New Features of Emirates ID You Should Know! (5 New Features for 2022!)

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) has launched a new and upgraded version of the Emirates ID card and the start its issuance to customers, as part of the new generation of Emirati passports and national identity card project.

UAE residents whose IDs have expired and those who have requested for replacement of lost or damaged ones have now started to receive the new version of Emirates id with advanced security features and innovative design with high-quality features.

The change of Emirates ID cards to the new generation service is currently available for those whose cards are expired, damaged, or those who requested a lost replacement card. However, residents are advised to continue using their old cards until they expire.

Even with the new features and design, Emirates ID fees remain unchanged,

ID cards can also be home-delivered through the free Tawzea service. This means residents no longer have to go to the post office near their homes

What are the new important major features of the new Emirates ID card?

  1. Enhanced protection of non-visible data, which can be read through the E-link system with the ICA.
  2. High-quality card with a longer service life using polycarbonate, increasing its service life to over 10 years.
  3. Consolidated 3D photo using laser printing technology authenticated with the holder’s date of birth.
  4. Advanced technical and technological characteristics, having higher capacity and non-touch data reading features.
  5. Additional fields and codes definition includes professional data, issuing authority and population group

The new card version is characterized by including the employer or family sponsor and the job title for the UAE residents as well as the card place of issue.

You can also download a digital copy of their Emirates ID by signing into the UAE Pass app.

It is a legal requirement for all citizens and residents to possess an Emirates ID.

The card, which contains a ID number unique to each cardholder, is used to access government services and to access smart gate services to speed up travel at airports. It also must be displayed by citizens voting in Federal National Council elections.


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