How to renew your car registration in Dubai online?(Video)

Renewal of Vehicle Registration/Car Registration online in Dubai

UAEOpens in a new tab. is one of the countries with a huge number of vehicles for such a tiny population. And the Government takes various steps to make the roads safer by mandating compulsory renewal of car registration / vehicle registration. Car registration is a very simple process and besides testing (if your vehicle is above 3 years), all the rest of the process can be handled completely online. In this post you will easily learn about how to do online renewal of your car registration.

Vehicle/Car registration in Dubai involves 3 steps:

  1. Car Fitness Test

  2. Car Insurance renewal

  3. Car Registration renewal. (This can be done online.)

Vehicle Fitness Test

This is carried out on vehicles which are more than 3 years of age. There are many vehicle testing centres across Dubai such as Tasjeel, Tamam who carry out the vehicle fitness test services. Typical fees for such a service is around AED 120. The vehicle is basically tested for the effectiveness of Brakes and Gas/Exhaust Tests. This test will take no more than 10 to 15 minutes. I had been to Tamam testing centre and was done within 10 minutes. (Don’t count the waiting time!). Saturday mornings are usually quieter!!


Auto insurance / Vehicle insurance renewal

In the next step you are required to renew your insurance which can be either Comprehensive or Third party insurance. There are few RTA trusted partners. I walked into Tamam centre at Ras Al Khor where all the services were offered.

Renewal of registration

Renewal of your vehicle registration is a formality and is a mandatory requirement for all the vehicles in UAE annually. RTA has provided an option to renew the registration from the comfort of your home through internet.

Please watch the video on how to renew your car registration online in Dubai:

Step by step guide(pictures) on how to renew your vehicle/Car registration online in Dubai

STEP 1: Visit RTAOpens in a new tab. Portal



STEP 2: Select English from the option if you get Arabic


STEP 3: Search for Vehicle Renewal



STEP 4: Select Apply for Vehicle Registration renewal.



STEP 5: Out of the results, Click Go to Service Page



STEP 6: Once you go through the details in the coming page, Click on Apply for this service online:



STEP 7: Agree to the Terms and Conditions in the following Page:



STEP 8: Enter your vehicle details in this screen:



STEP 9: Confirm and Proceed for Renewal


STEP 10: Confirm your insurance and vehicle details:


STEP 11: Once you proceed to the next screen, select delivery address and date of delivery:


STEP 12: Save address and select delivery date:12

STEP 13: Confirm and proceed to payment


STEP 14: Review the fees and click on Pay. Fees for car registration online is AED 355 with an option to deliver(AED 20 inclusive).


STEP 15: Pay your fees and enjoy the convenience


This is a simple and easy way on how to renew you car registration online in Dubai.

Location to RTA Al Barsha

View Larger MapOpens in a new tab.

Location to RTA Al Qusais

View Larger MapOpens in a new tab.

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