Will Emirates ID Replaces the Residency Visa Stamp on the Passport?

A residence visaOpens in a new tab. is issued to an expat when he/she is already inside the country after entering the UAE using an entry permit or a visit visa.

As per the circular issued by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security noted that residents’ Emirates IDOpens in a new tab. would count as their residency. The ID contains all relevant residency-related information. This move comes in implementation of the Cabinet decision to support the development of services provided and apply best practices.

Effective April 11, Authorities will no longer issue residency visa stamps to foreign nationals who have residency in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign residents will be able to use their Emirates Id card to prove their residency status instead of the residency visa stamp.

This will reduces the number of steps required to issue or renew one’s residency documents. With the single application you can now issue or renew your residence visa and Emriates ID.

The airlines can now verify the residency status through the passport number and Emirates ID.

Customers can obtain a soft copy of the ID upon submitting the issuance or renewal request. The authority said that the new generation of the Emirates ID card issued to residents includes all details mentioned previously on the residency sticker, including personal and professional data, the issuer and other readable and non-readable data on the face of the card.


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