Definitive Guide to Leaves as per UAE Labour Law!

Type of Leaves in UAE

The issue of Leaves in UAE is a never ending debate. There are many doubts and clarifications that are still going around. In this post I will try to respond to the popular questions about leaves in UAE. But, UAE Labour Law has clear cut instructions as to what are the leaves that you are eligible for if you are employed in UAE. MOL regularly tweaks the laws depending on the circumstances. Companies must follow leave regulations as per MOL rules. Anything that is over and above what UAE Labour Law prescribes is an added facility that the company provides to their employees. Employees usually look forward to the leaves and holidays.

leaves under uae labour law

What are the type of Leaves applicable in UAE?

There are many types of Leaves that are applicable under UAE Labour Law.

  • Mandatory Leaves or public holidays
  • Annual Leaves
  • Sick Leaves
  • Maternity Leaves
  • Weekly off Day
  • Hajj or Pilgrimage Leave
  • Emergency Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Ramadan Timings

Public Holidays or Mandatory Leaves in UAE Labour Law:

Under Chapter 4 Section 2, UAE Labour Law prescribes mandatory leaves that the employees are entitled to. Meaning, every employee working in UAE are eligible for these leaves. Companies can not violate these rules by not giving these leaves to their employees:

-Hijri New Year’s Day – one day
-Gregorian New Year’s Day- one day
-Eid Al Fitr (end of Ramadan)- two days
-Eid Al Ada and Waqfa – three days
-Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday- one day
-Isra and Al Mi’raj- one day
-Martyr’s Day – one day
-National Day – one day 

The above are the mandatory leaves that every employee is eligible under UAE Labour Law.

Annual Leave in UAE Labour Law:

Every employee is entitled for Annual Leave in UAE Labour Law. You may read exhaustive article on Annual Leave.

Who decides annual leaves?

Annual Leaves are decided by the company. Annual leaves can be divided into 2 parts per annum.

who decides annual leaves

Read detailed article on annual leaves as per UAE Law here.

Sick Leave in UAE Labor Law: 

Employees are entitled for Sick Leave as per UAE Labour Law. The first 15 days of the sick leaves are full pay leaves, the next 30 days of sick leaves are with half pay, the period after that is no pay sick leaves.

sick leave in uae labor law

For more detailed explanations on Sick Leaves, read article on Sick Leaves as per UAE Law or listen to the Podcast Episode of sick leave here.

Maternity Leave as per UAE Labour Law:

UAE Labour Law allows for 45 days of Maternity Leaves. This means, if you are pregnant, you may take up to 45 days paid leaves before and after your delivery.  For this to be applicable, you must have at least worked for 1 year with the company. If you have not completed one year of service with the company, you are eligible for half pay during your maternity leave. If you are still unable to join work after your Maternity Leave, you may take 100 days of leave without pay, as long as it is certified by the hospital and attested by Health Authority.

maternity leave

For detailed guide on Maternity Leave, read article on Maternity Leave as per UAE Labor Law.

Weekly Day off:

Friday is considered weekly day off for employees under UAE Labour Law. Most of the companies these days follow 2 day weekend on Friday and Saturday. Article 70 of the UAE Labour Law mentions about weekly day off and other provisions. Article 70 speaks about Weekly day off.

Hajj Leave, Umrah Leave or Pilgrimage Leave:

Once during the lifetime of the employee, they may be granted leave for Hajj, Umrah or Pilgrimage leave. This leave will be without pay and should not exceed 30 days.

hajj and umrah leave

Emergency Leaves in UAE Labour Law:

UAE Labour Law as of now does not provide for Emergency Leaves. If an employee has an emergency back home or locally, I believe it will be deducted from their annual leave. But, it will depend on the company HR to allow emergency leaves on humanitarian basis.

Paternity Leaves:

UAE Labor Law does not have provision for Paternity Leave. But I have seen companies that provide for Paternity Leave.

Ramadan Timings:

I have written a detailed article on Ramadan timings as per UAE Labour Law. Please visit: Ramadan Timings as per UAE Law.

So here is a definitive guide to leaves as per UAE Labour Law. If you have any clarifications, please comment.

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