How to avoid 6 month labour ban in Dubai UAE?

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How to avoid 6 month labour ban in Dubai UAE?

Employees who have been slapped with a six-month labour ban for breaking their contracts before the expiry of two years can work for a new company, provided they hold at least a high school diploma and have been offered a good position and salary by the new company, employers were told by the Ministry of Labour .

To lift the 6 month labour ban, an employee should have been offered a minimum salary of 

-AED 5,000 for high school graduates,

-AED 7,000 for diploma holders and

-AED 12,000 for bachelor’s degree holders. (This salary must be mentioned in the labour contract.)

-Obtain No Objection Certificate from current employer.

Another way you could avoid labour ban is:

-You obtain a job in a Government, Semi-Government or in Free Zone based Companies.

No fee will be imposed for lifting the labour ban when these conditions are met, Ali Al Shehi, Senior Administrator at the ministry, said in a seminar held to inform employers about their rights and duties as well as recent ministerial decisions.

We are still imposing the six-month labour ban on employees who quit their jobs before completing two years of service, but the ban can be lifted if the new employer offers the candidate a good position and an appropriate salary,” he said.

The new employer needs to submit the employee’s educational qualification certificates, which does not need to be attested at this stage. It will be scanned and entered into the Tas’heel system, and a new labour permit will be issued accordingly.

Al Shehi told employers that as of January 2012, company categories will have a different scale when it comes to labour permit applications.

When a new company is registered, it will be charged AED 1,500 for each of the first four work permits to be issued to the company, which corresponds with category B2,” he said.

Afterwards, the company can move up or down categories B1, B2 or B3, or C depending on its activity, the number of employees it hires, their qualifications and diversification in the nationalities of workers.

Companies in B1 category pay AED 600 per work permit, while B2 companies pay AED 1,500 and B3 companies pay AED 2,000 for each permit.

Diversification by Companies

This step aims to encourage diversification and hiring employees from various nationalities, so companies who hire workers from one nationality will not be upgraded, while those that hire from more nationalities will move up to categories B3, B2 and so on,” Al Shehi said, adding that companies will also upgrade their categories by hiring skilled workers.

He advised people who want to start new companies to check their sponsor’s record at the Department of Economic Development (DED) to ensure that their record is clear and they have no other companies facing problems, which will hinder their application.

The sponsor of a company has to clear any outstanding dues or labour issues before he can sponsor another one, so we advise those who want to open a new business to look for a sponsor who has no other companies registered under his name,” Al Shehi said.

UPDATE on Labour ban from

People working in the UAE can still be banned for up to a year if they try to change jobs, a Ministry of Labour official has said.

The ban can be implemented even when an employee quits his or her job after two years of service.

Labour Ban can be lifted, however, if the new employer offers the candidate a better position than the existing one and a salary that suits the person’s qualification, according to a scale set by the ministry, an official told Gulf News. (Read first paragraph)

There are still questions about the circumstances in which an employment ban can be enforced when a resident decides to quit their job with a view to securing employment with a new company, but officials say there are exceptions which allow bans to be lifted.

The rules and regulations that stipulate when a ban can be imposed and enforced depend on a number of legal thresholds.

Traditionally, the Ministry of Labour can automatically impose a ban when an employer terminates an unlimited labour contract before completing one year of service.

As a general rule, a labour ban is still “imposed on all expatriate employees in the UAE who are working in the private sector when they want to change from one employer to another if they left the current employer without having completed a minimum of two years service,” a ministry of labour official said. “An employment ban, labour ban, work permit ban are used for the same thing which means one will not be allowed to perform any kind of work in the UAE for a certain period of time and these are imposed for six months, one year, or there could be life ban.”

The official said a one-year ban may be imposed at the request of a sponsor if a worker resigns before the completion of a limited period contract.

Read my detailed article:

A permanent ban could also be given to absconding employees or those who violate the labour law.

But there are exceptions to the rules: How to avoid Labour Ban?

Residents can move to another company if the employee remains under the same UAE sponsor or if the employee has a higher level of education to fulfil a position that is needed within the country.

“Employees who have been slapped with a six-month labour ban for breaking their contracts before the expiry of two years can work for a new company, provided they hold at least a high school diploma and have been offered a good position and salary by the new company.”

He said employees working in the UAE who receive a six-month labour ban for breaking an employment contract within two years can have the ban lifted if the employee is changing job for the companies under the same sponsor.

–If the employee has a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the current sponsor then he or she will be able to move to another company under a different sponsor, the official said.

–The minimum salary in a new position is Dh5,000 for high school diploma holders, Dh7,000 for post-secondary school diploma holders, and Dh12,000 for Bachelor degree holders.

No fee will be imposed for lifting the labour ban when these conditions are met, according to a senior administrator at the ministry.

“We are still imposing the six-month labour ban on employees who quit their jobs before completing two years of service, but the ban can be lifted if the new employer offers the candidate a higher position and a salary equal or above the salary set by the minister against his or her qualifications,” he said.

The ministry said that if the employee has violated the contract in any way, then irrespective of resignation or termination, a ban can be enforced.

Women sponsored by family: Do they have labour ban?

A six-month ban imposed by the Ministry of Labour on people who fail to complete the period of employment stipulated under labour rules also applies to working women sponsored by their family members.(Father or Husband)

An official from the Ministry said women seeking to change their jobs or leave work before completing the contractual obligation of two years with their employer would automatically attract the labour ban.

The official said the labour ban would take effect the moment a woman under the sponsorship of her husband or father cancels her labour card.

He said the mandatory six-month labour ban applies to both men and women, even if individuals are sponsored by family members, and is calculated from the date an employee’s labour card is cancelled at the Ministry of Labour.

“This is an administrative ban, meaning that a block is inserted into the ministry’s computer system preventing an application for labour approval being processed against [the] banned person’s name and passport number,” he said.

The ban cannot be lifted by paying a fine.


Some workers have complained that the Ministry of Labour is still seeking approval from sponsors if they wish to change their jobs after two years.

Those affected point to the Ministry’s earlier reforms to the labour law which did away with the need for a sponsor’s approval for employees who have been with their sponsors for two continuous years. The workers complained that they were being banned for one year for failing to secure such approval.

The labour rules, which were implemented in 2011 by the Ministry of Labour, allowed workers to switch jobs at the end of their employment contracts without the need for a no-objection certificate.

But a legal consultant at the Ministry of Labour clarified the rules and said expatriate workers would still receive a one-year ban if they failed to get their sponsor’s consent before changing jobs.

“No one is allowed to switch jobs even if they complete many years in their [current job], without the consent of their sponsor,” he said.

He also said the new law allows workers to change employment in cases such as when the company employing them has closed down and no longer exists.

“But those workers will be given one-year ban if they do not file a complaint at the Ministry in less than two months after the [closure] of their company.”


  1. John says

    Hi Deepak,
    Am currently Working for a company who offers me only 6000 As a Executive Secretary but right now am getting call for 11000 or 12000 in case if i get the job. will i be banned for 6 months and more over ihav got Masters with me. What is your Opinion.


  2. Muhammad Talal says

    Hello dear sir
    Me Muhammad Talal want to ask about my Ban . i am working here in a medical center from last 1 year on unlimited contract , so last 28th July i resign to our present company so this week i will get cancellation and i have offer from another medical center as a Administrator . so dear sir let me know what will be my offer letter that i will not face problem of 6 months ? or any other salvation that i not face problem of 6 months . thanks

  3. Muhammad Talal says

    present time i am working in Star medical center as a receptionist and i will join in new medical center in i have beem worked in star medical center one year. so now if i am changing my visa to another medical center as a administrator so what i should do that i will not face of 6 months UAE ban ?

  4. Ansh says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am working in a construction company since last 2 months. I am under an unlimited 2 years contract. I have a probation period of 6 months. The company has not paid me salary since my joining. Now I want to switch my job. My salary is 10000 AED. On what conditions can I escape the 6 months labor ban, if I quit the company within my probation period?? Awaiting for your reply.

    • Deepak says

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      You must first file a complaint with MOL for non payment of salary.
      MOL will take action and assist in your situation.

  5. Safar K Salim says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am working as Sales Coordinator in an IT Company for over an year. I hold an MBA. But the company has given my qualification as High School for Visa purpose.

    My salary is 3500AED. Will I be imposed with a ban if i quit this job and try for an new one?

    • Deepak says

      usually post graduates do not get labour ban.
      However, it depends on the laws of MOL.

  6. Muhammad Noman says

    Dear Mr. Deepak.
    My Name is Muhammad Noman.
    i was working in a company in sharjah and i had issues of salary with my company owner. i worked 7 months there and didn’t get any salary. i filed a case on company owner. Ministry of Labour Cleared my dues as well and Ministry of Labour issued the Order to Cancel my visa to him. and i got cancelled on 03May-2015.
    now i came back to UAE on visit visa and i’m surprised to know that i’ve 6 months labour ban on me. Ministry of labour cancelled me because of salary issue. now i’ve got offers from different companies with salary of 3000.but this salary cannot lift my ban. i’ve left one month of my visit visa.
    i contacted to labour office sharjah and asked for solution . they told me about Ban Lifting Request.
    I Need your guidance and opinion for this matter.
    waiting for your answer soon.

    • Deepak says

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      The labour ban is automatically imposed.
      If they have such a feature like Ban Lifting Request, you should file it with the MOL.

  7. Pandian says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am working in a LLC company since December 2014. Now I would like to search for another opportunity. I got to know that there will be ban applicable if I quite my job and it can be avoided in case if I crossed in certain criteria like salary limit. But my salary is 4000 and even if switch to other company it will not reach to 12000 as the companies will consider based on last drawn salary.

    1. My question here is I am a MBA graduate and my PG degree is attested. Will there be any ban if I move to any other company either LLC / Freezones?

    Please advise.


  8. Mahaveer says

    hi sir,
    good afternoon

    one of my friend working in Construction company from last 3 year, now he got a new job in uae with batter salary less then 5000 AEd, and he wont to change his current job. he already giving resignation with one month notice period. but the employer not giving him any feedback or replacement yet. may be the current employer wont to delay to change his job. if they not release him as per date after that he don’t have job here &there.

    pls. advise what he have to do.

    • Deepak says

      The employer should accept the resignation in writing.
      He should serve the notice period as per his contract.

  9. wasif ghani says

    i am working in communication company. i have my 6 month in this company . in my contract company have to provide health insurance which is not provided by company and also not provided overtime and my contract is for 1 year can i left this company after 1 year ? because my visa is for 2 year llc .. please guide me ..

  10. Valar Morghulis says


    Will I have a labour ban if I change my job after a year?
    I am currently working in a private company (retail), working as a Graphic Designer, recieving 3000 AED per month as per verbal agreement. I am under unlimited contract. But in my contract and other documents, it says that my position is SALES, salary of total 2000 (600 basic). I did not submit any educational diplomas or any certificate on my current company (they didn’t asked for it).

    Based on this page (, whoever has completed at least a year under unlimited contract will not have a ban if they wish to change their job or resign. Is this true?

    Thank you very much.

  11. Valar Morghulis says


    Will I get a labour ban if I try to change my job after a year? I am currently under unlimited visa. Working as Graphic Designer receiving 3000 per month as per mutual agreement upon interview, but in my contract my position is stated as SALES, and having salary a total of 2000 (600 basic). I did not pass any school documents or certificate to my current employer.

    As I have read here, I will not face the ban if I will finish atleast one year under unlimited contract ( Is this true?

    Thank you for your help. I find it a little confusing reading other articles and the law itself.

    • Deepak says

      I like that you use “Game of Thrones” phrases here….hurray!
      I believe, you will face ban if you do not complete your contract.

      • Valar Morghulis says

        Thank you for your reply. But if my contract is unlimited, when my contract will finish? It has no end date indicated

  12. tanley says

    Dear Deepak,

    How are you? I just want to ask if labor ban applies in this case.
    I am a receptionist earning 3,000 AED a month and I was offered a nursing job with a salary of 8, 500 AED.
    It’s my 7th month now in the company and planning to resign very soon. Will I get a labor ban? thanks

    • Deepak says

      I think if your profession is Nurse in the new company visa, you may not face labour ban.
      Pleas check with MOL as I am not entirely sure about this.

  13. mohamad says

    dear deepak
    my salary not paid for last 3 months.i am going to complaint mol. is there any automatic ban for me.any way to avoid this automatic ban.

    • Chandima says

      Ban is automatically inserted for everyone who are not completing 2 years. Once you got the cancellation you must submit a ban removal application. Once submit a agent from 32nd counter will ask for complain copies as a proof. then they will remove the ban and call you back to let you know the status.

  14. Joji Mathew says

    dear sir,
    i am working at ENOC(Emirates national oil company) ,3 month before joining now i am change to another job ,how can change to another job

    • Kavitha says

      I ot job in dubai with a salary of 2500 AED i was terminated after 5 months now am on visit in dubai to hunt job am a graduate will i hav labour ban what should be my salry in new job to lift labour ban and will my labour ban be over after six months

      • Deepak says

        Labour ban is for 6 months. Once you finish that term, you are exempt from labour ban.

    • Deepak says

      You will need to apply for the new job. Make sure that you do not have a ban.
      Semi government organisations may impose a 1 year ban if you do not complete the contract.

    • sundar says

      hi deepak,

      i’m working in LLC as a site engineer (diploma) under limited contract (2 years).
      i completed 1 year, & i got a good job with salary 10000AED.

      if i resign my current job, is labour ban affects me?

      • Deepak says

        I don’t think for Diploma holder with the salary of 10K will have a ban.
        But you need to check with the MOL.

  15. FASAL says

    Hi Deepak

    I have been here in UAE with one the company for just 4 months, now I have getting AED 3000 only, but I got another offer from other company which is 4500. please look to the following points and let me know what are the legal problem that have to be face and if I have to transfer to other company visa what will be the legal procedures and if I am resigning by my self will be there ban?

    Points to be noted:-
    1. I am not a graduate
    2. visa status is unlimited,
    3.Probationary period is 6 months (So still in probationary period)

    • Deepak says

      1. OK
      2. OK
      3. OK
      What does your contract say about resigning during probation period?
      You will need minimum 5K salary to avoid labour ban.

  16. Maria says

    hi, i worked in a clinic before for 6 months only under limited contract but our clinic got closed and cancelled our visas. I have NOC but i have this labor ban of 6 mos. i have new offer with salary of 3500 only. How can i remove this ban since company was closed? How long do i have to wait since i filled it in MOL?

    What to do? Please help. Thank you.

    • Deepak says

      With NOC, you could avoid labour ban.
      You need to provide your termination letter and NOC to MOL and they will help in your situation.

  17. Gerald says

    Good day Mr. Deepak,

    I’m currently working in a private healthcare company with a salary of 10500AED. I just completed my 2year LIMITED CONTRACT and signed for another 2year LIMITED CONTRACT last week with the same company. Now I just got a higher offer from another private company with salary of 13000AED.

    Is there a possibility that I will get a ban? Even if my offer is 13000 AED?
    I yes, how can I lift it?

      • SUBASH says

        What If we have complaint against employer about his and her beehive and we are not getting facility asp labor low . and we win case in labor they told company can canceled but they have to pay what he or her has to get it . And the employer are not afford employ any more . Thy are giving us complaint no so they told us we left the band by that no .

      • Gerald says

        I’ve read that you will not get a ban if I got an offer to a company more than 12000aed. In this case I’m a Bachelors Degree holder and had an offer of 13000aed.

        Please help me clear my mind.

        1. Does this only apply to unlimited contract holders?
        2. Am I still getting a ban regardless of my offer more than 12000aed considering I’m a Bachelors Degree holder?

        *1st 2year limited contract completed
        *renewed my limited contract a week ago

        • Deepak says

          1. Yes, right.
          2. If you have limited contract, you will get ban irrespective.

  18. Ankush says

    Dear Deepak,

    I wanted to resign from my current company as they don’t have any challenging work to do. I also have an offer from India and Planning to move there.

    Having an unlimited contract and my 1 year period will end in mid September.

    1. Will I face any other Ban apart from Labour ban ? (Labour ban is for 6 months right ?)
    2. Do I have to pay any visa expenses, is it a law here in dubai ? if Yes how much does it cost for visa ?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you :)

  19. Rastha57 says

    Hi Deepak,
    Im working for a semi government bank in UAE for one an half month. I’m planning to Resign my job because of a family issue i have to be in my counrty ASAP. My question is will they banned me still i pay the cost of the employer?

    • Deepak says

      Yes, they may impose ban. But mostly they do not get into that.
      Depends on their internal policies.

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  20. Mohammed Mosanna Khan says

    my self Mosanna Khan and i am a mechanical engineer (B.TECH). i just join one company LLC before 3 month and now i am not satisfy with this company because he given me offer latter somthing and work is somthing else now i am getting 6000AED. So, please suggest me i want to left this company then i can left or not because this is my probation period and suggest me about band also

  21. KISHOR says

    Hi Deepak,

    Am working with LLC company since Nov 2014, I am graduate (B.Com) and done my MBA in Marketing.
    Am looking for the job change, am sure i will get Ban because of not completing 2 years contract.
    Now my question is, if i get job in Free Zone company or any other LLC company with salary above 7000 AED pm, i wont get ban.
    But what if my current employer wont issue NOC than what needs to be done to uplift the BAN.
    Also note my current employer will ask for VISA cancellation charges from me which is approx 7000 AED, so i have to pay this charges for getting NOC or where should i complain about this.

    Please help me regarding the NOC and Visa cancellation fees?

    • Deepak says

      Usually MBAs do not get labour ban.
      If you shift to a free zone, they would normally not consider labour ban.
      However, I have heard recently that JAFZA does consider whether you have labour ban and may not process your visa.
      Yes, NOC would help in avoiding labour ban.
      Visa cancellation fees should be paid by the company.

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  22. mohamed mubarak says

    hi deepak,

    am looking for job change.

    now my visa as computer engineer with salary3250 and visa stamped over degree certificate.

    i have post graduate certificate for new job
    and if i get NOC will i have to face ban.

    plz comment on it

  23. mohamed mubarak says

    HI deepak.

    my self mubarak .am working in a company as a computer engineer.just completing 3 month.looking for job change.Will i get ban if am fulfilling the following conditions. my visa stamped on degree certificate and salary is 3250. i have post graduate certificate for new visa
    2. if my new job is offering me 5000 will i get ban.
    3.if i get NOC will i have to face ban.

  24. Bishwa says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am working under LLC visa and completed 18 month as per my labour card.
    Now I have got the offer for the new job, my package is 5000+ accommodation and I am having +2 certificates. Please advise me.
    1)Shall I get the band or not.
    2)Shall I pay the visa expenses for the current company or not.
    Your response will be highly appreciated

    • Deepak says

      1. Read the article again and understand what category you come under.
      2. What expenses? You need not pay visa expenses.

  25. Abdul says

    Hi Deepak i have to share something with you regarding one Company Shall i contact you personally? Other wise give your personal number will contact you.

  26. Aditi says

    Hi, I was working with a Bank through an outsourcing agency. I got terminated because of taking leaves without their approval. I was getting 5500 AED (2500 AED basic and 3000 AED other). Now, I am applying for new job getting offers of around 4000 AED.

    Will I have a ban as I am terminated? I do not have any attested degree, if I will attest my graduation degree will it help? or taking NOC is easy from the company? Do I have to take NOC from bank or outsourcing agency?

    Please help.


    • Deepak says

      Ban is automatic if you have labour card.
      However, since you were terminated, MOL may waive the labour ban.
      Yes, NOC may help.

  27. shakeeeb says

    Dear Deepak,
    I have NOC and post graduate as well but in article not mention clearly weather one of criteria or all criteria should be met.

      • Karthik says

        Dear Sir,

        “Post graduates do not usually have labour ban.WIth NOC, you could avoid labour ban”

        I have doubt in Post Graduates doesn’t face ban even they offer less than 12000/- with NOC

  28. sanju thomas says

    HI Deepak.

    I am currently on 6 months probation working for an Ajman based INC CO.LLC company ( complete 3 month ). I have a job offer from another organization( dubai based LLC company).

    I hold a bachelors degree and my salary paid by the new employer is AED 17K.(all together)Now am getting (14 K (2 k for housing and 2 K for transportation)

    Kindly advise, if my 6 month labor ban can still be waived. Also, can the sponsor impose additional ban on me for leaving during probation period.

    1. I intend to leave with a notice of 1 week.?
    2. is it necessary to serve a months notice during probation.. This is not mentioned in the contract and offer letter.
    3. If i serve the notice period, can the sponsor still impose a sponsor ban.

    Waiting for your valuable comments.


    • Deepak says

      1. Notice period will depend on your contract.
      2. Depends on your contract.
      3. I don’t think for the salary offered you will have labour ban.

  29. Hegde says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I have worked for a company for 7 months, I got an offer from another company for 6,000AED.

    I have completed my engineering. But my certificates are not attested. So if i attest my engineering certificate and my previous employer gives me NOC is there any possibility of 6 month Ban?

  30. shakeeeb says

    Dear Deepak,
    I have my own company but my visa is Accountant all powers of attorney with me, I have post graduates and NOC i can provide. I put my salary agreement 10000 AED. I have offer of 4500 now can i join this or there will be ban..

  31. shakeeeb says

    Dear Deepak,
    Actually I have my own company but my visa in this company is Accountant one year still remaining , i have power of attorney and post graduate degree and NOC as well, i have offer of 4500 in Exchange house, can you please tell me there will be ban..
    shakeeb muhammad

      • Mohd Asif Shaikh says


        If I have a Six month of labor ban on my visa by Al Ain Labor Ministry and i have completed 3 months almost, shall i apply for a freezone company in dubai

  32. Charles says

    Dear Mr.Deepak, i have joined the company in 2008 and resigned /cancelled my visa in 2013 and gone back to india and again ,on a new visa and new contract i joined the same company within 4 month and resigning after working for 21 months and joining an other company.will i get any ban . please advice

  33. JAYESH says

    I was working from December 2014 – May 2015 with a company. My Salary was AED 5500.

    Now again I am In Dubai on Visit Visa, Got a Offer from Free Zone Company, salary of AED 4000.

    Will i get a ban?

  34. kukku says

    hi ,
    i am working in auh with a hospital as a call centre executive under probation for a month now with a salary of 2500 under my husbands sponsership.i hold double PG in science and im offered a new job with a bank salary between 5 and 7.5 for a seceretary post.i have my degree certificate submited to contract is of 2 years.will i have a ban if i change job now.i read somewhere for PG’s there is no labour ban.pls reply.thanks and regards.

  35. Ali says

    Dear Deepak,

    Currently I am working as a Sales Executive in a LLC company on unlimited contract from last 7 months. I have attested MBA degree from Pakistan and UAE embassy as well

    1- Can I switch job with the salary of AED 5000 on base of 10th or FSc certificate. Because my current company did not ask for any degree to process my last visa and this is my first job in UAE.

    Best Regards& Thanks in advance

  36. Ali says

    Dear Deepak,

    Currently I am working as a sales executive in LLC company on unlimited contract from last 7 months. I have attested MBA degree from Pakistan.
    1-Can i switch job with a offer of AED 5000 on the base of 10th or FSc certificate as last time my company did not ask any degree or certificate for processing visa and current job is my first job in UAE?

    Best Regards& thanks in advance.

  37. PDCS says

    Hi Deepak,

    Currently I am on Abu Dhabi Mainland Visa with a salary of AED 15k. I am still on probation period. I have got an offer of AED 22k with senior position from Free Zone company in Abu Dhabi. I am holding master degree in engineering so could you please clarify following things.
    1. Will I have face any ban if I resign from mainland to freezone company?
    2. Can my new employer will be able to arrange Visa as per UAE regulation?

    • Deepak says

      1. I don’t think for that salary you will face labour ban.
      2. That is up to the clearance of all required approvals. But I hope there will be no such problems.

  38. ZF says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am currently working in Dubai on a contractual job for 4 months. I have had my labour contract approved however i will be exiting the country in 2 weeks for my visa change, i already have my employment visa but i am going to exit after 2 weeks so currently i am on visit visa. I would like to know that what if i get a better job offer during this time. Will i get a ban since i have not enetered on employment visa yet. I am currently earning 7000 and i am projecting i might get an offer for 13000. I am a bachelors and masters degree holder in accounting and finance from UK , and i have professional accounting qualifation as well. but my degrees are not attested.

    Please advise in both scenarios

    A) I get a job offer before entering on my employment visa

    B) If i get the offer later and i have entered on the employment visa

    thanks alot

    • Deepak M says

      If you have a labour approval in your name, you will face labour ban.
      To avoid labour ban, you will need to attest your degrees.

  39. Sana zohaib says

    i am working under Husband visa from last two months now i have another offer with salary of 4500 i am post graduate if i change job is labor ban applied on me?

  40. Ashish says

    Hi Deepak,

    i am working in LLC company under unlimited contract. my current employer didnt gave me Civil engineer post as i have Bachelor degree in civil engineering, they gave me Architectural Draughtsman

    till today 1 yr 7 months completed

    Now i got offer of 9000 aed from new employer. *** its not freezone company.

    My question is
    1. if my new employer gave me Civil engineer post on visa. 6 month ban will be applicable?
    2. if my new Same post Architectural Draughtsman. whether 6 month bann will be applicable?
    3. i have diploma certificate too can i ask my new employer to raise visa on that basis?
    4. please tell me your best opinion

    Thanks in advance

    • Deepak M says

      1. Usually engineers do not have labour ban. However, MOL will decide this!
      2. Yes, labour ban is applicable if MOL makes it!.
      3. No, your records are already with the MOL. So I don’t think you can submit any other certificate!

  41. tubo says

    I had a problem with my company because i have not accepted to work friday and to night,manager has blocked my monthly salary and do not allow me to work again,also he has taken to me all company tools, now already passed 11days in the accommodation without work
    I complained to labor ministry it sent me a message to discuss with my company during 6 working day before it get registered on the company but manager did not agree to change its position that no need me again in this company unless I accept to work during these time
    he said to me to sign a resign letter before he give me NOC
    1) It is right to sign resigns before having NOC
    2) What will be the next step after the first message of the labor ministry

    • Deepak M says

      1. You need to get it in writing that the NOC will be provided.
      2. I am not sure about this. You need to seek help from MOL.

  42. Catherine says

    Dear Deepak

    My previous company ( LL C, Dubai) is closed due to financial problem. And my previous boss go back to his country and not sure if he will come back. My visa is not yet cancel. How can I get a new employer if my visa is under his sponsor? He gave me NOC before he leave. But He doesn’t want to cancel my visa.

    In this case what will I do?

    Waiting for your reply

    Thank you

    • Deepak M says

      You should file a complaint with the immigration and mention your case.
      They will cancel your request if they are not able to contact the sponsor.

      • lirpa says

        hi Deepak,

        My recent employer is oil company and semi private government in dubai, I work with them only 5 months. then they told me that i will get 6 months ban in UAE. Im already here in my country now.
        My question is,
        Is my ban will start after they cancelled my visa OR after I left Dubai?? because im planning to go back dubai after my ban thats why i need to know now if when i will start counting my 6 months ban.

        thank you.

  43. Waqar says

    Hi Deepak,

    I was working with a LLC company in Ajman. After very good tenure of 10 months, they terminated me mentioning on termination notice that “we are rearranging our manpower – your services not required anymore”. Verbally they told me that I am not working upto their expectations. They didn’t tell mark out my performance ever before.

    No my visa has been cancelled and I have a labour ban of 6 months. My visa designation was “Customer Clerk”. Salary was 3750. Company is providing me NOC also and ready to help me to lift ban.

    Please guide me with THE HELP OF NOC ONLY … the ban will be removed or not? what are the chances? Thanks.

  44. jithin says

    hi deepak,
    i am rite now working in oman and i got offer in dubai. i need to join in that company in sept.resignation is given and accepted by company but as our one employe left company is holding me here and leaving me on leave SO MY QUESTION IS, WILL I GET ANY BAN IF I ENTER DUBAI WITH OMAN VISA NOT CANCELLED

  45. Michael says


    hello i wanted to inquire about something,
    i am working for a coffee shop in dubai i have worked for 9 months now but i have a problem with the company, 1. my contract is written 9 working hours but the company is making me work 18hrs once a week without brake and we are not alowed to seat down..that was not mentioned in my contract and is now stating to affect me phisicaly. how can i change my job withot getting a ban?

  46. joan says

    i was hired through agency in the Philippines. i am just 10 months to my current employment here in Dubai but i was given an offer in another company with better salary. if i leave my current employer now will have a labor ban? how ca i avoid such ban?

      • Xel says

        Hi Mr.Deepak

        I am working in a hotel industry here in Abu Dhabi .My contract ends on September 09 2015.I already submitted a resignation letter to my company 2days back because I got offer letter to the another company.The new company promise me that they will lift my ban since they offer me 4k .But when I send all my documents to the pro of the new company he doesn’t want to accept .The thing is I was undergraduate but I have my certificate attested he refused that certificate and asked for the secondary diploma .i have but it was in the Phil’s as per with him he needs the secondary to lift my ban. my question is the attested certificate that I have would not be possible to lift my ban I am confused and afraid because company given. Only for one month notice then my diploma will be send maybe after one month please help

  47. Sush says

    Hi Deepak,

    My labour card has expired. I am awaiting a job offer from another company.
    Should I send the documents to renew my labour card in my current company?
    Is it ok if I join a new company if my current labour card is expired?
    Or should I renew my labour card immediately irrespective of whether I get a positive reply from the new company or not?

    • Deepak M says

      It depends on how long the new employer takes for new work permit.
      It is better to renew the labour card.
      Final decision is up to you!

    • Rohit says

      Dear Deepak,

      I am on unlimited contract working as a sales manager in a non free zone company since Jan’15. I am on probation for 6 months but my employer has conveyed to me that i wont be getting confirmed due to my performance, so either i will be terminated or i can resign
      My query is if i resign ,how can i ensure that i dont get a Labor Ban
      My present salary is 9k and i gave my attested PG degree for this job

      Many Thanks for this great blog

  48. steve says

    hi, worked with a free zone company for 5 months, contract was mutually terminated since i dont want to relocate to Saudi Arabia, company has offered to give me NOC, will i have complications with future employers as i job hunt.

  49. david says

    hey Deepak,
    i currently work for an LL C company in Abudhabi but recently had an opportunity to interview with a free zone company in Dubai. The salary is about the same but am seriously considering to take the opportunity.
    Will i get a ban?

    • Deepak M says

      You will have labour ban but that may not be applicable in the free zone.
      But you will first need to ask your new prospective company about this.

  50. Faisal says

    HI Deepak.
    I am currently on 6 months probation working for an organization operating outside of freezone. I have a job offer from another organization, which is also operating outside of freezone.

    I hold a bachelors degree and my salary paid by the new employer is AED 12K.

    Kindly advise, if my 6 month labor ban can still be waived. Also, can the sponsor impose additional ban on me for leaving during probation period.

    1. I intend to leave with a notice of 1 week.?
    2. is it necessary to serve a months notice during probation.. This is not mentioned in the contract.
    3. If i serve the notice period, can the sponsor still impose a sponsor ban.

    Waiting for your valuable comments.


    • Deepak M says

      1. OK.
      2. Notice period will be as per your contract.
      3. yes, ban is possible. But with 12K salary above, you will not have labour ban.

  51. mobi thomas says

    hai deepak,

    i’m a graduate and i’m working for a technical company as electrical engineer for 5 months. i got a better job. the company that i work with are willing to give me NOC . i need to know whether there will be a ban if i change my job. if there is, how to lift the ban?

  52. tubo says

    I am a/c technician I working full time this Ramadan period. In my work contract, daily working hours is 8hours (Saturday to Thursday) and rest day is Friday
    But I work 9hours every day (7am to 12pm and 1pm to 5pm) because company forced us to do it and work also Friday and to night after daily work.
    Now I had a problem with my company because I have not accepted to work last Friday in the day and Saturday in the night after 5 o’clock pm, the manager told me to wait my cancelation contract letter in the accommodation without any notice; now already two day without work
    How I can do
    Where Can I complaint?

    • Deepak M says

      You will need to contact MOL and you could file a complaint against your company.

  53. Ged says

    Hi Deepak, your blogs are really helpful. Thanks.

    I have 1 question, I’m on probationary and my employer terminated me. They don”t want to provide NOC. Only termination letter is all I have. Is there a way to lift my ban without using the categories(High School, Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree). Thanks in Advance

  54. joel says

    Hi Sir Deepak.

    I currently hold a labour visa. I have done over 4 Health and safety courses and hold certificates. I am not actually in a hurry to change job but i wish to apply for a driving licence and i was told my visa will not permit me. I will like to know if it is possible for my company to change my visa only and i pay for the charges since i have backup certificates.

  55. Leena says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am an MBA, i was employed in april 2015 by an dubai LLC company for 3500, my visa says “Follow UP Clerk”.

    i’m now in probation and want quit my current job. i’m looking for Free Zone companies.

    Please let me know if i will get a ban or can my free zone company lift my ban.
    Is there any minimum salary i have to get to get my ban lifted or 4k also will help as im a post graduate.


  56. SAFUVAN says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am Bachelor of Degree holder and i am currently working in LLC company last 3 months onward as Accountant , Now i would like to change my job and my current company will ready to give NOC.

    Can i avoid Ban?

  57. BKN says

    hi deepak ,

    now i am working with the LLc company still now my visa is not stamped on passport now and not done medical also now i want to quit the job and want to find a new job

    1 if there is any ban for me ?
    2 if the cancel the visa how many days i get to spend here.?
    3 there is any problem to find a new job her ( free zone ).?
    4 how much money i want to give the company to cancel my visa .?
    5 if there is any ban how can i lift the ban ?

  58. ManuRaj says

    Hi Deepak,
    I have joined printing company as a sales executive before 3 months . Actually on my employment visa its mentioned only sales. They have not submitted my bachelors degree to the visa authority.And the current job is not my profession am an bachelor degree holder with IT experience in Wipro.
    I got a job offer from another company more than 5000 aed in IT. can I change the job ?
    1 is the ban will be for me?
    2 if the current company provide NOC can I change the job?
    3 how can I know the details about my current visa.

    Please provide me replay.


    • Satheesh Dominic says

      Hi Deepak,
      I have joined construction company as a safety officer before 10 months . My visa stamped on 10th October 2014. I submitted my resignation yesterday. I am looking a new job in uae. my basic salary is 4500 dhs and other allowance is 4500, total 9000 dhs per months.
      I got a job offer from another company more than 5000 aed. can I change the job ?
      1 is the ban will be for me?
      2 if the current company will not provide NOC?
      3 who cn i lift my ban?
      Please provide me replay

      • Deepak M says

        1. You may face labour ban.
        2. Yes, ban is possible.
        3. Read the article again.

  59. Pandian says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am new to UAE and working here since January 2015. I am working in a LLC company with the salary of AED 4000.00.
    I am planning to search for a job now. Will I be getting any ban if I get a job in free zones? For switching a job from LLC-LLC I am aware of it. But LLC-Free zone, I am not sure. Kindly clarify. Also I am a BCA, MBA Graduate.

  60. Maan says

    Hello Deepak,

    I am new here in UAE and doing a job as accountant from last 2 months. I am seeking myself misfit here in this company, they are giving me AED 2000 for salary and there is no learning environment here. its like I am wasting myself here.

    my Qualifications are MBA with two years of Banking and one year assistant accountant experience.

    I want to switch from this job as soon as possible. can you please guide me?????

    1. I am told by one of my friend that after spending 6 months over there, if i switch and the next company offer me atleast AED 5000, i will not have any problem. is that true?

    2. or what possibilities i may have to switch from this job and get a better one?

    3. Or if i take NOC from my current employer???

    • Deepak M says

      1. Post graduates do not usually face labour ban. But depends on the decision of MOL.
      2. Read the article again.
      3. Yes, NOC may help.

  61. AMJATH KHAN says

    i am willings to resign my current job . but now, i have a civil engineer visa without probation period completed. if i resign this job after i have to push the labour ban or not??

    PLease giv e me exact details thankyou…

  62. Swetha says

    Hi Deepak,
    Am on a sponsor visa and am working for a company from one month, however the company has made the work permit only for two months my work permit will get expired on 27/07/15, in case if i wish to change my job after 27th july, will there still be a ban.
    My salary is 2500

      • Swetha says

        Yes the company has given me the work permit letter for two months.
        And it will get expired on 27/7/15, hence wanted to know if i will get a ban

        • Deepak M says

          Not sure about this as I have no knowledge of this 2 month work permit.
          In most cases, I don’t think you will have a ban.

  63. Mangai says

    Hi Deepak

    Please let me know if i am working as a civil engineer visa and salary is AED7000 within 6months or 1 year period if i get the job and salary will be AED10000 means there is labour ban is applicablefor me even engineer visa?



  64. Salvador says

    Hello Deepak,

    Mine seems a little complex issue. It was a limited 2 year contract started last November (2014) Due to highly unprofessional nature of work I am quitting after 7 months. Mutually agreed a one month notice period is served already. I am aware there will be a normal 6 month labour ban stamped. my employer expressed no intention to stamp any kind of bans on me. but on the cancellation papers i just notices hand written the following (One Year Ban) ….. now the questions?

    1, How will I know if the employee has requested one year ban on me
    2, how will i know what kind of ban is imposed.
    3, if at all he is intentionally requesting a ban because i didn’t complete the contract, when and whom should I approach to get rid of this.
    4, Can i come and visit Dubai if its one year ban?
    5, does the labour ministry imposes ban other than automatic 6 month, without employers request ?
    6, how will I know what kind papers i am signing in this whole process. most of them are in Arabic.
    7, Do they require at any point of time employee signatures to impose one year ban.?

    • Deepak M says

      1. If it is written by hand, someone would have written it.
      2. MOL can confirm this.
      3. MOL. You can’t get rid of labour ban.
      4. Yes, you can come on visit if you have labour ban.
      5. Yes.
      6. You need to ask them to provide English version and they should.
      7. No. You will have to sign the cancellation papers and it is mentioned there.

  65. John says


    I work as a quantity calculation technician with high school certificate and my visa is follow-up clerk. i am still in my probation period and have another offer for higher offer for more than 10, 000 will i face a ban

  66. dinesh says

    Hello ,

    i had my bachelor degree and working in a company..if i change to a new company without finishing my contract is there any ban ?.but my company give me NOC .in the new company my desigination and salary is low compared to previous one…please help me deepak….

  67. Girllie says

    Hi Deepak, very nice article.

    In my situation, my employer terminated my employment due to Downsizing – and it is clearly stated in my termination letter. I just served only 7mos in the company. Will i still get a ban eventhough I got terminated due to company downsizing? and what shall I do now that I got a new offer from a private company which is a bit lower than my previous? will the ban be lifted? what shall i do? or my new employer can do to lift the ban?

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me on this issue!

    • Deepak M says

      Usually if you show the termination letter to MOL, your ban will be lifted.

  68. Drey says

    Hi Deepak,

    Thank you for this blog.
    I had an offer in a Free Zone Company for 9K . I signed the employment contract and gave copy of my passport, educ certificates, etc. While they are processing my work permit I received an offer from a private Company which offered me 15K. I immediately requested the FZE Co. to stop my work permit application but I was told it is not possible since its already applied. Now my work permit with FZE Co has been approved and released. They still want me to join and haven’t granted my request yet to cancel my work permit. What can I do?

    Thank you!

    • Deepak M says

      Requesting the the FZE company to cancel your work permit is your only way!

  69. Sarah says

    Dear Deepak,

    I have been with my current employer since August 2014, however I did not get my visa till November 2014. I have just been offered a job in the free zone hold area with a better pay and health insurance as my current employer does not have company insurance for their employees. My previous pay was 7k a month and the new company is offering 13k a month, I also hold a Bachelors degree from the UK.

    What I would like to know is, will I get a 6 month ban if I decide to take the other job? They require that I start next month and that would mean giving my current employer less than a month’s notice.

    • Deepak M says

      Recently I heard that the MOL systems are integrated with free zone systems and visas may not be issued if you have a labour ban.
      But, in your case, since you have salary more than 13K, I don’t think you will have a labour ban.

  70. sundar says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am appreciate your reply to people who are struggling due to law . Thank you.

  71. mohammed faissal says

    hi i m working in a private firm with salary of 1700 dhm/ month due to some financial crisis…… i have completed 1 year n now want to switch to another job…i have done MBA .so if i switch i will get 6 month ban or not…plz suggest me

  72. Hen says

    My new “supposed to be” employer is currently processing my work permit and they are expecting it to be released tomorrow. Their offer is AED 8,700 per month. Now I got an offer from another company with AED 15,000 salary per month. Will I get the labour ban. I have an associate degree in IT. Thanks!

    • Sajan says

      Hi Deepak,

      I am working as an engineer in my current company for last 7 years. My Joining date is July 3 2008 & engineer visa expiry date is Sep 3 2015.I have given my resignation on 12th Jun 2015 with 1 month notice period. I want to know if there will be any labor ban for me? After my notice period, I am going to my home country & will come back after 1 month.

  73. Ali says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have a double masters and a bacholers, i have just finished 1 year within my current employer this is the first job i had had since i have been in the UAE. I have been offered a job elsewhere offering me 15k more basic salary and almost 20K more as a package overall about 55% more than my current employer my contract is unlimited. Am i allowed to move to my new employer or will i face a ban ?


  74. REHAN KHAN says


  75. Meng says

    I am working as a nurse in a private sector however my visa is a receptionist. I want to resign from the company and move to a government hospital but I have not completed 1 year. Will I get a ban? what if my employer does not allow me to resign, can I do something about it? thanks.

    • Deepak M says

      If you join government organisation, labour ban is not applicable.
      Employer can not hold you from resignation.

  76. mia says

    I am a Household Service Worker (HSW) as a private nurse in a family but i did not complete my 2 years contract. do i have a automatic 6 months ban?

  77. Henry says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am currently working as a Graphic Designer in a private company here in Abu Dhabi, been working for almost 2months, my current salary is 3000 AED, but in my contract, it is only 2000 AED, and sales position. If i will get an offer that is atleast 5000 AED, will I get 6month ban if I try to change my job or employer? I am Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate.

    Thank you in advanced

  78. shabbir says

    I am working in LLC company based in Dubai from 8 months and I have a good offer from government organization Sharjah my current salary is 6000 and I have a offer from government is 9000, can you please tell me is there will be any ban on me if I move from LLC to gov ?

    • Deepak M says

      Congratulations on the new job.
      You will not have a ban when you join government organisation.

      • shabbir says

        Thanks Deepak,

        Dear actually I am new in UAE, kindly inform me please after resignation when my visa will go for cancellation what additional paper will require to avoid ban,

        Please do tell me.

        Thanks in advance

      • shabbir says

        Thanks Deepak

        actually I am new in UAE, kindly can you tell me after resignation from the current LLc company,when my visa will go for cancellation? what additional documents are required to inform the LLC company that I got job in government organisation to avoid ban.
        please inform me I am waiting for your response

      • Shabbir says

        Thanks Deepak,

        Actually I am new in UAE, kindly inform me after resignation when my visa will go for cancellation and what documents are required to inform them (MoL) that I got a job in government organization to avoid Ban..

        Please inform me, thanks in advance..
        waiting for you response.

  79. CAr says

    My fried Resigned and his past job give him only a visa as Electrical Technician, But He is an engineer. How much salary should be his next target to lift the ban? thank you

  80. Car says

    My friend resigned and submit a complaint to MOL due to no salary for almost 4months, but the MOL still give him ban, he is engineer, can he lift the ban and how?

  81. Zakir Hussain says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have been in UAE for last 8 years and took a break of 2 years in between. I am currently working on a driver visa with very low salary. I have a got a new job offer and would like to grab it however I have only completed 8 months on my current job. The new offer is also below 5000 and I dont have a higher school diploma.
    Also let me know how do I check whether I am into a limited or unlimited contract.

    kindly revert with a solution, it is very critical for me to shift my job and lift the ban.


  82. Noufal says

    dear deepak

    i am working in hotel industry , now i am completing one year and 2 months , my visa status is unlimited contract ,i completed post graduate if i am resigning this company , will i get the ban
    and how can remove this ban

  83. Kannan says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I have worked in Abu Dhabi between 2008 to2009 and my company was terminated me, due to world economical problem reason. So, I was out from Abudhabi @2009, and now can I enter in UAE ?. Please reply me

  84. Bishal parajuli says

    dear sir,

    I m working now in semi-government company for 5months now I want go back in my country and I wanna come in new company it is hotel it is possible or there will be ban for me sir

  85. Bharath says


    First of all appreciate your efforts of helping so many expats with the blog. I have a query regarding my job,hopefully you can help me out on this.
    I’m a mechanical engineer working on a limited contract(2yrs ) since April 2011. I got my visa renewed for the 3rd time in April 2015 and now i have an job offer with a new company. Just want to know whether the company can put a ban on me if i resign with a 30 days notice period. The new company has offered me a salary of AED10000. I’m in a bit of bother regarding this as i badly want to get out of my present company and i dont have much of a time. Kindly help me out.


    • Deepak M says

      Notice period will be as per your contract. For such a long service, your company should not ban you.
      You can talk directly to your company HR on your situation.

  86. Ricardo says

    Dear Mr Depak,

    I work for a hotel, they say that this is a free zone company so there is no labor card what’s so ever.

    In the contract that I signed it says that if I resigned they are going to give me a ban for 1 year.

    The contract that I signed is for 2 years.

    As this is not a labor company, is there something I can do to leave the company without having a ban?

    I came with a recruitment agency from Latvia.

    • Deepak M says

      Not too sure about the answer and I do not want to confuse you.
      Please consult directly with the relevant authorities.

  87. muthu says

    Dear Deepak,
    I had completed a 2 years contract in a LLC Healthcare company and then renewed my contract 3 months before in the same organization. Now i got an offer for 6000 AED. so i am planning to leave my job in this present company. kindly reply me whether labour ban is applicable for me.
    2. i am bachelor degree holder, the present company is providing NOC for me.

  88. Riyad says

    I joined a company and worked there for only 20 days all procedures done with Visa stamping everything, and left UAE for some reason never return back. Passed the resign letter within 1 month after exiting UAE. My question is how many years ban will I have for outside country cancellation and can I come in visit visa in this ban duration.

  89. ATEEQ says

    Hi Mr Deepak

    i hope you are fine & Doing well …..
    i got the job in Dubai they gave visa (pink visa) & i came to Dubai in the month of Feb 2015 after that i work in that company only one month for some reason i don’t want to continue the job and i said them please cancel my visa i don’t want to work …. they agreed.
    one more thing i want to tell you i did not signed any documents like labour contract & they didn’t stamped my visa on my passport .
    now they are cancelling my visa.

    kindly tell me will i get 6 month Ban & will i require NOC letter from the previous company in future if i want to join another company in Dubai.

    • Deepak M says

      MOL may or may not accept the NOC.
      In most cases they do accept. You could try.

  90. safriq says

    hai sir
    I am before working in alshom this company tack visa from union coop society al give to termination letter but my visa stil 23 07 2015 two maonth balance but i get ban for six month sir can tell to me how to remove the ban

  91. Muhammad Amin Ashraf says

    i have 2 years contract with my current company i only finished 5 months. and our compny is facing sum financial problems. so they are termenating sum staff. my current salery is 2000. and i got new offer letter they are giving me 2200 , now i want to change job and my current employer is giving NOC…..CAN I CHANGE JOB IF I HAVE ONLY NOC ????

      • jeff says

        Hi, I’m under a limited contract and still on a probationary period, in case my employer decided to terminate my contract within the probationary period, will I get a ban? And if I decided to terminate my contract within probationary, should I pay them an amount equivalent to 45 working days?

        • Deepak M says

          That is up to MOL to decide. In most cases, upon termination, there is no labour ban.
          You have to pay anything to the employer as you are breaking hte contract.

  92. Salim says

    What would be the situation if I am working in semi govt (bank), and join a Govt Organization (bank)?

    I am currently 2 months into existing job still on probation, and am pursuing another job in a Govt bank. What will be the procedure and will I require NOC and will a ban be applicable?

    • Deepak M says

      Not sure about this.
      But, I think there may not be any problem with what you will be doing.
      Check directly with your HR.

  93. WAQAS says

    i have 2 years contract with my current employer i only finished 3 months now i want to change job and my current employer is giving NOC….HOWEVER MY OFFER IS NOT 12000 AS IT SHOULD BE FOR BSC…LEVEL….CAN I CHANGE JOB IF I HAVE ONLY NOC AND NOT SALARY SCALE REQUIRED

    • Deepak M says

      That decision will depend on MOL.
      Usually MOL will not issue ban if you have an NOC.

  94. saleem says

    Hi Deepak,
    I have completed 7 years in a UAE company and recently joined in a new oil company under limited contract. Now just 3 months and now I want to join a freezone company. Is there will be any ban for me? or is it affects if I join a freezone company.? Please advise.

    • Deepak M says

      Is the oil company Government organisation?
      There may be a ban if it is.
      IF you join free zone company from LLC, ban is not applicable.

  95. eembla says

    hi. i would like to ask if the diploma requires to be in red ribbon or with UAE stamp? or is it ok without?

  96. abdullah says

    hi, i am working with a contracting company for the past 2 years, and have recently renewed my visa with the same company 6 months back. my question is if i leave this company to join another company will there be a ban on me also ? i am working as a civil engineer, this is my first company, i already finished my one visa (2 years ) with this company and have renewed my visa 6 months back with tha same company. will i get ban if i change jobs now ?
    please advise ?

    • Deepak M says

      For long service the companies do not impose labour ban.
      But also check with MOL.

  97. 3bdullah says

    hi, i am working with a contracting company for the past 2 years, and have recently renewed my visa with the same company 6 months back. my question is if i leave this company to join another company will there be a ban on me also ? i am working as a civil engineer, this is my first company, i already finished my one visa (2 years ) with this company and have renewed my visa 6 months back with the same company. will i get ban if i change jobs now ?
    please advise ?

  98. Mohammed says

    Dear Deepak,

    Im a mechanical engineer currently working as an admin manager(but my visa states i’m admin director) since a month in my family business(transportation services).

    My concern is that if im able to find a suitable engineering opening, will i be able switch jobs without any ban or fines?

    contract is unlimited & my current salary is 5000.
    Thanks alot!

  99. Priyanga says

    Dear Deepak,

    one of my friend was offered for government job in Abu dhabi. they had asked him to submit his cancellation papers, education certificate and exit to arrange the visa. while he waiting for his visa in home country, the company said they are unable to issue the visa as attestation on certificate is not genuine. they have also mentioned that he will be ban from entering UAE. I have approached DNRD office and checked whether there is a ban but officer said there isnt any. I have also checked with Dubai police and they said no record.
    in this situation, can my friend come back to uae with another sponsor’s visa or with visit visa.
    please help.

    • Deepak M says

      If Dubai Police and Immigration Authorities have confirmed, then I don’t see any problem.

  100. elona says

    i am working in an LLC company, as a diver, unlimited contract, more than 1 year already,,i have issues with salary,,,always delayed and they give me only 2,500AED,im planning to find another job, if I get the 5,000 salary offer to the other company, I am also an Engineering undergraduate, is my Ban be lifted? please be advised…

  101. Umer says

    Old Employer
    Salary: AED 5000
    Designation: Accountant General

    New Employer (Offer)
    Salary: AED 4300
    Designation: Accountant General

    Old employer is providing me with NOC & termination letter, I heard that I can revoke the ban by applying “Ban removal Application” to MOL. Is this correct? If yes than what is the procedure. how much time MOL will take to cancel the ban.

  102. Amine says

    Hi brother,

    kindly advise me i started to work in a hotel in abu dhabi one year ago its sponsored by TDIC but now they are changing the sponsor so our visa will be labor.
    do you think this may cause a problem for me if i get another job in Dubai, how can i avoid the ban if i get a job with Emirates fly for exemple

    thank you

  103. Alma says

    I am working for 8 months and only now the company terminated me stating that my performance during probationary period is unsastisfactory. I want my termination to be changed but my employer dont agree to state that i was terminated due to restructuring of organization. I have a new job offer now, but having 3,600 salary. My previous company dont want to issue NOC, how can I lift my 6 month ban?

  104. tariq says

    Hi, I have an unlimited contract, have completed 8 months holding bachelors degree but the company asked me to give high school only.
    Now if i am terminated for reasons other than breach of contract or those mentioned in article 132, do i get banned or do i have a right to raise a complaint for terminating me unlawfully.

  105. Zachary says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have an unlimited contract with my company and have been working for 1 year now. My Employer is ready to give me an NOC and let me off but however, I am not sure about the procedure if I will be able to get another job as my pay is AED 7000 /- but 5000 in contract and 2000 as allowance given by cheque. I just wanted to know if I have to leave, do I have to get a job with AED 12000 salary or is it not necessary in spite of having a ban.

    • Deepak M says

      I suggest you call MOL and enquire about your situation. The decision is up to the MOL.

  106. Ahmed Zawar says

    Dear Deepak,
    i am working in LLC and my company want to transfer my visa from one company to another company here company names are different but the sponsor is same will i get ban???
    Secondly if i get ban what are the ways that i can lift my ban plz reply me.
    Also after renewing visa when i can change my job??

    Looking forward for your reply

  107. jan says

    Good day, I am a Nurse working in Abu Dhabi, BSN and HAAD licensed. im in a private hospital right now and working for 1year only.

    If another PRIVATE hospital is hiring me, what can I do to prevent labor ban? Is the NOC enough?

    Thanks for the information….

  108. Carl says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have a 2 years unlimited contract in my company as an Architect with a salary of 10,000 Dhs. I’ve already completed 1 year and planning to resign and transfer to other company. I know that the labor ban is automatic. My question is if ever my company will also give a banned and i will have 2 ban (Labor and the ban given by the company), can those 2 ban be lifted if I will received 12,000 Dhs to the new company.

    Thanks and regards.

  109. Farhan Marjan says

    I am a Bachelor degree holder & I have been working for a company in Dubai for one year & 3 months & my contract is limited. As my company reducing some staff, I received my termination letter. What are the benefits exactly I deserve to receive? Will it leade to automatic ban? Do I have rights to claim gratuity in terms of termination?

  110. Farhan Marjan says

    I a Bachelor degree holder & I have been working for a company in Dubai for one year & 3 months & my contract is limited. As my company reducing some staff, I received my termination letter. What are the benefits exactly I deserve to receive? Will it leade to automatic ban? Do I have rights to claim gratuity in terms of termination?

  111. haziq says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have Joined a company in Abu Dhabi and now its 8 months with this company and its my first visa but now i wanted to start my own business in Ajman. So after the cancellation can i avoid my ban as i will apply for business Visa.

    looking Forward for your reply. hope it will be a good one hahah


    • Deepak M says

      If you start business are you are on partner visa, there will be no ban.

  112. Xhona says

    Hello Deepak!
    I need your help.
    I am working as a receptionist in a healthcare company. 2 years limited contract started in 19th April, means I am still on probation period. The work environment in this company is very stressful for me. I would want to leave. My salary is 3500 AED and I am a bachelor’s degree holder (Finance & Accounting).
    What is the way out without facing the BAN?

  113. Albert says


    I have a limited contract with the employer for 2yrs which is a freezone visa.Can I move to a different company in freezone during the contract period without a ban.
    On my understanding there is no ban for freezone visa irrespective of limited and unlimited contract.Am I correct?

  114. NJ says

    my cousin z a teaching assistant in a nursery. its a 2 yr contract. under sponsership f her father. now she wants to leave the nursery for a new job. she got her health card recently as well. if she leaves will she face labour ban???

  115. Mohammed says

    Hi Deepak,

    I have joined a LLC company 9months back, Basically my qualification is Bachelor of technology with Masters in Business Administration. I am working on Sales visa, and agreed a salary of AED 3000/- with benefit of incentives. However I am not getting any incentives as my employer cheated on me.

    I want to know the way out, without getting ban. My relation with the employer will go bad once i talked about my resignation. I cant expect any NOC from my employer.

    Please advice.
    Thank you.

  116. Timothy says

    Your site has proved extremely useful in what I am facing at the moment so kudos for the help.

    I’m on an unlimited contract and have worked for a little over 2 years now. Currently I am planning to submit my resignation so according to what I have read I should be able to avoid a labor ban right?

    Also, I am doing this without first securing another job but I have heard from a friend that I have one month (in terms of visa validity) to search for another one from the time I actually leave the company. I would like to ascertain if this is true.

    Thank you in advance, it’s tricky navigating the ways of the law!

  117. Timothy says

    Your site has proved extremely useful in what I am facing at the moment so kudos for the help.

    I’m on an unlimited contract and have worked for a little over 2 years now. Currently I am planning to submit my resignation so according to what I have read I should be able to avoid a labor ban right? What about the automatic 6 month ban?

    Also, I am doing this without first securing another job but I have heard from a friend that I have one month (in terms of visa validity) to search for another one from the time I actually leave the company. I would like to ascertain if this is true.

    • Deepak M says

      Why are you resigning without securing another job. That would be risky.
      If you complete your contract, there will be no labour ban.

  118. Happy S. says

    Hi Deepak,

    Very informative and helpful website. I have learned a lot from here. I need to ask a couple of questions for clarification though and I thank you in advance for answering them.

    Under my contract, it says UNLIMITED from 01/02/2015 to ___________.

    However, it says there that I am on probation period for 6 months.

    My quesiton is, will I face a BAN if I transfer to another company after my 6months probation period?

    I hold a Bachelors Degree, and I understand that I need 12,000AED to avoid being banned if I transfer to another company.

    My second qusetion is, do I still need to get an NOC if I get a salary of 12,000AED?

    Thank you again and more power.

    Myles C.

  119. Muhammad Saqib says

    Dear Deepak,

    I’m working in an advertising company for 8 months. It was DMCC and they have got the LLC license in April and converted all the visas to LLC. I have been offered a new job in government organization with better pay and I have resigned from the current company and serving notice period now. My current employer is ready to provide me NOC but he asked me to pay for the Visa Fees. Is he allowed to ask for Visa Fees by Law (since its not my fault that he converted his company to LLC). Also will I get an automatic ban? I got my LLC visa stamped on 19-Apr-2015 with unlimited contract.

      • Mohammed says

        Dear Deepak,

        I can join Freezone, ok. But can i join any other LLC Company not government organisation, What should be my minimum salary in order not to get banned.

        Appreciate your reply.

        Thank you.

        • Deepak M says

          If you join a free zone company, you will not have labour ban as it is not applicable in free zones.

  120. venkatesh says

    Dear Deepak ,

    Company was told to me give a resignation i was resigned on 2-05-2014, they told to me will arrange NOC,now i got a another job but now they are not giving NOC ,What i have to do now? on 9-05-2014 i was signed on cancel papers at my head office My designation was General electrical engineer, is there any possibilities for 6 months Ban ? my labour card starting date:may 11,2014,my visa starting date:may 26,2014 what is the solution now? new company told to me to take noc and request to remove if any auto ban 0n your visa

  121. Allwyn says

    Hi Deepak,

    Currently I am working for a LLC company in Dubai from past two months. I have a 2 year visa from the company. Now I am thinking of resigning from my job and want to go back to India. Do I have to pay anything to the company. If yes so how much approx…..

  122. habib says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am under unlimited contract and company did not give me labor card only emirates ID.. I’m working for 8 months and I want to resign because of salary issues.. If they will give me NOC will I get a labor ban?

  123. Aqeel says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am working in a Construction Company in Dubai under Unlimited Contract. I have completed 15months now. My qualification is only SSC. (10th Class). Now that I do not like the working atmosphere here & want to move to other company where I can get 12000 dhs minimum. I would like to know is Ban applicable for me? If no then do I have to approach the MOL after cancellation of Current Visa & before departure for Re-Entry? Also Can u plz tell me that Is there any Number from MOL to enquire about Visa & Ban Status.

    Eagarly Waiting for Your Reply.

  124. Nikhil says

    Hi deepak

    I have completed 1 year and 8 months in my current company.. Now i got a job offer from a new company.. I have a plan to move there.. I am a MBA holder.. But I do not have original certificate. its not get yet from my university..I have only provisional certificate ..So how to avoid ban.?!

  125. Allwyn says

    Hi, I am working in a LLC company and the company has provided me 2 years working visa. Now only two months has become and I am facing medical issues. Can I leave the company want to go back to India.

    • Deepak M says

      If you are not able to perform your duties as required, it is better to resign and leave.

      • Allwyn says

        Deepak, I have decided to leave the job but just worried. If I am leaving the job and giving the medical reason to the company, will I have to pay the company any compensation before resigning.

          • Allwyn says

            Hi Deepak,

            As I had mentioned before that I want to leave my current company and want to go back to India. I had asked you about any compensation I have to pay or not and u had replied no if it is a unlimited contract and if limited contract than yes.

            I read the Limited contract law however I was not able to understand. Can u explain me what do you mean by the below sentence
            “If you resign under limited contract without completing your contract term, your employer may impose a ONE YEAR ban. In addition to this the as per UAE Labour Law provisions, the employee will have to pay half of 3 months’ early termination compensation to the employer. “

  126. Ahmed says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am a post grad professional , working for a consultancy firm . I just want to ask if employer terminates the contract , then is there any ban on employee??

    My employer is looking to downsize their business and may be asked all employees to leave the company.

    Please reply , Thanks.

  127. Sandhya says


    I am working in an LLC from last 14 months with unlimited contract.My visa is spouse sponsored and having labor card.My current salary is 4000 AED. I got an offer from other company with 7500 AED.I am a postgraduates in Electronics Engineering.If i am changing the job will i attract labor ban or any other way to lift the ban.

    • Deepak M says

      Post graduates usually do not have labour ban. However, please also check with MOL.

  128. says

    i have done post graduate, i changed job recently but i didnot like, i need to change job and my current salary is 6500,if i change i will get ban ….pls give me reply…

    • Deepak M says

      Post graduates usually do not face labour ban. However, please check with MOL.

  129. Mohammed says

    I have 6 months ban (out of which only 2 months are pending to get finished). I got a new job which is offering me AED 5000/- for position of Accountant. I have a bachelor’s Degree. Will my ban will get lifted. Please reply to my query. Please send reply on my email also if possible. Thank You.

      • Mohammed says

        my old employer is ready to give me NOC. Will the Ban get revoked.

        Also plz let me know if there is any official NOC letter which is accepted by the MOL. Or we can type it by our self.

        • Deepak M says

          With NOC, you could avoid labour ban.
          Fon NOC format, please approach a typing centre.

  130. ANCY says

    hi sir,am ancy and am working on husband visa.i have completed working as electronics engineer for 1 year with my btech degree.i need to change my i have ban for 6 months?do i need NOC if i change my job?

  131. Name (required) says

    hlo deepak,
    i am working in dubai last 11 months.i have a limited contract .this company not paying salary correctly.i wish to get a better job.what are the possibilities to change comapny without cash helps to lift the ban?

    • Deepak M says

      Yes, ban is possible for 1 year as it is a limited contract.
      You could file a complaint with MOL for non payment salaries.
      No, you can not lift ban by paying cash.

  132. Yer C. says


    I’m always threatened by my employer to have salary deduction and will charge all the mistakes I will incur while I’m here in his company. Plus the one time he told me that I’m stupid which I felt he degraded my self. I fell I’m always working in hell. I’m under limited contract and over 2 months under probationary. I heard from our PRO that I have no contract exist in Labor but I have Emirates ID. Can I use this ground to get out from my employer?

  133. Qaiser says

    Hi Deepak,

    Really need you advice on my issue. As i am working with llc company and i know if i left company then i will get ban. But i really want to left this bad company. Now i know if i get 5000 salary then i can lift this ban. But what if i resign with reasons like not satisfied and even company is not fulfilling their contract contents. On behalf of that can i lift ban? And i check they put my bachlor degree in MOL for labor contract but i done masters from UK. Still there is something good or i have ro complete 2 yrs

  134. Syed says

    hello sir,
    I m working with a company on commission basis and in my contract latter my salary per month is 1 AED mention now I have got 1 offer with 4750 AED per month and I have my MBA attached degree with me and can u please tell me that whether I have band if I change the job

    • Deepak M says

      You could change job and master’s degree holders usually do not have a ban.
      Please also check with MOL.

  135. MAHESH DURGAM says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am MAHESH. i am working as a cost controller in dubai,
    on my visa my designation mentioned as archives clerk, my labor contract is unlimited contract, i am a master degree holder with MBA, but i did not attested my certificates. Now i want to resign the job. As i got some information from my friends there will be no ban for the master degree holders is it correct if not if i resigned my job what are the problems i have to face and what is the solution for this. please help me with your kind information.

    I will be very thankful to you.

    best regards


    • Deepak M says

      usually, master’s degree holders have no ban. It is better to attest the certificate.

  136. Lovely says

    Hi Deepak,

    Just want to ask if what are the requirements to lift the ban?

    I am working for my company for eleven months only since I am receiving my salary late I decided to look for another job. Now I got an offer 5,000 salary. My question is, can i demand a NOC to my previous company? and if ever the ban will be imposed, do i need to pay the fine to lift the ban? and lastly is diploma required in labour? I am a Filipina I have original diploma but my problem is my diploma without red ribbon and stamp of uae.

    Please help me!

    • Deepak M says

      You need to get in touch with MOL.
      I think you should have attested certificate.

  137. jp says

    Hi Deepak ,

    Hope , you are doing well.

    If the employee want to join other company ( competitor of current company ) located in Dubai Internet City and currently also employed in the company located in Dubai Internet City and worked for more than 3 years , is there any legal implication ? Can the current company will be able to do anything legally to stop the employee joining the competitor in same area ? Is there any legal process/ procedure there which can be used by current employer to stop his employee joining their competitor in DIC / Dubai Media City area ? What are the legal rights for employee in such condition / situation ? Is employer having rights to hold the employee even after employee serve the notice period given in the writing ? Does employee has right to leave after serving notice period which is given in writing and employer didn’t accept resignation latter ?
    Do the employee legally obliged to tell the current employer about the name of the company where employee will be joining ?

    Would you be able to send me all above details on my email ?

    I really appreciate for your great support.


    • Deepak M says

      I do not see any problem in joining a competitor within DIC!
      Yes, you could leave after notice period.
      The employer will get to know the name of your new company through the visa transfer form.

  138. reagan bengano says

    good day sir/madam,how about my case the restaurant that i am working before is already close and they give me N,O,C(no objection certificate)but when the time comes i request for the lifting of my banned,it is possible the labor ministry will cancelled my 6 months banned..i am working for the period of 8 months in that restaurant.what would be the best thing to do.?thank you so much.

    • Deepak M says

      I think yes, if you have NOC, you could avoid 6 month ban.
      But that decision will require MOL approval.

  139. mohsin says

    Hi Deepak,

    there are four conditions to lift the ban..
    12000 with graduation.

    and NOC letter…

    if next company giving 7k on salary contract and giving designation key accounts manager and total salary 12k… for switching to new job should i need NOC or not to avoid the ban…?

    and all these four above given condition should be full filled to avoid the ban or only full fill one condition avoid the ban of labor?



    • Deepak M says

      I do not think in such case you will require NOC.
      However, if you get it well and good.

      • jhun says

        hi deepak, just want to ask if NOC alone is enough to lift the ban?
        and how will you know if your visa is transferrable or not?

        here’s my case. I worked for my company for two months only and my manager terminated me after two months ( that is within the probationary period ) My question is, can i demand a NOC to my previous company? and if ever the ban will be imposed, do i need to pay the fine to lift the ban? and lastly

        2. How can i know if i have a transferable visa or not.

        thank you i advance for your answer..

        • Deepak M says

          That decision is based on MOL.
          Your PRO will know whether the visa can be transferred or not.

      • reagan bengano says

        but sir they are close the restaurant is closed,is there any chance that this reason will honored of the ministry of labor,i find already a new job but not in the free-zone company.

        • Deepak M says

          You should provide your entire case to MOL and they may consider removing the labour ban for you.

  140. Shivangi Tyagi says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am working in a LLC Company in Dubai for last 10 months. My salary is aed 7,000 and I am getting a Job offer from a Free Zone Company in Hamriyah at a salary of aed 8,500. I am a B.Com Graduate.

    Will I also be banned from ministry of Labour (automatic ban for 6 months)

    Are their any exemptions for employees moving from LLC to Free Zone.

    Could you pls advise.


    • Deepak M says

      You will face labour ban.
      However, this ban is not applicable in free zones.

      • Shivangi Tyagi says

        Hi Deepak,

        Thanks a lot for your response.

        However, just want a little clarification… does it mean that I can join this company at Hamriyah Free Zone and I would be able to move hassle-free without any sort of Ban.

        Also, pls advise if my current employer can put a ban on me if i am moving to free zone or if that ban can’t restrict me legally to move in free zone.

        Plsd to have your reply.


        • Deepak M says

          IF you are moving from or to a free zone, labour ban is not applicable.

  141. Marilou Mabale says

    I am currently employed in a private company since November 26, 2014 here in Abu Dhabi as Office Clerk General (written in labor contract) and having AED 5,000 total salary my visa is under my husband. I want to resign since I always get my salary late if I get a new offer. Will there be an automatic ban even if my residence visa under my husband as sponsor.

  142. JBR says

    Hi Mr. Deepak, first of all thanks for providing help to all the people for their concerns.

    Please guide, if my Employers fired me on spot with saying a sorry and with no reason, in fact the reason is! he cannot afford my salary. Also asks me to find a new job and he shall give me NOC if I find a new job. No matter if salary is less or more than the current one.
    What MOL says for this kind of issues?
    BTW – I am Bachelor’s Degree Holder and having a Sales Executive status.
    Thanks in anticipation

    • Deepak M says

      If it is an amicable resolution, it is better to move on.
      With NOC, you will be able to avoid labour ban.

  143. Liza says

    Im still probitionary for unli contract. I dont like the job. Im done with my
    i already have my visa. I wanted to resign. I have bachelors degree and my current salary is 2500 AED.
    If I will find a new job in freezone and it will be more that 2500.. Will I still get the ban?

    • Adil says

      Same situation here. Same salary, Bachelors degree holder and in the probationary period. Dont like the job (company) for many reasons, non professional attitude of the company and salaries given late all the time etc. Pls respond in detail about the possible ways to lift the labor ban and also the Immigration ban which the sponsor imposes.

  144. Zu says

    I am working in Abu Dhabi with Abu Dhabi visa as Sales representative, my salary is 8k. I’m being offered 9K from Dubai and the new company is under freezone. Will I face ban?

    • Deepak M says

      You can mention to labour not to impose ban on you.
      You will have 30 day grace period.

  145. hB says

    Hello. I just resigned from my company which my contract is LIMITED. I base my last working day on the expiry date of my Labor Card which is 24 April. The duration of my contract is till 17th May 2015. As of today probably they are on the process of cancelling my Residence Visa. I saw on the electronic application for cancellation of Labor Card that a note that no work permit will be issued till 6 months of cancellation. As I understood this ban from the system of MOL. Want to ask if I will be banned for 6 months since I did not finish till 17 may or it is the labor card 24 april that they will follow. Please advise

    • Deepak M says

      Not too sure about this.
      But if you complete your contract, there should not be ban.

      • hB says

        In case there will be an automatic ban for me, there will be a way to appeal so that the automatic ban will be erased from the MOL system right?
        I think it is the work permit expiry or the labor card expiry date they will follow as it was basically what they will see in their system and not the contract unless my former company complains or put me an additional ban for another 6 month for not finishing the duration of the contract which they did not do. Anyhow I am still optimistic that I will not get banned

        • Deepak M says

          I am not aware whether you could pay to avoid the ban!
          Yes, labour card expiry will be followed.

  146. clara a says

    hi. am a high school diploma , i got a job as a cleaner in Al AIN rehabilitation center for the disable , SALARY ONLY 1000AED. i have worked for three months now ,still under probation period, honestly the living and working conditions are very bad, i wish to resign from this Job and besides i ANOTHER JOB with salary 1700AED, I WISH TO RESIGN FOR THE NEW JOB. IS IT POSIBLE THAT I HAVE BAN IF I TRY TO RESIGN FORM MY PRESENT JOB?PLEASE HELP ADVICE ME

  147. JUNAID SM says

    I am junaid. I am a mba and my brother start a cafeteria here in dubai last year.My visa on that cafeteria.Due to less profit we closed the shop.Now am searching for another job..2 months over.i didnt get any job offers.Today am going to cancel my visa.because we sold the cafeteria.So new party want to take a visa for another person insted of me. I know we can avoid ban based on the new job offering company and their offer letter.but without job how can i.
    so only coming 30 days for me here. My question is ban cancellation procedure should do the time of visa cancelation or before leaving the country?

    • Deepak M says

      It’s your own company and visa; then why is the ban? I do not think there is a ban for you.
      You need to check with MOL. Was yours an employee visa?

  148. Nhatz says

    Hi Sir

    have a great day, I was working in LLC company with 2 years contract Visa, having salary 2300, while i am working into respected company at almost 10 months and suddenly the company i work with they closed.

    #can you help me if what will i do? im still going to labor law or not?

  149. Georges. K says

    Dear Deepak,

    Thank you for answering all our questions, it is really nice of you.
    Could you please help me get a definitive answer to my situation. I am an European citizen holding a bachelors degree and have been working for a private company (not free zone) for 2 months now and just did my medical test but don’t have emirates ID and I did not sign the labor contract to receive labor card yet. I understand that since I entered on my company employment visa the 6 months ban will automatically be applied.
    My question is, If find another job within the next month that offers me 12K salary and my current employer gives me an NOC can my new employer use my bachelors degree to lift the ban even though my ex employer used the same degree to apply for my current visa ?
    Please advise..Thank you

    • Deepak M says

      How is it that you have done medical test without signing the labour contract?
      Yes, with 12K salary and above you could avoid labour ban.

  150. Harikrishnan says

    Dear Deepak
    You are Doing a great Job, all the answers for an expat in UAE….Keep going..Good Luck
    I just want to clarify some Doubts I have about Ban/Job Change ,Hope you will Advise
    I am an MBA in HR& Marketing with 10+ years experience in HR& Marketing in Top MNCs in India, recently I came to UAE and joined in an LLC company for 3000AED as a secretary(Don’t ask why )Please clarify my questions in your convenient Time
    • Dubai Visa
    • Job in visa as “Secretary”
    • Working in a construction company as Office administratior -Abudhabi branch for last 5 months
    • Salary-AED 3000
    • Can I change Job without ban -other than freezone or Govt-If yes what should be the minimum salary
    • By paying any fees can I lift my Ban
    • Is there any option to get a job without Ban in UAE?
    • Whwn I contacted Mol they told me I have to get 4000 AED for avoiding Ban –Is that True
    Reason for thinking JOB Change
    • No Family visa
    • Company won’t give NOC for License
    • No Carreer Growth
    • Low Pay
    • Thinking of Bringing my wife for finding Her a Job

    • Deepak M says

      Yes ban is applicable.
      If MOL has confirmed something, you should listen to them.

  151. Hari says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am an MBA Graduate from India,I have 10 years of experience in MNCs in india, Now I am working in a L.L.C company for the last 6 months in Abu Dhabi(actually my visa is Dubai),In my visa my designation is posted as Secretary In Unlimited Contract-with 3000 AED salary,If i tried to change my job will i get a ban?If i get What are the ways i can lift Ban ?what is the minimum salary requirement for avoiding Ban.Is it good to change job before one year.

  152. Anzar says

    I was working for an IT Free zone company until July 2010. I left Dubai without cancelling visa due to personal reasons. After my exit, I have informed my employer about my resignation and that led to misunderstanding between me and my employer. My employer informed me that they are going to impose lifetime ban from entering UAE and other middle east countries.

    I properly closed my credit card account and have no debt with anyone. I have returned all company items to my manager. I have cleared all my remaining cash from bank account but I did not close it.

    At present I am working in a neighboring gulf country and curious to know if I am eligible to work again in UAE or any expected immigration issue I may experience if I try to enter again?

    Is there any way to find out if I am eligible to work or visit UAE again?

    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • Deepak M says

      I do not know of any way other than contacting the respective authorities.

  153. Lovely says

    Hi Deepak,

    I want to break the contract, because my salary was always delayed. If I find a job in government company will my ban will be lifted?

  154. Hasan says


    I currently hold a freezone visa and have only worked in this company for 4 months. if I leave or want to switch to another freezone company or not freezone, will I be getting a ban?

    I hold a bachelor’s degree.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your response. :)

    • Deepak M says

      Don’t know which free zone you work currently.
      If you switch outside free zone, you have no ban.
      However, certain freezones have rules regarding ban.

  155. kalithasan says

    Dear deepak


    • Deepak M says

      No, if you join you will not have labour ban as free zone companies do not have labour ban.

  156. safdar says

    hi sir i,m working in a company last 6 months and company not giving me salary and i complaint in mol dubai if cenceled from mol so will be ban or no

  157. Mona says

    Hi Deepak,

    Hope u can help me in this. A big issue as if i am trapped.
    Company i got selected for, sent me service visa for 90 days on 14-july-2014 and not employment visa. After 3 months they extended the same visa and after 6 months i went for exit and came back and got my employment visa on 10th march, 2015 which says, my actual year will be counted from march 2015 and not july 2014 and also my employment is improper, like designation is of worker and whereas i am working as ccr and admin . Now company says they wl change my designation which wud tk around 2 months as my certificate attestation is required.

    I am planning to quit after a year dats july 2015 as per the day i came . I m thinking , let my company change designation first and den i wl resign wd notice period if they require. Is it a correct decision. If you have anything else to say please do share. M damn confused and stressed. I also want to know the procedure for designation change, how is it done and how money it requires. wl they charge anythng frm me.

    • Deepak M says

      Designation on visa is not a big deal unless you want to sponsor someone.
      You really should not bother with this.
      The designation change is done at the immigration with typing a specific form.

  158. Abdul says

    Hi, Architect working for 3 months, unlimited contract. highly dissatisfied with work atmosphere. Do i get a ban for quiting since its under probationary period. Employer has mentioned probationary period as under labour law but not mentioned period.

      • Abdul says

        Dear Deepak, is my salary and designation not enough to avoid ban?
        Designation Architect engineer salary 7000 AED

        • Deepak M says

          Unfortunately no.
          But, engineers are exempt in certain categories for ban. Please check with MOL.

  159. mona says

    My husband is now employed, and under trainee for 3-5 days his employer already applied for his labor contract. Now, he got a new job offer which the salary is higher than his current work and better benefits. We are not sure if his labor contract is already approved or not, his employer send only the copy of labor contract application from enetwasal with pre-approval. If the printed paper sent to him is only from typing center and the labor contract is not yet approved,We want to know if he will grab the new offer, if he will be banned?

    • Deepak M says

      Even if the labour contract is under process, there may be chance to get labour ban.
      It is better to inform the employer not to go ahead with the contract.

  160. Zeeshan says

    Deepak M
    I zeeshan citizan pakistani passport no As5841631 has been proceeded to ERC company dubai on 21 March 2015 entry parmit no 2064164/2015/201 .After arrival to ERC company before my sign on agreement the company has been cancelled my visa due to the reason that unneccessary amendment made in visa by the agent at pakistan and shown the profession office boy instead of labour in visa .Now i am come back to pakistan on 7 April 2015 .I am having education qualification high school diploma (Fsc computer science), experience/knowledge in computer Ms word,excel,access,power point,graphics designing ,networking and safety officer course.Please check and confirm that i am eligible for issue of 2nd time visa or other wise .I do not knowledge about the ban imposed on me for issue of 2nd time visa or not.In case of ban,can i pay the any fine /fee to immigration or any other authority for cancellation the 6 months ban because i am innocent and want to reapply for 2nd time visa before 6 months.

    • Deepak M says

      I can not check whether you have a ban or no.
      Your previous company PRO could check that.

      • zeeshan says

        in case of six months ban, please intimate rule/procedure for cancellation the ban because i want to apply for 2nd time visa before completion of six month ban.Also intimate that any payment of fine/fee applicable to immigration or any other authority for cancellation the ban.

        • Deepak M says

          There is no way to pay and avoid the ban.
          The labour ban affects only companies under MOL.

  161. JOHN says

    hello sir
    my name is john i am working in a company since 6 year completed and renewed my visa last month now i am in new visa 1 month completed. I want change my company because, I got 4000 salary job I am diploma holder , i want to join that company but the problem what i am facing is that ONE YEAR before my company change the company name and sponsorship but TRADE LICENCE AND OWNER IS SAME. and i also worked ONE YEAR after change the name and sponsor, will i get any ban. i had not make any new contract with this company i only signied contract 6 years before, can you help me.

    • Deepak M says

      for your length of service, you should not receive any ban.
      But please also check with MOL.

  162. Shamna says

    Dear Deepak,

    I resign from a job during probation period and upon cancellation of labour card I got an automatic 6 month ban. I am on husband visa. I got a new offer but salary below 5000dhs. I have masters degree. Can I lift my ban using my Masters degree certificate?Should it be attested? What is the procedure. Please advise

    Many Thanks in advance

  163. DZ says

    I have completed 1 year 4 months with my current employer. I have a 2 years contract with them, however since i got married I plan to resign this month and shift under Husband visa once visa is cancelled and then look out for a job.
    Please advice will i get a ban in this case n will be able to work once I am under my husband visa.
    Please reply

    • Deepak M says

      yes 6 month labour ban is automatic.
      You may change to husband visa, no problem.

  164. Sathyan Ram Ganesh says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am a graduate Engineer working with a current salary AED 8K and I joined my present Company in the month of June 2010. Now I got a offer from new Company for AED 9K.
    My first three year visa completed and second two year visa expires on June 2015.
    My present Employer will not give me NOC.
    Can I avoid six months BAN?

  165. KKN says


    i am a MBA holder and working as strategic coordinator cum Admin. Manager for a LLC firm in Indistrial City of Abu Dhabi. now i have finished 1.5 years under my current employer. i am thinking of changing my current job as i am not satisfied with my current employer. will i get a ban if i shift my job?

  166. dear says

    im on a unlimited contract, if i resign after i completed one year can i still get ban?

    can my husband apply for me husband’s visa even if i get ban?

    • Deepak M says

      Ban is automatic.
      Your husband could apply for your visa but labour ban will not be removed.

  167. Azhar says

    Great job dear
    Dear Deepak,
    I am currently under the Probabtion Period in Abu Dhabi and my current salary is 3000 AED total but i want to change but this is my first employment visa. I not satisfied with the work and main reason
    is salary.
    I was done 12th collage.
    I was done interior diploma
    i have an other offer from dubai like 5000 AED + Accomo.
    My only question how can i leave this job without having ban and Do i have to get N.O.C if resigns from current company ?
    I need help Please.

  168. Sri says

    Hi Mr.Deepak,

    How could i calculate my dubai experience bcoz my labour card dated on APRIL and my Visa was stamped dated on JUNE month.

    which date i need to start calculate from labour card date or Visa stamped in my passport date ah ?????

    Kindly replay me ?????

  169. Jeo Thomas says

    Hi Deepak,

    I got an offer letter as HVAC Supervisor in a company based in Sharjah and i joined with the company on 14/04/2015, now the management treating me as a technician and they forced to do the same, I am not interested to continue with this company, when i informed about this to the management they told me to pay the amount of 12000/AED,

    Even they offered me that the Food provided by the company but they are not ready to provide this.

    please advice me……………..

  170. Rashi Sachdev says

    Hi, I am currently working in Dubai in a non-free zone on a salary of AED 10,000. I am an accountant but my visa states my profession as an archive clerk. I am on an unlimited contract and currently on a 6 month probation. I have just spent one month in this job. I am getting an offer for AED 16000 from another company also NOT in the free zone. Do you think I would need an NOC from my current employer though I have a salary above AED 12000? Also, my documents are not attested. Do you think that would cause a problem in this case? Look forward to your reply. Also, must mention, I really appreciate the time you are taking to reply to all our questions. Its really very helpful to those who are new to UAE. Thanks a lot. and Keep it up!

  171. Shahid says

    dear Deepak am working in hotel apartments from last 7 years but now i want resign. and i will look for new job i want to know that this 6 months ban will be apply on me.

  172. Raj says

    Dear Deepak,

    Good Morning !

    My Employment visa was stamped on 20/July/2014
    But my Labour card dated on 28/May/2014

    If i moved to anther company After one year. i will be get BAN in Labour ?

    If YES

    How could i calculated my 1 year experience which date i need to Follow ?

    Labour card date 28/05/2014 OR Visa Stamped date : 20/07/2014

    I’m in Unlimited Contract my visa stamped as Sales Executed

    Could you Please tell me

  173. Stella says

    I am currently working with an company in Dubai on a 5000aed salary for 7months and now have gotten an offer with a hospital as a midwife with diploma certificate on a salary of 6000aed, would want to know if I cancel my current contract with an NOC will I still have a labor ban? Considering the fact that the offered salary isn’t upto the started minimum requirement, and if so will my future visa application be approved? Thanks so much before I make mistakes

    • Deepak M says

      Your salary is not enough to avoid ban.
      But if you have an NOC, you could avoid.
      Please consult MOL before taking any decision.

  174. wasy says

    Deepak sir, i have unlimited contract 2 years visa accountant general 4500 salary and i start from 1-1-2013 to now i am working there. in January 2015 they renew my labour card and residence. Now i want to leave the the company.
    1) can 6 month labour ban will apply even i complete more than 2 years?
    2) i have 16 years university degree but if new employer give me 6000 salary then can i submit my matric certificate because i think with matric school certificate need 5000 salary to remove the ban.
    Plz guid

  175. ricky says

    Hi Mr Deepak,

    I am now working in a private company, this is my third year of service under unlimited contract, I wish to get a new job, is the 6 month ban will impose to me ,my third year will end on july 2016.

  176. mohammed shabaz ali says

    Dear Deepak ,

    I am a bachelor degree holder,My company is terminating me due to their down turn issues and i am having a limited contract with the current company.. is 6 months labour ban imposed on me? do i have chance to clear the ban and can i do the other job for package which is ohk for me but doesnot not satisfy the labour ministry rules. please help me by giving your precious suggestions and procedure for clearation of ban on me.

    • Deepak M says

      If you get terminated during your limited contract, you will get remuneration of 3 month salary from your company besides gratuity if you have completed 1 year of service and air ticket.
      There may be a ban. I am not 100% sure though!

  177. Donnie says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am working in a freezone company in Ras Al Khaimah. My Contract started from 15-nov-2014. Will there be a ban if i decide to change job.

  178. Sunil says

    Dear Deepak,
    I am working with an LLC company in Ajman as graphic designer(Site Supervisor on my Visa).I have 3 months more to complete my 2 Year contract. I am an Engineering Degree Holder & getting 4500 AED as Salary(including all). Now i got a better job offer from a company at umm al quwain as Graphic Designer at a salary of 7000 AED. I cancelled my current Visa ,but my new Visa is rejected that i have a labour ban of 6 months. I can lift the ban only if the new company is offering more than 12000AED. I have NOC from my current sponsor as well. Some of my friends told that labour ban rules are different in Dubai & Northern Emirate,is that true? Kindly advise me as my wife also sponsored by me ,working on different company on their labour card.

    • Deepak M says

      Yes, ban rules could be different in emirates.
      Mostly NOC should help you.

  179. JINU says


  180. Farook says

    Hi Deepak,

    Good Day

    My Brother join 6months before Frozen Company, now need to change the new job. Company will provide the NOC. Please advise the next step w/o Ban other formalities. Thank you

      • farook says

        My Brother working labour, he completed only 6months in this company. Now he get another Job. Company ready to give NOC. Please advise the next step of visa transfer and without Ban, other formalities. Thank you

  181. Cherrie says

    Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I’m here now in Philippines for almost two years caused by a ban due to non compliance of my previous employer by not renewing my working visa.

    Is it possible for me to apply for lifting the ban? I’m willing to pay the penalty charges so I can come back and work again in Dubai.

    If so, how is the process? Thank you so much in advance for your assistance.

    Cherrie, Accountant

  182. Prince says

    Hi deepak,

    Im working as SE in ##########, my contract is 2 yrs under unlimited contract.conpany terminated me because of poor performance.. Can i ask… I would get banned? Can i pay for my banned? Actualy my labour card atated their that it will expired on May 3,2015….. Just only 1 month to go to finish my contract…. What would be the possibility here? Can i pay the remaining month to loft my banned? Or still need to get 5k up salary and free zone companies only? Thank you for your help… Appreciated

    • Deepak M says

      Yes, ban is automatic.
      Once it is expired, you will not get a ban. There is one month notice period in case you are terminated. So, ban will not be applicable.

  183. Joseph says

    Hi deepak,
    I am currently working in Abu dhabi for the last 2 months for AED 2000. So if I get a better job offer and I take it, will I get a ban?
    I have read from the comment section about post graduates usually don’t get ban and I am an degree holder but I didn’t find anything in the article “how to lift labour ban” about post grads.

    Is NOC from the present employer is required for job change?

    And does free zone visas don’t have labour bans?
    Thanking You in advance.Your are doing a wonderful job.

    • Deepak M says

      Post graduates usually do not get banned. However, the rules change often.
      NOC will help you in avoiding labour ban.
      Yes, if you get free zone job, you will have no labour ban.

  184. Aneesh says

    Dear Deepak,

    I was working in a free zone company located in Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah. My contract type is unlimited, and is valid for 3 years. Now I completed 2 years, but as per Labor ID it is 23 months. I resigned from the company giving 30 days notice on 01-03-2015 showing my last working day as 01-04-2015. The company didn’t give any response to my resignation. I filed a complaint at Hamriyah Free Zone after 10 days of resignation showing the company is not responding. The observation and scrutiny officer called the PRO and I got the acceptance on my resignation. He told them to settle me before 01-04-2015.

    On 09-04-2015 the company gave me the settlement from the Free zone and I signed the cancellation application. After the settlement they applied to impose 1 year Ban. I asked the employee of Hamriyah free zone visa department regarding the ban. He just asked me about settlement, and regarding the resignation. He told me if you resigned, you will be banned for 1 year. He told me to sign the paper. I was not aware of the rules and regulations.

    Is it legal to ban me when I completed 23 months out of 36 months in an unlimited contract ?

    I have all the documents form the company showing the acceptance of my resignation, Complaint form’s copy, Settlement guidelines from the HFZ department.

    Now the company is forcing me to vacate the accommodation.

    Please help me ….

  185. romer says

    Mr. Deepak,

    Good day, I am a HAAD licensed nurse working in a LLC company in Abu Dhabi for 6 months now. I am on a LIMITED contract with 2 years expiry. My salary is 3500 AED (basic) and 1500AED (allowances). my salaray is fix, meaning they do not compute for work hours. my current job is an ambulance nurse inside a gas processing plant, I work there 12 hours per day from 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am and our rotation is 4 days duty and 2 days off. they are not paying overtime.

    Now i have received a new offer from a company in Dubai. they are offering me a salary of 7200AED(basic) and 4800AED(allowance) to do the same job. i realy want to transer to that company but when i inform my present company they told me that they will file a ban against me for 1 year. is there a possibility that the ban can be lifted when i will be transfering to my prospect company?

    please enlighten me. your response will be much appreciated. thank you.

  186. Nayaz says

    Dear Deepak,

    I have been working in Dubai based IT company as Technical Support Engineer since May 2014. My salary is AED4000. I got an offer from Abu Dhabhi as Pre Sales Engineer and salary is AED7500.

    Just to confirm if i leave my company… i will face labour ban?
    If i get NOC, Can i avoid labour ban ?
    I am MBA Holder but certificate is not attested in passport.


    • Deepak M says

      Usually post graduates do not face labour ban.
      But you should be sure of that.
      Yes, with NOC, you could avoid labour ban.

  187. ROMER IGLESIA says

    Mr. Deepak,

    Good day, I am HAAD licensed Nurse currently working in a LLC company in Abu Dhabi that deploys health workers to remote areas (oil and gas company, contraction sites, off shore rigs) for 6 months now. My current basic salary is 3,500 AED and 1,500 AED allowance. My salary is fix, meaning they do not compute for work hours and does not pay overtime, which is different from what is written on my contract. “overtime will be payed according to UAE labor law”. My first job in this Company was an Ambulance Nurse inside a Gas Processing Plant. I am having a 4 days duty 2 days off schedule and working for 12 hours a day from 7am to 7 pm or 7 pm to 7 am.

    Now i have received a new employment offer from another company as a Nurse also and they are doing the same thing, deploying nurses to sites. but they are offering me a Basic salary of 7,200 AED and allowance of 4,800 AED.

    i realy want to resign. My contract on my present employer is LIMITED for 2 years.

    i know that i will be banned because the company told me that they will file a 1 year ban if i will be resigning. is there a way to get this ban lifted? thank you will appreciate your replay.

    Do you know some people who can help me get through this? thank you.

  188. laine says

    limited contract for two years.ive been working there for 1 year now.Then I have an offer in a government facility now.

  189. laine says

    Dear Sir, If I will break my two year contract to transfer to a government facility will I still have labor ban?

  190. Sohaib says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am currently under the Probabtion Period in Abu Dhabi and my current salary is 2500 AED total but i want to change Note : this is my first employment visa. I not satisfied with the work and main reason salary.

    i have an other offer from Ajman like 5000 AED + Accomo.
    My only question how can i leave this job without having ban both (Company and Labour) and Do i have to get N.O.C if resigns from current company ?

    I need help Please.

  191. YASAR says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am a degree holder, I was working in LLC company for pass 21months and my visa is getting expired in 25th june’15, meanwhile i got the job in sharjah so i have submitted my resignation with my employer and after my notice period i am waiting for my visa to be get cancelled.

    My new employer is urging me to join where they agreed to give AED 9000 & designation as “Senior buyer”.

    Should i get ban? or any possibility to avoid ban by paying certain amount?

    Please advise.

    My previous visa reads “OFFICE CLERK” – salary 5k

        • Deepak M says

          As a graduate you will need 12K minimum salary to avoid ban.
          I suggest you obtain an NOC from your employer.

      • AFSAR says

        Hi Deepak,

        4 Months Back i joined a Foam company .Proviously they said me to do the official work now they are telling me to work as a foreman . As i had the Master Degree ( MBA ) in Finance and Marketing. Should i get the Ban if i want to change the Job .

        Please Help Me out

  192. Ashley says

    Hi Sir,

    I am planning to resign in my recent company, and my boss said i need to pay them of my 45 days salary. Is that possible? I am under unlimited contract and i did not find such thing in my labour contract, that I need to pay them such amount.
    grateful for your reply

  193. Zain says

    Hi sir,
    I have 16 year education and just join a company in Dubai , this is my first job,
    if i skip my job than how i can avoid ban because i am not happy with my job, my visa is of Sales.
    please tell me my salary is 2500 and on contract my salary is 1000

  194. jinu joseph says

    Hi deepak
    To joint in another company where to submit NOC from taken from the first company and offer letter.can u guide step by step had to get stent in to another job what is the procedure to fulfill in labour office and immigration.I have got offer letter from the another company and not from the present company what to do

  195. Sonu K Shaji says

    Dear sir
    I am working in a cmpny in abudhabi since july 2014.I am having Engineer visa (Unlimited).So I want to know whether i can jump to another cmpny befre 2yr cmpltion ??? If possible wat shud be the new package?

    • Deepak M says

      No one could stop you from jumping!
      But be sure to meet the criteria to avoid ban as mentioned in the article.

  196. JINU JOSEPH says



    • Deepak M says

      Your PRO should guide you. I do not know exactly the steps and don’t want to confuse you!

  197. faizy says

    Dear Senior,

    Mostly respected to all of you.I need your advice my visa is ordinary labor while my education is MBA(HR) and i have experience holder person my degree is also attested i need to switch …..can i have bear any ban or not … Please let me know

    • Deepak M says

      For post graduates there is usually no labour ban. However, you will need to check with the MOL.

  198. HARDIK says

    Mr. Deepak,

    Right now I have salary of 6500/- with Visa of Follow up clerk . but by profession I m Chartered Accountant

    Now I have offer of 10,000/- from new employer. will I get labour ban of 6 month if I will give my CA Degree Attested certificate then or I have to give my Bachelors Certificate to avoid Labour ban.

    Please advise.

    • Deepak M says

      I don’t think professionals like you will have a labour ban.
      With bachelor’s degree you will need 12K min salary to avoid labour ban.
      Please talk to MOL.

  199. Hiranmayi says

    Hi Deepak

    I’m an MBA graduate and working in a IT company as Business development executive and my current salary is 4500(unlimited contract) and I’ve got an offer as BDM with 6500 salary, Will I get a labor ban if I resign ?

    • Deepak Machado says

      I don’t think for your qualification you will receive labour ban.
      but also please check with the MOL.

  200. JINU JOSEPH says



  201. Khalil says

    Hi Deepak Sir. im working in trading company as a Delivery DRIVER i have Employ visa my salary was 2300 Basic. i was join from 07/09/2013 till 17/02/2015 was my last day . i have 8th class certificate. please help me to remove ban. my new company offering 4000 Basic salary for driver Job. Please Help me SIR

    • Deepak Machado says

      I am not sure for your qualification whether there will be labour ban or no!
      Please call MOL and enquire. I don’t think you will have labour ban.

  202. amir says

    i get a job offer in dubai in banking sector through outsources company . my question is can outsource company check my all creditional , degrees , experince letter from my home country ? i give afake experince letter due to my previous emplyer does not issue me experince letter. i am worried about this .

  203. Aamir Bhat says

    Hello Deepak,
    I would like to ask i’m working here in LLC company in Dubai since September 2014 upto now, and i’m planning to transfer to a another company. my salary from my previous job is 5000 AED. and the new company i planned to transfer offered me 7000 AED. What are the consequences? Am i still receiving a ban and will it be lifted? I’m holding a engineer visa

  204. Mary says

    Dear Deepak,
    I was appointed as a marketing executive here in a private company
    I joined January 27 2014 but I got the visa stamp last June 2014 then I was offered a salary of 3000 but when I got my labor contract it was mentioned that my salary is 7500. Monthly Im getting 3,000 as what they have offered me. And now I want to change to different company whos willing to offer me 6000 salary. I need your advice.

    1)Will I get a labour ban on this?
    2)What will I do to avoid the ban?
    3)How much salary should I require on the future company?

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. What is your qualification? Read article again.
      2. Again, read the post.
      3. What for? Read the post carefully!

  205. Shahzaib says

    Dear Deepak,
    Seek your immediate expert opinion in my case. I have got high school certificate and was working as ‘Field Investigator’ on monthly salary of 4500 Aed (Plus incentives amount was additional) with Mashreq Bank which is a private entity from last 18 Months on limited contract period (Limited contract validity is 2 years). After 18 months the bank has terminated me based on my negative performance.

    Now I have received another job offer for some private company offering me salary of 4000 Aed and incentives, knowing the fact that as compared to the previous salary current package is lesser.

    First question is that if my current employer gives me NOC to move to new employer which what they promised to give me, so MOL can still implement a 6 months ban on me or not because the offered salary is lesser than what I was getting paid?

    Secondly in case, they don’t give me NOC my new employer is telling me we can get your ban lifted by paying some money as well (About what I want to know is there such a process as well to avoid ban)?

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. if you have NOC, you could avoid labour ban.
      2. There is nothing like this!

  206. Humble says

    Hi Deepak, I have a Diploma and A degree in computer science and I have searched fro a job for months and landed on notthing than a cleaner and a Helper in a meat shop. I started working on 15th Jan,2015 and this job is killing me gradually. The salary is AED 900 and I have not signed any contract with the company yet as i have asked them serveral times but all they say is wait. Now i want to quit look for a new job, will this attract a Ban and how do I avoid this Ban. Please Help

  207. Elmer says

    Im working as a food handler in a small stall and my salary is 1800aed. Sad to say but my boos decide to close our branch to minimize the lost, he told me he will not cancel my visa so I can look for another job but I just want to know if I will have a ban? I did not resign to my job, it’s my boss decision to shut down the business and as I read this article I will have a labor ban. Is there anything I can do aside from looking a job which is 5000aed. Im only working here for almost 10 months. Kindly give me information or guide.

  208. Jin says

    Hi Sir Deepak,

    I just want to ask regarding ban Iam Currently working 10 months assistant accountant in the company and my salary here is 2700 ..
    1. I want to transfer to the new company the offer is 7,000 Junior accountant position I graduated with bachelors degree will i be banned?
    2. If my employer will give NOC will i get banned?

  209. muneer says

    dear Sir,
    I have been working for current company for the last 1.7 years for a salary of 5900 aed . recently i have changed my labor contract and the company renewed it as unlimited contract. now i got a new offer from an competitor company with more than 7000 Aed salary.i am having a diploma certificate. my new company pro told me they can lift my 6 months labor ban. but i heard that the current company owner can recommend on labor to implement a one year ban on me. is it applicable to me ? as i have completed my one month notice period after giving written resignation.

  210. joe says


    I’m working with company for 6 months – although my visa was processed a month ago only.

    I got offered other job which pays me 13,000 – I also hold degree. Will I get visa ban?

    I could possibly get a NOC too.

  211. stalin says

    Dear Deepak,

    1)I am working in a trading company getting salary AED 5000 and my profession mentioned on my visa is “Sales Representative” .Completed 1.3 years in that company. I am a Mechanical Engineer. If my new company is ready to give me same AED 5000 salary. Is there any ban, if I use my attested high scool certificate instead of degree certificate..?
    2)If ban is valid in this condition. it can be lifted, if company is willing to give NOC…?(because the company is going to close itself).
    3)If i get NOC from my present company and my new company is ready to give AED4500 (means less than 5000 AED). In this condition ban is valid or not…?

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. Yes, you will face automatic labour ban.
      2. Yes, with NOC you could avoid labour ban.
      3. Ban may be lifted. Nothing is conclusive though!

  212. Anoop says

    Hi Deepak

    First of all let me appreciate the efforts you are taking to respond to every query and helping others. You are doing a great job.

    Like others I have a query too. I am a BSC, PGDM (MBA) holder sales professional with around 9 years of experience. I have got an offer of 12K AED per month for 1st 6 months and after that 13K from a renowned electronic company based in Dubai.

    My position is Business Development Manager. As per my employer I will get a managerial Visa (not as sales executive). Though I am an MBA, I have got my graduation certificate attested as my MBA is from a private institute which cannot be attested by HRD in India.

    My question is, as I am a graduate (Plus MBA non-attested certificate) with 12000 salary, if I change my Job after 6 months (Probation Period) will I get a ban? I will certainly try to get NOC but what if they don’t give it?

    Please suggest. Thanks.


    • Deepak Machado says

      Your new company should offer you 12K+ salary to avoid any labour ban.

  213. Anthony says

    If my company terminating me and not giving me NOC what i can do ?

    Can i claim for that by law because they are breaking contract so ….

  214. Shashank says

    Hello Sir, the situation is this one of my friend he is an Engineer he was working in Fujairah for 1 year after that he went for holidays in India and didn’t came back. Now it has been more than 6 month and he want to come here on Visit visa or Employment visa. Can he come in UAE or not on either of the Visas as he didin’t cancel his visa that time.

    Thanks for your reply on my above question.

    I want to ask like can he come on Visit Visa to UAE now or not.

  215. shyni says

    am a registered nurse and am on husband visa, i started working in the facility last march 2014, and i have resigned now. i have completed 1 year. if am seeking a job in another facility is there any labour ban and if so how i can lift it up?look forward for your reply

  216. Newbiw says

    I am working in humeriya free zone since 5 months on engineer visa.

    My probation period is 6 months, so , i have left 1 month of probation.

    Now i want to leave company. should i resign before probation period or after ??
    And in either case, Is any labour ban for me???

  217. mithin raj says

    I am mithin raj, joined in a company a month before in abudhabi.i got a new offer of 7000 aed and i am a diloma holder after higher probatonary period is 6 months,in this period if i resign do i have to give notice period of 3 months as per contract? If uae ban is automaticaly imposed the new company can lift by showing the labour contract? my contract is limited contract of 2 years, can my new company can lift ban if i get ban?

    • Deepak Machado says

      According to your salary and qualifications, you could avoid labour ban.

  218. sheila says

    Just need a little clarification.
    If I am a degree holder earning 3500 now, below would be my options to avoid labour ban (i’m only on my 4th month)?
    1. Look for a work in a free zone (is there salary requirement?)
    2. Look for a govt/semi-govt job (is there salary requirement?)
    3. Look for a job in a private company who’ll pay 5000+, or 12,000+?

  219. victor says

    good day sir i need an advice that my restaurant get closed and they will cancelled my visa limited visa i been work 14 months and they will give us NOC so i have ban on that terms?

  220. mithin raj says

    I am mithin raj, joined in a company a month before in abudhabi.i got a new offer of 7000 aed and i am a diloma holder after higher probatonary period is 6 months,in this period if i resign do i have to give notice period of 3 months as per contract? If uae ban is automaticaly imposed the new company can lift by showing the labour contract?

  221. Name says

    Dear Deepak,

    I need your help immediately while taking the final decision in my visa cancellation. Actually my company is going to cancel my visa within a couple of days. I got some information from my company PRO, they are going to take visit visa in my name immediately after exiting from UAE to block my new employment visa application. Is there any solutions for this ? Can they take visa in my name ? Please help me…

    • Deepak Machado says

      It is appalling that companies employ such tactics.
      I am not sure what your options are!
      Without your consent, they are not supposed to take any visas.

  222. Shashank says

    Hello Sir, the situation is this one of my friend he is an Engineer he was working in Fujairah for 1 year after that he went for holidays in India and didn’t came back. Now it has been more than 6 month and he want to come here on Visit visa or Employment visa. Can he come in UAE or not on either of the Visas as he didin’t cancel his visa that time.

  223. Riyaz says

    Hi Deepak,

    I am an Civil engineer with Masters degree… My Employer promised me to pay a Salary of 6000 AED and it is mentioned in contract also… But irrespective of that he is now telling that hewill pay 4000 AED for first 6 months… I have found another company, they offers me a salary of 7000 AED, Can I shift to the new company without labour ban? Also what is the procedure to shift ? If my current sponsor doesnt provide me with NOC what should I do… ? Please Hel[…

  224. Bishwa says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am planning to change the job. Now I have complete 1.3 year in current company and I got the new job offer .in this case shall I get the labour ban or not.
    I got the offer 6500.
    I have +2 qualifications.
    Your reply will be highly appreciated

    • Deepak Machado says

      Considering your salary and qualification, you will face no labour ban.

  225. Ahmad says

    Hi Deepak,

    If an employee find the company is not right for him in terms of work and office environment and he decided to resign during the three months probation period, can a ban will be apply by MOL or the company? Salary is 12000 basic and 10000 housing total 22000 with ACCA qualification.

    Thank you.

    • Deepak Machado says

      You may face ban.
      But I must also say that professionals usually do not have labour ban.
      I am not sure whether ACCA is considered as professional.

  226. Mohanned says

    Hi Deepak,

    I worked for almost 10 months and the company terminated me a year ago, is it true that I can have a ban for two years because I was about to start in my new job but the company said I have a labor ban that is why they won’t be able to give me the visa.

    Looking forward for your response. thank you.

  227. Anthony says

    I am working in a Private company by last 5 months now they are terminating me by low performance i have certificates but not attested… and my company also agree to give me NOC so these 2 thing can be useful for lifting my 6 months labor ban ?

  228. karl says

    Hi Deepak

    need clarity on the below questions

    1. If i leave the company during probation will i get a ban?
    2. And if i leave by company after probation but before completion of 2 years will i get a ban?
    3. if i complete 2 years and then go into the next year say after 2.6 if i leave the company will i get ban?

    My contract is unlimited
    Designation in visa is Sales Executive
    Certificate attested is MBA

    Just wanted to know these after i read your article.

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. Labour ban is automatic.
      2. Yes.
      3. if you complete your contract, there is no labour ban.

  229. Ashar says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am working on an unlimited visa for salary AED 1600 for past 10 months. If I resign, will there be any ban? If I get terminated, will there be any ban? My certificates, diplomas and education credentials are not attested. My visa is limited skilled visa and “sales” is mentioned on my visa paper.

    How can I continue working in Dubai if I resign or get fired by my current employer?

  230. James says

    Hi sir,
    I have completed 5 months in a company. I have got an opening in another company. I am a btech engineer. My present company is ready to cancel my visa without ban. My new salary is 4000 aed. Will I receive a labour ban even though I receive a NOC from my company. My new company is ready to take me if I dont get a ban.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Yes, you will get automatic labour ban.
      With NOC, you could avoid labour ban.

  231. Laarni says

    hi Mr. Deepak, do i have ban if my employer terminated me?I just completed 10months, but my visa still not cancelled,,my contract is unlimited,,please reply..

      • Laarni says

        hi Mr.Deepak, so I can just apply in freezone company?because according to my interviewers(not a freezone company), since my current company terminated me, I don’t have a ban, and I can apply to private company, as long as I have it true?

        • Deepak Machado says

          Yes, mostly you will not get labour ban as you were terminated.
          Better to also get NOC.

  232. Nissar says


    I completed 1.6 months with my present employer. I am planning to move on to another company.
    My qualification is MBA. currently working a sales executive. if the new company offering below 12000 AED/- (may be 7000-10000) how my case would be.? How can I avoid the ban in this situation. ? kindly advice

  233. JOHN says


  234. Kami says

    Hello Deepak Sir,
    how are you?
    my name is Kami, from Jamshedpur India
    i am working with real estate and maintenance company in Abu Dhabi on labor visa for 5 months,

    current status:
    Salary: 1000 AED.
    Designation: Stone mason
    Visa: Unlimited
    and now i am selected in a semi-government company in Jebel Ali area in Dubai,
    they offered salary 3400 AED and they will provide Immigration Visa not labor visa.
    so will i still face 6 month automatic ban?
    if i have NOC (no objection certificate) or not.
    plz can you give appropriate advice?

  235. Alam says

    I am working in a private sector from last 22 months as maintenance foreman and my visa expire in may 2015. but i want to change my company now. may i get ban ? please advise. i have trade cirtificate.

  236. Alam says

    I am working in a private sector from last 22 months as maintenance foreman and my visa expire may. but i want to change my company now. may i get ban ? please advise. i have trade cirtificate.

  237. RODRIGUES S says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    Some of my friends [9 nos ]had taken up a job in Ajman as Helpers for a oil company. The MD of the company used to harass the boys, use foul language even insult them certain times. Despite of all this the boys worked for 21 days and the very next day all the 9 were told to go back to india. The company did not pay their salary and booked their tickets and cancelled their visa and sent them back. In this case what should be done. Even the food that they used to have outside, bill were not settled as the company did not give them the salary. Now the company is asking for the food money – what should be done.

    Please do advise on this.


  238. Zubair says

    Hi Sir,
    I Hope you are good
    I am Zubair I Have Master Degree I Join LLC Company for the period of 2 years agreement for that salary 1800(AED) per month with accommodation and transportation. They hire me as assistant accountant to me at the time of interview they saw me your position is accountant. I work for 2 days accounts work and I go to India my visit visa has expire after 2 months they send me employment visa and I came to Dubai. I join the job next day they saw to me Zubair your work is marketing outdoor work I am doing the work since almost 15 days is completed to me in company I am not satisfy for job role and Management so I am planning to transfer another company . Kindly please tell me what I can do. Shall I Search for Free Zone Company?
    If the present company give NOC Have any option to search for new job

    1. Will I face a 6 months ban ?

  239. Zubair says

    I am Zubair I done MBA. . Past 15 days Back I Joined LLC Company 2 years agreement period. For Salary of 1800AED…With Transport and Accommodation I am not satisfy to work and company management they hire me as accountant but they are collecting marketing out door work I am not satisfy for that work. At the time of interview they saw accountant post. But now they are taking marketing outdoor work what I can do Sir shall I change the job.
    I want to leave the contract, whether I have band? Please advise me how to avoid band?

    Shall I Search In Free Zone Company

    • Deepak Machado says

      yes you will labour ban.
      Yes, you could search in free zones and you will not have labour ban applicable.

  240. erwin says

    im working in the restaurant and i finish already my 2 years contract my sallary is 1600 dhs,so right now ive been working 5 months with my new contract.then i was decide to search another job because of less just asking you iget any ban for this matter plz reply

  241. Rahul says

    HI Deepak

    Iam Rahul i worked in free Zone company 2 years and 10 months and December 2014 i changed my job and joined another company which is not in Free Zone but due to some circumstances i want to change as i completed only 3 Months now and i have a other offer in non free zone company so plz tell me can i change or is there any ban on me.

      • Name (required) says

        Thanks for your reply deepak , But now iam not joining in free Zone company so is there any ban on me.

        • Rahul says

          Hi Deepak please confirm my above query as iam not working in free zone company i got a offer outside free zone.

      • GERRY says

        hi mr.deepak gud afternoon,

        I have some question maybe you can clarify to me,i am working under unlimited contract now for 3 years in same company,the thing is before my sponsor visa was bustan al khaleej for two years,but after that 2 years when I renew my contract my sposnsor change to almarai but my contaract was the same but my sponsor change,now I am completed 1 year for this new sponsor but actually same company,,,but diffwerent sponsor,my question is if I am going to resign am I get labour ban?

  242. K says

    Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I renewed my unlimited contract 3 weeks ago. I have already finished 2 years contract and renewed because I thought I would not get any other offers. I already finished with the typing centre & medical exams but only waiting for results.
    1. If i transfer to a new company, would I be automatically ban?
    2. How to lift this ban?
    3. Will my current employee ask me to pay the expenses for my renewal? I paid in the typing center but they paid the medical and others but I dont know how much they are.
    4. What other legal implication will I face?
    Thank you.

  243. Ben says

    Good Day,
    Hi Deepak,

    my boss close our store in abudhabi last year and he canceled everything including my visa he told me that I can’t transfer to other company because i will be facing a 6 months ban but he give other option he asked me to come with him here in sharjah and he will give me a new visa same sponsor and ban will be lifted. So I was under the impression that it will be a transfer visa only since its same sponsor, so right now I have a new visa here in Sharjah with the same sponsor and i asked my boss to give me copy of my contract he told me he will give it to me, but he did not he always give excuses so what I did I check online in MOL website because a friend of mine told me that I can get a copy . I was shock when I see the new contract its not my signature on it and the basic and allowance is difference although he still give me the original salary every month from the old contract. My question is it legal for him to do that? changing it without my knowledge and using my signature on the contract also If i will transfer JOB will I’ll be hit by the labor ban…

    • Deepak Machado says

      It is totally illegal to do that!!
      You did not sign it and it is a case of forgery.
      You could complain with MOL if you wish. But request them to be anonymous.
      yes, you may face labour ban

  244. Sara says

    I’ working for my recent company for 4year and 7 months as sales lady jewelry company my contract. is unlimited so I get pregnant when my company knows about my pregnancy they send me termination letter with out any reason and I didn’t do any thing wrong and its difficult to get job now because am 4 month pregnant plz help me what should I do

  245. Elsworth says

    Good day Deepak,

    I would like to ask i’m working here in dubai since Oct. 16, 2014 upto now, and i’m planning to transfer to a another company. my salary from my previous job is 2,5K AED. and the new company i planned to transfer offered me 3,5K AED. and be informed that the new company is a Free Zone company. What are the consequences? Am i still receiving a ban and will it be lifted? I’m holding a Limited Working Visa

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you are joining freezone company you will have no labour ban.

  246. Jehanzaib says

    hi sir Deepak how are you.
    Sir i am working in a company since 3 months and today they told me that you are terminated from company because of your performance .
    they said that they are not satisfied from my performance so they terminate my and also they ban me for 6 months
    is it possible because i didn’t leave the company but company terminated me
    please give me solution.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Please talk to MOL about your situation. They may exempt you from labour ban.

  247. pankaj says

    Hi Mr Deepak,
    Needed a guidance from you on the following scenario.
    I m an MBA came to Dubai to work as a sales Manager in a llc company just 6 days back on employment e visa.My salary offered. Is 10k dhs.I have gone through the medical test of X ray and blood test only till now.reports are awaited.Now the company MD is saying that you have a hearing problem and for that they have taken separate test at pvt clinic (which approves the same).The company is cancelling my visa on this ground .
    1.Will I face a 6 months ban
    2.I have another offer from free zone,present co. Is not in free zone.
    3.can I ask/get compensation.
    4.Is there any legal option.

    Pls answer the queries.
    Thanks & Regards.

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. No.
      2. Ok. Even if you have a ban, you will not face in free zone.
      3 No
      4. I don’t think. You have failed the medical requirement!

  248. Sadam says

    Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I resign from my company and i got a offer of 6.5k. Previous company gave me 3.5k. 17th of march is my last working day of and company told they will cancel my visa 21st of march. After cancelling my visa 30 days allowed me to stay in dubai. I want to know can i start my work immediately with new company while i am getting my new visa? If i work there in that 30 days while getting my visa, there is any issues? New company HR told me to go my home country and they told they will send the visa. I feel it is a risk. Please help me.

    • Deepak Machado says

      working without proper documentation is not legal!
      You may do as per your new employer. What risk?

  249. Rufus says

    hey Deepak.

    i am currently working in my dads company in sharjah as a civil engineer with 4000 AED as basic salary. I m a post graduate and i got an offer in another company in sharjah with 6500 AED as basic. i completed 1 year and 3 months on my current company if i submit a no objection letter can i avoid the ban or what is the correct way to avoid ban if there is any. i heard u need 12000 AED for post graduate to avoid ban. is that true, is there any solution for this

    with regards,

  250. Mohammed Zee says

    Dear Mr Deepak

    Firstly i appreciate your work for the strivers,
    i have one query I am a Graduate but my Visa is a technician visa & my Current salary is below 5,000 & now i am getting offer for 6000 from other company since i had joined couple of months back, Will ban impose on me?

    Kindly Reply whether the Ban is according to Visa type or Qualification?


  251. Iyyappan says



  252. Chris says

    I’ve been working here in Abu Dhabi as a receptionist in a gym for more than 4 yrs, this month they have renewed my visa. I’m going on vacation by April and just want to ask if I need an NOC to transfer to another company? Is it OK if i transfer work at April and they just renewed my visa last march? Thanks.

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you have completed your contract, you will not face labour ban.
      I think you could join other companies. Getting NOC is also better.

  253. Niju says

    Dear Deepak,

    I am 10th(SSLC) I am working as a Sales Executive in Dubai; I am getting 7,500/- .Now I am 6 month completed . But now my company planing to terminating me,already I gt the Termination Notice, God grace I gt a new opportunity from another one company, whether I have band? Please advise me how to avoid band? please help…

  254. lia says

    Dear Mr.Deepak

    i’m a nurse working for a company in abudhabi under limited contract for 2 years, my salary is 6000 dhs/month. I have completed my 6 mos probationary period and i’m already working for the company for almost 7 mos. now .The thing is i want to resign because my comp. sucks, and i know i will get a 6 mos ban because my employer will surely not gonna give me a NOC. questions,

    1. do i have to pay anything when i resign because i did’nt finish my contract?
    2. if a govt hospital will hire me will the ban get lifted.? and what if the govt hospital will only offer me 10000 will i get a ban.?

    thanks in advance..

  255. vishnu ns says

    Dear Deepak
    I am
    1. A Bachelor’s degree graduate.
    2. Working as a Draughtsman under Follow Up clerk Visa (employer didnt ask for my Attested bachelors degree credentials when they process my visa)
    3. With an Unlimited Contract (2 years )expiring on NOV 2015(16months completed)
    4. With a basic salary of 2000
    now i got a new offer letter as a design engineer having 7000,
    so Does my company has the right to ban me if i resigned before completing 2 year,if so what i have to do for lifting the ban
    Please advise

  256. Rick says

    Hello Deepak,

    I have been associated as a Mechanical Engineer in a ship repair company. Recently I have been awarded admission into an UK university for pursuing masters in Management. I have 2 months of work experience in this company and in the company contract it is mentioned that I need to pay AED 10,000 if I leave this company during my fixed contract which is of 3 years. Will I get a labor ban if I resign during my probation period? Please reply.

    • Deepak Machado says

      First of all congratulations on your admissions.
      As long as it is not mentioned in the Labour contract, I don’t think it is valid.
      Labour ban will be applicable automatically.

      • Rick says

        I had to sign on the company letter head addressing it to the HR manager and in the same letter it is mentioned that the company has all the right to keep my resignation in abeyance and I would have to wait for my replacement. Is it legal to do this in the UAE? Can I complain to the MOL if my resignation is rejected? Please, advice

        • Deepak Machado says

          No, companies can not hold employees beyond the notice period post resignation.
          Yes, you could complain with MOL.

  257. Rick says


    I started working with a Ship Repair company in a Free Zone in December 2014. I was recently admitted into an UK university for pursuing Masters in Management. My probation is for 6 months, if I leave in between will I get a life time ban. I would have to pay AED 10,000 as a compensation if I leave this company before my contract gets over which is for 3 years. Please suggest.

  258. AJCD says


    Good day.

    I saw your blog post with regards to different dilemmas of expats. Same thing, i would like to ask and verify some questions to u.

    My husband is working for 2 almost years in a construction company as engineer. His Labour card permit will expire on 3-Mar and residence visa on 24-Mar. The company policy and the agreement that he signed is 3 months notice period for resignation.

    Last Feb 1, He had sent his resignation letter to his employer knowing it would run up to 1-May. During this time, the company is trying to counter offer him but he personally decided to move out already. Then came 25-Feb, His employer told him that “we decided to grant your wish” so my husband said “thank u sir”. He thought that instead of 3 months, the company will just have him finish his contract. Unfortunately, on that very day, the employer said that it would be his last day.

    Last 5-Mar, He was asked to sign papers from MOL in which there is Ban for 6 months. Now, He is worried if he has labour ban from MOL because no one can confirm to us with regards to this. Others said that even if you finish your 2 years, it will be automatic as per the MOL system.

    i just want to ask if he is ban already?
    He is in working visa as engineer, If he will move to other company, does he needs to have atleast 12k of salary?

    i hope you can help us.

    thank you and God Bless.

    • Deepak Machado says

      Professionals like engineers do have labour ban if they do not meet MOL criteria.
      However, getting 12K solves lot of problems. But, if he has finished the contract, the labour ban is not applicable.

  259. DJN says

    I am sort of clear on the ban with respect to changing jobs. But need a few clarifications from you.

    Current job: Sales Manager > travel company
    Current salary: AED 8,000/month
    Highest qualification: Masters Degree
    Contract valid till: April 2016 (unlimited)

    Below are the conditions pertaining to my situation to evade a ban:
    1. New employer has to offer AED 12000/month as salary
    2. Possibility of current employer providing NOC

    Now my new employer is offering me only AED 10,000/month
    If I were to get NOC from my current employer, will I evade the ban?

      • DJN says

        Thank you Deepak!

        So this means even if I am offered only AED 10000/month by the new employer and if I obtain a NOC from my current employer, I can avoid the ban.

        I am reiterating on this because, your article somewhat conveys the message that the employee should have his new salary as AED 12000/month as a “fundamental clause” whether or not he procures a NOC from his current employer.

        Please clarify.

        • Deepak Machado says

          First of all, please don’t take my word as final!!
          I would like to guide you to my Disclaimer page:
          I write out of experience. The information is dynamic and may change time to time!
          I will not be held responsible for your actions. So please!
          You may interpret the message as you wish! I never mentioned about fundamental clauses!!
          Just because that is the first point on the article does not give it added value or as you mention, fundamental!

  260. luqman says

    dear deepak ,

    i was working with a llc company as assistant engineer i came here before 5 months ago because of salary problem i left the company but now i have one year ban i have a job offer of 5000 in this case what i will do
    Please advise me how to avoid band?

  261. Patricia says

    Im from Portugal and my name is Patricia.
    Im currently working in Dubai for an advertising company as a sales person.
    I have a limited contract for 2 years and i have only completed around 5 months, thing is im not really that happy with this job and i had an offer to work in al ain in a showroom, and im really interested, but don’t know what to do as i feel pretty scared to quit y current job.
    Now, my boss told me once that if i wanted to switch jobs i have to pay him 10000…and a ban.
    Its my first time working in UAE i know nothing about laws.
    Pleeeeeeease Mr.Deepak help me and let me know what can i do?

    Many thanks Patricia

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you break limited contract, you will face definite labour or immigration ban.
      However, you do not need to pay anything to the employer if you quit.
      At this moment, I am afraid that you do not have any choice.
      If you need more details, please contact me.

  262. mohaideen says

    I am working in contracting llc in an engineering visa(limited) . I have completed one year of the contract, so please clarify if there will be a ban if I switch jobs . Somesites states theres is mandatory ban, and current salary is 3k and offered salary for new job is 5k. Please clarify

    • Deepak Machado says

      If you do not complete your contract, there will be labour ban.

  263. Adil hamid says

    Dear Deepak.

    I am working in a company from last 3 years and 5 months. I want to switch my job as I am getting offer from other company almost same what I am getting now. My current salary is 9000 and new offer is 9500. But the question is shall I be banned, as company is having 3 different trade licenses. Hamriyah sharjah Free zone, Dubai and Abu Dhabi respectively. Initially my visa was from Free zone for 3 years but after visa expiry they stamped Dubai visa on that I have only completed 5 months.
    Please clarify, shall I get a ban if yes how to avoid.
    I am only having a higher secondary diploma does that fits in the criteria of having minimum offer of Aed 5000.
    Even there is no chance of Noc from my current employer too.

    Please clarify me and that will be highly appreciable.

    • Deepak Machado says

      from your info, it seems that you will have no labor ban as you are a secondary diploma holder and salary above 5K.

  264. Adi says

    Dear Deepak,

    i was working with a company for last 3 years and 6 months. i have already resigned because i had a better offer from other company.
    but the first three years i was having the visa of free-zone and after 3 years completion the same company having different trade license of Dubai LLC they stamped a new visa which is not from free zone. now i have served only 6 months with my new visa.

    * Please advise shall i be banned because for the new visa i have only completed 6 months even i have completed 3 and half years but with two different trade licenses.
    * I have a certificate of graduation but without attestation, do i need to attest the certificate to avoid ban.
    * i can get even NOC from the company, does that is enough to avoid ban.

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. Yes, since you have only 6 month record at MOL, you will have a labour ban. Request for an NOC from your company.
      2. Attesting will not solve ban issue. You will need minimum 12K salary as a graduate.
      3. yes, NOC will solve the problem.

  265. JV says

    My work permit for Company A have been approved but i want to cancel my employment to join Company B since i have a better offer.

    Am i going to have a ban? Would Company B can still apply a work permit, visa etc.. for me?

    Note: I did not sign any documents yet from Company A except offer letter. However, I have given them the copy of my passport & attested Educational certificates.

    • Deepak Machado says

      From information you have provided that the company has only applied for your Entry permit.
      If they have not applied for labour approval, you will have no labour ban.
      Entry permit can be cancelled by your company.

  266. Irfan says

    dear deepak
    i go to dubai on visit nd got the job as a sales executive then i exit on time but when my company apply employment visa immigration authorities reject the application..can u tel me whts the posbl reason behind that rejection nd how i can remove such ban

    • Deepak Machado says

      Can’t speculate on the reasons for rejections…..Sorry about that!

  267. Ayaz Ahmed says

    hello sir,

    let me know, i have bachelor degree. but salary agreement is AED 700/- if i want to change my job, if the new employer offer agreement 5000/-, what will for me? ……. Thanks
    reply must

  268. robin says

    Hi Deepak,

    im currently working in an LLC company for the past 9 months,

    i have resigned from the current company, as im not satisfied with job and also the employer didnt keep their promise of a salary increment after the completion of probation period.

    now im having an offer from a freezone company in jebel ali.

    will there be a ban for me??

    if yes, what bans i will have??

    looking forward for your reply,

    thanks in advance.

  269. Nasir bashir says


    i am CA Inter. I am working with a company at AED 2000 p.m since Jan. 2015, now i have an offer of AED 5000 p.m. in an LLC.
    Can I switch to new job without my current employer’s NOC. and will I be banned???

  270. Mohammed says

    I am on a unlimited contract working in dubai based company completed 1 year and 13 days as per joining date.
    My visa got stamped in April 2014.

    For past 8 months, facing the salary issue from the company.
    I have informed CEO on 8th Jan 2015 that I cannot continue with this condition.
    Hence, I will resign by 31st Jan,2015.
    Continue work,
    Then I replied continue if it does not happen then 28th Feb 2015 would be my last working day.
    Said fine, Then I asked shall I give in writing replied no need.

    I received my Dec 2014 salary on 25th Feb 2015.
    I have not taken my annual leave…
    In the month of Jan 2015 I left for my home country for 18 days on an emergency.
    Air ticket also paid by me..

    On 26th Feb 2015 I sent my resignation letter stating that 28th Feb 2015 would be my last working day in the company.
    On 28th feb 2015 I report to the office (saturday).
    Surrender company assets and send mail with attached hands off with the acknowledgment of the receptionist.
    After that called CEO and updated the situation and also asked to check e-mail.
    Said will check with the partner and update, I said I cannot continue anymore.

    Now, they are asking for my passport copy. No idea for what reason they need my passport copy.
    When asked no answer??

    My salary for two months still pending i.e. Jan & Feb 2015.
    Wondering what would be the consequence of ban.
    As I checked with MOL, there would be a six months labour ban which is by default.
    Also said there would be an employment ban.
    Life time ban.
    I am getting worried as my family is depending on me.
    Secondly, I might get a new job soon but they are also providing the labour visa.

    Please advice how to overcome with this issue.
    Need your kind co-operation.

    Thanks & regard.

  271. Manish says

    HI ,

    I am MBA, working in a company of salary of 5k AED and on my husband visa, will get banned if I change the job because it still 2 mth ago I joined.
    My labor card has not issued yet and ither company is giving me 7kAED.

    • Deepak Machado says

      If your labour approval is under process you may face labour ban.
      However, MBA qualified are exempt from ban. However, rules do change. Please inquire with MOL.

  272. Brandon Heat says

    Dear Deepak,

    Just a quick question, I just got a job offer its not exactly what I want, should I decide its not a right fit for me and find a better opportunity will I have any bans. The contract is 6 months probation and I can leave without notice. Do you see any problems with me finding a better Job or any bans, I have a Canadian Passport not sure if that makes a difference or not.

    Best Regards,

    • Deepak Machado says

      What is your profession and salary?
      If your salary is AED 12K and above with a bachelor’s degree, you will have no ban.
      Also if you are a professional degree holder like Doctor, Engineer you may have no labour ban.

      • Brandon Heat says

        Hi Deepak,

        I am an IT professional, I don’t have a degree just a college diploma with various IT certifications. My contact states basic salary of 7k, other allowances 7k. In the eyes of the MOL is my salary 7k or 14k.

        The contact also states 6 month probation, in which time they can let me go or I can leave without notice. Will I get a ban if for example I leave after few months?

        Curious last question, will not having a degree limit me on advancement, promotion or even new job opportunities at higher pay rates. Despite my senior experience in the IT field.

        Best Regards,
        Brandon Heat

        • Deepak Machado says

          Your total salary will be 14K.
          However, while calculating gratuity and increments, the company will base it on base salary.
          Sometimes higher designations require right qualifications. For ex, if you get managerial positions with higher salary, MOL may request valid degree certificates.

  273. Ankush says

    Hello Mr. Deepak,

    I read most of your replies and the above article as well.
    Really appreciate the time you had given.

    I am currently working with a LLC company as an Interior Designer on a Archive Clerk visa (but hold’s a bachelor degree which has not been attested) with a salary of 6k, and basic is 3k also am having Limited contract.

    Am not happy with the work of this company and thinking to switch after completion of an year.
    Just wanted to know –

    1- If i switch after one year is 12k salary the minimum (holding unattested document and a Archive clerk visa) as mentioned in article ?
    2 – Can i change my job if i get an offer of 9k or 10k ?
    3 – There will be no Ban if i get an offer from Free Zone! right ?
    4 – Till now i am having good relations with the company and if i ask for NOC from them will i still get Banned after one year ?
    5 – Is there no way of lifting the Ban :/ ?

    Please Advice, Will be waiting for your reply.
    Thank you :)

    • Deepak Machado says

      1. You will have to attest your certificate. Why don’t you do it now?
      2. You may face labour ban if you change your job with salary below 12K.
      3. Yes, if you join a free zone company there will be no ban.
      4. If you have an NOC, you can avoid labour ban.
      5. There is nothing called lifting ban. You can avoid it!

        Recommended Reading:

      • Ankush says

        Okay will get my Degree attested soon !
        But Deepak i am having a clerk visa not a designers visa and if i search for a job with my degree attested still the Ban will be applied ?

        I think after getting degree attested if i apply somewhere else my new sponsor will get a new visa for me and i belief Ban will not be applied because my designation is changing – Please correct if am wrong.

        Sorry if you find my comment difficult to understand what i mean to say.

        Looking forward for your reply

        Thank you

        • Deepak Machado says

          Labour ban is automatic, unless you meet requirements as mentioned in the article.

  274. Andreia says

    Dear Deepak,

    I wanna hire my housemaid under my resident sponsorship who is employed by a maids agency currently. The agency can’t provide her a NOC. What happens if she quits the agency? Can I hire her after that? How can she avoid any ban?

    • Deepak Machado says

      Sorry, but I have limited knowledge about this. From your query it is understood what kind of visa she is currently on.

  275. Usman says

    Hello, i got 2 years work visa by company, but want to switch in new job, only 1 month complete wid company but don’t want to do work with. If i want to remove my six months ban then how much fine i pay? Plz give me some solution. Thanx

  276. kenneth says

    Dear Deepak,

    My company terminated me after less than 6 months of work in the UAE. MY salary was 18k AED. After 2 months I am returning in the UAE to find a new work. Would I be eligible to work again in case a company may be interested in me even for a lower than AED 18k salary?

    Thanks in advance.


  277. Amit says

    Hi Deepak,
    I really appreciate to taking out time and replying to each query genuinely.
    My concern is that I started working for a company that is based in Masdar City Abu Dhabi and they have their local office in dubai. I have an Abu Dhabi VIsa and work in the jabel ali freezone office. No there was a problem in the company due to which they have reduced the salary by 30% and keep on telling me that they would remove me any time.
    So the question I wanted to ask is should I leave the company or wait for them to remove.And will i get 1 month grace period after they remove me to look for jobs

    P.S. I am still under probation period

    Awaiting your reply


    • Deepak Machado says

      Under probation, you can be terminated with a day’s notice and no further compensation is required to be paid.

      • Amit says

        thanks Deepak. But will the visa be cancelled immediately or will I have 1 month to look for jobs ?

        • Deepak Machado says

          It will depend on the company whether they will allow you 30 days or want you to exit immediately.

  278. bob says

    Dear Deepak,
    good day i have a job offer in an LLC company rightnow,currently i am in LLc i already finished my 2year contract then i renew another 2 year in my second contract i already finished 11 months,,and yesterday i got a new job my question is there any problem for that.

  279. Nicole says

    Hi Deeppak,

    Good day!!!
    Give this scenarios:
    1. A Bachelor’s degree graduate. A licensed CPA
    2. Working as an Accountant under Follow Up clerk Visa (employer didnt ask for my Attested bachelors degree credentials when they process my visa)
    3. With an Unlimited Contract (2 years )expiring on Aug 2015
    4. With a salary of 5000 (Increase this year of 200)

    My plan is to no longer renew, and look for a decent and with a higher salary job.

    1. As per our company, I need to send my none renewal letter to them 4 months before my contract ends? IS THIS CORRECT? IS NOT ONLY 1 MONTH TO NOTIFY THEM?

    2. What if my company dont accept my non renewal. And say that will just send me back to my home country instead? CANT I NOT JUST ATTEND THE FLIGHT BOOKED if this happens as they