Labour card to be integrated with Emirates ID! (Update 2021)

No more physical labour cards and employment contracts!

MOL(Ministry of Labour)Opens in a new tab. will begin to phase out physical labour cards and labour contracts in an effort to protect rights of the employee and employer. This process will be implemented for all renewals and new labour card issuance starting from July 13th 2014. This initiative is also helpful rather than carrying multiple cards in your wallet.

Humaid Bin Deemas Al Suwaidi, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs said that the new process will save time and effort for the employer who is applying. This process creates an integrated database with the MOI(Ministry of Interior)Opens in a new tab. and EIDA(Emirates Identity Authority)Opens in a new tab..

The new process will replace old physical labour cards and employment contracts. This new process would mean that the trips to post office to receive the labour card and employment contract will be reduced. Employer can now print the e-card and e-contract from MOL e-Netwasal systems online.  

Fees for Labour Card + Emirates Diary

The fees for the labour contract and labour card will remain same as per the category of the company.

Hereafter, employees who have labour contracts issued through Ministry of Labour do not require to carry Labour Cards as it will be integrated with Emirates ID. Emirates ID will be considered official id document for all purposes. This change also means that, it will not be possible to obtain Emirates ID, UAE Residence Visa without the issuance of e-card and e-contract from MOL.

You are the custodian of your Emirates ID. No one can ask to keep your Emirates ID except Government and Government related organisations.

Procedure to apply for New e-labour card and e-employment contract

  1. The employer(company) first gets the initial approval for the work permit. This allows the worker(employee) to enter the country.
  2. Once the worker enters the country, the employer should apply for e-card and e-contract within 60 days from workers’ entry. Fine for non-compliance per instance will be AED 1000/- per month.
  3. Once the e-card and e-contract are issued, a copy is sent to Ministry of Interior, EIDA and General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
  4. E-cards and e-contracts will be issued electronically within 48 hours of submitting the application.

The same procedure will apply for renewal of the existing labour cards.

Training Session at Tawjeeh:

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE)Opens in a new tab. are providing awareness and orientation services to employees and employers on its behalf.

The objective is achieved through institutional partnership with the private sector according to the criteria of the Emirates Programme for Excellence in Government Services through Tawjeeh Centers.

These centres currently offer services in 16 languages to workers.

The centres are equipped with guidance professionals to educate employees and employers about labour laws and regulations; issue labour contracts and work permits; and distribute pamphlets and brochures with labour related basics.

There are some skill levels or categories that must attend the mandatory training session at Tawjeeh and if you fail to do so you will not get your labour card. If you’ve come to the country for the first time to visit the centres to understand labour laws and regulations.

What is Tawjeeh?

Tawjeeh in Arabic word means guidance. It is a must for some workers who belong to some skill level or category are required to attend awareness classes which offer information on the UAE’s laws and culture, the labour laws and penalties as well as tips on how to manage your finances in a new country.

The UAE workers who attend the Tawjeeh centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will be given a happiness card which includes a free mobile SIM card and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stores these phone numbers on its database and sends details of new labour laws or regulations as SMS to them.

Which category /skill level are required to attend Tawjeeh awareness classes?

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation – MoHRE has a guide on job titles and skill levels. Each profession in the private sector is assigned to one of five applicable skill levels.

A skill level is measured in terms of academic qualifications and experience needed and complexity of work involved. Skill level one jobs are for the highly-skilled and skill level five jobs are for the lower skilled.

Workers who belong to  Skill level or category 3, 4 and 5 are required to attend these classes.

Skill level 3 – Skilled workers, like receptionists, office clerks, filing clerks etc

Skill level 4 – Unskilled workers like carpet layers, tile layers, or air conditioning mechanic.

Skill level 5 – Labourers, domestic workers, cleaners etc.

Since September 2019 the classes have been made mandatory for workers.

What did you learn or information provided at Tawjeeh awareness centres?

The Tawjeeh centres has several mini theatres with individual seats having a smart  systems to provide lectures about labour contract, the right and duties of an employee, health and safety standards, as well as the UAE’s culture and laws.

Financial management tips are shared, with workers advised to save at least 20 per cent of their earning.

Workers are also informed about how they can raise complaints, in case they face issues like delay in payment or misbehaviour or abuse by the employers.

The QR code provided to each attendee at the reception is scanned on the individual smart systems at the start and end of the session, to ensure that no one skips the classes.

Labour card will not be issued in case if any person attending the classes decides to leave and the QR code is not scanned at the end of the class.

To get the labour card the person will need to attend the class again.

What is Thara’a ?

 The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) launched The Labor Saving Program (Tharaa)  (Arabic word for prosperity) initiative under the National Happiness and Positivity Program of the Ministry of Happiness.

Thara’a is supported by thirty-eight of MOHRE’s Tawjeeh Centers spread out across the entire Emirates.

By registering for the programme, a labourer can decide on a fixed amount of money that would be taken from his or her monthly income and put into a savings programme of his or her choice.

This programme is aimed at enhancing the UAE’s competitive position in the Happiness Index and Labour Rights Index.

The programme also has other benefits to encourage savings among workers, like annual returns, financial services like money transfer services, raffle draws and prizes.

You can register at the automated machines at Tawjeeh centres.

What is in store in the near future?

It is highly likely that in the near future the below cards will be integrated with Emirates ID:

  • Driver’s License,
  • Insurance Card,
  • Mulkia,  
  • ATM 
  • Investor Card
  • Social Security Card
  • Emiratis’ Kholasit Qaid
  • Health Card, Health Record, Health Insurance
  • E-Purse, E-Wallet
  • Commercial Applications
  • Passport Information
  • Detailed address and Contact information

Source: Gulf NewsOpens in a new tab.


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93 thoughts on “Labour card to be integrated with Emirates ID! (Update 2021)

  1. Hello good day! May labour card was expired.
    But my resedence visa will epired on August 2024.
    And my employer contract will end on May 2024.
    May question is: am i still legal to work in my company knowing that my employeer knows my labour card was already xpired. And can i resign with out paying the company?
    Please inlighten me.
    Thankyou and more power

    1. Hi, it is required to have a valid labor card to work legally in the country . If your labor card has expired, it is important to take steps to renew it as soon as possible. You should inform your employer about the expired labor card and work together to initiate the renewal process.

      As stated in your comment your residence visa is still valid until August 2024, you may have legal status to stay in the country. However, it’s important to ensure that your labor card is also valid to continue working legally.

      As for resigning from your current employment, the terms and conditions of your employment contract will dictate the requirements and any potential liabilities, such as notice period or financial obligations. It is recommended to review your employment contract and consult with a legal professional or labor authority to understand your rights and obligations when resigning.

  2. Thanx for the information, regarding MOL like when you can give details to company like cancelation form but takes long to issue out MOL and end up into overstay what brings that and should be responsible?

  3. Please am in my country and I was employed in Dubai. I signed offer letter and my approval is out since 20th of February that’s a month now and am yet to receive my entry permit…can u tell me what’s going on

  4. Hii sir.., good afternoon.. hope you are doing great.. Sir, I had employment and it has been cancelled last month May 31 2017.. now how do I get my work permit number or else how do I check if I have bann in UAE or not..!

  5. Hello sir…hope you’re doing well.
    I just wanted to know that i got my MOL card no.(MB no.) now how much time will take for e-work permit.

  6. Hello Sir, After Signing the offer letter provided by the Ministry of Labour UAE how much time is taken to get an employment visa?

  7. How will I know if i already have processed residence visa. I received sms that ‘ID card issuing is under process, you will be notified by EMPOST Center for collection’. Does this mean that residence visa ia already stamped in the passport?

  8. Deepak Machado ,
    Hope u will be fine , you are working a great job by helping other .Sir can u plz tel me I have signed the MOL contrat .now online I have checked the labour card repciept that has to be printed by employer from tasheel sir after word what will be procedure and how much time will be required for other work permit issuance . thanks

  9. hi sir
    my labour card expire on 13-04-2016 and my emirates id expire on 09-06-2016 .which I have to take in to consideration .exactly when my contract gets over please .kindly please advise

  10. Please I want to know ,when actually I Finnish my contract, is it the labour c ard date or the emirate card date? 2.for the leave salary, is it my full salary I have to get or only the basic salary

    1. Hi. please i need your advise. my emirates id card will expires on july 20,2016 and my labor card id will expires august 8, 2016. i am planning to go back home to my country for good and not to renew my contract anymore as i will just finish the contract. so which of the ids they will follow?the emirates card or the labor card? thank you

    2. Hi. please i need your advise because i am confused which is which to follow. my emirates id card will expires on july 20,2016 and my labor card id will expires august 8, 2016. i am planning to go back home to my country for good and not to renew my contract anymore as i will just finish the contract. so which of the ids they will follow able for me to go home to my country?the emirates card or the labor card? thank you

    3. Please i have the same problem as people asking,my Resident ID is going to expire on 14th of January 2017 and my Emirate ID is going to expire on the 14th of March 2017,please which one is supposed to be my last day?Thanks Prosper .

  11. Can I ask I have my labour card on my hand, but my company saying that the emirates Id expire date should be follow to end the contract. Now which of the two id should follow? LABOUR OR EMIRATES?

    1. Chaann,
      That’s what every employer would wish as Emirates ID is issued last and would have latest dates.
      Labour Contract/Card is considered for resignation and number of years.

  12. Hi,
    Please help me i want to print my contract paper from the site but now there is no labour card with me now,the card that i have its i given to my company,and now according to new system there is no laour card
    and i forgot to take a copy of the labour card which i gave to the company when the time of my renewal of visa,i tried in the site as per you early say 1.entering passpor number,date of birth+nationality but it doesn’t work,please help me


    1. Hafiz,

  14. Is it possible to see my labour contract online?.I tried the link u have provided in th video. However it didnt work. Do we have any other alternative?.

  15. sir, i’m only a visit visa here in dubai, i got an employer he get my passport and he told me he process all my papers, after two weeks i’ll follow up my papers he told me that still on process, i also receive an offer from the other company much high salary, my question is ‘It is possible to back out on my first employer?’ Note: i don’t have any contract to be sign.

  16. My PRO said I have no records of my contract in Labor. But I already have emirates ID. What will be the implication of this? and can I use this to get out of my company?

  17. Hi there,
    I am on Husband’s sponsorship.
    Working in Dubai.
    My employer hasnt provided my labour card yet.
    Also, my salary for one month is due with them for which I am getting no updates from past 2 months.
    kindly suggest what t0 do?
    Please advice whether I will be charged for working without the labour card since I m on husband’s visa?
    Thanks and Regards

    1. Renu,
      Do you have labour contract?
      If no, How can you work without a labour contract?
      These days labour card is not issued separately. It is combined with the Emirates ID.

      1. Sorry,
        Whats the Labour Contract?
        I had only received an Offer Letter from my employer.
        I think I am under-knowledge.
        Kindly guide.

        1. Renu,
          Labour contract is issued by the MOL which needs to be signed by you and your employer.
          This is the valid legal document stating terms of your employment.

          1. Thank you so much dear for taking out time for us… Its really appreciated.
            I think…. Yes! I had signed on a contract and yesterday itself, I have got my Labour Card copy.
            My salary for the month of January is still pending…
            Now please guide me, how am I able to get the outstanding salary?
            And what if I want to leave this job?
            Do I have to pay any charges for the Labour Card since I am on husband’s visa.
            Please note, I am still under probation period.
            Kindly Help!!

            1. Renu,
              Not paying salary as per labour contract is a illegal.
              You could file a complaint with the MOL.
              I am sure they will provide you solution.

    1. Line,

        1. Hi, please visit

  18. is there any payment for the issuance of the electronic labor card? if yes how much? thanking you in advance

    1. Anna,
      I am not aware of any such payment. IT’s all included when your company applies for it.

  19. I used but I can find to check my labour card of Abu Dhabi can I check? There is no option about printing labour card.please advise me how?

    1. Santosh,
      You will need to visit authorised typing centre to get your labour card copy with the receipt issued by MOL website.

  20. hi deepak, i entered in abudhabi through a job visa.
    on last month. i could not get my laborcard. because the government did not issuing. but some government fficers hav rejected my jobs because due to the reason that, i have no Original Labour card. i have only the copy that downloaded. from where to get the e-card circulation that published by the uae gov?????

  21. sir

    i got an offer with a consolidated salary of six thousand, and my previous company given the NOC and they are processing visa cancellation, they cancelled my work permit. I have a concern my previous visa issued on 10/09/2014 with Archives clerk profession and if join the new company there is any ban to me also how many days i can stay UAE after my work permit is cancelled. Please clear it, am waiting for your kind reply.

    1. Bino,
      You will have automatic labour ban. But since you have NOC, you could avoid that.

  22. Hi DEepak ,how can I check my labour contract if it’s still valid online,the video,that u send the demo is not the same anymore

  23. please let me know how ccan i get my labour card no my company don’t want to give my labour card and passport

    1. Hsan,
      Why is your company not providing your labour card or passport?
      It is your personal document.

  24. Sir
    I got the ,Noc from my previous employer and I got an offer more than five thousand salary. So there is any problem or to get ban to me, if my new employer may issue my visa I have to exit the County or any other payment I made can I join without exiting dubai. Please give clarity on this

  25. Hi,

    I need to know where can i get Labour Card Number, as I need it to create WPS. MOL has stopped issuing labour card, but for WPS labour card number is required. Plz Advice

    1. Hi,
      I need to know where can i get Labour Card Number, as I need it to create WPS. MOL has stopped issuing labour card, but for WPS labour card number is required. Plz Advice

      Read more:
      Follow us: @deepakmachado on Twitter | emiratesdiaryuae on Facebook

  26. Many hotels and venues require labour cards to be deposited with then for passes to allow crew to work in within the venue.
    If labour cards are being phased out and “you are the custodian of you Emirates ID. No one can ask to keep your Emirates ID except Government and Government related organisations”
    how do you envisage this working out?

    1. Jane,
      This is the rule from government.
      There must other way this can be done, like depositing driver’s license, etc
      I guess, in case of temporary admission, it should be fine. But since the chip has many confidential data, it is better to be careful.

  27. my friend is terminated from my company(after 9 month service) on last December. Due to family problem he went back to home country with out cancelling visa and labour card.For the past 11 months he is in his home country.Is there any possibility of life time ban.His relative also go to the conpany with orginal passport but they are ot willing to cancel .Labour card status is till is valid upto may2015.His visa is engineer visa.Please advice

    1. Bipin,
      If the visa/labour card is still active, there may be no ban as yet.
      Better to talk to MOL.

  28. Mr. Deepak how many working days need before Employment Visa to be approved from the day that the e-work permit is approved?

  29. i join a company in 2012 9 june it was a Printing Packaging company in sharjah but due to my personal reason left that company in 2013 july and my visa get cancelled in 29 February 2014, (i ask to MOL i have an email ) But there is no cancellation stamp on my passport because i never send my passport to my employer for visa cancellation, and hope that i have pass my BAN period for 6 month as well. Now i want to join a new company.
    please guide me that may i apply for a new job? there will be no hurdle to get a new job in UAE? if there there will be than what is the process remove all hurdles.

    1. Tabraiz,
      I don’t think there will be any problem or ban.
      If 6 months have passed the ban is automatically cancelled.

  30. Dear Sir,

    I got a job in a trading company and the offer letter describes a consolidated salary of 6000 Dhs per month.May I know if my previous company gives NOC (I worked in the previous company for only six months as probation period) weather I have any 6 months ban from job?

    1. Bino,
      IF you have NOC you can avoid labour ban.

  31. sir

    i am working in a trading company in Dubai, i got my Emirates ID on September 2014 and the employer suddenly told me they are going to wind up the company, and also my one and half month salary also due. they are telling they will give NOC and search for new job, until am getting the job they will not cancel my visa. so i have doubt can i have any labour ban

    1. Bino,
      Kindly register at below sites:

  32. sir,did an unlimited visa has still cover a UAE BAN?
    and it is defend on the employer if they will give an ban for their employees?

  33. hello sir can i ask you if an unlimited visa did still cover a UAE BAN?
    or is it defend on the company if they will give a ban to their employees?

    1. Jojo,
      There will be automatic ban if you do not complete your contract.

  34. hi sir i want to know about my self because i worked in retail global company L.L.C dubai i join in may 2013 and company terminate me at august 2014.
    am i join any other company without any i know about any band or any thing according to labour law

  35. Dear sir,
    i was looking through your earlier video of ” how to check the labour contract online”. But the they have changed the link to . But now i cant access my Labour contract as i have no Labour card issued. pls help

    1. Priheesh,
      If you have no labour card issued, how can you access it online?

  36. Dear sir I am working as abudhabi arabic house now I resing my job put not geving my passport wear I want to go I get my passport

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  38. My company has just opened an office in Dubai as an LLC.
    We’ve hired someone as our employee and we don’t know what are obligations towards the Ministry of Labour right now.
    Can you help me please?
    Best regards,


    1. The procedure remains the same as previous. Only change is that you will not be issued a labour card.

  39. i have got abu dhabi visanow i want to check it online now what i have to do thank u

    1. Currently the option is disabled on MOL site to check labour contract as Emirates ID is being integrated. I will post soon as to how to check your labour contract/labour card online.

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