Will staying outside 6 months continuously cancel my UAE visa?

Automatic visa cancellation of UAE Visa if 6 months outside UAE


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If you have a valid UAEOpens in a new tab. residence visaOpens in a new tab. and for some reason you have to stay outside the UAE continuously over six(6) months the visa will become invalid or expired. However, it is possible to prevent the automatic cancellation of residence visa. If you have a valid residence from UAE and stay outside UAE for more than six months or 180 days continuously, provided that the visa is still valid it is possible to prevent the invalidation of residence visa.

6-month outside uae visa cancel

(The image is not of UAE residence visa)

The procedure to get re-entry in case of automatic visa invalidation is as below:

In case your visa has expired, the sponsor of the residence visa may apply to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs and obtain a letter or re-entry permit from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs. This will help you in getting the visa validated and permit the visa holder to re-enter the UAE. The visa holder must enter Dubai within 14 days from the date of letter being issued.

The Fees for issuing re-entry permit would be AED 230. You may have to pay AED 100 for each month of stay outside the UAE after completion of six months of continuous stay outside the UAE.

The original letter or re-entry permit to be deposited in the airport immigration (where you normally deposit your original visa) and copy to be send to the visa holder to board the flight.

Documents required to issue the re-entry permit after six months stay outside UAE are:

  • Sponsor’s original passport copy
  • Sponsor’s original ID
  • Copy of the passport of the sponsored, in case of company sponsorship, you need to show the below documents along with the above mentioned documents:
  • Copy of the establishment card
  • Copy of the commercial license

Kindly note that the approval for the exemption is strictly at the discretion of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs and it is always better to get updated information from the immigration.


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187 thoughts on “Will staying outside 6 months continuously cancel my UAE visa?

  1. Hi,
    Do we know if the day we exist counts in the 180 day caculation? I was told no but i’m not sure since on that day you exit the country but you were there.

  2. How do you calculate the 6 months? I left Dubai on 4th June 2022 and my visa is valid until March 2023. when is the last date I can enter Dubai without applying for any extra permit?

  3. Good afternoon,

    kindly advise, if I work 8 months a year outside the country (for example 4 months outside – two months in UAE – 4 months outside – 2 months in UAE), will my visa be cancelled in this case?

  4. Hi.
    My friend is an expatriate with an active Visa Status until 2024. He has been out of the UAE since May up to the present (now November) will his visa get automatically cancelled? And does he need a new Visa (like a visit visa) to enter the UAE?

  5. I am working in UAE with 2 year work visa. I have 2 dependents and but they went back to home country 5 months ago and they will not return to UAE again. Their visa end date is Dec-2022.
    Do I need still need to cancel my dependent’s visa or does it cancel automatically.

  6. My visa status is showing active, can I enter uae after 11 months. Or still I need entry permits.

    1. Since you are outside country for 6 months You need to get the entry permit to enter UAE.

  7. Hello! I have a UAE resident visa which requires me to re-entry once every 6 months.

    If I enter UAE and exit again on the same day, will the 180 days count re-start? I have a long layover and can go through immigration, however my second segment will be on the same day.


  8. Hello Sir/Ma’am,
    I am an expat (resident) studying abroad in an university, do I need to enter UAE every 180 days (6 months)?

    1. Hi, if you have the valid residency in UAE and you are in abroad, you may need to enter every 180 days to keep your visa active.

  9. Hello,
    I am currently pregnant and expected to have a baby in February 2023. Currently I am working for a huge and famous MNC in Dubai and also under my company sponsorship . I am planning to travel to USA next month and deliver my baby there. But in this case I will be outside UAE more than 6 months which will invalidate my visa and I cannot return back to UAE. Since I am a critical resource of my company, my employer agreed that I can work remotely till March next year. Please advise if UAE will allow me to re-enter after 8 months.

    1. Hi If you say outside UAE for more than six months your visa will become invalid or expired. You may request your employer to send re-entry permit from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs. Anyhow I request you to Kindly check with your company PRO on this.

  10. Hello sir, I am working in a company in U.A.E and now I am on vacation I am working since 5 years in this company. I am planning to change my job. Is it better to wait 6 mnths in home country for cancellation of visa.. it’s already 5 months now, or I need to apply for cancellation of visa in my previous company?

    1. I would suggest you to get in touch with your previous sponsor for your out of country cancellation procedures.

  11. I had valid visa
    But i am vanaction in pakistan..i am out side uae..my 6 months vacation will be complete on 30 September 2021..
    So after this date can i go back to dubai..

  12. Hi , I worked in a company registered in free zone in 2007 . I resigned the company when I was out from UAE in 2007 but my company did not cancel my residence / employment visa. I approached the free zone authority after that , they said that my company in free zone has been repossessed by free zone authority due to no longer legal entity. From the last 10 years , I have not visited UAE in any visa . My question is , still I can not enter in UAE untill & unless my old company cancel my old visa that was issued in 2007 or ban automatically lifted after passing such long period of time . Can I visit UAE now in any visa ?

  13. dear sir.
    my name is Anurudda from sri lanka, i had work visa in dubai, and then i came back to my home country for my marriage, unfortunately i didn’t came back to uae. and i had not canceled my work visa offered by my employer, when i spoked with my employer regarding visa cancellation the educated me that after six months my visa going to be cancelled even i didnt come back for this purpose.
    now i need to get a police clearance report from dubai police for immigration police.
    what i need to know is that is it an offence? or does it make any black mark for my police clearance report?

  14. Hello sir .I’m here in Dubai and my residence permit will expire next year February sir . I have change job now over eight months now and my visa status have been changed but my fear now is my residence permit that we expired February next year.or are my going to continue with the residents permit please I need your assistance

  15. Asslam O Alekum,

    Dear Concern,
    i am out side uae more then 6 month.but my visa will expire 2018 can i join same company.

    please solution….

  16. kunal
    i am out side uae more then 6 month.but my visa is exp 2019.
    can i apply new company new visa?

  17. Deepak,
    I am out side UAE for more than 6 months. I lost my passport here. I got new passport and applied in the local UAE embassy for a temporary travel permit . They are saying that 6 months are over and we cannot issue travel permit. I am holder of INVESTOR visa and my free zone authorities says your visa is valid for 1 year as you are investor but embassy is not entertaining my case. They says we have checked from Abu Dhabi Foreign Office and they saying 6 months are over.

    What to do in this situation as I have to travel back to UAE as my family is there

    1. Aamir,

      I believe you should get a letter from Embassy with their decision and then present it to the FZ authorities to prove the point.
      I believe this should solve the problem.

  18. hello guys,
    i am brajesh singh from india,recentaly i came uae from india as a electrical engineer in al mariah united group.i want to go back india due to company cheated with me. they selected me as a engineer in mumbai office and after come in abudhabi they treates as a electrician. so i want to go back india.please help me what is the procedure to canceled visa in one month.my passport is submitted in company.please give sugession.i am facing very problem here.

  19. Dear Mr, Deepak I’m in problem, that I’ve come in UAE since 20 Jan 2016 and I’ve also expired my visa permit 04 Fab 2016. Then after that expiry my company take me for medical and EID procedure after four months my arrival.
    But that time I’ve fined due to Late medical and EID procedure.
    So all of that procedure deactivated due to fine or Late registration.
    Now after 15 months I’ve work in Dubai Without any EID or any types of registration.
    My company said to me that we’ve fined due to Late registration.
    So Friends tell me what I do. And what is the Law about that.

  20. Sir i was working in dubai due to parents problem i left dubai after 18month of working i didnt went back..i was in residence visa..nd my visa was valid till may 2018..after spending 6month in home i want to go back again to uae..so wheather my previous visa will get canceled..is there any problem i will face to get new visa from dubai..once i got selcted for new job recently applied for new visa it cancelled coz still showing i m in dubai..please give any reply how could i return in new job

  21. Situation:

    My spouse is outside the UAE and her outside stay of 6 months 180 days to be precise would be completed by 30 April, 2017. She wouldn’t be able to come back before the last day due to her medical condition however I am very positive that I would comeback by 31 May 2017. So in that regard I would need 1 month grace period after the completion of 6 months time.


    1. Can I request to grant 1 month grace period after the completion of 180 days outside the UAE?
    2. If yes, what is the procedure?
    3. Is there any other possibility that I can look for to resolve this situation?

  22. Dear friends I’m in problem, that I’ve come in UAE since 20 Jan 2016 and I’ve also expired my visa permit 04 Fab 2016. Then after that expiry my company take me for medical and EID procedure after four months my arrival.
    But that time I’ve fined due to Late medical and EID procedure.
    So all of that procedure deactivated due to fine or Late registration.
    Now after 15 months I’ve work in Dubai Without any EID or any types of registration.
    My company said to me that we’ve fined due to Late registration.
    So Friends tell me what I do. And what is the Law about that.

  23. hi,my wife has a valid residence visa till September 2017.But she is now in India and 6 months will be completed on April 8 since her last exit from Dubai.So my question is, in case if the visa become invalid/void, what is the procedure to cancel?and once its cancelled when can i re apply for her residence visa again?

  24. My visa validity will be on august 27, 2017. I will go back my country august 27, 2016 and not coming back anymore. But my passport has no cancelled stamp. Would the immigration officer allow me to exit the country?
    Not eshu new turist visa canccal

  25. Dear sir,

    I have stayed away from the country for nearly 8 month for my wife’s cancer treatment in singapore. But my 2 daughters are staying in DUBAI and schooling. Since they have a break in school I would like to bring them to singapore for 3 weeks and send them back after the term break.

    My question is

    1. Will they be allowed to exit the country.
    2. When they come back after 2-3 week holiday will they be allowed entry into Dubai. Since they would be travelling unaccompanied on emirates will they have problem as they are 9-12 years old.

    All our visa is valid till 2018 . Iam on director visa from jebel Ali free zone and I own the company. I have my wife’s medical reports and can get it attested from UAE consulate in singapore but we need to stay 2 more months till we finish the treatment .

    Pls advice
    BST rgds

    1. Hi Shyam,

      1. Depending on the age, you will have to book tickets as unaccompanied minors for your kids.
      2. Yes, unaccompanied kids are allowed as per the ticket. However, ticket costs will be as per adult tickets. You should provide contact details of the person in Dubai (who will drop and pick up) at the time of booking. I don’t think this facility is available for online booking.
      Another option is to check whether someone could accompany the kids. If yes, then you have to sign an NOC with the respective consulate.
      Just a caution: Make sure your visa has not expired because you’ve been staying outside UAE for more than 6 months. If it has, then your dependents may not be allowed to travel.

      1. Hey Deepak,

        I was away from Duabi for more than 6 months and my visa is valid till 2018. The visa should have been automatically cancelled after the 6 month. My question is if i come on a visit visa will i be facing any probs with immigration ?

        1. Hi Mathew,

          I do not think so. But it is better to enquire directly with the immigration as these rules change frequently.

  26. dear sir, i hear that from april2017 if we stay morethan 4months outside uae, the visa will be cancelled automatically. is this news true. i want to know the correct news.
    can you plez repl me.
    thank you

  27. I want to ask my resident visa is valid till 2019. I came India on 6 September 2016 for my delivery case now on 6 March I will complete my six months and I won’t be able to enter dubai before this date.. what I have to do and another question is if I enter dubai before 6 March and then leave another day back just to save my visa.. will that be allowed.. actually I don’t want any problem to happen .. please reply

    1. Your resident visa will get invalid if you stay outside country for more than 180 days. Its good to enter dubai before the completion of 180 days and can leave UAE next day or same day and you will get 180 days more to stay out of UAE.

  28. Hi
    I Left UAE in 2009 February and due to some family problems back in home country INDIA I couldn’t return UAE, Same was communicated to employer and sent my formal resignation thru email to my employer, My Emirates ID card/Labour Card was surrendered to the employer before I left UAE.
    at that time my VISA/Residency was VALID till September 2009.

    Now I am back in UAE on new employment in free zone company, This new Visa Issued in month of November 2016.
    I am yet to go for medical and apply for residency,

    Kindly advise,
    Do I have to get the old residency cancelled,
    if any procedure to be followed before I apply for residency?
    would there be any complications.
    in my case can employer file absconding case…? is there any way to know that.

    My Emirates ID card/Labor Card was surrendered to the employer before I left UAE.

  29. Dear i doing a job a company in abu dhabi last 5 months now i want to cancel the visa. becaused my salary in very low and i have great oppertunites. it my first visa on uae. tell me plz.

  30. Hello,
    Am Kelvin, please I will like to know what my status are on this issue, I worked with a company in Abu Dhabi for two years, after the expiration of my residence visa, I renewed again and work for six months before I decided to go on vacation, while on vacation back home due to circumstances, things changed and I couldn’t go back to Abu Dhabi. Have already exceeded more than six month outside UAE, which I know my residence visa has been automatically cancelled. My question now is that, can I apply for a visit visa in the nearest future without any problems.
    Thanks, as I await your response.

  31. Hi Raj

    I was working in company with unlimited contract, since 2009 but in jan 2015 I gone for vacation and not came back to company my wife who is in my sponsor ship also left before I gone vacation. My quotation is now I came back dubai on visit and trying to cancil my visa with sponsor so shall I need to pay any fine as my emportement visa is already expire before six months and i was out of country and same my wife visa also expire before one and the half year so I need to pay fine in immigration for both of us for cancil visa or not pls advice

  32. I am in UAE for 2 months. I came here on September 5 2016 with a job visa for 2 years. I would like to cancel out from here by this coming March. What are the procedures required, for cancelling without paying even a single Dirham? I have no problem, if I will be banned to enter this country , for 1 year. Please give me a good solution……….

  33. Hi my visa is cancelled and it will last until nov 8 icannot get new visa cos my passport is under 6months is there any possiblity ican get visa even my passport is under renewal ? Or any idea how can iresolve my issue?

  34. assalam alaikum sir my son had gone to india to study rule is for 6 months or 180 days out from uae . his exam is ending on 22 dec 2016 which is his 181 days he has left uae on 25 june 2016 . what we should do to avoid automatic visa cancel

    1. HI SIR/MADAM.. What is the procedure for students if staying outside 6 months continuously from uae

  35. Dear Sir,

    I am a UAE resident (employment visa) and expecting an offer from Doha for employment. Can I travel/enter to Doha with the working permit without cancellation of my UAE residence visa.

    Please give me advice.

  36. dear sir
    i stay 5 1/2 month outside the uae ,according to uae rules my visa automatically cancel after 6 month,so my question is if entry & exit before cancel my visa ,can i stay another 5 month outside the uae.(my resident visa valid up to 2017 April pls give my a answer thank u very much.

  37. Sir I have a sister whose contract got finished since march 2016 and the company don’t want to cancel her and her ID card with the visa has expired. I wish to know if any overstay who is responsible.

  38. Hi deepak i have been working in uae in 2013 and i have to come india on emergency and after that i can go back now i have good opportuinity for new job and i dnt hqve cancellation stamp on my passport is it possible to apply for new visa for UA E its almost 3 years now

  39. we have resident visa in abu dhabi .My wife is pregnant I want send to her my home country . She can’t back after six month.she have to stay one more month in India . Can I back here again after one month?
    If not please message in mail , what is the procedure to come back here ?

  40. Hi deepak,
    My wife is pregnant I want send to her my home country . She can’t back after six month. Can I back here again after 1 year??
    If yes pl msg me in mail

  41. I was in UAE (dxb) on work visa for 5 years (2007 – 2012) with a local bank , due to some domestic issues i left UAE without informing by employer and didn’t come back. Thereafter (within a week) I send my resignation to the employer. My family (3 dependents) were also having the residence visa, also left the country along with me.

    Now, I want to come again UAE to start a job or to establish a business, will there be any ban or fine embossed on me.

    Please provide your valuable feedback.

    1. Yup there will be. a 1 year ban because there’s no formality when the time you resign.

  42. I was workin in dubai 2 years ago, due to some personal problems i could not go back to Dubai and did’nt cancel visa, Now i want to go for dubai visit visa to meet my relatives. Will it be a problem in immigration ?

  43. Hi Deepak

    I need your valuable advice….

    I’m now working in a company with Freezone visa status.. Our company is registered under Department of Civil Aviation and even my visa is having the same sponsor. The company is single proprietorship. The Owner of the company is having some legal issues and we have expired our trade license and establishment card of the company.
    We went for cancellation of the visas we were holding as some got new jobs and some visas were expired but we couldn’t cancel visas. So some managed to move out from UAE before their visa had expired. But the people with valid dates are still residing here and we would like to know whether the cancellation of visa is possible without trade license and establishment card?
    I guess we cannot go to Labour as we are not coming under labour as we are holding free zone visa that even airports sponsorship.

    Could you please tell me something about this issue..

    Waiting for your comments.

  44. Hi Deepak,

    I am working in Dubai as a Doctor for the past 6 months.i got a job offer from Qatar.in this case I need a exit stamp or I can leave the job without informing my current employer! I heared that if I stay more than 6 months outside country my visa will be cancelled automatically.i need your valuable suggestion in this matter.


  45. Hi i want to know that my residence visa of dubai is expired on september 27 but i am staying in india am not able to come before this date so it get cancel automatically or not and if it is cancelled can i re-apply new visa..please reply me soon its urgent

  46. Hi
    I want information abut 6month over stay in home country.my friend go for vacation for home country.now his staye in home more then 8 month.now he want come back on new residence viza.its possible he can back here with out old sponcer NOC .please gide us how he can come back for new company.


  47. Dear sir,

    I’went vacation and I not possible to come back.
    So I got job in dubai.sir I whont to know it will problem apply the visa.

    Please reply me!

    Thank you,

    1. hi
      My daughter who is studying in a college in India was scheduled to visit uae on 2nd july. Her residence visa is valid till july 2017. Howver the day she was expected to travel was the 180th day and the plane was to land at 0025 which technically made it the 181st day since she exited the country. The ground staff of the airlines refused to allow her to travel even though her visa was valid on the day of travel. kindly inform me whetre they were right in doing so.

  48. I am in Pakistan and I have sent my white background photos and passport 1 & 2 page to agency. The agency person replied me with a signature and Thump Impression document and ask me to return it back with sign and left thumb imprint. He is saying that you will get a direct Employment visa in your country Pakistan. I have never been to Dubai UAE.

    Please I need help and getting very frustrated about this.

  49. my question is if any guy going to vocation and not return back to uae in six months so he can get new uae employment visa and second thing the employer get the another visa without cancled that man visa who stay more than six months out of uae

  50. Hi sir,i want to know i am husband visa and may husband is terminate on MAY 1,2016..but my husband some energency in phil hes out of the country.and he say he will not come back anymore in uae..the problem my visa isvalid till july 2017,after 6months my husband will not come back,so my visa is not valid?so i can apply a new visa if i found new job for other company?u think will make problem to me if my sponsporship us outside the country?and untilwhen i will stay here in uae?plss rply thanks

  51. Hi deepak.. hope u are doing good..

    I was having employment visa i worked for 11months, came back to india due to some my family isssues, its been 6months over now.. in between i resgisned from the company by email, company paid me F and F settlement also BUT i dint cancel my visa yet… my question is shall i come by Vist visa?? Is it possible..???

  52. I have been working with one of construction company since October 2014 and now I resigned from my job on 04th of april 2016 and giving them one month notice period. I intimate my company through official Email to HR and my direct manager, When I send the hard copy for the same they are not receiving that. So is email is valid for the ministry? Can you please guide me also guide me whether I have to pay some amount to the company? and how much they will give me as compensation….

  53. Hi Deepak, my family left u a e on 05/12/2015.they are coming back on 30/05/2016 (178)days Entry is possible or no

  54. Hi sir
    My wife is pregnant I want send to her my home country . She can’t back after six month. Can I back here again after 9 month?

  55. Hello sir
    I want to ask something about my employee visa cancelled.
    I cancelld my visa before 4 month now i want to do work in dubai so now can i work there.

  56. Hi Deepak
    I left Dubai on 7th Nov. 2015
    when exactly will be the last date for me to enter Dubai to avoid auto cancellation

    1. im having employment visa and i dnt want my company to know that i am canceling my visa so me gng on vaction to my country being in my country can i still cancel without having ban for traveling to uae

  57. Hello ,
    If I Not canceled My visa in U.A.E .And afte 1 years it expired .. ca i come back in Dubai? On new Visit visa ? Any problem ?
    Please tell me what I can do ?

  58. Hi friend

    I have uae residency visa valid . Now I am in Qatar my company now say u have valid uae visa so her not make visa. My question after six months I come back to Qatar any problems to make visa

  59. Hi Deepak,

    My Residence Visa will expire on June 17, 2016. I’m leaving in Dubai for Vacation this coming May 1, 2016 – June 12, 2016? Can i comeback without any problem 5 days before my residence visa will expire?

    Thank you

  60. Hello deepak my name is Rupesh. I jst wnt to ask u my wife is pregnant so I send her in india her visa is valid till March 2017 bt I dnt think she will be able to cum back in 6 month to save visa . So my question is can I extend entry date without entering UAE.

  61. I am a investing partner in a LLC company registered in Dubai. I am residing outside of the UAE for nearly 10 months. My visa is valid. Can I make a re-entry without any problems?

  62. Hi Deepak,

    My wife left UAE on 15th September 2015 and planning to come back on 13th March 2016 which is exactly 180th day.

    So will it be allowed ? Please advise

  63. Dear deepak,

    I had a query related to my Visa Cancellation.

    i had a resident visa in dubai under my fathers sponsorship.On 19AUGUST 2015 I came to india for marriage.But unfortunately i could not return back to dubai and my visa got expired on 21october 2015 .My sponsor did’nt do cancellation yet now.

    i would like to know whether any ban exist for me?If yes how can i solve this issue?is there a chance for automatic cancellation?Can i take a visit visa for coming back to dxb.

  64. Hi deepak,

    I had a query related to my Visa Cancellation.

    i had a resident visa in dubai under my fathers sponsorship.On 19AUGUST 2015 I came to india for marriage.But unfortunately i could not return back to dubai and my visa got expired on 21october 2015 .My sponsor did’nt do cancellation yet now.

    i would like to know whether any ban exist for me?If yes how can i solve this issue?is there a chance for automatic cancellation?Can i take a visit visa for coming back to dxb.
    Please help me to solve this issue

  65. Dear Depaak..

    I have a query. I come to uae frist time and complete one year in my current company. There have another company offer me for job he is good for me but my sponsor not give me release .he tell me go cancel. If I go cancel. And come after 10 day to uae it’s possible. Plz infrom me. Quickly

  66. Hello deepak,
    Hope you are doing well, my father has a partner visa and his visa is valid till december 2016 , he is outside the uae for more than 6 month , he left the uae on 4th of june 2015, can i get re entry permit for him ?

  67. Dear Deepak
    I am working with uae local family and now I come with them saudi arabia. My question is that if I stay with them in saudi arabia more then 6 month then I can entry uae without any problems plz answer me thank you

  68. My UAE residence visa is valid till 2017. but i left uae 5 months back and went for studies in another country. aftr 1 month if i dunt make an entry in uae my visa will expire.
    is there anyway i can keep my visa without entering uae ?? as i will not be able to leave studies and go.
    but i do have plan of going to uae in May 2016.

    plz hlp.

  69. Dear Deepak,
    Nice to see your msgs which gave me some hope 🙂

    I was worked with APPAREL LLC (Jebel Ali freezone visa). My residency visa is valid until Nov. 2016, and i my last exit from UAE was on MAY 5th.

    I am presently outside UAE.
    Which exact date i am supposed to enter again UAE to avoid my visa expiry? NOV 05 ?

    In case i am not able to fly before this date for any reason, is there any future problems may occur to get a re-entry permit and avoiding re-applying for new entry permit and residency visa ?

    Kindly help me.


  70. Hi Deepak,

    I am on 2 year limited visa and now because of some personnel reason i want to cancel and go back to my country for that i have given my resignation, they told me finish your pending work then they will release me. Now they are denying to cancel my visa.
    I want to ask if I go to MOL does it work out??


  71. Hi Mr Deepak,

    My visa validity will be on January 15, 2016. I will go back my country Dec 5, 2015 and not coming back anymore. But my passport has no cancelled stamp. Would the immigration officer allow me to exit the country?

    1. Mel,
      I don’t see any problem here.
      But i think it is better to cancel and exit!

  72. Dear Deepak,
    Thanks for your excellent info, you gave me some hope 🙂
    I’m company owner in Saif zone. My residency visa is valid until dec. 2016, and i my last exit from UAE was on April 18th. I am presently outside UAE.
    Which exact date i am supposed to enter again UAE to avoid my visa expiry? Oct 18 ?
    In case i am not able to fly before this date for any reason, can i still apply after for the discretionary procedure your describe here, to get a re-entry permit and avoiding re-applying for new entry permit and residency visa ?
    How many time i have to do it after visa expiry ? Is there any legal office you know can do it for my behalf ?

    1. Jamal,
      You have 180 days/6 months…
      These rules have changed recently and they keep on changing.
      So you will need to check with immigration directly.

  73. Hey
    If my sponsor (dad) stays outside the country for too long and his visa gets canceled does it mean that my visa will automatically be cancelled too? Or will I have it till my visa expires.

    1. Ghazal,
      I am not entirely sure about this. Technically, your visa would not be valid unless your sponsor’s visa is valid.
      But please check with immigration and let me know.

  74. Hi deepak,
    My uae visa expired 7-sep-2015 and visa cancelled in 1-oct- 2015.now i am staying in uae. I am arrived 25-oct from here. If anything problem in it.

  75. Hello deepak my name is ali I jst wnt to ask u my wife is pregnant so I send her in india her visa is valid till august 2017 bt I dnt think she will be able to cum back in 6 month to save visa . So my question is here visa will be cancelled bt can I apply later on means within this visa period can I apply a new visa for her with with my baby plz do reply coz I need to call her in may 2016 ur response will be highly appreciated

      1. Is it possible for a person to get signature and Thump Impression document in Pakistan. He have never been to Dubai.

        I gave my passport 1 & 2 page + white background photos and the person sent me a Xerox document in which i need to sign and put my left thumb imprint and then return it back.

        Is it possible if you can help me?
        Please I need some help.

  76. Hello,

    I was working in UAE in 2013, I was holding 1 year visa from company.
    but some emergency reason I came to India and didn’t cancel Visa.

    1. is that my Visa is canceled?
    2. Can I get new visa now in Nov 2015?

    1. Deepak,
      1. Yes, it is automatically cancelled. But your employer might have filed absconding complaint.
      2. if your company has filed absconding case, you will not get a new visa until it is cleared.

      1. 2. if your company has filed absconding case, you will not get a new visa until it is cleared.

        Hello Deepak,

        If they filed absconding case then what is procedure to clear this?
        I don’t want go to company.

  77. Hi, Deepak
    I’m on 3 year contract visa. Now I got job in USA. Coming October I’m gonna complete 1 year in Dubai. Now I’m in India without cancelling UAE visa.. is there any problem for travelling to US or other country’s.

    1. Vivek,
      Better to cancel the UAE visa keeping your future in mind. However, I do not see problem of traveling.
      Congrats on the job.

  78. Hi Deepak,

    I am a student on my mom’s sponsorship and currently out of UAE. I enter the UAE every 6 months to keep the residence permit going. Now within this 6 months period, when I am out of country, my mom would like to cancel my residence permit. My questions are as follows,

    1. Is it possible for my mom to cancel my visa when I am out of country?
    2. Does my mom need my original passport and original Emirates ID?
    3. What are the docs required to cancel my visa when I am out of country and how much is the fee?


    1. Vinetha,
      1. I am not so sure about this. But original passport must be presented.
      2. Yes, original passport is required.
      3. I am not sure about this.

    2. Hi Vinetha,

      Same case for me also.. did ur mom cancel ur visa without ur original documents ?

  79. Hi Deepak,

    My son’s visa valid until April 2016. He went out UAE on Sept 2014 until now (total 1 year). I know his visa is now invalid as he was out for more than 6 months. My question, do I have to pay penalty as I did not cancel this after 6 mos? I saw on their website to pay AED 15 for the first 6 mos (180 days), what is this?
    Please advise and thank you.

    1. Nica,
      I am not sure about this.
      Let me get more clarification and let you know.

  80. Hi Deepak,

    I hope everything is well. My residence visa has been cancelled last August 17, 2015 and as per the cancelled document, I need to leave UAE or change status before September 15, 2015. I already booked my flight going out of UAE on September 15, 2015. However, I am a little bit worried if I will face an immigration fine at the airport if I will leave on the 15th. Can you enlighten me if I will incur an immigration fine if I will leave UAE on September 15, 2015

    Your swift reply will be so much appreciated.



  81. Dear Deepak

    Need some help from you…

    My wife is expecting….and i want to send her to india on 5th November 2015 as somebody is there to accompany her from dubai…..her delivery date is in April so it will be very difficult for her to back within 180 days….so she intend to travel may be in july/August 2016….and her Visa is getting expired on 10th August 2016…..

    Is there a thing that if she doesnt arrive before the visa expiry, her visa will automatically cancel…or i have cancel it first and apply for the new visa….

    to avoid confusion i was thinking to get her , after getting a new visa for her with the baby…is it ok….or any other formalities are there….Awaiting your response….


    1. Resh,
      Visa will automatically expire and you will need to apply again with immigration.

  82. I want to ask my friend is out of the country more than 6months and didnt inform her employer that she will not come back. Now her employer is asking for her passport to cancel her visa but she is not giving it. My question is if she can still come back? Even after 6months she is out of uae and if she will get other problem as she was a runaway?

  83. Dear Deepak

    My wife exit from UAE on 12th March 2015. Which is the last date that she can re-entry .

  84. Hi Deepak,

    My visa is of sharjah and the same is expiring by 1st Oct, I am sponsored thru my father

    I want to cancel the same and leave the country.

    Can I alone go and get my visa cancelled and not involve my father?

  85. Dear Deepak,

    Hope this message finds you well.

    Please seek your assistance that my mother has left UAE with valid residency visa and it will expires in December’16. But as per immigration post 6 months visa will expires automatically.

    Can I apply for her visit visa application and she can visit UAE as per visit visa procedures?

    Seek your generous assistance in this matter.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Talha Akbar

    1. Talha,
      I am a bit confused!
      Why would she require a visit visa, when she already has valid residence visa?

  86. Mr, Deepak,

    Would like to ask if my current company will be terminate me, is it possible for me to apply husband visa with out any conflict in labor ministry?

    1. Anna,
      Visa and labour ministry are not linked.
      You can apply for husband visa even if you have a labour ban.

  87. Dear Deepak,
    My wife went back to country while she was 4 months pregnant, and she delivered the baby through surgery, and doctor told her not to travel, so she stayed there in the country for more then 6 months, her visa is still valid, please let me know how i can get her back here, and how much fine i have to pay, and what will be the documentation process. she stayed 10 months in total out side.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Qasim,
      Her visa is automatically cancelled.
      You will have to apply for new visa.
      Earlier, you could reinstate visa. But nowadays, I don’t think it is possible.

      1. Dear Sir,

        I left in Dubai on 31.04.2015.I can a re-entry 27.09.2015.How the calculation 180 days? fFor examples 31.04.2015 included in the calculation?I can entry (180) last day.

        1. Abdullah,
          No, you may not be allowed to enter on the last day of expiry.
          I am not too sure about this.

          1. Hi Deepak,

            Is the departure date included in the 180 days calculation?

            Thank you so much

  88. Hi Deepak, My friend went on vacation to Philippines and her flight date is the same date of her residency expiry date. She will still be able to re-enter UAE or if the Emirates ID is still valid she can still enter. Please advise. Thanks.

    1. Vanessa,
      The immigration may not let her enter UAE as the visa is expiring the same day.

  89. Hello Deepak, The duration is 6 months or 180 days for staying outside uae? because some time 6 months is more than 180 days for example mar 10 2015 to sep 9 2015 is 183 days

  90. Hi Deepak. I am working in dubai, I took for an emergency leave last month for 10 days. However, due to medical conditions. I am not gonna be able to come back in Dubai. And so, I formally submitted a resignation letter to my employer. But they kept calling me. And asking me to send my passport to them for visa cancellation. Is it possible to cancel an employment visa with original passport copy? As my other friends say. Company can cancel visa by passport copy only. But i am quite confused. Can they really cancel with visa with passport copy only?

  91. Hi deep ak can u tell me please 6 month means how to calculate my daughter went to india Feb 14 2015 she will return Aug 9 2015 is it OK .. or she get any problem. Can u tell me please

    1. Ajai,
      It is better to get your daughter sufficiently earlier than near the expiry date of the visa so you will have enough time to renew it.
      6 months means 365/2.

  92. Hai
    My name is Yanish.I leave u a e Nov 2.because of personal problems bi can’t go back.my visa is expired June 20.i can apply job in uae and another gulf country’s .please reply for me

    1. Yanish,
      Yes you could apply with other countries.
      I also recommend to clear your status in UAE.

  93. Hi sir, please can you help me. My wife went to India January 1st morning flight exit stamp also 1st January 2015, I have to plan bring my wife and daughter June 30th morning flight. Is it’s possible? How to calculate the days including exit and entry days?

    1. Shoukath,
      If they are continuously out for 6 month, the visa is cancelled automatically.
      Why can’t you bring them prior to 30th.
      You should confirm with immigration.
      Also their visas need to be valid.

  94. Hi Deepak, Is there any option to stay over 6 months for delivery or some other medical reason..? Recently i heared something like that. appriaciate if you could clarify this,. Thanks

  95. Dear Sir,

    My daughter leave dubai last June 05, 2015 to study in the Philippines. She is coming back on Dec. 05, 2015 but that week is her examination week and she will come back a week after. Does her visa is to be cancelled and if she can re enter dubai? Please advise.

    1. Bhey,
      If the resident permit holder is out of UAE for continuously 6 months, the visa is automatically cancelled.
      SHe will not be able to enter UAE.

  96. Hi Deepak can i ask one question regarding visa cancellation my wife went pakistan 12 oct 2014 and on that time she was pregnant and we deliverd our first baby in pakistan i want to know now i have to recall my family i am shj govt employee my visa and my wife visa validaty is 3 year her visa is cancelled ? should i submit new visa process ? please help me out what should i do ?

    1. Bilal,
      If the residence visa holder stays outside UAE for 6 months continuously the visa will be cancelled immediately.
      Earlier you could apply to make it valid.
      I think currently you will need to apply for a fresh visa. Please also consult immigration.

  97. is the visa will be cancelled automatically after 2 years?

    for example if my visa will be expiring on june 7th 2015, and if I am going to my country in the month of may or june 2015 without visa cancellation.. will it be cancelled automatically???
    and can I Apply for a new job??

    1. Nikhil,
      No, it is not cancelled automatically. You have to officially cancel it by submitting visa cancellation form with immigration.

  98. iam now in ABUDHABI… I have my residential visa with my company sponcer..let i wants to know.

    1. if i went to india . my company didnt cancelled my visa.. what is the procedure to reenter to UAE. with another company sponcer…

    2. if they cancelled if there any time period to reenter UAE

    3. if iam in india over 6 months.. and visa cancelled automatically.. then what is the time period to reentry UAE with another visa.

    1. Banuchander,
      1. First check what is your situation in the immigration.
      2. There is no timeperiod. You can enter anytime after you have a visa.
      3. refer above.
      Very confusing queries and repetition.

  99. hi Deepak..I am a UAE residence visa holder and my father is my sponsor. I am studying in India for my UG course. this time I cannot enter UAE within 6 months due to my exam schedule and will be entering a week late. I heard from a few friends that the re-entry permit is no longer given. would you know what is the new procedure?

    1. Stephy,
      Yes, there is no re-entry permit. your visa will be cancelled and you will have to apply for new residence visa.

  100. Dear Deepak,

    After family visa issue, within 60 days we can cancel the visa.

    Is there any penalty and how total charges including family visa (wife + 2 kids) and cancellation

    1. Benny,
      There is no penalty.
      Cancellation charges differ in different emirates.

  101. when i resigned my company in September 2014 due to some family problem. i was outside uae on annual leave when i resigned, My company accepted my resignation. When i asked them about visa cancellation and gratuity.company said to send scan exit copy of passport,and said gratuity will be credited by November(will able to withdraw only after six months,until then account will be kept frozen). And visa will be automatically cancel after 6 months. But after 6 months when I follow up, company saying they have file absconding case in January 2015 as I did not submit my passport ( But company never informed me to do so )and They received instructions from immigration to file an absconding case out of country before completing 6 months in order to clear the pending cases In Dubai immigration’s offender list.

    Kindly advice what the company says about Dubai immigration offender list is true.

    does this mean I have no entry to UAE .


  102. hi deepak, I need some info about absconding case..will u able to help.


  103. If you stay outside UAE 6 months continuosly visa will can celled antomatically is there any ban?

    1. Lani,
      If you have informed your employer, then you may not end up in absconding list. Some companies impose absconding ban if employees do not report to work.
      Ban may also be applicable.

  104. I have a query. I was outside UAE for over 6 months during which my visa expired. I was under my fathers sponsorship.

    Ts in 2013.

    In 2014 i visited UAE twice with No problems on a tourist visa and new passport because I got married and changed my surname so I made a new passport.

    Now my husband is in UAE and I want to come under his sponsorship. My father went to formally cancel my old visa which was expired but the man said that I cannot re enter UAE.

    Do you think I can enter under my husbands sponsorship with a new name and have no issues with the Emirates ID authority?

    1. Jenny,
      There should not be any problems as such.
      I am not sure why the officer said you could not enter UAE.
      Whether you can enter is decided by the immigration authorities.

  105. Hi Deepak,

    Is this rule still valid? Or have they cancelled the re-entry permit process?

  106. In case if the visa is cancelled, we need to submit for computer cancellation, and then how much time we have to is it one day or 30 days, please provide information

  107. but i heared that this facility is stopped, and we need to cancel the visa and apply for new…is that true..?

  108. this facility only in Dubai ? or all emirates ?? i want to know Abudhabi visa holder procedure.

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