New Labour Law Rules 764 (2016): Standard Offer Letters and Contracts

Employment Contracts / Offer Letters – Standardised 

The new UAE Labour Law rules have been met with a lot of positive feelings from employees. In their latest release of Labour Law Resolutions, Ministry of Labour has tried to cover 3 important aspects of Employment:

  1. Ministerial Decree 764: Standard Work Contracts
  2. Ministerial Decree 765: Termination of Limited Contract and Unlimited Contract
  3. Ministerial Decree 766: Granting of New Work Permits 

In this post, I will try and explain the Point number 1: Standard Work Contracts.

Why this Resolution?

In the past when an employer wanted to hire prospective employees, they would interview them and present Offer Letter to hire them. The employee would come to UAE (if outside UAE), and rest of the formalities like Labour Contract, Employment visas etc were completed.

However, certain employers had a nifty tactic up their sleeves. They would provide an offer letter to an employee. Once they had resigned from their posts with the current employer or had come to UAE trusting upon the offer letter they had been offered, the employer would change the terms in the offer letter like Salary, Designation and other benefits and vital details. Employees who had already resigned or had already arrived in UAE would have nowhere to go besides accepting the terms of the ‘new employment contract.’

I had received several queries from readers with regard to such cheating and violations from their companies. I on my part had called and informed MOL about this practice. I reckon MOL would have also received thousands of similar complaints and they have come up with a right solution to address the issue.

Extract from the Ministerial Resolution 764:

Ministerial decree (764) of 2015 on Ministry of Labour-approved Standard Employment Contracts

The Minister of Labour:

Upon consulting Federal Law (8) of 1980 and its amendments governing labour relations; and Council of Ministers’ Decree (40) of 2014 on fees and penalties associated with Ministry of Labour provided services.

Article (1)

The employment contract specimen is henceforth adopted for use as a Standard Employment Contract. Tentative approval to admit a foreign worker for the purpose of employment in the UAE cannot be granted until an employment offer that conforms with the Standard Employment Contract is presented to and duly signed by the worker.

Article (2)

If the worker is in the UAE, the worker must duly sign the employment offer, as stipulated in Article (1) before the employer applies for tentative approval to employ the worker.

Article (3)

The Standard Employment Contract referenced in Article (1) must be used upon renewing contracts that are in force prior to the issuance of this Decree.

Article (4)

The employer must retrieve from the Ministry system a standard contract that captures exactly the terms of the employment offer and obtain the worker’s signature on the contract prior to presenting the contract for registration with the Ministry. No alteration or substitution of terms may be entered unless such alteration or substitution benefits the worker and after the alteration or substitution is approved by both the worker and the Ministry.

Article (5)

No new clauses may be added to the Standard Contract referenced in Article (1) unless they are consistent and compliant with the Ministry’s legal requirements, do not conflict with other clauses of the Standard Contract and are approved by the Ministry.

Article (6)

This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and become effective on January 1, 2016.

By Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Labour
Issued in Abu Dhabi on September 27, 2015


Now, MOL through the New Labour Law Ministerial Resolution have issued the new directive that the Offer Letter have to be in a proper format as provided by the MOL and the Offer Letters will need to be registered with MOL. Once the employee is ready to join the company, the offer letter would also serve as a labour contract. The offer letter needs to be signed by the employee. MOL will not accept any tentative employment approvals for expatriates until the Offer Letter is as per the Employment Contract Template as provided by MOL.

From the effective date, upon renewing the contract, the new Employment Contract template must be used.

The Employment Contract must capture all terms as in the Employment offer Letter. There can be no alteration, substitution of Terms of the Offer Letter when it is converted into Employment Contract. If there needs to changes, it must be approved by MOL.

The companies can not add new clauses and terms to the offer letter/employment contract that are in violation to other clauses in the contract.

Here we can see that the MOL is taking right steps in protecting the interests of employees to make the process of Employment Contract much transparent so it helps the economy as a whole and also puts candidates, employees at ease.

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  • im waiting for the cancellation of my visa, i was recently terminated under probation, unlimited contract. the hr personel advised me to wait for the cancellation of my visa and my one way ticket to my country of origin. my question is can i resquest not to go back to my home country? perhaps exit in oman or kish? so ican find another job in freezone. i plan not to sign the cancellation if the pro will insist for me to exit to my country of origin. will i have a criminal liability? is repatriation in the country of origin cumpulsary? do i have any other option? i need to stay in uae ti find another job. please help me with this matter. thank you deepak.

    • Mel,
      Company could insist that you exit UAE. However, you could fly to any country.
      You can then fly back on visit/tourist visa.

  • deepak please i need to clarify if it is legal for the company to send me back or force me to my country of origin? in my case philippines. or i could just exit on my own expense in oman or kish. my company has a bad reputation in labor, they had lost in some cases filed against them within the minstry of labor because of holding passport and not paying the employees with their salary. i am currently applying for new jobs at feezone. if i will get employed before they cancel my visa. can i start working immediately? i only have a copy of my passport. the company has my original passport. thank you deepak. your reply would be of great help.

    • Mel,
      They can insist but can not force you to go back to country of origin.
      However, before applying for a new visa, you will have to exit the country.

  • Hi Mr. deepak i join a company in March 2015 and completed my 3 months of probation period as per my offer letter my salary is 2500, 1500 basic salary 1000 allowance, and after 3 months my salary will increase to 3500 but after 3 moths they said that they will increase after 6 months and suddenly they reduce my salary to 2000 and saying that you you will get only 2000 Dhs salary if you do not want to continue than cancel your visa and go back and also saying i have to pay visa cancellation amount, and they are giving basic salary 1500 in bank allowance since July they did not give, and also they hold first month salary, no week offs and no over time money.
    please advice me what to do this is my first experience in UAE .

    • Mohammed,
      Salary can not be decreased as per the whims and fancies of the company. Salary as per the labour contract must be paid.
      You could file a complaint with the MOL in this regard.

  • Respected sir,
    I have a question on my mind can a person leave or ask for release from a company after only 1 month of work and he/she has already signed all the paper?he/she is working in a coffee shop and has a basic salary of 900 dhs(actually promised of higher salary and said 1hour break in the middle but no break actually), 9 hours of duty (but
    actually they let them work for 12 hours) and has
    no off day.
    Please reply and thank you very much for suggesting all the people who are in trouble..

    • Nyima,
      That is completely inhuman. How can somebody make someone work all days of the week??
      You must be paid overtime and compensatory off must be provided.

  • hi Deepak

    Just wanna ask question, if for example you want to leave the company, you have finished your 1 year. the reason is, your employer calling you bad words, let you work even your off and if you didn’t work he will say something bad, then extended work without payment for example our office timing is until 6pm he will extend 2 or 3 hours. I have many evidence of all what he did, even to other employee he did beyond of the job description. will I win against him? possible I will have ban if I resign?

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I realy appreciate your politeness in replying for all the post.

    I have few clarifications and it will be great if you can help me on that.

    I came to UAE on Jun 2014 and was working in a company as Sales for 8months because the salary was 4000AED I couldnt manage with that salary so applied for new job and got for 7000AED as purchase executive. Now this current company is not paying the salary on time, they are paying almost by 25th of every month and that is also not confirmed. I have worked here only for 4months. I am afraid to continue here. If I get a new job after 2016 will I be getting a ban? As my family is also here will there be a problem. Please advice.

    • Richard,
      I am not sure why this>?? In any case, your passports should be with you and no one else except Authorities.

  • Hi!good day. im currently employed and under probation to non freezone company which is LLC and i found a better job (LLC company also) offered me slightly higher salary. if i resign under probation period will i get a 6 months ban?and the salary offered to me is lower than the 5k range for high school diploma holder.will i get a ban if i resign under probation period?

  • Hi. Sir.

    I m working in a coffee(limited contract) shop n already completed 1 years….. I m graduates in hotel management…. So I want to know abt ban… If I have offer new job …I can join or not

  • Good Day Sir,
    Just wish to verify something from you. I’m an African and I’ve work with this company for 7 months now and I’ve not been able to save even 5 dirhams because of the way they Pay our salaries. But my visa is only three months now because it took a long time to be stamped cus of Financial problems.
    First what I wish to verify is can I cancel my contract since my visa is still showing three months with regards to the probation period?
    Secondly the owner of the restaurant his owing our August, September till now the second week of October. When we ask him he keeps playing with words and we have rents to pay, food to eat. If I take him to labor, will he be forced to pay my salary and cancel me?
    Thirdly, he has refused to employ workers because he is not using the WPS to pay our salary, so he is afraid that if he employs another worker, they will check and find out that he hasn’t created any account for the old employees and will find him. So we are forced to do the work of three to four people.
    What do you think I can do in this case?

    • Enow,
      Probatiion period starts from the day your labour approval is obtained and your first day.
      If your salaries are not being paid, you could complain with MOL.
      Looks like he is gaming the system!!

      • Dear Deepak,

        Hope you receive this.

        I am working in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, in Sales.

        A client of mine had run away with credit of 500,000 AED recently or it seems that he has run away. Client working with my company constantly for 2 years with no big issues but small issues here and there from time to time but never like this regarding payment. It was my managements decision to give larger credit amount.

        Anyway my management decided that this is my fault even though I bring them newer clients and other clients work ongoing.

        They have been deducting my salary for 2 months on the basis that I am somehow “involved” with this runaway client in eating this money from the company. That I have helped him somehow. I asked for proof but they are saying things like they will tell me later or that I will know soon. I am still working with them normally but when it comes to salary their response is that I am responsible for this person to run away. They have made complaint to police and made case against him.

        They have withheld all commission for this client even excluding this amount (understandable) and other clients, my allowance is flat deducted and my salary is listed as 3500 with 500 home 350 transport. But they only give 350 allowance and my salary is 4000 aed.

        I even renewed my contract recently. They mention in the contract my salary 3000 aed when it is 4350. aed. What is the reason for this? Past 2nd year now with them but no 2nd increment yet.

        Please tell me what I should do. I have brought my family here and now i’m starting to suffer as i have many payments pending and my company is not listening to me. And no update for balance payment form client.

  • Dear deepak,

    I am working currently uae in star hotel i come here a company visa for two years now i am in a probation period, if i am give resign and going back to my country and i am search new job in dubai if i will get ban here. Pls give me reply

  • hi mr.deepak
    i want clarrify that if a person misguided by the employer and signed the job agreement without reading as i am . i dont know what is written in my salary agreement.
    and as i know according to the law if employee taken loan from employee , the deduction should b not more than 10 % . but our employee deducted 30 % wages in the name of visa expense.
    after all he is just hire me on too minimum salary and responsibilities i got are also too much

    appriciate your quick responce in mail ..

    • Muhammad,
      You must read any agreement before signing; employment contract included!
      Deduction of wages is not right.
      You could file salary complaint with MOL.

  • Sir.
    I ve signed an offer letter with a company in abu dhabi since 3rd of August 2015, from the offer letter sent to me they promised to process my visa within 2 weeks. I waited until my visit visa expired which is on the 12th of September. They asked me to exit that they ll send my visa to me. Sir upto this moment they have not sent anything to me. I call them every week from my country they keep telling me it ll be ready this week next week. Please sir what can I do or how can you help me because I came to UAE with the hope of enhancing my career and building my life. I came with everything I have in my life. Please kindly help me. I can forward the offer letter to you sir

      • Dear Deepak,

        Hope you receive this.

        I am working in SAIF Zone in Sales.

        A client of mine had run away with credit 500,000 AED recently or it seems that he has run away. Client working with my company constantly for 2 years with no big issues but small issues here and there from time to time but never like this regarding payment. It was my managements decision to give larger credit amount.

        Anyway my management decided that this is my fault even though I bring them newer clients and other clients work ongoing.

        They have been deducting my salary for 2 months on the basis that I am somehow “involved” with this runaway client in eating this money from the company. That I have helped him somehow. I asked for proof but they are saying things like they will tell me later or that I will know soon. I am still working with them normally but when it comes to salary their response is that I am responsible for this person to run away.

        They have withheld all commission for this client even excluding this amount (understandable) and other clients, my allowance is flat deducted and my salary is listed as 3500 with 500 home 350 transport. But they only give 350 allowance and my salary is 4000 aed.

        I even renewed my contract recently. They mention in the contract my salary 3000 aed when it is 4350. aed. What is the reason for this? Past 2nd year now with them but no 2nd increment yet.

        Please tell me what I should do. I have brought my family here and now i’m starting to suffer as i have many payments pending and my company is not listening to me. And no update for balance payment form client.

  • Hi Mr deepak
    Im.only asking about my salary,im from philippinnes I was signed a contract for 1500 aed,then now after the arrival here in uae ive signed another contract which cost 800 aed can you please tell me my rights thnks

  • hi this is venkatesh.
    i was completed bcom (computers)
    currently ‘m working in jewellery shop..
    my employer given visa as limited two yrs employment visa.from 04-04-2014 to 03-04-2016.
    and they mentiond as silver sales executive.
    but they are utilizing me in gold sales department..
    and they put some other conditions–” workers are not entitled to work in same field for two years in uae after his resignation ” according to article 127 of the labour law…”
    my qst is …
    after completing my contract…..
    if i resign here will i get 2 yrs ban in same work field…?
    & 1more thing they mentioned as silver executive..
    so if get gold sales job what this condition applicable upon me…?
    if i get 5000 aed job in same feild or somewhere else…! will i get ban …?
    and i have somany doubts…
    please anyone clarify my doubts … thanks in advance

  • Hello Deepak,
    I am in very big confusion. I came here on employment visa. I work for them one month and now they are cancelling my visa even I didn’t have done my medical. The problem is there will be 6 months ban. The issue was ” they hired me for sales and after i came here they transferred me to warehouse and when I ask them they said I don’t know how to work and we can not waste time and money. I told me let me work in sales because I am sales person and I ask them for time to learn to work in warehouse then they said they don’t want me to work with their company because I argued for what I came here. Will be here 6 months ban on me in 2016 after effective new MOL Law?

  • Please advice m here in uae since 2008. I join new company on 3august 2014. Now I want to change my job and m also graduated… Should I get any ban or have to pay any fine to present company? Please advice

  • Hi deepak
    My wife recently came to dubai from india on long term visit tourist visa she got a job in fujirah as a science lab tech the employer said to exit the country asap so she did it on 22/oct/2015 and mailed the exit stamp on the passport back can you please tell me how many working days will it take to get the employment entry visa as the employer said they fwd the documents on 25/0ct/15 for the visa.

  • Dear Sir,
    Hope you are doing well.
    Sir am working with LLC company in Dubai.
    My visa type is limited visa – 2 years period. I am in my probation period of six months. I heared from my colleague that the company will terminat me due non performance. I want to know whether the can imposed 1 year ban in case the company terminat me. I know there will be automatic ban of 6 months. If I get salary of 12,000 with new employer , can this ban be lifted

  • Thanks mr.DEEPAK….
    I want to ask about graduate. How I will prove that m graduate? There is need to atteSt certificate if ys then from where?

  • Dear Deepak,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Kindly note I have a query , I am currently working in and LLC and in March 2016 1 year will be completed and I am an MBA graduate.

    As per new labour law if I will resign the company and join a new firm with March 2016 then I will be having labour ban please advise.

  • Dear Mr.Deepak,
    I got an offer from one company that’s why I resigned my previous company and submitted all the documents to the company and went back to my country. Company informed me they will send my new visa within 10 to 15 days before my departure. Then after 10 days they send me one Mail my visa application rejected due to my name blacklisted by UAE police. So, they informed me nowadays lot of issues happens like this so you need to come UAE and solve this issue individually with police headquarters and collect clearance and submit to company for proceeding visa. That’s why I applied visit visa and came back to UAE and collect police clearance from headquarters then submit my police clearance to the company. After that they inform me to wait some days. After two weeks I received one Mail from company they will not proceed my visa as per the PRO’s information. I asked the reason they inform me before the submission of my police clearance PRO applied second time for my visa that also rejected as per PRO they will not proceed third time for applying visa. Now I don’t know what can I do they cheated me and my visit visa will going to expire on November 20, 2015. So, Please provide me any advice from your side regarding about this issue.

  • Hi Deepak ,I really appreciate your help to all those people who came here in search of a better life and ended up finding themselves in the trap by there employers .

    I have Few Question and Expect your help regarding this.

    1) i am a Computer Science Graduate holding Bachelor Degree attested , I have joined a llc company in abu dhabi on 04-October-2015 , before i come on visit visa got job here and i had a talk with my employer about contracts and i told them to make an unlimited contract . when i arrive they make limited contract and told if u wish to work sign otherwise we will cancel your visa. so i am left with no choice but to sign.

    2) There is no other employees in the company i am the only one employee , and my employer didn’t treat the employee well and always shouting and no one works with him more than 6 months .Now i am in same situation, i am on computer engineer Visa on a Limited contract , I want to Leave the job

    As Of New Labour Laws affecting jan 2016

    – will i get ban if resign after january holding a limited contract?

    -if yes how many months ?

    – If i not then after cancellation is it compulsory to return to home country ? or i can take exit to kish or oman and get back on visit visa for job search ?

    kindly answer me as soon as possible you can , becuase my decision depends on your reply , whether i must resign now or wait till january 2016

  • Hi Mr. Deepak
    I have a Question
    I am Electrical Engineer in a Private Company on Unlimited Contract in Sharjah. I have completed 17 months now please tell me that i have notice period of 3 months and if i give notice to company on 21st month it means i just want to complete 2 years with company no more than that. But during these last 3 month my employer cancels me before completion of 2 years will i still get a ban????
    Your advice awaited :

  • SIr Deepak,
    Im currently Working as Sales Associate, from March 2015, now i passed the Probitionary period, i signed it already. But im planning to resign this January? No more ban? Right? Wat do i get from my company? Thank You Sir. Can i Get ur Email? Or just email me, [email protected]
    Can u be my advisor. 🙂 Your a Big Help for All Abroad Workers.

  • Hi Deepak hope you will be good.
    i want to get some queries about ban actually i joined a Manpower LLC company in December 11th 2014 as a Archives clerk.before a few days i got a new offer from a different company in sales,and now i want to resign…will i have to face no entry(ban) for 6 months or not? kindly tell me if theirs any alternative to get save from ban i am waiting for your reply
    Thanks best Regards

  • Hy deepak

    My name is imran and my qualification is MCOM
    I joined security company in sep 2015 as a security guard
    please tell me If i left the job in jan 2016 ban exist or not
    Also tell me can i get a new job in Uae after jan 2016

  • Hi,
    When new labour law will take effect What will happen to my existing contract ?? Is company needs to issue a new contract along with new offer letter? So employees need to sign them because of new rules isn’t it?? Please confirm coz i am now bounded in a competitive clause i e artical no 127 so if they issue new contract i can think twice b4 signing it. Please reply and need your valuable advice regarding this.


  • Hi bro I need ur advise.6 month before I came in sharjah my salry 2000 .now m getting offer job of supervisor in abu dhabi.he will give offer I can .

  • I have 1yr experience in my work… my contract is unlimited …my salary is 1500 high school diploma holder…. i just wanna ask if i will get a ban if i resign in jan.2016 and change my job because i got offer a 3000dhs…

  • Hi Deepak,
    I really appreciate that you are guiding people with their disputes. I am working in a transport company as a Clerk (Unlimited Contract), I have bachelor degree and I have completed 14 months with this company. Now if I am changing this job after January 2016 will I get the ban? Please reply.

  • What is an unlimited contract and on what conditions does one get a ban? Is NOL necessary after completing two years(which I was told was the length of my contract btw)? I have a masters degree and making 7K, and looking for a new job. Will I get a ban, and should I ask for a NOL?

  • Hi sir
    I’m an electrical engineer but I signed offer later of electrician. In interview they offer me 1500dh salary but in offer later that is 1000dh anyhow I signed but when I came UAE I didn’t want to signed the contract but they force me to signed and not let me read as well now they let me work as labour even I cleaned waste water main hole
    Please reply I’m waiting thanks

  • Good day Sir! First and foremost , thanks for solving peoples predicaments every hours. Sir, Can I change work from January without any problem? I am an HND Holder (Higher National Diplomal) I studied Accountancy in a reputable Polytechnic but unfortunately i work as helper in a Construction Company. And I have spent 14 months here in uae. My sponsored company sold me temporally ( Rent) to another construction company. Although my certificates are not with me now. Can i change work without facing labour ban? Please help me.

  • Hi Deepak,
    I have joined a company as Accountant during my visiting Visa. and they told me that we will process your visa after you attest the certificate within 10 days. I attested my certificate, and asked them to process my visa, but told me that their online registration is not completed yet. it takes time to process my visa. finally they applied for emergency visa and got it. But the work they provide me is not related to my profession and they asked me to take more work than specified. I told them that we need more staff, because i am handling more than 4 or 5 companies work. But they are not ready to do that. so the work is pending. I am confusing that can i cancel this visa after 4 or 5 months, when i get another job. is there any labour ban for me by cancelling this visa within 6 months, even my graduate certificate attested. Please give me a solution

  • Hi, sir
    I’m now on my company from 15 months and I got offer letter from another company. So, this time I going to cancel my visa. After this i get ban or not. And I’m under the limit visa.

  • hi sir,
    I just wanna ask. I’m currently under training in company A and promise to give me offer letter.they promise to give that tomorrow. In other hand I have company B as a second option but I’m on my final interview and they want me. If I signed company A offer letter and change mind. Can I leave company A without any problem or they might file case against me because i signed?

    Please help


  • Pls sir my name is Michael am from Nigeria I came to UAE with three months visiting visa and I got a job at AL mutamyez fire equipments and the gave me offer letter and that they will do my visa since two months now my visa is not out,but the said the submitted application to the ministry of labour how do I know it is the truths.

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,

    My husband was working as a senior sales executive for a company in Dubai for the past three and half years on a limiter contract basis..He completed his three years and his forth year is getting completed this September. mean time he got a better job in an non competitor he gave his resignation with a one month they are refusing to relive him on the following basis,

    Two of his customers has defaulted in their payment, as their cheque has bounced and is under police case.
    All the payments has been collected by by husband. so they putting a condition that he must collect the payments and then they will relive.

    in the contract a clause says that ,The collection of payments of the employee’s transactions from the customers is solely the responsibility of the employee.

    Can the employer hold my husband liable for the customers default. They are asking a cheque for the value for garente to give to let him go or to work for them for 6 more months.

    kindly advice.

    Thanking you ,

    Mrs Sangeetha.

    • Dear Mr. Deepak,

      I have got offer letter after getting selected in one of the Construction company in Dubai on visit visa.

      I signed on the appointment letter and got a copy for the same and was informed to go India and wait for the employment visa. They promised to send visa in 45 days.

      But, It’s been more than 3 months and they are not sending visa. They are replying that they are not getting quota from government. They are saying to wait until they get the quota from MoL.

      It’s my kind request to clarify my situation in context of Ministry of Labor Law. If they don’t issue the visa or they deny issuing the visa though they have issued appointment letter and duly signed on it, can i file any case against company.

      I would be very thankful to the team for the co-operation.

      With best regards,
      Sarfaraz Nawaz

  • Hi!good day. im currently employed to non freezone company and i found a better job (LLC company also) offered me higher salary.i already worked for more than 1 year in my current company if i resign will i get ban? the salary offered to me is lower than 5k range for bachelor degree.will i get a ban?

  • Hi mr deepak, if i will not sign the mol offer letter, my visa will not be process? Cos i want to quit the job while im not yet signing any paper.

    • You are supposed to sign the offer (per new directive before you enter the country). If you don’t sign the OFFER it means you have not accepted it. It’s not clear how you could quit the job since technically you should not have started it. You may be an employee by virtue of conduct (working and fulfilling functions) but that would contravene the employment laws where you need negotiate an offer and sign it before being employed. If you are continuing to work for a company, this sometimes happens.

  • I am working for a Rental company in Abu Dhabi,
    I came here on September 2015 and i signed for a contract with 8 hours/Day.Now my company forcing me to work more than 10 hours /day without paying overtime.just i completed my 7 months of employment with this company .i asked my employer to pay for my additional hours but he says if i resigned he will blacklist me ,and he is also a employee of UAE ministry .
    Just let me know how can i come out of this problem?or if i quit this job Is their any ban for me ?
    I failed in 12th but i have completed my two years Automobile engineering(ITI).Is it helpful for me to stay out of ban as i am not a Graduate?

  • Hi deepak I am graduated and working as Securty guard since may I want to change field and company…. If I do this can I got ban or not?

  • Dear Deepak
    Good day to you!
    Past four months Im working in a LLC company with limited contract as Mechanical engineer.Now I wish to terminate my contract in probation period.Should I get any labor ban six month /one year?if I get more than 12K salary from new company ,the imposed ban can be lifted?how much compensation should applicable when I break limited contract in probation period?

  • Hi good day sir, im working in the company of paris group as a visual merchandiser now the company is getting down and they lessen the employee as much as they can and pushing us to resign in terms of doing worst schedule,place,position and even the salary. They call me just now and they told me to starting tommorow will be my duty is ras al khaima the thing is im living in burjuman and im will be as a sales person now not a visual merchandiser and also half of my salary they take it. As of now i dont know what im going to do and 1st step i will do. Please help me in this situation, paris group l.l.c is alot of violation in government i dont know why they still operating there bussiness and now they throw the employee as a garbage even they serve them in decades.

  • Dear Deepak,

    My father is stuck in avery critical situation. Doctor by profession, he was employed by another group and was committed an employment visa; however, on the end moment was told it is taking time and then he called him on visit visa saying that the clinic is shut from so many days. He came and his visit visa for one month expired. He left county and again they gave him three months visit visa saying it is taking time and they are on it.

    But now it is too much, they are harrassing him, not giving salary on time and saying they will take decision on time, whenever he or my brother follows up for visa.

    His visa is expiring on July 2 and still we’re not sure what they are upto. What if he resigns but will they pay him his pending salary?

    Can he go to court?