Can I come on visit visa or tourist visa and look for a job in Dubai UAE?

Tourist Visa, Visit Visa and Job Search

It is illegal to work on a visa other than a valid employment visa in UAE meaning you can not arrive in the UAE on visit visa or tourist visa and work.

However, you may arrive on a visit visa or tourist visa and search for jobs in the UAE. (This is much better than many other countries where in order to work, you can not arrive on visit visa/tourist visa and look for a job.)

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But once your visit visa or tourist visa expires, you will have to exit the country prior to the expiry of visa. On the other hand if you are able to secure an employment, you will still have to exit the country or pay necessary fees to convert your visit visa into employment visa. For those on Tourist Visa, you will have to exit UAE to get a new employment visa processed.

To change your visit visa to employment visa, there are applicable costs . It happened to me as well. I arrived here on visit visa for 3 months in the year 2005 and was hired by a local bank. (Lucky me!). They did not allow me to work till my employment visa was received. (Pink Employment visa)

If any employer asks you to start working on visit visa or tourist visa, he is not complying with the Labour Laws of UAE. You as well as the employer might get into trouble. 

 If you choose to work without a valid employment visa in the UAE, YOU:

  1. Will not be in compliance with the Labour Laws of UAE. Incase of any dispute between you and the employer, you have no say in anything.
  2. Run into the risk of being fined and deported if caught while working without a valid employment visa. You will also be blacklisted so that you may never return on an employment visa to the UAE.

What are the fines if you are caught working while on Visit visa or tourist visa?

If you are caught working while on tourist visa or visit visa, you are liable to pay 50000 Dirhams as a fine for the offence. It is not worth for you to work while on visit visa. Companies who employ people who are on visit visa or tourist visa will face high penalties if they are caught working.

What if my employer makes me work on visit visa or tourist visa

If your employer or company makes you work while on visit/tourist visa, please let them know that they are breaking UAE Laws. If they insist, I recommend that you do not work for them till they obtain your labour approval or labour contract. Ultimately, you should have your employment visa.

So be careful.
Never agree to work on visit visa/tourist visa if you are looking for a long-term employment in the UAE and any of its emirates.
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175 thoughts on “Can I come on visit visa or tourist visa and look for a job in Dubai UAE?

  1. Dear Sir,

    One of the Dubai company contacted me in india and send me visit visa for 3 months. I came on visit. After coming here i found that company is not fulfilling the promise they made to me. I had given my passport to company. Now i told them don’t apply for my visa. I asked them to return my passport but they are not giving back my passport. Please be informed that i am not working for company. But they are asking for visa and ticket. They said in india that company will bear the expense for visa & ticket. I want to get my passport back. Please help me what i should do?

    Looking forward for your quick reply.

  2. Hi ,
    Deepak im mech engg. And two year exp. And applying for tourist long term visa ….what is probability to find employment visa …and also it is necessary to stamp my degree ? Pls advice me ….I’m waiting
    Thank u .

  3. Hi My self shaqib im planning for visit visa for job in dubai can i take visit visa for Sharjah & search job in dubai,i am graduate from commerce I have a experience 3 years 6 month Icici bank in Mumbai as a phone banking officer and 2 years 6 month in Saudi Arab Riyadh as a administration officer/ receptionist what are scope in dubai &how to apply for any other banking sector and back office visa for 1 years and in between after 6 month holiday for 10 days .should i come on visit visa & search job is best way to search. pleas suggest me..

  4. Hi,

    I had entered uae on a three months visit visa on 25th of April and in am exiting it on 23rd of July. Could you please help me to understand whether I will be charged for overstaying as it’s going to complete exactly 90 days since I entered. Awaiting your response.

    Shaik Moin Pasha.

  5. Hi deepak,

    I entered uae on 25th of April and I am exiting on 23rd of July as it is going to complete exactly 90 days on my exit is there a fin for me which will be charged for an overstay?? Awaiting your response!!

  6. hi,
    I am on visit visa in Dubai, that expiries on end of April 2016, I got an offer letter and signed in abudhabi based company. They told me 2 weeks time for visa processing. Actually, I don’t know how long needs to get visa.
    so kindly reply for my doubts.

  7. My son came on a visit visa on December 28, 2015, please tell me the exact date this month (march) on his 90th day.

    Your immediate response is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

  8. Hello,

    Also another question, called the same number and told that | can still exit to Kish at present holding long term 90 days tourist visa and can return to dubai with the same type of long term visa of 90 days. You mentioned in the previous post, only one entry to UAE for long term visa. They also said they did not receive any circular that u cannot enter again if u have used before 90 days toursit visa.

    Please confirm sir before I exit.


  9. Hello,

    I have just called the Dubai immigration in the airport at 8005111 and they said if you are on a tourist visa and before its expiry you exit to Kish, you can get another or new tourist visa back to Dubai. It does not matter if you exit to home country or Kish. Can you please confirm before I exit bec. I just would like to exit to Kish to get a new tourist visa to find a job.Please help. Thank you.

  10. Hi Deepak

    Can I ask something if I was caught working while on visit visa and the labor officer took my passport and my visa me and my employer will be penalized

    1 Can I pay the penalty if my employer don’t want to process it?if ever only.
    2 if ever I pay and can be paid my fine is there still a chance for me deported
    3 if my employer had also an expired trade license and we are in this situation what will happen ? What can I do for myself? Because my employer was not able to clear everything and pay the fine

  11. Hello !!

    I came here in Dubai at visit visa 90 Days. I got an offer letter from a company and they asked start work immediately. They took my passport copy etc to arrange for the visa but after 15 days they started asking me to Pay for the visa. I told them i cant pay for the visa… after 1 month, they did not pay my salary and closed the office. Am i eligible to file a case against them ??

    Any one can assist me please.

  12. I came here on 90 days visit visa. Visa expired on 3rd Dec. How long can I stay paying fine. Staying with my son, he said fine is only 25 dhs he will pay. I am 63 retired I am scared.
    Is it OK to overstay for 30 dsys

  13. Hello depak,
    I am in tourist visa. One of the company offered me a employment visa and they changing my tourist visa in to employment visa without exit.
    1. After getting my employment visa, I wann to exit nd come again. Is it possible or any chances.
    2. After getting employment visa if I exit, and is their an chances leaves deduct from annual leaves.
    Plz help me.

  14. Hi sir,
    I am on visit visa here in UAE for 1 month and I hv got offer letter from a company through mail, but the problem is this that they r saying that the quotas of Visas for Indians have finished now but as soon as it comes available they vl mail me. Can I rely on them…

  15. Dear Deepak,

    This is with regards to my maids passport status ECR on the last page of the passport. We got her maids visa stamped here itself after exit to Oman. Now would like to know if she goes to India for vacation, will the immigration will stop her from coming coz of the ECR stamp? or not as she already has residence visa on her passport?


    Ashish K

  16. Hi Deepak….

    Thanks a ton for helping a lot people by answering their queries.
    I have a couple of questions

    What is the possibility of getting a job for some one who is channel sales background, with 4 years of experience and what salary he can expect.

    Please reply if you can.

    Thanks again for your help.

  17. Hi Deepak….

    Thanks a ton for helping a lot people by answering their queries.
    I have a couple of questions to ask.

    1-what is the possibility bof getting a job for a person who is from sales(channel) background (4 yrs of experience).
    2- How much time it will take to get a job & what salary I can expect.

    Please reply if you can.

    Thanks again for your help.

  18. Hi Deepak, if someone is working in Dubai as a tutor and on a tourist visa who can I report it to? Also she will be paid in South African money and not UAE.

  19. Hi Friends, can anybody plz plz help me to find job in dubai. Am a graduate in computer present am on visit visa. So if u knw any job plz help me. My number 0527741732

  20. Hi deepak,

    I have plan to come in uae for seeking a job with visit visa. Its a legal approach right?? What about job opportunities their in uae?? Plz advice me on this

  21. Hi, my 3 months Visit Visa will soonly expired on Nov. 1, and it is not extendable. I am just waiting for my employment visa but i think it will take time and not be able to finish on Nov. 1. So what can i do?Do i have to exit? or do i have to exit to my hometown?

  22. Hi deepak I need some answers of my queries.
    I am on tourist visa for 3 months my visa will be expire soon A company processing my visa here and approval they told me that they will exit and enter me on being here and no need to left …but they also told me that if u r on tourist visa it will be a problem its not gonna happen then here
    they told me that u have to out and in by airport to airport at kish may be …
    so my question is that Is tourist visa have a problem of something like I have said above or not and if I went to Kish and company take time so how many days they will take .

  23. Hi Sir , I need help I am on a visit visa in Dubai and found a job here and company started my job on visit visa they told me we start process of your visa and submitted your employment visa fee i also signatures on this company offer letter but I am not happy with this job sir can I leave this job and join any other company I have still some days on visit visa. I am afraid that if I leave this company offer and after find any other job and new company again apply for my visa so is it ok ? Or ban or something?

    I am so much worried please help .


  24. My brother having tourust visa and one company hired and forse him to work they told him that once his visa expired they will apply for employment visa. What can I do?

      1. hi deepak
        i am an indian national on a long term visit single entry -tourist visa
        i have an offer letter from an employer in sharjah.
        i would like to know what are the possibilities to change my visa to employment visa
        without exit the country if possible. hoping to hear from you soon.
        OR i would like to know other options to change my visa.
        thank you
        best regards

        1. Simi,
          You will need to exit the country before the company can apply for your visa.

          1. hi deepak your prompt comments are really valuable & appreciated. its a great help to people like us in these busy days.

            thank you

  25. Hi Deepak! Thank you so much for writing this helpful and informative article. I’d like to ask for any advice in landing a job in a bank? I’m currently in sharjah on a tourist visa and would like to work in a local bank, like you. Any tips? Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Krystel,
      That will be a long post.
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:
      Once you submit your CV, you will get my tips in email.

      1. Hai, iam from India. i got a job in a school in sharjah. the employer asked me to come in a visit visa which they will provide, after a month they convert it into an employment visa. i don’t know what to do in this. is this legal to do like this. kindly reply.

  26. Because I have a ban for 6months. . I didn’t finish my contract because our boss not give us off and our salary is always not on time.. do u think if I get my tourist visa I can safely back UAE without further question on philippine immigration? ? My ban start last August 2014.. please give me some advice.. thanks

  27. Thank u for the reply but can my friend in dubai process tourist visa for me?? Can I find work while im on tourist visa??? Thanks. .

  28. Dear,

    I newly heard there is option of long entry visit visa of 90 days transferable other then normal 90 days visa (non transferable).
    And i got the same. But i wants to check the same transferable visit visa’s validity and status on website. Then where I can check the same. Currently I am in UAE.

    Waiting for your update.

  29. Hi.. I am planning to get visit visa in dubai. Can my friend send me visit visa even hes not my relatives?? Thank u

  30. Hi im intersted to wrk in uae bt m.on visit visa hv exp of gcc whts procedure advise

  31. Hi sir, i got 2 question to be cleared.
    1, Is that mandatory to have return ticket to enter dubai in visit visa(1 mont) with indian passport. If so wt hppn if we holding only single ticket and immigration ask us to show return ticket.

    2, if i get offer in visit visa can i get employment visa without leaving country.

    1. Abdul,
      1. yes, it is mandatory to have return ticket while you are coming on visit visa.
      2. You should exit, before a new visa could be applied.

  32. Hi,

    I have been offered a position of 18k DHS n expected to join by 4 oct 2015, but due to the pathetic processes n holidays back home, it seems impossible to get my bachelors degree attested by the education board, foreign office n uae embassy.

    If i get my secondary school certificate attested via intermediate board, foreign office n uae embassy, so will that have any negative impact on my job offer? Can i come on such a visa n work.

    Please advise?


  33. Hi Deepak, I’m in dubai since 3 months on visit, i haven’t found job, I want to come back with in 2-3 days soon after exiting, is it possible, if possible how n what all conditions. I’m India origin.

  34. Hi

    I am looking for a looking a job in UAE from las t 6 months but there has been no response.

    Now I have decided to quit my job and be in Dubai for 2 months for job hunt. Do you think i can get a job? Has anyone got a job by doing this.



    1. Deepa,
      Yes, sure you could. There are opportunities.
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  35. Hi Deepak, I am working in Dubai Internet City and my company is under Freezone. I am planning to bring my Wife’s nephew on 3 months Visit Visa ( for job search ). I Understand that approval is required and it may not be more than 1 month of stay, Now my questions are

    1.] Under my Visa, for how many months I can bring him to here in dubai ?

    I checked with some other travel and tourism companies, they offered for 90 days visa ( without any approval ) ? Is it Valid ?if the applicant is here, whether it will create any problem for me ?

    if so, please advice???


    1. Vijay,
      you could apply for Tourist visa. Most of the hassles are avoided in that case.

  36. Hi,After completing my 8 months of service i quit my job and they cancelled my visa.So am having MOL 6 month after when i exit UAE,immediately can i take a tourist/visit visa,I am Indian Orgin,Plz help me..

  37. Hi Deepak,

    Im on visit visa, my employer in dubai media freezone applied a working visa for me online as in country applicant but I my 30 days visit visa is already due. Would there be any issue if I exit the country and wait for the visa?



  38. Hi Deepak im planning for visit visa for job in dubai can i take visit visa for Sharjah & search job in dubai,iam a pharmacy graduate what are scope for pharmacy graduate in dubai &how to apply for pharmacy related jobs.i heard that dubai market is little bit down.shld i come on visit visa & search job is best way to search. plz suggest me

    1. Abdul,
      Yes, that is possible.
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  39. Hi sir, my question is i got a job in dubai but employer given my a offer letter and visit visa to come again and work. After the performance he will recite me as a employment visa. He promised my to pay the money until i work here now he saying i will not pay any thing. i have all email conversion between him and me can i go legally on employer. I want your suggestion to go forward.

    Thank you

  40. Hi Deepak,

    I had my maid converted to employment visa in UAE she entered in tourist visa and then we converted her after exiting to Oman . Her passport has a ECR stamp . She has a valid employment visa in her passport and has gone to India for a vacation will she be held in immigration while returning back to Dubai. She is not able to get ECR clearance. She will b bringing my kids along with her so really worried please help


    1. Priya,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      She might face problems at India as Emigration has to be cleared well in advance.
      However, if she has an employment visa, I don’t think she would face any problem.

    2. Hi Priya

      I also have the same issue, planning to send my maid to india next month on vacation.
      But I am not sure if she will be able to return back to dubai.

      Please let me know if all was fine with your maids travel, was there any trouble in airport?

      Thank you

      1. Prathiba,
        I think once they have employment visa stamped, there should be no problem.
        Or better to get the status of passport changed to ECNR in India.

  41. Dear Sir,
    Need to know about the VISIT-VISA Which is like (Entry Permit – New – Long Term visit Single Entry – Tourism) In this visa shall can work? actually one company is hiring people from india to UAE on this visit visa for 90 days to work in construction base companies on site. Than after completion of 90 days they will tell them to exit the country again they will make him the same 90 days of visit visa again for work. Like they are calling overseas deputation. let me know if this is legal or illegal to work in UAE.
    Iam Waiting fr your needful information Thanks.

    1. Abdul,
      it is illegal to work under visit visa or tourist visa whether short term or long term.

      1. Hi…Mr.: Rahul,
        I have gone through your comments regarding the 3 months Visa.
        For your kind information 3 months Job visa is available in UAE which is called Mission Visa/Sutdown Visa. Most of the banks and construction companies who have the project for 3 months to 6 months in UAE will be utilizing this facilities. So working with 3 months mission visa is legal.
        For more details please visit this link

        I think Mr.: Abdul is asking about this type visa only. None of the employer will entertain recruiting companies for bulk recruitment in visit visa. I am running a PRO and HR consultancy company in UAE. As per my limited knowledge the 3 months work visa is available in UAE.


  42. Hi,

    I recently got a work visa (from a spouse visa) in abudhabi. I came to India for a wedding n on return couldn’t board because my passport had ECR. My question is: as I have a valid visa to Europe , can I board a. Etihad flight to a European country. The flight will transit at Abu Dhabi and since I have a work permit to enter UAE can I do this option? I don’t see India airport authorities having a problem with it. Am I correct?

    1. Deepak,
      ECR is must even if you have valid Europe visa!
      Why don’t you get that cancelled to ECNR.
      It is not airline’s issue but an immigration issue.

  43. Dear deepak
    Right now m working in abudhabi on visit visa but I want to change my job because I am not happy with my current job . I have two years experience in telecom industry in India in coustmer service department plz suggest me how do I get job in telecom sector in UAE

    1. MD,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  44. Is that true that the Travel Agency can blacklist me on the immigration because of over staying? or I will just pay the fine 200 first day and 100 each day. Thank you

    1. Jake,
      If they have sponsored your tourist visa, may be they could file blacklist against you.
      I am not completely sure about this.

  45. My cousin got employment recently when he was on visit visa in Dubai. He exited back to India awaiting his employment visa. After receiving his employment visa from the company, he could not board the flight due to ECR issue (Although he is graduate now he had received Passport with ECR as at that time he was not graduate). Now my question is whether he can get visit or tourist visa(considering the fact he still has valid employment entry permit), so that he can come on visit and exit to kish and enter again in UAE with his employment visa.

    1. Sachin,
      No, when he has an employment visa, visit visa or tourist visa can not be applied!
      Better to get ECNR done!
      Or he could obtain visit visa to another GCC country and enter UAE from there!

  46. hi, deepak as i am on visit visa i got a job and i have more 1 month to expire my visit visa they are saying to go me my country, so plz can u say me in the presence of my in dubai employement visa wil b issue r not. and how many days it takes to issue the visa..

    1. Salman,
      I cannot say anything about the processing period.
      It depends on the Authorities.

  47. Hi!
    I have offered job in sharjah can I travel on visitors visa and apply for work visa latter . Because it needs to get HRD done for degree certificate which takes around 30 days.

  48. Hi,
    I am just confused with visit/tourist visa.
    my visa status- TOURIST/SINGLE-LONG TERM
    Do I have to exit UAE when it expires?

  49. hi gud morning can u advice me plan I’m currently work in housemaid this July 28 2015 my passport visa expired I try to
    apply other job in online . what is I got the job I need Togo back in my country or not or I start my new job . or refer me what visa i apply if I go in my country and I come here. thanks hope u reply

    1. Mirasol,
      First you will need to renew your passport and then look at all other things.
      yes, you will have to exit the country once your visa is expired.

  50. hello deepak..

    what does this visa status means….??? is it a visit visa or a tourist visa.. please read the visaz status carefully and reply…


    is this a visit visa or a tourist visa..???

    if i get a job in dubai with this visa status then do i need to leave and come back again to get a employment visa or there is no need to go out and come to get a employment visa.. please do reply

    1. Safia,
      Long term means 90 days and you can only enter UAE once with such kind of a visa.
      Yes, you will have to exit UAE once you find a job if you are on Tourist visa.

    2. I am confused about the same. Any luck figuring it out whether it is a tourist or Visit visa?

  51. hi deepak,
    i got job in UAE and now am in Duabi, mine is long term visit visa, company is transferring that to work visa, how many days it will take?

    1. Bibin,
      I can not say how many days exactly. It may take anywhere between 2 to 5 weeks due to various clearances required.

  52. SIR.

    I have taken long Term tourist visa (90 days) and presently in UAE. Should i exit to home country if i get job before it expires. Can i Convert this into employment visa. Employer requested me to start the work and required passport and my tourist visa för Thé same. Should go to kish.Pl. Suggest to proceed

  53. Hi Deepak,

    Is there a restriction to which country you can exit to if an employer is ready to hire you. I have heard that on a visit visa you can exit to Kish, but of you are on a tourist visa, then you have to exit to your country of boarding.
    Does anyone know about this?

    1. Reeba,
      If you are on tourist visa, you must exit to your home country.
      Visit visa, you can go to Kish.

      1. Hi Deepak,
        It gave me a lot of knowledge. I am new and happened to take up PRO responsibilities for a budding company in Abu Dhabi.

        However, I have similar case. A Filipino, on long term tourist Visa, expiring on 23rd and getting ready to exit to Oman after our company secured a job for her.

        The person who is currently arranging these matters say it is OK but you say that such visa holders should exit to there county of origin.

        What is correct? Will she in trouble if she exit to Kish?

        1. Rodrigo,
          Usually those who are in tourist visa should exit to their home country.
          However, I am not sure whether she could exit to other countries. I do not see any problems in that.

  54. Hello Deepak… I am Safia From India and currently working for a real estate company as a broker from Nov 2014 in DUBAI.I dont have any other experience. I have done my B.Tech in IT and completed my studies in 2009. And i want to make my career in IT field. can i get a job easily in IT field without any experience..??? And where should i apply so as to get a job in IT sector

    1. Safia,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  55. dear Deepak ,
    can I buy tourist visa then I search job on tourist visa its ok or must b take visit visa they are same or not tourist visa is not expansive and tourist visa will b extent after 30 days and I will apply in job on tourist visa .

    1. Ziafat,
      No, you can’t extend the tourist visa. Either you take 30 day (short term) or 90 day (long term) tourist visa.
      However, you do not have to stay outside UAE for 30 days before a new visa can be applied!!

  56. Hi Deepak,
    My friend and his wife wanted to come to Dubai in search of the job, so can I apply for a visa for them ?
    If yes then I have to apply for Visit Visa or Tourist Visa ?

  57. hello .my visa was finished mrach 30 2015 .and also my grace period also finishes april 30 2015 .i want to seacrh job and i planned to exit to kish .so i can get visit visa or tourist visa after i exit


  58. My employer took my original tourist visa and original passport and gave it to third party PRO to process my visa 3 weeks back, I dont have offer letter and now my trourist visa is expiring in 3 days, I have only photostat copy of the PRO receipt given to company and I dont have any other proof, what should I do now

    1. Chandu,
      You should request your passport and head back to your country if you visa/Labour card is not approved.

  59. My agency apply my visit visa in Sarjah.

    My question is can I enter in Dubai Airport with my Sarjah visit visa?

    1. Yebs,
      Yes, you could enter as long as the visa is valid and you have the original.
      But there may be preconditions.

  60. Hi! Deepak working dh here in dubai and i will finished my visa on may but my employer doesnt give me a release paper..xan u help me

  61. hi iam on visit visa in sharjah now , applied all job sites but did not got reply, my visa is going to expire soon so i would like to go and meet firms directly by my self, but dont know where to. please suggest me. iam mechanical engineer with 2 years experience.

  62. Hi deepak, I have a few questions, Thanks in advance for answering !
    1. I am here in dubai, it is written on top of my visa “tourist/single-short”, is it a tourist or visit visa ?
    2. I already found a job and my employer told me that I should exit so they can apply for my employment visa, I already signed an offer letter, what is my assurance that when I leave the country they will going to process my employment visa ?
    3. Approximately how many days will it take for my employment visa to be released from the day I left dubai ?

    1. Michael,
      1. Tourist Visa.
      2. No assurance!!
      3. Can not put any number of days as there is a procedure and depends from person to person.

  63. Hi. I am on a 30 day tourist visa and I found a job.
    Employer said that I need to work now on tourist visa since my employment visa is under process. Can I work now?

    1. Abid,
      Working while on tourist or visit visa in UAE is ILLEGAL.
      Your employer must be aware of this!

    2. Abid,
      Working while on visit or tourist visa is ILLEGAL.
      Your employer should know this!

  64. hii deepak,i am on long term tourist visa right now.i got a job and they want me to immidiate joining.can i exit immidiately after issue of employment visa .

  65. Hi Deepak….
    1- i’m in dubai on visit visa if i find a job then must be exit or not.
    2- how can i check my visa in internet myself

    1. Asim,
      1. NOt required to exit in VISIT visa. Note that Tourist visa is not same as visit visa.
      2. Which visa?

  66. Hi, am an accountant by profession but I came here as amaid can I change from being amaid to another job without aban. Thanx

    1. Tasha,

      1. deepak,

        What is the different between visit and tourist visa?. How can apply for visit visa? If i am on visit visa and found the job, no need to exit the country?

        1. Abbath,
          You relatives/friends can apply for VISIT Visa. Tourist visa is applied through Travel Agencies.
          If you are on visit visa, you don’t have to exit UAE if you get a job.

  67. Hi, I am on a New Long Term visit single Entry – Tourism in Abu Dhabi, I came here a week ago and have been looking for a job. Sir, if I found a job before expiration of my visa, do I need to exit the country and wait for my employer to send my employment visa or is there a way I can convert the visa to employment visa here?

    1. Olawale,
      If you are on a tourist visa, yes you will need to exit.
      If you are on Visit visa, you do not need not exit.

  68. Hello, I am a diploma holder in civil, kindly advise me on few points.
    What are the chances to get a job in dubai on visit visa?
    Do i have to attest my certificates?
    Is there any special procedure for engineers to for applying a job in dubai, because some one told me that you cannot get a job on visit visa.


    1. Samie,
      Can’t really comment on your chances of getting a job. Many have found jobs here.
      Attestation is required. But that can be done in UAE too. But is more expensive.
      I don’t think there is any special procedure for engineers.

      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  69. Hi deepak, pls advice if a lady on visit visa can change to maid visa if she gets a emarati sponsor. Pls explain the procedure and fee applicable. Also pls advice if she can come on visit visa issued from abu dhabi or dubai or sharjah, and later get transferred to maid visa in abu dhabi as her sponsor will be from abu dhabi. Thanks

    1. Geeta,
      Yes, she can change from VISIT VISA(not tourist visa) to Emirati sponsor.
      I am not too sure about costs. They keep changing. Read:
      Visit visa can be from any emirate.

      1. Thanks deepak for replying. I have some more doubts.According to travel agents the government is not allowing to issue visit visa for females. So they should exit to kish and come back on new visa. Is it so?

        Another issue is she is of ECR category. SO due to practical difficulties, the travel agent advised this lady to come on a visit visa to uae and get her visa changed. But she is worried what will happen in future or when she has to travel back to india for vaccation? will the airport officials allow her to travel back to uae as she will bypass this step now?

        1. Geeta,
          Once the visa is stamped, I don’t think Indian authorities will ask any questions.
          But ECR will be an issue. This needs to be sorted.

          1. Hi deepak, thanks a lot for ur advices. I still have some doubts regarding the maid with ECR. Once she reaches uae and gets transferred to uae residence visa will the ECR still be an issue while traveling to and fro India, even though she has a valid visa and labour card. Will she be stopped by indian authorities in airports in india when she wants to travel back to uae. Another clarification required on the issue of her coming here on tourist visa, since she will be transferred under a locals sponsorship does he require to pay the deposit aed 9500 ad make a contract with indian embassy? And are you sure she has to exit the country if she comes on touristvisa , as some agencies says transferring from tourist visa to employment visa does not require to exit the country. Another opinion is that to bring her under 3 months visit visa and then get her transferred without exiting. Pls clarify. Kindly advice the charges involved for the transferring with in uae.

            1. Geeta,
              Yes, ECR will still be an issue. Better to clear ECR requirements. You could convert it into ECNR here in Indian Consulate in Dubai.
              No requirement of 9500 since she was hired here in UAE. Deposit is only in case she is directly recruited from India.
              Yes, if you are on tourist visa, you will need to exit in order that new visa is applied.
              Yes, you could get her on VISIT visa and transfer later to employment visa.
              I am not sure about the charges. They keep changing.

  70. Hi, i am working in dubai from last 2 years. after 2 months i want to bring my fiancee here for job. So, i am planning to take 90 days visa so that she able to get time to search job here. She has done MBA and working in india. Will she get job in UAE and what are the sources that she should apply for job.

    1. Bijo,
      Recommend you register her CV on the following links:

      Also, register at all jobsites:

  71. hi, if we come on visit visa to Dubai and are unable to find a job within 3 months, can we covert to student visa?

    1. Harish,
      Yes, you can convert from VISIT VISA to Student visa.
      Please note Visit visa is different from Tourist visa.

  72. Hi Deepak !! Kudos for all your replies to everyone!! It really means a lot to them!, aswell as me if i get a reply!!

    Am planning to visit dubai very soon on a visiting visa, obviously for job hunt. I am a graduate (Btech) in EEE, 2 years experienced in marketing sales and also technical part.

    Looking forward to work in a Good concern for a better carreer growth. THing I fear about is, will i get a engineering visa ? what salary (AED) can i expect? what will be the minimum package for candidate with my profile !!

    And mostly which particular area (locality) to concentrate on searching jobs with well established companies??

    Please do reply as it is a now or never situation for me!!

    Thanks in advance!!Cheers!!

  73. Hi Deepak !! Kudos for all your replies to everyone!! It really means a lot to them!, aswell as me if i get a reply!!

    Am planning to visit dubai very soon on a visiting visa, obviously for job hunt. I am a graduate (Btech) in EEE, 2 years experienced in marketing sales and also technical part.

    Looking forward to work in a Good concern for a better carreer growth. THing I fear about is, will i get a engineering visa ? what salary (AED) can i expect? what will be the minimum package for candidate with my profile !!

    And mostly which particular area (locality) to concentrate on searching jobs with well established companies??

    Please do replyas it is a now or never situation for me!!

    Thanks in advance!!Cheers!!

    1. Gowtham,
      You are welcome to UAE.
      First of all, kindly register your CV on the following links:

      Different sectors have different salaries. Oil and gas sector looks promising for you.
      Having said that, there are also other opportunities depending on your experience and qualification.

  74. Hi deepak,
    im on visit visa and been in abu dhabi for a month now, im waiting for my employement visa to employer said that work visa in free zone will takes time 10 to 15 days, is it true? And he told me I can start working because my work visa will finish in days, but I knew this is breaking the law so I decided to wait until my work visa to be done.
    do you think I should exit uae once my employement visa ready?
    thank you for your time

    1. Fita,
      Yes, True.
      It is illegal to work without proper visa and approval.
      Exiting depends whether your visa is visit visa or tourist visa!

  75. hi deepak

    iam coming to duabi by this month ending or may be next month on tourist visa to search a job in one month and give some suggestions how to get job on any platform plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    and one more is nessicity of HRD attestation for dubai when coming by touristvisa or we can do after getting job???plz help me in this two things

  76. Hi Mr. Deepak,
    My Husband wants to come to Dubai on a 90 days visit visa in search of job.. the prices for dubai visit visa and sharjah visit visa are different. is there any difference in rules also if he changes the visit visa to employment visa? please advice which visit visa is recomended?

    1. Neha,
      whatever works cheaper for you is better.
      But check whether it is visit visa or tourist visa.
      On visit visa the residency visa can be changed without exiting the country.
      But for tourist visa, he will have to exit the country to stamp residency visa.

  77. Hi deepak,

    I just want to ask is it posibble to convert tourist visa to visit visa?

  78. Hi Deepak

    My husband was on 3 mos. visit visa when he was hired in a company, I was his sponsor. He was working for 1 year in the company without an employment visa and constant follow ups were made…He reached to the point of resigning from his post since he is no longer comfortable working without an employment visa. He submitted in person his resignation letter to the owner with the reason of his visa status and the CEO gladly accept it with immediate effect and wishing him all the best. And when he asked about his visa settlement, atleast to cover the fines..he replied ” I’ll check”.
    His passport was with the company and eventually his colleague called him up to pick up his passport as it was handed over to him.

    It’s been 4 days we are trying to cooperate with them but got no success. By all means, work visit, phone calls, sms.

    They have leave us no option but to seek assistance from MOL..Is this the right thing to do?

    We have documentations of exchange emails, sms, pay slip, offer letter, job contract, screen shots of his online visa application on MOL website.

    Appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you,

    With my kind regards,

    1. Narisa,
      Did your husband have labour contract with the company?
      If yes, then he is eligible for gratuity.
      If no, how did he work without a labour contract? This is illegal.
      If he was illegally working, I don’t think there is any legal recourse with MOL.
      On the other hand, if he was legally working, you could approach MOL to sort out your issues.

      1. Many thanks Deepak for your reply, much appreciated.
        He does not have A labour contract from MOL, only offer letter & Job contract within the company signed by the CEO & with company stamp.
        The secretary sms him informing that they have cancelled his medical insurance.
        My husband contacted the CEO via mobile last Tuesday, 9Dec to follow up with his overstay settlement & replied him with ” don’t worry, I will arrange, I will settle…” my husband asked “when?” we’ve got a comforting answer ” I’ll check with HR and I’ll let you know”. My husband sms him with thank you message & look forward to hearing from him at the earliest…”
        By faith, once again we have taken the CEO’s words.
        What will be the next thing to do? since there is no any legal recourse with MOL.

        Hope to hearing from you,
        Thanks & regards,

        1. Narisa,
          Is your husband’s company based in Free zone? How come there is no labour contract. Does he have labour card?
          If not, there is no recourse with MOL as you have not signed labour contract!
          You could wait for the CEO to reply and take some action. His integrity and words will be tested here!!

  79. Hi deepak, I am sadiq from India. I did my BE Mechanical and I have 2 years experience as a maintainance engineering. I am looking forward to work in dubai.i have already forwarded my resumes to many companies but no response from, I decided to go on visit visa and search jobs in dubai.Is that a right decision.sugest me
    Thank you

    1. Sadiq,
      Kindly register your CV on the following links:

  80. Hello Deepak… I am on a visit visa and is soon to expire ( already extended ). I already found an employer who will work out on my Employment visa. My employment Visa will be applied 2 days AFTER my Visit Visa expires. What will I do,, will I Pay a certain amount for Overstay while waiting for my employment Visa.? My employer instructed me not to Exit Dubai… thanks.

    1. Jho,
      Since you have signed contract/offer letter, your employer will need to pay the overstay fees.
      The fees is around 25 dirhams per day.

  81. Dear Depak Sir, i read the comments and views that if a tourist/visitor is asked by the employer to do job in UAE on the tourist/visitor visa so in case of caught he will be deported or ban for lifetime in UAE, but sir my question is that,
    is there any fine/ban for employer for this act or these all rules are made for innocent visitors/tourist.

    1. Muhammad,
      No, everyone is same under law. Don’t work when you are on tourist visa or visit visa.

  82. Hello I am on a visit visa here in dubai, I am an MBA graduate from india with 4 years experience in Marketing and sales. I am staying at Hor Al Anz Dubai Please suggest me the best way to get a job profile that suits my qualification, as i have only one week left to the expiry date of my visa. My contact details are
    [email protected]

    1. Samie,
      I suggest you register at below sites:

  83. Hello Deepak, currently I am working in Saudi Arabia as a driver. I am looking forward to work in Abu Dhabi as soon as possible.

    1. If possible can I come on tourist visa and search for jobs in UAE?
    2. I have a valid driving license in Saudi Arabia. Can i change or convert
    to UAE driving license?
    3. My friend living and work in UAE now, can he sponsor for me to
    apply labour visa?

    Looking forward for your reply.

    1. Dipak,
      1. Yes. Read:
      2. I don’t think currently this is possible.
      3. No. Only companies can sponsor employment visa.

  84. Hi Deepak,

    My finance lives in Pakistan and is going on a visit visa to Dubai in December. He has his Pakistani bachelors in computer science and is currently enrolled in an online university to complete his Masters in IT. He is looking for a network engineer/system administration position… do you think its possible that he should be able to find a job? He has 7-8 years of experience.

    1. Henna,
      ofcourse he will get a job.
      Kindly register his CV at below sites:

  85. Hi. I am on visit visa. Well on the top of my visa is written tourist. Do you know if I can extend my visa?? My visa expires on 11th Nov but the agency have given me the return ticket of 15th October. I have not got any job yet.

    1. MJ,
      what is the length of your original visa? Is it long term or short term?
      You may have to pay fine if you exit country post expiry of visa.

  86. hello deepak i am ahad jamshed from pakistan.i am coming to dubai on visit visa for a job in this month september 2014. i am bachelors in computer science.i want any administrative, offiice assistant, graphics and video editing job or anyother related job such as sales or marketing. deepak do u know any links in dubai for helping to find a job or any requirtment company in email address is [email protected].
    your reply is appreciating me
    thank you
    Ahad Jamshed

  87. Hi Deepak , I am fareeda from India. I am having 10 years of teaching exp and planning to come to Dubai in the first week of sept on visit visa. After coming over there which is the best thing for me to search a teacher job. Should I consult an agency or is there any way to get hired……
    Hope you will respond to me and suggest me the right way.

  88. I just wanna asks, my friend working in a syrian house here in uae. The family of her boss have a longterm visa, but they are stayed here for more than 6 months. Is that possible?

  89. Hi I am on a visit visa in Dubai and found a job here the company told me that they have started my visa process and say that I have to exit and then come back in few days ! Can I just trust them ? Is there no way to check if they have processed my visa or not ?

    1. I dont think you can check personally. If they say that your visa is under process you need to trust them. Since it is a visit visa you need to exit the country to come on new employment visa.

      1. hi am here in visit visa for 3 month .but i have already sing offer letter in dubai company before i came uae, but for which company i have sing offer letter it is going to delay for more than two i am here in visit visa now want do job in another company until my first company will call if i get job and my first company call me after six month than i can resing second company or not?

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