What is Emirates Diary?

Emirates Diary is a blog about Simple Money Tips and Jobs tips for Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE (United Arab Emirates).

Why this blog? Well, Why not?

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Through this blog I would like to share my thoughts, tips, and strategies about saving an extra Dirham or finding a job. Of course I am not a money guru or an expert on job related fields, but the tips and strategies that I share here have worked for me and might work for others. So why not share them?

In Jobs in UAEOpens in a new tab. part of this blog, you will find CV/Resume Writing TipsOpens in a new tab., List of Recruitment agencies in UAE, Tips for selecting recruitment agenciesOpens in a new tab., List of companies in UAEOpens in a new tab. and so on.

Under Money tips you will find simple ways in which you could save those valuable Dirhams. Follow my Mr. Money SectionOpens in a new tab. and Personal Finance Tips Section for this.

I do not expect to bring in any radical changes in your behaviour through this but I am sure these tips will definitely help anyone.

So go ahead. Join in.

If you would like to contribute or if you have any suggestions for improvements you are welcome to do so.

Just drop me a line to : deepak [at] machado.ws

Disclaimer: Please note that these are tips and strategies that have worked for me and may not necessarily work for others. You are requested to use your own judgement in exercising Financial Decisions or Job related decisions. I do not guarantee a Job if you follow the steps that I have given. These tips are to be taken as a guideline. I also do not guarantee the correctness of the data as they might vary from time to time.

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Deepak is a passionate blogger with interests in bitcoin, online marketing, and writing.

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