Getting Terminated or Fired ? Read what your rights are!

Your Rights when terminated or fired!

An employee is eligible to below rights when he or she get terminated by the employer:

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fired terminated uae labour law

Notice period if terminated or dismissed:

As per the UAE Labour Law the minimum notice period is 30 days. However it depends on company policy. An employer and employee can mutually agree to have longer notice period, but they cannot shorten notice to less than the statutory minimum period.

If either party decided to terminate the contract without completing the contract period , then that party must pay the compensation in lieu of notice based on the employee’s current pay in proportion to the number of days in default.

As per the Article 120 of the UAE Labour Law employer has the right to terminate the employee without notice if the employee commits an act of gross misconduct are limited to the following:

  • If the employee assumes a personality or a nationality other than his own, or has submitted fake documents or certificates.
  • If the employee was appointed under probation and the termination happened during that period or at its end.
  • If the employee commits a mistake causing the employer a substantial financial loss, provided the employer informs the Ministry of the incident within 48 hours.
  • If the employee violates instructions relating to safety in the place of work, provided those instructions were written and displayed in a permanent place, and the employee has been informed of these instructions orally if he is illiterate.
  • If the employee fails to carry out his basic duties as stated in the contract and continues to do so in spite of a written interrogation and a warning that his service will be terminated if he repeats his misconduct.
  • If he discloses a secret of the establishment for whom he is working.
  • If he is conclusively convicted by the concerned court of a crime involving honour, honesty and public morals.
  • If he is found drunk or intoxicated by drugs during working hours.
  • If he commits a physical assault on the employer or manager or one of his colleagues during work.
  • If he becomes absent without a legitimate reason for more than 20 intermittent days or more than seven continuous days within one year.

However, both the parties (employer and employee) can agree :

  • to have a longer or shorter notice period,
  • to waive notice entirely
  • to accept a payment in lieu of notice

An employer can dismiss an employee without notice where the employee’s conduct constitutes misbehavior.

Severance payments:

As per the Law any employee in the organization who have completed at least one year’s continues service with an employer is entitled to an end of service gratuity payment on termination of their employment contract.

The same rule is applicable under DIFC Employment Law and there is no reduction in end of service gratuity when an employee resigns.

Procedural requirements for dismissal

An employer must cancel or transfer sponsorship of an employee’s residence visa and labour card (or ID card if the employee is working in the in the free zones) within 30 days following termination of employment. Employees must sign a final settlement form confirming that they have received all of their legal entitlements before the authorities will cancel their residence visa and labour card (or ID card, if applicable).

The dismissal of UAE National employees is prohibited without the Minister of Labour’s approval. There are no other express protections from dismissal as such. Other than UAE nationals, there are no specific categories of protected employees.

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      • Dear, i am working in dafza in one company as an assistant accountant and i have just finished my 10 months and after 11 months my leaves will due with the leave salry.but suddenly what was happen with my boss he told me that to find out new job on immediate bases and i am very distrube on his comments.

        i just wanted to know that what is my rights and that will give me my leaves salry as they are going to fire me on immediate bases with only on one call.pls guide me.

  • dear ,
    i have finished my two month in this company but still id and labor card is in not process and no any contract i have singe so
    i want leave this company,
    how many days i spend the time after cancellation and will i get six month ban or not ?

  • dear ,
    i have finished my two month in this company but still id and labor card is in not process and no any contract i have singe so
    i want leave this company,
    how many days i spend the time after cancellation for searching jobs and will i get six month ban or not ?

    • I don’t think you will get a ban since you have not signed any contract neither they processed your labour card

  • Dear Madam,Sir, my boss have 2 company Al AQAB tyre and FUTURE CORNER employment visa in the Futre Corner tyre but im working in Al AQAB tyre for 11 months but this company is close now.i apply to other company the company want to hire me but the company afraid to me to have a labor band.can i transfer to other company w/out ban.thank you verymuch Godbless!!!!!!!

  • Dear Deepak

    There are some issue with my wife employer,

    My Wife is currently on my visa and working for some School in Qusais area, She joined in 13 February 2014 but now she wants to discontinue working, so she resigned from her post on 11 May 2014 in order to serve her 60 days notice Period.

    School did not paid my wife the salary for the month of May 2014 and they informed my wife that she has have to work for whole month of June but will not get the paid for that month as well because she is unable to complete 60 days notice period, reason is she resigned on May 11th 2014 and school closes on 30th June, so she completes only 50 days of notice period, so for that 10 days my wife school is deducting her whole Salary for the month of June.

    Also At the time of joining, School have taken my wife Certificates which they still haven’t returned back, while joining School said to my wife that whenever she needs her certificate, she just need to feel the form and they will give her certificate back to her, but even thou she requested them to return back the certificates but still they haven’t returned her certificates back to us.

    I want some clarification on my given below points, Kindly reply me

    I want to know is it ok as per MOL law for Employer to Held back a month Salary just because she resigned from her post?
    Also I would like to know is that right from employer side to deduct a whole month salary just because she completed 50 days of notice period instead for 60 days?
    Is it ok for School to deduct cost for Labour card which is 1500 AED ?
    Is there and law that school can keep my wife certificate with them and if I want it back then how I can get it back ?

    I am eagerly waiting for a reply from your side

    Thanking You

  • “If the employee was appointed under probation and the termination happened during that period or at its end”

    I am under probation and got terminated. The reason on my termination letter is “redundancy” of the position that I was assign to. I have signed a contract and have all my ID(residence and labor cards).

    Do I get a ban for this and can this be lifted?

    Because this is totally unfair!

  • Please, kindly advise. I need to know if i have a labor ban. I was terminated by my company with the reason being that of “absenteesm”. I had been recurrently sickly and there had been technical issues with the sick leave and they claimed that there had been no proper intimation on my part whenever i absent. I have two months left to complete my two-year contract when they have served the termination including the notice period.

    • Same has happened with one of my friend.
      Kindly please do let me know if he has a labor ban or not?
      He’ll be receiving his termination letter by this Sunday.
      Kindly advice, what is supposed to do know.

  • I have filed a case in dubai court against my employer regarding these problems..

    I have been working for them for 2 years but my residency visa is still not stamped in my passport…it was due to the loss of my passport before stamping…i have provided them the new passport as well as all the documents they need but they did not process it because they want me to pay the immigration fines which i quite a lot that i cannot or impossible for me to pay..they did not take action on this nor give me alternative solutions but instead they let me work for them for two years knowing that i have no proper documentations…

    Also they have hold my salary for the last four months..that they will only release it if i pay the fine…

    As well as not providing me a new job designation after their contract expired with the company that i was sent to..(my employer is a Manpower agency) leaving me jobless for the last two months…

    Now the final judgement of my case is nearing that is when they called me saying that they will pay the fine and cancel my visa but i will not get anything only a ticket home if i drop the case..if i will not accept they will also file a case against me reversing the situation they want me to pay them…

    pls i need your opinions on this…

    should i accept their offer?

    do i have a good chance in this case?

    what should i do in this situation?..

    please anyone i am confused and afraid if you would please give some advice???

  • Dear sir. I terminated from unlimited contract company with out any notice. i didn’t get any warning letter also. i working here 21 months completely with attendance. but in this July company blocked my attendance for the termination procedure. so total 22 months here. sir my question is, am i eligible for the settlement amount? and how much i can expect? my basic salary is 2000. some friends said that company will give u 3 months of salary with gratuity for compensation of termination. is it true? could i get these amounts. gratuity+3 months of salary+air ticket. please reply your valuable information.

    with regards

    afssal ebrahim

  • Hi good day! I have two years contract with my company, but after four months of working they informed the 6 of us that they will not continue our contruct on that day due to cost control initiative as the palace is not used on a daily basis. What is our right action about this matter. They only give us a 1 month salary over the number of days we have worked and 1 month salary extra. And allowing us to stay while looking for a new job.

  • HI Sir,

    I am working in one of the trading company in Abu dhabi. I joined in 21st October 2012. My labour card is going to finish on 21st october 2014. Now i got a new job. I have 30 days leave in my account. I have to join the new job on 10th of September. If I resigned i will be ban???? plz help me

  • hi mam I am working in one of company multiforms last 11 years and now they giving termination with 30 days notice . I complete the 30 days. they still not pay my money. now 15 days over to sit in the rooms if I go to hro he say you wait one month in room then you ask the money. what I will do.

    • Just wait for few days and see their response. if not you can address this issue to MOL

  • I am working with a company for 5 months now and they just suddenly posted me to a god forsaken, very uncomfortable place to work. I worked there for 1 month and could not cope with the environment and decided to go back to the formal accommodation where i initially was. The employer found out and questioned me and i explained to him that i could no longer cope with the place i was transferred to and that i want to continue where i initially started work on day one.

    He then threatened to cancel my appointment and banned me indefinitely. Please i need someone to kindly enlighten me; What do you think i can do? Please drop your suggestions.

    Thanks and God bless you all…

    • Victor,
      If the place of work is hazardous, you have your rights. However, your situation is not clear to me.
      Employer has the right to post employees as per the work required.

      • Hi i started working and in my 5 months already and still under probationary period. I was hired to do a job but unable to reach the budget they expect or generate revenue to a department they started introducing within 3 months they expected for me to generate venue but regrettably as the company is not established yet to do such job it’s an uphill battle for me.
        5 months at work, 6 month probationary period, over 3 months of my tenure as the newly introduced department did not generated revenue I was given a choice to leave the job and get paid in full until and the remaining months will be 50% off my salary and was transferred to a department doing less job( in short I was demoted , using their own words restructuring the department . does the company have this right to change my salary for the remaining period of my probation and change the status of my job? Please advise

        • Mo,
          Company may not reduce the salaries of employees.
          However, under probation company may decide about your performance.

  • Hi Sir,
    My boss is terminating me after 6 months of Probation. Am I eligible for notice period of 30 Days. Should I get the days of pay i worked for them till my last date as per termination? Would I be eligible for a return ticket? Please suggest me if I am missing anything? And How long would be a ban on me?

  • hi,my company terminated while im still in my 4months of work.reason is non performance.PRO says i have a labor ban,i ask them NOC but they will not give,what should i do?can i file a complain?NOC is my only hope i can work again in you

  • i work for 3months in my company and my boss terminate me .. my question is am i responsible to pay my plain ticket going back to my country. cause my boss asking me if i will pay my plain ticket by cash or they will just deduct it from my salary!
    Please sir/maam help me.



  • hi, my manager want to terminate me bcoz i refuse the place where he can send me. am working 5 month and 24 days in this company.. sir can u give me advice what to do in this matter..

    • The employer has the right to move you to different places of work as long as it is safe.

  • thanks for your advise
    another issue is about our air ticket upon coming and our documents we signed.they are cutting the ticket fair from our monthly salary.and the contract we signed according to the
    U A E labor law we read states” that the company is responsible for the employee commencement of contract and annual air ticket back home. “We confronted the company they that is the
    UAE law and they also have their own law.and the production In charge at the time, we told him that we want to meet or write the GM.he also intermediate us whit termination. because of that my other friends stop.
    nevertheless what do u it right for them to cut the money from our salary or what.and i think is because of that law in the contract they do not want to give our copy of the contract since five months ago. so can you please so out.what is right and which way should we go

    • Hamidu,
      I am not sure. However, it is illegal to cut the salary.
      Please get in touch with MOL or a competent lawyer.

  • Dear Mr deepak

    My name is waqas. Dear on 28/10/2014 i came in ajman on employment visa of taxi driver. When today i went to compnay to submitted my passport they took money for medcial and other thing after that they are now saying that you already worked in this compnay three year before on staff visa. Now according to compnay policy we can not give you job and ww have to cancel you on urgent base.

    Dear please tell me is it possible? If yes how i should i avoid from ban and getting my money back from there.

    I shall be very greatfull to you.


    Waqas akhtar

    • Waqas,
      Have you worked there previously?
      The procedure will depend on company policies.
      Also with regard to your money, better to talk to the company.

  • hi,

    I’m working here in abu dhabi for 7 months and my manager is planning to close the company. my contract is unlimited. is there any chance that i can find a new job or i will have a ban for 6 months? please help..thank you

      • hi deepak ..can u please give me an advice, what if my company give me a termination becoz of the guest complaint me fr being rude i heard the guest cmplaint and been issued in newspaper tabloid…. im a waitress wid a limited visa wid 2 yearrs contract..i started at february 14 2013 until now…. so im working for them now for almost 1 year and 9 mnths.

        would i ever get any compensation fee or shall i pay them?how many months of ban will i get???please advice me thank you in advance

    • Dear Deepak,

      A little help please? I was terminated wrongfully by my employer and the termination letter says effective today. A couple of hours later, they sent an email asking me to report for another month. The reasons for my termination are not correct and they did not listen to me when I tried to reason out. I signed the paper because I also want to look for another job; they have a habit of shaming employees in front of others.

      What will happen if I don’t finish the one month? Also, do they have a right to put a lifetime/labor ban against me?

      Thank you very much.

      • Abi,
        To impose lifetime ban, companies need good reason.
        However, 6 month labour ban is imposed automatically.
        If you are terminated with a month’s notice, you will have to work. What is written in the letter?

  • Hi I got a nerve breakdown and left the country immediately,I did not contact the company was to sick to reply.When I reach my country,I went straight to the doctor and the doctor gave me a letter that state that I’m not fit to work .the company told a friend that I’m fired no written fire letter. They called me back to come and cancelled my visa and told me a have to pay them one month salary back. They still did not cancel my visa,and I still do some work for them to pay my penalty fee. I did to limited counteracts with them,one year I finished and signed the year after that ,I only finishe 9 month of the 2nd contract can I get a ban from mol for not finish my second contract

  • Hello sir, I am working as a house keeping and in our offer letter we signed there that we will start our work from 9 to 6pm, but they did not follow and all my colueges was angry and upset. But we still keep quit and we obey all their policies. But the problem is for me, coz they give me also a warning letter coz the reason is some of my clients are having a complain with me that I did not clean good and the company they deduct on my salary. I’m always do in my job well and now I’m OK with my client and there is another complain to our company that I’m always late, but our time start for work is 9am but they change it and even we deduct our salary also but we sign in our offer letter about our fix salary. Buy we did not give any complain about it.and now I’m already 6 months in the company and they give a very last warning and our boss told me that they will give me termination and ban and they ask me to pay back about the viza that they spend for processing, pls tell me do I have to pah if ever I will be canceled and do I have I have to get a visit visa and exit in kish for every 2 months finish about my visit visa coz the limit is only 2 months and the ban is 6 months.. So after that 6 months I can still work?pls tel me and advice me.

  • hai Sir, I working in a drug store. my profession in my visa is sale and with limited contract for 2 year and there is a mentioning like i cant work in competing company same trad in UAE for 2 years from cancellation. unfortunately after 5 month on probation period they terminated me stating poor sales. Now any option to get same job or in other sales jobs

  • Hello.. Just want to know if an employee is eligible to get his 30 days notice termination salary if he has replied to an email in blaming against the management in hotel industry ??

    • Herman,
      I am not sure of the context. So excuse me from giving any feedback.
      How do classify it’s a blame? Yes, when you terminate with immediate effect, you will have to pay 1 month salary compensation, as normal notice period is 30 days.
      But depends on company policy.

  • Hi Deepak,
    I’v been fired after almost three year and my last position was corporate operation manager. What about the benefit/allowances like car, petrol, food allowance and air tickets and mobile fees? should be calculated on the gratuity? An also, should still be given during the notice period?

    • Jon,
      Gratuity is calculated on basic salary.
      Notice period is as per your contract.
      Under unlimited contract you may not have further benefits unless company has a package for you like 3 month salary etc.
      One way airticket is to be provided along with encashment of leave.

  • Hello,

    My employer is not agreeing for final settlement so should I go to Labor court for cancellation or wait for the employer’s decision?

  • Hii Deepak,

    I was working for a small firm as a sales for past 11 months. Now they closed the company due to loss. So they are going to cancel company license and all their visas. Can I work for some other company without Ban ?..
    Could you please explain me where I can apply for the visa cancellation without ban ?..

  • hi, i had a fight with security guards of the accomodation that our company rented for us. i was drunk that time it is outside the work place and it is not working hours .now my question is does the company i work for can terminate my employment beacause of this inccident? and the management and security guards of the accomodotion is threatining me that they will do anything just to loose my job. what should i do. do the company have the grounds to fire me?….please help!!

    • Ramon,
      Yes, it is a ground for termination as the accommodation belongs to the company.

      • mr deepak the accomodoation doesnt belong to the company. it belongs to another company that has no relation with the company im working for.. were just renting it for accomodation. do they have the grounds to terminate me?

  • Hello everyone,

    I have 2 months in Abu Dhabi and now i have some rumors that my supervisor want`s to dismiss me, i already speak with them because they didn`t approach me first and they don`t give me a good reason for this action. I heard that some guy inside the office doesn`t like my nationalitaty, romanian by the way. I really need some advices. I work in AlMansoori company oil&gas industry safety departament.

    Thank you

    • Christian,
      Can’t really comment.But it is good that you approached them.
      Speak to the HR and see what they think.

  • Hi there Mr. Deepak!

    I would like to ask regarding with my friend’s problem. If she is terminated without any grounds will she get a ban?She’s working in an unlimited visa and she is now on her 1yr 9 months. What are the benefits she is entitled to get from her employer? Thanks

  • Hi, is it possible that an employer can give his employee a lifetime ban? My cousin’s employer give him a lifetime ban, please advice.

  • I just wan to know the final settlement for the employee if the company close after only 9 months of operating, and can they apply for another post if the previous company give them NOC letter.

    • Hassan,
      You will not get gratuity as you have not completed 1 year.
      With NOC, you will not have a labour ban.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have unlimited contract mentioned in my appointment letter , have completed 14 months in current firm, they are telling to leave the organization due to performance issue’s. But my manager is telling me to put resignation, however i wanted a 3 months of visa validity to search other job. i dont know shall resign here or let they terminate me as they want me to quit. what are the implications in both the scenario, benefits etc, also if they terminate me, that will it have issues on NOC ? or to find other job in UAE? kindly advise.

    • Aditya,
      upon resignation you will get gratuity.
      For rest of your queries, it is better to speak with your HR as to what are the benefits.
      I don’t want to comment on what your company will do.

  • I am going to resign and I was told by HR that I would pay all expenses that is AED 4, 200. But my friends are telling me that, If I get the offer from another company more than AED 5, 000, I would not pay the expenses for my current company. The new company is offering me more than AED 6, 000 and my current salary is AED 1,750. In this case will I pay for the expenses or not?

    • Goldai,
      recovering expenses from employees is not right unless you have agreed in your contract.

  • Hi Deepak,
    I have unlimited contract mentioned in my appointment letter , have completed 14 months in current firm, they are telling to leave the organization due to performance issue’s. But my manager is telling me to put resignation, however i wanted a 3 months of visa validity to search other job. i dont know shall resign here or let they terminate me as they want me to quit. what are the implications in both the scenario, benefits etc, also if they terminate me, that will it have issues on NOC/ experience letter mentioning word termination ? or to find other job in UAE? kindly advise.

  • helo mr. deepak,
    im in a freezone company our probationary period is only 3monhs…
    im planning to resigned after 1 yr. .. only 6days and i will be 1yr in the company,.. my question is,. if i resign after 1yr what will i get from the company …

    and if i resign withouth completing 1yr what will i get from the company and do i really have to pay the visa they made for me?

    next question my visa status on my passport is cashier but my work is a trainor of a sport (i dont want to mention, hope you understand) is there any problem with this matter… thank you,.

    • Your first question is not clear.
      The designation on visa does not have any problem.

  • Dear Sir,
    I am worked in a Abu Dhabi base LLc company and last may company put one fake criminal case to me on court but court rejected this file.After I cancel my visa and came back to India, now I want to go again in UAE, And my passport not stamping any ban.
    Sir, have any ban for me , I can enter uae if get opportunity in uae?
    Please advise

  • Hi

    I would like to know that is it true that i need to present my new visa page to my ex company for the issuance of my exeperience letter from company? As my ex company is asking me the new visa stamped page if i need to collect my experience letter from them?.please advise

    • Azhar,
      Not too sure about this.
      Never had such situation. Usually, they should not be asking it.
      What if you were outside UAE?

  • hi
    my employer did not renew my contract but also did not issue a termination letter or formal notification period, they just forcefully asked me to sign a cancellation paper. do i have the right to ask for a termination letter, service certificate and the notice period payment?

    pls reply



    • Cecile,
      If you have already signed, possibilities are less.
      But you are eligible for notice period, service certificate etc

  • Hi Deepak,

    On Behalf of my friend, she has been working with this company for 4 months now and is on a 6 month probationary period. The company management and environment is not really well manage and there is a news that she will be terminated soon. She is under the company visa still.

    If that happens, what are the chances that she will not get a ban. And if she does receive a ban, will she be able to move to another freezone company to release that ban?

    Otherwise when the company cancels her visa, I believe she has 28 days to still look for another company right?

    Please Advice.


    • Cristina,
      If terminated, your friend can ask for an NOC. Without this she will face labour ban for 6 months at MOL.
      If she joins freezone, she will not get a labour ban.
      Yes for your last query. Post this time, there will be fine per day of 25 dirhams

  • Hello dear,
    i was terminated and still there is 3 months remain to complete my 2 years contract. on my final settlement HR they told me to pay money. In the termination case do i need to pay money to company?

  • Dear Deepak

    Please help me, I have joined a company in Business Bay on December 1st 2014 but it looks like they are not happy with my performance from the 1st glance. What if they terminates me on the next month like in January 2015 after one or two months of Joining due to performance issue and it is for sure they will not give me NOC looking to Mood of them. So what is the chance or way to Search for a Job or to get at least 30 days so that i can search a new job and Join them, is it possible?

    Majid khan

    • Majid,
      Once the visa is cancelled, there is a grace period of upto 30 days to exit the country.

  • I was working for my employer for 5 and a half months when they terminated my employment. During that period I had received an email saying that I had 30 days notice to improve performance. This would have been around the end of September.

    After the 30 days improvements had been made and I continued working up to the the 23rd November, when I was terminated.

    Please advise what is my position with regards to severance pay. Confusingly my appointment letter says 3 months probation where as my actual contract says 6 months.

    • Gibbs,
      I am not sure what kind of contract you have.
      Severance pay policy depends from company to company.
      You are not eligible for any gratuity as you have not completed 1 year.

  • i working through some consultancy in abu dhabi my cosultancy is not payin me salary every month properly ..afr askin so many times he is releasing my salary … so i worked for 6 months n n given resignation 2 months salary is till wth him i am elgible for exp certificate and releaving letter . if company not interested to give me all those wht should i do n wht abt my salary n visa cancellation… whn i am askin for visa cancellation my consulatncy they r sayin tht company liscence got experied.. wht i hav to do now pls help me

  • my company terminate me in 8 months ! they pay me my last salary !
    I want to ask ? I spend almost 19days of current month as well ! is that company pay me salary for this month ?

  • Dear Deepak,

    I need to know some information from you regarding termination.
    If my company terminate me after completion of my 1 and half yr,
    what are the benefits i a may get and if my company provide my NOC
    what is the benefits from NOC. Do i get banned?


  • Hello dear,
    i was terminated and still there is 1 year 6 months remain to complete my 3 years contract. i have joined on Mar 2013, but they applied & stamped visa by Jun 2013..i worked in Dubai freezone and they have given termination letter on 10 Dec 2014. I still work on notice period up to 20 Dec..
    So please advice what all benefits i’ll get?
    2/3 months salary/ basic salary
    ticket or ticket amount?

  • Iam Complite my 6m0nth probation period in my company after that company terminate for me without reason they was give forme 1month notice they said forme find another job this case i can take any legal action please answer me

  • Sir i just wanna ask you one thing i didnt sign a contrect lette but iam wirking in in my company more then 7 year now my coulige says to boss he is not working properly cancell him if they cencel me with his influence i have 30 days or company will have to pay me my working days ?
    Sir can you explain me my benifits about salary and the notice of 30 days plzz reply