Employment of Juveniles as per UAE Labour Law

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Juveniles as per UAE Labour LawJuveniles have been provided with a special treatment under UAE Labour Law. Below is the extract from UAE Labour Law Section 2, Articles 20 to Article 26.SECTION 2 EMPLOYMENT OF JUVENILES ARTICLE (20) It is prohibited to employ a juvenile of either sex before he/she completes fifteen(15) years of age.ARTICLE (21) Before a … [Read more...]

Reader Mail: Are there any fees if I file a complaint with MOL?

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Do I have to pay fees for filing complaints with MOL? Not everything goes smooth at the workplace. Sometimes, you may have disagreements with your employer and may have to file complaint with MOL and courts in UAE. Most of the employees do not want to go the way of complaints, cases, courts as they are time consuming. Further, they also think that there is a cost involved in … [Read more...]

Number of days in a month as per UAE Labour Law?

days in a month labor law uae

How many days are considered in a month as per UAE Labour Law? Many have expressed their confusion as to how many days is considered a month as per UAE Labor Law. Article 8 of the UAE Labour Law clearly mentions the following: "Dates and periods stipulated herein shall be construed according to the Gregorian Calendar. In the applications of the provisions of this Law, a … [Read more...]

Who does the UAE Labour Law apply to?

uae labour law in private sector

Is UAE Labour Law applicable to everybody? Being an employer or an employee, all must be aware of their rights as per UAE Labour Law. Although it may seem that UAE Labour Law encompasses everybody in the UAE, all companies, employees do not come under the purview of the UAE Labour Law. As per the Article 3 of the UAE Labour Law, if you are anyone from the … [Read more...]

Difference between Offer Letter and Labour Contract

offer letter and labour contract

Difference between Offer letter and Labour Contract So you have landed a job! That's great news. Companies usually express their desire to employ you with an 'Offer of Employment' letter on the letter head. This is an indicative letter that you have passed the interview and have been selected to work in the company. However, there are few more procedures that you will have to … [Read more...]