What happens if I resign during the Probation Period?

Resignation during Probation Period

Many of the visitors have asked this question to me time and again: What happens if I resign during the probation period?

I have earlier written on what is Probation Period. 

probation period resignation

Well, this depends on your labour contract. Most companies have what is called a Probation Period. This is the time which the employer uses to evaluate your suitability to the position you have been recruited for. If the employer finds your job performance upto satisfaction, he might confirm you in employment. A ‘confirmation of employment’ in UAE means you are now a permanent member of the company and you are eligible for all the facilities of the employees.

There are 2 scenarios:

  1. Your employer asks you to leave (fire) during probation period;
  2. You resign by yourself during probation period.

Scenario 1 – Your Employer fires you during probation period:

Most of the contracts mention that, while you are on probation period, you may be asked to leave the company with one day’s notice or whatever notice period as mentioned in the contract. Some employers might ask you to reimburse the visa costs. But that is not legal unless written in your labour contract. (Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign)

Scenario 2 – You resign from your job during probation period:

If you resign from your job during probation period,

  • You will not be entitled to any gratuity. Gratuity only kicks in once you complete minimum 1 year of continuous employment;
  • You might be asked to reimburse the visa costs if it is mentioned in your contract; (UPDATE: but as per Ministry of Labour and Ministerial Announcements, you are not required to reimburse any costs related to visa and other expenses to the company. Read: Paying visa costs UAEOpens in a new tab.).
  • Even during the probation an employee is required serve notice period of 1 month as per labour contract.
  • You may face an automatic ban by MOL depending on your designation and qualification.

There is no risk if you resign from your job. If you find a better employer or better offer, or if you do not like the working environment  you may leave your current job. It is advised that you be forthright with your current employer in case you are resigning so that they make necessary arrangement to fill your vacancy. Also read how to avoid 6 month labour ban?Opens in a new tab.

It is also wise to read now about how Limited Contract or Unlimited Contract may affect your probation period.


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  2. Hello!
    My wife has an unlimited contract with a company. Now it’s 3 months past from 6 months probation period.
    She is going to resign because of bad work environment and managers didn’t hold the words they gave to her.
    But in the contract they mentioned that she must pay 3000 AED fine if she will resign before 6 month finished.
    Is it legal and how to avoid this rubbery if there’s a way?

    Thank you for your time and help.

    1. If she is resigning during the probation period due to the switching of job she would required to serve a one-month written notice to the first employer, notifying the employer that she wants to end his contract and work for another employer and would also need to pay some compensation as per Article 116 of Labour Law. I would suggest you to carefully read your employment contract before submitting your resignation during your probation period.

      1. hi, what if they have not issue any contract rather an appointment letter and my husband’s visa is still under me (wife’s visa). they did not give him working visa under company rather, they gave a work permit. my husband is working only for 3 months with no other benifits such as insurance etc. now he wants to resign and found a new job. does he need to render a 30 days notice period?

        1. Hello, if he was provided with a work permit then, for sure he must have signed a labour contract. I would suggest you to refer the contract signed and the notice period mentioned in the contract.

  3. What happens if my employer put messenger as my profession and not nurse in my limited term contract?

  4. My notice period is 7 days in probation period in contract then if my employer is not givving me my passport and not accept my reisign in 7 days then what can i do ???

  5. Hai all,
    I am a post graduate in engineering . I completed my MTech degree. But i got a teaching job in an institute. But they gave me the archives clerk visa. Now i completed 1 month there. I have 6 months of probation period also and having limited visa of 2 years. I want to change the job now because i really dont like the working environment there. Can I change my job without getting ban? Can i pay the whole amount for them for resignation?

  6. is there any labor ban for limited contract if i resign within the contract period.

  7. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I signed for unlimited contract and followed probation period up to 3 months, I have not get paid during first 3 months and I decided to resign from the position. They ask me to continue 30 days notice period and while I am continuing the same they ask me to get golden leave as they going replace new employee for my position. However, after completing my notice period I have informed to the management as my notice period complete, please settle my overdue payment. it has been taken three weeks and till now they are postponing to sign for final settlement without commencing any date. What should be the legal action may I follow as per the UAE labour law.

    Furthermore, my labour contract they have stated less salary than my offer letter.

    Please Advice

  8. hi deepk

    i dont want the current job because of the environment is not good and also salary delay, i have attend interview but i did not get any offer letter now there is one month to complete my probation period so i want know how it will take to relive my self form the current company

  9. Hi Deepak,

    I am working with a LLC Company for 5 months on an unlimited contract. I am engineer. As per my contract my probation period is for 6 months. The company did not pay me for last 2 months, So do I have a legal position to go to MOL for my payments and visa termination as I do not want to continue with them. What is the procedure I should follow.

  10. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am resigning during my Probation period. I am working in that company as a Construction Manager for 3 months with limited contract of 2 years. Am not interested to continue because working nature is not good in that company. Did i want to reimburse the visa cost or not? But in my contract they didn’t mentioned any thing like this. But now they are asking 45 days salary. And also want to know that, will they ban?

    1. Hi saravana I have same problem with you and now I want to go to MOL to ask for help,
      I have resignation letter to end my probation in 28th of Feb (exact date to end my prob)
      the boss told me to make it earlier, but without my knowledge he deducted too much in my monthly salary, thats His way to have reason to deduct,… im working on Free zone in Rak.
      hope to have update from you what had happen.

      Thank you

  11. Hello Deepak,

    Thanks for your help on here , i currently work with a limited liability company i am being paid 3500aed i am in my first month and i got a new job of 7000AED the new company has decided to wait for me for 2month , i have my master degree i wanted to know if i would get a ban if i resign from my job .


  12. Hi , I have problem,
    A company hired me from Pakistan on sales visa with salary of 5500 I came in UAE on 13 July 2016 ‘I completed my medical and emirates I’d process and then handover my passport to company pro for stamping visa . But on 29 august he give me my passport back told me that company license is expired so visa can’t b stamped ur at your own now. I complained in labour office but that is very long procedure , I can’t bear that so plz tell me any way to go back my country . Company owner didn’t even attend the call of labour office . Never he meet me.

  13. hi sir,
    i just have some questions, im hoping that you can help me. im currently working in a japanese restaurant now and i signed my contract last feb 2016. im running for 7months now. if i will resign, will there be a ban for me? coz i heard that in 2016, there is no more ban. is it true? and how much do i have to pay to my employer if i resign? i really want to resign now coz im not happy anymore with my work environment. hope you can reply to my message sir.

  14. Sir. Do i have to face ban and pay the fine if i was to leave the job before undergoing medical and signing laboir contract? The company here in dubai is forcing me to pay the fine of 3500 dhirams. Do i really need to pay??.plz help me as soon as possible

  15. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I had joined with a freezone company as senior accountant and worked around 16 days. In between i came to know the company is in the verge of bankruptcy and they are a continuous defaulter on employee salary payments. The work atmosphere was totally horrible. So I decided to resign from them. There is no mention about probation period in the contract. I have few doubts as below
    1 If the probation period not mentioned in the contract, am i legally supposed to work with them normal notice period. ?
    2 If i get a job outside freezone, is there any issue for obtaining a new visa for them once this freezone visa cancelled ? ( like ban )
    3 If i resign, do i have to pay them any thing like visa charges or 45 days salary ? if its 45 days salary , is that based on basic salary or full month salary ?

    Kindly update on this

    Thanks & Regards


    1. Dear Mr. Deepak,

      I had joined with a private company as cad designer and worked around 9 days. In between i came to know the The work atmosphere was totally horrible. So I decided to resign from them. There is 6 month probation period in the limited contract. & my passport stamping still on going. I have few doubts as below

      1 if i resign , and they didn’t accept my resign so what i do

      2 if they accept my resign, do i have to pay them any thing like visa charges or 45 days salary ? if its 45 days salary , is that based on basic salary or full month salary ?

      Kindly update on this

      Thanks & Regards

      sachin ghag

    2. good evening,

      i am working one of the leading company in abudhabi uae since from 3 years 8months. Now i got a new job.but my not give cancellation tell that you have to complete two years.i already send the mail to hr department today only.and i mention next month 16th i will stop the work (one month grace period).what can do sir.kindly reply

  16. Hi! I am currently on my 1st month under probation. My contract is unlimited and I’m planning to resign and just go back to my home country. When do you think is the best time for me to resign? While I’m still on probation or after 6 months? Also, do I have to pay my employer? do i get a labour ban? if she terminate me in probation period? what shall i face? she said i will got labour ban and i will go home to philippines..is it right? please help me..

    1. i have already emirates id and i signed the contract last month..can you email me? i will just send my labour contract for you to have basis to advice me..what is better to do. [email protected]
      Please help me.

  17. Hi Deepak,

    I had a verbal dispute with my employer yesterday. And he wants me to resign. Actually first he threat me of ‘firing’ and thought for seconds and said put your ‘resignation’ on my table.

    I am holding a ‘limited’ contract as a ‘Sales’ staff.

    This March I’ve completed 1 yr.

    In this case, following are my query please:

    1. If I resign, do I need to bear all the expenses that has been made by my employer during a process of employing me? My employer is forcing me to ‘resign’.

    Which I do not want to do. For example, if I resign what would be the consequences? In this case, would there be any ‘ban’ imposed against me by the law or employer?

    2. If I am allowed to resign without any penalties, how long time would I get to find a new job for myself since the current remaining 1 year visa has to get cancelled.

    2. If I am ‘fired’ when I still have 1 more years in contract as signed what are the consequences do I need to face [If any].

    Would be great upon the precise information please.

    Thank You.

  18. I am working in laundry since dec1 I want to go home I have a family problem my boss ask for 8000 dhs for visa what to do please tell me

  19. I signed an offer letter on limited contract and provided all the documents the same day. It took them almost 2 months to process my visa. I paid for my medical and it was clear. Didnt process my emirates id yet. I have an emergency in home country and need to go.
    Told my employer I will not join the company anymore and go home.
    They will let me go, but I need to pay employment costs before processing cancellation.
    Employer told me they will give me 1year labour ban.
    Can they still give me ban even if i pay the employment costs?

  20. hi i have newly joined in a company in free zone. i am on a 3 months probation but my visa is made for 2years. if i complete my probation period and quit the company to go back will there be any ban on me or will i have to pay any amount to the company?

  21. Dear Friends,

    I need expert suggestion to come out of situation.
    The scenario is as below:

    I have worked for a company A in free zone for almost 4 years.
    I have joined the company B which is LLC few days back.
    I have a new offer from Company which is also LLC.
    My family visa is under is on Hold as my new company B has given a work quota and permit to have a transfer of my family VISA.
    My new Company B visa is under process and yet I have signed only offer letter of the LLC company and not the labour contract.
    Now what all are the possibility if I resigned from new company B on Ban and period of Ban and how to overcome on this.

    Would highly request for expert advice on the above.

    Thanks regards


  22. Dear Friends,

    I need expert suggestion to come out of situation.
    The scenario is as below:

    I have worked for a company A in free zone for almost 4 years.
    I have joined the company B which is LLC few days back.
    My family visa is under is on Hold as my new company B has given a work quota and permit to have a transfer of my family VISA.
    My new Company B visa is under process and yet I have signed only offer letter of the LLC company and not the labour contract.
    Now what all are the possibility if I resigned from new company B on Banning me.

    Would highly request for expert advice on the above.

    Thanks regards


  23. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Just want to ask, I want to resign to my company because I was hospitalized and was operated due to my sickness and as my company did not provide any health insurance even though it is stated in my offer letter we paid all expense to the hospital which is expensive. Due to this I had a fight with my boss and I want to resign.

    Since I am still on probation and under limited contract which I have not signed the labor contract and I have just checked it online that i am on limited contract,

    my question is:
    Do I still need to pay the 45 days salary? I am still under probation and I haven’t received any confirmation from the company that I am already regularized.

    Thanks, your blog is a great help!

  24. Hi deepak,

    I am a IT engineer working in archive clerk visa, one month has finished and medical finished, Visa stamping on process. I am in in unlimited contract under probation period is 6 month. I had a new offer above 5000 AED and I am B.E Comupter science. My question is:

    1: I will reisgn my job now? how much day i need to give as notice period?
    2: Will i get ban of 6 month?
    3. Do i need to pay any money?
    4. My company is holding my degree, How to get that?

    Read more: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/what-is-probation-period#ixzz3tXNgZP4P
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  25. I resigned during my probation period of 6 months in use. Now when I am asking for experience certificate / relieving letter my employer is not responding. What are my rights per uae labour law

  26. Hi Deepak,

    I have some questions here, I work here in Dubai Investment Park 2, currently I am on my cancellation period but I am already working in an LLC company. I will be having my exit on November 20, 2015 and tickets and all expenses are covered by the company. The problem is, they will not be processing as Working Visa but a 3 month Visa, Mission Visa, since they got problem on filing for working Visa. My questions are:
    1) If I resign under the 3 month visa they provide me, will they take legal actions to me?
    2) Will I get labour ban?
    3) Am I going to pay the visa they provide me if I will not finish the 3 months visa?
    Thank you.

  27. Hi Sir,

    I want to resign in my current employer, I have working visa, stating my visa as “General Electronics Engineer”. I am currently finished my probation.
    My question is if I resign will I face labour ban even my VISA states im Engr. (correct me if im wrong I read some articles that some professions have exeptions in ban).

    Can I apply other jobs, even though they gave me lower salary and accept it.

    1. Dear Deepak,

      I am working in Catering Company as a Hygiene Officer, but my profession in visa is Sales. I am working for the Company for last 2 months. There is a 6 month probation period as per my contract. I want to resign from my job, becz i am not satisfy with the working environment. So please guide me for the below doubts :

      1. According to my contract, i have to give one month notice period during the probation period, is it valid, becz i don’t want to give one month notice period.

      2. Whom should i complaint if the company is not approving my Resignation and if not releasing me.

      3.What will be the deductions in my settlement. becz the company ask me to pay the employment visa cost aed 5600. Its maintain in my contract to pay the visa cost. Is it acceptable according to Labor Law.

  28. hi deepak,

    I need to ask. Im currently working for 5 days now on a private company. i signed an employment offer already i dont if thats already the contract since it doeant say if it is limited or unlimited. i already have mu pre approval work permit from mol. im on a tourist visa. and i dont know if my visa was on process already. I want to quit the job. will i get a ban alrwady or not?

  29. I am working in the Construction Company in Abu Dhabi, in my Contract it is written that there is a 6 month Probationay Period & and in this period Company (First Party) can terminate the contract immediatly without notice. But it was not written about the Second Party (Me). So, please can you answer for the below questions

    1. what is my notice period during the probationary period.
    2. to whom shall i complaint if the company is not approving my Resignation and if not releasing me.
    3.what are the deductions in my settlement.
    4.my passport is with the company, how can i get it back

    1. Khan,
      1. It is usually 1 day or whatever is written in your contract.
      2. MOL.
      3. I am not sure about what is written in your contract. If it is not written, you do not have to pay anything.
      4. You should ask for it.

  30. Hello,

    I would like to resign from my company, but i am still on probation. I understand i have to pay the company 45days charge, though my salary is too low to pay that money, yet i want to resign immediately. What happens if i cannot pay that amount of money?

    1. Sucre,
      Are you on limited contract?? Then you have to pay 45 day salary.
      if you can not pay, the company may withhold your cancellation and settlement.

      1. Yes, i believe i am on limited contract according to the offer letter. However, i have never signed any contract with the company. Does that exempt me from the 45days charge?

        Secondly, please help me understand what you mean by the company withholding my cancellation and settlement, as these are terms unfamiliar to me


          1. Please disregard my earlier response. I do have a contract, but it does not specify the fee deductions. Do i still have to pay?

            What section of the labor law specifically states so?

            1. Sucre,
              Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/can-employer-deduct-my-salary

  31. Hi Deepak,

    I know you have answered similar questions in the past, but, it would be great if you can answer specific to my scenario. Thank you in advance.

    I am currently on my 5th month of probationary period with an unlimited contract. I would need to go home to attend to an emergency. I have filed for leave 40 days before my intended departure, however, my employer has not approved the leave yet. My departure date is getting nearer and nearer and I’m still unsure if the leave has been approved.

    If my employer will not allow me to take a leave, I have no choice but to resign.

    If I resign, then it will be less than the 1 month notice period.

    1. Is it really required for probationary employees under unlimited contract to serve a 30 day notice?
    2. If I submit my resignation letter and serve 10 days notice, what are the implications?

    Thank you.


  32. Hello Sir,

    Just want ask about resigning during probation period?


    I have signed a contract with a private company and i have worked for only a week now
    i’ve did my medical and emirates ID using my own money,and now i have to give my passport to HR
    So they can put my work permit sticker on my passport and they will give back my passport.


    I have a very good offer from overseas and the money is really good. Is there going to be a problem if I resign?
    and can it affect me if I go out from the country?

    Really need your help

    1. Josh,
      I don’t think there is any problem in you resigning.
      It is better to inform your company to stop the procedings of visa stamping as you are resigning.
      This way they could save the stamping charges.

      1. Hello Mr. Deepak
        as u sais Engineers donot face labor ban…. please tell me i am on limited contract and completed my 8 months in the consulting company but not now i am planning to resign after 1 year please tell me i am an engineer will i get any ban or what probably bad i can face if i resign?

        please do reply
        Thank you,
        zeeshan khan

  33. Hi Deepak,

    I would like to ask some question regarding probation period.

    I’m currently hired as a medical data entry from a company in dubai, and am on my probation period of 6 months.

    In case i want to terminate my limited contract during my probation period, will there be a ban that will be imposed to me?

    and what should i do to lift this ban?



    1. Carlo,
      Yes. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  34. Hi, Deepak. M

    Hope you’re fine. i would like to ask if there is a ban without signing labour contract? i exited from kish and got back here with the pink slip employment visa when entering immigration. but i din’t sign labour contract for processing my residency.. i been working for 1 month already. and i dont want to continue anymore. will i get a ban?

  35. Dear Deepak
    First of all thank you for sharing all this useful information . I need some help as i am being offered a Marketing Manager job on my MBA degree in an LLC company and have some concerns.
    1. The company didn’t mention any probation period in their 3 meetings with me but in their offer letter they mentioned 6 month probation period and that benefits will start after probation. First question is that are they liable to get me residence and medical insurance or they can skip it and make me work on pink slip?
    2. In my discussion they promised to revisit my salary if i get certain number of client’s on board in first 3 months but it is not mentioned in the offer letter. How and where shoudl i ask them to include this clause?
    3. Some people are telling me that MBA’s can not be banned if they resign during probation or before 2 year contract completion if they are getting AED 5000 or more from next job offer. Is that correct or just a Rumor?
    4. What others things i ask the employer to safeguard my interests .
    As i am new here i would greatly appreciate your quick response.
    Once again thank you for your great work.

    1. Jibz,
      1. The ‘pink visa’ is valid for 60 days, within which time your Medical, Emirates ID and visa must be stamped.
      2. Verbal commitments can not be relied upon!!
      3. Usually post graduates do not get labour ban. You must have attested certificates.
      4. All the conversations, promises must be written in labour contract.

  36. my question is, can i resign in my current job who offered me 6000 aed but im still within probation? what are my consequences? im not just satisfied with the management team of my company and they are just treating us like “you should d this! we are paying you so high!” please reply

    1. Matt,
      You could face labour ban.

      1. Hi My question is : i resigned from my company during the probation period and now am going to new company with salary higher than 12000 aed , what are the problems that will face me ? and my current company can affect this transfer ?

        Thank u

  37. Hi, I am on probation, I have just signed the contract yesterday, i am offered a better pay in a different company, also i am on husband visa, can i quit my current job. I am working from past 2 months also i am an undergraduate.

    1. Riya,
      If you have a labour approval, you will face labour ban even if you are on husband sponsorship.

  38. Dear Deepak,

    Your answering with different concerns is really a big help! I hope that you will be able read this comment and answer back. That would really means so much. I am quite anxious these past few days because of this problem.

    I am a teacher and I am here in UAE since April 2015, I applied in this particular school since April and last June I have signed their offer letter. The HR told me that they will process my visa this July, that time my visa would expire by July 17. They advise me to apply for another 1 month tourist visa since they will process the visa by August. I am frustrated by that because that is my third exit for another tourist visa but since I wanted to pursue teaching there (because it is near in our building) I did so, thinking that this will be the last exit on my expense.

    Then this news from them truly devastated me: The assistant HR told me that I have to pay them AED650 if I want to go to Oman for an Airport to Airport visa change. That AED650 according to them is for the ON HAND VISA CHARGE. I will pay them before proceeding to my exit once my visa is released. And if I don’t want to do so, I have another option to go to Kish and wait there for 3 to 5 days (not definite and beyond their control, depending when the visa is released). In both of their provided option they will provide the air ticket. ONLY AIR TICKET. And If I choose the Kish Option wherein I don’t have to pay, I will still pay for my hotel and food. Both of their option will require me to produce money from my own pocket. According to them, they already applied for my visa and currently in the pre-assessment step. They will be needing my answer once that step is done.

    As I have said earlier I have been here since April taking 1 month visa each time. At this moment, I can no longer pay them plus the fact that I don’t want to work with them anymore. I have this thinking that they are deceiving me since they haven’t mentioned this during interview/contract signing.

    My question now are the following:

    1. Is the amount they are asking is just based on UAE Law? What is this On Hand Visa Charge really?

    2. Is it possible if I cancel my application to them and get my requirements (they ask for my original school records)?

    3. What is pre-assessment? Is it possible to backout by now?

    4. If I backout, am I liable for any charges even though I am not yet working with them? (As stated in the offer if I resign prior to contract completion they will deduct 45 days of my salary) Will I get a ban because of this?

    I have this feeling that they are not yet processing my employment visa, since according to the assistant HR, they can’t do it while I’m here because it will overlap with my current visa.

    I hope for your response as soon as possible. This thing really worries me.

    More power to you!

    1. 1. No. I don’t understand what cost is that!
      2. I don’t get this question!
      3. I think the school needs to get approval from relevant authorities.
      4. Yes, you may get a ban if you already have a labour approval.
      Yes, your employment visa can only be processed once you are outside UAE since you are on visit/tourist visa.

  39. Hi deepak, I am happy reading all d answers which u have provided to everyone,it will be really helpful to everyone. U r doing a great job. I hope finally I found d rite person to ask my quieries too..
    I am working in a JAFZA company joined on June 20th, 2015, and in my offer letter they have mentioned that I will be on 3 months probation period. And I have done with my medical and received Jafza id card also.
    1. Will I get a ban if I resign now?
    2. If so, then what is the best possible way to avoid the ban?
    3. The ban is only for JAFZA or I cannot work in any other company for the next 6 months in Dubai.
    I am graduate with 3 years of experience in HR profession. There r so many things which they have mentioned in my offer letter but they r not following it. Like working hours, salary mentioned , travel allowance etc.,
    I hope your answer will help me to clear my doubts. I would like to have ur mail id. So that I can send my offer letter to u, and u can have a look at it and hope u can give a clear solution.
    I really really appericaite if u answer this quieries at first.

    1. Ajay,
      1. Within JAFZA and few of their affiliated free zones, you may get ban on employment.
      2. NA.
      3. As a HR person, I wish that you familiarise with such aspects.
      If you feel that the company is not fulfilling the contract obligations, you could approach the Free zone authority and file a complaint.

      Engage in a meaningful discussion, Visit: http://forum.emiratesdiary.com

  40. Good Day ,

    I have been working in a shipping company since Feb 2015, i am on my husbands sponsorship however i have a labour card issued by my company.

    If i resign within 06 months do i get a ban ? i have an oppurtunity for a similar position in a better company but salary is below AED 12,000 and i am masters degree holder.

    Is there a loophole to join the company without a ban ?


  41. Hai deepak,
    I joined in a company before 3 months. At the interview time they told me that selection is for a project in alain.also in offer letter they mentioned same.after coming here they transfer me to 100% isolated desert before two weeks.also reporting managers fight with me verbally and I was suffering mental torturing and harassing for some days.i have informed hr peoples by mail and by phone that I cant continue my work with this peoples here please transfer me.they send me warning letter that unauthorised abscent will cause to deciplinary action.i had reply to that mail also that you please transfer me from here but anyway i cant continue my work with these peoples here.now last six days i am not going to office.i am stilk staying in the companies project camp here.So can you advise me what will be the maximum actiin they can take for this?.

    1. Varun,
      If you do not attend office continuously for 7 days, company has right to report you absconding.

  42. Hi deepak…ive been working as a security in a pvt company for 5 yrs and 5 months..last jan 22 i went bk to my country for emergency leave which last for 2 weeks when my mother die…this time im asking again for emergency leave coz my father died..my manager dont want to allowed me coz he said he cnt find reliever..i really wanted to see my father on his wake and funeral…he told me to resigned so they can cancel my visa so i can go home…i really dont know what will i do…i dont want to leave my job but he is insisting me to do or else i cant go to my country…what will i do???

    1. Roma,
      I am not sure why your company manager is behaving inhumanely!
      You should try and talk to him or other senior management.

    2. Roma,
      I am not sure why your company manager is behaving inhumanely!
      You should try and talk to him or other senior management

  43. HI.. Deepak..

    I am working in a restraunt in probation period and now i feel my salary is very low and I need to change the job..
    What happens if I do so?? with notice period.. Do I get ban?? what are the possibilities? Please advise..

  44. Dear Deepak,

    I am currently working in a company under probation, I have signed the offer letter from them first and they provide me employment entry visa valid until August 2015 and unpaid pre approval for work permit valid until july 29 2015,i have not yet done my medical and my visa not yet stamped in passport, about the labour contract when i check with Hr he said after complete your medical you have to sign now i heard company is not paying salary properly in that case i cant continue here want to quite this job ,if i quite i will be banned for 6 months ? i have signed one paper before as per the information from Hr ,i am not sure it may be labour contract or not , I am just confused i need to take the action soon before doing medical…Please help me

    1. Sooraj,
      FYI first you have to sign the labour contract and only then you can go for medicals.
      I smell something fishy here!!
      If the company does not pay your salary, you could file a complaint with the MOL

  45. hi deepak, how are you? i need a clear vision regarding my situation. hope you could help me.
    1. im on my 2 month probation in the company, (restaurant) but i want to resign. do i have to pay anything to them if i resigned? what if they force me to pay for visa fees, etc.
    2. i had my medical but i dont have anything, i mean, they did not give me offer letter, never signed a contract. would it be possible if i resign? do i get a ban?
    3. manager is treating me so bad. cursing me, bad words coming from his mouth always. even the chef is so bossy. i dont like the environment. im not happy with it. will i be ban? pay them the expenses?
    please let me know. thanks much. bless you.

    1. Jahjah,
      1. No.
      2. Only after your contract is signed, can you go for medical! Strange!
      3. You could file complaint with MOL with regard to the abuses!

  46. hii m on a unlimited contract working a company in Dubai as assistant accountant..i m on my 2 month of probation period and m not happy with my present job and I want to resign.
    1 .can I have ban?
    2.do I need to to pay any visa costs? nothng is mentiond so in my contract.
    3.can employer put one year ban?
    4. is thre any ban if get in freezone?
    5.if I get job of 5000 dhs in Dubai if employer takes my 10th certificates , can the ban removed?
    please reply me sir

    thank you

    1. Adhi,
      1. Yes.
      2. No. (http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign)
      3. It will most probably be 6 month labour ban.
      4. Some free zones will not process your visa if you have a labour ban.
      5. Probably yes. What certificates have you given now?

  47. Hi sir,

    I came to uae in work permit evisa my company Is a security service provider. After a month I found that I am not the right fit guy for this job as I have better qualifications and in my company employees are intermediate passed or unskilled labour. the working environment is not good. We works for 12hrs and also without leave because of no reliver in duty. My company has spent money on me by giving ideal days salary. But now I don’t want to work in my company I am on probation period. I want to leave this company and go back home. I want to know if i will leave, will the company reimburse money from me or ask some compensation amount. Can I easily resign or there will be some issue because I came to know that if I resign before probation the company will not lemme go and on this one month prior notice it will.make me work like machine cause more trouble.

    Also the company has not given back my attested documents. Plz tell me what to do.


    1. Monti,
      The resignation process depends on your company.
      Whether it is easy or tough, I can’t really say. The process may not be tough but your employer might play tough!!

  48. Dear deepak ,
    I want to ask one thing.i am working in company from 2 months with limited contract of 2 years. As working nature is not good in companny.i took a emergency leave and I am going to my place back.but I dont want to reaturn back.what a company can do.if I leave without intemating them.plz advise me

  49. Dear sir,

    I have been working in comapny for two and half years,my visa renewed 6 month ago, now i’m going to resingn my job,
    so the company asking me visa cost…..should i pay ..???

      1. My dear friend Mr deepak

        You are right companies can not ask for visa cost but why these candidates dont decide before they go abroad,

        Why should companies pay if candidate is not ready to complete his job..

        Now a days candidates are not good

  50. Hi Deepak,

    I am a re-hired employee of this company. I got terminated just last DEC. 2014 due to completion of project and we don’t have any other projects here in UAE.
    but the company called me last march from my home country and they wanted me to join again.
    I re-joined my company last march 23, 2015. I got unlimited contract with 6 month provisionary period.
    Today one company wanted to hire me with 1o thousand dirhamns salary way much bigger than my current salary.
    Is there any labor ban that can imposed against me since I am still under provisionary period?
    By the way, I am holder of high school diploma only.

    Need help. Thank you.

    1. Jay,
      Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  51. Dear Deepak,

    I’m working with my company since 30 July 2013,but my visa was stamped on my passport till 30 October 2015! I wish to specificate that my contract is unlimited period,and I already resign ,I’m in the notice period. Please my question it is there is any possibility to get ban ? I already sign a new offer latter with another company on a salary bigger.

    1. Andrea,
      When is your labour card issued. That day is considered to calculate the length of service.

  52. i just finished 2 years with one company and i change company I am currently on my first month under probation. My contract is unlimited and I’m planning to resign and find a other job with even less salary the reason they have send me to abu dhabi an iam living in dubai my salary is 5000 right now , any problem for me no ban ?

      1. Dear Mr. Deepak

        I am working in one company and i am on probation period . I finished my medical but my visa is not yet stamp on passport this is my fourth month but i want to resign from this company but the passport is still in the company and not yet send for visa processing so in this case if i resign with the notice period of 30 days it will be illegal .Also i am resigning so they will not process my visa so what should i do? should i work with them in notice period or i should go to labour court? because if i will still work with company it will be illegal please tell me what to do ?

        1. Afroz,
          Resigning will not be illegal.
          Yes, you have to work during notice period as well.
          Do you have your employment visa?

  53. Hi How are you …I need an urgent help about :

    I am working in a gov company in abu dhabi and still i didnt complete 1 month ,I have the work permit – new but still I didnt go to medical and my visa not stamped on my passport.

    I asked the HR that If i can leave they told me no problem you can leave without any issues but you know I worked for them mroe than 15 days ,will they give me my days paid or no ?

  54. The situation is :I am a general cook,Its a free zone visa…They applied for me Emirates id …but still i didnt finish my finger print and its in process(I had a registered form for 340 AED).I finished my medicals..I have a entry work visa valid till july 9 2015.I ve an emergency to go back to India…If i not come back ,is it became a problem/BAn?I am a graduate..Is there any problem if i transit from Dubai to another country ?Is it anything to cancell before i go to my country(India)?
    Please clarify my doubts

  55. Dear Sir,

    I am on probation period. My visa also stamped.
    But now i have an offer of 16000 dirhams
    I want to know can I resigned. I will get ban.
    And if there is ban can I lift that ban.

    1. UVS,
      Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  56. Hi,

    Thanks for all your above information. These are very useful. Still I need an information from you that I am within my probation period i.e. 6 months & I got an offer from another company in UAE & they are offering me better salary. I am within an unlimited visa & my current CTC is Dhs 8500 (which is written in my contract) and got an offer of 11000 Dhs & I am a diploma holder. So, as per the above topic I think I can resign freely coz I have just completed my 4 months with my current employer . Please reply so that I can proceed . Thank you very much.

    1. Aditya,
      I guess diploma holder with 11K salary will not face labour ban.
      However, it is better to confirm this with MOL as this may affect you in case there is a change in the law.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        Thanks for your reply. I will talk with MOL. Thanks for all your help.

  57. Hi Mr. Deepak, I recently joined a company as a sales agent but my Visa is not yet stamped in my passport. I am empoyed thru agency. Now I am residing in Abu Dhabi but my company wants me assigned in Al Ain. They did’t mention this before and I don’t want to be assigned there because I have my family here in Abu Dhabi. What can I do? The job offer contract doesn’t mention anything regarding paying Visa costs if I resign. Can they force me to pay the visa costs? and will I get banned in case I resign?

    1. James,
      Companies can depute you to any region.
      You don’t have to pay any visa costs in case you resigned. But this depends on your contract type.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/limited-contract

  58. Hi Deepak,

    I newly joined in an LLC company on 24 May 2015, Now my company is forcing me to do more than 8 hrs a day without overtime payment which is aganist labour law and i was not informed about the work timings of the company during the interview, even not mentioned in my offer letter. Due to this reason i resigned from my job. My visa is not stamped in my passport and medical not yet done. Now my company is asking me to pay 45 days salary plus all the visa expense which was mentioned in the offer letter i signed. Please let me know:
    1. If i will be banned for 1 year?
    2. Does the company can force me to pay 45 days salary and visa expense?

    1. Rajesh,
      From your query it is inconclusive whether you have a labour contract or not and type of your contract.
      1. If you labour approval is underprocess, you will face labour ban for 6 months.
      2. If it is mentioned in your contract, then yes, you have to pay.

  59. Dear Deepak ji
    I joint in dubai 20 april 2015 and sign to limited contract. I already get UAE ID but my employer have too much issue here , If i am asking about accomdation rent or other thing but not get proper response from him .I am probation period i want to resign from this job.
    1) What is notice period, i am on limited contract.
    2) what type of problem will face in future.
    3)If i will give resign , he will asked about cost of visa medical or other or he want salary from me of 45 days.
    Please reply me ….Mr.singh

  60. i m in an unlimited contract and working for 6months now if the company terminates me before or after 6 months what will be my end service benefits paid by the company? 1 months’ salary or 3 months salary?

  61. Hi,

    I just got my visa stamped in my passport and I am on my 3rd month in this company. My salary is 4000 AED. I got an offer from a different company which offers 5000 AED. If I resigned in my work now. Will I get banned?

  62. I joined a company as Assistant Sales Manager a month back, If i get a position as Sales Manager with higher than my current salary which is 12k now. will I face labor ban.I heard that one can change the job if one have MBA degree submitted for the Visa process and being offered higher than current position.

    Please help with authentic reference, or direct me how to check with official authorities.

    1. Saad,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  63. Hi

    I just want to know, I applied for a company i just got cancelled from my last employer,…. and the company I’m supposed to worked for until now has not processed my visa yet, and I have not signed any contract or offer letter they keep withholding it, and now i tell them i want to find another work and told me that they already processed my visa and scaring me that they will give me ban automatically,… but I dont think they have processed anything already,… My mistake here is that i have passed most of my credentials

    my question is

    1. are they allowed to processed my visa or labor without any formal offer letter or agreement to both parties.

    2. will i get a ban even though I have not yet started to work in this company. no stamp, no contract or anything

    3. will i still be able to cancel the process of my labor if i go directly to labor. because I think they plan to start my visa give a smaller offer latter after visa and i won’t be able to refuse because i will get a ban if i don’t accept it and the labor is in processed.

    4. If i go to MOL directly ask them to not processed any contracts under the company’s name and my name is that possble


    1. Richard,
      1. If you have not signed any contract, they will not be able to apply for visa. It will be illegal. You can file complaint with immigration or MOL.
      2. No, you will not get a ban if you have not any labour approval.
      3. No, your PRO should do that.
      4. I am not sure about this. You could try that.

  64. Dear Deepak,
    I joined the company on 23.05.2015 and i didn’t signed the contract and visa was not yet stamped also and medical also not done can i resign if i got a better job offer and in my employment offer letter it mentioned that its a limited contract and its a LLC company.
    do i get a one year ban i resign by myself or what will happen if company terminates me?

      1. hi sir, i was in the company for almost 8months in unlimited contract if i file a resignation is any payments/expenses to give in my employer? becaused somebody said it may deduct equivalent of 45 working days to me..thanks

        1. Lobo,
          Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  65. Hi,

    I have recently joined a new company for retails sales, it is a large company, in the UAE. I have signed and returned the offer letter which has stated.

    ‘Probation period of 6 months during which time employment may be terminated by either party without any notice.’

    My salary will be 10k plus commission. I am a British passport holder.

    If I want to leave my employment during this 6 month probation period will I be banned for 6 months? Also, at which point do I have to sign a contract or is the offer letter substantial enough for my company to provide a visa?

    Thank you for help.

    1. Steve,
      Does this company come under MOL?
      In that case Yes, labour ban may be applied if you resign even during the probation period.
      Visa will be processed once the company obtains your labour approval and after you have signed a labour contract.

      1. Thank you for your reply.

        I have not heard back from this company since i signed the offer letter.

        I have changed my mind and no longer want to work for this company.

        As I have only signed an offer letter and not a contract, nor have I had the medical assessment yet, will I be penalized at this stage if I withdraw from the offer?

        Thank you for your time and your help is much appreciated.

        1. Steve,
          if it is only an offer letter that you have signed, I do not see any problem.
          You should inform the company that you are not interested anymore officially.

          1. Thanks again for your reply.

            I have been contacted by the company who have obtained and employment e-visa, it says it is valid for 2 months, I don’t know what this means is it still too late to avoid this company without being penalized in some way? They have asked me to send them my original passport to apply for the visa change? What should I do?

            Thank you so much for your help!

            1. Steve,
              Where are you in UAE or outside?
              Never send original passport to anyone (except when your government asks).
              This could be risky!

          2. So if they have the e-vsia with my details on, then is the labour is already approved?

            I have not given them my passport and the switch from visit visa to work visa has not been made, but they want me to start working now and complete the medical after the apply for my emirates ID.

            If I tell them now I no longer want to work for them after they have received my e-visa, will I receive a labour ban even though I have not signed a contract only an offer letter?

            Thanks for your help, highly appreciated.

            1. Steve,
              Your situation is not all clear to me.
              If you have no labour approval, there is no labour ban.
              I am not entirely sure about the e-visa.

        2. I understand this visa to be an employment entry permit, valid for 2 months, if I choose to go no further will I still be banned?

          Is labour approval needed in order for the company to provide me with the entry employment visa?

          Thank you.

  66. Hello Deepak,
    I have joined the company on May 2015 It has been 25 days working in company and now i came to know that the owner is having lots of legal issues as everyday new issues is being created in office due to which he has not processed for labor card, medical and emirates id and now he is saying he wont clear my salary and now i want to cancel my visa and now he is saying i need to pay the visa expenses i need to know the visa charges. will i get a ban.
    plz help.

      1. hi deepak

        I am here on a visit visa. i had given interview in one company they had taken my passport now they are telling me to go to kish island or oman for exit procedure in this time i got another offer from a different company now i want to join that other company can i do that will i face any legal objection.


        1. Have you signed the offer letter or labour contract. If yes, you are obliged with following that.
          On the other hand, you could ask the company to cancel your application and job offer.

      2. hi deepak,
        i signed limited contract 1 month ago .. i am in 6 months probation ..can i resign now without paying 45 days and getting ban ???

  67. Hi Deepak,

    I am new in LLC company and still in probation period and I want to resign, I have Unlimited contract with 5K salary.
    1. Will I get labor ban?
    2. Does my Employer will impost a case/or pay the visa expense recovery?
    3. If I will join to other company, how can I lift my ban or what are the possibilities to have a new visa aside from freezone.


  68. Im working in a Frozen Food company in Dubai as an Accountant.
    And having an employment visa with “follow up clerk” as professional position.
    I joined this job on 15th Feb 2015 and have a 6 month Probation period. I would like to resign this job, due to business environment and personal reason. Can I Successfully Quit this job, and go back to home land, India.

  69. Hello Dear,
    My joining date in Dubai LLC company is 1st March, 2015 and my emirates ID starting date is 6th of May. Now approx 2.5 months ago, when I joined my company.
    I have a General Accountant visa, now I am going to change my old company. I did Intermediate and Doing ACCA… I have no Graduation nor any professional degree/certificate.

    Now if I will change my company, can i get a Labour ban? as i’m on probation now a days and my contract is Limited.

      1. I am a doctor..I have completed 4 month in probation period.. Probation period is 6 months..If i quit job , will i face ban?

  70. I am probation period i agve resignation letter on 30 April 2015,
    1) how much is notice period, am on limited contract.
    2) what all problems will i do face.
    3)he has not paid me salary from 1st march 2015 to till today.

      1. How many days i have to work if i have give resigantion .

        mine employer has not replied to my mail of resing letter & hard copy give to him.\

        so what should i do now.

        1. Deepak,
          Your notice period will be as per your contract.
          Since you have written proof, you can show it at the end of the notice period.

  71. hi Deepak
    I am a radiographer (x-ray Technologist)working in a healthcare facility in Dubai for almost 3 months now and im still on probation for 6months. And I want to quit due to some reasons like delayed salary and my duty hours is 11 hours no over time pay, but it is written the contract that its only 9hrs in a day. they didn’t give me a labour contract to sign and I still dont have residence visa, medical. if I resign will I face the 1 year ban?

  72. continuation..

    and also my duty timing is not the same as stated in my company contract they put 9hrs duty from Monday to sunday except in Friday. and the company manager(acting HR) is telling that my duty timing is split shift 10:00am-1:30pm break then 6:00pm-9:30pm total of 9hrs but shes telling me that I should come before 9am in the morning and in the afternoon before 5:00pm when she informed me about that I immediately complain but no actions.. still my duty hours is 12hrs.. I really want to quit

  73. hi Deepak,

    I am within the probation period almost 2 months, my labour card is processed. But I haven’t sign any labour contract only the company contract and my company took my passport. and they haven’t process my emirates id. and the salary here is every 45 days of the month.

    -can i resign on one day notice?

    -can i take up employment in other company or will i face a ban of 6 months ?

    -what is 6 months ban?


    1. Dan,
      1. If the employer is not agreeing to the contract, you could resign.
      2. Ban will be automatic if your labor approval is under process.
      3. It is a labour ban.

  74. I am within the probation period, my labour card is processed. My company took my passport for security at the time of joining.

    -can i resign on one day notice?
    -can i take up employment in other company or will i face a ban of 6 months ?
    -what is 6 months ban?

      1. HI

  75. Hi Deepak,

    Im having confusions of leaving my company, for i might have a ban if i do so. To start of, im newly employed to a private maintenance company here in abu dhabi, more than a momth. And eventualy I found out that my boss has something on me, as the days passed by he started showing me indescent acts and misbehaviour and verbal harresment, and just 2 days back he forced to take my hand and placed it on his sensitive part. I can no longer take it, im scared to report it in the police. Would you please help me if whats the best thing to do? Would I be ban if he terminates me? Or get jailed if i reported it in the police without proof only verbal statement? Please help!



    1. CP,
      you should not delay in filing a complaint against such lewd acts by your manager.
      Yes, if you resign or get terminated, you will have a labour ban.
      You should complain with proper proof.

  76. Hi Deepak

    I had joined an LLC on 18th feb 2015. My Visa got stamped on 22-March. Contract is unlimited. Designation is Ast. Engineer
    Basic salary is 8000AED. Probation period of six months.
    Since the company is not providing the salary on a regular basis (they even had delays upto three months) i wish to resign from here. Already i got an offer same as this from my previous company.
    so i want to know:
    1. Whether i do have to serve any notice period?, If yes How much?
    2. Will i get BAN?, If yes, How can i lift it?
    3. Do i need to pay this company for my visa & insurance expenses.?

    Please help me on this


  77. Dear Mr. Deepak

    Hi my name is Mac. i have a problem about my Employment.
    i got my my employment visa on April 10, 2015 and i am under probation with in 3 month now i completed 2 months now and they gave me a half of salary, im not happy anymore in my job now..theres a possible if i live and resign i get Ban or. how about if they terminate me ..
    I want to know if you are under probation’s with in 3 month and you dont like your job and leave it is possible get ban..can you advise me please



      1. Hi Deepak,

        If we terminated an employee and he did not finish one year, shall we pay him leave salary as per MOL : 2 days leave for every month if his service is more than 6 months and less than one year ?bearing in mind that nothing is mentioned about this in our company Hr policy?

        I will appreciate your response.


        1. Nadia,
          Yes, you must pay leave salary.
          Also you are required to pay 3 month compensation in case the termination was not justified.

          1. Hi Deepak,

            I would just like to clarify regarding your answer here. I started working in a Free Zone company under TECOM on November 2014 but my visa was applied December 2014. I receive my termination notice on May 5, 2015 and it will be effective on June 6, 2015. It was without verbal nor written warning, and it was just handed over by our HR. The letter did not mention any reason for termination. I am not refuting this since I am also wanting to hand over my resignation. I just want to know if I am also entitled for a 3month compensation. Thanks

  78. HI Deepak.
    Im ON my second month of probitionary now working in LLC. Im done with my medical and the biometric for the emirates id. It was mentioned during the interview that i will be on unlimited contract. Now I want to resign because I dont like the job. My 2 boss is treating me like im a robot.
    1. How will i confirm if im on unlimited contract?
    2. Will I get banned?
    3. I have a bachelors degree and my curent salary is 2500.I will be ale to find a new job, can I transfer if the new salary is higher that 2500?
    4. Do I have to pay for the visa expenses?

    I will apreciate your response.

    Thank You

    1. Liza,
      1. Check your contract to know whether you are on limited or unlimited contract. http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/how-to-check-your-labour-contract-through-mol-smartphone-app
      2. Yes, you will face ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
      3. No, you will have ban.
      4. No, you do not have to pay visa expenses. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  79. Hi, Deepak myself Deepak currently working in a perfume trading Company in Ras al Khor industrial Area 2. I joined Company on 21st Feb 2015, mine interview was done in Mumbai. Now I have been working for more than 2 months. My problems are as follows: 1) Still mine bank Account is not opened, whenever i ask to open they gave silly excusses
    2) Mine Emirates Id is not given to me.
    3) I have got Salary for 22 Feb 2015 to 28thFeb i.e for 7 days 525 dhs.
    4) In Interview he told will provide accomodation & transportation, but not yet provided, I stay behind company Storeroom.
    5) Daily working hours are more than 12 to 13 hrs a day.
    6) Now some problem happend in Ras khor office, So Dewa & Dubai Municipality came & shut down the electricity on 21/04/2015. So my Empolyee Shifted office in his house in jumeriah villa & told me to work here still new office in Deira would open soon with in 2 to 3 days, but still nothing has been done & stay at Ras Al Khor factory behind company Storeroom without electricity or stay at your cousins place. He gave me 400 dhs when I asked i don’t have money to travel from my cousins place to Business Bay, Jumeria to his house where now current office he runs.
    7) When he interviewed me in Mumbai he made me sign 6250 dhs in blank vocuher, telling that if I resign during any period of my contract I have to pay him this much amount. 8) In my passport the visa stamping is done from 3/3/2015 to 2/3/2017, but i acutally came & started working on 21st feb 2015. In my labour contract he has mentioned on 1250 dhs salary inculding allowance + WPS & travelling & accomodation by Second party means I have to bear. While coming from Mumbai he told me take Return Flight ticket to Mumbai. Flight ticket has been paid by me. Please guide me I am resiging my job due no proper working hour, no salary been paid & due to mental strain given by my empolyee.

    Could you guide me, If I resigns what all consequences I have to face, should I have to pay him the visa cost, beacuse he had made me sign in blank vocuher mentioning 6250dhs only.

    1. Deepak,
      1. Bank account or salary transfer through exchanges is also possible.
      2. Emirates ID takes some time to arrive.
      3. OK.
      4. Is this mentioned in your contract?
      5. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/making-employees-work-9-hours-day
      6. Not sure what you want to know.
      7. No legal document.
      8. Are you the second party? If yes, then yes, you have to bear.
      You don’t have to pay any visa costs. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

      1. 2. Emirates already came but they are not giving it to me.
        4. Mentioned But by me.

  80. I am on my 5th month of probationary period, working as a university nurse..the management is making me a temporary nanny everytime a nanny in their “illegal”nursery is out for annual leave..i don’t find this really good and i have already expressed my opinion on this that i am against it but they’re taking it against me and heard from our HR office that they’re going to terminate me because they are being told to look for new nurse cv’s..will i get a ban if ever i resign or they will terminate me?..there’s nothing written in my contract that i have to reimburse my visa and other fees in the event i resign/be terminated. can they actually file a case against me? i’m so stressed out regarding my situation here.i really hope you can shed a light on my unfortunate circumstance.

    1. Shy,
      Sorry to hear about your situation.
      I suggest it is high time for you to get moving as this organisation has no ethics or values.
      Yes, you could end up getting labour ban if terminated or resigned.
      To avoid: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
      What case are you talking about? You should not pay any visa fees etc

  81. Im working in a healthcare group in UAE , 20 days since i have joined . The company didnt give
    me proper JD and making me work almost minimum 13 hours. I dont like the job and not interested with job.
    Salary offered is 4500 AED . What is the safest way to tell them i want to quit. On my contract it was mentioned only as airfare and other recruitment agency fees , uniform etc. nothing about the visa fees was mentioned . i was offered as sales on my visa. Pls advice on the same how to proceed further

    1. Dominic,
      You have to talk to your HR and provide resignation letter in writing.

      1. Dear Deepak,

        I started working in an LLC company here in Dubai since January 2015, I am under my husband’s visa. In my labour contract it’s mentioned that I have 6 months probation period. I resigned from my company since I am not happy with the environment, according to your post here I only need maximum of 1 day notice period, I gave my company a 2 days notice but they are insisting to give them one month notice otherwise they will have to file a case against me. I called the MOL call center to clarify with them and they told me that I have to give my company one month notice. I am very confused now, even before seeing your post here I know that if an employee is under probation period, he/she can leave without one month notice, is this a new law?

        I would appreciate your reply.


        1. Faye,
          If MOL has confirmed to you about 1 month notice, there should be no further doubts.
          The rules of labour keep on changing.
          Also recommend you read your labour contract and also UAE Labour Law.

          1. Dear Deepak,

            Thank you for your reply.

            So this means that the Scenario 2 on this page is not accurate anymore? Employees under probation period that wishes to resign is subject to one month notice period but employers has still the right to terminate an employee without any notice during probation period. Don’t you think this is very bias and very unfair to the employees?

            I have read my Labour Contact over and over and the Labour Law but nothing was mentioned about the notice period of the employee during probation period.

            Could you please confirm this to me? I’m actually still in doubt of the MOL customer service since the reasoning is only benefiting the employer and very bias.

            Thanks in advance,

            1. Faye,
              I can not judge what is written in the Law.
              Sure there will be amendments in the near future as proposed by MOL: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labour-law-revised.
              Please read Labour Law Article 37: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labour-law-2014-download-pdf-copy

  82. Hi deepak,

    I have joined in a llc company in dubai in april 2015 and iam under probation period, my contract is a limited contract with 3 months notice period after resignation, now i got offer from a government company in abudhabi , still i need to serve them for 3 months notice period ? is there any way to skip this notice period ?

    1. Kumar,
      That will depend on your current company. You should negotiate with them.

  83. Hi Deepak!

    I submitted my resignation effective immediately while I’m on my probationary period and my contract is unlimited. My company said that as per company policy I need to take a notice period of 30 days. Do I really need to follow that rule even if the labor law says that if you are under probationary period you can resign at anytime without a notice period?

    What will be the consequences of this action? Will i be banned? Can they open a case against me?

    I hope that you can help me with this matter.

    Thanks! God bless you!

    1. Gideon,
      Yes, if it is company policy, you have to follow the rules.
      If you complete your contract, there will be no ban.

  84. Hi
    My company told me to start working immediately and i signed a contract letter .i am still on my visit visa.They said they will start processing my employment visa now and they asking me to hand over my passport.What Should i do ?

    1. John,
      Working under visit visa is illegal.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/can-i-come-on-visittourist-visa-and-look-for-a-job-in-dubai-uae

  85. I am going to resign in a private company located in Abu Dhabi an I am going to join another company in same field (waiting for offer letter) 2.Will i get a ban if i cancel my current visa ( 2 year completed ) as my company.

      1. I am working as a nurse with HAAD here in abu dhabi for 2 months I was given an offer letter for oil company as a locum position for 12 months if I resign will I have ban?

        1. Joseph,
          Nurses usually can avoid labour ban.
          What type of contract is yours? Since it is government institute, read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

          1. my contract is limited sir. but I’m still on probationary period..
            Thank you very much.

          2. Dear sir,

            I just want to ask, im on Freezone company holding pink visa expire on June 05, 2015, im working 2 months already i just want to ask because i dont want to continue i want to resign,

            1) will i get an BAN?

            2) can i transfer to another freezone company?

            1. Sharon,
              1. Under freezone, there is no labour ban.
              2. I guess, within JAFZA and DAFZA you can not join. Other freezone or LLC is OK.

  86. Hi,

    I was working in a private company here in Abu Dhabi. I am sponsored by my father. I have resigned during the probation period and they have cancelled my labour card. I just need to know whether i would face any labour ban.

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Maryam,
      You may face automatic labour ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  87. Dear Sir,

    I am Currently working in LLC in Dubai. now i am in Probation period .My Passport still no stamped. if i leave the job will i face labour ban for six month.

  88. Dear Deepak,
    I am staying with my family (they came last month on 3 months visit visa). But recently I got a new job in dubai,
    But my question is
    Is there any option to me to change their visit visa to family visa without sending back to India in uae.

    1. Pavan,
      Yes, their status can be changed here in Dubai. It is an extra expense.

  89. Hello. I am doctor working as Specialist and i came before 2 months. I am still in 6 months probation and contract is limited . i don’t like the working atmosphere so want to change. can the hospital ban me and do i need NOC from them??

    1. Tahera,
      Professionals like you do not have a labour ban, I think.
      Please also confirm with MOL.

  90. Good day!

    I have a question maybe uou can help me.

    I’m currently employed in an LLC company but I was hired in my home country Philippines, I’ve been working for 4months and I wanted to resign. My company is forcing me to send me back to the Philippines but I already find a new job that will sponsor my new working visa here in Dubai. do you think it really necessary for me to go back in the Philippines or I can just exit to another country like kish?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Dyown,
      some companies insist on that. But there is no harm in going to Kish and coming back.

  91. My company is in jafza. and my colleague resigned in probation period. and company asked to pay 45 days salary.
    when asked company informed that its the new rule in jafza. and also when contacted labour ministry, they replied that we are not concerned about jafza.

    Can you provide some details. is there any new law that under probation period also employee need to pay 45 days salary to employer.

    1. Ram,
      Why don’t you call JAFZA authority office?
      They will help you for sure.
      I am not aware of this rule!

  92. Hai Deepak,

    I am here in U.A.E working in Trading Company.This is my first job in U.A.E .I am the only staff here for the time being as they have told me,but my manager see me as a superman and I have to do all kinds of works and harassment.They are not even giving me any training either.I cant take it anymore.I am on a 2 year visa,currently under probation.I have only completed 3 months. Can you kindly tell me if i resign now

    *Will I be able to get a future better job in U.A.E,or will I get disqualified for only completing 3 months in my first company.

    *Will I get any ban.

    *Will I have to pay my visa cost money.

    Kindly please reply me.

    1. Mohammad,
      Sad to hear about your situation.

      1. Yes.
      2. yes.
      3. No

  93. I am planning to change company, I only got employment visa and i have not yet went for medical and did not yet signed any contract except for offer letter. I would like to ask if I change company will I got a labour ban?

    1. Mike,
      How could you get employment visa without medical and without signing offer ketter?
      Are you talking about the pink visa?

  94. DEAR SIR,

    1. Dear deepak,
      actually i came to my office last February.still 2 months.there has a lot of issues with my job.main thing is salary delay..so decided to resign from this and get a new job.but i heard about band.if im resign ,im getting a ban?if getting a band wats the solution for that?

      thnk you

      1. Sajith,
        Ban is possible,
        Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

    2. Mohammad,
      Yes, you will have labour ban.

  95. Dear Deepak M,

    Mate, I’m less than 3 months in my current employer. I have a limited contract (2 years).
    I want to resign anytime this week.
    Aside from bans, any ideas about my financial penalties to them.

    I’m just confuse if there is “a probation period” in a limited contract.
    If a probation period is there, then I believe there is no need to pay the so called “45 days wage” penalty ..am I right?

    1. Aj,
      As far as I know there are no financial penalties.
      Yes, limited contracts do have probation period.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

      1. Thanks Deepak.

        By the way, I found a strange info.

        I just found out that the probationary period written in my contract is “O”…

        is it illegal?

  96. Dear Deepak

    First of all, i would appreciate your support regarding MOL matters

    About 1 month before company sent me 2 month employment visa (Expiry date 25-02-2015). I came here and joined that company.
    Till now , there is no Labor Contract, no Medical, no Emirates ID

    i am intended to leave this company.

    1. if i leave this company, will there b any ban on me ?
    2. if yes how to lift that ban

    Waiting for your early response

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Saifullah,
      1. No ban as you have none of the approvals.
      2. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  97. Hi sir,
    in my company MD too much shouting simple things i am am very dispersed i enter this job only 3 months finished can i resign this job or can i change my visa to other company i have only +2 certificate

  98. hi sir

    I am a company but working as housemaid.,my salary is less than 1000 aed.i started work here last novemver 2014 but in my visa is january 2015.,i told them that i want to cancel my visa..and they said ok.,but instead of cancelling my visa they send me to other house.,im under probation.,i didnt even see And sign any contract.,

    My question is:

    1. Do i need to give a resignation letter?

    2. Do i need to pay 6k aed(as they say)

    3. can i apply to a freezone

    Pls help me sir
    I need your answer ASAP

    Thank you sir

  99. Hi, I have been working for two months in a company, and they are not treating me well like a human being, they look at me as if I am a robot or superman who can do everything without proper training. what will happen if I resign during probation, I have no offer letter nor a contract signed either me and my company and my emirates ID is not processed yet.

    1. Jonathan,
      First of all it is illegal to work without proper labour approval.
      If you do not have a contract, and resign, there will be no labour ban.

  100. Hi

    My self am shams,Working 2.4years in a company,After finishing my 2 year contact they Amend company name and they make new contract,But same office same sponser ,Now i got a better offer from another company.Is it possible for changing to new company…

    Kindly advice..

    1. Shams,
      Yes, possible to change company.
      But make sure you read more about labour ban.

  101. I came to Abu Dhabi with entry permit, I did not sign contract. Even finger print, Emirats ID and medical also not completed.
    any ban for me ?

  102. is it necessary to mention in your cv that you’re in a free zone company upon applying to different company?

  103. Hello Deepak,
    I joined in company on 26th feb and i was promised for a specific role and i’m doing another role now.i work for a company and my visa and paper works are outsourced to a different agency.i’m not interested in the job role.may i ask for a change in company with the agency.my sal is 3000.will i get a ban.will they cancel my visa if i’m not ready to work for the current company.pls advice

  104. Dear Deepak,

    I am working on husband visa in a company. After two and half months i want to resign, my probabtion period is six months. I have double masters degree and my salary is 3000 dhs. I will search for the new job so confirm me if i will have a BAN of SIX months?

    1. Mrs.Ayyaz,
      I don’t think for your qualification, you will face labour ban.

  105. hi
    i’m currently working at a LLC company with a limited contract and it’s my 5th month now, i’m planning to transfer to a free zone company what are the risk? will they ban me?

  106. Hi Sir,

    Good day!

    I’m working here in UAE for 1 year and 8 mos now as secretary as what is stated in my contract now my boss wants me to be a sales executive. Is it legal and allowed? because that’s the reason why i’m going to resign and if I resign will I get the 6 mos labor ban? and if ever i have a ban it will also end when my contract ends? (i have only 4 mos before my contract will end)

    Thank you

    1. Marivic,
      Company could ask you to change your profile. However, it is up to you to take it.
      You will face 6 month automatic labour ban if you do not complete your contract.

  107. Hello Deepak,

    Thanks for your replies before. I have complaint in MOL against my employer and my employer is calling again and again and saying if you want cancellation you will have to work for two hours for us. They are harassing me a lot. Could you please tell me :-

    1. How much time would the MOL take for their process?
    2. What would be the best way to overcome from this situation?

    Apart from that if I join my free zone company before the process ends in MOL it can create problem for me.

    Best Reagrds

    1. Ram,
      1. Can’t say!!
      2. MOL is your best option.
      Once you cancel your Labour Card, MOL won’t get involved!

  108. Hi Deepak,

    You have helped me before.

    However, I am on Engineer Visa working in sales as expediter. Still under probation period of 6 months.

    Will I get ban if I resign?

    Will I get ban if company terminates me?

    In case if I get one, can I join for another job in UAE if I get job as an Engineer. (Ban lifting for 12K above is known. I am asking If it is less than 12 K)

    Appreciate receiving your response on it.


    1. Anish,
      Labour Ban is automatic!
      To avoid, read:

  109. Hi! I am currently on my 2nd month under probation. My contract is unlimited and I’m planning to resign and just go back to my home country. When do you think is the best time for me to resign? While I’m still on probation or after 6 months? Also, do I have to pay my employer?

    1. Anne,
      If you have already decided, it is better to resign in probation.
      You do not have to pay anything to company.

  110. Dear Deepak

    If i am getting Government Job will any Ban Impose me since my previously salary is below 5k?

  111. Hi. I wish to resign on my current employer, however I am under probationary and on limited contract. Our HR said that I would going to pay my visa expenses and pay some amount for bridge contract. My question is, is it legal or is it mention in the UAE LAW? Thanks.

    1. Mary,
      it is not right to ask for visa expenses.
      Also, if you resign under limited contract, you may face labour ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  112. Hello Deepak,

    One more thing, once I complain in MOL. Can I join free zone company or not?

    Thanks and Regards

  113. Thanks a lot Deepak!!

    Also company took visa expenses. Should I complain for this too?


  114. Hi,

    I’m planning to resign 3 mos before my contract ends. Is there a 6 mos. labor ban?or the ban will last only 3 mos same with when my contract ends?

    Thank you

  115. Dear Deepak.

    I was working in UAE since last 3months. As I was not satisfied with my job so I resigned my current company and served 30 days notice period. Also I have got the job in free zone. My company tried to impose one year ban through MOL but they failed due to an unlimited contract.

    Now the company is not cancelling my visa as I have been waiting since last 15 days.

    In this case what should I do?


    1. Ram,
      cancellation should not take more than a day.
      You will have to approach MOL and mention your complaint.

      1. what about me ? what will happen because my company force me to resign ,, im working almost 1year and 6months .. am I already banned ?????

  116. I resigned my job, I came to Abu Dhabi with entry permit, I did not sign contract. Even finger print and Emirats ID also not completed. I have finish my medical only. My employment visa is not stamped .

    I am an Engineer

    Do I have any ban?

    1. Ahamed,
      yes, ban will be automatic.
      But you could avoid. Read:

      1. Hello Mr. Deepak!

        Status: Probationary Period
        Planning to resign and transfer to a new job offer.
        Is it possible that my ban will be lifted if I the new employer offered me a higher designation(professional level) but the salary is less than 5000 dhs?

        Thank you.

        1. Ana,
          Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  117. Hi deepak, I am already in my 3rd month working in a company but under agency and our contract is only 6 months. My visa is unlimited and have 2 years visa. First, when i signed the contract they told us that we are in shifting schedules but it did not happen. Second, the Hr told us if we resign it is ok because were just temporary staff. Now, here is the situation, i am being harrassed everyday at work physically and verbally and i just keep it to myself because before my manager threatened me that i am unfit for the job he will call the hr to terminate me. Because i dont want to be unemployed i just deal with it. But now its getting worst, some staffs are ganging up on me making nasty remarks through jokes and most of the time undirectly towards me so that they can be safe. I am not dumb, as to some hateful remarks it is directly implying on me since im the only person who enters the room where they be acting like that. I want to resign and hr told me i will pay the amount of visa expenses they have paid and i did not remember any form that i signed regarding this matter. i signed two papers, the contract which is 6 months and the contract fot the agency which is 2 yrs visa and i did not even got the chance to read the agency’s contract because hr told me my contract is the 6months that i have signed and he took away the papers while i was reading it. This is my question if i resigned, should i pay the visa cost eventhough i did not signed any form that i have to pay it if i did not finished my contract? If i resigned, is the one month notice applicable? Or once i submitted my resignation i will only have one day notice? If they did not accept my resignation what should i do? I am planning on resigning for health reasons, for me to get approved but the main reason is i dont like working because of the hostile situation i am currently in. I want your advice. Thank you hope u can help me

    1. Cri,
      Such antics by your colleagues and managers are frowned upon by MOL officials.
      If it is a serious issue, I recommend you approach MOL with valid proof and file a complaint.
      You need not pay any expenses to the company if they terminate or you resign. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign
      You have all the rights to read your contract and have a copy of it.
      I suggest you look out for a new workplace which has decent people working there!

  118. im under probation on outsource manpower supply.. the project was finish. for only 4 months. they say much better if i could look
    for another company now.. they will give me a NOC.
    what others benefit i need to asked from them..
    is the NOC will help to lift my ban??

    1. Feer,
      you are not entitled for any benefits.
      If terminated, you are eligible for return ticket and salary for all the days you have worked.

  119. Dear Deepak ,
    i am on a visit visa for 3 months and during first month i got a job
    and they have given me offer letter and now they want me to continue till three months is it leagal to do that on a visit visa…kindly tell me please.

    1. Rajiv,
      It is illegal to work while on visit visa.
      Insist on new entry permit, labour approval, and valid residency visa.

  120. i work in one of the companies in jafza, iam new here,iwant to resign my job prior to 2 months probation, will i need to reimburse visa charges, even if it is mentioned in contract?

    1. Sheikh,
      As per UAE Labour law, no, you are not required to pay anything to the company.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign
      However, please note that, JAFZA companies need not follow labour law!

  121. Hello Deepak,

    Am a doctor working in a private clinic in Dubai. I am on probation currently, into 2 months now, another 4 months to go. I want to change my job into a new position of a school doctor, which offers me 12000 AED ( My current salary is 15000). I have a limited contract for 2 years with my employer. In my offer letter, they have stated this: ” During the probation period, either party can terminate the Contract by giving 7 days notice. After the probationary period, either party may terminate the services as per the local labour law.”

    I am on employment visa now. Will I receive a ban? And can it be lifted?

    Please advice at the earliest,



    1. SKP,
      Since you are a professional doctor, you may face no labour ban.
      However, since yours is a limited contract, I will have to make sure about this.
      Give me some time. Also I request you to call 800-MOL directly and enquire. They will have advice.

      1. Hello Deepak,

        I had enquired with the MOL and they told me that though my automatic ban can be lifted, the employer may choose to impose a one year ban on me. Are there any ways they can choose not to do that? And I was also informed that I would have to pay a 45 day salary to the company?

  122. Hello Deepak
    Congrats on your great work!
    I want to resign from a limited contract during my probation. The work environment is poor, mismanagement is present and my actual work is different than I was actually told during my interviews. Besides the company owes me a considerable amount of payments after only 2 months of joining, telling me that it was only a miscalculation and I’ll get my money “later”. They also kept my labor card and my passport. Anyways, I got an offer of double the salary I have now, with a much better position, in a decent clinic. The point is that in my contract it says that if I leave before completing 2 yrs, the company will enforce a labour ban of one year for the entire UAE. Is that legal? And is it applicable also in case I resign during my probation? I signed because I thought it applies only after probation is completed. Any help and advise are much appreciated. Thanks!
    Note: I am a doctor.

    1. Mina,
      Since yours is a limited contract, yes you will face up to 1 year labour ban in UAE.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  123. Hi Deepak,

    Keep doing good.

    I came here in General Electrical Engineer Visa. Job is sales job in trading company.
    Currently under my probation period. with AED 3500. 2 year contract.
    Just 2 queries.

    If I get a job with salary just more than 5000 AED, will my ban be uplifted?
    Kindly specify the ban condition

    1. Before probation period is over.

    2. After probation period is over.

    1. Anish,
      Ban can not be lifted whatever the reason.
      You could avoid ban. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  124. Dear Deepak,

    Im working as a security guard right now from a private company and i am not happy because they didnt follow what they wrote in the contract.

    1. It was clearly written in the contract that they are paying the trainings that we undergo before working with them, but they took money from my pocket just to pay the training.
    2. They let me handle almost 3/4 of my visa processing expenses.

    just a quick question, will i get a ban if i will resign since i still didnt finish my probation?(still working with them for 2months)
    or is it better to let them terminate me?

    1. Philip,
      1. Ok. Not sure what answer you are looking here.
      2. That is not legal.
      Yes, you will get a labour ban. Can’t say whether termination or resignation is better.

      1. so you’re saying i will get a labour ban if i quit my job? im still on probation..is there any other way?

    2. Hi Deepak. I am currently working in a firm as a receptionist. i am under my father’s sponsorship and working under 6 months probation period. the company has issued a limited contract for me. I have completed 2 months probation period on Feb 28th 2015. i do not wish to continue further as the work environment is hostile. they have not even paid me my February month salary . Can you please advise me how to resign without any hurdles. do i send them the resignation letter via email? do i have to serve any notice period? as it is not mentioned in my contract.

      1. Sultana,
        If you resign from limited contract, you may face up to 1 year labour ban.
        Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
        Resignation is better by typing a letter and signing it and handing it over personally.
        Notice period is as per the contract.

  125. Hi deepak,

    Kindly assist me in the below query

    I am currently on probation for six months. I will finish my one month probation this 28th Feb, 2015. However, i don’t wish to continue in this organization. I am currently on employment visa.

    However my company contract states the follows
    “You will not be allowed to change jobs within the UAE while under the sponsorship of the company. The employment shall bear the cost of recruitment and repatriation if he resigns from the service before the completion of 1 year service with the company”

    Will i get a ban of six months ? Is there a way i can avoid it ?

    Kindly advice.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. Preeti,
      Asking for recruitment cost is not legal. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign
      Regarding how to avoid ban, read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  126. I am working as a operations executive.I just got fired because the company was forcing me to do telemarketing which i had clearly refused to do in my interview. A day ago they said if i don’t bring a customer in march they will fire me. I was appointed for operations and was being given Sales which i cannot do and so i said if its about sales and bringing clients then they should fire me in feb and should not wait till march.

    Will i get a ban now?

    1. Forgot to mention that i will complete 4th month of my 6months probation period in february.

    2. Huma,
      If your company terminates you, the MOL may not impose labour ban.

  127. Dear Deepak,

    Now i am working in a private concern,Abudhabi.After 15 days i will completed my Probation period.In my employment contract ‘probation period is 3 months’.Now i want quit this job because very bad environment here .Before one week only i got my ‘Emirates ID’.Now i can resign this job without any BAN and any penalties?If they accept my resignation, i will face any notice period?

    1. Kumar,
      Depends on the new salary, designation and your qualification whether you receive a ban or no.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. Dear Deepak,

        Thank you very much for your reply.I read your given link and i have only one doubt.That is

        I will shift my employment to a new company.They will give 9500 AED offer,Now getting 5500 AED,but i am having Bachelor of Engineering Degree.I will face any BAN?

        1. Kumar,
          Labour ban in most cases is not applicable on professionals like engineers.
          But check the new designation.

  128. good day mr. deepak

    i just wanna ask, i just currently moved here in ajman, and i have employed and on my contract it says that I’m on 6 months probation, i already have my emirates i,d, visit stamped on my passport,health card and labour card, I’m on my 4th month probation and i am planning to resign so i can go back to my home country to pursue my study. do i have to go under 30 days notice before i can leave my job?and should i pay my employer for the visas expenses as my other friends told me?but there is nothing written on my contract regarding the reimbursement of visa expenses.i just wanna know so when i pass my resignation letter to my employer, i already know my rights.i just wanna go home to my mainland. thank you and have a great day

    1. Marco,
      Under probation you could leave with 1 day notice.
      You don’t have to reimburse any costs to employer.
      Under probation, you have limited rights.

      1. hello, just want to ask. im also under probationary, my

        probation will end on march 8, 2015. Things are not going

        well for me with the company im in now. I want to resign. Is

        it sure that i will not pay anything in my company?..

        OR if terminated during probationary period, i will not pay

        anything to the company? because in the offer letter i have

        it is written that:

        * In the event that your employment was terminated, for one

        reason or another before completing 1 year of service with

        the company, you have to pay back to the company the expenses

        of sponsoring your working visa”

        My main concern is that i will not pay anything to the

        company terminated or resigned.

        thank you

        1. Krixy,
          You do not have to pay any fees to the company in any case, whether resignation or termination!
          Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  129. Dear Deepak,

    I’ve joined a company which for many reasons I don’t want to be part of, anymore.

    Right now I’m on employment entry permit which has another 30 days to expire.

    My medicals are not yet done. Not even my emirates ID. .so obviously no labor contract yet to sign on.

    The only thing I’ve signed on is the offer letter since I’ve arrived in dxb.

    Will there be any ban?
    Do i get any extention to stay in uae after cancellation of entry permit?

    1. Walter,
      If your labour approval is not under process, you will have no labour ban.
      No, you will have to exit prior to the expiry of entry permit.

      1. Thanks Deepak.
        1. Just so I’m clear, when does the labor approval process start?
        2. Is it wise to wait till I get my medicals done, emirates ID done and then refuse to sign labor contract?
        should I just refuse right at the start when they ask me to go for medicals?

        1. I’m just tryna buy more time to stay here hoping to find something before they cancel my entry permit visa.

        2. Walter,
          Labour approval is obtained prior to medicals etc.
          It starts the moment you agree to join the company.

    2. Hi Deepak
      I want to resign from job here in UAE I have done medical,Emirates Id even i have signed employment contract as well but i am working here from only 2 months i am still in probation As per the contract there is mentioned 0 days notice period in the probation Please tell me if i will quit my job after 2 months shall i ll get any ban and i have salary 5500 Please reply

        1. For how much period i would get ban .and is there any way to lift that ban and do i need to cancel the visa.
          Please let me know

          1. And please also let me know do i have to pay any visa cancelation fee to my employer I am new to UAE as per offer letter i dont need to provide any notice period during the probation ..So can i resign and leave to my home country next day
            Please reply

            1. Sameer,
              You don’t have to pay any fees.
              Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

          2. Sameer,
            You are providing incomplete information.
            Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  130. Dear Deepak,

    I work for a company in Al Ain and was offered a sales coordinator post. When I reported for work, I was offered an Admin Manager’s post without change in salary or without any documentation with respect to the change in designation. The working environment is not conducive and my employer harasses me for everything. I have obtained 2 PG qualifications and was working in very Senior role in the previous companies outside UAE. I approached my employer on many occasions reminding him of the salary hike and change in designation as promised, but to no avail. I am being paid only 5 times less than what I used to earn. It is only 3 months since I started working here. I sent my employer my resignation letter by email but he seems to have ignored my email too. I just want to get out of this hell but I am worried about the Visa ban. I am currently on an unlimited contract. Also, my employer has taken my passport and has not given my contract issued by the MOL. I am in a fix please do suggest a way out. I do not want to work here in UAE at all and intend going back to my country, BUT I am very particular that there should not be any blemish with regard to my passport and there should not be any visa ban. Please do help. I do not want to take the salary and I can buy my own ticket. In fact, I bought my own ticket while reporting for work.

    1. Shiva,
      Your situation looks serious.
      I recommend you approach MOL with your queries and complaints.

  131. Hello, I have been here working with a company in Dubai for more than a month and i dont like the work environment and i wanted to quit, but they are asking for me to refund all the money, including visa, training and medical. I have not taken my Emirates ID yet and contract says 2 month notice period, but I am afraid if i did work, they will not pay my salary, what should I do?

  132. I am working with a company from last 03 Months with some managerial Position but company is looking to close the project due to lowprofit. I have an other offer now with same salary but low designation.
    Can i resign within probation and join new company without any type of ban. I am Engineer by profession.
    Pls advise me accordingly
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Read more: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/what-happens-if-i-resign-during-the-probation-period#ixzz3SCFITnrz
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  133. I am working with a company from last 03 years with some managerial Position but company is looking to close the project due to lowprofit. I have an other offer now with same salary but low designation.

    Can i resign within probation and join new company without any type of ban. I am Engineer by profession.

    Pls advise me accordingly

    1. Muhammad,
      I don’t think you will face ban since company is terminating contracts.

  134. Hi deepak iam in abu dhabi just came jan 27 but i dont wont to work that company i want to go india by my company md is not giving my passport what can i do siill medicla not done and no contract his giving me simple offer letter that is signed.
    please help me out of this situation.

    1. Jitendar,
      Companies can not keep passports. It is illegal.
      You can complain with MOL.

  135. gud day sir,, i resigned from my company here in oman almost a month ago during my probationary period..i gave them a 7 day notice already and i just need my passport back..my area manager keeps insisting that i need to have a labor card first before i can resign..but our HR officer an omani guy told me no need for a labor card because i am still in a probationary period and it is clearly stated on my contract that i can resign anytime within the probation period..why they keep insisting this labor card issue? thank u sir..

      1. ok sir thanks..but i wanna know if i can get a new visit visa in dubai because my old one is about to expire and i’m still here in oman my passport is still not in my hands..

  136. I’m very sorry deepak.

    Its not immigration ban i mean its labour ban? Do i have a labour ban when i have to resign even though i have not yet sign the labour contract?

    Thank you very much.

  137. Hi deepak,

    I just wanna ask can I face immigration ban when I resign to my current job as sales I’ve been working for 1month now. But, I have not yet sign the labour contract. Only medical and IED is done.

    Thank you very much.
    Hope to hear from you shortly.

    1. Jez,
      Why do you think you will have immigration ban?
      You may have labour ban. Immigration ban is the ultimate… as you will not be allowed to enter UAE or live here, when you have an immigration ban.

  138. You might be asked to reimburse the visa costs if it is mentioned in your contract;

    I read about articles about “Employer cannot deduct visa fees” from gulfnews and “Employees not to pay recruitment fees” in Khaleej Times. It was written with respect to Ministerial Order 52 of 1989 Article 6. And UAE Labour Law Article 60

    1. Yehnzs,
      You should not pay any costs to employer.
      Companies could insist but as per MOL you should not.

  139. Sir,

    I’m on husband visa. I want to resigned in my current job. I’m working here for 1 year and have a labour card from the company. If I will resigned do i get any labour ban?

    1. Joy,
      Having husband as a sponsor will not make any difference. You will have a labour ban.

      1. How long is the ban and how can the ban be lifted? What if my current employer is willing to let me go? Can he not impose the labour ban and do I need a NOC from my employer to lift the ban?

        1. Joy,
          Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  140. hi mr. deepak
    This my first query,

    please help for some question, actually im working in the company just 3weeks and my visa is free zone i already done medical, signing contract, but just to tell you that i dont like the environment on that company and i have 1 opportunity from one of my friend recommend me to join in the same free zone, what is the cause it will happen if im resigning on my current employer, any ban and penalty is imposed to me please help and guide.

    And this your rply

    Which free zone are you working currently?
    If it is JAFZA, there may be problems with transfer of visa.

    And i answer u this

    Hi mr deepak as i discussed earlier my current company located in sharjah hamriyah freezone and that same freezone where my friend recommend me to join,

    Tnx kim

    1. Kim,
      I don’t think there will be any problem with your situation.
      However, there are many aspects governing the rules. You need to be aware and directly speak to the new company HR.

  141. Hi mr deepak this my query as per your question as i discussed earlier my current company located in sharjah hamriyah freezone and that same freezone where my friend recommend me to join,

    Pls help and advise


  142. Hi mr deepak as i discussed earlier my current company located in sharjah hamriyah freezone and that same freezone where my friend recommend me to join,

    Pls help and advise


  143. Sir,
    They already cancelled my visa and wants me to pay the visa expenses. I already filed a complaint about this to MOL because the labor said that since they terminated me they don’t have the right to collect any money from me. Now they refuse to release my passport without paying the visa expenses.
    I’m already messed up right now because I dont have any means of income and still applying for a job. They stand firmed that they wont release my passport without paying it.
    What advise can you give me sir?

  144. hi mr. deepak

    please help for some question, actually im working in the company just 3weeks and my visa is free zone i already done medical, signing contract, but just to tell you that i dont like the environment on that company and i have 1 opportunity from one of my friend recommend me to join in the same free zone, what is the cause it will happen if im resigning on my current employer, any ban and penalty is imposed to me please help and guide.



    1. Which free zone are you working currently?
      If it is JAFZA, there may be problems with transfer of visa.

    2. Dear Deepak Keep it up the good work and thank you for your assistance, i have few question.

      I got terminated during my probation period, i have only completed two months in the company, however the same day of the termination i got only one month salary, they said the will settle the rest , so i have one month unpaid,plus the one month notice the have asked me to serve.my last working day will be 8 march. I have requested for letter of termination from them which has not yet provided, my main question will get ban? since i have got another offer of the same position to another company and still i do want not want to lose the my salary. please advise thank you.

      1. I believe ban will be applicable but since it is a termination ask your company not to impose ban and obtain an NOC from them.
        You should get your salaries due to you.

  145. Dear Deepak,

    I NEED HELP! PLEASE HELP ME. I’ve been in this company in Al Reem for 1month and 11 days to be exact. On my 2nd and 3rd week, I’ve experienced sexual harassment from one of the department heads. I told the HR about this then what they did was talked to that person. After a week he stopped bothering me, then just this Tuesday he was verbally sexually harassing me. I am no longer comfortable working here. I am still in probationary period. I have unlimited contract. I want to resign. I am so scared. My salary is only 2250 for a document controller. What should I do?? What will happen if I resign?

    1. Nikki,
      if the HR of your company does not support you, please file a complaint with MOL with immediately.
      Call them right now from your mobile: 800 665.

    2. I was offered a job in that company also as a secretary.. better that i didn’t accept. Anyway, Mr. deepak i have some situation, i was cancelled in my old company due to they cannot give salary and the company is new and no permanent license yet. they release me and cancel me without any banned, now i found new company and they process my visa and removed my job for giving me salary of 5000aed. im working with them for 15days now and my entry permit visa was issued last Feb. 23, im encountering some sort of problems with them and im not comfortable now to work with them bcos they giving too much promises and lies to their staff, i don’t like to be in the same shoe in the future, so i made my resignation and i told them my last working date was end of this February, and i am willing to pay any expense for my visa. i didn’t sign any contract from them, i didn’t do yet my emirates ID and Medical. I want to cancel my application but they refusing it and telling me they will imposed 1 year permanent banned on me if i pursue my resignation. I have new job offer in new company and they will give me 7000dhs salary, my question is..

      1. Does my old banned that they removed will affect my new company who will give me better offer?

      2. Does my company have the power to give me permanent banned?

      3. They holding my passport and they dont want to give it to me, Can i have the rights to get my passport?

      4. Is that okay that i give them only 4 days notice that im not continuing my resignation?

      Please advice me.. Thank you

      1. Rose,
        1. No, they can not impose any ban.
        2. No way Rose!
        3. Holding passports is illegal. You could file a complaint with the police.
        4. Yes, when you are under probation, notice period is 1 day.

  146. Hi Deepak,

    Just a quick question. I’m planning to resign before my probation ends with my current employer.

    1. Will I bet labour ban for not completing my contract [unlimited]?
    2. If yes, will the ban be lifted if I join Emirates Group with a higher salary?


  147. Hello Sir,

    I am working in a LLC company and have unlimited contract. Now I have got an offer from free zone, JAFZA. It is confirmed that I would be having BAN from MOL. Please confirm me if I would be able to avail Visa from or not from free zone? And Could company can impose me a one year ban as I am in probation period?


    1. Ram,
      If you are joining a free zone you will not have labour ban as labour ban is not applicable in free zones.

  148. Sir Deepak,

    It was good to know that there is someone like you who have lend ears to others inquiries. I would like to share mine also and looking forward for your reply.

    My situation right now is really devastated, my employer hired me and gave offer letter salary is 4,000 dh and still under probationary period, due to family problems I made an absent just to take care of my personal issues, due to this reason the employer inform me that he will reduce my salary to 3,000 dh, so I told him I will not accept it and told him that I seek an advise from MOL that he can only deduct my salary to the absences made but not reducing my salary because that’s illegal MOL said. The following day he gave me Termination Letter and gave me an option that if I will not accept the 3,000 salary I can search for a new job if I want to not continue he can cancel the visa (note: the visa is not yet stamped in the passport until now because of slow process of the company).

    Now I was wondering since he already gave me a termination letter, why still give an option to accept the 3,000 salary? and since he terminated me under probationary period will I face a ban?

    The working environment is not really good and there’s no system also. What will be the best solution you can give me sir?

    1. Nahtonal,
      Employer can terminate employees during probation with a day’s notice.
      You will get a labour ban if your paper’s are under process.
      However, you please get an NOC from your company. This will solve the issue of labour ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. mr, deepak,

        please help me, i work in my previous company for at lease 5 months, then i resign because for a better salary, but in the contract i have 1 years ban, but now i’m working in global villages freezone visa, my new company told me it’s immigration visa, but it only last for 6 months, do i still have a ban after that, what is the best way, now i;m working in global village, after this what will happen to me, is there be a ban? thank you very much

      2. Sir,

        They already cancelled my visa and wants me to pay the visa expenses. I already filed a complaint about this to MOL because the labor said that since they terminated me they don’t have the right to collect any money from me. Now they refuse to release my passport without paying the visa expenses.

        I’m already messed up right now because I dont have any means of income and still applying for a job. They stand firmed that they wont release my passport without paying it.

        What advise can you give me sir?

  149. Dear Deepak,

    My Labour card is completed 25th feb 2015. and my visa in passport completed 2nd April 2015. i have unlimited contract. i wont renew my visa to this concern. my post is sales and service engineer. so in this case, at which date i would like to give an resignation letter. any ban applicable regarding this case. plz i have ur advice.


    1. Deepak,

      I ve one more clarification. wheather, calculating date of expiry of labour cad or visa in passort?? plz reply my 2 queries as soon as you can.


    2. Vijay,
      You will need to resign as per required notice period depending on your labor card expiry.
      For Ex: If your notice period is 1 month, then it is better to resign on Jan 25th.
      No ban is applicable if you complete your contract.

  150. Dear Deepak,

    I am working in Dubai in Construction LLC Company since 7.5 months. Company said that they will send me on long leave or terminate me. Some colleagues started harrassing me in my work so that I resign from my job. I have returned to India on 6/01/15 by writing mail to the HR & my boss from my mail. While returning back to India I sent an Abusive & threatening SMS to the colleague who was harrassing me since long. The company HR says that they will put an Immigration, Absconding ban in entire GCC and file a police complaint for this. What will be the bans if imposed on me and what can be the duration of the same? Kindly advise as soon as possible whether these bans can be lifted to work in GCC countries.

    1. Saurabh,
      GCC ban is not a possibility as of now. However, UAE absconding ban is possible.

  151. Deepak,

    My sister has been working in a private company for 5 months. In her offer letter, her probation is 6 months however, in the labour contract, it is 3 months. There will be a change in management and her employer will be giving her a new offer letter under a different company. She is on father’s visa. She wants to resign in the company because the environment is getting worse. As stated in her contract, she can give 1 month notice during probation to leave. Which probation period should she follow? Will she face 6 months labour ban if she resigns even if she still has 1 month probation period left in her offer letter? Please reply as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

    1. Samantha,
      I am not sure about internal company procedures.
      But going by MOL contract she will have to follow 3 month probation legally.
      Yes, she will face 6 month labour ban irrespective whether she resigns before or after probation
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  152. Dear Mr Deepak,
    I had joined llc company on a sales executive visa on 28th September 2014 under unlimited contract with 90 days probation period can be extended up to more 90 days.
    1. If I resign on 10th January 2015 do I have to face a ban.
    2. Do I have to reimburse the visa expenses.
    In my offer letter it is mentioned that if I resign within 18 months after the probation period I have to reimburse the expenses.
    Looking forward of a good advice which can really guide me through the right direction.

    1. Ishaq,
      1. Yes.
      2. No. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  153. i already finished my 2 yrs limited contract and renew it after. its been 3 months since my renewal
    (no contract signed by then) and i submit already a 30 days notice as part of my resignation yesterday.

    1. do the company has the right to ask visa money from me? or any penalty for instance??

    1. Vaneesa,
      Depends on what you have signed.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  154. Hi Deepak,

    I am new in Dubai and currently working under probation period. I want to quit my job now because of work environment. I want to know

    1. what is the probability that Government ban will be applicable for 6 months , if i resign in probation period.
    2. will the Government ban will be applicable for 6 months , if i resign after probation period.

    Looking forward to hear your response. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Deepak,

      Just to add..I have also got my visa extended for 2 years and got my emirates id also.

      Request you to please confirm how i can quit from this job without getting banned. Looking forward to hear back from you. Let me know if you need any more info.

    2. Neha,
      1. MOL ban is for 6 months.
      2. Yes.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  155. I have joined a company and entered on there visa done the medical and emirates id. but have not signed the labor contract as it says my basic salary is 600 plus accommodation by first party. as on my offer letter my basic salary is mentioned as 3000 plus 1000 as house allowance. i have denied to sign the labor contract now the company is looking to cancel my visa. will i face a ban if they do so. please advise what should i do

    1. Sajja,
      You could present your case to MOL.
      You are right on not to sign the labour contract with a lower salary.

  156. Dear Sir,

    I joined the company on 5th July on Labor Visa and working as an accountant, my salary also 1600/- dh.

    If i get a job as a technical support executive in a software company with 3,500/- salary then i also face six months ban in uae.

    Kindly guide me

    1. Vinod,
      yes, you may face ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  157. Hi Deepak,

    I’m in this situation. I have a unlimited 1-year contract in an oil and gas private company. I have just finished my 6 months probation period and I’m submitting my resignation letter because I am tasked to do job which is very far from what I had applied/designated for; Trainee Service Engineer. I’m a bachelor’s degree holder in Electronics Engineering with license. (Also stated in my visa as General Electronics Engineer). My salary is just 2000aed. My questions are, will I get any kind of ban if I continue my resignation? If there is, how can I uplift it? Can you give me any advice or suggestions?

    Thank you!

    1. Eacvin,
      Not sure about your situation.
      Do you have a labour card? If you don’t have labour card, you will not have labour ban.

  158. Hi deepak,

    They have gave me another 3 months probation but i don’t wanna work here. my designation as sales assistant. they have put many rules .under those rules its hard to gain anything. anyhow my main concern is the ban and below what i have asked.

    Hi Deepak,
    please advise on below, i’m under probation and i wanted to leave the job i know i will get a ban.

    What is the minimum salary requirement to lift the ban?
    is it possible to come under my wife visa and do part time events?
    what is the best they asked me if didn’t perform they will terminate me which one better resign or termination?



    i will be awaiting for your prompt reply.

  159. Hi Deepak,
    please advise on below, i’m under probation and i wanted to leave the job i know i will get a ban.

    What is the minimum salary requirement to lift the ban?
    is it possible to come under my wife visa and do part time events?
    what is the best they asked me if didn’t perform they will terminate me which one better resign or termination?


  160. Hi Deepak,
    I am working in an LLC company as Engineer under unlimited contract for last 8 months. Now I am planning to resign from the job since I am not happy with the job atmosphere.

    Do I have to pay any VISA expense for the company if I resign from here. Please do respond.


  161. Thanx deepak.
    He is threatning me of ban, and visa charges recovery of 8000 AED. Can he do so.

  162. Hi Deepak,

    First I want to say thanks because you are giving suggestions to us.

    Last Sep 14 I joined as a Operation Executive, 3 months my pro period, next month I will complete my pro period. now I want to go to india due to my health problems, is there I have to pay my visa cost to my company, anyway I will be get 6 months ban. also I am married present I m in employment visa, can I come family visa next time? pls advise me.

    1. Pavithra,
      1. You have to pay costs, if you have agreed to pay.
      2. Yes you will get automatic 6 month ban. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
      3. Yes, you may come on family visa.

  163. Dear Deepak,

    I have resigned and completed notice period. I want to know that what do i mention in my CV for visa status because i have one month time to search job.

    1. Mukzee,
      It is not necessary mention this.
      But if you like, you may mention, in UAE till (date)

  164. I recently came dubai for a job in accounts in a small LLC company. I was called here for work via labour visa (carpainter) its been 2 weeks of my work in company but now I got that the owner want to keep me with same visa and trait whereas I am highly accounts professional (ACFAc, AFIA, MS) it is very pinching for me to do work with this trait officially with too much low salary of 2500 AED. My medical and visa at passport is still undone and my owner is asking daily to give him pasport, whereas I want to quit and go back home.plz guide me I must do, if I go can I be ban? Or my owner can stop me. Urgently waiting for your kind advice. As I cant stop him more. Plz help I have never been in dubai before I dont know the law.

  165. Dear Deepak,

    I just want to ask regarding about the Emirates ID, I resigned in my previous company and join another company and had release my new working permit, what does my new company need to process my Emirates ID?

    Kindly advice.


    1. Jocelyn,
      You will need to cancel your old emirates id and obtain a Emirates ID certificate from the authorities.
      Just walk into any Emirates ID centres and ask for cancellation certificate.

  166. hi Deepak , you are awesome, i also have a question, i am working in a non-freezone company with sales executive visa, right now salary is 3500 on 6 months probation, i am working here since 24th july,
    now i have 3 good offers more than 7000,
    1 company is from free zone, 2 are from non-free zone,
    is there any possibility that there is no ban on me, waiting for your kind response
    thanks in advance

      1. thanks for your response,
        so if i get llc company like non-freezone then what happened with me?

        1. Sahir,
          If you move to a free zone company, you will have no labour ban.

          1. yeah thats great,
            but if i have offer from non-freezone company then there is a ban or not?

  167. Greetings Sir/Ma’am,

    I am Leonardlex Caysido Working at Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort as an Audio Visual Technician,.I like to inform you about my situation recently I am working at Riyadh Marriott Hotel K.S.A and I resign there and then directly I flew over here in Fujairah in this said date (july 1,2014) for my new Job in Miramar but unfortunately I am not Happy and Satisfied in my new company and I’m planning to not finish my probation period., I know i need to pay for the company expenses but my question is what are the proper payments for this kind of scenario below are the payments that my company want to me to pay to them.

    *Emirates I.d expenses- 370 dirham
    *Medical expenses- 850 dirham
    *Visa expenses- 485 +185 dirham
    *Amery Court- 1,600 dirham
    *ticket- 775 dirham
    my another question is does “amery court” is really included in this kind of payment????

    Hope you can help me for my situation because i need clear answers..

    hope for your response,

    thank you,


    1. Alex,
      If you have signed in the that you will reimburse, then you should. On the other hand, if you have not signed, employer should not ask to reimburse these charges.
      I don’t know what us Amery Court! Are you saying Amiri Court? I am not sure about what this is!

      1. yes!! amiri court? what does this mean!!! do i have to pay this one please..someone clarifiy me for this information thanks.!!!

        1. Alex,
          I am not sure about this.
          May be this has got something to do with hotel industry.

      2. Dear Mr. Deepak,
        i would like to know the best way to resign during probation.
        i am on unlimited contract been working for lass 1 and a half month in a llc in sharjah.

        my visa is under process might be stamped in next couple of days. I would like to know that if i resign, do i have to server a notice period, if i dont server notice period then i ll have to pay one month salary? what if i am willing to serve notice period and my employer does’nt?

        is there any legal way that they can withheld my passport and stop me from going back to my country?

        Please reply, Thanks

        1. Furqan,
          Under probation, notice period may be 1 days as per your contract if you have signed so.
          No one can withhold your passport except law enforcement.

      3. what if you have signed in Offer Letter and it shows that you have to reimburse but you have not mentioned it in contract. is offer letter is a valid document if you have signed it ?

  168. sir. i just wanted to ask if i need to pay for the company regarding my visa expenses. i want to resign to my company and i have an offer at the govt. hospital. they are freezone so i dont have any issue regarding the ban. But my problem is i signed at the employment letter / offer letter that has written i need to pay the expenses in case i will not be able to work in the company for 2 yrs.

    some saying that my employment letter is void because of the payment issue term, some saying that employment letter is not an issue because contract letter is the important one..

    my contract is unlimited and i am working for 1 yr and 2 mos.

    Please advise..

  169. sir. i just wanted to ask if i need to pay for the company regarding my visa expenses. i want to resign to my company and i have an offer at the govt. hospital. they are freezone so i dont have any issue regarding the ban. But my problem is i signed at the employment letter / offer letter that has written i need to pay the expenses in case i will not be able to work in the company for 2 yrs.

    some saying that my employment letter is void because of the payment issue term, some saying that employment letter is not an issue because contract letter is the important one..

    Please advise..

    1. Yvi,
      Companies can not ask visa expenses if is not agreed.
      In your situation, you have already agreed to do that.
      Get the help of a lawyer.

  170. Hi,

    what if i am working for a company and my visa is still under process and it took a long time and i am suppose to leave the country and i didnt who will be responsible for paying the fins

  171. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I’m in 4 months probationary period employee under Limited Contract. I want to file my resignation and it was known to me that I will be automatically banned. I need your advice for these following questions please:

    1. Is there any possibilities that my employer will also ban me in the immigration, because he told me that he will do everything for me not to be employed in UAE if i will pursue my plan to resign.
    2. If my employer will not release me, what will be your advise.
    3. My salary at this point is at AED: 2,900 and I’m holding a bachelors degree, however my documents was not attested. Do I still have to find a job with an Offer of AED: 12,000 for me to transfer and to lift the ban?
    4. If I will transfer to a freezone company will it be possible to lift the ban?

    Please Sir, I really need your advise for I am really pursuing my resignation plan.

    Looking forward of a good advise which can really guide me through the right direction.

    Thanking you. ANA

    1. Nockie,
      Please carefully read the following article: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

      1. I worked under my husband sponsorship in a company based in dubai. I need to leave the job immediately fo a serious family matter. I worked for only 3 mths and my company wanted me to pay 45 working day form my full saly which cost 9000 dhs, i just wanted to know why i have to pay this much since they did not pay for any visa expense because im working under my husband visa, and do they have to charge me for 45 day from my full salary or from the basic salary. P;ease help me because I need to leave as soon as possible.

        1. Nordian,
          This is completely not correct.
          Companies can not seek any expense claims from employees.
          Have you signed any contract which mentions you will have to pay them compensation?

  172. Mr. Deepak,

    i Resigned from my old company and joined a new construction company in abudhabi. I started working here without a visa. on september 14 old company cancelled visa. New company issued an online visa by 21september. till now i didnt changed my visa status or exit. i am now going to india without permission from new company. i didnt done medical or stamped new visa in my passport or apllied for emirates id. now if i go to india without permission from new company will they can impose ban on me or file abscond complaint in police. if new company fire me from job because of this, can i comeback after 1 month in viisit visa for job search.

    1. Dear Sir,

      I am currently working at a company within the DIFC, on an unlimited contract. I am 3 months into my 6 month probation period, and due to personal reasons may need to resign and return home. I am wondering if due to me still being in my probation period, whether I can legally be charged for Visa/Medical expenses? I have moved from another company outside the DIFC, so flights ect would not have to be reimbursed. My contract states that they are able to charge admin fees and additional costs if the contract is terminated within 18 months of the commencement date. Does this apply if I am still in my probation?
      Any advice would be appreciated.

      1. Nicola,
        As per UAE Labour law, when under probation you may resign with a day’s notice.
        The company can not ask for any refunds unless it is mentioned in the contract.
        Since you have signed this, you will need to refund your employer, unfortunately.

        1. Hi Mr.Deepak,
          I am working in retail LLC company in Dubai..my designation was retail mgr and they made me store mgr..which is low profile for me..am I m currently to look after a new job in jebel Ali free zone..as it’s 2nd month of my service,by profession I m an engineer and company is debuting 4600 from my salary for visa and emirates I’d .and also I paid for my air travel .. Sir if I leave the job in my probation period do I get 6month ban and how can I uplift the ban…is my company will ask me any refund…as I paid already…waiting for your guidence..

          1. Sachin,
            If you move to a freezone, you may have no ban.
            Get an NOC to be on safe side.

    2. Hamza,
      Yes, if you have a visa from new company, you may face problems. However, the entry permit is valid for 60 days only.
      Better to cancel the entry permit and go.

  173. hi sir, my name is malith and i had unlimiteg contract with G4S SECURTY company.i finished 16 month(more than one yera)with my comapany and now i have legali resined from company iam now in my country srilanka .I came to srilanka before 1 week if i want to join again security filed IN UAE SHOUD I WAIT 6 MONTH???DOES 6 MONTH BBAN APPLY FOR ME

    1. Malith,
      If you have completed 6 months, you can come to UAE.
      On the other hand, make sure you have no immigration ban.

  174. Hi,

    I just finished 3 months in my company. Because of personal reasons I want to resign during probationary period and return back to country. My contract is open ended as mentioned in offer letter. No liabilities are mentioned.

    Will there be any effects of resigning during probationary period?

    1. Anuj,
      if you have the labour card /contract you may get an automatic labour ban for six months.

  175. Dear Sir

    I am finishing my labour contract on 26.09.2014 and my visa expires on 14th october 2014..I have given my resignation on 25.09.2014..my offer letter from my old company had mentioned that the offer letter is equivalent to contract and is valid for 3 years..whereas my visa is 2 year visa..can the company put a ban based on offer letter

  176. hi, currently joined a company. been working with them for 1 week only, i signed offer letter then in 1 week time they said verbally they will not provide the full salary mentioned in the offer letter and also I need to be available 24/7 if required. They said they got labor approval and going to process the visa but i am planning to leave this job, would there be a ban for me?

    I am planning to send a mail to them saying I don’t want to join your company and my father is working here so I will take a residence visa urgently under my father’s sponsorship then I will leave the country. In this case the company can impose any ban either labor or emigration on me??

  177. my visa unlimited i have completed 1year 6month my visa sales representative my background bachelor of electrical engineer, now m getting one offer from another company 5000aed salary. can i cancelled current job? any ban?

  178. Dear sir,
    i have completed 1year 6month my visa is sales representative, my background bachelor of electrical engineer. i have revived one offer 5000aed electrical engineer post. can i change the job if any ban? please reply me

    1. Yes, there may be automatic ban. To avoid ban read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  179. DEAR sir i just want to ask you can give advice to me

    if i risng in two moths igot the ban or i can join other company aswell and also my visa not stamped on my passport so please kindly advice to me if soon as possible reply at this time

      1. dear sir thank you for your feedback to me my labour card is not under the proceed at all and also i did not sing any contarct letter or so i was spoke to labour department customer service and they told me to you have already ban of six months so please cleared it my question is can join any other company easily please let me know about this and thank you for giving detail us…

  180. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I have been almost 2 months on probation in a private company. I was only given my work permit after more than 1 month of working. The designation indicated in the work permit is different on what is written in my offer letter. I resigned after knowing this because that is against my right. It is illegal, right? What are the possible consequences? Will I be banned after my resignation even though I’m under father’s visa? Will I still be able to find another job? Please reply as soon as you can. Thank you!

    1. Designation on visa may be different. It is not illegal. This depends on the quota company has for particular positions. You may face labour ban. To avoid ban read this: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. My visa is under the sponsorship of my father. Not illegal? So, it is okay? I may face a labour ban even though this is my complaint? Will the Ministry of Labour not accept this as a good reason? Please reply again. Thank you so much! Mr. Deepak.

        1. if you have a labour contract /card from MOL and not finishing the contract , you may have the chances of getting an automatick six months labour ban

  181. if i complete my probation period 6 months after then can i get emergency leave for a week from my employer.? like i want emergency leave and i can afford the air ticket.

  182. Dear Deepak,

    I have just changed my job 2 months back to LLC company as an IT Consultant and have salary more than 12K and currently under probation period.

    Now, i have a better offer from a very good company. I am a graduate. I am resigning with 1 month notice period. Am i going to get a ban ?

    1. Hi Shahid, read this: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae. You may not have ban if the salary is above 12K. But, please seek opinion of MOL.

  183. Mr. Deepak
    I have started working as a nurse in a private hospital here in dubai. I am in my 1st month probation and wanted to transfer to another institution which is a free zone.
    I DID NOT sign my FORMAL LABOUR CONTRACT yet but I have processed by emirates ID (card was printed according to the website) and took the medical exam. What will be the grounds if I leave the company now? Roughly how much do i need to pay if there’s any? thank you so much for responding,

    1. If you are shifting to Freezone, there may be no ban. However, it is better to check with the FZ authorities about this.

  184. Mr. Deepak
    I have started working as a nurse in a hospital here in dubai. I am in my 1st month probation and wanted to transfer to another institution.
    I DID NOT sign my FORMAL LABOUR CONTRACT but I have processed by emirates ID and took the medical exam. What will be the grounds if I leave the company now? Will I pay them

  185. Dear Deepak,

    I’m working in a free zone company, and i want to resign because i found a better offer in a non free zone company, with high salary and high position. I will give one week of notice in resignation letter.
    I’m still in probation period, my visa is stamped and i get my id.
    In my employment contract there is no specification about conditions of resign during probation period, is just mentioned that Federal law n°8 shall be applicable for other conditions that are not provided in the contract.


    1. They can ask me to pay something?
    2. By law for what they can ask me to pay? (visa, ticket, medical)
    3. I need some document from my company after resign?
    4. I can get a ban?

    1. Being in Freezone, I don’t think you will have a ban.
      1. Employer can’t ask to pay anything.
      2. Nothing. Unless it is mentioned in the contract.
      3. I don’t think since you are in the Freezone and will shift to non freezone.
      4. Freezones don’t impose labour ban

    2. 1. Yes they may ask you to pay visa cost
      2. You have to bear the ticket expenses
      3. You need the cancellation paper from company
      4. They may impose immigration ban…however it depends on terms f your employment agreement

  186. Dear Sir, My wife is working as a beautician in abudhabi,She just completed 6 months,But now She want to go back to India The burn is not a matter,The issue is when she asked for a cancellation the company saying that u should pay 4000dhs like that,the reason they are telling that while they are took the visa they payed more than 15,000dhs to the emig.or embossy, Is that true ???,
    and also they are asking to complete 1 year so doesnt matter to be do the cancellation like that, So please give an advice to me its urgent

    1. Unless it is mentioned in your contract it is not legal to take cancellation fees. Approach MOL please.

      1. Dear Sir, They are telling that they have did some security deposit in In Indian embossy Abudhabi,So that will not return from the embossy before the completion of contract, The permit is for 1 year but the visa is stamped for two years,, thats the reason they are showing,
        In my Wife passport there is shown as ECR(Emigration Clearence Required),Is that the matter which is happend here???? ,Please advice me to clear the further regulations…

  187. Hi Sir Good Day, I am working in Abu Dhabi and is on Probation period of six month. 5th month is going on. My current salary is 2000. My boss’s behavior is not good to me. And now I want to switch my job. I have secondary school certificate. And a job offer for 5000/- is also available. In the current situation can I switch my job with the risk of labor ban. Should I give resign or ask them to cancel me.

  188. Good day! I signed a contract last week and I dont know if they already processed my visa. Now they want us to work without the working visa yet. I want to resign since my probation period is 6 months.. Will I get a labour ban?

    1. Working without labour contract and visa is illegal. You and your company may end up in troubles. If your labour approval is under process or approved, you may face ban. Read how to avoid labour ban:http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

    2. If you dont have the visa then no issue. You will not get banned. But if you have labour approval, you may face automatic ban.

      1. how do you know if you have your labour approval is under process or already approved?

  189. hello: im in probation period and i resigned the job last month and my last day of working in resignation was 31 Aug. company told me to work till they cancel my visa.. and they asking me to pay visa fee and they are not giving my salary also for Aug month, ..

    i want to know whether i should pay the visa fee??/

    and ,they asking me to book ticket by my self and visa cancellation fee also i need to pay from my pocket,,

    pls tell me solution

    waiting for reply..


  190. Dear Deepak,

    I have joined a company in Abudhabi as Electrical Engineer. After one week there is sudden mishap with my family and i have to go back to india immediatly. Till this time only visa medical and emirates ID processed, i informed HR that i have to go and i cannot work. Till this time residency visa stamping on passport not processed. HR and management said you have to resign and serve one month notice period and i resigned. My line manager was on leave at the time of resign. Actually i was not direct employee of UAE company and my appointment letter is from Indian company but Visa sponsor is UAE company.
    I submitted resignation to my Indian company with copy to my line manager(UAE) and HR manager(UAE) through EMAIL. After returning (after 3 weeks) of line manager, he told me that you can not go untill we find new replacement for you. He is not following appointment letter. My indian boss is not saying any thing. I have not signed on labour contract also. I have to go india please suggest me how to proceed…waiting for your reply

    1. Are you under probation? If yes, then as per Labour Law, notice period is 1 day. How did they even process your visa if there is no labour contract? Approach MOL for further assistance.

      1. Probabation Period is not mentioned in my appointment letter. Which office of MOL i have to approach. will i get relieve on time..Technically i am the employee of Indian Company..Please reply

          1. How to cancel the entry permit. My company is refusing to cancel entry permit after notice period and saying that you need to work untill your replacement wiill not join.

  191. i am on job visa but and not satisfied with employer still my medical still is not done and i want to quit what will be the possibility of getting ban

    1. If your labour card is under process, there is an automatic ban. If the labour card application has not been submitted, there may not be any ban. To avoid ban, read the following: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  192. I am on my husband’s visa & am working in the present company (Dubai non-free zone) since 4 months. I wish to join a company in DIFC on a salary of 10000.( Masters degree). Will there be a labour ban imposed on me? I heard DIFC doesnt follow all free zone rules. Please clarify soon. Thanks.

  193. Im currently working in a local bank here in Dubai. Ive been with the company for 1 month.
    Im planning to go home to my country and file a resignation. how long will the immigration banned me? Is this risky?

    1. This seems to be a risky proposition as you will run the risk of being categorised as absonded. It is always better to come to amicable terms with your employer and exit UAE on good terms. Why are you planning this?

  194. Hi Deepak,

    I am working here in UAE for 4 months now, on probation. I am planning to leave my current job now. They are also ready to terminate me, I want to know will it be better if they terminate me or if I resign?

    Also I want to know approximately how much will i need to pay them while leaving the job and in which situations ( Termination or Resignation)?

    My current salary is 3500.

    If they ban me, will it affect if I get a job in a free zone area?

    Kindly reply… Thanks.

    1. It is better for your future if you resign rather than termination. It won’t affect if you get job in freezone.
      Regarding visa charge it is depend on your company policy

  195. Hi Deepak,

    I have been working in my company for 3 months, still in probationary period. In my offer letter, my probation is 6 months, but in my contract is says 3 months. I dont know which one to follow. Can I still resign without even giving the company a 1 month notice period because my new company is asking me to start immediately after I sign the offer letter. Please advise.


  196. Dear Mr. Deepak, I have worked in a company for 2.4 years as husband’s visa. But they just gave me a labour contract after 9 months. So in my labour card, I am only working 1 year and 4 months in the company. They refused to cancel my labour card since they said they will use my Health License for the renewal of their License in October. I have filed a complaint to the Ministry of labour already, but should I proclaim that I have been with the company for more than two years? Thank You.

  197. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    i completed 2 year & renewed now I am planing resign my job in LLC company @ RAK . my management asking to pay visa cost.
    ” its Limited Contract ”

    Please advice

  198. company is under Fujairah Freezone to be specific and i want to leave my freezone company and I’m still under the probation period, would i get any problem or ban? or I can leave the company as I like?

    Please need your immediate advice regarding this matter.

    Thank you in advance.

  199. I just joined a company in abu dhabi and found not satisfactory, im in probation period. i would like to resign very soon. can you please let me know about the ban information from “ministry of labour” or other govt site. the reason is my company will make fool of me or threaten me to take the visa or wat ever the cost involved. so i can have a back up with govt papers.

    please guide me urgently.

  200. currently working in dubai from past ten months,in a private company as office admin my contract is for 2 years but now i have come india without cancelling my visa. i got better offer in kuwait wil there be any problem. wil i get a gcc ban or can i move to kuwait. because i have not resigned my job i went to india in emergency leave.

    1. I don’t think there will be any gcc ban. But you may get a immigration ban

  201. mr. deepak. gud day. i am new to my company (2 months). without our knowledge the company is already sold for bankruptcy reason. and now new management coming. our salary is already delayed for 2 weeks. i have opportunity to work for another company. can i leave the company without ban? my contract is unlimited.

  202. Sir,
    I am working as a Draftsman in a contracting company, based on AbuDhabi. Now I am under probation period. I am a 2 year diploma holder. Now I got better another chance and same salary. So if i resigned from the company, is any problem for issuing new visa. please give an advise for the same.

  203. Good pm sir, i would like to ask about my situation..im currently employed now as school canteen staff/waitress, my visa is unlimited(2years). My one year at the company will be this coming September 2014. I took the chance of self review for DHA exam for Pharmacist and luckily, I passed only last july 2014. After that, I inquire about my plan of resigning. My supervisor told me that if i got a freezone job and 5thou aed above salary no ban. Do the labor will give me ban now that i will continue my profession as a Pharmacist here in dubai?

    1. if you get a better opportunity with good salary i dont think there will be any ban

  204. Dear Deepak,

    I am yet to finish my probation period (5 months now) in my company and i want to resign in order to pursue higher education here in dubai as well.
    Does this ban affect my visa status if i place it on the university or is it only a work permit?
    please advise

    thank you

  205. very gud after noon Mr Dipak,
    i saw ur many suggestions its very nice,
    i joined one of the private company in dubai on february 2014,now i completed 5months as per contract they mentione march 17 but they kept my passport ,joining day they said that i will get back my pass port after visa stamping but i dint got,now the problem is ,they are always abusing me ,always shouting me that am not working properly ,am not fit,i dont have knwoledge,whether i completed my ssc or not ,and also bad words also they are using not one person everyone,for silly reason aslo they giving a lot of torture every day morning to evening,now i totaly got confused and mentally upseted by their torture ,in my contract there nothing mentioned that i need to pay or to give notice period only 24hrs thats it ,and my offer letter they mentioned that to give 2 months notice, but they did not mentioned any were that i need to pay visa cost ,if i want to resign the job what i can do?if they ask me to pay visa cost what shal i do?and how many days i need to give notice?and if they are not ready to give my passport then what can i do?please advise me

  206. Hello Mr. Deepak, I want to ask you if there is any UAE labour law, or company specific rules and regulations/ policies that prevents two family members to work under same establishment. Please suggest.

    Thanks and regards,
    Have a great day!

  207. Dear Deepak
    i am on agricultural machinery engr visa . the duration of this agreement is unlimited. now i am under 6 month probation period. i found another oppertunity but salary package is less than AED 12000. can i transfer visa and avoid ban if any?. you can also mail me my email [email protected]

  208. Hi Deepak,

    I just newly joined my company (2 months in a private sector) and would like to resign and change job. if I obtain NOC from the company, would I be able to transfer? if I get salary offer of AED 6,000 above from the new employer, ban can be lifted provided that I have submitted my bachelor degree documents? Please enlighten me since I am under impression that bachelor degree must obtained minimum 12,000 salary enable to avoid ban. Thank you so much.

      1. Thank you for your response. I have not signed any labour contract yet including the medical. Can you advise whether I can still leave without any issues.


  209. Dear Deepak,
    My wife is currently on probationary period with a local company. She is on my visa but has the labor card with the company. Last week the employer asked her to leave the company but after paying them one and a half month salary and also after serving one month notice period. Is that legal? there is no mention of such agreement within the labor contract. Also they have intimated that they will apply the six month labor ban. will the 6 month labor ban apply even if you are within the probationary period?

  210. Respected Mr. Deepak i would just like to ask i have just joined a company and i am on a probation period of 6 months and i have 4 months left in probation to finish and i have some better offer from some other company and i want to join that company because i don’t want to miss the opportunity, is there any possibility that any ban would applied on me if Yes then please advise me with the best way out to not to put ban on me, I shall be very thankful to you.

  211. Hi,

    I am a graduate and my visa is just stamped 1 month back for an IT company. Now i have another offer which is much better than what i am getting in my current company. Am i going to get a ban ? If Yes, Can it be removed ?