How to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

How to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi?

If you have an employment visa or businessman visa, you can apply for residency visa for your family, that is your wife and children.

The minimum salary required to apply for family status is AED 5,000 + Accommodation or AED 6,000.

UPDATE: From 02-05-2014, the minimum salary required to sponsor family visa is AED 10,000 (Ten Thousand Dirhams)

UPDATE: As per news reports in Gulf News and Emirates 24/7 the requirement of minimum AED 10000 salary has been reversed.

how to apply for family visa in abu dhabi documents required

The procedure for application throughout all the UAE is similar.

However, it is the time taken and the documents required that make the difference.

Document required to apply for wife and children visa in Abu Dhabi:

  • Original passports.
  • Take original and a copy of Marriage certificate translated into Arabic by a Legal Translation firm. The original should be attested by the respective authorities like UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attestation by UAE embassy in your respective country and so on.
  • Take original marriage certificate and a copy for the file.
  • Take original and a copy of Arabic birth certificate for your children. Legal translation and attestation if the certificate was not issued in UAE.
  • Copies of the dependents’ passports.
  • 2 photograph each for the dependents with white background.
  • Your original passport (sponsor’s passport).
  • Your original labour contract and salary certificate in Arabic from your Employer.
  • UPDATE: Your Tenancy contract with a stamp from Baladiya (Municipality) is to be provided at the time of stamping.  If you are a Dubai Resident, you will need to take the original DEWA bill of the previous month. It is better to also get your tenancy contract attested at Land Department Dubai through Ejari. UPDATE(08-04-2015): Ejari is mandatory. 

Procedure to apply for family visa in Abu Dhabi:

Residence Permit (Entry Permit is required for those outside UAE):

-First, go to an authorised typing centre and request them to for family visa application.
-The Charges for Urgent visa (same day) are AED 260 and Normal (2-3 working days) are AED 160. The costs include typing charges as well.
-Once the typing is done go to the Naturalisation and Expatriate Affairs Department and wait for your turn with the token.
-The officer will verify the documents and upon satisfaction will issue the residency permit to your family. There you will receive the ‘Pink visa.’

If your family is in the country you will have to change the status for which you will again approach the typing centre and request them for application for status change. The charges for this are AED 550 each.

If there are any fines that you have to pay may be for overstaying if the visa was cancelled, you have to pay it now. Per day charges for overstay are AED 25. Inform the typist to type the fine payment application as well, if you have any fines.

Once this is done, go the immigration counter and submit the documents.

Once the application is approved, you now have legal right to stay in the UAE.

The Medical Test:

After this, you will need to carry out medical test at authorised medical centre. Go to the SEHA centre near Al Wahda Mall Abu Dhabi, take the token and wait for your turn.
The medical examination contains blood test and x-ray of the chest and will cost AED 290. There is no medical examination for ages below 18 years.

After the successful Medical Test, you will receive you Fitness certificate in 48 hours. At this time you will also receive an SMS notifying you of the test results.

Health Insurance:

Health Insurance has been made mandatory in Abu Dhabi and you will be required to take insurance for the family, once the medical tests are done.

Emirates ID:

You will then need to apply for Emirates ID if you already do not have. Go to EIDA (Emirates ID) centre and wait for your turn. You should already be having application typed at an authorised typing centre for Emirates ID. Emirates ID will cost you AED 270 per applicant and is mandatory.

The Residence Visa stamping process

While you Emirates ID is under process take your Medical Fitness certificate and approach typing centre for typing to stamp the residence visa on your passport.

Once the typing is completed, visit the immigration department and present the typed form. Take the original passports for this purpose. The officer at the counter will stamp the passports with UAE residence visa. The visas will be stamped immediately for Urgent applications. For normal applications, you will have to collect the passports the following day.

Incase of failed medical examination you will be required to exit the country with immediate effect if you are found unfit post the medical examination.

Location Map to the Abu Dhabi Immigration Department:

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NOTE: The rules and regulations regarding the residency permit change from time to time. You are requested to keep yourselves updated.

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    • Dear Deepak,

      I appreciate the comprehensive information posted by you.

      I have free accommodation in Abu Dhabi and a letter from the company mentioning “Family Accomodation” in arabic.

      would that be acceptable for family visa if i attach that letter and a copy of Tenancy Agreement (in the name of COMPANY)


  • I want apply family for my wife are i need noc from company, bcz i take in my own sponser i have only company salary certificate in original.

  • i need family visa to bring my wife in Abui Dhabi wht can i do?pls answer me asoon as possible,,waiting reply

      • I am planning to move to new company. My new & old company is from Abu Dhabi. Recently my wife came on visit visa and wanted to convert under my sponsporship. I have few question:-
        1) if i do it now with my current visa do i have to do entire process again for my wife when i get new visa from new compnay/sponsor?
        2) Is there a way to keep on hold and update?
        3) I need to get Medical insurance for my wife to process resident visa in Abu dhabi so if i pay the premium now, will i have to pay again for insurance once i get my new visa from new compnay/sponsor?

        Thank you for your assistance

        • Akshay,
          1. Yes, I think so.
          2. I am not sure as this was cancelled the last time I inquired. The rules change. So please ask immigration.
          3. No, you could keep the same insurance.

  • Can I bring my 5 year old dependent child to abu dhabi on a single status? I do not have marriage certificate to submit.

    • This will depend on your nationality. Please do let me know your nationality. Are you a single parent?

    • No. to sponsor you need to have marriage certificate (attested). However, I am also told that depending on certain nationalities, this requirement could be waived. Please contact Abu Dhabi residency department.

  • i’m an employ working in a govt hosp in salary is 9000 per month plus housing allowance of 70,000 per year.i went to apply for visit visa of 3 months for my mother.but they rejected the request telling my salary is only 9000,needs 10,000 to apply for the same.why like this.whats the actual thing.before i went for maid visa.same they told.whats the actual requirement?

  • Hi, My self Milap Bhatt. My VISA Stampd in dubai. And working with Abudhabi. on outsource. almost 2 years is completed. and now i am gong to change my company. so shall i applied for visa for my wife and son , when i join the new comapny or shall i have to wait for some time. is there any reules. pleas let me know . with hope

  • Hi Deepak

    U are doing a great job by displaying such a wonderful information in a step wise manner.

    hats of t u!

    Can u tell me the Original Birth and Marriage Cetificate in English does need a Legal Translation in Arabic to apply at Abudhabi for Family Visa?

    Do i need a NOC from the Company(PVT FIRM) to bring my family while I am the sponsor?

    Thanks In Advance

    • Yes. The marriage certificate needs to translated in Arabic by a legal legal translator or by courts to apply family visa. If you are sponsored by your company, you separately do not require any NOC from company for family visa application. You will be sponsoring the family.

  • My husband is working in Dubai as Copywriter in an advertising agency but in his Visa it is said as ‘Archives Clerk’. He has the salary as you have mentioned in your article. But the post in his visa, will it matter at the time for issuing family visa? He has not got his Emirates Id will they ask for it with other documents?

    • designation doesn’t matter ..but he should have salary 4k plus accommodation. Emirates id is must.

  • HI, Im working for semi government company in abu dhabi, what i want to know is should i have to apply for ma spuse visa on my own or i have to submit the documents to my company PRO? and how about the total cost for getting the visas?

    • If you have the family status in your employment contract then you can give the documents to your PRO or else you can go yourself to the immigration and you can get the reimbursement from the company. The total approximate cost will be 2500 AED, but please do check with the authorities.

  • Hi Deepak
    You are doing a great job by providing the information’s in a step by step.
    I am an Abudhabi resident.
    Can you please tell me if I cannot provide the tenancy contract with a stamp from Baladiya (Municipality) at the time of stamping of my wife’s visa what will happen?
    (Consider I have done all previous steps other than this visa stamping.)

    Thanks In Advance

    • Residency department requires the tenancy contract to be stamped at Baladiya. Most probably they will ask you to get the tenancy contract with a stamp from Abu Dhabi Municipality/Baladiya.

      • If I cannot provide tenancy contract with a stamp / I cannot succeed the visa stamping, can my wife go back to my India?

        • Hi Robert,

          what hapend to your wife visa? is it stamped? Because I am facing similiar situition. Please answer me urgently. Thanks

  • i want my daughter visit me here in abu dhabi, what is the requirements and how much the salary needed? I’m from Philippines

    • to sponsor daughter on visit visa: Visa application form – obtain at the typing center at the immigration department (DNRD). Including clear personal photo of the sponsored person approved by the sponsors or authorized signatories (signed and stamped)

      Resident’s passport with valid UAE residence visa.
      Resident’s labor contract or salary certificate as proof of minimum salary. (The monthly salary should not be less than Dhs. 4000 in case of wife sponsorship, and Dhs. 6000 in case of first relatives sponsorship)—–CHECK THIS. AS THIS KEEPS ON CHANGING.
      Proof of relationship of family member, documents will probably need to be attested.
      Proof of medical / health / accident insurance for the visitor.
      Copy of visitor’s passport (should be valid for at least 6 months after expected date of entry to the UAE).
      Refundable deposit (might be AED 1000 or AED 2000 – different information seen).
      Minimum salary requirement as follows (treat figures as approximate)

  • hi Deepak,
    Just want to know that, im applying for my wife visa, my salary is above 7K, i stay in dubai with my elder bro in 2 bedroom hall flat which is given by the compnay to my bro. and also want to know i have a marriage cretificate which is attessted from everywhere should i translated it into arabic also and attessestion is requrid on the translated cretificate also…please reply me fast coz im going to apply within this 2 days coz tenency contract is getting over on 28th oct 12…

    • to apply spouse visa you need to have tenancy agreement in your name.
      You should have the attested marriage certificate.Then you can translate(LEGAL translation) into arabic no need for attestation to the arabic one.

  • Dear Deepak, I want to know if I have abu Dhabi visa and tenancy contract in sharjah(i rented home in sharjah). Can I still bring my wife & daughter. Or do i need to have tenancy contact in abu dhabi, I mean I need to have home rented in abu dhabi.

    thanks in advance.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I have a Freezone Visa. I want to bring my wife now. My salary is AED 5200/ – and i work as a Purchaing coordinator. But my designation in my visa is of Data Entry Operator. Can i apply for family visa? Is the designation a problem for that?? Please reply..

  • Hi Deepak,
    My wife is in visit visa in Abu Dhabi. I need the health insurance for her because she needs some medical test which are very expensive. in this case, can I get the temporory health insurance for her, or what is the solution for me.. please reply sooon…

    • there is travel insurance you can go for that…but not any other insurance coz your wife doesnt have residence visa in dubai. Also I do not know to what extent will travel insurance cover the expenses. however, you can try.

  • hello deepak, from where we can get the temporary medical insurance for a relative to apply for visit visa???

    • while applying visit visa you need to have travel insurance you will get when you apply your visa. It is better to check with the travel agency as they have options.

  • Dear! I have abudhabi visa. But i want to be stay with family in Sharjah. So please advice me the procedure which i have to follow.

    Thanks in Advance

    • You can stay in Sharjah. To apply family visa you need to go to the Abu Dhabi Immigration. Before you sponsor your family make sure you have your tenancy contract of your apartment and other documents required.

  • Hi, Deepak

    My VISA Stampd in dubai. And working with Abudhabi.7 months is completed. and now i am planning to bring my wife and child to abudhabi. so shall i applied for visa for my wife and son,. is required to get any NOC letter from my employer for this…. pleas let me know . with hope

  • Hi, i have valid family visa in Abu dhabi (wife & 3 kids) . Right now they are in india and their 6 months re-entry will expire in few days but visa validity till April 2013. They are not able to come this time. So what my plan is to cancel their visa and apply again in Feb/March 2013.(next school year).
    * Suppose if i cancel their visa, is any issue to apply again within 3 months?
    * Emirates ID not yet applied for family, because they were not here permanently. Will be any fine while cancelling their visa?
    * Is there any option to extent re-entry period from 6 months to 10 months?
    * family must be here in UAE when apply for family visa renewal?
    * Tenancy contract is required at the time of family visa renewal?

    • * I dont think there is any problem you can apply the visa
      * No there wont be a fine because they are outside the country
      * Instead of doing all the other formalities there is one option you can go to immigration and ask for the reentry permit they will issue one document. You need to submit that document to the airport immigration whey they enter to UAE
      * No need
      * Yes you should have your tenancy contract in your name. This is must

    • Hi Deepak
      Thank you very much for your information.
      can i request re-entry permit even after the completion of 9 moths of exit?
      Any way emirates ID fine will charge to me 4*AED1000 at the time of visa renewal.

  • hello deppak,
    forst of all i would like to appreciate u for such an informative column .

    i am working in RAK, and i want to bring my wife and daughter (1year old) here i had already applied with my PRO for a contract change. can u please tell me how much time it will take for the procedure

    and also can u pls tell me what all documents iwill be necessary once i got the contract change for applying visa
    i have already done the attestation of my marriage certificate

    is it necessary that my wife’s name should be added in my passport

    pls advice me …thanks in advance

  • i requst the government to allow issuing employment visa without making an exit. Many people will be benefited.

  • Dear deepak
    i planed bring my wife here,I earned monthly salary is 4500 plus i get higher education allowance 800, as per uae norms this salary is enough to bring my family here. pls send reply as soon as.

    • Dear Deepak,

      I have rented room and having tenancy contract from Sharjha.

      But my visa from abu dhabi,Now I want to bring my family to UAE.
      Any problem will happen attaching sharjha tenancy contract applying for visa or I have to search new house in abu dhabi
      Pls help me and as soon as you reply is highly appreciated.

      • Hi Bharathi, You can bring your family. no issue.However attested tenancy contract should be in the name of the sponsor.

        • Dear Mr.Deepak,
          I have a query regarding the topic you are discussing.
          My husband currently having an offer from Abu dhabi with salary 4500 (including all benefits) + familty insurance. His place of work will be Ajman only. But since their corporate office is at Abu dhabi we are thinking the Visa they provide will be Abu Dhabi. With this Salry, will he be able to get Family Status. Also Sharjah Tenancy will be ok for this ?

  • Hi Deepak,

    First of all I appreciate ur great job, really helpful for people like us. I am currently on a tourist visa. and Im planning to apply for residence visa in my wife’s sponsorship as she is a teacher , with a salary of 4500..we have all the documents except tenancy which we are still trying to get, But my visit visa is expiring in two days. will it be a problem to apply after that? can i do so? I appreciate ur urgent response. Thanks in advance

  • Hi Deepak, hope your doing great. I just need a little help. We are living in Abu Dhabi with my wife and my son. I’m their principal sponsor and I have Dubai Visa before under my company. I resigned last month and got a new job under abu dhabi Visa. I cancelled my wife and my son visa and their last day is today nov. 22 for status change.Unfortunately, my PRO was not able to finish my residence visa and he will give it to me sunday so i can apply for new visa of my wife and son. My wife went vacation last week . so i will be paying overstaying for my son only. my question is for the change status of my son i will pay 550 right? plus his overstaying. Will it go straight to resident stamping of his visa or will he be issued pink visa? For my wife i think I will apply again her re-entry permit since she’s in Philippines on vacation. Kindly let me know the right procedure. Thanks you very much. God Bless

  • Hi Deepak,

    Hope you are well as always. Just a query, In the event that my family came here as a tourist visa, would there be any chance to apply for a residency visa (depndent) under my sponsorship under my name during that period. If so, in case I have applied for the dependent visa for them, do they need to exit?
    Your untiring help would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks and have a nice day.


    • Yes you can bring them on your sponsorship. but since it is a tourist visa they may need to exit the country

  • Hi
    I am going to take family visa for my wife. I have a salary of 7000 p.m and i have the certificate in arabic. But, in my Labour contract 3850 AED p.m only mentioned. It is ok to submit arabic salary letter and old labour contract xerox copy? please advise me.

  • Number One Typing Office
    Immigration, Labour, Emirates ID, and Certificate Attestation
    Airport Road Last, Corniche, Back Side Of Habib Bank and RAK Bank.
    [email protected]

  • Hi Deepak, I just need a little help. i am living in Dubai with my wife and my daughter on visit wife got job offer in jumeriha lake tower as asst manager finance and her salary is 7000aed .she is done her mba in finance can she sponsor my daughter. i have tanacy contract on my name. Kindly let me know the right procedure. Thanks you very much.

    • yes she can sponsor her but need your NOC. for the tenancy contract you need to check with immigration

  • Hi Deepak,
    I would like to live in Abu Dhabi, currently I am living in Australia as a citizen here. would you please let me know If I go in abu dhabi with a visit visa is it possible to manage a job. Anyway, I am working here in a warehouse and I have 5 years experience in warehouse. However, if you have anything more details other than my experience please don’t hesitate for letting me know.

    Thank you
    Mosharaf Chowdhury

  • Hi deepak,
    Hope you are doing great. Last july i brought my wife here on my sponsorship. But i didnt stamped her visa in her passport and sent back her home. But now i want to bring her here. I have arranged everythin but my company is delaying to give me salary certificate. May be my company will not give it this time. My original agreement copy is with me. My basic salary is 6500 dhs per month. I also rented a home on my name and i made the tenancy contract with the municipality stamp and approval. Can i get my wife’s visa without the salary certificate? Please reply me.
    Best regards
    Abdullah al mamun

    • Yes if you have your labour contract you can sponsor her without the salary certificate. But the contract should be attested in immigration.

  • Hi deepak, hope you are well. I am staying in abu dhabi on residence visa. I want to bring my family on visit for 3 months duration.
    Can you give me the list of documents i would be required.
    Is tenancy contract required for visit visa?. Waiting for your answer.


    • Original passports for the family member-wife, children.
      Attested Marriage certificate.
      Original Labour contract
      Tenancy contract

  • i talk about tenancy contract,
    I think this is not a welcome news to middle class people , who cannot afford high flat cost . I would request , government have to review the rule.
    salih anwar from abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Hi Depak,

    hope u r fine and doing great. I am working in a private as an engineer but my visa craft is of “mechanic”, in that case can i bring my faimly for residence visa or I have to change my visa craft?

    Hoping to see a reply from you.

  • hi depak.,
    i am doing job in al ain as a basic salary is 3000 dhs with 500dhs alownnces. i want to bring my wife here,,kindly guide me, can i apply for my wife visa? is my salary is enough?

  • Hi deepak

    I am changing my job and working in abu dhabi. Can i get my family visa in abu dhabi by keeping the tenancy contract from sharjah as its cheap there.Does tenancy contract from sharjah works for getting family visa from abu dhabi?

    • yes, you can. However you need attested tenancy contract and SEWA bill in your name as a proof of residence. And getting visa is not guaranteed.

  • Hello,
    Hope u r doing well.I want to bring my family here.Can i apply for visa without legal translation of marriage certificate&birth certificate of my childrens?

  • Hello,
    Hope u r doing well.I want to bring my family here.Can i apply for visa without legal translation of marriage certificate&birth certificate of my child?

  • Dear Deepak,

    I have rented room and having tenancy contract from Sharjha.

    But my visa from abu dhabi,Now I want to bring my family to UAE.
    Any problem will happen attaching sharjha tenancy contract applying for visa or I have to search new house in abu dhabi
    Pls help me and as soon as you reply is highly appreciated.

  • Hi Deepak,

    Great Job out there.. I greatly appreciate if you could help me on this matter. I am currently on my wife’s visa. I got the pink copy 2 months ago, but I still could not proceed further to get it stamped. Now im planning to do the medical test and get it stamped. I know I have to produce typed application forms/ medical certificate/ insurance / pink visa copy/ emirates ID reciept and the passport.

    All I want to know is do I have to take tenancy contract & salary certificate as well?? Can I process without them. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hi Perera, you need to show the tenancy contract.If you have already have shown labour contract/salary certificate while applying entry permit (pink colour visa) no need. But I suggest you take. But Tenancy contract with baladiya attestation is a must in Abu Dhabi.

  • Hi Deepak,

    Thanks a lot for your prompt response. Another small thing to clarify. As Insurance is a must to obtain residence visa in Abudhabi, do you know which will be the best insurance to get? (since im applying on wife’s sponsorship) Need the cheapest one but must be accepted by the visa office.

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Perera, for Insurance you need to check with insurance company. The cost is always depends on the coverage you want to have.

      • Dear Mr.Deepak,
        I have a query regarding the topic you are discussing.
        My husband currently having an offer from Abu dhabi with salary 4500 (including all benefits) + familty insurance. His place of work will be Ajman only. But since their corporate office is at Abu dhabi we are thinking the Visa they provide may be Abu Dhabi. With this Salry, will he be able to get Family Status ? . Also Sharjah Tenancy will be ok for this ?

        • Hi Ancy, let him try … i am not sure. yes tenancy contract doesn’t matter from which emirate. It needs to be attested.

  • Hi,

    My Basic Salary is AED 3000, However i get AED 6500 in total as acsh every month which 3500 is fixed allowance. Can i still bring my wife? How can i have her original passport, if she is in India?

    • Hi Akram, i think yes …you can try it. You don’t need the original passport of your wife to apply for visa. You can get the photocopy of the same and apply.

  • Hi Deepak ,

    One more clarification regarding Insurence .Please advice me which is the cheapest & recognize Insurence company to get my Insurence card inorder to get the stamp on my passport (resident visa).appriciate your quick reply …

    • Hi Perera, You need to check with insurance company . It depends on what coverage you need for your wife. I personally have insurance from Daman.

  • hi
    My salary mentioned in certificate 4700 dhs,is this sufficieant for applying family visa for wife?

    • Hi Sadiq, yes you may be eligible. But you need to have a tenancy agreement in your name attested at baladiya or RERA.

  • Mr. Deepak my visa is issued in al ain but im currently residing in dubai. I am planning to bring my son here in dubai. where should I process his visa? also about tenancy contract, will there be any conflict my tenancy contract is in dubai? thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chris, You need to process the visa in Al Ain Immigration. You need to show the attested tenancy agreement I don’t think there will be any conflict.

  • Mr Deepak,

    Just to update. You have to pay the fines if any before applying for the pink visa. I learnt this the hard way.

    Just one question. I am staying in Dubai but my family residence visa is processed from Abudahabi. Can I apply their emirates id cards in dubai or I need to apply it from Abu dhabi only?
    Please let me know.