UAE Companies Law – Download PDF

Federal Law No 8 of 1984 – UAE Commercial Companies Law Companies and Corporations are a essential to any economy. UAE is no different in this. UAE Federal Government has laid out specific rules to govern the legality of various types of companies in UAE. There are basically 7 types of Legal entities under Commercial Law (Company Law)of UAE. 1. ... Continue Reading →

List of Hospitals in UAE

Hospitals in UAE Healthcare sector has been the focus of UAE Government for quite some time and there have been large investments into this sector by both private and government entities. UAE Government believes a healthy population is key to any country’s growth. Traditionally, the UAE population has been seeking more specialised healthcare ... Continue Reading →

How to Renew a Residence Visa for Dependents – Wife, Children?

Renewal of UAE Residence Visa of dependents – Wife, Children There is a 30 day grace period once a residence visa expires; however, it is advisable to begin the renewal process in advance. The same documents need to be produced, and a new health check carried out. The fees are the same. Family visas are permissible on if your earn more than 4,000 ... Continue Reading →

Will staying outside 6 months continuously cancel my UAE visa?

Automatic visa cancellation of UAE Visa if 6 months outside UAE If you have a valid UAE residence visa and for some reason you have to stay outside the UAE continuously over six(6) months the visa will become invalid or expired. However, it is possible to prevent the automatic cancellation of residence visa. If you have a valid residence from UAE and ... Continue Reading →

How to Calculate your Car Loan installment? (Excel)

Car Loan Installment Calculator – Excel (download) Literally everyone I know has a car in Dubai ! Many of them bought the cars for the sake of convenience. Buying car is an exciting moment for the whole family. I asked few of them as to how much did it cost? And I found out that an average family saloon car in  Dubai can cost anything between ... Continue Reading →

Procedure for Employment Visa in UAE

Employment visa procedure in UAE If you intend to work or live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE you need to have proper visa.  You must have proper job contract from local or foreign company to proceed with the employment visa. Your employer has to request the immigration department for work visa.  Your employer should take care of all the paperwork and expenses ... Continue Reading →
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