Reader Mailbag: Should I pay visa costs when I resign?

Visa Costs recovery by Employers illegal!!

After receiving numerous queries on my website, comments and emails I have decided to write with regard to the above question.

visa costs

This is one of the most asked queries to me:Can my employer recover visa costs and recruitment costs from employees?”

In short the answer is, NO.

Ministerial order 52 of 1989, Article 6, makes it quite clear that anyone seeking a job cannot be charged a fee nor can an employer ask an employee to cover this expense, even if they do leave before the contract ends. No employee should be asked to pay for their residency visa or labour card. If the employer insists on recovering the costs from the employee, you should inform the company that you are aware of the Law. And if despite this the employer persists, you should file a complaint against the company at the Ministry of Labour.

There is another situation where the employee would have signed on the contract that if you resign before the contract ends, you will pay the costs of visa and other expenses. In such case, I believe you are legally bound  to pay since you have signed and agreed that you would pay such costs. But this is not legally enforceable as employers can not ask for such cost reimbursement in the first place.

As mentioned in Khaleej Times:

It may also be noted that there are no laws which prescribe that an employee should reimburse the employer towards the visa expenses. Rather it shall be deemed to be in contravention of Article 60 of the Federal Law No 8 of 1980 Re: Regulation of Labour Relations which states:

“No amount of money may be deducted from a worker’s wage in respect of private claims, except in the following cases:

1) Repayment of loans or money advances paid to the worker in excess of his entitlements, provided that the amount deducted in this case shall not exceed 10 per cent of his wage.

2) Contributions that the workers are required by law to make from their wages, towards social security and insurance schemes.

3) The worker’s contributions to a provident fund or repayment of loans due thereto.

4) Contributions towards any welfare scheme or in respect of any other privileges or services provided by the employer and approved by the labour department.

5) Fines imposed upon the worker for any offence he commits.

6) Any debt exacted in execution of a court ruling, provided, however, that the deduction made in execution thereof should not exceed one-quarter of the wage due to the worker. Where there are several debts or creditors, the maximum deduction shall be half the worker’s wage, which shall be divided pro rata among the creditors, after payment of any legal alimony to the extent of one quarter of the worker’s wage.”

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  • Hello sir,
    I used to work for a free zone company in DMCC.
    I resigned from my job on 7th Dec and gave a notice to company for a month, but my employer said they don’t need my service anymore and told me not to come to work from the following day. My passport , emirates ID and Dmcc employment card is with them and said will inform me as soon as they cancel my visa. How long should I wait for them to cancel and handover my passport back? I tried calling them and emailing them but no reply from their side. What should I do now ?

  • Would it be possible if my sister could find and look for another job even without the cancellation from her previous employer? Her employment visa expired last December 5 and they want her to go back to country even my sister ask not to.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Good Day!

    I am a nurse and working in Healthcare city Dubai freezone area, I got a new offer to another healthcare facility but not freezone. I tender my resignation 35 days notice though it’s written in my contract i’ve signed is 3 months notice. Employer said i need to follow contract 3 months notice and i need to pay a lot like visa, license, medical, and remaining days of notice plus the 45 days for breaching the contract.

    Kindly advise if i cannot complete the 3 months notice because i need to grab the new opportunity.

    Do I need to pay the 55 days remaining plus the 45 days for breaching and visa, license medical fitness and others?

    Please advise, thank you.


    • Jemhar,
      If you have signed such a contract, yes, you will need to provide such notice period or else face the penalties.

  • Dear Sir,

    Good Day!

    I am Nnada from India who sending this mail.

    I got your website detail through my friend regarding the visa details.I will explain you my situation and please advice me.

    I was worked in Dubai on 1998-2003 and 2011-2013.
    Then last month I got a opportunity in Iraq.The companies head office in Dubai.They gave me two visas.That is one is for Dubai and another for Iraq.The dubai visa was Tourist visa Issued from 25/10/2014 to 23/12/2014.I traveled on 07/11/2014 to Dubai.I got down in Terminal 1 and went inside the city and went to Terminal 2 to go to Iraq.In that same day itself I was entered and exit from Dubai.Then I went to Iraq and came to India Last month.Now I got a offer in Dubai.

    Now I am having two issues.
    I got an offer from my friend, and he started the visa process last week.He said that he will get visit visa first first.I said OK.Mean time I got another offer from another company with good salary.So I prefer to go in this offer.I was tried to convince my friend to stop his visa , but he refused to leave me to join in that company.Then I didn’t speak more with him, because he is my friend.
    At same time I was informed frankly to the new company what was happened.
    They said we will get visa.Yesterday they had applied for my visa.

    At same time I got the call from my friend that his company got the message when they tried to get visa, that I am having visa in my name.Then I was replied to him that last I went to Dubai in Tourist visa.That too I entered on 7th nov and exit on same day.I sent him the visa copy, entry and exit page.

    So please clear me about this.
    1.I was traveled to Dubai last in Tourist visa and left on 7th november,so that will affect for this two people?
    2.At same time two people are applying for me visa, both can get the visa?
    3.If so can I choose the company and travel in that visa?

    Kindly advice me.

    With lots of thanks,


    • Nanda,
      1. Your entries on tourist visa will not have any effect on the current application.
      2. No. It is not possible to get 2 employment visas.
      3. Not applicable.

  • Sir,
    I am writting regarding for my wife, Who is a nurse and worked in AlAin. She is a nurse but she has no HAAD licence only DHA exam pass holder now she is worked as a receiptionist and her visa is also in a receiptionist. She is completed in 2months and now wants to resign because there is no use of work as a receiptionist and the company offered the salary hike after passing the HAAD exam but she is unable to study due to workload. She had signed a 2year contract and in that contract mentioned 6 months training and if terminate the contract 3 months salary to compansation.
    Sir my question is
    1. If she resigned is the 3months compensation is applicable?
    2.If she resigned now is she paid for the visa fee?
    3.The degree certificate is kept in Hospital custody what can we do to return back it?
    4. If she got a ban?
    5. Is there any legal help we gan get(means lawyer,labour,etc)

    Please help us sir

  • Hello sir,

    I am nidhi,now i am working in an it company morethan 6 mothns.I want to change company,before joining this company i signed in one offer letter ,one condition if i discontinue before 2 year i want to pay 10000 aed .i have one year diploma certificate and higher secondary certificate,i dont have degree can i change company? How can lift my ban? if i change the company i want to pay or not? pls give me a replay sir.

    • Nidhi,
      Yes, you will have to pay as you have signed the document.
      To avoid ban you will need 12K salary as bachelor’s degree holder and 7K for secondary certificate holder.

  • Hi, I am working in a hotel in Abu Dhabi and i have signed a contract that states that I have to bear recruitment costs should i resign within the 2 year contract with the hotel. I am still in my 6 months notice period and wants to resign soon. I would like to know when i resign do i have to bear the cost of the recruitment charges?

    I have just recently done my research and I know that as per Ministerial Resolution No.(52) for 1989 Article 6, the employer is liable for all recruitment charges of the employee and the employee need not bear these costs? Does this law apply in my case?

    • Vincent,
      Yes, employers are supposed to take care of all the recruitment costs.
      However, you have agreed yourself that you will pay recruitment costs if you resigned within 2 years. Guess this is binding on you.

      • I have checked with the Ministry of Labor and apparently they said that they acknowledge only the labor contract. As per the labor law, recruitment charges cannot be charged to the employee. At the same time, when i signed, i did not know that such clauses are illegal, or else i would not have signed it.

        As per the hotline advisor of the ministry, they said that i do not need to pay a single dirham even though i signed because it is illegal as per the law. This is confusing, kindly advise.

          • So if that is the case,if the employer would want to use the excuse of ‘unsatisfactory performance’ to dismiss me during the notice period, does that mean that I can lodge a complaint against them through MOL? Because of per Article 120 unless i commit any of the clauses of Article 120, if the employer were to use their ‘discretion’ to dismiss me, it can be considered as Arbitrary dismissal and I can lodge a formal complaint against them?
            Does that mean I have a higher chance of winning the case? I feel somehow there is some ambiguity there. Can you kindly advise?

  • Sir,

    As we discussed earlier My wife has decided to resign and informed the official (She is worked as a receptionist but her profession is nursing) . The clinical accepted the resignation through phone and inform that next month they will be released her and one month salary will not pay. Is this is valid? They will assured her to release on next month through phone calls only, no formal resignation letter written.
    1.If they refuse release her next month what can we do?
    2. She entered UAE through AbuDhabi airport, is it any problem to exit through Sharjah because she is worked in AlAin and Sharjah is nearest.
    Please advice.

    • Sujith,
      The company has to pay for whatever period the person has worked.
      1. Contact MOL and file a complaint.
      2. No such problem.

  • hi Deepak… this is great job that you do

    I am belgium national came on employement visa collected at dubai airport on 1rst jan 2015 (with pink temporary paper A4 format)… company based in Sharjah as LLC..

    i work as BDM with bahelors degree but LOW salary…just got blood test + radiology and photos, etccc… done. results and other things has been collected by PRO also having my passport (already 1 week) for now as process is ongoing as HE SAID…

    BUT NO employement contract at this stage… visa cost recovery showing on the offer letter, is it normal?

    same for ID = emirates ID card recovery also showing??..

    what is the right thing to have in hand as per uae laws : is it the offer letter ? or the employement contract?

    then if contract happens should it be in arabic or english?

    if no contract happening what should I do? already worked since 2nd jan 2015 till now…

    what about salary then?
    what if Iwant to move to another job?

    NO MOL number given for information tracking on their website etc..??
    how does it work please….


    • Lola,
      Congrats on the new job.
      By now you should have received your labour contract.
      Visa costs are to be completely borne by the company that is employing you.
      Emirates ID cost too has to be borne by the company as this is replacing the erstwhile labour card.
      You should have employment contract. This is the final document valid between you and the company.
      You should insist on receiving an original copy of your labour contract.
      You could check your details through passport number.

  • hi Deepak

    Its Lola again… I checked with PRO and CEO… no employment contract as final document valid between me and the company.
    this is what they say that MOL contract is enough… no other!!! is this normal, knowing that I have commissions also and other benefits since I got a deal on the way, 95% to be successful… how to guarantee my dues????? made the first step to show interest & commitments to my company!!!
    If there is any employment contract should it be in arabic or english, wich one is valid??
    Also,could you tell IF a scanned offer letter with my numeric signature saying that I should reimbourse labor, visa, id, etcc… COSTS IS VALID??

    Thank you so MUUUUUUCH you are just great!!!!!

  • Hi Deepak!

    I am a nurse in a hospital in Al Ain, I started working since 23rd of January. I haven’t signed any contract here for MOl. But had my medical and emirates ID processed by them. But I really want to transfer because of some issues.

    1.Can I still transfer without having a labor ban?
    2.Will I be obliged to pay for the recruitment fees and visa?

    Thank you!

  • hi deepak,
    i working in uae under unlimited contract.i decided to resign in the 2nd month and informed my manager.but he insisted either to resign on that same day.i said that i will resign on the next month so ican arrange to pay d penalty.but he is not accepting d deal and said me i will terminate you.what i will do?

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am new here in dubai, i have worked for my company since jan 10, 2015. i havent signed in any contract. And i’m thingking of resigning. Since i am in probation, should i pay my company for any cost regarding my visa processing etc?

    • Kimberly,
      Note that if your labour contract is under process, you will face labour ban. And since you are on probation, you could resign with a day’s notice.
      No, you are not supposed to reimburse any cost to company.

  • I am aru and Im working in my company as a security for the past 31 months and my company is terminating me because I came 13 days late from vacation . And they told that I have no service gratitude and have to pay all company expenses and return air ticket as well . So I’m I supposed to do that according the law ?

  • Dear Sir,

    Pls note I have joined a company in FEB 2014, and I hv completed my one month(Dubai Visa).
    If I change a job in up coming months will there be any ban iMposed?
    And second clarification if I joined in JAFZA Company will there be any ban.
    I know this is quite repeated thing which you are saying, but to ensure that am on the right page.

    • Keshav,
      If you joined in Feb 2014, you would complete 1 year!
      Ban is imminent as you have not completed your contract.
      No, there is no labour ban in JAFZA.

  • hello sir
    iam new to just now iam planing to resign from company. in my agreement says that I resign in probation period I have to give 7 days notice only. just want to know that I should pay any cost to the company

  • Hi sir!
    I would just like to ask if I will resign do I still need to pay 45 days penalty even if im on my 2nd contract (limited) at the same company?what about do I need to pay also the cost of visa,license etc? I just renewed my contract last yr to my current employer and now I am thinking to transfer to other facility. P

  • Hi deepak ,
    I am b tech civil engineer and working with a llc. technical service company on 2000 aed in Al Ain since 1-1-2015 .they are not giving my salery and it is about to expire of two month period and they also do not giving any response on medical. If they do not send me for medical and it expires the two month period is there a fine on me . I have called them many times but no response.kindly reply me on this situation what should i do . Can i join a new company without ban .thanks

    • Muhammad,
      Yes, if you do not have proper documents and visa, you will have to pay fines.

  • dear sir…

    iam staying dubai in around 4 months. now iam planing to resign from company. so in probation period if I terminate the contract that pay any penalty for the company???

    thank you.

  • hello sir

    iam working at landmark company past 4 months. because of some reason iam going to resign. in my agreement their are nothing mention about any penalty or other cost. but my senior staff saying if i resign i shoud pay money to company.

    so my question is should I pay any penalty or other cost????

    • Sameer,
      You need not pay anything to the company if you resign.
      Please note however that you will face labour ban.

  • Dear Sir,

    Please advise me i am working for catering company in abudhabi i have two years contract but i dont want work so i plan to resign but my HR Manager told me you have to pay all cost for training and all other expenses around more than 15,000 pls guide me i have to pay or not as per labour law.


    • Mustafa,
      You don’t need to pay any costs. It is illegal for companies to ask for cost reimbursement at all.

  • sir
    I have give my resign letter and they are not sending back to my country. so now what can I do?? please help me
    thank you

    • Sameer,
      Your query is incomplete and I am a little confused.
      Why have you resigned? Did you get a new job or you wanted to go back to your home country.
      After contract expiry, company should provide one way ticket home.

  • hello sir

    iam working as a sale man four month period . in my contract say I can resign in probation period. i dont like to work dubai and I gave resign latter. but they keep my passport and they not sending back to my

    my question is if I give 7 days resign notice they shoud send me back to my country na??

    but they are not sending me. plz help me sir

      • Sir

        How to post new Query:
        My contract was unlimited but I have submitted my resignation just after completing 4 months and gave 1 month notice time. But employer informed me they are going to charge me 4590 AED as Visa charges. I know its illegal but we accepted to pay back in Offer letter so am ready to pay. But as per information received to me visa charge will be approx. 5450 AED in which 3000 AED is bank deposit and we paid 270 AED from our pocket so if we will deduct 3270 from 5450 it will be 2180 AED as a reasonable amount.
        Am compelled to resign because they are not paying salary on time eg: January salary expected by March 1st or 2nd. November was paid on January 3rd etc.. Being in HR I cant handle employee queries about salary. Now they are charging me a big amount.

        Please advise.

        • Baginesh,
          I recommend you take your issue to MOL as this is a serious offence.
          COmpanies can not ask visa and other cost reimbursements.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have an important query, I am a teacher from the UK. I am working for a private school atm in Abu Dhabi, but I wish to move to another school in Dubai. I am still in my 3 month probational period. In my contract, it states

    ”The Second Party has the right to resign during the probation period provided that the resignation is submitted in writing and is unconditional. The service of the Second Party shall be terminated upon acceptance of the resignation by the First Party, whereupon the Second Party is obliged to pay back all fees spent on him/her since his/her recruitment excluding his/her salary”

    Now I plan to resign next week, could they enforce me to pay back the flight costs and visa costs before they give me a letter accepting my resignation? I need the letter so that I can move to my next job.

    Will I also get a ban?

    Please I would really love a reply deepak. Thank you


  • Hi Deepak, Good Day.
    I am working in UAE for past 9 years, this is my 3rd job. I have MBA degree.
    My question is : My new company is Oil company but my visa is not on that company name(sister company which is not oil company). I have Sharjah Visa.
    I have a good offer in my field which is 12K plus Dubai based company. will I get ban or face any problems for new visa if I leave my current employer( just finished 6 months ). I have a contract for 1 year which is unlimited. but I have also a contract signed which says I cant work with competitors which I am not its totally different sector were I am planning to move.
    please advice.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I’m an General Electrical Engineer working in a LLC company in Dubai. now i’m in 5th month and in probation period too. my employer took a sign from me in a document recently stating in it that, if i get terminated, i should pay the visa cost and other expenses. he also told me that ill be terminated. and i’m just afraid that do i need to pay any amount to the company. and during the probation period if i get terminated will the employer pay me 3 months salary?
    I checked my labor contract from the MOL site and it states only about the termination air line ticket fee should be paid by the employee.
    Pl assist…

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am currently working with a real estate company in business bay on an unlimited contract for more than 3months now. But for some reasons, I am constrain to resign.

    My questons are: (1) Is the one month notice mandatory if I resign within the 6mos. probationary period (2) Other the 6months labour ban, what are the other consequences that may arise (payment of visa cost) from this resignation.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Dear Deepak,

    Actually I have been working under a 2 year limited contract since April 20 , 2014 & have a 4 month notice period ( as per the offer letter).

    I want to leave this job & want to relocate to my home country for family reasons and certainly wont return back in near future.

    My queries :

    1) What kind of end benefits I am eligible for?

    2) Any amount which I need to pay to my employer as I break the contract?

    3) What if I am not able to serve the notice period?

    4) Am I eligible for return ticket?

    Request you to please throw some light on this.

    Thanks & regards,


  • Hi Deepak. I already served 2 years for my unlimited contract and I’m planning to resign to look for another job. Here is my concerns:
    1. I have signed and internal contract upon hiring (in addition to the labor contract i have) in which stated there that my contract period would be 5 years. is that valid or it will superseded by my MOL contract (which is unlimited)?
    2. On the same internal contract, I should pay the expenses (e.g.visas, tickets) upon resignation. is that valid too?
    3. Another from the internal contract, I am not allowed to transfer to another company which has the same business with my current company. is that enforceable?
    4. If the internal contract (and all the conditions stated therein) is NOT valid, can a transfer to another company (including on the companies with the same business as my current) without imposing a 6 months or 1 year ban and without grounds to the internal contract that I have signed?

    Awaiting for your feedback at the soonest.
    Thank you.


    • Glen,
      1. Internal contracts are not valid in the eyes of the law. That way company could write that you would have life time contract! Would the company provide you the guarantee of the job? As per MOL, 2 year contracts are only valid which are generated by MOL.
      2. No need to pay any expenses to the company. Read:
      3. This is not enforceable!
      4. If you complete your labour contract, you will have no labour ban.

      • I have a question for you too. I have my own company and I have one employee who was all of sudden after being employed for more than 1 month expressed his dissatisfaction from the salary of AED1,800 all in as a cleaner. I asked him if he’s not happy, what does he wants to do. He said he’s voluntarily quitting his job. When asked to send me his resignation letter, he just bail and not report to work for 2 days now. What a waste of money for all the visa cost. But anyway, what is the best thing for me to do?

        • Mthrscruz,
          Yes, some employees could be unpredictable and unruly!
          Better to talk to the person and get his/her feedback.
          If the said employees does not report to work without informing, you may report it to the MOL/Immigration as absconding.
          It is better to cancel the visa at the earliest, lest the Labour may catch hold of the person working in another company/freelancing while on your company sponsorship.

      • Dear Deepak,
        Thank you for your feedback. In addition, i mentioned that my labor contract (2 yrs) has been expired this month and it will be renewed anytime soon. Does it mean that once it is renewed I will wait again for another 2 years for me to resign with no ban?
        Appreciate your feedback.
        Thank you.

  • Hi
    I have joined a company in DMCC with a limited period contract. I am on a probation of 6 months. My contract clearly states that

    This Contract may be terminated during or at the end of the Probation, by either

    Party, without notice and without reason (“Termination During Probation such event the Employee shall not be entitled to receive end of service benefits.

    It is now just about a couple of months since my joining. I feel that this is not the right organization for me and want to quit. Following are my queries

    1. Do I need to give a notice of any kind, if there is an internal contract of 2 months notice.
    2. Can the Company impose a ban of employment
    3. Can the Company impose an immigration ban
    4. Would I have to pay the Company any damages or compensations

    Thanks for your guidance in advance

    • RD,
      1. Under probation, there is no notice period.
      2. No.
      3. No, proper reason is required
      4. No.

  • Hi Deepak,
    I currently work in a free zone company and my visa is sponsored by sharjah chamber of commerce. The company is not that great and the salary is always delayed, plus working conditions are not good too. I joined in nov 2014 (completing 6 months in April), the contract i signed for this company is fr 24 months. If it is mentioned in the contract that i need to give a 3 months notice period. If i decide to resign after completion of 6 months, do i need to pay the visa charges, is this applicable?

  • Hi Mr.Deepak,

    Can you please advice me for this issue

    I am working in one of the organization under DMCC and under my husband sponsor ship. I have not yet received salary from Jan’15 onwards. My labour card is expiring on 09-05-2015. Due to some other health related issues I resigned from the company. As per my offer letter I have 3 months notice period. According to that my last working day 14th-May-15. So am I eligible to get all my dues even if my labour card expires on 9/5/2015 ?

    Kindly advice me if this company is not paying the salary, how can I proceed further.

    I worked in the same company more than 5 years before moving to DMCC. Once company moved to DMCC, I signed all the documents without receiving Gratuity to cancel my labour card. Deepak sir, is it possible to get my last 6 years gratuity from the company ?

    Looking forward for your valuable reply.

    Thank You

  • Hello dear Sir,
    I have worked for 2 years, 6 months in my old company, and signed a contract with a new Transport and Logistic company as a diesel mechanic. But the first day I resumed my duty in the company, I was asked to work as a Vehicle Inspector instead of mechanic. Moreover, the condition for the inspection point is hazard. Am in 5th months of Probation and I want resign. 1-will I face 6 months ban?
    2-Do I have to pay the visa fee to my employer?

  • sir

    i have completed my probation period n i have given resignation bt hr manager said that u have signed contract where we already mention that u have to pay visa fee so my question is it right to ask for visa fee ?

    sir plz help me i dnt care about ban bacause i dnt like working here bt i can not bare visa fee


  • hi sir

    Sir i am a company visa but i am working as housemaid.i agreed to work here because tha salary is 1,5 aed.,but i receive only 900 per month.,i am working now for 4 months and i just get my residence visa last jan.,.sir i didnt even see or sign a contract.,and i want my visa to be cancelled.,But ibstead of cancelling my visa they tramsfer me to other house,

    my question is
    1. Do i need to pay 6k to them (as they say)
    2. Can i apply to freezone or government company

    Pls help me sir
    Thank you

  • my question is I completed 2yrs of my contract and now moving to a new company which is offering unlimited contract period the contract is for 2yrs..but the thing is that this new company ask me to pay for my own visa processing which will be deducted in my monthly salary they said the only way I don’t have to pay for my residence visa process is if I exit the country.
    please advice

    • Karen,
      Deducting visa expenses is not as per law. Company should bear all expenses of visa and medical expense.

      • Good day

        my name its Valentina i work in one company for 1 month my visa is employment visa but only for 60 days in 20 of may it will be expired and i want to go in other place i dont have the resident visa stampted on my pasport but i make the medical and they tell me that i must pay like 4000 for the visa and medical but i dont think that visa what they make its like 3000 and something why? please answer

        • Valentina,
          As you have done medical, it means that your labour approval is approved. You may face labour ban.
          As regard to the cost, you should only pay if it is mentioned in your contract.

      • My name is Valentina ,

        I started working with company ——————- Restaurants L.L.C here in Dubai since 22 March 2015 my Employment visa is valid until 20 May 2015.

        However in 3 April 2015 I passed my resignation to my manager because of a conflict and they were very rude to me and disrespectful to me and I prefered to not work for them anymore.

        They hired me when I was is here in UAE so they only had to pay for my Employment Visa and then for medical and all rest of procedures.

        In 1 April i made the medical exam and in 3 April I resigned however the passport was still with since then and they are saying that already my Residence visa is issued.

        How can that be possible if they did not had my passport and after 1 day from medical the residence visa to be already issued?

        Now to cancel this Employment visa the company is asking me to pay 4000 Aed.

        I asked on how much is this Employment Visa if they issued when I was here in UAE and i received the answer that the cost is 1100 AED.Is it Correct?

        And they are olso threatening that if I don’t pay fast this 4000 Aed they will file a lawsuit agains me.

        Can You please advise me what can I do , please find the attached Copy of my Passport and Employment Visa.

        Looking forward for a soon answer

        Best Regards

  • Hi Deepak, I find your suggestions to people in difficult times really good.

    Just want to get your suggestion. came here in Dec 2014 3 months now not happy with the job, getting calls from other companies for interview, should i make a move and quit, will i be banned if i come back and resign.

    Is NOC from my current organisation required to join the next company, what if they deny. My offer clearly states i have to pay back my Visa and other expenses taken care by the company on the offer letter i signed. So if they ask me that to give me NOC, i think ill have no option. What you suggest i should do to take decisions further. Really appreciated Thanks again.

  • Dear Sir,

    I started working here last year, September 2014. However, my employer didn’t comply with our verbally greed salary when I cam here and I ended up signing a salary lower than what I expected. So now I’m thinking of just finishing 1 year of the 2 year contract and I will quit on September 2015.

    My question is, if I want to hand over my resignation a month earlier (August — so I can still render 1 month work and all), with an effective date exactly 1 year from my start date (September), will that affect the annual leave pay I should be given? Will they give it to me knowing that I wanted to quit? If so, should I just wait for September and receive the leave pay and then resign? I hope you could enlighten me as I’m not that familiar with UAE work/labor concerns. Thanks!

  • Dear Deepak,

    I have completed 4 years in a same comany here in abu dhabi and renewed before 2 months. now i want to go for cancellation and stay back in India. I droped my resignation letter 2 days ago and My HR replied me that I have to pay visa renewal charges, emirates id, medical charges and insurance charges all including 3100 AED.

    Deepak please advise is this fair on me? and please advise what are steps i should follow.

    • Rafeeq,
      You do not have to pay any charges unless they are mentioned in your labour contract.

  • Hello Sir,

    Hi im macmac and i am new here in UAE Duabi i have a problem in my company can you advise me what to do i want to canceled my employment visa with them..
    My situation is i sign the Offer of letter last feb 1, 2015 and i exit to oman waiting my employment i expend one month there and they said we are going back as a tourist visa as they said, last March 12, 2015 i came back to Dubai and i started to work with as a training. and we will wait here the employment visa. after that we only exit A to A.i finish one month for them and i payed only 470 derham and i have my employment visa in that day the expiration of my tourist visa.

    And we are responsible to pay our plane expenses and now i get my employment visa and they said we are still a training.

    When i started to work with them as a training only they pay me 1/4 of my salary. and my second month with them we are still do training,,.
    my total salary is 1950. they will pay me half of that..
    what can i do if i cancelled my visa with them and i look for another job..

    MY visa type
    *Bottle wash

  • hi sir,

    im new here in AUB working as QC. i only work 8 days and i have a probation of 6 months, but i dont really like the envirorment, i cant see myself happy on this company. my questions are:

    1. if i resign will i able to pay all the company expenses and have a ban from working here in AUB how many months?

    thanks and i hope u can help me.

  • Hello Deepak
    i am doing job as salesman in a company since last 3 months now i want to switch my job someone told me that if i pay 5000 AED to immigration then i will have no ban of 6 months please guide me regarding this matter as i really want to switch the job without getting any ban
    [email protected]

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have a query. Recently i came to Dubai as a Teacher for one institute.
    They have asked me 7500 aed for my visa. I paid that amount through net banking where I didnt know the law. And even which was not mentioned in the offer letter there i need to pay visa cost. They offered me 3000 aed. It is been a month am here. They didnt give me salay. not yet received my labour card and medical hasn’t done.
    I am worrying if i resign the job now, will they able to ban?
    The money which i paid for visa, will i get it back

    please advice

    • Koyal,
      You are not supposed to pay any money for visa to employer. It is employer’s responsibility to take care of visa.
      I am not sure whether you will get the money back.

  • hello sir,
    Currently im under a local visa/semi government company i only work for almost 1 month now and i want to resign because i dont like the location of the work and i didnt sign a contract, my question is that can the company ban me on labour or ban me in immigration? Thank you very much

  • hi. i recently joined a company.during interview and on induction and as stated on the joining letter i signed, working hours is 8am-6pm, sun-thu.
    but now my boss is making me stay very late (earliest is 8pm) and work on saturday, except when my boss does not come to office which happens once a month minimum.
    do i have the right to terminate my employment without ban?
    thank you.

  • Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I am under unlimited contract, I worked as a barber in a salon in Ras Al Khaima, and agreed to have 2,000dirhams salary and the accommodation is in the comoany expense, so as transportation if there is maybe. The salon dont earn, they dont have customer, the employer is telling me he will only give me 2,000 all in I have to pay my accomodation even it was stated in my contract that accomodation is company expense. Since that incident happens I told him better to cancel me and let me find another job or let me go back home. I have talked to my employer if he is willing to give NOC and he said okay if I pay 6,000dirhams for all the expense that he had rendered in getting me from malaysia going here and other documentation. My question is: it allowed to transfer visa with NOC even if I am just more than 3 months? Will be 4 months on 20th May.
    2. If they would still not paying my house to where I got to complain?
    3. If I will be cancelled can I still apply in a free zone?
    4. Is there such thing of transfer visa even below 6 months or did not finished contract? My friend told me its not allowed are they just fooling me? They said I am not allowed to transfer any employer coz I need to go back home its not allowed to transfer is it true?

    thanks and more power

  • Hi good day! I just want to asked about my case there in Abu dhabi. i’ve been hospitalized for 3 months in my childhood in case of tubercolus after finishing my medication there was a scar on my bodydue to tubercolus. but unfortunately when i applied for visa and forwareded for medical they give me unfit because of the scar, so i tried to give the medical reports that mentioned that the tuberculosis is inactive and the only scar is remaining but it will not harm to others i bring to proof what hospital , and they give me deportation with life time ban ! I just want to know how i can lift my lifetime ban.. your valuable reply will be highly appreciated….

  • hello sir
    Now i am working in one company just 5th month, i am not like to working here ,my probation period is 6 month
    i like to resign this company
    if any problems?
    I need to pay if any visa charges.

  • my cousin was still under provision period and she resigned to the company.
    The c0mpany already process her cancellation to MOL and it is sucessfully cancelled but her residence visa not yet, now i just want to ask if is it true that to be able to cancel the residence visa by the dept of immigration, the company should show a valid exit tticket in the immigration to complete the cancellation?

      • Hi Deepak I was working in a company in Hamriyah Freezone Sharjah from sep 2013 to no 2014. I had an emergency at home and came to india however i informed them about my emergency and resigned but could not return. Now I completed 6 months outside country but my company is not cancelling my visa and I am not able to come on a new visa. How can I cancel my visa? Can I come to UAE on any other type of visa? My visa is expiring on Nov 2015 so will it automatically be cancelled or still it needs to be cancelled by employer? Please advise me the possible solutions.