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I have completed MBA Finance and BA specialising in Economics from top educational institutes in India and I have worked at some of the leading financial institutes in India as well as in the UAE. Currently I work in the area of Risk Management in a large UAE based organisation.  

Writing has always fascinated me and my articles are featured in various web portals, newspapers, magazines and newsletters in India and Internationally.


Emirates Diary started out as my curiosity to start a BLOG! Initially, I used to write random articles on my thoughts and happenings in UAE. As the time passed I tried to concentrate on few topics. And because of you, my blog turned out popular, with thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Currently more than 34,000 people have subscribed to the blog.


On a regular basis, I get emails from my readers on how their lives have changed due to what I wrote and advised them……through emails or comments!   emailI have received thousands of email thanking me; and that fills me with more joy than anything else!!  There is no more happiness than seeing the readers express their appreciation for something that I have done. I also make it a point to answer each and every comment on my blog whether negative or positive. I also make all efforts to reply to every email I receive from my readers. 

Having high educational qualifications and job credentials did not stop me from getting fired from my jobs during my career. This made me realise that I needed passive sources of income to sustain  life wherever I am in the world. The passive income from this and my other blogs has helped me in times of distress and kept me positive and kept me going! 

I am looking to add more and more features to my blog to make it more useful for my readers. I hope and believe that my blog will add immense value in your job search and in UAE Labour Law clarifications.

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  • Hi ,
    Greatings !
    I’m seeking your advise. actually, my wife,who is pregnant is going to my home country for delivery. now, if she stays there more than 6 months, does her visa get cancel automatically? & should i apply for her visa again? Is there any law for pregnant woman so she can stay more than 6 months????..

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hy Mr. Dipak.
    well m working with a company as office clerk with limited contract working of 2 years form 8april 2015, nw want to resign from my post bcoz of my personal issue. M i allowd to do so, do company hav any rights to stop me from resiging. should i be paid my wages and return tickets, if i resign completing 1 yr. please sugest, wht can be done. wht are the steps.

  • Dear sir depak
    My visa will be finish on 21 march 2016 second visa in same company unlimited contract so I
    need to give notice or no need plz help me

  • Dear Mr Deepak,
    I came to uae on 4th june 2015 on employment visa. My sponsor was a national residing in Al Ain. I worked for him till 28th july 2015 with fellow countrymate under the same sponsorship. After cancellation, the sponsor called the agency and they took us back to office. At the agency they took all passports from us. My fellow got a new sponsor on 31st july and i got on 4th. My new sponsor’s big sons and the driver came and picked me from the office. I went straight home with the driver, and the boys in the other car. I worked for 5 months and 3 days and i lost my dad. I had to go back home for burial. My family members chatted with my sponsor and she told them she didnt have enough money to catter for my flight. They send her the ticket on her phone. Thats when she told me my passport was not with her and may be the agent didnt give it to her. Since she is related to the agent, I think she called and asked her for a scanned copy of my passport. She kept on telling me she is trying to locate for it. She decided to take me back to the agency and from there i learnt that she had never put a visa in my passport and i was in overstay. She planned with the agent to look for my first sponsor and they blacklisted me. I got an emergency travel certificate from my embassy. But im scared ill not pasd via the airport to leave and go back to my country.

  • hello deepak,
    i will finish my 2 years limited contract this feb. and my employer wants me to continue for two more months.so the ID’s will be renewed this coming weeks.. after that two months will i have a labor ban if i will work only for that duration??

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am working in a construction company since June 2015. But, they have not paid my salary. The last salary that I received was for the month of August, i.e my salary is due for last 5 months. Its high time now I want to change my job. With my effort I got a good offer, and I want to join it as soon as possible. But, if i resign I have to cancel my visa with the current organization and for that I have to accept that all my dues have been paid by the current company. And after that it is all on good will that whether the company will clear my dues or not. Kindly, advise me how to join the new job without loosing my hard earned money of my current organization. I am in an Engineers Visa with unlimited contract.

  • Awesome… video Mr Deepak…! My hearty congratulations on reaching another mile stone of heights. Really its a good recognition in the life. Hats of to you my dear..

    Kodaganti Prathap

  • Dear Deepak,

    First upon Continuously I following your blocks on routine basis. Totally impress with your humanity service. Thanks a lot for the same.

    Iam here in UAE from last 45 days in visit, still 45 days remaining for get a job. I did everything whatever one job seeker will do. Still I didn’t find. I completed MBA & BBA in Finance and Administration. And I have 3 and half years experience in India MNC companies in financial and operation field. Apart from this have 2 years experience in Saudi Arabia. But still didn’t find a job. In UAE I find to get a job reference is very important, which I don’t have.
    So please assist me for the same & feedback me on my above query.

  • hi sir,i need help pls!i working the compny 11 months,i resign bcoz im not happy to work in the company,they not paying overtime ,holiday,no service charge…so find another job and nice salary..now should i pay visa cost,emirates id,medical insurance,uniform ,overstay,changing visa,labour fee, etc…my contract is unlimited…pls reply thanks!

  • Need help. Im working here in dubai for about 7 months. I signed a two year contract. I have a health problem and i want to go back to my country. Should i pay the remaining years of the visa that my company has giving me? Any idea how much it will cost? Or us there a chance that my company will let me go. I havent submit my resignation letter because im afraid that my company will refuse my letter and also i have no idea how much will i pay. Any info will help a lot. Tia..

  • Hey hi Deepak
    I m currently working in a jewellery company
    I want to leave my job.
    But I want to work with the same field since I m working in in jewellery from last 5 year in India and almost 2 year in dubai.
    But I m worried of compatire ban.. in my contract they have mentioned that I can’t work for 1 year in the same field can you please help me..

      • Deepak,

        Using capital letters throughout gives a feeling that you are yelling. I assume you are not, and don’t want people to get the wrong idea. I am mentioning this, as I see capital letters throughout.

        You may delete this comment once you look at this. I wanted to e-mail you, but could not find it.


        • Nishal,
          Thank you for this feedback!
          I never meant what you mentioned. My motive was to highlight!
          Sorry of I came across as you feel.

  • Dear Mr deepak,

    Please enlighten me on my situation I am under contract under company a I wish to resign with them because i got a job from the government.I am working as a medical laboratory technician. My problem is I want to pass a immediate resignation within one month notice but my contract states that 3 month notice must given but my job offer states only one month notice. I want to leave the company immediately coz government is just giving me 2 months to join me

  • hi deepak sir,
    sir now i am working in spare parts company.i finished already in 2 year contact then i renewed visa.
    now i got a new job…if i cancel and join new company.i have any ban like that.
    any problem is there sir for joining new company i almost finish 5 months visa

  • Deepak, am working in dubai as a sales executive and paid only aed2500 including all the allowance. I think company is giving me very less salary. Can i ask my company to renew my contract for more salary. Do my company should pay all the fees if i apply for the driving licence. Is there any pay scale defined by law for sales people. waiting for early reply. thanks

  • Sir
    I am working her in Abu Dhabi I start march 4 2015 and I want to resign the company want me to paid 4500 derhams for my resign I’m 4 month now the company give only 700 salary and food 380 but my contract 1277.50

  • Dear Deepak,
    Me and my husband will be in Dubai after 3 weeks on a tourist visa for 1 month and we are looking forward to settle in dubai and find a job offer in this visit.
    what are websites that reply quickly and set interviews soon?
    which city is recommended to find a job easily?
    what can we do if we have to leave dubai after 1 month. can we go to a neighbor country and come back?

  • Dear Deepak,

    I am first time in Abudhabi and confused with my accommodation and policies or procedures to get family residence permit

    Is it mandatory that I need to get an accommodation in an apartment to get tenancy contract approved by municipality or a villa accommodation with tenancy contract is qualified for municipality approvals?
    If villa accommodation suffice the tenancy contract requirement for a family RP, kindly let me know the requirements to be verified while taking a villa


  • Hi,

    How are you? I am American teacher in sharjah school with the same school residence visa. I do have couple of questions regarding my termination in school. till valid March 2017

    1) my son is in the same school that I am working now what about my son residence visa if my job is not continue ???
    2) my wife is also under my visa because I am the main sponsor what about her residence visa??
    3) if I change my school or job with in few months do I have to again apply all my family visa or what??
    4) or my family residence visa is not affected until how many months I will get another job is there any law in sharjah
    5) Do I get any ban to apply another school??
    6 The school gave me termination letter on June 18, 2015 in that letter they said one month notice which is end July 9, 2015 technically it is not one month notice. I didn’t sign my termination letter yet.
    Please reply with your valuable answers. I appreciate your help.

  • Hi Harish,
    we have a peculiar problem at hand.one of my friends has a one year labor ban since her employer filed an absconding complaint against her. Then the employer went with her and withdrew the complaint and she exited the country. the previous employer has also given now an NOC to remove the labor ban!! but we still cant get a visit visa since its shows as immigration ban!! can you please assist.

  • Dear Deepak,
    My job designation is store keeper and my salary is 7000 can i bring my family same designation .please advise us

  • dear deepak.
    currently i am on residence visa in abudhabi(spouse visa).i got a job offer from dubai,which is a bank,they asked me to submit a police clearance,and i only completed 5 months residence in abudhabi.advise me pls from were i need to get this ploice clearance,from abudhabi or dubai.when i went apply online on dubi police gov website,the first criteria says i need to complete 6 months resisence,or is it ok to apply online even though i only complete 5 months residence

  • Dear Deepak,

    Hope to find you well. I recently started reading your blog and found it quite helpful for career aspiring people like myself who have a hunger for gaining opportunities in UAE. Let me briefly introduce myself, I am an HR professional from Pakistan and have more than 5 years of Generalist experience. I have BCS and MBA HR qualifications and apart form that I have obtained different HR trainings as well.

    I have been applying for positions in UAE for the past 2 years but haven’t gotten any response yet. I have followed the guidelines you have provided but not fruitful. Please share your email ID and intimate if you’d be kind to guide me in gaining a suitable position in UAE.

    Thanking you,

    Warm regards,


      • Dear Sir,

        Your blogs are very informative and empowering. May God give you the grace to continue guiding people. On to my issue,two days ago i was forced to submit a resignation letter if i wanted my passport. I needed my passport to apply for a visa which my wife is to undergo a medical surgery in Germany which i gave documented evidence of the same. They made me miss my appointment since i got my passport late. I was told to write that i have resigned as of 25.06.2015. My date of joining the company was 27.04.2015. Now they wanted to deduct my salary for all the damages and necessary charges occurred during my employment process. Please advise.

        Thank you.

  • Dear sir, My name is kesang yolmoo .i am working in a hotel in housekeeping dept since april 15 2015 to till date
    1)i came in employement visa they have mentioned room attendant but i like to change dept to food and beverage service which i already convey to HR but no response .i completed my diploma in hotel management.
    2)i want to leave this job within the probation .what if i do so
    3)Did i be ban
    4)if i leave this property did i have to pay them 5000 dhs which is mention in the contract.

    • Kesang,
      1. That is their decision
      2. Do you have labour card? If yes, there will be labour ban.
      3. ??
      4. Yes, if it is mentioned in the contract, you will pay.

  • Hi, Deepak,

    My sincere appreciation for your excellent community service. I have a question, if a candidate is selected for managerial post because of his extensive knowledge and experience, is there a problem for getting a managers visa even if he does not have a degree certificate. If the Free Zone company had interviewed and selected the candidate, would JAFZA or any other authority care about his degree certificate?

    • Rehab,
      Yes, there may be problem getting manager visa if there is no degree certificate.
      Yes, they do care about attested degree certificate. But they would also not mind giving such visa.
      Please inquire directly.

  • I am writing this mail for my colleague. He joined in our company on 20th January 2007. On this January month salary onwards he got increment. As per our HR Dept. they told him he will not get increased salary while they calculate Leave salary. (His leave salary due date is 20th January ).

    Kindly explain what is the rule on the leave salary calculation. Also please explain if anyone resign they are eligible for Air Ticket ?

  • We have a cleaner friend who has not been paid for 3 months and when he went to collect his Emirates ID, he was told he cannot collect it until the Company pays a fine. He has been sub contracted out to another company not sure if this is allowed.
    He has filed a complaint with the Labour dept.
    Will he be banned for 6 months

  • My contract ends in June. My company is going to pay the required end of service, but two things I am unsure about: 1) My work visa and labor card expire several weeks before the end of my contract. I am a US citizen, and I know I have thirty days to settle my affairs, but I will technically be working here with an expired labor card and work visa. Is this a problem? 2) Also my company is paying my ticket home, but no more in repatriation expenses. Are they obligated to pay more (shipping of parcels, etc.)? Thanks D. Lee

  • Hi Deepak

    For a Freezone company (Jafza) should the employer pay one way air ticket to employee to his home country if the employer terminates the employee during his probation period. Pls. advice.

  • Hi Guys! Just would like to share with you that I was looking for a dynamic e-commerce company here in UAE, I approached many companies and appeared for my interview. I was really impressed by Homcart.com because of its highly competent team and friendly environment. Finally I was selected for a good position in IT Team but due to a sudden incidence back home I could not avail this opportunity and quitted for at least one year. I suggest job seekers who have background in e-commerce industry to approach HOMCART.COM, there must be many vacancies as they are in expansion phase. Simply go their website and contact via email. Hope it is helpful for e-commerce job seekers.

  • hi deepak m suman iam mechanical engg. bt agent in india cheated me and brought me into a supply company in aug 2014 i completed 8months now i resigned to my suuply company as i got a job in uk equivalent to my studiy and any my notice period is also completed bt my company is not allowing me to leave if so askng me to pay 8000dhs for visa expenses can u please suggest me how to proceed

  • Hi Deepak,
    I have lost the job two months back as I was terminated and looking for a new job. Still cancellation and final settlements not done. I have heard the news that the staff have received bonus for the last year. Am I entitled for the bonus with my final settlements? Can I claim it?
    Please advise.
    Best Regards

    • Rajesh,
      Bonus is discretionary and not a part of the compensation.
      You could request but it is up to the company to adhere to this!

  • Hi,
    This is Venkat. I’m working in a software company, but when they processed my visa they sponsored the SALES visa because I was not able to get the attestation of my degreee certificates. Can I bring my family ( Wife + daughter) with this visa. My salary is 17000 AED per month. PLease advice

      • Thank you for the reply Deepak. So I no need to convert my visa as of now from SALES to IT and I can bring my family here. But please clarify me one thing say if I want to change my SALES Visa to IT visa after bringing my family here what is the procedure. can you please explain. Also My visa was given from Abu dhabi and if I want my family to take here do I need to apply the visa in Abu dhabi or I can apply it here itself ?

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,

    please clarify to me as i am currently working in hamriyah freezone company for almost four years, i tried to resign two months ago because i get an better offer, my company offered me a higher salary so i did not join the new company. after receiving my last salary with the increased one after 7 days the MD send me an email informing me that they can no longer give me the salary they have recently offered to me and should i wish to continue with them i will be receiving the old salary i was getting so immediately i resigned stating the reason of not giving me the offered salary. Now they are forcing me to sign a letter stating that i will not join any company with the same type of business, any trading and spare parts company but i refuse to sign. they have threaten me not to release me if i will not sign this letter. please help me in this regard.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • Dear Mr. Deepak,

    please clarify to me as i am currently working in hamriyah freezone company for almost four years, i tried to resign two months ago because i get an better offer, my company offered me a higher salary so i did not join the new company. after receiving my last salary with the increased one after 7 days the MD send me an email informing me that they can no longer give me the salary they have recently offered to me and should i wish to continue with them i will be receiving the old salary i was getting so immediately i resigned stating the reason of not giving me the offered salary. Now they are forcing me to sign a letter stating that i will not join any company with the same type of business, any trading and spare parts company but i refuse to sign. they have threaten me not to release me if i will not sign this letter. please help me in this regard.

      • Dear Mr. Deepak,

        what about my company who promised an increased and then they retratected again is that reasonable as they use this to stop me from joining another company. Do i need to sign the agreement they are forcing me to sign? please clarify to me in this regard.

        • May,
          I can not be a judge on what your company promises and does not deliver!
          However, they can not force you to sign any documents.

  • Deepak can you please tell me or guide me about what is Gratuity is all about and what are the benefits of it. I am need to provide the information to my readers so please tell me the information in detail.

  • Hello.Good day Mr.Deepak.I am under an unlimited contract and a month before my residence visa and emirates id expires,I had noticed my company not to renew my contract and visa because I got offer from another company.
    After the notice,I emailed them again and saying that is my last day and I properly endorse my job to colleague.They pt attention on that last letter and saying that day will only receive the notice meaning they want me to stay for another month but the new company is waiting for me.So on my notice of last day I did not continue with them anymore.I will just wait for them to call me till they cancel me and give my dues.But till now almost one week they are not replying on my emails regarding my cancellation.What proper way can you advice me to do since my emirates id and residence stamp on passport lapsed already.

    Notice Letter dated February 1,2015-March 3,2015
    Residence Visa expiry March 3.2015
    Emirates ID expiry March 3,2015
    Labor Card Expiry Feb 23,2015

    Please advice me.Thank you very much.

    • Rhoie,
      Notice period usually spans for 30 days during the final month of your employment and not on the last working day.
      Notice period starts the day you handover resignation letter.
      You are on the right side as per your info provided.

  • Hi Deepak,

    My company fired me, reason being is cost cutting ans company is having losses.

    They are going to pay me salary only for 1 month plus the EOS on visa cancellation.

    Is this entitlement fair for me under the UAE labor law?


    • Neha,
      What kind of contract are you on?
      In case of unlimited contract, this seems good.
      They should also provide you one way air ticket back to your home country.

      • Deepak, its unlimited contract. I heard somewhere that any termination that occurs not due to work / performance, should include 3 months salary as compensation on termination. Is this true?

  • Hello Mr. Deepak,

    My name is umair and i am in a field of graphic designing. Currently i am working in a private travel and tourism company and found my self very much uncomfortable with my work discription and my management. I want to switch my job but have few questions..

    1- In april i am going to complete my one year of service do i get labour ban..??

    2- If i get labour ban, how it can be lift up..??

    3- Is that important that your all documents needs to be attested for applying a new job..??

    4- I am having a very serious issues with my salery delay also so if go to labour and complain about this issue can they clear me within a week from my current company..??

  • Hi Deepak,

    What are the formalities for demoting an employee in UAE. We are an LLC company based in Dubai. Obviously the employee is not willing to accept the demotion and the decreased salary. What are the options we can give him as we would not want him to work with us anymore if cannot accept the demotion. We have not issued any warning letters to him before so we cannot terminate him for this reason. Also should we be giving him a notification period before the demotion?

    • Ahmed,
      Legally you can not demote an employee or reduce salary.
      I would suggest to terminate current contract and make a new contract with desired position and salary for the employee.
      Warning letters are not a requirement for termination if the faults prove costly to the company!!
      You could give him a time period to correct his behaviour.

      • Hi deepak,

        I have cancelled my wife residence visa before stamping. she entered uae last month, but the immigration office dint give the original visa but they gave me the application for which i applied for cancellation with a CANCEL SEAL on it. my question is… is that ienough to my wife to travel back, or do i need to ask them for cancelled original visa. appreciate your earliest reply. thanks

  • Dear Deepak,
    i am working in a General Contracting Company Abu Dhabi City from May 27, 2014 To on going and my salary is 5000 AED, current visa is Security Officer.
    now i got a new offer for 10,000 AED Salary Per month and they give me the position of HSE Officer, My class 10th Certificate is attested from my education board, ministry of foreign affairs and UAE Embassy, i got 6 month ban in last year which was lifted automatically after the completion of 6 month.
    Now i resigned before few days and give 30 days notice and my manager was really angry with me.
    would i get a 6 month ban ?
    would i face a company ban ?
    your detail reply will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Best Regards


  • Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I came here in Dubai on a painter visa and my salary is 2000AED. Basicaly they heird me as admin assistant but they dont have quota for that. This is my second month in this company. My company didn’t give me a single penny for my in-out ticket, accommodation or for food. They told me that i will have to pay 3500 AED for visa to them. I have paid 1000 in advance and now they are deducting 300AED per month from my salary. Now i want to leave the job and go back to my country just because my mom is sick. I told my boss for my termination he said pay me 6000AED and you can go. Please guide me how can i go back i don’t have enough money to pay.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I am Siva from Bangalore. I am planning to visit UAE by end of this month with Visit Visa to search Job and stay with friend in Abu Dhabi. I am MBA Marketing professional with 4 years of experience in Business Development. I got chance to read your blog and decided to get some clarification from you.

    1. Procedure to obtain visit visa – Documents required and approximate cost.
    2. Maximum Visa Duration
    3. During the immigration will I get question regarding my purpose of visit ?

    Kindly answer my queries. Looking forward for you response.


  • Hi Deepak,
    I am seeking your advise regarding my termination order ; i have been working with a manufacturing company in SAIF Zone Sharjah(UAE) , as a Operations Manager for last 5 Months (From Jun 2014) under limited contract. My three months probation period was successfully completed .Now the Company is asking me to resign but i refused, then they issued my termination order with out any valid reason .

    Now my questions are ;

    1. Will they pay me three months salary/Compensation ; if yes will it be inclusive of all allowances or Basic
    2. Will they give me thirty days advance notice
    3. Will the company pay me full salary for the notice period
    4. Will the notice period salary be included in the three months salary (as per question-1)

    I would be very grateful for your immediate response refer to UAE labour law



    • Anwar,
      SAIF zone does not come under the purview of Ministry of Labour. However, many companies do follow UAE Labour Law.
      1. That entirely depends on them.
      2. Yes, if you’ve completed probation.
      3. Notice period salary should be paid.
      4. No.

      • Hello,sir
        I am prabeg ghimire . ihave 7year experience indubai.6years F/B and 1year senior sales associate .currently i am in visit visa and I am looking for job base in uae.so I need your’s help to get job.
        Enthusiastic and experienced in customer service with good communication skills.
        Skilled at learning new concepts quickly and communicating ideas cl early and effectively.
        Attitude and persuasive in dealing with management, peers, colleagues and clients.
        Consistently meeting and exceeding management is one of my strong areas.
        Enjoy working with a team spirit.