Can You Work on a Visit or Tourist Visa in UAE?

If you are an expatriate and received the job offer while you are on a visit or tourist visaOpens in a new tab. may not work anywhere in the country with or without pay or for his own . It is very much important to ensure that you have your work permit before you begin your new employment in UAE. It is must to have the valid work permit issued by the Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or any of the free zone authorities when you start working for an organisation in the country.

This is because not having the right work permit is a serious violation of the UAE’s labour laws and may penalised in accordance with imprisonment for a period not exceeding three months and a fine not exceeding Dh10,000, or one of these two penalties, and the court shall order the deportation of the violator from the state.

Employees who are not UAE nationals may be employed in the UAE only after approval of the MOHRE and the obtainment of a work permitOpens in a new tab. in accordance with the procedures decided by MOHRE.

Work permits may only be granted if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • That the employee has the professional competence of educational qualifications that are needed by the State
  • That the employee has lawfully entered the country and complies with the conditions stipulated by the residence regulations in force in the State.

Also, if your visa is issued to work for an individual or an establishment, you may not work for another individual or establishment without the written consent of the individual or establishment and the approval of the Directorate of Nationality and Immigration.

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