UAE National Day: Vehicle Decoration Guidelines

Guidelines for Vehicle Decoration on UAE National Day

UAE National Day is celebrated on December 2nd of every year. This was the date when the UAE was created when 7 different emirates came together. (RAK joined later). This is one of the most important dates in the history of UAE and is celebrated with grandest of manners.

It is customary in UAE to decorate cars to show the solidarity for this day. On the days leading up to the UAE National Day, the cars, especially of those belonging to UAE Nationals(citizens) are decorated with colours matching that of the UAE National Flag: Black, Red, White and Green.

However, there are certain guidelines that you will need to lookout for if you wanted to decorate your car.

car decoration rules uae national day

National Day processions are strictly organised by Authorities and you are not supposed to hold your company/establishment processions. You are required to obtain Police Traffic Department permission to take part in National Day Processions. Normal Traffic Rules and fines will be applicable.

Dubai Police and Ministry of Interior issue special rules for the specific period to decorate the cars: usually 28th November to 5th of December.

Below are few of the Permissible and Restricted guidelines for docoration of the cars


-You are allowed to write/paint/stick National Phrases which do not insult the modesty of others;
-You are allowed to fix the UAE Flag on the vehicle at any location without posing a risk to the safety of others or the driver of the vehicle;
-You are allowed to stick stickers to the sides of your vehicle;
-You are allowed to decorate the body of your vehicle.


-You are not allowed to tint the windshield;
-You are not allowed to change the colour of the vehicle;
-Passengers in the vehicle should not exceed prescribed numbers;
-Passengers/Driver are not supposed to dangle their arms or heads out of the cars windows and openings;
-You are not allowed to tint the driver’s vehicle;
-You are not allowed to cover the number plates with decorations/paints/stickers;
-Don’t stand on your vehicle when it’s moving;
-Do not drive in an ostentatious manner on the roads;
-Do not block the routes of others on the roads;
-Do not make any modifications to your engine or exhaust to create extreme levels of noise.


-In the cases of the offence for driving the vehicleOpens in a new tab. in a race or pose danger on the road, Article(1) of the Traffic Law will be applicable. Punishment may be impounding of your vehicle for 1 month plus a fine of AED 2000 plus 2 Black Points.

uae national day rules for car

uae national day rules for car

uae national day rules for car

Be Safe and follow the guidelines.

The above rule may be applicable throughout the UAE and may change from time to time.

In the following link, you can listen to UAE National Anthem with Lyrics.

Do you celebrate UAE National Day? If yes, let me know how.

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