Tenancy contract requirement for family visa cancelled in Abu Dhabi?

I have previously written on the documents required for application of family visa in Abu Dhabi-Read HereOpens in a new tab..

It was not long ago that the Minstry implemented rule that require family visa applicant to have a valid tenancy contract. However, I was informed by on of my PRO friends that the requirement has been cancelled by Ministry in Abu Dhabi. There is no reason provided.

It will be a respite for all the families that share accommodation. I believe one of the prime reasons for sharing accommodation is the cost involved in renting apartment especially in Abu Dhabi which can range from anywhere upwards Dhs 60K per annum for a single bed room apartment. Though there are options to shift to places like Musaffah and Sheikh Khalifa City, most of the families prefer staying in the island of Abu Dhabi purely for convenience sake.

It is yet to be seen when the government will re-implement the cancelled rules. I believe their decision will be prudent.

UPDATE: Emirates 247 has published an official article on 12-06-2012 stating that the tenancy contracts have again been made mandatory. This has come as a surprise as well as anxiety for the ones who are waiting to apply for their family visa. Hereafter you are required to have a valid tenancy contract stamped at Baladiya. Dubai tenancy contract holders are required to furnish their DEWA bill if they have not stamped their tenancy contracts.

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16 thoughts on “Tenancy contract requirement for family visa cancelled in Abu Dhabi?

  1. Hello sir iam mrs awais

    Sir please tellme abudhabi family permenant visa are now opened for pakistan.my husband r sponsor.he is at abudhabi &family are in pakistan.sir please letme know visas open r still close.

  2. Hi Deepak ,
    Greetings of Peace.Is it possible to combine the salary of the couple they are working in separate companies just to apply residence visa of their 1 year old daughter which is holding visit visa now they complete the requirements only salary did not meet the requirement.
    Thank you.


  3. Please i have a question . my salary is 5,000 dhs and i would like to sponsor my son which is born here in abu dhabi. my problem is I dont have tenancy contract what should I do? do i have a chance to give sponsor to my son? thank you

    1. Mark,
      There can be no exception to the rule of requirement of tenancy contract for sponsoring your family members for residency visa in UAE.

      1. hi deepak my name is santhosh from al ain .mysalary 4500
        my desgnation electrician i can apply my family visa

        1. Santhosh,
          I think with all the documents in order, you could apply for family visa.
          But first check with immigration as these rules change often.

  4. hi deepak,
    i have changed new company as a physiotherapist, salary 12000,accommodation provided,i have applied for emirates id,medical test finished,waiting for medical insurance, i want to know whether i need medical insurance card for applying visa or no need.because i have to bring my family asap.

  5. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    1. My salary mentioned in my salary certificate is 4500/10 hrs, but in my labour contract is mentioned only 3600/ 8hrs. Is it possible to apply for family visa in this situation? Normally i am working regularly more than 10 hrs and Company is providing food and accomedation allowance.
    2. Is it required Insurance Card for childrence who are less than five years old?

    1. Hashim,
      1. In Abu Dhabi? Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/how-to-apply-for-family-visa-in-abu-dhabi. Is accommodation provided to family as well?
      2. Yes, in abu dhabi insurance is mandatory. Better to take insurance.

  6. Mr. Deepak, what is security clearance in order to join a government oil company in abu dhabi? what are the things info that they verify? is it possible to be denied if you are working here in uae for 4years already? thanks

  7. Please let me know do we still need Tenancy Contract for New Family Visa evenif my Monthly Salary is more than Aed10,000/- in Abudhabi .

    Can I hold my Family (Wife & Son) ‘s Residence Visa issued by (Hamirayah Free Zone – under my existing sponsorship) which is still valid for more than 1 Year while I get my Visa Cancelled to get the new Employement Abudhabi Visa . Please advise .

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