What Are the Emergency Contact Numbers in Dubai You Need to Know

Emergency Contact Numbers in Dubai

Whether you’re living in Dubai or just visiting, it’s essential to know who to call when there’s an emergency like an accident or a fire. Knowing these emergency contact numbersOpens in a new tab. can help save lives by getting the right help quickly.

As good citizens, it’s our duty to report any problems to the authorities, like crimes or accidents. We can help keep our community safe by making sure the right people know when something bad is happening.

Emergency Contact Numbers in UAE You Need to Know

In case of an emergency in the UAE, you can call the following numbers:

  • 999 for Police
  • 998 for Ambulance
  • 997 for Fire Department (Civil Defence)
  • 996 for Coastguard
  • 995 for Search and Rescue
  • 991 for Electricity Failure
  • 922 for Water Failure

Emergency Contact Numbers in Dubai You Need to Know

Here are the crucial emergency contact numbers for Dubai:

Dubai Police:

  • General emergencies: 999
  • Anonymous reporting: 800-4888

Crimes against Children:

To report crimes against children, dial +971-4-266-1228.

Wanted Persons Department:

Report sightings or information about wanted individuals by calling +971-4-266-0929.

Ambulance Services:

In case of medical emergencies, dial 998. The ambulance services in Dubai operate under the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and are well-equipped to respond swiftly to health-related crises.

Fire Emergencies:

For fire-related emergencies, dial 997. The Dubai Fire Department is trained and equipped to handle various types of fire incidents, from residential fires to industrial accidents.

Maritime City Authority:

Contact the Maritime City Authority at 800-8855 for queries related to ports and maritime activities in Dubai.

Municipality Service:

If you encounter issues related to municipal services, such as sanitation or public infrastructure, contact +971-4-221-5555 for assistance.

Electricity Failure:

Report electricity failures promptly by dialing 911. This ensures that technical issues related to power supply can be addressed swiftly by the relevant authorities.

Water Failure:

Similarly, in the event of water supply disruptions or technical issues, contact 922 to report water failures.

Public Health & Customer Safety:

To report products or activities that pose a risk to public health or safety, call +971-4-223-2323 to alert the authorities.

Consumer Rights:

Protect consumer rights by reporting any fraudulent or unethical practices to 600-522-225.

Reporting Fake Medicine:

Combat the spread of counterfeit medications by reporting instances of fake medicine to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (UAE) at 800-11111.

Flight Inquiries:

Stay informed about flight schedules, delays, or other aviation-related queries by contacting the relevant authorities at +971-4-224-5777.

Work-Related Emergencies:

Employers can report work-related injuries or incidents promptly by calling 80060. It is mandatory to report such incidents to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation within 24 hours, in accordance with labor laws.

Drone Accidents:

While the use of drones may not be widespread, Dubai has established a hotline to report drone-related accidents or incidents. If you encounter a drone accident, call +971-50-641-4667 to notify the authorities.

Nuclear or Radiation Concerns:

In the rare event of nuclear or radiation concerns, contact the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) at 800-3267999 or +971-50-6416533 for immediate assistance and guidance.

Ensuring that you and your loved ones are familiar with these emergency contact numbers can greatly enhance preparedness and response during critical situations. Whether it’s a medical emergency, a safety hazard, or a legal concern, having access to the right resources can help mitigate risks and ensure a swift and effective response from the authorities.

By taking proactive measures and staying informed, we can contribute to a safer and more secure environment for all residents and visitors in Dubai.


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