Types of Bans in UAE

Visa Ban in UAE

Labour Ban and Immigration ban is still a big confusion for employees here in UAE. A ban on visa means, that the person who is served the particular ban is not entitled to live and work in the UAE for a particular time or permanently. This may happen in a way of:

  • Immigration Ban
  • Labour Ban

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Immigration Ban or Residence Ban

If you have immigration ban in UAE, you are not supposed to enter UAE or obtain residency in UAE. You may be served with immigration ban if you have committed criminal offences. In case you have Bounced cheques, bad debt cases against you, you will have immigration ban till the time you are cleared or you have served your sentence. You may also be served immigration ban if you have been found drunk driving, theft and other crimes. If you have entered UAE with illegal means, then too you will be facing immigration ban.

In case if you have absconded from your work and have not reported to work for a prolonged time, your employer may list you under absconding list,  and you will have immigration ban. The changes in labour ban has not affected the immigration ban. Immigration ban is issued by Department of Naturalisation and Immigration in UAE, which is part of Ministry of Interior.

Labour Ban

There are 2 types of labour bans:

  1. 6 Month Labour Ban
  2. One year Labour Ban

6 Month Ban

In the past, companies and employers were able to prevent their employees from changing jobs for 6 months by imposing what is called as labour ban. This would ban an employee from changing visa for the first 6 months of cancelling visa/labour card. This ban system was removed after UAE Cabinet Resolution No 25 of 2010, which removed ban after continuous work of Two years with employer.

MOL came up with new resolutions in lates 2015 and early 2016 which mandated that with educational certificates (Attested high school diploma or greater submitted as part of the visa application process) or who have been working for more than Six months, will not face any labour ban. However, there are instances and examples that Authorities still impose labour bans. However, the labor ban has no impact in free zones.

A 6 month labour ban is an automatic ban which is imposed when you leave your current job without any proper reason. Every employee under Ministry of Labour is automatically banned for 6 month; unless they are exempt from ban due to their new employer status (Freezone, Government), qualification above High School Diploma and salary of AED 5000 for High School, AED 7000 for Diploma holders and AED 12000 for Bachelor’s degree holders.

If you have 6 month labour ban, there is no restriction for you to enter UAE on visit or tourist visa.

One year Ban

A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will not be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban. 

One year ban is also imposed if:

  • Expatriate worker leaves Government job.
  • If you break terms and conditions of your labour contract.
  • If you lose a case in the court against your employer.

Labor Ban: Limited Term Contract

First 6 months of employmentAfter 6 months of employmentAfter Renewal of Initial Fixed Term
With Education CertificateLimited risk of labor ban if:
1. the employer consents to
resignation; or
2. employer terminates
without cause.
Risk of ban if employer does not consent to employee resignation, unless if resignation is effective as of the end of a limited term contractGenerally no labor ban, but risk of ban if the employee breaches the Labor Law or contract, such as not giving and honoring the required notice periodOpens in a new tab..
No Education CertificateRisk of ban if,
1. Before end of limited term
contract; or
2. Employer does not consent
during the limited term.

Labor Ban: Unlimited Contract

First 6 months of employmentAfter 6 months of employment
With Education CertificateRisk of labor ban, unless:
1. Mutual agreement of the parties;
2. The employer has failed to meet its legal or contractual
obligations, including, without limitation, the duty to pay the
wages for over 60 days; or
3. The employer winds up its business; or
4. Court ruling in favor of the employee.
Generally no labor ban, but risk of ban if the employee breaches the Labor Law or contract, such as not giving and honoring the required notice period
No Education CertificateRisk of labor ban, unless:
1. The employer has failed to meet its legal or contractual
obligations, including, without limitation, the duty to pay the
wages for over 60 days
2. The employer winds up its business.
3. Court ruling in favor of the employee.

Ban in Free Zones

Some free zones also apply bans on the transfer of employees within companies in the free zones registered within them without the approval of the previous employer. The information bans are often not publicized and this policy keeps changing from time to time, and from free zone to free zone.

How to lift labour ban in UAE or immigration ban in UAE?

To read more, please visit the article on how to lift 6 month labour banOpens in a new tab..

Many professional workers can lift the ban, as the ban is typically waived if an employee moves to a position with a higher salary of AED 5,000 for high school diploma, AED 7,000 for post-secondary diploma, and AED 12,000 for bachelor degrees).

Under which situations there is no Labour Ban?

If you fall under below categories, you may not have a labour ban:

  • UAE Nationals will not have labour ban or immigration ban.
  • If you are joining an oil company.
  • If you are joining Government or Semi-government organisation.
  • If you are changing jobs within the same Free zone.
  • If you have completed your contract term under limited contract.
  • If you have completed 3 years of service under unlimited contract.

Permanent residence ban

A permanent residency ban is applied for serious labour offences committed, like illegal or absconding workers and convicted felons. The Federal Department of Immigration maintains a file of fingerprint samples and retina scans of banned individuals so that they are not able to return to UAE in the future.

Comparison between Immigration Ban and Labour Ban:

Removing Immigration ban in UAE.

Immigration BanLabor Ban
Who regulates this?Immigration and Naturalization Department, Ministry of InteriorMinistry of Emiratization and Human Resources (former Ministry of Labor)
When is this ban imposed?Employer must submit a formal complaint that the employee either:
1. committed a crime; or
2. seriously damaged the employer.
See tables related to Limited Contract and Unlimited Contract above.
What is the scope of ban?Prevents the person from entering or staying in the country. An immigration ban is typically followed by an order to leave the UAE or Deportation.Prevents the person from applying for a new work visa, but not from entering or residing in the country. A labor ban does not prevent a person from visiting the UAE by way of a valid visit visa
How long is this ban?One year (generally), but may be as short of six months or may be a lifetime ban depending from case to caseThis is applied for six months generally.
Where is this applicable?The territory of the UAE, without exception.The territory of the UAE outside the free zones. Although some free zones maintain separate labor ban systems, a labor ban may stop an employee from being issued a work visa in a free zone, or to work for a government entity
Can you lift the ban?Immigration ban can not be lifted although may be removed on an exceptional basis.Can be lifted withh:
1. a court order;
2. the issuance of a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the former employer; and
3. in some cases, the payment of a fine.

How to check UAE visa ban status / immigration blacklist check/ immigration travel ban / passport ban with passport number?

The best way to check your ban status in UAE is to call up the Immigration department in case of Immigration ban and MOL in case of Labour ban. Give the call centre agent your passport number and other details like previous visa number and they’d provide you with an update. If you have left the UAE with some debts behind, the financial institution may have filed a case against you. In such cases, your representative can walk into any Dubai Police stations with your passport copy, Emirates ID (if available) and Authority Letter to check for any cases registered. If the cases are registered, then definitely you may have immigration ban meaning you will not be able to transit or enter UAE. 

To check whether you have a labour ban, you will need to call MOL or MOHRE on their call centre number and enquire with your Passport Number or Emirates ID.

Please note, you also should take consultation of a qualified Lawyer in UAE for these procedures.

References: http://amereller.comOpens in a new tab.

Under What circumstance I can get a Labour ban?

When an employee violates the provision of the UAE Labour Law and / or related ministerial resolutions and circulars or does not observe the terms and conditions stipulated in the employment contract Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) or the General Directorate of Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) can issue a labour ban. When a labour ban issued the employee is not legally allowed to work in another company in UAE for a certain period of time till the ban period is completed which may be for a one year.

The reasons of a Labour ban issued by the GDRFA are different from those issued by MOHRE.

This could be based on other reasons not related to employment issues, such as serious criminal offences, security reasons, illegal entry to the UAE and so on.

To whom Labour ban can be imposed and how this is imposed?

If an employee violated the UAE Labour Law and its related executive resolutions ,Labour ban can be imposed to anyone whether they may be under the category of skilled or non skilled workers.

The ban can be issued not only to who has residence visa but also to a employee who is having labour contract and work permit under the family visa sponsorship.

There is no eService to apply for a Labour ban against an employee. However, the application of ban requires an investigation from a legal representative from MOHRE who would invite both parties, the employer and employee, take their statements, judge the seriousness of the request and decide whether to accept it or not.

When can the employer apply for a Labour ban?

The employer can impose a labour ban under below circumstances: if an employee

  • committed any of the violations listed in Article 120 of the UAE Labour Law
  • stayed in the UAE after the termination of his employment contract, for any reason, for more than two months without legal justification
  • worked with another company without obtaining a work permit from MOHRE
  • illegally terminated the employment contract or did not observe the provisions of the UAE Labour Law. For example, not respecting the notice period mentioned in his non-limited contract or terminating his limited contract before the end of its duration

Additionally, a Labour ban is imposed on a new non-skilled worker who did not complete six months of service with their respective employers.

How long the Labour ban can be for and what will happen to the residence visa?

The Labour ban can be for one year or permanent. Once you have the labour ban it cancels the work permit. Upon cancellation the employer must proceed to the cancellation procedure of the residence visa of the employee whom the labour ban is imposed.

If the banned employee is on the family sponsorship (spouse or parents) he or she can maintain the residence visa but not allowed to work for the duration of the ban.

If the banned employee is outside the country, no new work permit will be issued to him until the lapse of the ban period.

How can I check if there is a Labour ban imposed on me?

You can call MOHRE on 800 60 or visit their website. You can also visit a Tasheel centre.

Can I contest the Labour ban?

You can contest a Labour ban by submitting a grievance to MOHRE through one of its Tasheel centres, via the MOHRE website –www.mohre.gov.ae or email – [email protected].

To find a Tasheel centre near you, click here: https://www.mohre.gov.ae/en/services/labour-offices.aspx.

You must attach all supporting documents with your grievance, which prove that you do not deserve a ban.

You will then receive a reference number to follow up on your request.

MOHRE will form a special committee chaired by the undersecretary and certain directors of departments to study these requests and decide whether to lift or maintain the ban.

Afterwards, the employee will be notified of the decision of the committee.

Is it possible to cancel the Labour ban?

No, once the labour ban is issued you cannot cancel a Labour ban or get it waived by paying a fee. A labour ban is lifted automatically after the lapse of the ban period imposed by MOHRE.

Disclaimer: This article is only for information purpose. You are requested to consult a Lawyer for all legal matters.


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          2. Hi sir I apply 1 month visit visa normally and I received visa it’s means my ban was lifted .pls i need immediate response thanks

          3. Hi sir I apply 1 month visit visa normally and I received visa it’s means my ban was lifted .pls i need immediate response thanks

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    Thank you so much!

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    Id be really grateful for any information

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  44. Hi, I joined my employer Nov 19, 2015 and visa stamped only on Feb 11, 2016. I work in a private clinic in insurance and my salary is 8000. My contract is limited for 2 years. I plan to find a job elsewhere and resign due to the poor working environment. Will I get a ban? I have a bachelor’s degree. As per my contract if i resign before the contract period, i need to pay 2 months salary and all the expenses for my visa and labor procedure. Plz advice


  45. hi sir,

    my friend working in dubai without informing to company now he want to go back to home country and he applied out passport in Indian embassy now he got

    he went to CID office with outpassport they said your employment visa not canceled you have to go to al awir jail for immigration to cancel your visa please any help to him

    1. Hi Sir,

      10 years before i am leave in Dubai by out pass 2007 – my case absconding .but Government give out pass(2006-2007) so i request for any ban in U,A,E ? please send me message.

  46. I am on husband sponsorship…I join my present company on 10/01/2015 under limited contract… but I was unaware that my employer didn’t proceed for my labour card… and after 10 months they applied for my labour card i.e. 31/10/2015, which I come to know later.

    Additionally, My owner behavior is also not good, he always shouts, make unnecessary deduction and use using inappropriate words in-front of all staff, Every day I working 10 Hours although contract is of 8 hours (Without any Overtime pay, I have attendance sheet as proof), even they are not providing me and Public holidays (Except EID)

    On 10/01/2017 I told him that as I want to quit the job as I completed my two year with you, so he started pressuring me to complete my contract that is till 31/10/2017,

    Finally I tired with all harassment and 05/02/2017 I went directly from office to tahseel and register complain against him for Pending salary, Cancellation, all overtime, Pubic holidays pay. And I got appointment of 22/02/2017
    When I went Labour office for 1st hearing on 22/02/2017, But it was very disappointing to see the legal advisor Behavior towards me, She was not ready to listen me even, She spoke to my owner over the phone before I entered to her cabin, and when I entered she started blaming me that I am wrong and I have to pay him money etc.. etc.. I was keep requesting her that at-least give a chance to present my problem in-front of you. But She said this is first hearing I cannot give you more than 5 minutes you can move not..
    Al though I was having all the proof (Attendance sheet, 1st salary Receipt, Offer letter, Emails) but still she support my owner. Instead of looking it my proof she started pointing out loop-holes in my proofs.

    Please guide me how to solve above mention problem.

    Is it possible to get my all overtime and public holidays as I have Manual Attendance sheet with In and Out timings (i.e 9:00 AM to 7 PM) of all employees and it also shows that I worked 10 hours every days and also on public holidays.

    Is all the above proof is enough to get my benefits?

  47. Sir
    I have worked 3 year 11 months in Dubai.It’s jafza visa(3year).my first visa is renewed and renewed visa expires on 24/5/2018. Before 9 months l came for a vacation and I couldn’t returned due to health problems.now last 9 months am in India.
    Is there any ban on my passport? My visa is cancelled or not? Can I apply for a new visa,in a new company,not Jafza visa.?

    1. 6 months that you are out in UAE your visa will automatically cancelled and maybe for sure your company processed it already. And yes you can apply in any company not unless your previous company did not file a case for you for not returning back from your vacation.

    2. Hi Sir,

      10 years before i am leave in Dubai by out pass 2007 – my case absconding .but Government give out pass(2006-2007) so i request for any ban in U,A,E ? please send me message.

  48. Dear Sir,

    I working in offshore company ( officer / seaman position ) company arrange for me residence visa, issue in Apr-2016 i join Abu dhabi in 15.04.2016 work offshore and left Abu dhabi in 20.082016 on vacation for two month and come back to Abu dhabi in 05.11.2016 today 16.02.2017 and I would like to cancel my residence visa and start a look for other employer ( new employer not confirmed yet )
    I’m still in Abu dhabi I like to request from my current company residence visa cancellation.

    Question: company cancel for me residence visa, i left the Abu Dhabi, at home already one month can I be able to join new company in UAE ? or I will have six month ban? (if yes, how can I avoid ban? )

    Hope on your reply, please answer on mail [email protected]

  49. hello deepak ,
    hope this msg find you well , I have a residency visa with an unlimited contract valid till 28th of FEB 2017 . but I left UAE on 2nd of June 2016 . the visa was not cancelled as there was a mutual understanding between me and my employer . I could’nt go back and now its more then 7 months of stay outside .

    is my Visa Cancelled ?

    is there a Ban on me for employment and visit ?

    when will I be able to get another Job in UAE ?

  50. good evening sir,
    I have found your site very useful for the people who have come to UAE for the first time and my question is that currently, i am working on an LLC company for the last 1 year and I am thinking of going to another LLC company and my company has said there will be no ban for me if I want to go to another company but I want to know from your site the exact terms and conditions . Will I be able to change my employment or not?
    Please do inbox me.
    Thank you for your time.

  51. anyone can help me??? my brother have Permanent residence ban , any legal procedure to get rid of it.

    “A permanent residency ban is applied for serious labour offences committed, like illegal or absconding workers and convicted felons. The Federal Department of Immigration maintains a file of fingerprint samples and retina scans of banned individuals so that they are not able to return to UAE in the future.”

  52. Hi Deepak,

    I have an immigration ban applied on me about 10 years ago. At that very time i was holding south Asian citizenship, in 2015 i traveled to Dubai with British passport with hope the ban would have been lifted/finished but i wasn’t allowed entry saying the ban is still in place. Can you please advice how can i get this ban lifted. I live in UK, have BA and MA from here and am about to find a job in Dubai



  53. dear sir
    i cancelled my visa due to i left my contract company and went abu dhabi to sharjah , and i did year work in sharjah illegally , so when i come back to old one company then they gave me passport and they cancelled my visa from company and also they put red stamp (Abadan Azaim in Arabic so i was there 2003 to 2007 march, then i went to police and they caught me and kept me in jail 7 days . they took from me eye scan and finger prints also .again i applied from my country in 2016 december on one month visit visa but they rejected my visa. please inform me am i ban still there ??? waiting thanks.

  54. hello deepak ,
    hope this msg find you well , I have a residency visa with an unlimited contract valid till 28th of FEB 2017 . but I left UAE on 2nd of June 2016 . the visa was not cancelled as there was a mutual understanding between me and my employer . I could’nt go back and now its more then 7 months of stay outside .

    is my Visa Cancelled ?

    is there a Ban on me for employment and visit ?

    when will I be able to get another Job in UAE ?

  55. Hi
    Will I have ban if I was fired from my current job without completed my contract period?

  56. Dear Sir,

    With reference to the above I have certain questions in my mind, I hope you will help me out.
    Previously I was working with company A (Having unlimited type Contract), and now I am currently working with company B (Having limited type Contract), so when I joined to company B…company A ban me for six month since my visa was Clerk, now company B issued Site supervisor Visa which I am carrying (just to avoid Ban) and assure me to issue Engineer visa once Visa ban was cleared..now I am waiting for update in Engineer Visa.

    Now I don’t want to continue with company B due to some unpleasant situation.

    So I have questions like, can I change company B to any other company without affecting anything…?

    PS: I am about to complete 4 months with Company B.

    Hoping for your response at earliest.

  57. Hi Deepak,
    I was working in a company as site engg. I completed my contract and cancelled the visa, Someone told me there are 28 days after cancellation you can find new job. I got a job but after 30 days , they give me offer letter and they ask for passport. When i went to my previous company for passport they said we have submit in abu dhabi immigration office, when i went there to collect my passport they caught me , then they told me you have absconding case. Then I was in jail after few days judge told me about my profession, how you came here, all things. Then I was sentenced 1 month imprisoned. After completing my sentence they scan my eyes and figures.

    Now my question is if I have served my sentence then still I have life time ban ??
    Or 1 year.

    1. It probably is a lifetime ban, they do not scan eyes and fingers for labour ban (6months or 1 year)
      Only immigration bans have those scans.

  58. Hi Deepak,
    I was working in a company as site engg. I completed my contract and cancelled the visa, Someone told me there are 28 days after cancellation you can find new job. I got a job but after 30 days , they give me offer letter and they ask for passport. When i went to my previous company for passport they said we have submit in abu dhabi immigration office, when i went there to collect my passport they caught me , then they told me you have absconding case. Then I was in jail after few days judge told me about my profession, how you came here, all things. Then I was sentenced 1 month imprisoned. After completing my sentence they scan my eyes and figures.

    Now my question is if I have served my sentence then still I have life time ban ??
    Or 1 year.

  59. Hi Sir,

    I got an offer from one of the consultancy in Duabi as a software engineer and I signed the MOL letter and the company has sent the evisa to me… But due to some reason I am not able to join them.. I got a mail from the consultancy that If I don’t join them I may need to face the Immigration Ban.. Is this true.. Because I never entered the country UAE.. Also I checked the Evisa status online but it is showing ‘Entry Permit not valid’.. I am from india and I am scared about the immagration ban.. Can you please help me..

  60. hi deepak

    currently i am work in one company, they stamped visa 1 month before 6 month not completed,

    my visa is professional visa (abudhabi ), my company didn’t give any salary till.. because they don’t had a projects.

    my boss accept ready to give me noc or cancellation for me, its possible to join the new company in between six month.

    if possible tell how to proceed

  61. Hi,

    I was hired as SALES EXECUTIVE under 4th or 5th Skill. I discontinued that job due to personal reasons within 6 months of joining. I have got a ban for 1 year due to this but I have a bachelor’s degree, is there anything I can do to lift this ban?
    The previuos employer is also not ready to give NOC as he thinks I betrayed his trust.

    We are stuck and dont know how to proceed. Please help.

  62. i have been given one year mol ban from my company for not completing the contract period.if i get a job in free zone,is it possible for me to join?or there is any other way to lift my ban.i am an engineer by qualification

  63. Hi,

    Our employee is providing all our customers/sales information to our competitors and already he was given a written notice but still he is continuing to do the same. His visa will expire in another 2months so I would like to know if we can impose ban on him. If possible, please advise for how many months ban we can impose.

  64. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    Is there any cost to remove the ban? My sister scheduled to see the legal advised on 28th August in MOL Al Ain. They asked if shed had a digree. However my sister already submit all the necessary documents like NOC. Her old company provided the NOC as their mutual agreement, they terminate the contract due to the company needs to close. Is there any cost to lift the ban?


    1. hi lea can you provide me your contact number. i have the same issue maybe we can help each other.

  65. What will happen if the employee wants to resign after He/She finish only 7mnth but the contract is 2 years and it is under limited contract please give me advice

  66. hi ..i am facing a problem in my visa…before i work in house as a house maid..i leave my job they cancel me and allow me to find a work ..but after that they put case on me that i am run away ..i just go exit oman and i apply for tourist visa ,,but rejected 3 time they say i have bane?? is this bane will b permanent are only for a year ,bcz leaving uae they didnt take my eye scan are fingerprints?
    plz help me for this..

  67. Dear Sir,

    I worked in UAE during 2000 to 2006 and there was a credit card from FGB master card and visa card the limit was 4000+4000 AED, I left UAE in 2006 that time some amount was balance in my credit card, I joined in a company in Bahrain 2007 and I paid the balance amount from Bahrain, Now some people calling from India and tellig I have to pay almost 20,000 AED to close the account , I think this people are collecting agents , Now actually how can I close this account and what exactly I can do for clearing it, I want to know whether there will be a travel ban for me in UAE, can I travel India via UAE from Bahrain. please advice me.


  68. Hi,

    I was working for a free zone company in Sharjah and had quit the job due to salary delay issue and got cancellation last Aug 2015, from then onwards my new employer is applying for the new employment visa but it’s being rejected and saying immigration blocked, so can anybody of you guide me on this.


  69. I am working as a security guard in facility management free zone company on residence visa and getting salary Aed 1800/-. Now I want to resign as I have an better offer from a construction company for clerical post. I have completed almost One and half year in the company. Is there will be any Ban for this.

  70. Hi Sir

    I have being Working as a Security Guard for 15 months now under Limited Contract. Basically in my contract the salary is 2000 but because I work with no day off I receive 3000 but now I have been made an offer of 5000. I want to resign so what I to know if I will have any ban in case I resign.

  71. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    May I know If you have DEPT Case and new employer will process LABOR PERMIT you think the application for the Permit will decline and need to clear first the DEPT case before processing of the Labor Permit? The Visa is under Husband Visa.


  72. sir,
    what if i already resigned to my work just only 1 month and i have been ban for 1 year.
    i would like to ask if can i still work here in dubai under free zones?

    1. Hi John,

      i have been facing same problem, can you call me on my number


  73. Hi mr. Deepak, hope you can help me about my situation. I’m working as a receptionist with 5000 total salary. I just finished my one year last july 18. My boss want to cancel me without any notice .he wants me to cancel my visa immediately just like within 3 days like that. ( I didnt do any crime or falsification to work) it’s just normal for him to cancel if he don’t like the employee or make a little mistakes. What is the best thing that i can do? because he dont want me to give one month notice. if i already been cancelled will i get a ban? even the employer has the one who terminate me?. if yes, what will i do?

    -from my friend who’s asking for an advice.

  74. Dear Sir,

    Good Day!
    Im working as pharmacist in Charge in a company based in Sharjah on husbands visa for the last 4 years & have completed 2 contracts on unlimited contract type.Now my company upon submission for the renewal of the labour contract MOL approved & Immigration rejected the same.How can I know the reason of the rejection.

    Jeena Ealias.

  75. Dear Sir,
    I was sponsor my wife visa; after one year she join one company with labor card; after 3 months she reigned the job and she get one year ben, due to as per labor law, we have to work at lease 6 month in first job, in UAE, not to work till one year. I have question about her residence visa has expire on Nov. 2016, and she ben still Jan. 2017, so I can renew her visa or not. Dhiren

  76. Dear Sir,
    i am working as a cashier in a private company on a limited contract of one year which expired on 10-05-2016 but my visa is upt0 july 2017.i have attested degree(professional-pharmacy) and i passed UAE local licensing exam and now got offer letter of 7000 from other company but my current salary is 2000. now i want to know weather can i change job without any ban? and please guide me how to proceed my process(e.g degree,offer letter or any other document) submission to MOL to avoid automatic ban.

  77. Dear Sir/Madam’

    i am working as a safety officer in current organization from 04th April 2014 to till now. But my salary is 2000 and new organization offering me 5000 but just before 10 days my organization has renew my visa after completing my previous two years contract. So i want to know if i will resign from current organization than i can face any issue from government and current employer side or not.

    Kindly suggest me please.

  78. Hello,

    I canceled my wife visa so her new employer issue a working visa for her, and her work issued 3 months ago a labour card.
    they made some mistake and she took 1 year ban.

    kindly give me solutions ! how to remove the 1 year ban ! it is not her fault. it is the PRO fault.

  79. Sir, please help me advice me … I want to know what to do first regarding my work we are new here. In my contract I receive my basic salary is 1500 + food allowance 300 + free accommodation, transportation and laundry…with day off and overtime pay….
    But when we started at my work here I will receive 2000and only… all of a sudden we don’t have a good and comfortable accommodation, NO Day OFF, etc..
    Please if I have to complaint do I have a rights to resign my work , with no ban and no payment to pay for the labor or to the employer?
    Because my employer told me if I have to resign or quit my job I should pay double for my visa, ticket and for medical …how true it is? He told me if I’m going to quit he makes me blacklisted… is it true he will scared me, he is frighten me because he knew that I am new here in UAE… I needs help and equal rights…Please reply me

    1. Hi my Friend,

      first, know what kind of contract you have if its UNLIMITED OR LIMITED and what is written on that. BEcause some company give you salary offer which is different to the labour job offer application that they submit to the labour if your under ministry of labour.

  80. Is there any ways to cancel or to clean the record of a person who have emigration ban here in UAE.to have a new work and to have new visa?

  81. Good Day!

    In behalf of my sister, she was received an offer letter and starting to work last January 10,2016 under tourist visa. But her employer promised to process her work permit after 3 days of training supposed to be by January 13, 2016. Then suddenly her employer processed last March, 2016. Then, she has a work permit last march only and my sister expected to receive her salary for the month of January and February but her employer pay only 1 salary for the month of march. My sister is hopeless because she felt not compensated and her other colleagues still no salary for how many months. Then she decided to resigned and they both agreed by verbal that she don’t have ban in one condition that she will not file a case against the company and please note here that her passport not yet stamp in the immigration but she finish already her medical. My question is after this cancellation? What we will do next? What are the possibilities will be happen? Is there a ban in labour or immigration and How many months? How to lift up this ban? It is possible to enter again her in UAE as tourist or visit visa. Please kindly helps me.

    Thank you an best regards…

  82. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    I have joined the company in Abu Dhabi on 24th, July 2015 and I have resigned and left the company/UAE on 20th October, 2015 with 1 month notice period. Probationary period as per my contract is 6 months and my contract is for Unlimited Period. and salary in the contract is (Total Salary Excluding Housing Allowance) is 11500 Dirhams, Housing Allowance they mentioned separately. I want to know is there any ban on me. If I have Offer in UAE can I join immediately.



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  83. hello good day,

    i would like to asked if i can go for vacation even if i have still remaining balance in etisalat.. is it the immigration will hold me to go out the country?please help me .

  84. Hi Deepak,

    I have a friend who was canceled 6 months back. They said its because he has scar on his lungs. He made spotium test in sonapur and said it was from old tb. Them we make gold test and find negative because he really never had a time that he had tb on his life. He had UTI when he was in high school that made his immune system very low that was the reason why he has scan. When he was canceled they put permanent ban. Isnt it unfair for a person who wants to work or even visit dubai? Pls help how to lift the ban. Im glad Sheik Kalifa made a new law to have those people renewed their visa even they have scar or tb it self. Hope for him ban can be lifted also.


  85. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    I have joined the company in Abu Dhabi on 24th, July 2015 and I have resigned and left the company/UAE on 20th October, 2015 with 1 month notice period. Probationary period as per my contract is 6 months. and salary in the contract is (Total Salary) is 11500 Dirhams, Housing Allowance they mentioned separately. I want to know is there any ban on me. If I have Offer in UAE can I join immediately.



  86. Dear Deepak.

    Please let me explain this As per labour law one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will NOT be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban.

    My Question is If the person is having an 1 year MOL ban then IS (S)HE NOT allowed to visit the country? OR IS NOT supposed to work in the country.

    Please reply it ASAP.

      1. Hye anil , i need to discuss some serious matter related to my job here in dubai. Can u please give me your id?

  87. Hi
    I joined a Abu Dhabi Company on 02.01.2016. Here I felt too difficult to continue. Is it possible to resign and join any other company in UAE especially Dubai/Abudhabi (not in free zone)?
    Contract Type : Unlimited
    under probation period: Yes
    Profession in Visa : Sales as per Paper Visa
    But Actually I am an Accountant with Degree (Bachelor of Commerce) and working as
    an Accountant
    Present Salary : AED 6,500.00

    1. You Can renew her residence status,because she is under your sponsorship.

    2. You can give one month notice and can change your employment.

  88. I was working in RAKFZ, I left the company in May 2013, also sent a resignation which was accepted. but my visa had not been cancelled. Now in 2016 my company wanted to hire me, they cancelled the visa and also applied for new visa. but it has got rejected.
    They are trying to get me a visa and not they have learnt that my passport is having an issue, they are saying it is black listed.
    I am clear of all things.
    Please advise on how to proceed to remove that against my passport.
    I am missing on important and excellent job offers.
    Please help.

    1. You can contact ministry of naturalization department to solve this issue.

  89. Hi Sir…

    I am working as an office clerk general for 10 months now. I am paying my visa expenses as the company required (all employees) without any signing some documents that i agreed. I am planning to leave this company, Can I complain regarding this matter, and Do i face the ban too?


  90. Dear Sir
    Any chance to lift a ban that happened because of abscounting case. Iris scan done
    No criminal case. Case happened 5 year back. She come here in maid visa but the sponsor did’t stamp the visa and complaint as abscounting. She was here for 10 months.
    Please assist us

    1. hello madam, i am working for a meatshop. my salary is 1800dhs only. but in 1 month i dont have dayoff its allowed.? and what about the annual leave, yearly i will go to my country free roundtrip tickets and 1month leave with salary?

  91. dear mr. deepak

    I am an engineer and my contract is limited type. i want to change the company due to some problems in this company. is there any possibility to change the company without getting ban as you wrote “A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract”.

    please reply as soon as possible.

    1. If you makes resignation you will get labour ban.(ie you are breaking the contract)

  92. IF YOU hv light status in your company that means like ordinary labour that even before end of your labour card one day u ll get ban suppose your labour card or contracts ends on 16/12/2015 you cancel on 15/12/2015 you can get Ban.

  93. dear deepak.

    please kindly help ouyt with some information on my douth

    i was working in uae in electronic compony for 1 year and i tok 15 day leave for my married purpouse unfortunately i didnt go back to dubai .
    i came to mumbai on 3 rd march 2014 and still i m in mumbai .
    it almost 1 year and 9 month i complete in mumbai. and visa already expired on 9 th december 2015
    so do i have any band .
    if yes
    so what kind of band i have
    can i came to uae again for work
    i dont haveany criminal case or other matter

    how do i confirm dear please help me out with this matter

    i wil be very thankfulll to you

    please reply me

    god bless u

    thanks anda regards

    1. You have to contact your previous sponson to make the outside country cancellation .Once it finishes you can come back.

  94. hi deepak,
    i have complet 20 monhty in my current company if i get new job there ban or not

  95. Your comment says : A one year ban will be imposed if you have not completed your limited labour contract. You will NOT be able to visit UAE in case you have been slapped with One Year Labour ban.

    If the person is having an 1 year MOL ban then IS (S)HE NOT allowed to visit the country? OR IS NOT supposed to work in the country

  96. good morning, I would like to ask I am working now in a nursery for about 10 mos. but in my visa it is only 7 mos. due to long processing of visa they say, but now my employer talk to me and they want to terminate me for some reasons that I make mistake but they didn’t cancelled me yet because they give me a chance to find another job first. I know that I will have a 6 mos. ban due to non completion of contract within two years. I would like to ask how can I lift or remove my ban? I am a bachelors degree in nursing I believe I need to have higher salary based on my education. What can you advice me? thank you in advance.

  97. Respected sir
    I am working in ras al khaimah freezone since 9 months, but now I want to cancel my visa due to some other good job, even I applied for cancellation.then call my hr said cancel your visa came 6 month immigration ban.why like that ?


  98. Hi deepak,

    I started working in an oil and gas company in abudhabi from march 2014 (Visa start date :18/03/2014, Profession in Visa: archives clerk) i had just passed out from my college and only had my provisional degree certificate with me. My visa proffesion was changed to Mechanical Engineer on April 02, 2015. But unfortunately, i was terminated on September 2, 2015 and my visa was cancelled on October 22, 2015( i had to take one month leave in august coz of serious family issues, i was terminated due to this ). My contract is unlimited contract and salary was 4800 aed . However, i managed to find a new job with AED 4800 per month in another company. But i do not know whether i will have ban of 6 months. I will leave abudhabi tomorrow (november 20, 2015).

    Please let me Know whether i will face ban and if yes, please advise a solution to lift the ban since my new employer is offering only 4800aed PM.

  99. Dear Mr.Deepak
    Yes dear is there any chance for me in new year Jan2016 to get clear this one year ban from my passport.I mean is there any good news for me,any new rule in upcoming year2016.

  100. Deepak my mistake its an unlimited contract so what will happen in this case then ???

  101. Hi Mr. Deepak…..
    Currently am working as cleaner in some company here in dubai yet I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce (B.COM) ACCOUNTING which I got in my country UGANDA. And it so comes that I got a job which is in line with my qualification. So far i have worked for 4 month’s on a 2 year’s contract. Need your advise thanks.

  102. Dear Mr.Deepak,
    My visa is a computer programmer visa with a salary of AED 12000. I heard that for this visa category there is no ban, but i was taken this visa during 6 month ban period. If i am canceling this visa(only 1 moth finished) then again i will be banned? The previous ban will be there? How can i switch my job in this situation? Visa transfer is possible? My current employer is ready to give me any support(NOC,visa transfer).
    Waiting for your reply.

  103. Mr. Deepak, i have a problem, because i resigned in my compny and they give me cancelation already and my compny is freezone and semigovernment it also unlimitted contract, because i didnt finish my 2 yrs contract i paid the amount of 4,000aed so that they will cancel my visa,, but when the time i transfer to my new job and i need to exit my compy file a case against me with run away, thats why they hold me in immigration and not allowede me to go exit,, i want to know if they file for me band because they ask to immigration i dont have any band,

  104. Good Day

    I had apply for the post of safety officer in abu dhabi, while my company apply visa for me, they said that i had be ban in uae bcoz i had been issued visa already some years ago, but i never applied visa before ,can i know which company apply visa for me… what should i do now, please help me…. Thanks in Advance

  105. Dear Mr.Deepak
    i need your help.
    present i am working in private setter company abu dhabi and i am getting salary AED1800.00 and completed 17 month. now i got another good opportunity and they decided salary 3000.00, .if thr is any ban for me before completing the contract.??

  106. Hello, im working in dubai from 1 year with labor visa suddenly my owner stopped the work and left the country.then i found new job,they will give me engineer visa with 5000 salary.then i went to labor office and filed a case on old company for cancellation.After a struggle of 2 months at labor office yesterday they said ur visa is cancelled and now go to immigration.
    Then i went to immigration at the immigration they said there is ban in this cancellation so go to al awer center.
    I am really struck , dont Know what to do now.How can i get a ban when i did not do any mistake.

  107. Sir
    my had life bann in 2012…..he was businessman in the UAE have 3 properties
    there is any law on examption life bann where can come back to take care of his business and can able to sell off his properties in Dubai.
    pls advise

  108. Dear Deepak,

    Wish you a good day.
    I have been working with one company here in UAE as a Mech Engineer and on Engineer visa. Not comfortable to go forward as there is delay is salary payments for 2 months and no proper system.Would like to switch to another company in UAE itself.My family is also with me here in UAE ,sponsored by myself.Is there a way I can switch over to another company without my self or family exiting UAE.

    Secondly what can I do if the company does not cancel my visa.

  109. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I would like to ask for your advise regarding my situation. My visa was already cancelled last 29-Sep-15 and my cancellation paper mentioned that i should exit before 28-Sep-15. But I have already received a job offer and they have started processing the labor quota. Unfortunately, it was not approved and was resubmitted. I was advised by my new employer to not exit an they will be shouldering my penalty for the overstay and my previous employer also do not have any objection as long as I will not overstay until 28-Nov-15 to avoid any immigration case. I need your advise if it is okay to overstay and just pay for the penalty upon issuance of the penalty or if there is any legal repercussions to me if I would be overstaying. Also, please note that if in case there would be more delays in the processing of my new visa, I have my ticket already on 17-Nov-15 so I will be going back to my home country with or without the new visa. Is there any chance that I will be blacklisted? I don’t have any qualms of paying all the fines for the overstay. Your prompt response will be very much appreciated.

  110. Help needed. Is it possible to re enter UAE on hisband sponcership if we have 1 year labour ban.

  111. Hi Mr Deepak,

    I am finished with my 2 years contract last august 2015.My residence visa will expirw on Nov. 9 and i am still working for my company.I received an email from them that they will not renew my contract.They send me a paper to sign.It is mention in the paper that there will be no working permit will be issued upon 6 months of cancellation.I am just wondering how did i get a ban if l am finished with my contract already.

  112. Dear Deepak,
    Firstly you are doing a great job…may God bless you!
    I am a British Citizen and Chartered Certified Accountant by profession. I have a situation and seek your advice:
    I found an employment in Dubai through a friend in June2015 and moved to Dubai with family on 12/08/2015…I joined my employer on 16/08/2015. But within first few weeks I realised that I would not be able to adjust in the working environment there-which I felt very stressful… due to office stress and other family settlement challanges made me ill and I fell into depression….

    I came back to UK with my family on 12/09/2012. I know, I should have cancelled the visa before leaving UAE.

    But I didn’t plan to leave like this. I had a plan to bring my family back first (so that my children can resume their study in UK) and go back to see if I could try working in the same company for a little longer or look for some other opportunity. But the company officials started threatening me before I left Dubai that they could have stopped me at Dubai airport…

    For your information, I have contacted the owner of the company by email and explained the situation but he didn’t reply. I contacted the HR as well but no response.
    My questions are:
    1) Will I able to cancel the work permit without going back to Dubai?
    2) How would I know if I have been banned to enter UAE?
    3) If I am banned, will I be able to visit UAE on visit visa Or be able to get a connecting flight via UAE?

    I look forward to your response. I hope you can advice!
    Thank you

  113. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    My company wants to give me 1 year ban. I didn’t do anything illegal. I have an unlimited contract. I resigned after 9 months in the company. I gave them 30-day notice for the resignation and they had no problem about it. I’m already out of the company for almost 3 weeks. I actually went to the office last week and we talked about the settlement and my boss has no problem with it. He told the accounting to go and process my settlement. Now I’m waiting for the settlement pay and visa cancelation. But now I talk to the accounting and they want to give me 1 year ban. I am confused right now.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        can you suggest me a lawyer able to solve a matter about the lifetime ban for absconding case?


        1. were same a problem,,,when i left dubai i just i saw a stamp in my passport i dont know what it means but its color blue, i just to know if i have a lifetime ban???
          i really want to come and work if possible or maybe just visit visa …somebody can help me please….

  114. Respected sir
    I am working in a shopping mall sharjah since 7 months, I have 2 years contract visa with my employer, but now I want to cancel my visa due to some serious emergency at my home, even I applied for cancellation, I wrote a resignation letter to my GM. But arbab is not willing to accept it. Two of other workers already applied for their cases in labour office, but arbab doesn’t attend his presence there, so I would like to know how can I cancel my visa ASAP, if I ask to police, can they let me go??

  115. my friend is on 3 month visit in UAE he want to be ban for 1 year.
    he live with his uncle and he want that ban is like legal who he can get it

  116. My Friend won his case on labour, but the employeer got drama when cancelling on immigration, they keep it on pending until it is over due and fle an absconding to him, the PRO just call him and said meet me so we can cancel you but instead he put him into jail and he can’t defend himself because the PRO and Police talk in arabic and the police do not listen to him. He was deported and his cancellation was stamp with showing #5 on it, is there any way that it can be lifted or checked his status?what does it mean? Appreciate you help.

    1. TJ,
      I have not much information on this. You should talk to the police directly.

  117. Hi Mr. Deepak!! Hope everything is well with you. Sir I want to know if my company can give me a ban. I already completed my 2 years as per on my labour card (expiry date – October 6, 2015) but my labour contract will expire on December 4, 2015. And I want to leave my company. Can they give any ban? Employment ban? Or I can move to my new found company.

    1. Christopher,
      if you have completed you contract and have provided proper notice period, there is no reason for ban.

  118. Dear Deepak.

    sir, i want to know that i am working in Aluminium company and i have offer letter of Unlimited Contract .my visa status is Production Clerck. i have complete One Year Only.I have B.Com Degree. now i want to change my job.is it possible can i change my job without any ban or charges kindly give me answer thanks i am waiting for your reply~

    1. Mughal,
      From January 2016, labour ban may not be applicable to you:
      Read New Labour Law:

  119. Dear Deepak,
    I had started a Company in Ajman Freezone in sep 2014, but unfotunately i was not able to pay the last three liscence fee EMI around 9k and company trade liscence has expired from last sep 10 2015. Kindly tell me the company got black listed or will I face a travel ban due to not renewing the company licence..waiting for your kind reply.

    Thank you

  120. Hi,

    I’m working in a freezone company as internal auditor.This month I’m going to complete my probation of 6 months.My contract period is unlimited and in my contract my designation is Clerk.Now i got a better offer from a company which is in the same freezone.Can I switch over my job without labour ban?Please advice me ASAP.

    1. Susi,
      Depends on your qualification.

      Read New Labour Law:

  121. Hi! I was in a visit visa way back 2009, and I got a job last 2010 in trading company with Iranian employer. Unfortunately when they applied me a residence vise, the immigration denied it because of medical problem. It is something with the lungs problem, they saw a scar, but I don’t have any sick like tuberculosis. They give me a ticket to return to my country immediately. The immigration in sharjah did an eye scan to me. Just want to ask if they gave me a lifetime ban and cannot enter to uae anymore? Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

    1. Katherine,
      If they have done eye scan, I think you may not be able to visit uae.

  122. Dear Sir,

    I am graduate.

    I’m working in a company for one year and 7 months with unlimited contract. My designation in the labor contract is Development Manager. If I resign and join another company with salary less than AED 10,000/ will there be labor ban? My colleagues telling there won’t be ban….

    If there is labor ban, and if I get NOC from the current company, can get I exempted from ban while applying for visa in the new company?

    Please help me sir.

    1. Sidu,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. Dear Deepak,

        I hope everything is well,

        I would like to know that i have got Employment Visa from Company in Dubai, but i went outside of a country for exit purpose, but just before leaving Dubai, i got to know alot of bad things about my employer and his salary deductions every month, so i have offers from other companies as well. Can he put Employer ban on me? i have done MBA in Finance

  123. Dear Sir,

    I’m working in a company for one year and 7 months. My designation in the labor contract is Manager. If I resign will there be labor ban?

    1. Sidu,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. Dear, want to know that i am working in dubai from 9th sept 15,having visa of 2 years,but now i want to change the company because company environment is not good and i am having MBA degree,So want to ask that shall i have to face a BAN if i switch the company

        1. Mayank,
          professionals do not face labour ban.

          New Labour Law:

  124. I joined the company on 24/08/15 in Ajman, UAE on a 2 year limited Contract with 6 months probation. My contract clearly states that “Either party can terminate this contract by providing one month notice or salary in lieu of the notice period” and it also states that “In case of voluntary or involuntary discontinuation of service, the visa cost for the balance period will be charged from you before you leave the organisation or it will be settled from your final dues” … My gross monthly salary is AED 4,500. I am an ACCA member and CPA Ireland Member with bachelor degree. I want to leave this job because the working environment is not good and I realized that am getting a very less salary compared to industry average based on my experience and qualification.
    I luckily got a job in a reputed organisation of Dubai and the salary is AED 8 K + … Will I be suffering the ban or if so what are the ways to avoid it. Am desperately waiting for your reply.. I am ready to pay the employer with visa cost and all .. Please guide me

    1. Muhammad,
      Professionals like you may not face labour ban.
      But since it is limited contract, I am not sure about this.
      Pleas consult MOL on this matter.
      Starting January 2016, you will face no ban.
      Read New Labour Law:

  125. Hi mr. deepak,

    Just wanted to ask. I have been employed to a private company for almost 2 months and they hired me when I was still in my tourist visa. Now they let me work for about 3 weeks before my entry permit(pink visa) arrived and made me have an airport to airport exit on my expense. Now Today my employer said that I have to pay my entry permit visa fee as it was a charge from the immigration not from their PRO. I believe that they should shoulder this as this is part of completing my working visa here in UAE. He said that this is being charged to me as I have stayed here in UAE when the pink visa was issued. But what I don’t get is that I had done A-A exit, and why is this still being charged. Can you please help and give a clearance to this?

    Also I’m still in my probation period, If I we’re to leave this company, will I have a Ban?
    My employer hasn’t shown me any Labour Contract and the only thing that I have signed was my Offer letter which was given to me by them.

  126. my name is mohammed rashik, iam a post graduted in microbiology and working in shajha,iam still not finish my first unlimited visa,i had completed 18month,so now i got good oppertunity(AED 5000),can i move to new company? any ban isse?please advice me immeadiately.

    Thank you

    1. Mohammed,
      You may not face labour ban, being post graduate.
      But please confirm with MOL.

      Read New Labour Law:

  127. Hi sir right now am working as a taxi driver under the rta and been working here for 1 and half year is there any chance to avoid the 1 year ban? Plz reply

    1. Wenna,
      I don’t think you could avoid labour ban if you have not completed your contract.

  128. Our company has terminated a post graduate web designer. Ours is a non-free zone company. She had worked with us for about 9 months. We have applied to MOL for work permit cancellation. In that it says no work permit will be issued till 6 months from the date of cancellation. Now that ex-employee wants to join another non free zone company and have asked us to issue a No Objection Letter towards transfer of Visa under another company. So should we issue such a certificate? Will this create any problem for our company in future? And Does this help the ex-employee to lift the Ban?

    1. Radhika,
      Yes, you could issue. It will help someone and it is no obligation on you and no risk.
      NOC could help in lifting the labour ban.

  129. Hi Deepak

    I have one question, 4Month Before i move to Freezone company from LLC. Now i got good offer in another freezone comapany. Please advice is there any ban or problem if i move to new company ?


    1. Rahim,
      within free zones there is no labor ban.
      But certain free zones may not approve your application due to their policies.
      Please check with them first.

      1. just resigned from my company 4month back now in new company 3month old,the department have been working in my new company has been outsourced to another company.
        my question is if i got a job outside freezone company will i be banned or my company can give me NOC since it was not my making thnx.

  130. Hi Deepak,

    Background Facts – (1) I was working in Dubai from Jan 2007 to Oct 2007 (8 months). I had few health complications and had to return to my home country. My employer gave me only 30 days leave but I would not recover. So, I stayed back in my home country and never rejoined the job in Dubai.
    (2) During my last few days of my stay, my roommate stole my credit card and use it for some purchases which I was not aware of it till 2014 when some credit card agency traced me and informed me that there is an outstanding in my credit card. I disputed but I don’t have any proof that I did not use my credit card. So I negotiated and paid/settled the card.
    (3) Now another agency is pestering me that there is an amount outstanding.

    My Query – (a) Is there any source to check whether any criminal or any other type of case is pending under my name

    (b) Is there any source to check whether their is any type of Immigration ban is there on me?


    1. Vinod,
      Only immigration department can help you.
      You should always obtain clerance certificate once settled.

  131. Hello Deepak,

    I am currently working in Calibre Hardware L.L.C in Nakheel, Dubai. My Visa has been stamped on August 4 2015 and i want to change my job because i am not getting the salary as i was told during the interview. Is there any way through which i should not face the ban . please le me know ?

      1. Can You please what is the limited time in the labour contract. I am having Sales visa and my visa has been stamped on august 4 , so there any limited time i have to work so that i should not face the ban or can i leave my job now also.

  132. Hi Deepak,

    Hope you are doing well.
    First of all I would like to thank you for doing doing such a great job.

    I want to ask you about labour ban and here is my condition.

    I am working in a non-free zone company in sharjah as a Web Designer for 1.5 years and on my visa my position is written “sales executive” recently my company wants to terminate me because they said they don’t have enough resource to pay my salary hence I can look for another job and my current salary is AED 4000 and I got an offer form a company in dubai which is FZ LLC company and they are offering me AED 6500. I want to mention here that I dont have bachelor degree I only have my matriculation certification (attested). I already spoke with Ministry of labour help line they told me that I’ll face an automatic ban when my visa is cancelled which is removable but I am just worried because I have only my matriculation certificate. and I also want to mention that my contract in my current company is unlimited. So do I need to worry about ban in my case or not??

    Thank in advance.

    1. Syed,
      For your new salary you may not have issue with labour ban.
      Also if you join a free zone, there may be no labour ban applicable.
      However, depends which free zone you are joining.

  133. I have unlimited contact in which my boss wrote Salary Aed 700 but i am getting Aed 1500. i came in UAE on company’s visa 26-Sep-2014 but they stamped my visa on passport in 14 Nov. I am Bcom. Now an other company is offering me above 3000. Now can you tell me about ban ?

    1. Naveed,
      If you do not complete your contract, you will face labour ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  134. Do they ban maids in UAE who resign before contract ends and wants return to her country???

    1. Ford,
      Maids do not have labour ban. But they can be banned at immigration level for violation!!

  135. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as an Engineer with an LLC company under limited contract for past 3.5 years.My visa got renewed 5 months back.My current company is in Ras al khaimah free zone and my visa is free zone visa, i am having a salary of 6000 AED here.Now i got a new job with a salary of 20000 AED and i have submitted my resignation with one month notice period. Now my company is not ready to relieve me by this time. What should i do now. Is there any possibility that company can give labour ban for me.

    Awaiting your reply

  136. Dear deepak i am working last three years in same company if i am resign can i face ban problem? My contract is unlimited can u tell me your expereience about this ?

  137. hi deepak..

    I am here in al rigga dubai for a n half month. I am holding a visit visa. its been a three week I sign a offer latter n they r processing my entry primit visa but 5 days ago I got a call from a good company again n they r offering me a good salary package .. can I talk to my company ,a, to cancel my entry primit visa to continue for company ,b, .. ?

    is there any ban for me If I tell them to cancel my entry primit visa cos they told me yesterday they will call me within 2week for exit .. pls help me as so as possible I really want join the compaby ,b,

    thank u deepak..
    [email protected] plss pls reply me

  138. hi,
    i was working in real estate company on commission basis and they put my basic salary in contract 5000aed now they are going to close their company and i have NOC from their side.i got new job salary is 4475aed.what i should do to remove labour ban???
    plz guide me with good answer bcz i am worried about this thing.thanks

    1. Mudassar,
      I don’t think if the company is closing, you will have any labour ban.

  139. Hi mr. Deepak,

    Can someone explain it to me the 1 year labour ban? Because right now i’m working 1 month in my company. I tried to resign but they are asking me to pay 4000 dirhams and i will be having 1 year ban. Why like this?

  140. Hi Deepak
    I’m working at house as a driver and then my boss still let me do the things their in house, but i got already licence and i’m working for her than a 1year and 4months. So, i decide to go and not continuing my contract for 2years. And then she threatened me that she will banned me or block list in all gcc country. So what should i do. Even i’d pay her for the expenses of my license and yet she bring me back here in my agency. And my agency told me also if i really want to go my country i will pay for my ticket and have ban me.

    1. Bea,
      I do understand your concern. But got confused with the last sentence. What are you looking for?

  141. hi deepak ..
    i avail amnesty 2012 -13 and i applied for the visit visa got rejected and said its life ban.. is it true amnesty seekers will never enter uae anymore ???

  142. Helle there i am working i am company holding free zone visa from last 6 months. Now i got a new employer. So if i resign would i get ban.

  143. I am woking in freezone company i have an emergency so i going for leave after that i dnt want to come so what should i do suugest can i send resgination through mail or suggest me some thing

    1. Raheem,
      Better to submit resignation and make yourself clear from the beginning.
      I do not recommend doing anything like you have mentioned.
      Think also of the company that depends on you for the work.

  144. Hi dear.my job in marketing company DU telecom marketing .OK no salary only commition. I m daily morning 7.am start job and after 10 pm night finish my job .daily full time job but my income only 800 to 1000 dhs.can I job change if possible. And no ban ???????? Please help me.thanks

  145. Dear All
    With due respect,recently i got ban for one year from UAE and while i am coming back doing immigration in Dubai airport i asked them about the stamp reason they said no problem you can visit after one year

    But i heard that this might be life time ban from entry in UAE. But i didn’t make any mistake in my 11 years there in UAE.

    Will you please help me out regarding this problem.Is there anything exist like this ban.

      1. Dear Mr.Deepak
        So how i can get the details for this one year ban and also i wanna ask, is it normal thing when somebody ban from UAE for one year should give eye scan and fingerprints and secondly is there any way to left this ban before completing one year.


        1. Fateh,
          No, when you are banned for one year, you do not need to provide eye scan.
          You could further enquire in MOL and immigration.

  146. Hi deepak
    I am working with an LLC company for the past 5 months under a limited contract,i am not presently satisfied with the current profile and one of the company in hamriya free Zone is ready to take me.the salary they are offering is AED 4000.my present salary is 3000.i would like to know about there would a ban for me.from labour or by employer.whether NOC is required for me to change visa.your quick response will be a great help

  147. Hi Deepak.
    I was working with exhibition company as marketing assistant with a salary of 5000.its a Dubai 2 years visa.i have got a new job in my hand.i have resigned from my company and I have serve notice period of 1 month which company has given me resignation acceptance.
    I haven’t completed my 2 years Dubai visa contract and my company is putting me a ban of 1 year.
    My new company is free zone.
    Can my new company will be able to issue me a free zone visa even thought I got 1 year ban on Dubai visa.?
    Awaiting for your reply.

    1. Aarif,
      If it is limited contract and you have ban, then you may not be able to join even free zones!!

  148. Hi mr deepak
    I have been 1 year in my company under freezone visa and I got a job in other company, I resigned but my company threatening me to give a ban,, I didn’t finish my notice period coz they ask me to stop coz I have absent coz of sick plss give me an advice I don’t know what I do

    1. Reinelyn,
      I am not aware of free zone laws.
      However, ban for no reason is punishable.

  149. Hi deepak sir,
    Sir currently am doing a job in taxi co. As taxi driver my contract is limited and only 5 months completed as doing job I have resigned as emergency without one month period because my co doesn’t accept resign when they know about new job offer. I have a new job offer at Free zone government job after cancelation maybe 1 year ban or 6 months ban is it possible after leaving with ban to home country can I came back here in the ban period please inform me about

    1. Sibghat,
      You will need to ask the company as taxi companies have separate laws being semi government companies linked to RTA.

  150. Dear Deepak,

    You have helped in in past as well and would be thankful if you could support me in this situation.

    Recently 4 months back I have joined a job in Abu Dhabi with Salary of 16000 AED with Unlimited contract. But their is some serious problems going on in this company which was not expected before I join. Anyhow now that I have my visa stamped in this company I still managed to find one good offer in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

    So now what will be the consequences??? I have some question

    1. I have a probation period of 6 months which says either party can terminate the contract without any notice period… Is it that i can leave immediately??? As i have completed only 4 months in this company and still on probation.
    2. Will it post a ban on me???? I think so
    3. Ban for how long?
    4. As I am finding Jebel Ali Free Zone job with salary of 20000 (I am not a graduate but) so will it be possible that I will get a visa or still do I have to serve the ban period???
    5. I have my wife and Kid on my sponsorship. What about them? will they also have a ban???

    1. Bilal,
      1. It depends on your contract and what is written about notice period during probation.
      2. It won’t apply for the salary you have .
      3. No ban, I guess.
      4. What is the position offered?
      5. You need to cancel them first in order to cancel your visa. No, they won’t have Ban!

  151. HI Mr. Deepak,
    I have seen your expertise on visas and immigration related matters. It is on this regard that I wanted to ask for some advise/answers on some question I have.

    My brother in law works in a limited contract company. He completed only 3 and half years in service and he resigned.

    After cancellation, he was given 1 year MOL ban.

    We tried to apply visit visa through the company im working in JAFZA Freezone. I believed that 1 year labour ban can still apply for a visit visa right?

    Unfortunately, when we applied for a 1 month visit visa, immigration has rejected it.

    Is there possibility for this case to be approved and be issued a visit visa?

    Your reply asap is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot


    1. Juvilyn,
      Usually this is not the case. This is news to me.
      But as you know, the laws and regulations change very often.

  152. Dear sir,
    Currently I am working in Dubai as a programmer from last four months, I am not satisfy with this job and I got another job in Abudhabi . Currently I have 6000 and new company offered 6000 + accommodation food and transportation . I was completed MCA. I am worrying about UAE labour ban. Is it possible to avoid labour ban?

  153. Mr. Deepak,

    Good day!

    I am working in a Private Company for only 6months, under Limited Contract. Now, I am planning to resign and I am aware that I will have a automatic 6months Ban and it depends on the company if they will give me another 6 months ban. I just want to ask in case I will be facing a 1 year Labour Ban, am I still be able to come to UAE holding a Tourist/Visit Visa while I have 1 year labour ban?

    1. Isabella,
      If you have labour ban, you could visit UAE on visit visa/tourist visa.

  154. Dear sir, I was in sharjah (holding free zone visa), but when I got good job out side free zone in sharjah i resigned my current job and break contract of 2 years in 4 months. now i am in my home country to waiting a visa from my new employer, but my new employer saying that my visa rejected 2 times from labor department. and the did not gave any visa processing document to me. so, any ban enforced on me?

  155. Hi Deepak,

    Iam a MBA degree holder and my contract is unlimited. I completed only 2 months and am still under my probation period… Last week my management informed me to look for other vacancies on the account of cost cutting in my company. So pls advice will i face a 6 months ban.. It not my fault though…. Is NOC alone enough or even the company which is offering me new job should give me 12000 salary to lift my 6 months ban ???

  156. Dear Deepak,

    Hope you are doing good.

    First of all really thanks for your wonderful help for all people.

    I wrote you before my queries but you did not answered me. Well, no issue as there are lot of queries you answer every day. So i can understand.

    I am working in a trading company in Industrial Area, Sharjah, UAE. A privately owned small company. I have not completed six month here but i want to resign. I know there is a ban if before contract end we resign.

    My question is….:

    Here my salary was 4500 AED with no commission..nothing more than that. Now a company from Ajman Free Zone offered me 5000 AED with some commission as per sales (i am in Sales).

    1. In case of limited or unlimited contracts (both) …. should i get the ban of 6 month or 1 year?
    2. If i accept the employment in Ajman Free Zone…ban will be removed or it will be still there….if there how can i remove if not there then what documents i will need for new employment…
    3. Salary / designation has any impact on ban as i am Bachelor degree holder (attested)…and current visa status is Sales Executive?
    4. Can my old employer bane me completely if he want in order to stop my employment within UAE……as i have no legal case..nothing like that….just resigning before 6 month due to financial cause and will join new company for the same cause.

    Kindly must update me for these points…. your fastest approach is required for me..

  157. Dear deepak

    i have BBA (hons) degree. did i get ban if resign my current job. i have just completed 3 months.

      1. dear deepk
        i have in dubai for 6 year and left dubai 5 year before now i apply vist visa n immigration refuse to approve they said he have a ban from previous compmny nad they file there i have done ffruad with them ,
        can you guide me from where i can dressed this issue n come back there
        awaiting for good respose

  158. Hi Deepak,

    I have been working for 9 months in a Free Zone Visa at Silicon Oasis. Is it ok for me to change jobs without a Ban within a year?

  159. Hello Deepak sir, Its almost 7month i am working in super market,but i dnt like these job.sir i have complete graduation from India. I want to cancel my visa,if i do that my company will ban me for 1year.my question is that is there any procedure to stop my 1year ban.

  160. Hi Deepik you are doing really a great work.
    Deepik i need some help, actually i am working with sharjah based company from last 2.5 months ,company did not able to get my visa stamped, i am done through medical, company offered me 4000 AED they not providing me accommodation , my visa category is Accounts General. Company not following any of the rule, and i am thinking to quit and apply for another company please help me out that whether i stamp my visa and quit or quit earlier , im asking this regarding ban issue.

    Best Regards:

  161. hi. I have two questions

    1 .I am new in UAE, iv been employed by the bank 3months ago, i need to change jobs However I do not hold any degree certificate, will I get a ban if I move to a new job now ?

    2.my fiancée and I are planning to get married so I can move to husband visa ,will that get me a ban as well?

    1. Tebatso,
      1. labour ban may be applicable.
      2. Yes, labour ban is applicable irrespective of visa!!

  162. dear Deepak I want to ask ” I was working with a trading llc company on mechanical engineer visa,
    with basic salary of 5000 aed . I got terminated after 4 months ( under probation period ) by the company.
    Now I am getting offer in trading company on machine operator visa with 3500 aed basic.
    I want to ask
    1. will I avoid ban cause previous profession was mechanical engineer and company terminated me.
    2. in case of ban what documents I must have to remove ban .

    1. Waqas,
      1. Do you have NOC??
      2. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  163. Hi Deepak,

    I am an engineer. However I started my career as Admin Assistant. In my visa, position mentioned is Clerk. My current salary is 2500. I have been working here for last 4 months.

    Now I got a good Job as Technical Engineer with a salary of AED 6800.

    Will be there any labour ban for me. Please advise.

  164. Hi Deepak Sir My name is Thakur. From last 3 months i am working in Sharjah its a contracting compnay .I resigned from the company because of its bad condition.But owner don’t like they want me to work there .If not like that they will put 1 year ban without any reason .Please help me and tell me what to do in this situation

    1. Thakur,
      I am not sure in what way I could help!
      There must be a good reason for 1 year ban!!

  165. Dear
    I was working on a unlimited contract with a trading company in sharjah… i resigned after 7 months of my contract n left the job in good manner n my x boss canceled my visa without putting any additional ban or any thing… i got abother job as a sales manager n my salary is suppose to be 12500 aed so my new employer applied fr my visa on designation of sales manager it got rejected.. so we tried taking long term visit visa tht also got rejected 3 times for security reason my whole family is in uae so my father went to GHQ dubai police CID department they said my name is clear thrs no case against me.. so my father went back to immigration n they just said he cant come to uae they are nt sayin ne thing else… thr ws another guy there he said its blocked frm abudhabi
    Please not my record is clean
    I canceled my visa n left UAE before 30 days n the v next day we started to apply fr my visa n it got rjected please cn u think of any possible reasons n how cn i get it solved ???

    1. Waqas,
      Sorry I can’t offer anything here! Your only option is to visit the concerned department.

      1. hi sir
        just i want to know iam working since 8 years same work .so apply ban for me

  166. Hi Deepak,

    I worked in Abu Dhabi for 5 months. Then came to India for vacation. I could not return due to emergency and resigned from India. 3-4 months later, I settled the expenses with my employer and got the Experience letter from them.

    I want to know if there could be any absconding case? Can I come back to UAE again in future forvisit/transit?

    Will there be issues to get visa for other countries?

    1. Sid,
      Only the company and immigration officials could confirm whether you have absconding case filed against you.
      If you have absconding case against you, you may not be able to enter UAE.
      I don’t think you will have troubles with other countries.

      1. Thanks Deepak,

        Is it possible for them to file absconding case? I read somewhere that employer can file absconding if the employee is in UAE. I was never in UAE after I put my resignation from India.

        I also settled the minimum dues and got the experience letter from them

        1. Hi Deepak,

          I contacted the MOL and they informed me that the entry permit/visa has been cancelled.
          There is no abscond reporting at MOL and also no labour ban as of now.

          However, they could not five details on immigration ban if any.

          Can there be an immigration ban if there is no abscond reporting at MOL?

        2. Sid,
          Yes and no.
          I don’t think they’d have filed absconding case as you have settled your case.

  167. Hi good day sir,which ban i can get if i’ll leave the Semi-Gov’t company by annual leave and go back to my origin without resigning. Is it still possible for me to come back in UAE after a certain period of ban. And there is no chance for me also to move to private company from Semi-Gov’t company? Thank you very much and have a nice day.

    1. Jao,
      You may be reported as absconding if you do such a thing.
      After that, you will not be able to visit UAE.

      1. Thank you for your reply sir. One more thing sir, what if there is private company willing to hire me,is it possible to move or is there any other way i can do to lift the ban or to pay to lift the ban? Thank you.

        1. Jao,

  168. Hello Deepak,

    I am currently looking for a job in UAE.
    If i get a job where the company is providing my Visa and if in case i quit the job in middle without completing 2 years.
    one thing is i will have a ban for 6 months . other than this is there anything the company will impose on me.

    1. Sahana,
      In terms of imposing, do you mean any costs?
      No, they can not impose any costs.

  169. Hello Mr. Deepak,

    If I have 1 year labor ban can I still obtain visit visa within UAE?



  170. hii sir gd mrng

    sir my visa is going to complete on 02.09.2015 theis is 2 years visa i completed bt my company gave to me to sign on labour visa cancellation paper, but the thing is on the paper they mention that work permit will not issue upto 6 months in UAE … in asked my company pro his saying that it will be automatic ban in UAE..


    1. Raghu,
      Please read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. dear sir
        My visa cancel in absconding case
        One year labor & immigration ban on me
        I left UAE dated 16 Jan 2016.
        Now i asked question one year ban automatically remove ?
        Right now i apply visit visa or not.
        Or suggest me where i check ban status.

  171. hi
    i want to ask that ……i have clerk visa i was doing my job from nine month and now i want to leave my job and want to open my own company in free zone investor visa …..my previous job is not giving me NOC letter ….they will cancel my visa but not providing noc …..can u tell me if i want to open my company in free zone ban will apply on me or not plzz answer as soon as possible very urgent

  172. Hi I am applying for a K1 visa going to USA and I am currently holding limited employment visa and it will expire on 2016. Does the immigration give me a ban if I leave the country for marriage?

  173. Hiii Deepak

    Without resignation if v leave to our country can i come in visit visa?its almost 5 years….

  174. Dear Deepak,
    I had started a Company in RAK Freezone in May 2014, but unfotunately couldn’t start business as my appointed Manager cheated me & now its been 3 months above the expiry of my company licence. Kindly tell me am I blacklisted or will I face a ban due to not renewing the company licence..Awaiting your kind reply.
    Thank you

  175. Hi Deepak,

    This is regarding a information i need related to termination of contract. Would be grateful if you please revert.

    I am a Electrical engineer (Degree Holder), my degrees are attested with UAE embassy and presently i am working with engineering consultancy firm where i completed 8 months out of which my probation was 6 months which is finished. Please note this is my first job in UAE and i am under unlimited contract.

    Now i got another opportunity with a salary of 12000 AED. Can you please tell me will there be a six months ban if i switch the job now.


  176. hi i was working as an nail technician on a salon here in UAE , then only now they was terminated me because of my absences i was only completed 6 months and when i ask for the ticket they say they will not provide anything .. the question is how was that ? i have ban for 6 months so how will i go back to my country or to find new job ?

    1. Bell,
      If it was a termination, you must be provided with air ticket!
      Ban is automatic.

  177. Hi Deepak!
    I have been working in a company under limited contract for 9 months. I want to resign. Which options do i have to do it not having a ban? Should i move to free zone or start my own company…etc?
    Thank you!

    1. Dima,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  178. Hı sırhow i can check ban and how i Will remove ban . I think I have ban bcz i take loan and i go my country and not come baCK bcz i have problem my country.now i want to go back UAE how i can remove pls help

    1. Peter,
      That will be immigration ban and travel ban. You need to check with immigration and your bank whether they have filed any complaint against you.

  179. Hello All

    Any body want to lift immigration or Labor ban , Please contact me i will help you my cousin is Lawyer in Dubai and he already lift banned for above 1000 of peoples..

    contact me on my email address or whatsapp #..
    [email protected]
    0092-321-8206771 Whatsapp

  180. Sir, I am on a unlimited contract with an International Company thru an agency. My contract states that I am only on a AED 4000 financing scheme dependent on target and with a monthly salary of 1 AED. I started working last June 1 however my resident visa states June 27. If I wanted to transfer to another job or I got an offer from another company, what should be the minimum offer or contract details of the new job to be able to transfer to the said job.. FYI I have a bachelor’s degree.

    1. Georgi,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      You may face labour ban if you shift jobs without completing the contract.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  181. If a lady cancelled her visa from previous company and did not complete 2 years. She was holding a position of Operations Manager in the previous company. She is planning to join the new company as Secretary with a salary of 5000. Will she get a labour ban? If so, how can this be lifted?

    1. Jijo,
      Labour ban will apply. Designations do not matter.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  182. Hai Depak,

    One of my friend is a kallivalli in UAE for the last 7 years. She is from Philippines. When she is going back she will get life ban. Then can she come back to UAE on a husband visa? Please reply me.


  183. Hai dearz,

    i had joined one company in Abu dhabi on June 2015, till now I am not getting salary and the other employees salary is already pending from May. My question is : Can I give resign to this cvompany, if I resigned did I get a ban? What I need to do avoid ban?

    1. Sajid,
      You should first file a complaint against the company in MOL.
      Then you could resign once the decision is made.

  184. Hi Deepak,

    My friend was called here by a restaurant. They said that he will be working in the restaurant but after the exit and re-entry, restaurant manager told him that he has to work in his house as domestic servant. At this, he got scared and ran away. Restaurant manager kept his Passport and other documents in his custody and declared him absconder. Now, since then, he is living without any documents (more than a year now). We want to pay his total fines and get his passport and ID etc. back. What should we do now?

  185. Hi,
    I was living in Dubai for 13 years. 2 years ago my employer delayed on renewing my visa and after submitting my app it got rejected. We tried so many times but no chanse. Due to this point that my family were in Dubai and also My wife was pregnant I could not leave them alone and did not exit for 2 years. During these days I was jobless and staying home. My wife was partner in a company and was working instead of me. After sometimes I tired and decided to go awir immigration to talk and solve my issue. But they did not even listen and send me to jail and scanned my eyes and deported me. Now my wife and 3 kids are there and I am out of dubai for two month. There is only on exit stamp on my passport. I do not know if I am ban or not? If yes for how long?! And how can I remove and come back to my family?! Please advise the solution and logical reason.

    Thank you very much

    1. Mori,
      If they have done iris scan, this could mean you may have a life ban.
      To get more clarity, it is better for your representative to visit immigration and check.

      1. But Why life time? what did i do?
        really if it is matter of overstay i could pay the penalties? although my Sponsor saying they did not absconding me but what is this huge punishment for me?

  186. Sir, good evening. My 2 years unlimited contract will end on November 2015. And i am planning not to renew nd tender my resignation after completing the 2 year contract. but due to the change in the Sponsor name they told me they need to cancel my current visa and place it with new one. Now it was already been cancelled. I am holding the New entry Work Visa with the stamp of “change status”. I called the MOL and as per their system my contract was cancelled. What will be the possible implications of this? Will i have labour ban? thank you

    1. Rosch,
      It is treated as a new sponsor.
      You should make sure you get this change done in writing from your company.

  187. Hello Dipak,

    I am currently working in Dubai Airport Free Zone . I have unlimited contract and currently I am on Probation Period. I have completed 5 Months . I got another opportunity from another Dubai based company in Dubai Media City. If I will resign can I join another organization or is there any ban on it?


  188. Hello Deepak,

    I am an employer, I took on a manager for my business in January after being released from his company، he did his medical last week and we still didn’t stamp or get his MOL contract yet. He informed me that he would like to resign as he has found a better offer from NBAD for 13k.

    I have paid all his visa costs up till now and will be left without a manager again but I cannot force someone who doesn’t want to work for me to work.
    My question is will there will be an automatic ban applicable?

    1. AK,
      No, since he is joining a semi government organisation, even if there is ban, it will not be applicable.

  189. HI

    My friend is working in a llc company for last 8 months as engineer and having a salary of 3500 AED, but now due to the lack of project the company suggest him to leave the job, and another company in dubai is willing to give him a job as engineer for salary 4000 AED, present company is ready to give the NOC to this change,

    Can you suggest this is valid or not?
    if valid please give the proper instructions to be followed.

    Can he work the new company without change the visa along with NOC only?

    1. Manu,
      With NOC, he could avoid labour ban.
      Let him take the termination letter as well as NOC.

  190. Hi Sir, how to lift lifetime ban imposed by the employer for absconding. This has happened to one of my friend who has completed her two years contract and got some good offer from the new employer and the previous employer made a complaint against her in immigration whereas she has valid proof with her of completion and she completed her contract as per the T&C with honesty and yet she has sent to home country now. Kindly advice what steps should she take to find the justice for herself.

    Thank You.

    1. Ankur,
      What was the basis of complaint?
      You could file a counter claim with immigration on her behalf.
      There must be a valid proof to file such requests with immigration.

      1. Her previous employer made a complaint in immigration that she is absconding from work. Whereas she didn’t and had complete her contract in full with honesty. She has all valid proofs with her.

  191. Most Respected sir,
    Just i want to know last 27 months to till now i working in security compny llc. I finish my first limited visa 14 april 2015.same time i renewed my visa same compny but now i find new job in sharja. Let me please if i give the resing then i recived any ban from labour court or company? Thanks

  192. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Just want to ask if I got 6months labor ban can i still get the 3 months tourist visa . Will the 3 months visit visa will be deducted to 6 months labor ban or 6months labor ban means I need to be out of the UAE for 6monhts or just not to be employed within 6 months but still can stay in UAE. Your quick response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Renev,
      yes, when you have 6 month labour ban, you can visit UAE on tourist/visit visa.
      But you can not work for any company under MOL. You could fine work in Free zone.
      But certain free zones may not consider you if you have labour ban.

      1. Hi Mr Deepak …
        i have a Q plz …
        im now terminated from my job .. can i work for new Employer after Visa cancel ? they notify me about that and i found new job in dubai … can i work at the new employer and get new visa before i leave the country ? what can i do in that situation ? im asking about after cancel my visa can i start new work before i leave to aviod ban ?
        thanks alot …..

        1. Abdo,
          You need labour approval and visa to work for a new company.
          Working without visa is illegal.

          1. Thank You My friend .. im asking if the new employer will give Visa and a Contract .. can i Stay in the Country Until i get the new visa from the new company ? the Old company said they will give the Passport to me in the Airport and cancel the visa from there .. new company can give to me new Visa before cancel the Old one Or what ? they told me they have Free zone visa .. So They can give to me New Visa without Ban ? and i Know i cant work without Visa , How can i Take this Approval ? Sorry For Inconvenience My Friend But am Really Confused :$ .. Thank U again …

  193. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I’m working in Dubai in a LLC Company as an Administrative Office from April, 2015 under unlimited contract and the total salary is: 8,000/- kindly advise me if I resign serving with 30 days notice before completion of two years; I will be having 06 Months Labour Ban? If I get same designation job with same salary in any another LLC Company.
    If the ban will be there what are the provisions and your advice to avoid the ban with the same salary.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  194. Hello.I have a small problem which i hope you can answer.I had some medical issues due to which i resigned from present job.I have a loan of 40k from a bank.My 4 installment bounced due to lack of money.So i recently paid of 4 installment in under 1 month(after the bank called me) ,and from next month is gonna be 1 payment per month as it used to be .So the guy who called me told me i was blacklisted in central bank.What does it actually mean do you have any idea?Will i have any issue if i am gonna join any government or private job?will i have any issue at getting visa or its just i cant leave the country etc ?(I have never traveled out of uae btw)
    Hope you can answer me or lead to where i can find more info on this .
    Thank you
    Good day.

    1. Pervaiz,
      Yes, you might face troubles with the job as the security checking with government/semi government is strict these days.
      Also note that the financial institution may also file a police case against you which will result in criminal case.
      If they have filed a police case, you will not be able to travel outside UAE.

  195. Dear sir ,
    I work as sales assistant in grocery in Abu Dhabi but the company don’t give any benefit such as medical card and no holiday pay and no concern to their staff I’m work 5 months in this company my question is if I resign what kind of ban they give to me and also how many months I can make resign and find another job thanks you sir

  196. Iam on limited contract completed only 11 months.Got an offer from govt .
    If I resign what type of ban I will receive.How will I compensate with the current employer,does I need to pay 45 days salary.

      1. Sindhu,
        If it is labour ban there should not be any problem if the Government Hospital is OK with that!

  197. hi deepak !
    i recently joined a private company, i was on a student visa before and i canceled that upon there request to process new visa , as soon i changed my visa there attitude was changed too , as they told me to travel to the other emirates which they havent informed me before and some other issues too .. my visa isnt stamped till now will i still get the ban if they cancel me ? 6months or 1 year ? labor , emmigration or both ? and can i file a complaint at MOL ?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Mani,
      Labour Ban is automatically applied. What complaint are you going to file?

  198. Hi Deepak,

    I have some query related to my Labour contract, I am working under husband sponsorship and my Labour contract is under DWC, I want to shift to new job and by August 17th, its going to be 6 months, i want to know whether i have pay any amount to employer as training expenses because in my offer letter its mention if employee is not completing 6 months ( Freezone Labour Contract) , then they will have pay 5000 AED as company Training Expense. Please suggest for the same.

  199. Good Evening. Currently i am working in one private company in abu dhabi for past three month. I got offer from semi government company so i planned to resign my current job. But the management saying if you doing like this we will do it for u as a Immigration for one year. So let me know the company have rights to do like that.

  200. I was working as Sales Manager in a private company. After working 5 years on limited contract, due to a dispute I filed a labour case in AD labour court in July 2014 and my labour and visa expired in November 2014 during the proceedings of the court. I have got a new job offer as Business Development Manager in June 2015 and I went to labour to cancel my labour to join new company. At the time of cancelation labour told me that they will put ban for one year because my labour is expired more then 6 months (expired on Nov.2014). Now what to do? I can not work in the new company and now my family visa is also expired and now I can not renew it

    Please help and tell me what should I do now??

    1. Shakeel,
      If MOL has given you their decision, you should abide by that.
      Since you have overstayed on you visa, you will also need to pay fine which is roughly 25 dirhams per day.
      You should approach MOL to reconsider their decision.

  201. Dear Mr. Deepak

    I am working in a Travel tourist LLC in ajman from march 2015 . I have unlimited contract. If I migrate to another company after 1 year, is there any labor ban?

  202. Hi,i just want to help my friend,she’s asking for some question,she was working in dubai before then she resigned and went back to our country,but she left her car without settelling it,the car loan is 4 years but she paid 17 months only,i just want to know if she can go back to dubai without facing any problem,do you think she is permanently ban in dubai or not.

    1. Jhon,
      That depends on whether the bank has filed a police case against the person or not!

  203. Hi,

    I am currently working for a government agency, they say that they will give 1 year immigration ban if I resign without finishing my contract. But I heard that if I transfer to a Freezone company the immigration ban will not be applicable. How true is this?

    1. Kenneth,
      What you have heard is wrong.
      If you have immigration ban, you will not be able to obtain employment visa in UAE.

  204. Hello,

    Deepak, I haven’t received any reply from you.
    Need your help please.

    I had posted on 25th July.


  205. Hi,

    my company is situated in dubai. it is a food company. the behaviour of my boss is not good. i have joined the company in march 2015 what is the consequences if i resign from the company? and also let me know the consequences if the company terminate me? kindly note i am in probation period.

    1. Satyam,
      If you are under probation, company can terminate you without any reason.

      Engage in a meaningful discussion, Visit: http://forum.emiratesdiary.com

  206. Dear Deepak,

    I wanted to resign from my current company as they don’t have any challenging work to do. I also have an offer from India and Planning to move there.

    Having an unlimited contract and my 1 year period will end in mid September.

    1. Will I face any other Ban apart from Labour ban ? (Labour ban is for 6 months right ?)
    2. Do I have to pay any visa expenses, is it a law here in dubai ? if Yes how much does it cost for visa ?

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thank you 🙂

  207. Hi deepak,

    I got employment offer from the company in uae. at the time of interview employer told me the visa process will take 6 weeks. but 13 weeks completed, till now they didn’t complete my visa. i spoke to company officials they told engineer visa not available now and we submitted documents for labour approval. i got other offer also. is it possible to go new employer? (i had given my original certificate to the employer)

    1. Saran,
      If your labour approval is under process, you can not take up other offers.
      You should ask the company to cancel the process.

  208. Hi deepak,
    I got employment offer from the company in uae. at the time of interview employer told me the visa process will take 6 weeks. but they didn’t complete my visa after 1

    1. Saran,
      Think you have not completed your query!!

      Be part of a community at Emirates Diary Forum. Browse, ask a question at the latest feature of Emirates Diary. Visit: http://forum.emiratesdiary.com

  209. Hi sir my employment visa validity one year expire i get one year immigration and labour ban is this possible I enter visit visa uae or when 1 year finish ban in get easily visit visa please help me

    1. Sana,
      If you have immigration ban you may not be able to enter UAE.
      If you have labour ban, you could enter UAE but may not be able to work.

  210. Hi Deepak,

    Am working for LLC company & my salary is AED 4500 pm, being MBA in Marketing + 11 years of experience in shipping industry.
    If i get job in Free Zone or any LLC company with salary of AED 7000+, than will there be 6month labor ban?
    What if my current employer refuse to give me NOC & also ask me for visa cancellation fees (approx AED 7000/-)
    How can i fight for NOC and how can i avoid paying Visa cancellation fees.

    Please help

  211. Hi Deepak,

    I had joined a company in april 2015, what if i get a job in government company(Sector) will there be ban for me or what should i do?

    Please suggest.


    1. brahim,
      Labor ban is automatic. However, if you get job in government organisation, ban may not be applicable.
      However, it is up to the new company to consider you if you have labour ban.

  212. hi,

    i am working one of the semi-government. i already clear my credit card payment and now no any balance and inform bank for cancellation but as per them they will give the no dues latter after 48 days. can it affect during immigration or what should i have to keep with me to show them during exiting UAE.

    1. Gohel,
      I don’t think that will affect.
      Did you default and was a case filed against you?
      Take your latest credit card statement with you when you travel.
      Yes, it takes up to 45 days to clear the credit card.

  213. Hi Deepak ,
    I am working under limited contract in an llc company and I completed 1 year and 10 months here, my contract period will finish in Sep 24, 2015. Now I got job with salary of 7k+. The deadline date of joining they provided is 1st Sep. If I leave my current company before my contract period, is there any chances of getting BAN???
    If yes, what type of ban it will be ?
    is there any way to lift the ban ?
    profession mentioned in visa is Civil Engineer.

    1. Arjun,
      Ban is automatic. You could avoid it: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  214. Hi deepak sir,

    I am working in a company for about 5month now and another competitor company has offered me a better position and salary. I am a engineer and present company has appointed me as sales executive with low salary,
    my new company is ready to give me 12000 AED salary as per the Labour law.

    But my concern is that if my present company gives any complain against me will that be a problem please advice me ?

    Also is the No objection Letter mandatory from the company i work now?

  215. Hi Deepak,
    Hope your are doing good.I have new employment visa 2 weeks ago and as of now my tourist visa is not expired .Due to the working atmosphere I plan to leave the company and join on another company.I have not done my medial and no visa has stamped on my passport n if I leave the company will I get any ban.
    Appreciate your earliest reply.

    1. Mary,
      How could you have both employment visa as well as tourist visa?
      When they applied for your employment visa, the tourist visa is cancelled!
      If you have a labour approval, you will face labour ban.

  216. Hi deepak,

    I am in visit visa right now but i already started working in a company (for a week) and my employment visa is already processed. I just want to know if i will get labour/ employment ban if i decided not to continue working in that company.

  217. I am currently working under labor visa. just got new job offer under immigration visa and they need me after 2 weeks if ever i did not complete the notice period in the current employer can the company put me immigration ban? or If I will just give them 14 days notice them i will pay the rest is it possible or please advise the best thing to do so they can release me smoothly.

    1. Chloe,
      You should talk to your existing company to reduce the notice period. That’s the best thing.
      You will not get immigration ban. What type of contract are you on?

  218. Sir
    Iam having Credit card and Loan dues for which I attended Court and Jail in some case completed court sentence my cheated Me if there is Ban I cant travel other countries kindly suggest me 9am poor man

  219. Dear Sir,
    i came to DXB this year may 15th on visit visa, and i found a job and they changed my visa in to working and they sent me to oman and changed my visa as emplyment visa, my contract is for 2 years, my question is
    i am still on my probation now i want to resign from my company, is there ban for me?
    how many years of ban?
    is it possible to come back to dxb with visit or tourist visa?
    still my passport is at immigration my company has given that for visa stamp,

    please advise me

  220. Hi deepak ,
    Iam working under limited contract in an llc company and iam in probation period , now i got job in govt company, so will i get 1 yr mol ban if i resign now ? Will the govt companies can lift it ?

  221. Hi,

    I am currently working at a company however i am under a visa and insurance of my parents.
    My labour card is about to expire and they require my parents details in order to renew it.
    I have a limited contract.
    Can i leave the company as the labour card has expired or does the contract bind me?
    Will i face a ban?

    1. Brooke,
      You must serve notice period as per your contract and then cancel your labour card.
      However, it is better to complete your contract and resign.
      If you complete your contract, there will be no labour ban.

  222. Hi DEEPAK
    My labor is expiry on 01/08/2015. I don’t want to renew. I informed to company on05/07/2015 my contract is limited as per HR he told me u work here for 3 month more in company this u have in contract 3 month notice .my 5th year on same company which is finishing 1st on august. Hr is telling they willput immigration ban on me if I will not finsish3 month can u tell.me this is legal

  223. my respecting sir,
    my name is sai kumar. i was working in rotana hotels at dubai. 2014 march 1 i went to vacation to india. after my vacation i couldn’t come back to dubai proper time. after 5month i came to dubai but airport police catch and put one day in airport. then they cancel my visa and send me back to india. my question is ..can i come back to dubai in future??

    1. Hi Deepak,

      Good day! I just resigned from the company after a week of giving me employment visa under JAFZA but I was reporting to office in Bur Dubai. I backed out since the contract given was different from the verbal communication we have agreed. I gave my passport to them right after I reported from the exit and I want to claim it back. I just resigned this Sunday but as of now, HR is telling that I should wait for their advice since they’re finalizing the process.

      Should I need to pay them the visa charges even if I have not yet signed the appointment letter and the contract? I only signed the offer letter under pressured time. After signing it, I came to senses that I was not actually happy with the mentioned terms and that I got pressured only.

      I came from cancellation and now I just resigned in a new company after a week. Since I haven’t signed the contract yet, I believe they haven’t stamped the visa on my passport. Can you enlighten me of the do’s and don’t’s? I want to know if I have the right to claim my passport back and if I should pay them the whole visa charges or only some reasonable amount for the damages?

      Just to give you overview why I turned the employment down:
      I got cancelled from my ex-company in which I just worked less a year for a new job opportunity, that is the company I just resigned recently. I resigned from my ex-company without the offer letter in hand from the new company, trusting that the verbal communication would be bind in the written contract.

      Before the day I went to exit, they gave me the offer letter that was way different from what we’ve agreed. They squeezed me why I was asking a higher salary and not telling my real previous salary, telling that they have known and checked my previous salary from my ex-company. My fault was I told them my real salary thus due to pressure and fear of being caught in dishonesty, I signed the offer. However, after hours of thinking, I planned to back out even I just signed the offer letter and passed my documents to them.

      I was in the exit and my supposed boss encouraged me that everything was ok, they talked my issue over a meeting and my salary will be settled once I came back. Again, I agreed without seeing the contract yet, believing that my salary can be worked out and changed in the new contract. If not given this promise, I backed out at that same time she’s encouraging me.

      However, after days of working, contract given is same as per my offer letter. Turned out, the supposed boss compromised something which was not as per their meeting. My supposed boss has different promise, HR says otherwise, as well as the directors. Now, I got confused to whom I should believe. I felt cheated over and over again, my fault, believing promises thru verbal and not making sure to be documented.

      Hope for your kind response about my issue. I want to be enlightened if I have some rights to fight for in this scenario.

      Thanks and regards,

      1. Marilee,
        Since you have clearly communicated your intention to the company, there should be no problem.
        Please keep all the communication written or email secure with you.
        Since it is JAFZA company and you have not signed any contract, they may not be able to stamp the visa.

  224. Dear Deepak,

    Kindly please advise if there would be a ban if someone is working with FZE, the visa sponsor is Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and he/she resigns after completing 11 months.

    Thank you.

  225. Hi. I have compleeted 6 month in our company. Now i got another job but the existing company ask money to cancelation. What is the role of that?

    1. Muhammed,
      You are not required to pay any money for cancellation.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  226. hi, my company gave me a 1 yr labour ban (im on unlimited contract). am i still be eligible to go back to UAE under tourist or visit visa within that said 1 yr? And also can i still apply for freezone company? thanks in advance!

    1. Wel,
      Are you sure it is labour ban?
      If yes, you could visit UAE but can not work.

  227. Dear Sir/Madam

    i want to know that i am working in Construction company since feb 2014 (17 month) completed. if i change my job as a same salary can i face the ban. or if comany will terminate to me before my completed 2 years there s ban or no please give me advise…

    1. Ansari,
      yes, labour ban is automatic.
      If you finish your contract, there may be no labour ban.

  228. i have done my 2 years employment visa recently. How can I check employment Ban on my passport..

  229. Hello Mr. Deepak I am resign to my company i have 6mos labour ban my salary before is 1,200 now my new company offer 4000 is there any posibilities that my ban will be lifted even if my salary didn’t reach 5000? Thank you so much

  230. Hi Sir,

    Good after noon, i am working with freezone establishment with unlimited contract, my contract term is 3 years and it was going to complete in April 2017. Now i got a new offer out side freezone, is there any ban on me? or company can put any other bans on me. Kindly help me out…

  231. Dear sir,
    I re entered uae on employment visa and joined the company for 2 days ago after clearing medical and in process of visa stamping. Meanwhile i got a offer from a standard group company, so can i leave my current job assuming i m having unlimited contract. If i leave what will be the ban. My visa profession is Accountant general. Pls adivce me.

    1. Moizuddin,
      Since you already have a labour approval, you will face labour ban.


  233. hi sir

    i just want to know if i have banned if i resign with my company because i have new employer and he offer me a good salary i have a limited visa that is good for two years now im finish 1 year and 2 months my new employer was offered me around 5000 above do you think they can lift my banned if this is my salary

    all the best

    1. Cris,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  234. Hi I m working for unlimited company and about to complete the contract and now want to swtich to other job. Will I get ban if I leave this job. I have already completed my previous contract (limited)

  235. hello deepak,

    im currently here on visit visa. i signed a contract two days back for a company.they told me to work till your visit visa ends and then they will send me a job visa.but still now i haven’t started working there.i just signed the offer letter. yesterday i went for an interview and got a better post and package. will i be able to cancel that contract or if i cancel will i get a labour ban.
    Please help with what to do.

    1. Sudi,
      If your visit visa is still valid, I am sure your old offer can be rejected.
      You can tell them that you are not interested to work.

  236. Respected sir,

    My visa going to expire coming this September(2 year) 2015/09/23. if i make resignation in my company i will get 6 month band in uae?

  237. good day sir deepak, my concern was about my legal status as a new comer in uae, i entered uae on a visit visa and i arrived from my exit last 31 May 15 on a company visa and a week after i undergone medical exams resulted to fit to work last 18 June my employer told me not to report for work starting 19 June 15 on 21 June 15 I called up Labor Department to find out that my employment contract was under process for cancellation dated 20 June 15. My employer didn’t give salary, my passport or any letter of cancellation or notice. my emirates id also still on process, found out upon calling the hotline. My question Sir was about my visa, am I already overstayed? am i having a ban? what benefits and rights do i have since my employment only started from 1June to 18,2015?what about cancellation letter or notice which was not serve.the appointment given by the immigration was on 21st June 15.is there any penalties of overstaying by then? thank you very much for the good advice.more power.

    1. Judith,
      If your visa was cancelled, you have up to 30 days to exit.
      You will have automatic labour ban.
      If you were under probation, the company need not give any notice to you.
      Penalty for overstaying beyond 30 days is AED 25 per day.

  238. Hi Deepak,
    In 2007, I had to quickly leave DXB due to unexpected turn in events. WHile leving I had some outstanding credit crd debts. After a couple of years, th bank started demanding a ransom. Eventhough I asked them for a statement, they refused to give. Anyways, last year I made enquiries and I was told that two cases were filed against me in 2 different courts in the UAE. There were judgments against me in those and through a reliable agent, I made payment of the amounts mentioned with the courts (I have receipts to prove this). Payment was made towards the end of last year. Now I would like to confirm if the travel ban is lifted because payment has been made and judgment complied with. I would like to make a trip to the UAE to visit my family and need to confirm that there are no pending issues.

    Is there any way to know that before travelling? WIll the ban be automatically lifted after payment is made?

    Appreciate your response.

    1. MP,
      You should have a clearance letter from the respective banks in this case.
      The travel ban is not automatically removed and you have to contact the concerned banks for this.
      Also request them to issue the clearance letter for the settlement.

  239. hello sir i would like to ask you regarding my visa status i worked to my company within 2 years 9 months an i’m planning to resign do i have a ban?or not. thank you so much…

      1. What if after completing 2 years limited contract i continue in the same company and then leave the company after 06 months ? with higher salary still i will get ban ?

        1. Usman,
          Yes, you will get ban.
          But ultimate decision is based on MOL approval since you have already completed 1 contract.

      2. Hi dear sir my name is adnan i was working under unlimited contract in Emirates transporter company. My company terminate me and then they put me in abscond even still i am staying in company accommodation from three years .i put case against my compny in labour court and i got the judgement in my faver my visa is already expired on 16 September 2021 now i want to remove abscond and wants to go back to my country legally sir gave me advice that what i meed to do .and if i am going back to my country with abscond by deportation they can ban me for life time r for one year.

  240. I am working in an LLC company in abu dhabi area since march 2015 as a civil engineer and my pay is 7000 dhs+trnprt+accom. I am on a limited contract of 2 yrs. now I am getting an offer of more than 12000 dhs (say 15000 aed incld trnsprt and accom) in free zone area. I know I ll get the ban on breaking contract. Is the ban applicable (6mnths/1yr) in free zone also. moreover I am on clerks visa in present company. are ther anyother problems in my case I cud face…plz enlighten.

  241. Hello Sir
    Am Sufyan Ashraf from Pakistan.Am black list in 2012 due to absconding case in UAE.I try to contact my sponsor many times but Sir which cell number i have my sponsor that permanently going switched off after that Sir i apply visit visa i think may be its 2 year ban but my visa was rejected.Now sir i want to ask you what i can do next because sir i don’t have any other contact number of my sponsor so sir have any way to i pay fine to immigration and remove my ban or Sir can i apply forgive application to DUBAI Government and if yes so please sir tell me where i can apply.What is your suggestion is it possible or not?


      1. Hi Deepak,
        Thanks for reply.Can you guide me about my cause what i can do next for removal my ban.As i tell before am black list due to absconding case please guide me how i can remove this.

  242. i started my job nov. 2014 in my company until now and i am planning to apply in free zone, i know i will not get a labor ban right? but i just wanna know if the company will ask me to pay anything? they are not giving me any labor contract copy also. really need your expert advice. thanks in advance.

    1. Anne,
      Recently there has been news that certain free zones to get information about labour ban and may not process your employment visa.
      It is better to get info from your new company before you resign.


    Hi Deepak, I have worked for the agency for 1 year and 10months on an unlimited contract,recently the company where the agency sent us to wrk lost most of its contracts and decided to terminate all employees from the agency.the agency told us that we have automatic ban from labour,en it will give NOC to lift the ban if we find jobs.is this true? Coz our contract expires in august and according to the contract the remaining two months are our vaccation but the agency refused to let us go for vaccation first before terminating us.Since most of us had already booked our tickets for vaccation we decided that we will go and come back on vist visas.my other question is,will I still be able to lift the ban if it was imposed using the NOC from my previous company even when I come back on a visit visa,and find a new job?And is it possible for me to pay some money to lift the ban since it wasnt my fault,we are all so stuck and confused.

    1. Olives,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae
      I am not sure about the structure of your company in MOL.
      It is possible to avoid labour ban with NOC after approval from MOL.

  244. Hi!
    i have joined an LLC company in 23rd feb 2015, my visa start date is from 18th May 2015. I have 3 questions:

    1) from when my probation period starts from the date of Joining (23rd Feb 2015) or from date of Visa (18th May 2015)?

    2) I want to leave this company due to Professional and personal issues with my manager and also salary is not on time. Will there be any ban on my visa? How can I avoid ban?
    I have Computer Engineer Visa valid till 17th may 2017. (IT Engineer Bachelor Degree).

    3) Please, help me also i heard if there is a ban on my visa i can just pay 600 AED to remove it since it is Engineer Visa. Is it true?


    1. Azamk,
      1. from your joining date and labour card date.
      2. Yes, labour ban is applicable. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae
      3. Not sure about this!

  245. hi
    sir i came here from 5th july 2013 so my labour contrect is finish 5th july 2015 .
    i asked you my visa is still not stamed on my passport so how i cancelld my this visa tell me prcess and i have a labour card this card is finished 5th july2015 .
    6 month ban cone on my passpord

      1. sir alrady i have a labour card
        visa not stamped on passport now 5th july expairing the visa and labour card .
        my sponser is not cancelling the visa please help me

  246. Hi Sir,

    Can my employer ban me even if i finish my limited contract?

    Because I had this officemate who finished her limited contract and I think my boss tried to impose a labor ban on her. How is that possible?

    We have a non compete clause of 6 mos in our contract, could that be it?

    Please help me coz I am so confused right now.

  247. Hi Deepak,

    I’d like to ask you if my company terminates me during my probation period, I’m facing a ban? Could be possible? Or the company is doing something wrong?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. TT007,
      Yes, you will face labour ban. However, MOL may not issue labour ban as you were terminated.
      Why dont you ask your company for NOC?