Nurses, Relax! Your jobs are secured!!(infographic)

Best and the Worst Jobs-Based on future prospects and industry outlook

When I was growing up, I would see a lot of people from my area enlisting for Nursing courses in the colleges. I used to wonder why they took up this career path! However, I now feel they had a foresight of always being in demand when it comes to jobs.

As per a recent study, this has been proven!! As per the study, the demand for Nurses is only going to increase! The study also lists other career paths that you can select in order to be in demand in the Job market.

Though this study was conducted in the US, this is still relevant in the UAEOpens in a new tab. as Government has seriously committed itself to prepare UAEOpens in a new tab. as a Medical Hub in the Middle East. Being one of the most crucial industries in any economy, Health Sector has seen a huge fillip in the recent times aided by government support to the Hospitals. Government on their part has set us some of the best hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all other emirates in the UAE.Opens in a new tab.

Hence, it will be safe to mention that demand for Nurses will always be higher in this region.

The study also mentions following career paths as HOT:

  • ُEducation
  • Financial Planners
  • Techincal-Communication Writers

Have a look at the below infographic which details best and the worst career paths that you could choose:

best jobs in dubai


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