List of Forex Exchange Companies in UAE

Forex Exchange Companies in UAE Exchange companies are an integral part of UAE Economy. Most of us being expatriates here, money exchange companies play a vital role in transferring remittances from UAE to the destination countries. In the UAE there are more than 130 registered money exchange companies as per UAE Central Bank. Billions of ... Continue Reading →

MBA in Dubai ? What are your options?

MBA in Dubai? Many people have this notion that MBA (Master of Business Administration) is the key to a great career and I must say that they are true. An MBA will give you an insight into the experience that is most sought after by employers throughout the world. Few years back it became a trend for many to pursue MBA as part of diversifying ... Continue Reading →

UAE Labour Law in Arabic – Download PDF version

UAE Labour Law – Arabic version PDF I have at least received 20+ requests for Arabic version of UAE Labour Law for download. I searched and referenced many places and I am happy to say that I have found an Arabic version of UAE Labour Law which you can download below. This is an official version of UAE Labour Law obtained from Ministry ... Continue Reading →

How to check your Visa status online in Dubai? (video tutorial)

Check the status of your visa application status. We all had that moment when you applied for visas for your family or our companies applied for the residence visa and the waiting started. You ask your PRO, he says he will check. You are just anxious whether your visa is processed or not. But don’t be disheartened! Dubai Government ... Continue Reading →

Places to visit in Dubai: Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary (pictures)

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary Nestled between the Ras Al Khor road and Oud Metha road is a gem hidden from plain view. For the past 4 years on a daily basis I used to cross this road but seldom did I make an effort to visit this place. And I was surprised to find such a beautiful and calm place right in the middle of Dubai. Video of Ras ... Continue Reading →

Retirement Age in UAE as per UAE Labour Law

When should I retire? At 60 or 65? It is said that the knowledge and experience grows as you get older. I received couple of emails from readers asking me to clarify when is actually the retirement age in UAE as per the labour law. As per the authorities, the retirement age currently is set at 65 years. This rule was changed by Ministry ... Continue Reading →

What is an Unlimited Labour Contract?

Unlimited Contract – Employment As mentioned in my previous post about Limited Labour Contract, there are 2 types of labour contracts under Ministry of Labour UAE. 1. Limited Contract 2. Unlimited Contract What is Unlimited Contract? An Unlimited Contract is one which is open ended. The contract itself has an expiry. However, it is ... Continue Reading →
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