution in court how many days? To get court appointment how many days wil take? After appointment when visa wil cancel? Pls give me solution…

  26. Nilan says

    Hi Mr Deepak,

    My girl friend is coming to dubai from France and she is a french citizen. if she got a job in dubai company or an organization are they gonna keep her passport with them ?

    second question is for foreign ( EU citizen) passport holders what is the minimum pay ? is there any rule for minimum salary ?

  27. Terry says

    I am leaving my company after just 21 months. My contract is for 3 years before it becomes an unlimited contract.

    They are based in the freezone in media city.
    Upon producing my letter of resignation, they are stating that because i have breeched my contract early, I will have to pay 50% of 3 months Salary. From what i have read in the Labour law. The charge/fine is for when the company the company have been put out of pocket.

    Is this the case, or is it an automatic fine for just breaking your contract?

    Thanks in advance for the advice

  28. daisy says

    Good morning sir…
    Another question sir..can i send a notice this month even if my contract will end on july..or should be next month??
    and if i send a notice and its efectivity of my letter is on july 6,that day also ill automatically stop my duty?weather the campany like it or not?

    im hoping your answer again…
    thank you!

  29. says

    Hi Deepak,
    I’am having problem with my two Nigerian employees. they are not performing their duties, misconducting behavior. what action should i taken against them. please advise.

  30. daisy says

    Dear sir deepak,
    I just want to know,that if im not going to renew my contract under unlimited.becouse im going home together w/ my husband.and im the labor card will expired on july 6 2015,and my visa is on aug.11 2015..
    My question is,if my labor card is expired..should i stop working or am i waiting also my visa to expired to stop my duty?

    Thank you i hope you will answer me..

  31. Manu says

    Hi Deepak, i need the latest update about UAE employement ban.
    1.) If i joined in a company as an engineer and my pay is 7000 AED and the contract is unlimited, but within 9 months i got the good offer the pay is AED 10000 . whether i can join my new job or not if there is any ban is applicable.
    2) If my visa is under my husband sponsor i joined a company with AED 7000 salary i signed the agreement with that company is unlimited contract , same like above if i got the new job AED 9000 can i join my new one .

    please reply my two case.

  32. Melody says

    I would like to know if the Company is allow to work the low profile (which means like my visa is a cleaner but working as Admin. but the salary is still the same – Cleaner) no incremental.

    Is it fine or the company need to increase my Salary or even change my visa?

    I will wait for you response as soon as possible.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention.

    Best Regards,

  33. Suhail Ahmed says

    Hi deepak,

    I’m working in construction company Abu Dhabi !
    Now i have received good offer from other company so i want to resign ASAP without notice period please help me to find out the solution to move forward !

    I have recently joined here in this company, since working from 25 Feb 2015 till now & MY OFFER SAYS in probation period:
    In accordance with UAE’s Labor Law, the first 180 days will be a probationary period during which either the employee or the Company has the right to terminate the Contract of Service without notice or obligation.


    The employee may terminate the contract by giving the company a written notice of two months period.

    Now current company telling me to pay months salary if didn’t complete two months of notice period,

    So please advise me to get off from here!


    • Deepak M says

      SInce you have signed such contract, you will have to abide by it.
      The solution provided by your company is right; either you provide notice period or 2 month salary.

  34. Syed Amjad Ullah says

    Dear Sir \ Madam

    I Joined Ghiyathi Line General Transport on 11 jun 2014 and worked still now.
    now i am not liking to work in future because company did not pay me salary till to date and manager miss behave with us and assault me to terminated my contract .
    Approximately 11 months i worked for them and receive no salary from company .
    Now i want information about my termination of contract .
    Please provide me my information about any Ban according to UAE Lab our Law and my gratuity payment.
    Can i make complaint to UAE Labour court about this or not.
    i am not wanted to terminate my contract and want to worked in UAE.
    I am Heavy vehicle driver.

  35. karthik says

    my wife is working in private clinic as nurse for the last 10 months .She is under my visa and labor card provide by her employer .She need to to change job . For husband Sponcer visa there is any band.

  36. Sajeev says

    Dear Sir,

    In case of limited period contract for 2 years, please advise how gratuity will be calculated if an employee resigns after completion of the two year term ? Will it be based on 21 days per year or will it be based on 7 days per year ? Thanks

  37. Salman says

    Hi deepak,

    i am working in oil refinery on contract basis and my contract is going to end on april 2016. if i resign from my present company would i have to pay 150% salary back to my company even the new offer i have got from the UAE government company.

    please guide me in this regards because my present company is not releasing me until i pay one and half salary to my current company.?

  38. Nuno Abreu says


    I started to work and spent two weeks was show my employment contract clauses had not been shown before me.

    At this time I accepted the offer letter but not accepted the employment contract.

    I did the medical tests and started the Emirates ID process.

    What can happen if I decide not to sign.

    • Deepak M says

      How can you do medical tests and Emirates ID without signing your labour contract?
      I am confused!

  39. sajith says

    Dear Deepak,

    I just want to know about one thing,i just came here last February.I’m working in mussafah as Auto CAD Draftsman.But my company has lots issues.salary also not giving on time.march salary i got yesterday.but i cant wait like this.because i have lot of problems to solve.that is why i came uae.So in this situation i decided to shift for another is possible?is there a ban?tel me if there a ban how to lift it?

  40. Sarath says

    Hi Deepak

    I completed my two years contract with my present company as and my labor card says my contract date is 7-march 2015.

    My visa is expired on 10 April 2015 and my company is planning to settle my dues.

    So i would need your advice regarding the due that i will be receiving them from company,how my gratuity is calculated and what will be my end of benefits.

  41. DRED says

    Sir is there any law here in UAE that the labor can work in two companies? I was an event organizer in a company in sharjah. my visa is from abu dhabi but the business is in sharjah. 3 months ago the partner of our employer put up another business in sharjah and he is forcing the staff to work in new business. we file a complain in mol and all the staff wants to resign. is there any chances of this case?
    thank you.

    • Deepak M says

      yes, you can not work in 2 different companies.
      Please file a complaint with MOL.

  42. Sundeep Haridas says

    Hi Good day,
    I would like to under which law its quoted that a labour can stop an ongoing construction work. i referred several laws but couldn’t find a solution.

  43. Karlyn says

    Good day!

    My company had forced me to sign a resignation letter instead of a termination letter. I already filed a case in labor but they said because i sign on the letter it means i resigned from the company. The only proof that i have with me is the audio recording where in it was captured in the recording that i mentioned that they should let me sign a termination letter not a resignation. My prob is i put my signature on the resignation paper. What will i do? Is the audio recording i have will be valid in the court if ever? Is there a chance that the court decision will be favorable for me? Or better i settle with mu company

    • Deepak M says

      I guess, resignation letter is valid since you have signed it.
      I am not sure about audio recordings being valid.
      Please consult a lawyer in this regard.

  44. sam says

    Can you please tell me is there away for lifting the fine on limited contract, if you resigned while you still on probation period. Is the company allowed to hold your salary for this?

    • Deepak M says

      The first part of your query is not clear to me.
      Company cannot withhold any salaries.

      • sam says

        On the limited contract by law if you resign you need to pay 45days salary fine. Ive resigned during my probation period. Ive tried to ask the company to lift of the fine because icant afford to pay them. And they didn’t pay my salary because of the fine.
        Is there another solution around this.

        • Deepak M says

          not to sure about what your situation is.
          but, I think the only way is to speak to your company.

  45. Sreyansh says

    Hi Deepak,
    Could you tell me the last date the file was edited/updated?

    Because the last year mentioned anywhere in the file is 2001.

  46. VIVEK says

    Dear Mr. Deepak

    I have been working in an organization for more than 2 years on limited contract as sales engineer. I have given my resignation and given my notice period of 30 days. I have completed one limited contract and broke the 2nd limited contract after 5 months. I am i eligible for gratuty and one year leave salary which is pending. Will i get my salary during the notice period of 1 month. Awaiting your reply

  47. Rajesh Thaker says

    Dear Mr Deepak.

    There was an automatic ban on me as i have left the company before completing 2 years due to dirty atmosphere.

    So, my question is from where can i know the details of my ban.
    When will the ban gets lifted. what would be correct solution.

    Kindly do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Rajesh Thaker

  48. Suji says

    Hi, I would like to know if I would be able to work in a company in Abu Dhabi or Dubai while holding a valid free trade zone visa???
    Please suggest

  49. Koshy says

    Good Evening

    I have worked for a company on Limited Contract. I joined here in Feb 2011 and left the company in Dec 2014. My Visa was valid till March 2015.

    Now I have joined a company from same industry/product. The new company is also the distributor for the same brand my earlier company is dealing with. But I am not involved in sales or promotion of that product.

    The ex employer had a non competence clause of 2 years from my leaving the organization, and now they have approached the labour office at Dubai.

    Since I am not involved in competing with them, how will I explain this and can someone suggest the way out

    • Deepak Machado says

      It is tough to implement such non compete clause.
      You should relax i think.

    • You Need a Lawyer! says

      Experts are usually hired by another employer in almost if not the same service/product due to obvious reasons. Now, the reason I mention this is because it is as simple and common as it is that it is not a big deal anymore. The only thing that can hurt you in this case is when the opposing party have the evidence about you giving out some information about their clients regardless if you’re in the sales or not, but that my friend is very difficult to prove.

  50. Keerthi says

    Hi Deepak,
    My friend resigned from the company and moving to the sister company within UAE and he needs to pay back some allowances based on pro rata basis which he benefited from the time of joining. He don’t know exactly how much he needs to return back and when he approach the finance to know the balance amount in order to save the amount before his last working day, he was told by them saying that as per the policy this will be calculated after 7 days of his last working day.
    If the employee know the amount at least 2 days in advance then that will help them to find the amount to pay off on his last working day.
    could you please advise with the clause as per UAE labour law

  51. Soni says

    I really appreciate your effort & how you help others by giving answer to their problems.
    i’ve also a query, pls. spread some light on it.
    my query is :
    i’m working in a LLC co. & after completing one & half year suddnely i need to go to my home country for some serious issue. me & my seniour had just verbally dicided for 45 days leave. but as my 45 days was over i was in need to extend my leave for 4-5 days more.
    As i mail him, he replied me ‘no need to come back’ – b’coz i’ve not rejoin ofc after 45 days (as we decided earlier).
    in such case- how much compensstion they have to give me according UAE labor law???
    pls. reply at earliest & Thanx in Advance.

    • Soni says

      I’m on Unlimitd Contract which is going to finish next month April-2015 & Co. has not given me any notice about termination.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Nothing particularly is written about this under UAE labour law.
      SInce you have not adhered to the agreement, it is up to the company to decide.

    • Rana says

      Hmmm, you were fooled by your employer my friend. But under such circumstances at least talk to the owner himself and tell them about your circumstances and how you feel about it. It might not solve your problem but there’s a little chance your employer or the owner can help you out. you said you speak with your senior right? not the employer or the owner?

      Lesson learned: Never trust verbal agreement.

  52. Manan says

    I am a doctor and i recently joined a clinic in dubai a week ago but i am not comfortable working with them and would like to resign and join another clinic. My contract is limited contract for 2 years with 3 month probation period mentioned in job offer but its 6 month in the labour contract. I need to know after resigning will i get a 6 months ban or not.

    • Deepak Machado says

      For professionals like you, there may be no labour ban applicable.

  53. manoj says

    my collegues got termination latter from company and he didn’t signed the paper. so i just want to know Is he in the safe zone or after 30days since the date of latter issued it would be consider as termination.

  54. khan says

    Dear Sir,

    Yesterday he gave the resignation given the notice of one month and the employer is asking for 6000 AED fine & fine will be deducted from his salary. What should he has to do, sir

    Please help him.

  55. Neem says

    hi – I wanted to check that can we get an HR Designation on our visa on submission of hr professional certificates authenticated by khda

  56. khan says

    My friend is working in LLC company he has signed a contract of 5 years. He does’t want to work any more in that company he has to pay any charges because they has mentioned 6000 AED fine in the contract. Just he has completed 4 month’s in UAE if there is any ban

  57. blacko says

    I work in UAE. profession; safety. and I was recruit for the safety company from one years a go. i have diploma. but I’m badly treated by my company. he recruites me and sent me directly to another company.of his friends here in abu dhabi city. this company and his friends do not do the safety work. he works natural stones. here I am carrying stone and requires me to work very hard and very fast. past on years now. and my salary is 1000 dirham. no food. we are very bad lodges. I call my company their and I said them that I recuv the very bad treatement here. but he told me that if I did not work hard and fast work, it will cancel my visa. and my visa is in the labor zone. I cant not change the company . I do not know if it’s a technical use by the government to exploit emigrate people. before to complain, I want to know.
    1- What can the government (the Ministry of labor) cant do for me? in my situation?
    2- In the finale. How can beings the final solution of this kind of problem? the cancellation? my company closed? which signifi also the cancelation. or what? What are the risks of this cant’s of complain?
    3- What is the procedure to take this kind of problems. tank you.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Sorry to hear about your situation.
      1. You could complain with MOL with your situation. They will help.
      2. Cant understand your question!
      3. Please approach MOL. Best solution!

  58. Chiel says

    Hi Sir,

    I ask my GM/Owner of the company where I worked with if I will a have a free roundtrip ticket since I will renew my contract on MAY and I will use my vacation after 2 years on July. She said she will not provide even though it’s not indicated in my offer letter. Please give me advise. thanks

  59. shireen says

    dear Mr. depak,

    I have been working in my company for 8 years now and i finished my contract i even sent a one month notice that i will not extend my visa anymore i have unlimited visa. my boss gave me 10,000 for my first contract and he told me this is just for him not to have more payment for me at the end of my contract, please tell me how to compute my separation pay in this regard …

  60. Arlene says

    Dear Sir,

    My friend finished his 2 years contract as Labour card holder to his previous company. he got a new job and already joined the new company. He got his New visa, he already went for typing center for his new emirates ID, his done with his medical. He still not have his graduity, according to his previous companythey will give his graduity money after he submitted his change status. He already submitted the visa copy to his previous company, his new company already had his passport, medical result, cancellation copy, the copy of his emirates application from typing center. I dont know why his change status is still pending. His previous company also asking him to exit UAE this March 25 because his cancellation will be expired also.

    I s he still need to exit UAE, does the previous company have the right to hold back his graduity money even though he had a new VISA and already working in new company???

    Hope to hear from you,

    Thank you!

    Sincerely Your;

    • Deepak Machado says

      The old company need not wait for change status to release the gratuity.
      I am not sure whether you have correct info as visa will not be stamped without changing the status.

  61. vic says

    I just need clear guidance, We are forcing by our company to take Leave because there is limited job this coming summer season. The company is giving a 3 months forced leave with only 1 month being paid and the rest 2 months are not paid. We always have a Leave Form that is being filled-up so it will became binding that we accept that condition of leave, otherwise they are telling that if we will not accept the force long leave they need to terminate us.. Is this legal in UAE law?

    • Deepak Machado says

      Arbitrary dismissal is against the labour law.
      You could file a complaint with MOL in this regard.

  62. Rohit says

    Dear Deepak,

    I have resigned from company on Feb 15, 2015 with legally servicing 1 month notice period, though company ask for 2 months notice period fro handover which I agreed, hence notice period will end on April 15, 2015. Meanwhile company given salary increment to all employee but denied salary increment to me saying that it is company policy as I already resigned (never circulated or given to me).
    So company will not pay increment of 7% on basic (given to all employee except me) i.e. for Jan 2015 to April 15, 2015 and also company will pay EOSB on old basic salary without increment.
    Is this justified? What should be my stand about increment denied? what action I can take against company? please guide me briefly on this??
    Thanks in advance…

    • Deepak Machado says

      Company can have such rules and labour law does not mention anything about this.

      • Rohit says

        Can I file complain in Labour Department/Labour Court? for claim for 7% increment denied, where as due to No Increment EOSB will be short paid to me due to this. where as I am rightful to receive increment, Can Labour department provide some favour ???

  63. dineshan nair says

    I have resigned from my present working company and is in notice period, as the management reduced the salary on the context of less profitability. Since I am a technical staff, the management is asking me to train my junior colleagues on what I know and my expertise to get a clearance for the cancellation for the Visa and Labour card.

    therefore is it mandatory to do this training to my junior colleagues before my cancellation?

    also would like to know if I will be in a position to travel out of UAE during this notice period?

    awaiting your reply at the earliest

    thanking you


    • Deepak Machado says

      No it is not mandatory to hold you at the company!
      Yes you will be able to travel as per immigration rules and regulations.

  64. Renjith says

    Dear Sir, I am working in a trading company under limited contract and finished 1.5 years. Now the company terminates my contract due to I took 10 more days of my annual leave. Now I got a new offer from another company. I want to know whether I get a ban or I can join the new company without any problem.

  65. Pradeep says

    Dears sir,
    I am working as a electronic technician for 6 years in same company under limited contract.I have resigned from my company due to some personal reasons . But my company is threatening me to pay AED 150000 for a foreign training undertaking bond (2 years) the bond includes one year salary and training expenses due to immature resignation other wise they will put a civil case against me and cancel my visa then i cannot join in any other company in uae. I am bit tensed now please help me sir.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I am not sure what kind of bonds you have signed.
      So, can’t really comment on this! However, bonds, if legal are enforeable.

  66. Harish says

    Dear sir
    Am Harish I first come use vise labour tramination my job but i have ban sir

    • Abid says

      i am working with in a private fertilizer factory since six years will they give me my rights bonus ticket etc please tell me about this and one think more i did not go the country so for my basic salary is 1000 so how much amount they will give me.please give me the estimate of maximum amount .

      • Deepak M says

        Sorry, can’t say as the policies are different in companies. You can directly ask your company.

  67. jiyash says

    My Brother working as a sales man for last 5.2 Years.
    He having a basic salary of 900 AED. Just now he resigned.
    the company give him visa cancelled passport (today 09-march-15). they not given anything as his gratuity. Also he deposited 3000 AED while he started his contract.
    What we need to do.
    Please advise for our next movement.

      • jiyash says

        thanks Deepak,
        Where I will go for claim this. can I go directly to court. or any other procedure ?

        • Deepak Machado says

          First you will request your company. Then if not solved, MOL will help you.

  68. mary says

    hi my company make termination letter september but they didnt give me that letter to me they give me a chance to prove myself to them i pass that 1 month they give now march they decide to terminate me for good because of poor performance and they give me 1 month to look for new job . I started looking a job march 3 and not working anymore in the company because the termination letter is until march 2. Do i have ban? how can i lift them? i’m unlimited contract. i have been working for 9 months in the company.

  69. Ivan says

    i m going trough a court case regarding my labour contract and salary . Managers and owner of the company didn t turn up at the first hearing . They had provide a new date in 15 days what s happening if they don t turn up again ? i really have some serious matter to sort it out in my own country but i can t leave dubai until they are cancelling my visa. They already offered me a very little amount of money to release the case and let me free but i feel that i m trap on their conditions and their rules and will… what s your suggestion ?
    kindly regards

    • Deepak Machado says

      Not sure about this.
      My suggestion is to stick to what your lawyer says.

  70. Aman says

    But what if I make contract and leave company before 2 years, Will I have labor ban on me?
    I am civil engineer and working as technical engineer in the company.
    Company providing me very low salary.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Labour ban may be applicable if you break the contract.
      Ban really depends on qualification, new designation and new salary.

  71. Aman says


    I need to know that I recently joined a construction company, I am on spouse visa and I’ll continue my job on my visa company not providing the visa but they demand for 2years contract which I dont wanna make. Is this my right that I can do work without contract or i must have to make a contract either I am on my visa.?

    Kindly response

    • Deepak Machado says

      working without a valid labour contract is illegal!
      Yes, to work in any LLC company, you will need a valid labour contract.

  72. somu says

    Dear Mr.Deepak Iam an engineer on unlimited contract presently in my probation period working from last 5 months in Dubai.But in my labour contract my visa is sales executive .In my company they usually delayed my salary thatswhy I am decided to change my job .I have a offer in other company based in Abudhabi with the salary of 10,000 car.i have 2 questions now 1)whether I will get 6 months ban?if yes is it possible to lift up in my case with the salary of 10,000 &engineer visa in new company? 2)how many days notice period I have to give(in my labour contract it is not mentioned but in my offer letter it is mentioned as 2 months)

      • Mia says

        Dear Mr Deepak,

        I am new on this website..
        I am from Germany and was offered a job in Dubai for 7000 Drh ,but they asked me to pay my own medical, about 800Drh, they said, and they dont offer accomodation allowance. Is it legal thay I should pay my own medical? I am currently still in Germany. Please can you help with my question? Thanks.

        • Deepak Machado says

          Medical test costs are to be borne by the company that is sponsoring you.

          • Mia says

            Thank you so much for your reply.
            Also I have another question.
            Which websites are good to look for a job in Dubai? I am currently using dubizzle and bayt, but am sure there must be better ones.
            Does it makes sense to apply from abroad and then travel if invited for interview or better to move there on a try for 2 month and apply when actually in UAE ???

          • Deepak Machado says

            Gulftalent – is a good site as well.
            My suggestion is better to move here and stay for 2 months and have a dedicated approach for job search.
            The moment you say that you are out of country and will arrive for interview, the employer may back out!

  73. Jay says

    Hi Sir,

    Good Morning!
    I just want to know regarding my visa cancellation
    I dont know if I’m limited contract or unlimited ones, because I already finished my 2yrs in my company and signed another 2yrs of extension.
    during my extension i resigned about 6 months and rendered 2months notice because under our contract we need to give 2months notice. and I already got all my documents and my end of service but now they ask me about my driver’s licensed. they want to get our driver’s licensed for them to cancel my visa(is this true). i asked them why? but the HR told me the P.r.o cant cancel our visa because they need our driver’s licensed. by the way i’m working in abudhabi and the visa they put in my passport before was 3yrs of validity. Thanks I hope I can get a reply later because my last day was this sunday and i already booked a ticket on monday.

  74. Susan Canete says

    to it may concern.

    Sir/maam, I would like to ask you some questions regarding the visa cancellation and to work to another employer. I am just working as a house maid and my 2 years visa is end by August this year and after my contract end I don’t want to go back to my country, because I want to work to another employer for a better salary. actually I have found already a new employer they’re just waiting me. and my boss told me she will cancel my visa by July but they ddn’t know yet that I am going to work to other employer but of course I am going to tell them when my visa is already cancelled.
    My question is, is that possible after the cancellation I will transfer to another employer? with out any cost? I don’t know exactly what is the low for house maid, because I’m afraid that my boss will ask money for release or I’m afraid that they’ll put me on ban. and Sir or maam I just want to clarify if after my contract is done do I have a right to work to another employer just transfer only? and not going back to my country then come back here? Please give me some advise what should I do. Thank you so much

    • Deepak Machado says

      Transferring involves costs beside visa/labour costs. You will have to change your status within the country. That involves costs. Also, emirates id, medical…these costs are normal.
      You can work for another employer if your have valid work papers, visa etc.

  75. urmila shrestha says

    hello sir i want to change my job ..but my contract is still remaining…i already complete 1year but still remanining 11 month ……..and i already resigned also would i get a labour ban or not……

  76. Shamna says

    Dear Deepak

    I was working with a company in Dubai on unlimited contract(started working june 2014). I am on my husband sponsorship. after 4 months(sep 30, 2014)I resigned from my job and on my last working day Finance dept asked me to pay AED 2140 as labour card cancellation charge and told that he would forward to HR manager for labour card cancelation only after getting this amount . but I had no money with me so i didnt pay it.

    Later I enquired with MOL and they told me i do not want to pay any money to cancel labour card and I could complain against the company for this.

    Recently, HR manager contacted me and asked me to come office and settle the amount (new amount-2700 AED)with finance dept and sign “final and irrevocable form” to proceed with labour card cancellation. I told him that legally I am not entitled to pay any amount for cancelling the card. Then he told me company incurred costs for training and my colleagues waste their time training me.

    In my offer letter it has written that, If you decide to resign within one year, you will reimburse the employer with all related dues pertaining to the cost of work permit and other related UAE Government costs.

    Kindly advise me if I am entitled to pay this amount to the company or else I have to file a complaint with MOL

    I need to cancel my labour card as soon as possible as I am getting new offers.

    • Deepak Machado says

      As informed to you by MOL, you are not required to pay any fees for labour card cancellation. Internal company contract is not applicable. Only labour contract issued by MOL is valid document.

  77. Shaji says

    Hi Madhu,

    Am working as a GP in a private clinic in dubai. Im on 2 months probation, another 4 more to go. My current salary is AED 15000.I have been offered another job with a slightly lesser pay, but around Aed12000. And I am inclined to take that because of the timings. I have not got a copy of my contract. Should and can I ask for one? And would it be legal for me to leave during probation? If yes, am I entitled to pay my employer anything?


  78. Vildaan says

    HI deepak

    Request you to please resolve my query, I got offered from local bank of UAE which was interviewed in Dec=2014 in India. the payroll is of local outsourcing agency based in Dubai and abu dhabi . The outsource agency has already issued the employment visa which will get expire 0n 15 march 2015, i’m still in India, but i got another offer from other local bank from Dubai they are paying me more salary comparatively which was offered earlier. And i’m keen to join the bank which offered me more and i don’t want to join the bank for which outsource agency has already issued the employment visa, if i say to cancel the employment visa which has been issued, will there be a BAN imposes on me by outsource agency for not joining and not accepting there offer..Please revert ASAP as i need to take call on the same..

    • Deepak Machado says

      There is no ban applicable on Entry permit.
      If your labour approval is not processed, there will be no immigration ban.
      You could request your company to cancel the entry permit that they have issued.

      • Vildaan says

        thanks very much deepak for the positive response, just an clarification issued visa is employment visa, and before entering the country do any company process labour approval, and if the visa issued company cancels entry permit visa at this stage will they have right for immigration ban impose on me

      • noora says

        can i have ur email.. i have some personal question about my situation.. pls,,,hoping for ur fast response…

  79. madhu says

    Dear Deepak,

    Can you please advice me in the below regards.

    I am working in an Insurance company in Dubai for a unlimited contract for the last 14 years as a Sales agent. I have a family status visa with basic salary 3000/+ 1000/- mentioned in the contract. I want to resign my present employment and want to go back. Can you clarify that whether I am eligible for the full and final compensation from the company.

  80. kumar says

    I am a graduate in chemistry and in the probation period. If I am not satisfied with the present employer, can I resign and opt for a better opportunity?
    Even after confirmation, if I get a better opportunity, can I leave the present employer with out ban?
    kind regards,

  81. Baptista M. says

    Dear Deepak, I would like to know y when Uae law for employees are so gud then y still in many private company specially for ladies salon staff r forced to work for more then 8hrs n they r not paid their overtime. They are not given medical insurance. They have to pay their own fare coming n going,no gratuity. As the rule they should get their full salary from bank but this people get only basic salary from bank n on time but the rest cash salary has to wait long time. They pay all De card amount like labour card, health card, I’d card, atm card, everything still they r not given their cards in their hand y??? They r so helpless even if they need to complain they cannot do so because of their poor family background n with fear may be the owner give them life time banned. They don’t even know on what agreement they have been taken sign not even they get their copy of agreement.
    So my request to u can’t u help n find some new way for it. N appeals the government to take all this in their hand so that no one will be cheated n gets De right to get full salary from bank.Paid their overtime get their annual leaves paid and problems as mentioned above will be solved n after completing one agreement he is not forced to sign 2nd agreement forcefully n cant join other company with the better option who can pay them much better.. pls reply

    • Deepak Machado says

      This is unfortunate. But I believe MOL will definitely help.
      I suggest you lodge a complaint or suggestion with MOL.

  82. Reji says

    Dear sir,

    I am working here in husband visa.Joined recently before 6 months.after 5 months company made the labour card.Now i got a better there any ban will come on my labour card .sir please advice me what should do in this situation.

  83. Ed Chapman says

    I am paid both a basic wage and commissions which vary each month. The commission is written as a clause in contract.
    When calculating end of service payment does my employer need to include my commissions in the calculation?

  84. Amar says

    Dear Deepak,

    If the internal contract with the Company states a notice period of three months while the labour contract states one month, does the internal contract become null and void? Please note that labour contract is dated after the internal contract and so would it supersede the older one?

    Thanks for your help.

  85. gaurav says

    Hi, I am entering in Dubai on employment visa and have send my certificates for processing of employment visa. In between I got another opportunity where salary is 30k per month. My question is, can I enter in Dubai on one company employment visa but want to change the job before signing the labour contract and stamping of visa on my passport.. Looking forward for your advice. Thx;gaurav

  86. Mario says

    Dear Sir Deepak,

    I got an offer letter from one of the company in Abu Dhabi, the salary is better than my previous work and they offer me a family status. I accepted the offer and joined them last December 28, 2014 I left my previous company and given the application for visa cancellation. I cancel also my wife because she’s under on my visa.
    As I already joined the company and my previous visa is also cancelled and my wife visa too. Now as I joined the new company and my previous visa is cancelled and my wife visa too. Until now my New Visa is still on process because they don’t have a PRO. My Visa and wife Cancellation is already finished the 1 month last day. On last February 11, 2015 I asked the Operation Manager about my salary, because all my colleagues they received their salary last January 31, 2015. And he said he cannot give the salary that he mentions in offer letter because one of their projects is lost.
    My new employer refuses to give the salary offer and he just gives me Termination Letter.
    I did not sign the contract because they did not do the promises that they mention to me when they hiring me.
    In this case what can I do as I already left my previous job. What UAE law says in this kind of case as I left job to get other on their offer but now they are refusing.

    Seeking for help
    Thanks in advance

  87. antonia says

    Hi Deepak ,

    I would like to connect with you on Linkedin .Can you please share your details or email Id.

  88. Raghuram says

    Dear Deepak,

    I’m looking for an Opportunity in any Hr Verticals in UAE. Before that I’d like to learn UAE Labour Laws. I tried to Download the Material from the link you’ve sent. The link is only readable. Tell me how can I download it or Send me the material.

  89. Akash Patras says

    I have labour visa with two years validity until 2016 and i signed the contract with company for 01 year.
    Now i want to change my company can you please advise what will be the procedure for this.

    • Deepak Machado says

      make aware to your company that you are not willing to extend your contract after one year. Provide any notice period if required.
      Then you could resign and cancel your employment visa.

    • Kellye says

      I have a question about requirements for end of contract for a Filipina maid.

      I keep getting conflicting information from everyone else that I ask about this matter.

      This is the end of my maid’s 2nd 2 year contract = total of 4 years. After

      the first 2 year contract I gave her a return ticket home.

      Coming up in May will be the end of my maid’s 2nd 2 year contract. Am I obligated to pay

      her one month’s salary end of service AND a return ticket home? What if she asks for

      cash in lieu of the airline ticket?

      Thanks for your help,

      Confused in Al Ain

  90. suresh says

    Dear Deepak

    who already help me with this question and thank you very much for that and i have another one more question

    I ma working in a computer shop and my agreements says only 8 hours duty but i start at 9 am o clock and work till 2 pm o clock and two hours beak and again 4 pm to 10. pm almost 11 hours duty excluding break time

    so am i entitle for over time for 2 hours every day ? or no labor law for trading company ?

    because my two years expires on next month

    please advice me if company refuse to pay can i make a complain to the labor office and what are the other benefits I should from the company

    Thank you very much


    • Deepak Machado says

      I am not sure under what category of employment you come under.
      There are exceptions to overtime rule. To get full clarification, it is better to speak directly with MOL.

  91. usman says

    would you please help me in finding uae corporate law. security market law and their supervisory bodies law.
    please reply .

  92. Muhammad says

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in a company here in Dubai from last 4 years. Last year company transferred me to Qatar. Currently I am in Qatar.
    Now i have Dual Visa (both UAE & Qatar). My UAE will expire on March 2015 and I do not wish to renew the Visa or contract for UAE. In this case will there be any ban on me.
    After cancellation of my current UAE Visa with my current employer. If I get an another Job in UAE can I come to UAE without any Ban.

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Deepak Machado says

      Make it clear to your company in writing that you do not wish to renew your UAE contract and visa.
      Yes you can come as your contract in UAE has expired. Don’t worry.

  93. Mary says

    Hello, I have been working two years with my company under a FZ-LLC contract. Now my employer wants to cancel my contract, but on the letter he gave me does not specify the reason of the contract cancellation. Is that legal?
    I am entitle to get reallocation cost back home like specified on article 131? Thanks

    • Deepak Machado says

      The company may cancel contract but will need to pay you compensation as per labour law. There needs to be proper reason for cancellation.
      Yes, return airfare is to be provided by your employer.

  94. minhaj says

    Dear Sir
    I want to know that i have completed my 8 months and i resign in my probation period and company is saying that will deduct the visa fees
    its right or not please tell me

  95. Nathan says

    I have completed my two years limited contract in abu dhabi.
    Now they did renewal of my contract two months back. If I move to a new company will I get ban?

  96. bron says

    I would like to know if it is in the labour law that the computation of salary is according to 30 days calendar period.
    I just came from vacation leave and joined in my company last dec. 29. When I received my salary, I only got 2 days of my salary only instead of 3 days. Our accounts said that according to labour, our salary computation is 30 days period and not according to the number of days we work. I also asked our accounts if I join on Dec 31 shall I get any salary??? Our accounts said no salary will be get.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I think your accounts department is right.
      Would you be willing to receive only 28 day salary for February? Just retrospect.

  97. Tariq says

    Dear Sir,
    I just would like to ask,
    as per labour card i complete the 2 years with my company
    and given the resign after expiry date of my labor card.
    but my visa which is stamped on pasport will expire after one month.
    just i want to know that, did company/ministry can put any kind of ban after expiry of labor card, ? even visa not yet expire.

    Thank you.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I don’t think you will face labour ban after the labour card has expired and it has not been renewed.

  98. lucia says

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to know if ibpay the company recruitment charges if i resign during the probation period.

  99. Nisa says

    Hi Deepak

    I want to know when salary increment happens , the increment value will be added under basis salary or splitted with allowance?


  100. DEC says

    Dear Sir,

    I hired a maid and with in 25days she didnt work out and she found a new employer.

    Now she is claiming for 25days salary from me. I have incurred 3500 dirhams to agent for bringing her and 450 her entry permit. Also I cancelled her visa and now I have different maid and have paid entry permit for her including the excess charges, as she was within the country.

    The first maid is gone to a lawyer and he is saying if a claim is lodged in labour court, I will be banned from hiring a maid and would be put a fine for the same.

    Can I claim the expenses incurred from her salary?

    Looking forward for your reply


    • Deepak Machado says

      You can not claim any expenses from the maid.
      However, since you already have cancelled her visa and contract, I don’t think the case holds any weightage. You also say that she is employed somewhere else.

  101. jonathan isioma says

    Pls sir, I am writing this because I am also working in a securit llc and have worked for them now 5 month but I don’t like their treatment to staff I will like to know if am allowed to apply for another job else were or not and also if I will be banned

    • ken arnold says

      Dear Sir,

      Under Article 82 an employee that falls sick “must report report his illness within 2 days at most”.

      Does failure to report within 2 days void your ability to collect sick days?

      Thank you.

      • ken arnold says

        Dear Sir,

        Under Article 82 an employee that falls sick “must report report his illness within 2 days at most”.

        Does failure to report within 2 days void your ability to collect sick days?

        Also does becoming “sick” include scheduling medical procedures during vacation and include recovery times for said procedures?

        Thank you

        Thank you.

        • Louis says

          Dear Deepak,

          Can you please advice me in the below regards,

          i am working in a Private company in Abudhabi for a limited contract of 2 years out of that i have completed 7 months,
          now my company is giving the salary for more than 25 days delay, if i ask them the salary date they are saying that they don’t have a salary date.
          may i know what is the salary date for the employees as per the UAE labor law.

          Please advise.

          • Deepak Machado says

            Salary should be paid each month/according to the contract.
            It is better to file complain with MOL

      • osmani says

        good day bro, what is the best step to get an employment visa and what is the procedure and within what time is it done

  102. Zubair says

    Dear Sir,

    I went to Dubai on visit visa and applied for a job in a private company. I worked over there for about 10 days after that my visa expired and i came back. My company applied visa for me. But its been 2 months i didn’t my visa yet. I am keep on doing followup with my company but they are saying that the my visa is in process but now they said that its getting difficult to get visa for you. they are not giving me proper response and i waiting for their response. They are not also giving me salary. Its getting difficult for me to survive financially. Please guide me.

  103. khadhar says

    Sir, I’m working as a sales executive in Dubai for 09 months. And i took project for my company and the client didntypay to my company since may-14. And my company said, u r the full responsibility for the payment. Now i got a job from another company, but my company told me they will not allow until i cleared the dues. In which way i can solve this issue. who will be the resposnsible. Whether U.A.E labor law said the same where my company told me. Kindly tell me plz.

  104. Jad says

    Dear Sir,
    Please i want to ask you if i still in the probation period and i found other job in a better salary will i be baned?

  105. Jad says

    Hello Sir,
    Please i want to ask you if i still in the probation period and i found other job in a better salary will i be baned?

  106. reygene says

    hi sir,
    i go here in UAE with visit visa last sept 2014, i work in hypermarket and started last oct. 12, 2014, we do not have day off. last nov 1, i ask for a day off and they give me this day off, and on dec 1, i tell to my manager to have my day off since it was already 1 mo. since i have my day off. but on the next day dec 2 when i go to work, the manager called me and got angry and he told me why i have dayy off yesterday and he told me just go home. he told me to come back on the other day so i go in the office again dec. 3 but he dont like me to go to my work. so i didnt go to office anymore, i just go now dec 7 bec. somebody told me that they will labour me. and now the manager give my passport already to labour at ajman, what will i do now sir, can it possible that i cant work to another company anymore, pls. help me sir what i will do now that my passport is already in labour?

  107. vinay says

    Dear sir,

    Hope you are doing well I have some queries regarding my job changing

    I am currently working for a semi government (PJSC) company in Abu Dhabi for the last 02 months, I am under engineer visa.

    I am actually not satisfied with the work now environment here and looking for a change, I have already found a job in dubai for a private company and request if you can advise me on the below points

    1)will I be banned for changing my current job, if yes is it possible for me to lift the ban.

    2)how many days will be the ban period.

    3)my current package is approximately 16k and the company in dubai has offered me 14k


      • Vinay says

        Dear Deepak,

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply however i had contacted ministry of labour regarding the job change and they say that as i am working for a semi government company and i dont hold a labour card i wont get a labour ban but i am a bit curious of the 01 year ban as mentioned in your mentioned link which says.

        Read below:

        One year Ban

        A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will not be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban.
        One year ban is also imposed if:

        “Expatriate worker leaves Government job.”

        Is this law applicable in my case as i am working for a semi government company

        Incase i am banned is it possible to lift this ban i asked you this because your attached article says only about lifting of 06 months ban or the lifting of labour ban criteria applies also for 01 year ban.


        • Deepak Machado says

          That depends on the company you are working for.
          Whatever I say is not the final word. It is my opinion!!
          What I write is usually the case but not in every case.
          If you work in a non-MOL related company, you will not have labour ban.
          However, in most cases, semi government/government organisations do not impose ban.
          But that depends on many criteria.

  108. Stephanie Harter says

    hi deepak,

    My colleague does not want renew his visa (limited) and will expire on Dec. 15. But he did not fulfil the 30 days’ notice, instead he gave notice last Nov. 22 only. He asked not to cancel his visa earlier otherwise he will have banned and already found new job. My questions are:
    1. Can he leave on the 15 or he has to fulfil the 30 days’ notice as mentioned in his letter.
    2. How the gratuity will be calculated?
    3. In his contract, he is entitled of one way ticket to home country at the end of service. Since he is not going home, do we still have to give him the ticket (converted into cash)?

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. This depends on how accommodating the company is. However, while some companies do insist on proper notice, some companies do consider employee’s request.
      2. Yes, he is eligible if it is written in contract, whether he leaves the country or no.

  109. SwapnA says

    Dear Sir,

    I am working for an llc company for past 8 months , now the company has increased my target of sales i am not able to do dat and some existing customers are given by company i bringing good business from tat customers , Company blaming dat you are not creating customers so i am terminating you they are saying , so do i get a ban if they terminate me . please say me n detail , do they have the rite to terminate me after 6 month

  110. Ajmal says

    Dear Deepak,
    I have asked the same qstn few days back and didn’t get any reply from. Hope this time you will reply for the same.
    I have been working in an LLC in UAE for last 8 months as Engineer under unlimited contract. Now since I am not satisfied with the company, I wish to resign.
    a. If I resign after 30 days of my resignation notification, do I have to pay any visa charge or fine to the company?
    b. If they ask me for money, what should I do?
    c. Is it compulsory to serve 30 days’ notice period?
    d. If I resign in 15 days, will I have to pay the VISA charge or fine?

    Please respond to me at the earliest as I have to decide in three days about my future.
    Thanks in advance

    • Deepak Machado says

      Sorry to have skipped your query last time.
      1. No clear. “If I resign after 30 days of my resignation”??
      2. If you have signed that you will pay visa and other costs, you will have to pay. Otherwise, No.
      3. If your contract says so, YES.
      4. If your contract says so, YES.

  111. Madhan says

    Hi my 2 year contract is going to finish, At joining time company made an aggrement to work 2 year after 6 month probation also mentioned huge amount cutting if violates, is this aggrement valid under the law & if I cancel will they block my full settlement?

    • Deepak Machado says

      The contract is valid till the expiry date. Employers can not block final settlement.
      You can approach MOL if they do so.

  112. Aj Volker says

    i am an employed architect. i havent reached one year yet but i want to transfer to other companies because my employer is always having problem with our salary. two months have passed and still no salary. will i get ban if i transfer to another company?

  113. Sam says

    Hi Sir,

    I have been working for one company since august 2012 i have completed my 2 years contract and 2nd contract just now renewed so if i go to my country back home and i wont come back then in this case can i be able to put a new employment visa for another new company

    • Deepak Machado says

      It is better to cancel the current visa.
      Since you have completed the contract, you may have no labour ban.

  114. Sandun says

    Hi deepak,
    Yes. I did my medicale.they give me emirates id too. Thats it. Visa in passport and emirates id. Only that no labour carad,no insurance no contract.. Can i transfer new job or cancelled with out any ban?

  115. Sandun says

    Hi sir,
    i am house maid.i am on servent With france family.Now i am working with that family since 2 months. But i still didn’t sign any contract or didn’t get labour card and helth card. Can i cancelled or transfer to new job without any ban?

  116. Marvin says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am currently rendering my 30 days notice period. I was absent for one and a half day because I have fever but I did not go to the doctor because I thought that I can cure it myself. I was also absent for another one and a half day because of dehydration due to diarrhea which I was able to get a sick leave certificate. Are these days cannot be part of the 30 days notice? I am no longer needed in my company as I already handed over everything to the next manager and this company did not give me my salary which they said that they will give it after my cancellation together with my 30 days notice period. My new company is already waiting for my cancellation and wants it as soon as possible. I am looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks and best regards

    • Deepak Machado says

      Sick leave if you have certificate should be considered as legal and should not be deducted.

  117. sinoj says


    I resigned in my work, and finished the 1 month resignation period, i only work for my company for 11 months, i have a limited contract, i found 1 new good job and company.will i have a ban? Same sponser I worked in 6 yrs. 1st visa 3year,2nd 2yearand last 2year.but last 2year visa worked 10 month.
    ban coming?any solution? please answer me.

    • Wilfred says

      Dear Sir,

      I am working for a restaurant , Due to standing the entire day and working long hours i had a infection in my leg. I went to the Doctor. The treatment charge was very high and the company was not ready to bare the medical expenses. So i decided to go back to my home town for treatment. Hence i resigned from my job. I was working here since March 29/2014. But they are refusing to let me go and asking for visa charges of 7000 dhs to go back. They have not paid me the salary as promised till now and my first 2 month salary was also not paid. They say for training they don’t pay salary. Sir need your help is it compulsory to pay the visa charges as per law.

      Eagerly Waiting for your reply,

      • Deepak Machado says

        Have you signed any document which mentions you have to reimburse the visa costs?
        If no, why should you pay?
        It is illegal on part of companies to ask for this.
        Since you have a genuine case, I think MOL will help you.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I don’t think you will have a ban considering your length of service.

  118. Vinoth says

    According to labor law, maximum how many people can stay in one room accommodation, as we are 6 people in around 200 sq.ft room.

  119. jeevan says

    hi deepak i think u got me wrong. i m confused yet. what i want 2 know is for example i have 8 hrs duty a day.if my employer tells me to work 4 hrs in the morning shift and 4 hrs in d evening shift in d same day keeping some hrs gap between d 2 it allowed by d uae labour law?

    • Deepak Machado says

      This is possible. As this is what the business demand is.
      UAE Labour law does not explicitly mention about such scenarios.
      However, if the nature of business requires you to work, yes, you have to.

  120. Gelai says

    I am currently working in my company for more than 10months now. i just wanna ask some questions if i have the right to ask for a day off to my boss since he is not giving it to me weekly. i understand before since for 8mos i am working from 3-8:30pm only but starting from the month of october i am working from 9-6pm.. and he will just allow me whenever he is not busy.,. and also regarding my salary., he is giving it delay and sometimes he is giving it in 3 gives.. do i have the right to complaint about these things? Thank you

  121. jeeavn says

    hi, as per the uae labour law can employers make their employee to work in split shift? is it legal? pls suggest.

    • Deepak Machado says

      yes, certain industries require that employees work in shift basis.

  122. kat says


    I resigned in my work, and finished the 1 month resignation period, i only work for my company for 11 months, i have a limited contract, i found 1 new good job and company.will i have a ban?my previous company and my new company have an agreement i will pay 1 and 1/2 month of my salary for my employer before.

  123. Vinoth says

    Hello sir,

    Am currently working in a hotel as per my contract they said 1300 dhs as my salary but now they are giving only 1200 when I ask them they said after 6 month only its eligible. Now I got another job from another country if I resign I have to pay money for them or not? And my visa is immigration visa not labour visa now I finished only 5 months

  124. Robert Johnson says

    Mr. Deepak,

    I am an American working in the UAE for 15 months now. I work 60 hours a week, every friday, nightshift and this includes public holidays as wells as Ramadan. I have not received any overtime during my entire time employed in the UAE. Shouldn’t I be receiving this additional pay? Also, can you recommend a labour lawyer to help me pursue these entitlements.

    • Deepak Machado says

      What kind of contract have you signed? Is it clearly mentioned that you are eligible for overtime or it is the nature of work?
      Usually the contract should clearly mention about the overtime or at lease the HR should have an overtime policy.
      I do not know any labour lawyer. Quick google search may help you.

  125. Wesley says

    Hi Mr, deepak,

    Yesterday (23/11/2014), I have received an offer from a consultant to work for a bank. They have given an offer validity only two days. They havent given the offer letter in hand. My doubt is,

    1. there will be any minimum stipulated period for acceptance and offer as per labour law?
    2. If I sign the offer tomorrow, a chance of getting new offer after some time, Can I withdraw the offer from them? Pls help.

  126. jijo says

    i am working as an Engineer in a multinational company with more than a salary of 12K , still under probation period.
    Fortunately i found another job which is paying more than what i am getting here. So in this situation can i resign & join the new company ?do i will get a ban ?

    your valuable comments are appreciated.

      • grace says

        Dear Mr. Deepak,

        I am currently working as Housemaid for 1 year and my employer allows me to find new job..for me to explore my profession, do i get ban? even they will issue NOC for me?

        Appreciate your kind reply

        Thanks and Regards,


        • Deepak Machado says

          No, you will not get a ban as you have completed your contract.
          Usually housemaids have 1 year contract sponsored by expatriates.

  127. imtiyaz says

    i got a job as a manager in sharjah for 2 years under limited contract .Afterserving for 4 months ,the employer terminated my services under probation without stating the valid me know course of action against the employer for wrongful termination.

  128. sreejith says

    sir i have been working in nigeria .but my company is sitauted in sharjah and we are following uae labour law as per my contract.after i came for vaccation in january 2013they didnot call me i am expecting their call since then.but now its almost 2 years and i dodnt think they will call me back.So am i entitled to get end of service indemnity if i send them a resignation letter

  129. laicester says

    Hi sir! I have been working with my current company for 2-3 weeks already. I got a new job offer with a salary of 5k dirhams. I called the MOL and they said that I don’t have labor contract yet with them. My company processes my residency visa as of the moment. I have already signed a contract (internal contract) with the company. I am under 6 months probation yet if i did not finish the 2 year contract, i would have to pay 5k dirhams with them and the notice should be 2 months.

    1. Would I get labor ban?
    2. I am under probation period, can i just leave with one day notice?
    3. Do I have to pay them 5k dirhams? Because I still doesn’t have labor contract with MOL.
    4. Would I be entitled to receive salary with the days I have worked for?

    Thank you!!

  130. VASU says


    if the company terminate the job before probation period i will be a ban are not..if i take the noc from the company its help to lift the ban.

  131. kHURRAM says

    I am working in a private company in Abu Dhabi as 2 years limited contract. I have completed my 1.5 years there. Now I got better job offer from the company in JAFZA (Better position and better Salary). Please let me know if I terminates this contract and join the new company, is there any problem i have to face ?

    Some one told me that my company can put a 1 year ban on me. Please let me know that can I still work in JAFZA Free zone?

  132. VASU says


    thank you for u r reply.sir i have one more doubt.know i am in under probation period.know the company taken a decision that de promotion are put a resignation to your job.if i resign the my job i will get ban.and the company never told me that depend on u r performance we will change designation.

    i am in unlimited visa many days i have to work in this company to lift the ban…normally one of my friend says minimum you have to work one year then u can resign the company with out ban

    please give me the suggestion

    • Deepak Machado says

      IF the company wants to terminate, it is better to get NOC.
      Yes, usually if you work more than 1 year, companies/MOL may not put labour ban.

  133. sadaf atif says

    Dr Sir,I have been working in Abu Dhabi for 1 year as a teacher.Now my husband transfered to Ajman.I am on school visa i did nt finish my contract but i want to shift with my husband . Can i take an other employment visa before finishing my contract?because my husband cannt sponser me as he has low salary.My current salary is 5000 AED .Please tell me can i join on less than 5000 AED or how can i avoide labour ban?

  134. Gauatm says

    Hi Deepak,

    I’m Mechanical Engineer and recently have accepted employment offer in one company in Abu Dhabhi. But from last 3 week I’m following up with them for my Visa. But still they have no ans.

    Incase if I want to accept some other offer before they process my visa will there be a Ban for me.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Till the time your labour approval is received you may accept other offer.
      But keep the company in touch.

  135. GTR says

    I would like to resign the company in probation period.. I would like to post my offer letter. Kindly provide your advise. If I get offer from other company more than 12000 AED. can I able to resign with my current employer? I’m on It programmer visa… and my salary 9000aed. I hold bachelor degree.. I offered me cheap package…..when here I came to know. so I want to quit and get new job… Please help me awaiting your reply…. I appreciate your honesty service..

    thanks a lot

  136. vasu says


    i just would like to you ask ,if the company de promoted the employee they will change the salary.know i am getting 3300 but in starting level 2300 they have authority to reduce the my contract they mentioned 3300 only.please give me valuable suggestion.

    • vasu says


      i just would like to you ask ,if the company de promoted the employee they will change the salary.know i am getting 3300 but in starting level 2300 they have authority to reduce the my contract they mentioned 3300 only.please give me valuable suggestion.

    • Deepak Machado says

      The salary can not be reduced unless you come under another contract.

  137. kim says

    Hi I have a question, I have been working in a company for 6 month, my probation period was 6 month, I completed the 6 month 1 Nov 14. in October I was on holiday during EID from 1 Oct and back working again on 6 Oct, The company informed us officially the Eid holiday would be 3 days 3-4-5 October, but when I got my salary they did not paid my salary for 3-4-5 Oct. when I look in the labor law I can see I am entitled to an official holiday with full wage during EID, so my question is are there any special law regarding probation period as an employee will not get paid salary in public holiday during probation period. My contract does only mention I an mot entire any paid holiday before after one year, but it do not mention any public holiday



  138. catherine says

    Helo sir
    Am catherine working in private hospital group in abudhabi.I want your advice about my manager mental torching.recently joind manager perposfully insulting about my outfit.they are not implement any dress code for pharmacist as we are wearing white coat over.usually am wearing jeans and normal shirt it doesn’t have any problem before.but our recently joined manager making its a big issue.he is not insist anyone to follow this new dress code as most of my colegues are wearing salwar jeans skirts leggings they are not even know about the new rule.he has a problem only with me why because we knew each before joining totally down because of his attitude.please advice me what I can do in this condition

    • Deepak Machado says

      Don’t be dejected.
      Ask the person what is really the problem and document it on email about the person’s behavior and email him whenever he behaves in such a way.
      No one can harass or insult others in the work area with regard to caste, creed, religion, dress etc.

      • catherine says

        Helo Deepak i took a decision to quit the contract is limited and i just finish 1 year what would be the consequences if i resign the job?not only for the above mentioned reason some more problem am facing that is even though its a hospital group am working in a street pharmacy.i don’t have any wash room facility am going far away a mall which is at lest 10 minutes walk able distance.they are suggesting me to go nearby cinema for washroom but that is not acceptable for me because of some security reason.and other thing they are doing some kind of adjustment in insurance card that is also illegal and i spoke to this matter initially so they made a decision not to take part of me in that afraid to speak against this.and one more matter am a HAAD licenced pharmacist.when i joined here this group made my dha licence to haad conversion and they registerd my licence to their premises but they didnit issue my visa so i lost almost 7 months becouse of this reason.and i wanted to know if i go to the labour do i get a any kind of compensation?i have got a total lose because of this firm mentally carrier wise and financially.please suggest me a option.thank you for reading.

          • Catherine says

            Thank you Mr Deepak for your positive feedback.and i wanted to ask you one more thing, in my contract they didn’t mention any thing about resignation contract is limited what would be the consequences if i quit the job.currently am drawing monthly 11000 aed the contract they mentioned only about termination question is do i need to pay anything for the company?do they can impose any kind of ban on me other than automatic ban?do i can lift the ban if i got a job with salary higher than 12000aed.

          • Deepak Machado says

            This will depend on your contract. Actually companies can not claim any reimbursement.

  139. deepak says

    sorry to bother you again…………….
    and what if i signed the contract and still needing to go………….

  140. khawar says

    hello sir,
    if a company have a case in MOL . the company can renew the visas of old staff or not?

  141. Adrayan says

    Sir Deepak,
    need your advice, surprised by my manager, yesterday he asked me to submit my resignation, without any notice, and took back my computer. my contract in Jafza will finish in next march 2016.(3 years) inside contract no condition on my tasks, without any reason, he offered my a 1 month salary in advance.

    he is insisting on this letter, as i am now without job, so i want to be sure , no more disaster than what he maid, and so what are the consequence of this on both of us. thanks

    • Deepak Machado says

      Employers can not ask for resignation unless it is tendered by the employee.
      There must be a good reason. Please approach JAFZ authorities.

  142. vikram says

    my visa status is industrial wiring electrician & its unlimited contract. and i have 2 years completed in this company and i was renewed new visa in last month
    can i change my company if i get a good offer ?
    if their will be any band from labor law if i do so ?

  143. Aslam says


    my visa status is Telecommunication Engineer & its unlimited contract . But its my first visa on Passport .According to company contract am going to complete one year on 30 Nov 2014 .

    can i change my company if i get a good offer ?

    if their will be any band from labour law if i do so ?

  144. T.A. Khan says

    Dear Deepak,

    I came here to UAE on a visit and got a job working as an accountant. My understanding was that I would be required to exit and then comeback once visa process is completed however my employers informed me that this would not be the case. I have stayed here for two months now but my residence visa has not been processed yet. My visit visa is expiring in a week and when I asked the employers how long it would take for my visa to be processed and what about the daily fine for staying after the visit visa expires, I havent recieved any convincing answer other than that its being processed. I dont know what to do in that situation since I havent signed any contracts yet.

    Your advice will be very helpful


    • Deepak Machado says

      labour approval and entry permit should not take long unless company has some issues at MOL.
      DO you already have a labour approval?

  145. Rica says

    One of my employees on an unlimited contract has given me his resignation letter saying he wants to go back home immediately. Verbally he has told me that he will only work 2 days notice.

    He has been with the company for only 6 and a half months. (Not 19 as mentioned in my previous comment)

    Because he hasn’t given notice, do I have to pay his flight, gratuity and holiday?

  146. Rica says

    One of my employees on an unlimited contract has given me his resignation letter saying he wants to go back home immediately. Verbally he has told me that he will only work 2 days notice.

    He has been with the company for 19 months.

    Of course I will pay all his accrued salary. But do I also have to pay his flight, gratuity and holiday?

    • Deepak Machado says

      What is the official notice period in your company?
      He has to serve the notice period as per law and agreement.
      You will have to pay gratuity, unutilised leave.
      I am not sure about your company policy on air ticket.

  147. Gil Goyal says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I was employed of a private company here in Dubai last February this year without knowing what type of visa they get if I am under labor or anything. Company only provide me emirates i.d and residence visa stamp on my passport and by the way I didn’t sign any contract with them. Unfortunately company inform me last month by verbal that they don’t need my service anymore for the reason that they will reduce employee and I was given a chance to look for a new job until the end of this month and they will cancel my visa. When I ask the concern person in our company if I am under labor he said yes with limited contract.

    Sir, in my case will I be ban for six month? By the way my company is willing to give me NOC and some other documents needed for future company. What are the documents should I ask from my company?

    Please let me know cause I don’t know what to do cause some of my friends tilling me that immediately I will be ban for 6 months.


    • Deepak Machado says

      Since you are being terminated under limited labour contract, company is liable to provide you compensation.
      I hope you have completed your probation period.
      Under limited contract you will have 1 year ban if you break the contract. But, your case is different.
      Get NOC.

      • Gil Goyal says

        Thank you for immediate reply.

        Sir, I was able to finish the probation period. Company is willing to give me NOC. Having the NOC will I be free for a ban? How can I use this NOC? Please give me some advice on what to do so I can be employed in a new company.


        • Deepak Machado says

          When you join new company show them your NOC which will help you in not getting banned for 6 months.

      • najmal says


        Read the labour law cudnt find anywhere regarding retirement, hence the 1st query to you. Can u just tell me from where i can have that information. If it is in immigration law cud you please help me to know that…

        • Deepak Machado says

          Most of the companies allow you to work until 65 years as per law.

  148. Pursh says

    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for running a very informative and helpful blog.

    I have a question on overtime pay.

    Is there any new law in the UAE with regards to overtime payment. Is it still paid based on an employees basic salary, or is there a change for the overtime to be paid on gross salary.



  149. nAJEEB says

    Sir i am ACCA Affiliate and BSc hons in applied accounting. my employer want that my certificates should be attested for Accountant visa.. I can easily attest it from British council here in Dubai but it is complex and expensive process to attest the certificates from UK.if i attest the certificates from British Council .. is it will be enough to get accountant Visa

    • Deepak Machado says

      I am not entirely sure about working of UK consulates.
      I am sure attestation from UAE British council should be valid as the system is online verification.
      Better to check with the British council.

  150. Vicky says

    Deepak sir,

    I am employed by a company in dubai under the telesales profile and I am finding it difficult to work as the pay offered is less and I have to work for more than 10 hours daily.
    also they have brought me here on sponsor VISA with a valid till 07/11/2014 and there is no medical and stamping of my passport done.

    If I resign, switch company or want to come back to my home country will I be ban?

    A quick reply would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you sir.

    • Deepak Machado says

      If your labour card is under process, you will face ban.
      Check whether this is the case.

  151. Hameed says

    Dear Mr Deepak,

    I was recruited by an IT company based in Abudhabi for the Sales profile for the Dubai market and made me to work from home which is in Dubai .The contract is unlimited and was stmaped on 11th june 2014 when checked at MOL url. The Employer failed to set up a branch in Dubai and hence he wants to continue the same by making me to work from home.Of late he either wants me to come back to abudhabi or look for someother job.My designation in visa is Computer Engineer.Will i be liable to get a ban if jump some other job? The company is an llc company.Pay is also poor. Please reply.

      • emmanuel says

        hi deepak, please i need a suggestion, i have been recently offer employment letter with a company in abu dhabi, after a month they told me that they gonna cut down my salary by 1000aed, as the company is not meeting target, now they gave me another offer letter to sign with 1000aed less asking me to sign it, what can i do please. and no labour contract yet.

        • Deepak Machado says

          You may reject the offer and approach MOL.
          However, please note, if you are under probation, the company can terminate your services.
          Please take proper decision.

          • emmanuel says

            Thanks Deepak, i made my decision, am not gonna continue, so i was give enough time to get a new job, and then the company agreed to put in 2months visa for me including all necessary pay required for exit. thanks for ur help

          • emmanuel says

            I forgot to mention, i have signed my termination letter with the company already, the PRO told me soon as am ready to exit i let him know and he prepare my visa for exit. is there any problem with that?? am curious.

          • Deepak Machado says

            There is no problem. If you are exiting the country, visa cancellation is to be done.

  152. Razeem says

    Hi Deepak

    Thanks for your help, you are doing a great job…

    I am an MBA Graduate currently working for an Interior Designing Company in Abu Dhabi for an unlimited contract. It has been 3.5 months since I joined the company and unfortunately I was served termination letter mentioning that company is currently going out of business and in the process of reducing expenses. How ever company is ready to give NOC and even ready to keep my visa status for further 2 months to finalize new employment
    (if required).

    My concern is will I still have 6 months automatic labor ban by default ?

    What would be the outcome if I were to get a new employment with in 2 months ? Is there any minimum salary requirement to switch to another employer ?

  153. shaik ahmed says

    i worked as sales in mobile trading llc for 1 1/2 year all of sudden my boss terminated me without prior notice, in meantime after completition of one year i went to india for one month and also leave salary not paid to me, gratuity not paid this month i worked till octobe r 21st day not paid any dirham, if i go and claim to the labour court, or settle how much i have to ask as per law please suggest me.

  154. Rohit says

    Dear deepak,

    Does a delay of salary payment of 7months and non payment of salary of 2months nullify a limited contract. If an employee resigns under duress of good reference in the 2 month salary not received period does he stand to lose all his end of service benefits?


    • Deepak Machado says

      You may file complaint with the MOL.
      End of service is mandatory for all employees who have completed 1 year of service.

  155. minhaj ahmed shaik says

    Hi brother Deepak,
    i worked as sales in mobile trading llc for 1 1/2 year all of sudden my boss terminated me without prior notice, in meantime after completition of one year i went to india for one month and also leave salary not paid to me, gratuity not paid this month i worked till octobe r 21st day not paid any dirham, if i go and claim to the labour court, or settle how much i have to ask as per law please suggest me.

  156. sahar says

    i need some information about UAE law. my company hired me as sales coordinator and they let me sign the contract of sale coordinator but they applied my visa as a Receptionist in the company without my permission. and they kept me on reception aswel, now i want to leave the company but they trapping me to stay or i have to pay my visa expense if i leave before the probation time period.

    kindly help me in this matter.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Have you signed contract that mentions you have to reimburse costs?
      Usually companies should not seek these charges from employees.

  157. karthi says

    Dear friends

    I entered dubai through employment visa 2 year. They are informed now when you go site we are provide salary. My company is manpower service company. Catch the site to company work but they are says so you are in idle we can’t give salary am idle in one month. I want to go India..what can I do now…what is the procedure…they are mentioned my offer letter they are terminate employee give visa charges and I want to go India give visa charges in probationary period. My visa 24:09:2014 to 2016…pls help me

  158. shareef says

    hello Deepak
    I completed 4 year Btech degree, now I came UAE as mechanical engineer in a company. But my visa is ordinary Labour ,can I change my visa into engineering visa after 2 month. I need suggestion from you………….

  159. harry says

    Dear Deepak,

    First of all I would like to thank you for the incredible job you are doing by running this blog. Its people like you that restore my faith in humanity everyday.
    Now moving on to my question. I was employed in a Dubai based company in May 2013. I worked there for 1.5 months till end of June. Due to a family emergency I had to fly back home and was unable to return. I informed the company of my problem and they said they will initiate legal process against me. I contacted Department of Labour in Dubai and they informed me I had Labour ban of one year which expired in August 2014. I just want to know if Labour ban expires does this mean I did not have absconding case filed by company which would lead me to be detained at airport. I tried contacting dubai immigration but they don’t tell me if i have absconding case against me.
    I hope you can help me in my dilemma. Many thanks.

    • Deepak Machado says

      No one will be able to tell you whether you have absconding case against you other than the authorities.
      Considering your labour ban for 1 year is completed, I think you will be able to visit UAE.
      However, nothing can be certain. This is tricky!

  160. Indu Fernando says

    Dear Sir,

    I am working in a Maintenance Company as a account General i was join to the company on 01.05.2013 and went to back home to change the Visa and again came and stated my Work on 05.06.2013 and Visa Expiring on Nov 2015.

    My Company owner told me she will provide me a Accommodation after one Month till that time she told me to stay in the same office that i m working since now one year i m staying in the office no any benefit provided by my Company,their giving food to us.

    Now She wants to put a camera to the office and i was requested her to provide me a suitable accommodation and she can put up a Camera since i m living in a same place i don’t want them to not put a camera.

    My owner told me now she cant provide me a Accommodation since she is not financially settled.

    Please advise me what i can do for this situation.

    • Deepak Machado says

      If she is not able to provide accommodation, request her to provide allowance for accommodation.

  161. Elena says

    Hi, I found a maid that I would like to hire. She is working with one family for 7mnth and they all agreed that they will let her go? How can I hire her? Will she get a ban?

  162. syed khalid says

    Dear Deepak I am civil Engineer (B.E) 4 yrs graduate degree holder from pakistan I have worked in one company in UAE as a civil engineer from May 2013 to july 2014 I did not complete my contract due to some family reasons Now in October 2014 I have an opportunity from another company and I am willing to join they are offering me 9850 dirhams total and they have applied for my visa I want to just ask there will be a problem in my visa or it should be clear??

  163. latheef says

    Dear sir,
    My present company’s last date for license renewal without fine is 29 -10-2014
    If they do not renew license what happence to my visa
    Pls reply me

    • Deepak Machado says

      Nothing will happen to your visa. However, company will need to bear fines after grace period.

  164. nikki says

    Hi, I just want to seek advise regarding my present situation in our company which they are currently suspended so it means we don’t have job for one month now. My gm talked to me and give me 2 option\: 1st we will wait till we get the approval from DM but he will give me the basic salary only and which this will not guarantee that we will get the it. 2nd he will give me cancellation but he wants me to give me answer after 24 hours only. I wanted to know now what is my right and what should i ask to our management. I believe i have one month to search for job then cancelled am i right? Please enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

  165. Che says

    I’m working in abu dhabi. And my company is asking to give a copy of statement of how much money we are sending every month in our home which is Philippines. Is it ok that they are asking about this thing? Isn’t it too personal? Is there any law about this?

    • Deepak Machado says

      I don’t think employer has the right to know about the personal finances of the employees. This is pure violation of privacy.
      I am not sure about any law.

  166. Nikhil says

    Hi deepak

    this is an enquiry…that am al ready done my 6 months of probation period in an llc working as a accountant and my visa is also in the name of Accountant general.i have been in this dubai total 2.6 months well in this company am working for the last six months.and i got a new job but from my current company ll provide no objection certificate,,,so if there is any ban,,if yes how i can remove the ban(not on the basis of salary) i have a degree please update me deepak

  167. john says

    hi Sir,
    i just wanted to know if i will no longer renew my contract under unlimited contract and submitted a letter which is stating :

    “I regret to inform you that I will no longer renew my contract of employment effective on ___october 17,2014___ which coincides with the expiry date of the said contract.

    My labour card will expires on October 20,2014 and My visa will expire on NOvember 2014.
    my employer is demanding to pay 1 month of my salary back to them.
    is it necessary to pay the required amount if i am not just renewing my contract and already served 2yrs to them?
    your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    thank you so much Sir

    • Deepak Machado says

      No, employer is not supposed to request any money unless you have signed an agreement.
      You have the right not to renew the contract.

      • john says

        dear Mr. Deepak,

        thank you for your prompt reply.

        I didn’t sign any contract from them , with regards to that. what if they will insist me to pay? what will i do next?

        one more question Sir,the scenario was:
        we have our return ticket every after 2 yrs, but after a year our employer told us to use our 1 month leave without a ticket it means local leave only.and told us that the ticket will be given if we are going to renew our contract. and now i am decided not to renew it.
        do i have to demand a one way ticket from them?

        thnak you Sir

        • Deepak Machado says

          Air ticket is a benefit given by company. I don’t think UAE labour law governs it.

          • john says

            hi Mr. Deepak,

            my employer wants to change our contract into limited. is it possible not to finish the limited contract as i had render 2yrs to them as unlimited?

            thank you

          • Deepak Machado says

            If your employer is changing your contract, then you will come under the new contract.
            If you break limited contract, you may face ban.

          • jason says

            Hi Mr. Deepak

            i am working in one of the company here inside the jafza and i allready pass my resignation but i just finish 1year of my 3 years contract is my company here in jafza have a rights to send me back in my country? and they are going to make me pay my own tiket back in my country is it correct or just bluffing? but i allready found a new job in the internet city that is just waiting for my cancelation of visa so they can start processing my new working visa in the city

          • Deepak Machado says

            The employer may request you to exit the country upon cancellation of your visa.
            They are not bound to pay you air ticket though.
            You will have to return on the new visa of new company.

  168. Joby Jose says

    Respected sir,
    Haiii sir am coming hete on labour visa.2 year am completed 20 family problems I told to my owners I want go to india because of family problems and my health conditions also not good.and I will give that resignation letter the time they told mee 45 days salary and cancellation fee also I agree with that.but now they are told mee next month 15 only you can go.that is the uae law.i don’t know about that and all so kindly please tell me what I do…

    • Deepak Machado says

      Employers can not charge any penalty if you have not agreed to pay that in the offer letter.
      There is a one month notice period. But you can not work once your visa is cancelled.

  169. NITIN says

    My visa will be expire in June 15, when can i resign from my current job to avoid 06 month ban.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I dont understand your query. Please write in detail with complete information.

  170. Ali Haider says

    Hi Deepak,
    my contract is ending on feb, 2014, if i quit now then how much i need to pay fot avoid 6 month ban. new offered salary is AED 8000/- on basis of bachelor degree so i am not eligible to avoid ban as per law. please guide me- thanks

  171. Umair says


    i came in UAE on march 2014 on visit visa for job hunt..and got the job in travel and tourism company ..i did exit on 31 of march as my visa was expiring on 31 of march..after that i reach to my country and after few days i got employee visa from the company where i was appointed..i came on 16 of april but they put 1 of april in company agreement or contract letter..anywayz my point is that i am not having my salery on time means this is october 13 today but i did’nt get my pay for the month of september..every month is the same routine they pay us in the last week of the month means in october last week i will get my september salery..and work description is not at all my match i want to go back but my probihition period is end this month on oct my question is if i resign after one year means in april or march with one month i have to pay the visa cost..??and if yes then how much..??and i am on cleark visa so if i resign do i get banned for few months as well..??inshort word i wan to switch my job OR go back to my country..can you guide me the proceedure…??and yes if i do this like i go on annual vacations and email to my company that i resign and i am not coming them what happend..??

    • SHAMEENA says

      Hi Deepak, I am a school nurse.I joined the school on last november,then the management told me to work only for 6 months.I also decided to leave the school by may 2014.But they made labour card on february 2014 and it expires only on february 2016. salary package is very low compairing to other schools. Can I change the school? Or can I resign ? I am working on husband visa.

      • Deepak Machado says

        If the school wants you to work 6 months, do you want to continue.
        Please request NOC. Otherwise, you will have automatic ban even though you are on husband visa.

        • merena says

          Hi Deepak,
          The same condition is for me. I am a nurse working in a medical centre. with very low salary. I have 2 year contract ending on jan 2016. But I have got a better offer now and a better salary. If I need to change the job, i know there is a ban. But if my current employer does not cancel my labour card, what should i do.

  172. Jyothi says


    Would like to know about the maternity leave rules in Sharjah.
    How much paid and unpaid leave are we entitled to after completing a year in the comapny

  173. Nitesh Naik says

    This is Nitesh, and May colleague joined April 2011 & now gave resign on 2nd oct 2014, plan to leave UAE, But our company HR saying him “Ticket we are not providing it is not even under labour law” you should book the ticket.
    and Even when joined, company have not provided us ticket or provided back ticket expense.

    can you please help me out ASAP
    B’coz he will be leaving before 2nd Nov

    Nitesh Naik

    • Deepak Machado says

      Air ticket policy is not applied for all companies. In fact, air ticket is not mentioned in the labour law. Air ticket is provided as per company policy. Read:
      But if the employee is resigning and leaving the country for good, companies may provide one way air ticket. This is tricky as no one knows whether you will go for good or return to UAE.
      However, if it is termination, then the company should provide air ticket.

  174. ARIANNE says

    Hi, i need some advice my friend is working as a housemaid. she’s having 2yrs contact, after she finished 1 yr she decided to resign, by then she want to know if there will be penalties on her side.

    • Deepak Machado says

      I will need more information like your joining date, basic salary.

  175. SC says

    Hello Deepak

    If an employee resigns and is serving the notice period, is it not the employer’s responsibility to process the cancellation of visa within the notice period?
    Also, in such a case, will the employee be entitled to salary up to the date of cancellation of visa if the same is delayed beyond the notice period due to inaction by the employer?

    Would request you to provide a reference / link to the applicable provision of the UAE Labour Law, if you can.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    • Deepak Machado says

      The visa should be cancelled post the notice period. Because, you can work at any company without valid visa/labour.
      Cancellation does not take a lot of time: Max 2-3 hours.

      • Jayesh says

        Dear Deepak,

        Thank you for your valuable suggestion and keep up the good work.

        But answer to question posted by SC is still incomplete. What can be done incase employer intentionally delays cancellation, can a compensation be claimed. If yes, then How?

        This will help employees like me who have been always loyal and polite towards company.

          • Jayesh says

            Dear Deepak,

            Thank you for your courtesy reply.

            I did check with them this morning and they asked me to file a complaint and the rest will depend on the debate and the MOL advisor who will handle the case.

            Possibility can be either yes or no……..

  176. Solo says

    Good day sir,
    Please I have issues I would like you to help me,
    I am on company visa with unlimited without mentioning year to year of the contract, am still on six months probation,
    I want to know what the unlimited mean,

    • Deepak Machado says

      by unlimited it means that your contract will be renewed for unlimited number of times provided you do not resign or face termination.

  177. sumesh says

    helo deepak sir iam work in a catearing copany visa menson my proffeshion waiter but this time company tell clener job iam cancel this visa iam come dubai only 10 days any ban plm

  178. vicky says


    Please assist

    I m working in abu dhabi as a Manager from last 7 months in a private company

    However i have got a new job in dubai with better postion / salary and company

    I spoke to my employer and they mentioned you have to provide 45 days salary

    Employee Insurance amount what they paid on me when i joint

    And other miscellaneous amount they invested on me, etc

    Company has kept my education certificate and passport with them and said will give you back once we have all the money from you

    Please reply is this posible for the company to do like this

    I even have not yet resigned they said will keep your salary on hold

    Please reply with relevant help in a legal way to come out with a conclusion

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you are seeking legal replies, please consult a lawyer.
      I am not a lawyer.
      Companies can not hold passport or education certificates of employees. It is illegal.
      Companies also can not recover costs of employees unless it was mentioned in the contract.
      Please consult a competent lawyer.

      • Vicky B says


        Thanks for your instant reply

        Please assist as i will be resigning soon from my work place and will close the final settlement accordingly

        Please advice and can employer ask for 45 days salary with 1 month notice and insurance premium recovery

        Reply soon to take action

        Any Lawyer name and number

  179. sol says


    • Deepak Machado says

      There are different rules for your category. They are not like for other employees.

  180. abrar says

    hi sir
    me abrar
    i have down load how to get print out your agreement i tried my best but could not find the print labour card and agreement box in my computer
    and the other thing if a person sign an agreement instead of other person for the sake of low salary and the other unaware about his signed agreement.i mean with a fake sign and the man asked for the agreement then company give him some threat that.then what to do

    • Deepak Machado says

      now the system is blocked so you can not download your contract.
      if you have not signed your contract, approach MOL.

  181. suresh says


    Please need your advice I am working in a IT company in Dubai
    I joined as sales person and they transfer me to to head of stores with out any legal document and not only that we have work as a cleaner ,delivery boy,Purchasing,helper ,sales assistance and much more and they pay only 1800 Dhrms

    My Problem is that I have sign my contract letter for two years ends on this year December and they didn’t give a copy to my hand and when i check on line its mention that my duties are 8 or 9 hours maximum

    we are working up to 11 hours every day

    Didn’t give my one year vacation or the money

    They took all my original Certificate never return

    Open bank account and they keep the Cash line card

    No Medical Leave or Claim (if absent it goes as no pay)

    please advice me can I file a case (how) based on the above problem to get my OT and my vacation money

    Thanking you in advice


    • Deepak Machado says

      This is a clear case of labour law violations. If you are under such situation, you need to get help from MOL. Call their call centre and get help.

      • suresh says

        Dear Deepak

        Thank you very much for your reply but i have to wait till December because for all my original document what the are having they have not given any letter saying that they are having it with them

        so if make the movie now I have no proof and they have a chance to destroy because they have done that before

        please advice me if I go through MOL will i be benefit with the thing what they have to give ? because I don’t no how strong is Dubai MOL behalf of labor and do I have to spend money if I file a case because?

        Once again I thank you for your kind services

        Best Regards


        • Deepak Machado says

          Do you have any proof that you have handed over the certificates to your employer? This sounds scary.
          Mention to them that you need your certificates for some reason.
          Keeping certificates, passport is illegal.
          Approach MOL once you receive all your certificates. There is no money to be spent if you go through MOL. Only when you hire a lawyer you may need to pay.

  182. mohammed says

    I’m working on a unlimited contract of 2 years as accountant general for a salary of 3000 aed.

    a) Basically , i would like to know if i resign after 1.5 years but before completion of 2 years will i attract ban from the ministry of labour as well from my company?

    b) If the company fires the employee after 1 years of service in this case will the employee get a ban even after Noc

    c) A Clause in the employment contract prohibits in joining rival companies,i.e audit firms within 1 year period after resignation? Will this be effective?

    Thanks,waiting for your reply

  183. javeed says

    hi iam MBA in regular with attested certificate i got a job in one company and my visa unlimited cantact 2 years.. but till 5 months completed. my salary they told me 2200 but they mentioned in agreement 1500. every month they giving me 1500 by bank and 500 by hand to hand cash… and now they cancel remaining 200 AED

    i want to change the another company now is this possible to jump another company?
    can i resign this job?
    if i resign.. how much i have to pay to company?
    any ban?

    • Deepak Machado says

      there is a possibility to get a ban. but if you get a better job you can over come with ban

  184. julie lopez says

    Hi sir, I just wanna ask you about my situation. I had a servant visa for 2 years but actually I bought that visa from local person and work in the other job with NOC from sponsor cancelled it 2 weeks before it finished because they said they need a slot for their new housemaid.but they told me I don’t have ban and they wont put ban to me because I told them i want to apply a job in the office or in sales. Is it really true that I don’t have ban? And how to avoid to be sent home? Thank you sir and more power to u.

  185. Baig says

    Dear sir,
    Iam newly came to the company visiting visa i think after i will come back they made it medical test and they are converting into machine visa for 3 months now.

    My question is can i search the jobs with good salary and i can switch the another company or not? Is there any ban/ NOC required ……

  186. kleng says

    i am on compny visa but i am a housemaid i do have chance to not to finish my two yrs contract with them coz of the small salary not provide the accomodation and transportation too.pls give me advice.thnks

  187. alit says

    i have a few question for you, im working at hotel industry as chef de partie with 5000 salary, unlimited contract and already 14 months working in here. i got job offer from abudhabi as junior sous chef with 5000 salary, i resign from my current company with one month notice ( in my contract should be 3 month notice, but its written also in the contract we can do less than 3 month notice depend your agreement with head of deparment and we need to pay rest of the month salary ) so my HOD is agree and happy to realease me and im also ready to pay 10.000 dirham for my 2 month salary + my recruitment cost. but now after i submit my resignation letter for one week, hrd call me and tell me that they will put ban on me, because i didnt complete 2 year in the company.
    my question is,
    1, is my current company have a right to put ban on me? because from my department 4 people resign and they dont get ban, which is they also doing the same process like me, one month notice and paid all the expenses.
    2, just in case they put ban on me, is it possible for my next employer who hired me lifted the ban?

    because its seem unfair for me because some staff leaving without get ban and some staff get ban, while some staff who doesnt get ban its less working months than me. its also unfair if im ready to pay a lot but still get ban.

    thank you very much mr deepak and look forward to hear from you


    alit anggraini

  188. Ara says

    Good day Sir Deepak,
    I kindly need your advice. Now I’m on my 2 months and 1 week probationary period in my company and Im not happy anymore because my salary is always delayed and I have found a new job that offers me a better deal. My emirates id is still under processing and my manager don’t update me about my emirates id & my company visa so Im not sure if they are fixing my documents. I just also sign an offer letter and not totally a employment contract. What will I do if I will resign? Do I have to pay my employer? Will I have a ban? Please help me. Thanks.

    • Deepak Machado says

      If the labour card, emirates I’d. And visa is under process, there may be automatic ban.
      Regarding salary delay, please approach mol. Your employment is valid only when you sign the labour contract.

  189. Biji says

    Hi Deepak
    My Question
    Freezone company completly Dubai Gverment Full / Semi.

    Another Question?

    Freezone comany family status approving Goverment of Dubai
    And details

  190. Dev says

    Dear Sir,

    I am in limited contract. It has been 8 months in the company. This is my first visa. I don’t want to work in this company anymore. So I have decided to resign.

    Now they are asking for 1month notice period and also 45days salary.

    Sir, please clarify. do we have to pay 45salary if we serve notice period?

  191. urvashi says

    I am a doctor and i received my DHA licence in april I accepted offer from one hospital in dubai and signed offer letter and they took licence in their hospital name on 9/7/2014 and I am shown as physician on there site but i hav not been made to join saying that thay are processissing in that case do I stand to get payed till now,I hav not signed any labor contract im on husbands visa

  192. emeliano says

    Dear Deepak,
    I have a question seeking your help.
    I am an electrical engineer workd for comapny A in dubai and after 7 months resigned. My visa is cancelled and I planned to join company B. Now there are some issues with company B. I have still good relation with company A. Am I leagally able to rejoin company A again. Are they able to get my new labour and new visa?
    Thenks for your reply in advance.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Yes your old company can issue new visa provided your new company has not applied any visa or labour.

  193. Munir Khan says

    Hi Sir i m working in a company since last 3 years and 10 months i m getting here 3500 AED as a safety officer but in another company i got offer of 8000 AED as a Senior Safety Engineer i m Graduate now i want immediate resignation from the first company when i contact with the owner he shout on me and also he tolled me i will deduct one basic salary and i will impose ban on you so kindly give me suggestion in this situation what should i do?Thanks in advance for your responce

    • Deepak Machado says

      You need to provide notice as per your agreement. Or else you may approach to mol

  194. says

    I need your sugetions regarding the following issue
    I have joined in a company in sharjah as a machine operator on employment visa
    It has only 5days of joining i tottaly unsatisfied with the work they are providing me..
    so i decided to QUIT the job..please help me for over come this situation
    will i be having a work permit ban?????? if i leave this present job now…
    it is to be noted that i hav’nt gone through any medical/ labour card process and visa stamping on passport

  195. Mansoor says

    Hi Mr. Deepak.
    i am working in a free zone company in tecom i have joined the company on 1st of July, now i am not willing to continue my service to company. My offer letters tells me to pay all my visa cost & 45 days of notice period, I have singed only my offer letter.
    The company has not done my medical & the visa has not yet stamped also. My question is if I resign how much should I pay for the visa charges and are there any other charges.
    Should I do my full notice period

  196. Oswald says

    Hii i am working in Food Industry in U.A.E ( DIP )

    Actually i have challenged my company for the working hours that it should be 8 hours excluding break time. But my company is forcing me to work 9 hours excluding break time. So i have to work to 10 hours ?? is it applicable ? m i eligible for the compensation for this 1 hour daily ? The company is not willing me to give 1 hour paid & is forcing to work 9 +1 hours ?

    Please guide us .

  197. zeze says

    Hi Mr. Deepak
    iam working in a company for 3 months now. my contract says that I have 6 months probation period, and the contract is for 5 years. my visa is on my father.
    if I wanted to join another job after the 6 months, what will affect me, I mean it will be allowed? I will have to pay something? or I will be banned and wont be able to join other job before 6 month?
    Thank you

    • Shiloh says

      Hi Mr.Deepak,

      Im working with a company on a probation period of 6months,I have got a better option with good salary and better post.Can I terminate my contract as I have not yet completed 6months.Will there be a bann for me? If yes then what do I do?

  198. barinder says

    hi ,mr deepak, i m working in 1 private small co, now i finish my 18 months already , now my owner want to cancle my visa, can u tell me pls i will get banned for 6 months or not

  199. barinder singh says

    hello sir i dont know english can i call u any number if u will talk with me in hindi plzzzz

  200. john says

    i like to come to Dubai with a Residence permit, Kindly let me know if i can get a Job in am on resident permit in Dubai. i will appreciate your honest answer.


  201. Cristina Palattao says

    what should i do if the company i am working is abusable in a way specially of working hours everyday i work 12 hours without overtime imy job description is restaurant cleaner -please need advise they dont supply protective gloves and mask whilr working in toilet cleaning and kitchen-if i m wearing gloves they asking me to remove because its not good to see by the restaurant customer on wearing gloves-my hands are suffering from chemicals reaction –please what should i do or could you give me note or article page in uae labor law so that i will show them -thank you more power

  202. Veena says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am on spouse visa. Am working in a freezone company. am moving jobs. am still under probation. am moving to another company with better salary and freezone company. Will a ban be put on me?
    Thanks & regards Veena

  203. mcdk says

    Dear Deepak,

    I just want to ask regarding 6 months ban, i was cancelled last Febuary 9, 2014, should i start the count of six months from my date of cancellation? because some are telling me that you start counting upon your exit to UAE, please help.

    Thanks and Regards

  204. zaara says

    hi dear deepak
    main ek bht bari problem main hun plz mjhe ache se guide kre, mene 30 march 2014 ko abu dhabi main job join ki hai llc company mai, joining k 2 months bad meri shadi hogae, ab mere sponsor mjhe terminate kr rae hain ar mjhse zaberdasti resignation letter pr sign b le rae hain sath main visa k pore expense b le rae hain yahan tak k daman card ar approval k fine jo total 1300 banta hai wo us samet 5500 dhr mjhse le rae hain / mjhe bataen main kia kron? na dene ki surat main wo mjhe dara b rae hain/

  205. hermand says

    Hi Mr Deepak,
    I hearted about new law in UAE labour, I want you tell me if it’s true. <> please it’s true?

  206. vivek says

    Hi, am vivek. i work in a trading company where mgr uses bad language and abuse me. how to proceed? he uses such bad languages to all.. pls suggest to stop this.

  207. manesh says

    Hi, my name is manesh and i am working as a web developer and my salary is 3000 and i got new job which is 7000 but my current company told me you have to give us visa expance + 45 days notice period + 45 days salary, kindly do me a favour ,

    are these things in law or not ?
    Should i give them as they told me?
    Why company do these things?

  208. says

    i m working in a hotel in dubai. i joined on 25th May, on14th june i have back bone operation of slip disk due to standing duty. i was covered by Insurance . i m on sick leave till 19th July. and now my employer is planing to fire me instead of adjusting me in some other dept on desk work. can u plz guide me in this regard

  209. Dev says

    I need your help, kindly guide me on what can be done in this scenario.

    I am working in a limited contract visa in Sharjah UAE, as per the offer letter it was mentioned AED 3000 (Basic 2500 + Accommodation Allowance 500) after completion of 3months probation period. However, in the contract it was mentioned “0” probation and Housing Allowance and Transport Allowance as FIRST PARTY and Basic salary as 2500AED, inclusive of all allowance 2500AED.

    I have now provided a letter to the management stating that my 3months probation have been completed as per offer letter, kindly release the salary withhold. But there was no proper response and since 2months. I have now completed 6months in this company. Every time when I ask to our manager about the probation completion he used to say as “let GM come”, But our GM might have came more than 20time to the office.

    Now, I would like to terminate this contract as my salary is getting delayed from 5th to 12th all the time and said salary is not being paid. Because of this am unable to pay my rent properly. Hence would like to ask you that, if I go to Ministry of Labour and say this issue will I be able to get my dues and reparation expense (air ticket as the same was born by me when commencing for work) as per UAE labour law article 121?

  210. MOHAMMAD WAKIL says

    HI, Mr.Deepak
    I am working in a decor company with two years contract and i finish my contract on 13 august 2013 untill know i don’t have visa (Dubai) when i ask to my G.M he always say next month or next week and i have four months salary dues please give me suggestion what i have to do. Now labour office will except my complain or not.and of course he law will ask where you was since 10 months.
    Please i need your help.

  211. md says

    Dear mr Deepak,
    i am join a company on 27th july 2013 ,2 year emplyement visa in sharjah ,after 7 month i take 1 month vacation my own expences, now the situationn is suddenly company terminate me becouse no work order .,my 1 year complete 27 july 2014, but company force me cancel my visa on july 1 week 2014.if i not sign in cancel paper they go to labour office to this matter
    in this situation can i eligible to get my leave salary ? or i am face 6 month ban..please advice me what i do…

  212. RMK says

    I would like to discuss my situation and need your advice.
    I have 14 years of diversified and extensive experiences in several sectors. I worked as Asst Marketing Manager for a reputed healthcare group for 6+ years and relived from Nov 2013.
    Before ending my services I had claimed my pending incentives and until now am following for the incentives with the HR, Marketing Manager and Marketing Director. Follow up met Marketing director in person in his office and sent E-mails without any reply until now. I have approached Managing Director and he suggested there is a penalty and incentives kept pending, when I called him again to discuss he shouted at me and said he will create a case of harassment….. what i should be doing?
    Is there any possible solution to get my pending incentives?


  213. Mohammed Malik Ahmed says

    Hi Deepak,
    I Need your Valuable Suggestion, regarding my job,
    i was interviewed by a school, and has been selected for a job of Accountant in there organization , they had provided with me a offer letter and agreed . and also trained to me for 20 days accordingly,
    and instructed me to go back to india till they will process the visa.
    i returned to india , and after some days when i checked for the status, they replied me that the govt. had changed their rules, they can’t process for the Visa. now i struck from all sides.

    i need your help..


    • salahuddin says

      You must address Ministry of Labour
      I was also told like this.. I threatened my employer by saing that I will file a case.. For that you have to come back on visit visa and file a case in labour court. where you just demand for all your losses.

  214. Mohammed Malik Ahmed says

    Hi Deepak,
    I Need your Valuable Suggestion, regarding my job,
    i was interviewed by a school, and has been selected for a job of Accountant in there organization , they had provided with me a offer letter and agreed . and also trained to me for 20 days accordingly,
    and instructed me to go back to india till they will process the visa.
    i returned to india , and after some days when i checked for the status, they replied me that the govt. had changed their rules, they can’t process for the Visa. now i struck from all sides.

    i need your help..


  215. jsm says

    hello gud day

    how about from freezone to non freezone they still can impose a lobor ban?

  216. NOORUL says

    The company i am working has put a new contract.It states that if i resign from the company there will be a ban for 2 years in the companies with same nature of job under labour law section 127.
    I want to know whether this is applicable even if the visa period gets over also or if we leave the company before the visa expires?


  217. Senthilkumar says

    Hi Deepak…

    I am a new to Dubai.. I found your site , Its very useful. I just wants to say thanks first for your service, I hope I will get your assistance for my clarifications in future….
    Thanks Again…

  218. basil says

    hi deepak
    i have a doubt ,i have 1 yr experience in a llc ,am mba holder,now i have 3000/dhs/ agreement is 2 i have looking for another job ,what about my ban.and also if i choose free zone what will be the result.
    can you mention what step i can go for next offers

    • Deepak Machado says

      You may get an automatic labour ban for six month . However you can join freezone.

  219. srinivasa says

    Can employer terminate an unlimited labour contract before completing one year of service without any information

  220. rohith says

    If I change the company ,Can you pls confirm if the family visa change is possible by keeping the deposit of aed 5K that used to be the case earlier. If there is any change, appreciate if you can let me know the process. The kids are studying in the school here.

  221. Subair Panolan says

    During on probation period, Employer can terminate employee without notice. Is employee can resign the job without notice on probation period.?

  222. Mackoy says

    Hi Deepak,
    i am Architect and under unlimited contract, and i already served the current company for 5 years, and just extended my contract last month may 2014 in this company.This month i found a new job and they are willing to hire me.but my problem and question is it possible to transfer to the new company even i did not finish a 1 year extra period contract for the extension i signed in my current company?Because i checked in my contract from typing compnay printed in security paper and signed stated Letter b. thelimited employment agreement expires on the date of expire….in case the two parties (me)continue to execute the agreement then it shall be considered as renewd for an extre 1 year from date of expire….

  223. Antony says

    Hello mr. Deepak

    Here is my situation. I am on unlimited contract, it is my 8th month from joining and I am not happy with the company and the job in general. When i spoke to the manager about resignation he told me that i might have to pay expenses the company spent on bringing me here and visa fees. The thing is in the contract i signed with the company it does not anything about that, it only says that employee who resigns after the completion of the probation period (which is 6 month) must give month’s notice and have to pay return ticket on his/her own.
    Could you please tell me can the company charge me these expenses according to the UAE lows in this case ?
    And what actions should I take in case they decide to do so ?

    • Deepak Machado says

      company has no right to deduct the visa charges from an emplolyee however it is depends on company policy

  224. Hari says

    Hi Deepak,
    Last one week i am working with One LLC.i am not feeling happy work here i have unlimited employment VISA.If i possible move here another job?Please give me Suggestion.

  225. Hari says

    Hi Deepak,

    Last one week i am working with One LLC.i am not feeling happy work here i have unlimited employment VISA.If i possible move here another job?Please give me Suggestion.

  226. Madhan says

    Dear Deepak,

    Mine is unlimited visa completing of one year, while joining company made aggrement with me.
    In AGGREMENT company provide training & certificate, after training employees need to work for 2 years (without mentioning starting & ending date) if cancel before aggrement period ends employees need to pay 12000 dhs to company.

    Later came to know No training only agreement for extending my visa period.
    At completing my one more year & cancel my visa its possible to “block me and my end of service ”
    Is this aggrement valid under UAE labour law…..
    Please suggest me sir.

  227. zahran says

    Dear Mr Deepak
    i would like to know the rules for switching the job ,since 3 i start working to company here in dubai and now i want to leav the jb due to few unsatisfying reason in the current job .may i know pls is it possible me to switch the job to another company if i get a job with in probation time .wat are labour lows for it


  228. Billy says

    What does article 81 mean? I work regularly on Fridays as overtime and Saturdays occasionally. I also work public/private sector holiday days. What level of compensation should I be getting for these ‘overtime’ payments?

  229. omar says

    sir my name is omar .i am working abc company .this company give me offer letter 2500 as general supervisor for the company works.but they give me a labour visa and salary 2000 and my labour contract 1500
    now theytreat as a offic boy cleaning washroom cleaning offic etc my contract unlimited and i want to resigin plez tel me right way of resigin this company

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you are not confortable to work with the company you can resign but you may face a ban.

  230. Hamza says

    Dear Deepak,
    I would like to discuss my situation and need your advice.
    I am working in a limited contract for an LLC. I have a masters degree with 14 years of diversified and extensive experiences in several sectors. I am working as Sales Manager with salary 10 thousand. I have got several job options in hand 20 to 25K. I have completed only 8 months of my contract….. what i should be doing? my company confirm to place a ban. my friends tell me i can uplift the ban… I am confused.. i have read the complete labor law but i couldnt find any clause explaining in detail which fits my scenario…

  231. charies vir says

    Hi Mr. Deepak. Please I need help. I am working as a waitress in a private company with an unlimited contract. I have worked here since may 25, 2009. With the salary of 1,200. Basic 840. Got the increase 2 years ago of 300 AED. Now I get 1,500 monhtly. Had my vacation once 2011 of july 10. Recently, I had resigned. May 20, 2014 was my last duty. Now when I asked the HR of how much I could get, They said 5,160 with my salary for 20 days. I am doubtful on how they calculate it. Since I should have to receive two third of graduity coz I am more than three years and less than 5 yrs.And I havent gone for vacation for almost 3 years.Exactly 2 years and 11 months.. My workmate, when she was terminated,she works only more than a year. She was supposed to get 1,200.But she asked help to the labor, and she got all her money. She received 4990 plus the salary. completely 5th plus. Plus the ticket shoulder from the company.I knw theres a difference of the calculation between resignation and termination, but not almost same as mine. I worked for almost 5 years and she worked more than a year. Please help

  232. janice says

    Dear: Mr deepak
    I have question please i need to know the answer
    1)I completely finish three years from my company and i want to cancel my visa because i want to change but my employer didnt allowed me to cancel and the problem that he threat me and try to afraid me that he will put me in the jail he said he will make a story that i steel something or will make me a problem.

    2) What if my employer go to the jail.. it is possible to go alone to labour and direct cancel my visa without any permission from my sponsor??

    • Deepak Machado says

      your visa to be cancelled by the sponsor
      if you are facing such problem you can adress this issue to MOL

  233. Vishnu says

    Hi Mr.Deepak,
    My friend has worked for one company for 5 years,Now he completed contract and resign to the company.Employer didnt pay leave salary from the begining but agreed to pay gratuity amount.if my friend goes to labour court can he get his leave salary settlement with gratuity.Kindly advice us.

  234. Vicious says

    Hi I am a nurse here in Al Ain..I would like to transfer to another employer since the general working conditions here are harsh we tend to work as a homecare nurse for 24 hours / 24 days with only 6 days off…I m still in probationary status 3 months already. .Do I get a ban from labour If I transfer? Can the company ban me also? Do I need to pay them for airfare and Visa fees? I was told that if I’m going to transfer to a much higher some nurses told me that the ban could be lifted how true is this? Many thanks please help me…

  235. Santhosh says

    Hi,, I had joined a LLC company in Dubai on last month. i am not satisfied with this job. i hav’nt gone through any medical/ labour card process.. If i quit now,I will get any ban.
    lLooking forward for your reply..

  236. Nazir says

    Dear sir
    I am working for one of the company in Dubai. with an unlimited contract. now I have completed 1 year and 6 month. I got a new job offer in Dubai. will there be a ban if I change my present job.
    please advise.

  237. madhan says

    Dear sir,
    Working in dubai based LLC company, unlimted contract (for 3 years) in between after 4 months of joining company got signature in Training Bond of 2 years.
    mentioned If employee terminates before bond ends employee have to pay 12000dhs to company

    Is these kind of bond valid under UAE labour laws? If terminates my contract completing 2 years will any possibilities of non terminating & stopping End of service by mentioning bond. Pls suggest me.

  238. Ian says

    Hi Deepak.

    if i leave my job now and im working for 1week and i want to go back in my hometown, my expiration of my visit visa is within 1 week, because im not satisfied or im not suited for this position i have no employment visa, contract and labour card as of is possible to cancel and i will get a ban from immigration or my employer.

    Please advise and help me for this question.

    • Ian says

      Mr Deepak,

      I need your comment for my question ian.

      Hoping for your soonest answer.

      Thank you.

  239. LH says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I’m currently working in an LLC company based in Dubai and I have completed 1 year of my unlimited contract. If I resign from my current Dubai-based job and work with a company based in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority, will I’ll be able to work with Jebel Ali Free Zone company without having a labor ban? Please advice.

    Thank you,

    • Deepak Machado says

      It will depend on your company. If they dont put you immigration ban you can freely take up the offer from other company

  240. Rajesh says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    Warm Regards.

    After all i got some one with whom i can share few things.

    Sir am working in Dubai since last 1 year in a LLC company. When i joined he my first requirement was of Family Status. At that time my boss told me that he will do it for me within 6 months, but till now nothing happened. When ever i ask him he shouts like any thing.
    Second Thing he committed that he will increase the salary within 3 months but still nothing happened. When ever i ask him he shouts like any thing.
    Now i am in a very bad situation before a month he committed me that he will sponsor my family. but still the same story.

    now i told him to complete his commitments, then he told me i dont need your services, and want to cancel my visa.

    So can you please suggest me now what shall i do further.

    If he cancels my what then what happens, will there be any ban on me.

    Please reply sir as i need your feedback’s.

  241. Zin Min says

    Sir .I’m work at restaurant in dubai.But now i cann’t work in that restaurant because of both of my feet is anormal and very paining in everyday that is why i asking to my company for termination but they said me make it resignation and pay 1 month of my salary.if I can’t pay that fees i have to work 30 days but i can’t walk and stand properly long hours and i don’t want to pay and i cann’t work anymore.If i will not pay and i will not work .Please,can u explain it to me what should u do for that.And i had been working 3 months in that company.
    Thanks .

    • Deepak Machado says

      Get the medical certificate and inform your company about health and get it done the cancellation

  242. leila says

    I am a maid with one year contract and it’s been 6months now that I’m working here but my visa will cancel by my sponsor and said they are not happy to my work. Do I get a ban after the cancellation of my visa?

  243. Shakil Ahmed says

    i have registered a case against my employer regarding not paying 4 month salary in Dubai Court, i got a new job & today Dubai Court cancel my Labour card & i also got cancelled stamp on my visa, i just want to ask is there any 6 months ban??? as in cancellation paper there is nothing mention in ban column & my case is already in court against previous employer.

  244. Grace says

    Hi, Mr. Deepak, Good to know that your helping& clearing all FAQs of everybody. God Bless You.
    I am working in a LLC company in dubai. I came on my annual Leave Vacation to india & i dont wanna go back. But i have completed 1 year in the company. Will i have to pay the fine? What will i have to do if i have come back on another visa? Do i have to pay the company for Cancelation of my visa? what r the procedures to do it from india? Does any charges or fine is applicable?

  245. MP says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I am currently on limited visa and my labour visa starts Dec 17, 2013 and I am now on my fifth month. I would like to know if i will get a ban from immigration or my employer. Also what should i do to avoid labour ban? Hope you can help me on this. Thank you.

  246. umayrah says

    Sir i joined hospital as a telephone operator in 2012 June now recently by jan 2014 i delivered my second baby i was in maternity leave my joining date was 20 april but due to my childrens there is no one to take care of my kids especially my newborn he wants more attention so im not in suitation to join my job again on the same day i gave immediate resignation to my hr
    They asked me to the Pay the fine of 45 days basic salary i asked my maternity leave salary They told me they will not pay. What to do
    In this suitation iam eligible for my maternity leave salary and any ban will there for me can you pls suggests me.

    • Deepak M says

      You should give notice as per your company policy or you need to pay the compensation in lieu of notice period. i dont think you will have any ban since you are working with the company more than 2 years. However it will be depend on company

  247. umayrah says

    Sir i joined hospital as a telephone operator in 2012 June now recently by jan 2014 i delivered my second baby i was in maternity leave my joining date was 20 april but to my childrens there is no knw to take care of my kids especially my newborn he wants more attention so im not in suitation to join my job again on the same day i gave immediate resignation to my hr
    They asked me to the Pay the fine of 45 days basic salary i asked my maternity leave salary They told me they will not pay. What to do
    In this suitation iam eligible for my maternity leave salary and any ban will there for me can you pls suggests me.

  248. salman says

    Iam working under unlimited contract of 2 years and this is my 5 th month. But iam not fully satisfied with my job. Can I change my job under my probation period and my salry is 3500

  249. abu shams says

    Thanks you very much …
    But still wanna know
    What u mean by basic salary as even in labour low file .. which I read it … its doesn’t mention clearly if accommodation fees included
    As for example if salary is 12000 + 4000 transport
    +4000 accommodation … total 20000 received every month
    Second issue …. what about annual leaves
    As I worked with them 4 yrs and 4 month
    And took totally 60 days
    Ok they paid me for all of them
    But doesn’t they need to pay for those annual leaves didn’t taken by me an extra amount

    • Deepak M says

      Gratuity would be calculated till your last working day. It will be on the basic salary.
      Of course you are entitled for balanced leave amount

    • Deepak M says

      while computing your end of service benefit gratuity only basic is considered. When you leave the company if you have any unutilised leave , it is computed on the basis of your basic salary not whole salary

  250. Fahad says

    Dear dipak you are doing a great job thanks for all people to whom you helped.
    my case is may be same i want to make sure I’m working in LLC from last 14 months and my visa status is ordinary labour, now i have an offer latter of 5000 aed salary what i need to be a ban free.
    i called MOL they told me that you should have a 12th degree attested from uae minstry and your country as well. you’ll not get any ban.
    and 1 thing someone whos working in HR dpt as an asst. PRO that you cancel your visa from here, take other visa and go home check in check out and you’ll not have any ban. can you please tell me what are the posibilities, can you plase reply me as soon as possible i have time till 10 am tomorrow only.

  251. abu shams says

    I worked for 4 yrs and 4 moths as professional doctor
    And now I gave them one moth notice resignation letter
    How garduty will be calculated
    And does the full salary counted
    And in case basic salary counted does it include the accommodation
    and as I deserve one month per year as annual leave
    Which r 4 months total and I took only
    2 months
    do they pay extra for that
    and lastly … does the four months also counted for calculating graduty and annual leave

  252. Imraan says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I work in JLT (DMCC) on limited contract completed 1year and 7 months, I would like to know that As per UAE labour law, if my company terminates me what will be my computation all together including gratutiy, notice period, 3 months salary as compensation, family air ticket, vacation pay and other allowances and whether i can ask for repatriation also.

    Please confirm as early as possible.

    • Deepak M says

      I dont think you will be eligible for any gratuity since you have not completed the contract period. However you are entitled for notice period salary, air ticket and balance leave amount till your last working date.

  253. Finch says

    Hi Deepak,

    What is the annual leave entitlement for teachers in Dubai.

    I have been informed that it is 45days over the summer but no days other than weekends throughout the year?


  254. Sagar says

    My visa is stamped from 15th Feb 2014 to 14th Feb 2016 by the firm I am working. i work as Sales Manager in a organization. if my employer gives me NOC can I have their visa cancelled, change job and join another firm anytime or is it mandatory that I should complete two years service in the existing firn before taking another employment.

  255. kamran says

    Sir I worked sex month as a labour and my visa duration s 2year can I take new visa? And how I can get new visa?

  256. JC says


    Can i resign in a non free company if I only completed 7 months in a 2 years contract? I got a job offer in a free company in JLT? Do i have to pay any amount to my current employer?

  257. Alfeena says

    I am on husband Visa Working in Private Company.In case of termination by the company, can I entitle ticket from the company?

  258. JAN says

    Dear Mr. Deepak
    just want to ask about my situation now i am working in a hotel now and completed 2yrs under labor visa then i renewed my visa again last november 2013 so i am working for 2yrs and 5months now to the hotel and i want to resigned. my question now is: do i have to pay charges to the company for the visa that they just renewed for mo? if there is then how much would it be? and do i get banned if i resigned? it would be much appreciated for the immediate feedback. thank you…

  259. edgard says

    Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I have a question regarding with my situation, What would be my responsibilities to my company if i will resign to them? I am working for them 12 months and 1 week now but we have an agreement contract of two years with 3000 salary, I am a civil engineer and my visa is also a civil engineer. I want to transfer to other company offering 5000 with the same designation. thank you

    • Deepak M says

      There is nothing like transfer. You need to cancel your current visa and join the new company with their visa.

  260. Des says

    Hi! I have been working in an LLC company for more that 4 years now, i have finished my first contract for 3 years and then i renew January last year. If i leave the company now,
    1. Do i need to give 3 months or 1 month notice?
    2, Can the company give me Ban?
    3. What is the computation of my Gratuity (4 years)?
    4. Can i transfer to new company?

    Looking forward on your feedback.

    Thank you.

    • Deepak M says

      You need to provide notice as per the notice period clause mentioned in your agreement
      I dont think company will impose you any ban
      if resign you will be entitled for 2/3rd of the total gratuity amoutn
      There is no transfer . You need to cancel your current visa and then join other company

  261. Mona says

    Hi sir, happy Easter Sunday :) I am on a tourist visa. My husbands visa is currently on process. My plan is to work in a government hospital but until now, I don’t have any calls yet for my interview. Can I work temporarily in a private hospital under my husbands visa without getting any labour ban if ever I plan to quit there?

    • Deepak M says

      Happy Easter to you too
      You cannot work in any organisation without having work permit. Without work permit it is illegal to work in any company.

  262. rwema says

    sir,i would like to know. i have got a new work and my boss accept for me a NOC and i have pay the expensise of their visa on me.i was finish 6 month.
    And when the told me still i have ban.
    is it possible that even of you have NOC. You still have ban.
    in which way some company accept NOC other not accept.rnkx fr answer

  263. c.mahaboob basha says

    dear sir, I am working in llc company and I had comleted 2years contract ad then renew my contract and completed 1 year so now I got a better job If I resign my present job I can cancel and transfer my visa to the front company. or there is any procedure for that please give your suggestion as soon as possible. thanking you.

    • Deepak M says

      You need to cancel the visa to join other company. There is nothing like transfer

  264. Alfeena says

    I am working in one privatecompany.Now I completed 1year and 10 months.Then now Company terminated me.I am on Husband Visa with Company Work Permit.When I join The Company in 2012,My Basic Salary is 1000 and Salary is 2000.But Now My salary is 3500.Now Which salary is my right to entitle gratuity and leave salary.Basic Salary automatic increase as per salary increment?

    • Deepak M says

      As per the Law company has to consider the current drawn basic salary to compute the gratuity.

  265. RAMESH says

    Hai Deepk,

    I am working as a medical professional in a private sector.i already finish my 2 yr contract in the company and renew the contract again.but now I got another opportunity with a better salary offer.but I want to know if there is any labour ban or no? If Yes How can I remove the ban?give me your advice.

    • Deepak M says

      If you are a professional I dont think you will get any ban. Better to check with MOL and take the decision.

  266. Abebe says

    Dear Sir. I have been working in a private company for 7mounth as a waiter. (owner of the company= citizenship =Saudi). my contract is Limited ( 2years). according to the company policy i gave 30 days notice period and I work for those days however, when i went to the head office to return the labor card and emirate id. they told me that they will impose me a one year ban. would u please kindly advice me if there is anything at all that i can do.

    • Deepak M says

      nothing you can do. They have the right to impose you ban as you are not completing your contract period.

  267. shihaab says

    I am working in a limited company for a contract period of 2 years. Its been 1 year and 3 months I am working here. I resigned now, Do I have ban for 6 months ?
    I saw a article saying – if you complete your one year , then there will be no ban.
    Please clarify the issue .

    • Deepak M says

      You may get an automatic labour ban for not completing your contract. However it will be depend on decision taken by authorities from MOL.

      • Angel says

        Hi. I just want to ask a lot of questions that bothered me. I’m currently working in a construction company and will be finish my contract on the 3rd of march this year. I applied and got hired as an office secretary but unfortunately, they are giving me works for an office boy, to the extent that even buying their personal needs such as cigarette foods, They are asking me to do so. And one of the staff fell his pipe down from the building and he even asked me to go down and bring it for him. And the owrst part is that when he’s mad one time, He asked me to make a coffee for him and when I did, he asked again and again, till I make a 6 coffees, 2 teas in all. And it was not all at once, it was after by the first one and then next.. so on and so forth. And he did not even drink those. I’m really having hard time, and now I’m just having more than 2months remaining to stay in this company, but still he’s not stop on giving me hard time. He’s always shouting and humiliating me infront of clients.I want to know what action can I do regarding this matter.. Thank you in adv ance.

  268. CJ says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am working with my current employer under unlimited contract. I am on my husband visa. According to my work permit, I will be completing my one year by this month end.
    For personal reasons, I was unable to report to work for few days last month and then had to decide to resign. I couldn’t work during the notice period and I am requesting to end the contract early (before 30 days notice period).
    Kindly let me know what all could happen when my labour card goes for cancellation at MOL.


  269. Saima says

    I am a certified chartered accountant (with an attested certificate) working as an Accounts Manager for the past 2 years. I have just renewed by labor contract 1 month back for another 2 years, but am now seeking a new job. If I were to resign now would I get a labour ban (either from MOL or from my current employer)> If so, how can I get it lifted. Currently am on my husband’s sponsorship.

    • Deepak M says

      since you are a professional and you have already completed two years in the company i dont think you will get a ban. However it is depends on the decision taken by authorities from MOL .

  270. Md.aminul Islam says

    Sir, I am a Civil Engineer, I have already completed 4 years, Now I will get 4 annual leave salary and air ticket. this is true or not

  271. ratheesh says

    please let me know that the wages working on friday and public holidays how many time will be calculated as per uae law
    . almost every friday we have duty (8am to 7pm hour) but my company giving aed.4dhirams. we have no rest; what we do? how to informe?

    • Deepak M says

      Computation of Friday Overtime:
      If the circumstances require the employee to work on a Friday, he must be granted either another day off (compensatory off) or receive his basic salary plus an additional 50 % of his remuneration (i.e, basic salary plus allowances). However, employee cannot be asked to work more than two consecutive Friday unless they are employed on a daily wage basis.

      Computation of Public holiday Over Time:
      Where an employee works on UAE Public Holidays declared for private sector, the employer can elect one of the following payment structures:
      100 per cent of normal remuneration (basic salary plus allowances) plus one day’s leave in lieu plus 50 per cent of remuneration.

  272. Suresh says

    I have been working for a small fabrication company since December, where i am the engineer(visa is of production engineer). But the working of the company is not to my liking and i would like to leave my job. i already got my passport stamped and labour card issued. since i am on my probation period will i get a ban if i quit my job now

  273. Suresh says

    Sir ,

    I have appointed for 2 yrs contract but my probation period 3 months, i have completed 4 months in same company they not give any confirmation but end of 4 th month they given redundancy letter but they telling ur notice period 1 week. its applicable for UAE Labor law. i need conclusion for this urgent pls

  274. Suresh says

    Sir ,

    I have appointed for 2 yrs contract but my probation period 3 months, i have completed 4 months in same company they not give any confirmation but end of 4 th month they given redundancy letter but they telling ur notice period 1 week. its applicable for UAE Labor law

  275. DBenny says

    I am been working with private company in the Northern Emirates for 2 and half years. I completed one term of two years on a limited contract with them, & have renewed three month back. Again, the contract is limited for 2 years more. Now I got a better offer, and wish to move. The new place is offering a salary of AED 11,000, compared to my previous salary of AED 5750. If i resign now, will i get a one year ban? I also recently completed my Masters. Will that give me a better chance to avoid ban? Do post graduate have exception? I am ready to pay if it is a 6 month ban, but if its one year, I cannot move. Could you please advice?

    • Deepak M says

      since it is a limited contract there are chances of getting a ban and you may also have to pay 45 days compensation to the company. However it is depends. Better to check with the immigration or MOL

  276. Ren says

    Sir deepak,
    Regarding my situation.. I am now 2months working in a private hospital.. In a limited contract.. They release alredy my emirates,labor and insurance card.. And now i resigned because i found job in one hospital that is freezone.. But according to my previous hospital they will give me one year ban.. I do not know what to do.. Pls give me some advice regarding this ban? Is it labor ban? Or immigration ban? Can i still work in a freezone area with this ban? Pls help me. Thank you.

    • Deepak M says

      I have no idea what kind of ban they imposed on you. You need to check with your previous employer and get it sorted out .

  277. Rhen says

    Sir deepak,
    Regarding my situation.. I am now 2months working in a private hospital.. They release alredy my emirates,labor and insurance card.. And now i resigned because i found job in one hospital that is freezone.. But according to my previous hospital they will give me one year ban.. I do not know what to do.. Pls give me some advice regarding this ban? Is it labor ban? Or immigration ban? Can i still work in a freezone area with this ban? Pls help me. Thank you.

  278. Ramesh says

    Please let me know that the wages working on Fridays and public holidays how many times will be calculated as per UAE law.

    • Deepak M says

      If the circumstances require the employee to work on a Friday, he must be granted either another day off (compensatory off) or receive his basic salary plus an additional 50 % of his remuneration (basic salary plus allowances). However, employee cannot be asked to work more than two consecutive Friday unless they are employed on a daily wage basis.

      Where an employee works on UAE Public Holidays declared for private sector, the employer can elect one of the following payment structures:

      100 per cent of normal remuneration (basic salary plus allowances) plus one day’s leave in lieu plus 50 per cent of remuneration.
      100 percent of normal daily remuneration basic salary plus allowances plus 150 per cent of basic salary.

  279. aman sharma says

    hello sir,i joined emirates flight catering company in dubai on 16th dec,2012 and i worked there for one year and a week till 21st,dec,2013.and i gave resigned with three months notice period on 21st september, contract was of three years but i could just worked there for one year and a week.nw i m back in india.the hr department gave me letter on which it was stated that i am banned for one year.and that very letter was taken from me the immigration officials at the dubai airport when i was coming back to i want to get to know that is the ban genuine for one year.what if i want to apply for job now.its been about two and half a month since i came back from dubai.i am in dilemma.please help.

    • Deepak M says

      i have no idea what kind of ban they have imposed on you. You need to check with your company about this ban and get more details

  280. Michi says

    I joined this company in abudhabi in jan on employment visa(Dubai ) from a family sponsorhip visa as HR said every staff goes on the management visa. I took it up as I had no plans on changing jobs atleast for 2yrs. I joined after approx 3 months of signing contract. My then exiting visa was expiring on 25 of the month and I was advised by HR to cancel visa for employment visa and it was done by 18. After visa was cancelled I was told so and so needs to be done and it took time.
    Completing 2 months, I have been asked to find another job as I did not meet their expectations, they have taken a decision to take me off the payroll effective the day of announcement of the same.
    Also I have told I may have to pay half of the fines incurred for the visa delay. Their reason being I could stay on their visa for 2 months. Nothing of this is put in writing yet.
    I dont want to be paying any amount here especially that I did not choose to leave inspite of the work task challenges I personally faced and decided to learn from this new challenge i took up. Nor will I require their visa as I have an option to go on family visa. Thank goodness.

    Please advise how I can come out clean. I dont think it is fair for the company to charge me for their recruitment plan indecisiveness/slack. To add I recently was sent for medicals. And dont know if visa is stamped. But employment visa is extend for 2 months due to change in status.

  281. snerom says

    Hi Deepak,

    Just want to confirm, I got an offer in Dubai, and had passed resignation in my current company here AUH, will there any ban imposed because we had consentual agreement about reducing the notice period; the new company needs me urgently to start the work.

  282. ata ur rahman says

    i need your valuable suugestion, regarding the following issue..
    i have joined here in a construction company in dubai as a CIVIL ENGINEER.
    on professional civil engineer visa..
    it has been only 1 month of joining, but nw i am totally unsatisfied with the work they are providing me..
    so i decided to QUIT the job..
    i have read your message on emirates diary..
    please suggest me what neccessary steps i shall take to QUIT my job..
    will i be having a work permit ban?????? if i leave this present job now…
    it is to be noted that i hav’nt gone through any medical/ labour card process..
    looking forward for your reply..

    • Deepak M says

      If you haven’t gone through any emirates I’d or labour card process then you can leave the job without getting ban. But company may ask you to pay the visa charges.

      • nc says

        In case my employer shouts at me ,make me work 10 hrs-11hrs obstructs me leaving on time and accuses for what is not my job or make me multi task for one designation pay what should I do

        • prince says

          I just would like to ask, is it possible the company who will hire my brother-in-law apply for a work permit even if he just sign the employment offer? and he submitted medical result at his expense and he will be shouldered also his exit expenses. isn’t it the company who should shoulder the medical, exit expenses and visa expenses for their employee? hope you enlighten me in my queries.

          • Deepak Machado says

            Visa, labour costs are to be borne by company and not employee.

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