Is Your Medical Insurance or Health Insurance Card Linked to Your Emirates ID?

Can I use my Emirates ID as a medical insurance or health insurance card?

Yes, you can now use your Emirates ID as a medical insurance card. Most of the Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies now use the Emirates ID to run a check at their end to identify which insurer and what coverage is the insured eligible for.

As you all aware that it is now mandatory to have the health insurance for all citizens and residents holding visa issued by Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Before you apply for any medical or health insurance policy you must provide your Emirates ID application to the insurance provider to issue a health coverage certificate which can be used to get the rest of the visa processes done. Emirates ID is used as a form of identification when buying an insurance plan.

The Emirates ID card now provides an opportunity for citizens of the UAE to make their healthcare more affordable. Once your visa is stamped and Emirates ID is printed, you need to send the policy number and Emirates ID number to your health insurance provider to link your Emirates ID and medical or health insurance plan.

By using Emirates ID as your health insurance you can check the details of your health insurance , benefits, pending medicine or treatment approval requests and network coverage online by visiting website or the mobile application of the respective health insurance provider. It also reduces the fraud and use of fraudulent medical services.


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