Documents required for Parent visa-Parents in Law visa – Humanitarian Cases

Parents visa / Parent’s in Law – Documents – Humanitarian Cases One issue that has people confused here in UAE is residence visa for Parents or Parents in Law. In most cases the parents or parents in law are in their old age and you would like them to spend their time with you and your family here in UAE. UAE does have provision ... Continue Reading →

Health Insurance Law of Dubai – Issued by Dubai Health Authority

Download Health Insurance Law of Dubai – 2014 – PDF In the beginning of the year 2014 the Government of Dubai announced that health Insurance will be made mandatory. The framework for the health insurance Law has been issued by Dubai Health Authority. Under this scheme, an employer is mandated to provide Health Insurance coverage ... Continue Reading →

Best settings for your Desktop and Laptops on desks

Best setting for sitting and working at desk I may not be wrong when I say that almost 80% of us use the a static position while we work on our desk. Most of us do not move while we work on our computers at our desks. This has very bad long term effects on our health. And sitting and working is slowly killing us. I came across a wonderful ... Continue Reading →

How to check the status of your Emirates ID Application?

Check the status of your Emirates ID Application Emirates ID is a must for all UAE residents as part of their residency requirement. Emirates ID serves as an identification purpose in all the Government departments. Banks  and Finance Companies have made it a mandatory requirement to process applications for credit purposes. Emirates ID ... Continue Reading →
List of Top Online Grocery Shopping sites in Dubai

Top Online Grocery Shopping Sites in Dubai

Online Grocery Shopping Sites You been there, done that. Every week you drive your car on weekends  to a supermarket like Lulu, Carrefour….fill up the shopping cart, wait in queue for your turn to bill the products, push the cart towards your car, empty the shopping trolley to your car’s boot, arrive home, carry the polythene ... Continue Reading →

Wishes of Eid Al Adha

Eid Mubarak Team Emirates Diary would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarak. Most of you have holidays from 3rd October up to 5th of October which is combined with the weekend. Some fortunate ones have holidays up to 6th of October.  I have read that few schools are closed for 9 days. Wish you all a good break.  Continue Reading →

Types in Bans in UAE

Visa Ban in UAE A ban on visa means, that the person who is served the particular ban is not entitled to live and work in the UAE for a particular time or permanently. This may happen in a way of: Immigration Ban Labour Ban Immigration Ban or Residence Ban If you have immigration ban in UAE, you are not supposed to enter UAE or obtain residency ... Continue Reading →

Wrongful Absconding cases in UAE-Justice served!

Absconding List In the past few months, I have been contacted by many desperate employees who have been wrongfully been listed as absconding although they were very much here in the UAE and in regular contact with their employer. My reply to these individuals was always to approach the Labour Court in the Ministry of Labour.  Today my faith ... Continue Reading →
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