Car Registration in Dubai: New & Used Car Registration Guide

How to register your car in Dubai?

Car Registration in Dubai is essential if you want to drive around the city hassle-free. Whether you’re getting a new car or registering a used one, here’s what you need to know.

It is mandatory to renew you car or vehicle registration every year in the UAE. If you have bought a new vehicle it is likely that the dealer would have handled the registration process as an added service. If you have bought a second-hand car or from the second year of the life of the vehicle, you will be required to renew the car registration by yourself.

Since August 2010 you could renew your car registration from any other emirate, irrespective of where you bought the vehicle from or where it was first registered.

New Car Registration:

If you’re buying a new car from a showroom, the dealer usually handles the registration for you. However, you can also do it yourself at RTA service centers or through service providers.

Documents required for New Car Registration in Dubai

To register a new car, you’ll need:

  • Valid residence visa, rental contract in Dubai under your name, or passport copy.
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate or similar document.
  • Original Emirates ID, residence visa copy, and passport copy.
  • Electronic vehicle insurance document.
  • Add mortgage electronically (if applicable)
  • Valid diplomatic ID + letter from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (applicable on diplomats)
  • An official letter in Arabic, trade licence copy, endorsement of signature and authorisation letter (for companies).

You can register your new car online through various platforms like MOI oOpens in a new tab.r RTA Opens in a new tab.apps/websites, Emirates vehicle gateOpens in a new tab., or Abu Dhabi PoliceOpens in a new tab..

Alternatively, you can visit Tasjeel, Wasel, or Mumayaz Testing Centers. After paying the registration fees, you’ll receive your vehicle license card, number plates, and expiry stickers.


Vehicle registration in Dubai is typically valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed.

New Car Registration Charges in Dubai:

Registering a new car in Dubai costs AED 420. Additionally, if you haven’t previously had a traffic file, opening one will cost an additional AED 220.

Used Car Registration in Dubai:

Buying a second-hand car in Dubai involves a slightly different process and requires additional documents. If you’re purchasing from an authorized dealership, they usually assist with the process, requiring only necessary documents. However, if buying elsewhere, follow these steps:

  1. Transfer of Ownership: Before registration, you must go through the transfer of ownership procedure.

Note: This process applies to residents and workers in Dubai purchasing a second-hand car previously registered in Dubai.

The registration and renewal process for RTA Dubai can be completed online.

Documents for Used Car Registration in Dubai:

To register a second-hand car in Dubai, you’ll need:

  • Traffic File
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Original Emirates ID (Buyer and Seller)
  • Copy of Residence Visa (Buyer)
  • Copy of Passport (Buyer)
  • Vehicle License / Mulkiya (Seller)

After the vehicle’s technical inspection at Tasjeel or Shamil centers and submission of documents, ownership will be transferred to the buyer, and then the registration process begins. Once service fees are paid, the new owner receives expiry stickers, vehicle license, and new license plates if the number was changed.

Where to Go for Used Car Registration in Dubai:

You can register a second-hand car at Tasjeel or Shamil centers in Dubai. Procedures for transfer of ownership, such as vehicle inspection, can also be done there.

Used Car Registration Renewal Online in Dubai:

To renew vehicle registration online in Dubai, visit the RTA App and follow these steps:

  1. Select ‘Change Vehicle Ownership’ if there are any pending fines, they must be paid first.
  2. Add buyer’s personal details.
  3. Sign the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) online via the UAE Pass app.
  4. Buyer will also sign the SPA.
  5. Pay the fee, which is AED 450 along with AED 20 for knowledge and innovation.
  6. Seller must visit an RTA customer happiness center within two weeks of SPA signing to hand over Dubai registration plates.
  7. Buyer receives a notification and can choose previous Dubai registration plates or select new ones. Car registration Dubai price may vary depending on the plate type chosen.

Car Registration Renewal in Dubai

Car registration in Dubai is typically valid for one year, after which it needs to be renewed again. After the expiry date, vehicle owners have a 30-day grace period for renewal, beyond which a late fee is applied.

Documents required for Car Registration renewal in Dubai

To renew your car registration in Dubai, you’ll need:

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Valid Driving License
  • Renewed Vehicle Insurance
  • Old Vehicle Registration Card / Mulkiya
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Certificate

Process to Renewal you Car Registration in Dubai

  1. Pay off any outstanding traffic fines and clear black points at Dubai Police stations if necessary.
  2. For cars older than three years, undergo vehicle testing. If the vehicle passes inspection, proceed with the renewal process. Otherwise, make necessary repairs and reattempt the inspection.
  3. Apply for renewal through various channels, including service providers, RTA customer happiness centres, call centre, or online.
  4. rovide required documents and settle the renewal fee.
  5. Receive the new vehicle license card and expiry sticker immediately from service centres, or choose courier delivery or pickup options if applying online.


  • Renewal: AED 380
  • Vehicle Technical Inspection (if required): AED 170
  • Courier: AED 25
  • Late Fine: AED 25 (per month)


Renewal of vehicle registration can be done through:

  • Tasjeel, Shamil, Wasel, or Mumayaz Vehicle Testing
  • RTA Customer Happiness Centres
  • Kiosk Machines
  • RTA Mobile Application (Android | IOS)
  • RTA Website
  • RTA Call Centres


For more information, contact the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) at 800-90-90.

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