Types of Bans in UAE

Visa Ban in UAE

Labour Ban and Immigration ban is still a big confusion for employees here in UAE. A ban on visa means, that the person who is served the particular ban is not entitled to live and work in the UAE for a particular time or permanently. This may happen in a way of:

  • Immigration Ban
  • Labour Ban

Have you read the changes in New Labour Law regarding Labour Ban? Click here to read about New Labour Ban Rules.

ban in uae labour ban immigration ban

Immigration Ban or Residence Ban

If you have immigration ban in UAE, you are not supposed to enter UAE or obtain residency in UAE. You may be served with immigration ban if you have committed criminal offences. In case you have Bounced cheques, bad debt cases against you, you will have immigration ban till the time you are cleared or you have served your sentence. You may also be served immigration ban if you have been found drunk driving, theft and other crimes. If you have entered UAE with illegal means, then too you will be facing immigration ban.

In case if you have absconded from your work and have not reported to work for a prolonged time, your employer may list you under absconding list,  and you will have immigration ban. The changes in labour ban has not affected the immigration ban. Immigration ban is issued by Department of Naturalisation and Immigration in UAE, which is part of Ministry of Interior.

Labour Ban

There are 2 types of labour bans:

  1. 6 Month Labour Ban
  2. One year Labour Ban

6 Month Ban

In the past, companies and employers were able to prevent their employees from changing jobs for 6 months by imposing what is called as labour ban. This would ban an employee from changing visa for the first 6 months of cancelling visa/labour card. This ban system was removed after UAE Cabinet Resolution No 25 of 2010, which removed ban after continuous work of Two years with employer.

MOL came up with new resolutions in lates 2015 and early 2016 which mandated that with educational certificates (Attested high school diploma or greater submitted as part of the visa application process) or who have been working for more than Six months, will not face any labour ban. However, there are instances and examples that Authorities still impose labour bans. However, the labor ban has no impact in free zones.

A 6 month labour ban is an automatic ban which is imposed when you leave your current job without any proper reason. Every employee under Ministry of Labour is automatically banned for 6 month; unless they are exempt from ban due to their new employer status (Freezone, Government), qualification above High School Diploma and salary of AED 5000 for High School, AED 7000 for Diploma holders and AED 12000 for Bachelor’s degree holders.

If you have 6 month labour ban, there is no restriction for you to enter UAE on visit or tourist visa.

One year Ban

A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will not be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban. 

One year ban is also imposed if:

  • Expatriate worker leaves Government job.
  • If you break terms and conditions of your labour contract.
  • If you lose a case in the court against your employer.

Labor Ban: Limited Term Contract

 First 6 months of employmentAfter 6 months of employmentAfter Renewal of Initial Fixed Term
With Education CertificateLimited risk of labor ban if:
1. the employer consents to
resignation; or
2. employer terminates
without cause.
Risk of ban if employer does not consent to employee resignation, unless if resignation is effective as of the end of a limited term contractGenerally no labor ban, but risk of ban if the employee breaches the Labor Law or contract, such as not giving and honoring the required notice period.
No Education CertificateRisk of ban if,
1. Before end of limited term
contract; or
2. Employer does not consent
during the limited term.

Labor Ban: Unlimited Contract

 First 6 months of employmentAfter 6 months of employment
With Education CertificateRisk of labor ban, unless:
1. Mutual agreement of the parties;
2. The employer has failed to meet its legal or contractual
obligations, including, without limitation, the duty to pay the
wages for over 60 days; or
3. The employer winds up its business; or
4. Court ruling in favor of the employee.
Generally no labor ban, but risk of ban if the employee breaches the Labor Law or contract, such as not giving and honoring the required notice period
No Education CertificateRisk of labor ban, unless:
1. The employer has failed to meet its legal or contractual
obligations, including, without limitation, the duty to pay the
wages for over 60 days
2. The employer winds up its business.
3. Court ruling in favor of the employee.

Ban in Free Zones

Some free zones also apply bans on the transfer of employees within companies in the free zones registered within them without the approval of the previous employer. The information bans are often not publicized and this policy keeps changing from time to time, and from free zone to free zone.

How to lift labour ban in UAE or immigration ban in UAE?

To read more, please visit the article on how to lift 6 month labour ban.

Many professional workers can lift the ban, as the ban is typically waived if an employee moves to a position with a higher salary of AED 5,000 for high school diploma, AED 7,000 for post-secondary diploma, and AED 12,000 for bachelor degrees).

Under which situations there is no Labour Ban?

If you fall under below categories, you may not have a labour ban:

  • UAE Nationals will not have labour ban or immigration ban.
  • If you are joining an oil company.
  • If you are joining Government or Semi-government organisation.
  • If you are changing jobs within the same Free zone.
  • If you have completed your contract term under limited contract.
  • If you have completed 3 years of service under unlimited contract.

Permanent residence ban

A permanent residency ban is applied for serious labour offences committed, like illegal or absconding workers and convicted felons. The Federal Department of Immigration maintains a file of fingerprint samples and retina scans of banned individuals so that they are not able to return to UAE in the future.

Comparison between Immigration Ban and Labour Ban:

Removing Immigration ban in UAE.

 Immigration BanLabor Ban
Who regulates this?Immigration and Naturalization Department, Ministry of InteriorMinistry of Emiratization and Human Resources (former Ministry of Labor)
When is this ban imposed?Employer must submit a formal complaint that the employee either:
1. committed a crime; or
2. seriously damaged the employer.
See tables related to Limited Contract and Unlimited Contract above.
What is the scope of ban?Prevents the person from entering or staying in the country. An immigration ban is typically followed by an order to leave the UAE or Deportation.Prevents the person from applying for a new work visa, but not from entering or residing in the country. A labor ban does not prevent a person from visiting the UAE by way of a valid visit visa
How long is this ban?One year (generally), but may be as short of six months or may be a lifetime ban depending from case to caseThis is applied for six months generally.
Where is this applicable?The territory of the UAE, without exception.The territory of the UAE outside the free zones. Although some free zones maintain separate labor ban systems, a labor ban may stop an employee from being issued a work visa in a free zone, or to work for a government entity
Can you lift the ban?Immigration ban can not be lifted although may be removed on an exceptional basis.Can be lifted withh:
1. a court order;
2. the issuance of a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the former employer; and
3. in some cases, the payment of a fine.

How to check UAE visa ban status / immigration blacklist check/ immigration travel ban / passport ban with passport number?

The best way to check your ban status in UAE is to call up the Immigration department in case of Immigration ban and MOL in case of Labour ban. Give the call centre agent your passport number and other details like previous visa number and they’d provide you with an update. If you have left the UAE with some debts behind, the financial institution may have filed a case against you. In such cases, your representative can walk into any Dubai Police stations with your passport copy, Emirates ID (if available) and Authority Letter to check for any cases registered. If the cases are registered, then definitely you may have immigration ban meaning you will not be able to transit or enter UAE. 

To check whether you have a labour ban, you will need to call MOL or MOHRE on their call centre number and enquire with your Passport Number or Emirates ID.

Please note, you also should take consultation of a qualified Lawyer in UAE for these procedures.

References: http://amereller.com

Disclaimer: This article is only for information purpose. You are requested to consult a Lawyer for all legal matters.

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  • sir, i want to know that i am working in advertising company my visa will fininshed on december but now i have new job offer and i want to cancel my current visa and join a new company my visa unlimited is that possible without any ban or charges kindly give me answer thanks i am waiting for your reply~

  • Dear sir,
    I am working in a private hospital as a Medical laboratory technologist in a dubai with limited contract, first contract was completed and 2nd contract renewed
    two moth before only,
    According to my labour contract its mention that on 11th point : Second party not allow to work with any competing health company in dubai for one year
    from labour card cancellation date according to article 127.

    Now i have good offer from abudhabi with 14,000 salary, current salary is only 9000,
    if i resign and join to abudhabi private hospital what will happen,Will there be any ban in abudhabi, since i already completed two years?
    according to 11th point article 127 one year ban in dubai only,
    i read in a news paper below message is it correct? The Labour Law recognises that certain professionals shall be free to change their employment at any point of time. This is in accordance with Article 2 of the Ministerial Order No (13) of 1991 on ‘The organisation of the transfer of sponsorships of non-national labours the rules governing the same’ which states:

    “Non-national labourers may be allowed to transfer one job to another and hence transfer of their sponsorship of they fall under the following categories: a) Engineers

    b) Doctors, pharmacists and male and female nurses
    c) Agricultural guides
    d) Qualified accountants and account auditors
    e) Qualified administrative officials
    f) Technicians operating on electronic equipment and laboratories
    g) Drivers who are licensed to drive heavy vehicles and buses,”(in case of transfer of sponsorship from a private firm to another or from a private firm to another or to a government department).”
    i belive MOL Laws help me to grow profesonlay
    kindly reply my quries.Thanks.

    • Refai,
      You are right in mentioning your points. Professionals do not have ban.
      Now you are getting an offer which is above 12K. You are a professional degree holder.
      I think you may not have a ban. I request you to check directly with MOL.
      Who is your current employer – Government or private?

  • Sir, presently i m working in al futtaim engineering for last 6 months can i join jebel ali free zone jobs, my present salary is more than 6000.
    new employer is private.

  • dear deepak,
    hope u will be fine and doing well. I need your advice on visa. Actually i have resigned from my current employer in jafza dubai. Now i am going to join company in abu dhabi, this company is also providing same services. My current employer ask me that we will give you passport at airport. Also they will not give me cancellation paper. I want to know that since i will not have cancellation paper it will make any difference in getting new visa for me by my new employer. It is compulsory to have cancellation paper to apply new visa. Please note that i will exit uae in any case and than come again for new job

  • Good Afternoon Respected Sir,
    I am a pharmacist.I was performing my duty as a retail pharmacist in a pharmacy in Dubai,UAE from the 19th Jun,2014-22nd Sep,2014 means 03-months & 03-days.
    The company has terminated me in the probation period.This was a “Limited Visa”.Now,the company has given me the N.O.C.
    Is there will be a 06-months ban on me from “Labour Side” or not.
    Respected Sir,please response me as soon as possible b/c I am in very tension.

    M.Phil in Pharmacology
    +97155-1501122 (UAE)
    +92333-9545950 (PAK)

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I had an enquiry regarding employment ban. I am currently on a 3 month probation in my company in Silicon Oasis which is a free zone. So my sponsor is the DSO authority. I will be completing 2 months of probation here and my visa is still under process. My company was pretty unprofessional when it came to processing my visa. If I leave the company after probation and move to a company which is not a free zone,I will get a 6 month employment ban is what I read everywhere. I called up DSO and the lady there told be otherwise, so I am a bit confused.
    If I have to get this ban lifted, what can I do?
    Looking forward to your reply.

    • B,
      If you move from FZ to Non FZ, there may be no ban.
      However, there is nothing called lifting a ban.
      Read the article Types of Bans again.

  • Hi Deepak,
    Hope your are doing good.I have joined 2 days back in a LLC company Dubai.Due to the working atmosphere I plan to leave the company and join on another company.I have not done my medial and no visa has stamped on my passport n if I leave the company will I get any ban.
    Appreciate your earliest reply.

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Hi deepak,
    I have a limited contact and will be quitting my job in the last month of my 6 month probation period where i was earning 6000 aed/month for a new job that is offering 12000aed.I am also an engg graduate.will i get the ban lifted if mol imposes it on me?

    Thanks for your help in advance….

    • Ryan,
      If you are joining under MOL, you will have automatic ban.
      However, for your category and salary, I think you will be exempt.

  • Hi Deepak,
    Hope your are doing good.I have joined 30 days back in a LLC company Abu Dhabi. Due to the working atmosphere I resigned from the company after 16 days of work. i have only signed offer letter and not any labour contract. n no medical. i asked them to give passport back, but they are delaying and not responding. also m coming daily office for work as my passport is with them. my visit visa expires on 3rd nov, 2014 and i have my return ticket to india. guide me please.
    Appreciate your earliest reply.
    Thanks and best regards,

  • I’m currently working as a nurse in a private hospital in abudhabi with a salary of 7600aed. My contract will end on December 2014. I recently got an offer letter from another private hospital and the salary offered to me is 14000aed. I am planning to submit a notification letter to my current employer that I will not renew my contract anymore. My company is very strict when it comes to this matter and I’m afraid that they will not give me a No Objection Certificate or worse give me a labour ban. Is there any ground for them not to give me an NOC or give me a labour ban considering that I will receive a higher salary? Can you give me some advise on the things that I can do so I can transfer to the new hospital which offers better opportunity and salary for me?

  • Dear Deepak,
    (1) My two year unlimited contract going to finish at Jan 2015. The company mentions in offer letter that I am signed while joining “In the event of your decision leave within 3 years from the date of employment visa all expenses of visa and one month salary should be pay by employee” Is this 3 year applicable if am going to change my job after this 2 year visa?.
    (2) This is the second condition in company contract “However in the event of your decision to leave the company within 3 years from date of your training the company reserves the right to claim re inbursement of 100percent of your training costs from your final settlement” company trying me to send forcefully for a five days training in November 2014 .
    Is this condition will effects for 3 years?
    If I am leaving after the visa can they able to put a ban on me and Can they register a case on me?
    Kindly let me know the difficulty’s I have to face when I am moving to another company . I am waiting for your valuable response

    • San,
      If you have signed these, YES they are valid.
      Yes, if you leave without proper exit, they may impose ban.

  • Dear Deepak,
    (1) I am a Diploma holder My two year unlimited contract going to finish at Jan 2015. The company mentions in offer letter that I am signed while joining “In the event of your decision leave within 3 years from the date of employment visa all expenses of visa and one month salary should be pay by employee” Is this 3 year applicable if am going to change my job after this 2 year visa?.
    (2) This is the second condition in company contract “However in the event of your decision to leave the company within 3 years from date of your training the company reserves the right to claim re inbursement of 100percent of your training costs from your final settlement” company trying me to send forcefully for a five days training in November 2014 .
    Is this condition will effects for 3 years?
    If I am leaving after the visa can they able to put a ban on me and Can they register a case on me?
    Kindly let me know the difficulty’s I have to face when I am moving to another company . I am waiting for your valuable response

  • Hello brother,

    Im Mohammed from india right now working at Abu Dhabi (on an unlimited contract and my firm is registered under MOL) in a brokerage company (Stock market) as an IT officer im having a Bachelor degree (ECE engineer) from a reputed university in india even though in my visa there is no reference of engineer just profession as “Computer Programmer” my concerns regarding new jobs ar given below please assist me

    1.right now im getting 4500dhm working for past 8 months in this firm can i change my job to other company with 7000dhm salary with out ban as there is no reference on my visa that says im an engineer (the highest degree i submitted to HR was my engineering cert)

    2.whats the conditions i should achieve to change this job without a BAN?????

    • Sorry to mention that my visa period is from 2014-2016 (unlimited contract) and what is the relavance of the 1 year that i should complete before any change in job????

      2.As there is no specification on my visa that im an engineer did i need to satisfy 12000 dhm criteria to change job???is 5000dhm is ok for me to change the job???

        • Hi,Deepak Machado

          i completed 1 year in UAE
          My profession on my visa is Follow up clerk
          I am having MBA attested UAE certificates
          can i join another company without ban, if my current company will not provide me NOC

  • Sir, Am working in a LLC company in dubai as a sales consultant since one and a half month on the employment visa and am not satisfied with the current job due to some issues. And am a Btech graduate with all my certificates UAE Attested so I heard from many people that the graduates people doesnt have a labour ban if their certificates are UAE attested. So am thinking of changing my present job so is there any way that I can change my job without any labour ban. Please suggest me a way to survive without a ban when opting for new job. I’ll be waiting for your response eagerly. Thanks.

    • Hameed,
      Read the article properly again. I have clearly mentioned about graduates and salary requirement.

  • Hi deepak,

    I am presently working in private company as Sr. Engineer under unlimited contract salary 22 k. Completed 8 months.
    I have got new opportunity in another private company with position as Engineer and salary 26 k. Will I have ban if I leave the present company?

    Kindly provide your feedback. Thank you

    • Manohar,
      Considering your salary, I don’t think you will have a ban.
      What type of contract do you have?

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,
    Will I have ban if I was fired from my current job without completed my contract period?

  • Hi,
    I am teacher in a school.My pay was less. around 2600.I am a graduate. I have completed 4 months now i got offer from another school with pay scale of 5000. If Quite this job will i get a ban?
    Do schools come in semi-government? do teachers get ban?
    If i am likely to get ban what i should do to avoid it.
    Thanks & regards.

  • Hello Mr. Deepak

    Will I get Ban or I have to pay some thing to company if i leave my job even after only 5 months. (In case I get job in Free zone)

    Story is…
    I am working in a Private company under Limited contract since July 2014. My offer was an oral commitment (company didn’t issue offer letter). Company offered me to work as accountant, issued visa for Labor Supervisor then assigned me duty of Sales Officer and now I have to perform every odd work of company.
    Salary was committed AED 3500 but now getting only 2500. I was needed job so I signed contract.
    But now I want to leave this company.
    Kindly guide me

  • goodpm,, i have a question. im under a limited contract 2yrs sales field, but i will transfer to a freezone company of different field. can they imposed a ban on me? i have a bachelors degree as well

  • sir, I am working under unlimited contract with security company .and my work permit will be expire on 26/02/2015. I want to complete only 2 years until 26/2/2015 and quit the job mean I don’t want to renew contract. what are the legal formalities to avoid any problem.plzz suggest.thanx

    • Latif,
      There are no specific legal formalities.
      You will need to inform your company and provide resignation letter in which you should mention that you do not want to renew.

  • hi sir iam working in llc limted contract …my salray 2500 …..my boss tarminated me .know he is forcing me to resine iam complited 10 months

  • Hi Deepak,
    asking if its normal that my basic salary is freeze to 1400 since i join my company i am now 9 yrs to my company..i started 2500 salary now I’m getting 5000 but my basic is still at 1400..thanks in advance

    • Bernard,
      Companies use this tactic to limit their exposure of giving employees higher gratuity.
      Companies with good ethics do increase their basic salary when salary increment is done.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am working in a group of company on 1st june 2014 onwards, as a general accountan t my visa is limited visa, last two months i didn’t get my salary, if i ask my salary they said to cancel my visa, they force me to cancel my visa, my current salary is 2500, i am a attested degree holder, can i change the job without ban, please guide me.

  • hey deepak i am recently working in a restaurant and i am really frustrated cause there is no good business and its soo boring .Its been two months i am working for the company snd i want to change my job ,if i get a job in freezone can i change anytime and do i have to pay visa money to my owner or not .please reply and i already got my emirates id and health card will that effect

      • I worked in uae KFC for 2 years after fenish the contract i changed to another company carrefour its almost 1 year i joined to carrefour but now i find good new job is there any ban if i make resign..

  • Dear Deepak,

    My school just issued my visa this week then terminated me within the same week Iwas not issued a labour card. I did not break my contract. I dont think the school will put a ban but will I get a ban from the Ministry. If so can the school lift the ban or issue an NOC so I can work for another company? Please let me know


    • Tahira,
      Sad to hear about your situation.
      If they have terminated you, request an NOC from them. Then you will not have a ban.

  • Dear Sir,

    My MOL card expiry date is 21-11-2014 and Emirates ID Card/Visa pasted on Passport have Expiry date 16-12-2014, I have Unlimited contract and Submitted a letter for non renewal of my visa(one month notice)

    My Question are:
    1. My Employer forcing me to serve him until 16-12-2014 can I leave Current employer (MOL card expiry date 21-11-2014) or I have to do thy job until employer want.

    2. If I leave my current employer after the expiry date of MOL card is there any Ban on me?

      • thanks Sir
        I am worried about that really because of the behavior of my Employer thy r forcing me to work until Emirates ID expiry date.
        I joined the company 21-11-2012 and now 21-11-2014 my Labor card will Expire but Visa pasted on Passport will Expire on 16-12-2014, I submitted my visa non renewal notification so now in my case what will be applicable I have to fallow labor card or Visa on Passport ???

        • Shahzad,
          Working without valid documents in UAE is illegal.
          Labour gives you the right to work. Visa is for residence purpose.

          • Hello Sir,

            Thanks for your kindness please let me Know that is there any Immigration ban after the MOL card expire, ?

  • Dear Deepak,

    very thanks for your precious time. I am working on an Accountant (Bachelors Degree) since last four months. But now my employer is going to wind up his company. What will happen to me?
    Will I have to face the ban? As I have not terminated the contract myself. And what if I have NOC from the employer?

    • Dear Mr.Kalim,
      I am also gone through the similar situation, But i got a 6 month labour ban when i cancelled my visa due to company winding up. So make sure that what to do with the NOC, NOC is not useful when you applying for the new visa in the ban period because the ban is automatic system ban. So Mr.Deepak kindly please suggest whether the NOC is need to submit in the time visa cancellation or not. Because of my unawareness i got a six month labour ban, and from my experience NOC is not useful when applying for the new visa in ban period.

  • Hello deepak,

    I am a qualified Civil Engineer currently working as a site engineer/coordinator for one of the company in dubai.
    But my visa taken by my company is as a “Sales Representative”.
    I am at verge of changing my job now, Though have just completed 1year and 4 months of my 2 year term under unlimited contract.
    I have got a new job offer and a post of “Project Engineer” with a salary of more than 12000 AED/month, Will there be any
    ban if i resign my current job and take this new job offered?
    If so can this ban be lifted?
    Please advise..?

    • Suhail,
      For the salary that you have mentioned, there will be no ban.
      Read the article again.
      There is nothing like lifting ban.

  • Sir,
    I am working for 3months in a private company (which I believe I am still in a probationary period) and I signed an unlimited contract. However, I got a call from a SEMI-GOVERNMENT company which is also a Gas and Oil company.
    If ever I will be hired in the OIL company and I will resign from my current employer, will I get any ban?

    Thank you.

    • Im also in this kind of situation. I’ve been working for 4 months with my current employer. Last week i was hired to an Oil and gas company but the agency is the one who will give me the new visa. Im also a bachelors degree holder. And the offer to me is 5000 Dhs. Will i get any ban? Tnx for the response sir.

        • I will get labour ban even though I will get a salary of above 5000 Dhs and I will be working at a Semi government Oil and gas company but the visa will be provided by the recruitment agency?

        • Resigned due to ill health, not on company sposor as I am sponsored by spouse, have done 7 months of contract am I entitled to Leave days to be paid out, i know I dont get gratuity and do i get the days i have worked till i finish

  • Can I get emergency leave(my mom urgently need treatment,she is alone)am just complete 6month.can u explain.can I go to mol.my emplooer doesn’t allow.

  • Dear Deepak, Salute to you for the work you are doing for humanity. it is priceless.
    Plz see details below.
    My Visa: Computer Engineer
    Qualification: MS (18 yr)
    Contract: Unlimited
    Salary: 8000
    On probation period.(3 mnths of work)
    I want to switch the job asap because of the policies unsuitable for me as an experienced professional.
    My question: Can I resign current and switch to new job with the salary above 12,000 with no fear of labour Ban?
    What liabilities on me in this condition. There is no condition mentioned in my contract regarding leaving job.

    • Muhammad,
      If you get a salary of above 12K, I think you will have not ban. This still depends on the position you get.
      I am not sure what is written in the contract. Read the offer letter again.

  • Dear Deepak, I am working in a private company UAE under limited contract. I got a good offer from UAE government sector. I am a MSc. holder . Is it possible to change to government sector if I got 1 year labor ban?

    • Salih,
      govt visa are directly form immigration ….if you get a labour ban you can join but if immigration ban you cannot join. Mostly it is labour ban

  • dear , then why its mentioned in some sites that we cannot visit UAE if we got 1 year ban for breaking limitted contract. Is it applicable if we got a government offer? Any possiblity to get immigration ban for 1 year? Is this 1 year ban effect immigration?

    • Salih,
      I am not sure what is mentioned in the sites.
      1 year ban is for labour ban.
      If you get government job this will not be applicable.

  • Dear sir,
    I am working in a Semi-government company,my visa is 3 years and my designation is senior technician.But my qualification is B.E.Now i completed 1.8 years,now i am trying new job.if i got new opportunity , is possible to get any ban ?

  • Dear sir,
    Now am working in LLC company. now i want to change my company but am not completed 2 years. if that company ready to give NOC is ban will affect? or if i join in freezone is ban will affect?

    • Edward,
      If you join Free zone company you will not face labour ban.
      If you have NOC too, you can avoid labour ban.

  • Dear Deepak, You also mentined here, there will be 1 year entry ban if I cancelled visa in a limitted contract. I would like to ask you 1 year ban would affect if I got a government offer? Any chance for problems in immigration?

    “One year Ban
    A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will not be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban. “

  • Hi Deepak,

    Will i get any type of ban if i am working under a limited contract for Non-FZ and resign before the contract ends to a FZ company?

    Thank you,

  • Dear Deepak

    My name is also deepak.

    I terminated my unlimited contract after 1 year and 3months. Am a civil engineer. In my passport my profession mentioned as civil engineer.I am having labour ban. I wanted to know weather my previous company has impose me 1 year ban or 6 month automatic ban. Now i came back on visit visa for searching job

  • hello,
    i have completed 1 year and 2 months as electrician labour visa with my previous employer, now i got a job with 5000 salary with a new employer with better designation. if i cancel my visa will i get a ban and if so can i able to uplift? Coz i m confused about this limited and unlimited visa terms. im not sure which type my visa belongs. all i knew is a employment visa with “wiring electrician assistant”. plz do advise me on this, thank you

    • Lekshman,
      if you complete your contract, there will be no ban, whether limited or unlimited.

  • thats my second mail to you deepak .the situation is that i am working in an building material company as an accounts cum sales exceutive from past 4 months. Now i am getting a good offer from hamriya freezone in an oil company as an accountant please guide me how i can avoid the ban of six month from me i am a post graduate from india .my current salary is 2000 and they are offering a salary of 5000 . i have heard from my many friend that if you switched the job in free zone from the normal visa there is no ban on you . please guide me to the right prospective way .


  • Dear Deepak,

    What should I do if my company doesn’t provide me overtime. During the negotiations for my current job my HR told me that company will provide overtime only my duty exceeds up to 12 hours. I have that in written in the exchanged e-mails but not in the contract. Is it OK to be as a proof of understanding between me and my company?

  • Hi Deepak,

    Hope you’re in good spirits. I signed an offer letter in my home country for a 2 year contract. Now, when i reached AUH, I signed an unlimited contract and will be turning 1 year this coming Jan 9, 2015. After which, I could resign from my employer without any ban at all?

    Thanks in advance..

    • Allen,
      If you break the contract, there will be automatic labour ban.
      Read the article again and understand.

      • hi mr deepak i have limited contract im more than 3 years in my company,, if i will resign what are the possible consequences will occur ? i will get banned ? thanks and Godbless

  • hi! I was terminated by my employer last Nov.24,2014 because I runaway.I left the office after my breaktime and didnt return . and i have one month notice, what should I do? I am still on probationary period for only 5months now. pls help

  • hi Deepak , I wanna know that according to labor law , during probation period , both employee and employer can dismiss the emlployment contract? I ahave joined one company from last three months and now I got gud opportunity , can I resign withour notice as I am on probation period?
    your reply will be highly appreciated

  • Hi deepak

    I have started working as a sales assistant since 2014 April, now i wanted resign from the company. they have told me if i didn’t perform in this 3 months they will terminate me. but due to company rules hard to sell. anyhow what would be the better option. my case i wanted to find another job.

    what will happen if i came under my wife visa?
    what is the minimum salary requirement for ban process?
    am i allowed to work as a part time event member if i came under wife visa?

    • Randunu,
      1. Nothing will happen if you come under wife’s sponsorship. You can work. But Labour ban is effective.
      2. Read the article again.
      3. No. You can not work when under wife’s sponsorship unless you obtain labour approval.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I am working with current company from last 4 years. 3 years with RAK visa and 1 year with sharjah visa under same owner / arbab but company difference is only RAK was LLC and sharjah co. is without LLC. current salary 7K moving to new company(ISO Certified) at 8500 within sharjah. Does any ban will be imply if i get NOC from current employer? Please reply….thanks

  • hi Sir,

    I’m just confused last month I resigned to my past company and I’m working there for almost 8 months. And my contract is limited and they told me that I should pay first before they will cancel my visa. And they said I should pay 3750? that’s to much expensive. pls give me an advice.

    • Ruby,
      Why should you pay? Have you signed any contract saying you will reimburse the costs?
      Companies are not supposed to recover such costs from employees.

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am working with automotive company in Dubai. My salary is 7500. i have completed 3 months.
    now i am offered better job and salary 12000 above. Ia m graduate with BBA. And my degree is attested.
    kindly advise if i will have ban? If yes then what i can do to lift the Ban?
    I will be haighly appriate if you reply in detail.


  • Dear Mr. Deepak
    I am working in a private medical center as a physiotherapist in al ain with unlimited contract, this is my first contract and I completed my 5th month, I am not satisfy with work environment ,now I got new offer with the package of 16000AED in private hospital.current package is 12000 AED,will I get any ban? Pls guide me

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