How can you check your Emirates ID online? (updated 2022)

How to download your Emirates ID online?

Emirates ID cards are mandatory for residents and it is used for identification purposes across the UAE. The physical card must be carried at all the time by the residents and citizens. However, the applicants can use new electronic/digital version of the Emirates IDOpens in a new tab. while waiting for their physical card to arrive.

Here are the simple steps to download the Emirates ID online:

Step 1: Download the app from ICAOpens in a new tab. UAE Smart app from AppleOpens in a new tab. and AndroidOpens in a new tab. Stores.

Step 2: Register and set up an account with required credential.

Step 3: Once the registration for Emirates ID e-version is complete, you’ll receive an email to confirm and verify your account.

Step 4: Once you have logged into the app, click on the Emirates ID button on the home screen.

Step 5: Click into the Emirates ID section to find the QR code which will allow you to create the electronic Emirates ID card in the “documents wallet section” of the app. That will show you an exact copy of how the new card looks which includes the EID number, name, date of birth, nationality, gender issue and expiry date, along with a copy of the cardholder’s signature on the front. On the back, it includes the person’s occupation and employer, as well as the card number.

Alternatively, you can also use ‘UAE Pass’Opens in a new tab. login details in the registration process for the e-Emirates ID using the UAE Pass app, available on the AppleOpens in a new tab. and AndroidOpens in a new tab. stores.

You can use this copy for various government services until the new physical card is printed and delivered.


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