How to lift Immigration Ban in UAE?

Lifting Immigration Ban in UAE!

Perhaps, this is one of those most often questions that I get asked on the forum or through comments. I have previously written on what Immigration ban isOpens in a new tab.. In simple terms, Immigration ban in UAE means ban on legally residing or entering UAE. It is also called residence ban for obvious reasons. 

Why would you face immigration ban?

Immigration ban is imposed in extreme situations. You may face immigration ban if you have:

  • illegally entered UAE;
  • fake passports or visa;
  • carried weapons and ammunition;
  • carried or caught with Drugs;
  • bounced cheques;
  • committed criminal offences such as murder;
  • caught with illegal affairs or relationships;
  • disobeyed UAE Federal Laws etc

There are many other reasons you could face immigration ban. You should consult a lawyer for more information.

How to check if you have immigration ban?

If you have left the UAE and suspect that you may have immigration ban, your friends or relatives in UAE could be of help. In such cases, your representative can walk into any Dubai Police stations with your passport copy, Emirates ID (if available) and Authority Letter to check for any cases registered. If the cases are registered, then definitely you may have immigration ban meaning you will not be able to transit or enter UAE. The best way to check your ban status in UAE is to call up the Immigration department in case of Immigration ban.

How to lift Immigration Ban?

In straightforward cases like mentioned above, where you have been convicted of committing crimes and proven, you have NO chance of lifting Immigration ban in UAE. This is because, you have been proven guilty. On the other hand, I have come across cases where a person’s name was in immigration blacklist and they have never lived in UAE. In such cases, this is mostly case of mistaken identity. In such cases, your representative in UAE could approach immigration department with your passport copy, authority letter and may be some supporting documents. Your letter of application explaining your situation may also help.

If you have committed crimes related to bounced cheque or financial crimes and have resolved your matter with the financial institute or bank, you may send the proof of no liability letter from the bank to the immigration department and your immigration ban may be lifted.

In all circumstances, it is advisable to take help of an immigration lawyer who are more attuned with the current scenarios.

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