How to check your Labour Contract Online on (2017 version)

Check Labour Contract Online in UAE –

Every employee who has his/her Labour Contract through Ministry of Labour (MOL) will need to sign his/her Labour Contract before the residence visa can be stamped. All the MOL labour contracts are available online that can be checked at anytime by employees if they so wish. If you are working in UAE, I would strongly advise you to read and understand your employment contract terms and conditions, so that you may not fall into trouble in the future. Many people take the contract for granted and sign it blindly to realise later the kind of trouble they have got into. 


Ministry of Labour has taken down the link to check Labour Card / Labour Contract information from their site. This I believe is done to integrate Emirates ID and Labour Card. I will soon update this page as and when new information is available.

–Information you require to check your Labour Contract online:

  • Labour Card;
  • Passport number;
  • Year of Birth;
  • Your Nationality.

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New and updated video Tutorial (2017)

Video Tutorial on how to check your Labour Contract online in UAE

Step by Step guide to check your Labour contract / Employment Contract:

Below is how you can check your official Labour Contract/Labour Card information online through MOL website.


Head over to MOL Website: The default language is Arabic. Choose English if you wish on top right.



Select eServices on top menu and again Eservices in the secondary menu as shown in the picture below.


STEP 3: 

Once you click you will be provided with various options. Out of these Select eNetwasal ServicesYou will now be redirected to a new page which has various options like: Labour Card Information, Contract Information and other options.


STEP 4: 

Now you select whatever information you would like to retrieve.



Once you click on the relevant link, you will be asked ‘whether you have a Labour Card?’ Select Yes and click Next.



At this point you will be presented with a screen where you are required to enter Labour Card No(This is the 8 digit Work Permit No mentioned in the Labour Card), Person Code(This is the 14 digit Personal No mentioned in the Labour Card), Year of Birth and Nationality.

In the next screen, depending on your previous selection, you will find all the details with regard to your Contract Copy, Company Name, Company Code, Your Name, Designation, Nationality, Passport number, Passport expiry date, Labour Card number, Type of card, Issue and expiry date of your contract and transaction number.


Your salary will need to match as in this page as salaries are routed through WPS (Wages Protection System).

This is how you check your Labour card information, your official labour contract copy online on


These days, MOL does not issue labour card as it is integrated with Emirates ID. In such cases, if you wanted to check your labour card/contract details, you could check it with following details: Passport Number, Date of Birth, Nationality and mobile number. One different thing here is that, you will have to go to a Tasheel Centre to get print of your labour contract/labour card.

Here are the steps:

1. On point your mouse to Services on menu and click on e-services link:

checking labour contract online uae 1

2. On the e-services page, click on e-Netwasal link:

checking labour contract online uae 2

3. This will open a new tab on your browser with a separate page. On this page you will need to click on Contract Information:

checking labour contract online uae 3

4. On the next screen, you will select ‘NO’ as you do not have your Labour Card information:

checking labour contract online uae 4

5. In the following screen, you will need to enter your details as requested:

checking labour contract online uae 5

6. The following screen will prompt you to print a document with your details which you will need to take to Tasheel Centre to get the print of your labour contract.

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        • gud day sir i am working in my company no day off 13hrs.daily and my contract did not give my manager and emirates i.d. this coming june i am 1yr. it is ok if ever i did not continue my 2yrs.contract i want to resign now if ever i did not continue my contract i have to pay my manager or no more involved money?

  • I want to know what kind of contract i have.
    Work permit no.47176918-personal no.30414057473154. yours truly

    • Dear Sir,
      I got an offer letter Dubai company as construction manager.
      I have worked as project manager in my previous companies
      in Sharjah and Dubai
      The new company is getting my visa as site supervisor because my
      qualification is diploma in civil engineering. Please clarify and guide
      me whether I can modify the profession as manager or engineer after getting visa from the authority

      thanks & regards

  • hi..just want to know if i already have a working visa..coz my employer told me that i have already have a working visa..thanks

  • What does the law state about making up/catch-up lessons for teachers on a local contract? I am a specialist teacher on a local contract-on sick leave for two weeks and my manager is forcing me to make up for the missed time… what value does it hold in terms of law. ..bearing in mind that teachers on International contract are provided with back up/cover if they are away.


  • Dear Sir / Madam,

    I’m facing serious issue. i had dubai visa, my company cancelled it on 10/04/2013 and provide me free zone VISA. before company stamp the free zone visa I informed them, not proceed I got new job. company told no problem we will release you but you have to pay the visa cost for free zone visa + medical insurance cost. I also agreed to pay. now they are not giving me visa cancellation paper and my passport. they have hold my last month salary also. when I asked cancellation paper and passport they are fighting with me.

    since i agrees to pay visa cost and medical insurance cost, I feel this is unfaire. in this situation what i want to do ?

  • I don’t have my labor I have the right to ask my employer to have a vacation after 1 year?

    • Hi Angelen, if you are employed and entitled for a vacaiton every year as per you agreement then you can ask for the vacation

  • i would like to say that i joined my company in 10-5-2011 and i left my company in 07-5-2013 do i have ban or not according to the labour?

    • Hi, Sorry it is not possible for me to answer this question. YOu need to check with labour department or immigration.

      • hi sir susan castillosoriano im working in cleaning compony..i have one question abaout my situation…cos this jan 07 2015 i finest my 5years contrak in i want to to apply in another company in i have 3month from my contrak what u think sir maam i have a ban….

  • Dear Sir,

    Good day.
    I just want to ask you sir how many days will take long the Immigration Dept. for the approval of my working permit? I checked my information to MOL,yes we got the approval on June 9, but as of now I checked again but it appears on the screen requested is already pending for printing, what does it mean sir?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Agnes, May be they have not taken the prints of the labour approval or not paid the bank guarantee….i am not sure.

  • Hi Sir! good day to you. I was cancelled by my company last May 28 and this coming 28 is my last day. i got a free zone just yesterday and they are willing to hire me but they need my cancellation paper which the company did not give a copy to me. they said that they give my copy until i will have my exit. Sir can i ask a copy from the labour office coz i need it asap. thank you very much.

    • No you cannot ask directly from labour office. You can request your company to cancel your visa asap and to give you the cancellation paper.

  • Can I change my job after one year from the contract.This is my first visa and done post graduation or if get job in free zone can change without any problem after one year,even though if the salary is below 6000 after one year can proceed with the new job are not.

    kindly advice me on this and let me know ok.
    thanks & Regards,

  • Sir, I filed my resignation last June 30, it possible not to finish my one month notice in my current Company since they didn’t give my one month salary due to my absent and late? and when i signed a contract in Philippines the salary that stated there was 400 dollars.. when i came here they change the contract and forced me to sign it in 350 dollars only…

  • I want to know about my labour clearance through my passport number. Is it possible. I was try on MOL, it seen Employee Information Doest Not Exists. It means what?, my sponsor is still not apply or It is in process?

    Pls comment if anyone know the answer.

  • hii sir, this is rehman. i joined my company on 15-april-2013. till now i didnt get visa stamping on my passport and company didnt make labour agreement too. now because of serious problems in my family i want to cancel my visa. if i approach to labor court , will the judgement favours me? if i cancelled my visa i have to pay any fees to visa cancellation to the company?

    • There is no need to approach labour court. You may resign at any time since you are on probation.

  • Good Day to You !!!

    Reg : Change of Profession in the Visa Copy

    Dear Sir !!!!

    I am working in a LLC Company as HR and Admin but in my visa it is not mentioned as my profession

    Kindly let me know the procedure to change the profession in the Visa copy

    Whether there will be any change in the period (ie my Visa is already stamped before 3 months )

    If I will change now what will be the duration also ,

    How much I have to pay for changing the Visa.

    With thin how many Days I will get the new Viza with changing in my profession only

    Awaiting for the Reply

  • Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear sir, I am now wishing to resign from the present company and I want to get the yearly allowance. For this purpose I have one doubt. Is this yearly allowance calculating on my present basic salary or on the agreement basic salay. pls reply

    Thanks in adavance,

  • hi! sir i am house maid but have many problem in my sponsors that’s why im go to run away..since APRIL 2008,THEN I SURRENDER MAY 10 2011,NOW IM HERE IN PHILIPPINES..IT IS POSIBLE TO WORK AGAIN IN UAE AS A SEWER..HOW IM SURE I HAVE NO BAN..BUT I ALREADY I FINISH TO EYE SCAN IN 2008..IM JUST ASKING IS POSSIBLE TO COME BACK IN UAE

    • Sorry I will not be able to check whether you have ban or not. If there is no ban yes you can come to dubai and start work again

  • Hi Deepak,


    I have a query regarding my Work permit / Visa , i am new to UAE , i previously had DUBAI visa which was expiring in 2016, but i quit my job within 5 months and joined a investment firm in AD , i got my previous visa cancelled , now it is almost 2 months and i still have not got my PP stamped with my new visa , my agency says that it is still under process , due to this i am not able to sponser my family . my question is how do i check the status of my application ( eg : like for Emirates id follow up ) .

    also can you advise me regarding the family visa as well, currently i have a tenancy contract in sharjah upto march 2014, is this tenancy contract suffice for applying a family visa ( apart from Salary certificate , marriage certificate , birth certificate )

    What docs are required for sponsering a Family visa
    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi
    I have problem as I can’t find my 8 digit labour card no because my labour card has six digit no only
    Secondly for Person code also I can not find 14 digit code any where can you please tell me where actually is 14 digit no is mentioned on which ID card ie Is it on Labour card or on Residence ID card.


  • Hi waiter and my contract is two years,now i planed to resigned if i have 1 year in my company because i dont want the rules…evry day i work 12hours without breaktime and i have only half day off…i want to know if im going to resigned no need to go home in my country and free to find another job again?

    • You will get ban and for six months you cannot join other company so you have to go back to your home country.
      In case if you find job in free zone then ban wont be applicable you can work but in any case you need to exit the country

  • hello sir,i read some of the questions here regarding of work problem,mine is i want to quit my job but i don’t know if i will be ban because my contract is unlimited ?if i didn’t reach the 1 year of my contract is there possible that i will be ban for six months?or i didnt finished the two years of contract?because there so much pressure around the work even if you done your best still it doesn’t gave here satisfaction.

  • Hi. I hope you could help me.

    How do I check my contract details if I work for a Free Zone Company – Dubai Healthcare City? I was given the photocopied contract with somewhat looks like alteration.

    Thanks in advance.

  • hi sir

    I have a problem in my labour card.. I check the status of my labour card and I see that the status is DAMAGE DESTROYED LABOUR CARD.

  • hi sir

    I have a problem in my labour card.. I check the status of my labour card and I see that the status is DAMAGE DESTROYED LABOUR CARD. I am a little worried now because it will be the problem when I transfer to another job.

  • Please sir I would like to know whether if my campony fail to take me for medical fittness in time and they are fined by the ministry of labour when they are applying for my labour card that fine is transferad to me as an em ployee? Because this is what is happening to me now

    • It is a mistake from both side.
      You should have told your employer on time about your visa period. And also company should have taken you to the hospital on time. The fine is applicable to both.

  • Hi Deepak,
    I am new to Dubai.
    My new Labor card is ready in the post office. What is the deadline for me or my employer to get it collected from the Post Office? Actually it has been over a month since I received the intimation stating that the card is ready. Will that be returned or something? Can I go and collect it from the PO?

    • If your labour card is in post office then it can dispatched through your PRO or any person who has the access to your po box.

  • Hi sir
    I have problem please help me sir my visa is kensillet bifor 2 manth ago but my campany not give to live so you help me and give sajesan

  • Ma’am/Sir can you give me an advice because I have signed in my company contract not in my labor contract, whereas mentioned in the said contract a term which stipulates that after the expiry of my service or during suspension of my work, I should not work with any other competing company for a period of 1 year.
    my question is is it true or valid?, and I dont know who are there competitors?..
    I am working in a restaurant which is lebanese cuisine..
    tnx again more power!

    becauce I am currently working in a lebanese restaurant,, my question is can I transfer to bar restaurant without lebanese item?
    and I dint know if that contract is valid because this is not written in my labour contract..

    • Some companies do mention this clause if you are exposed to the trade secrets. This is to prevent you or anyone from stealing the company secrets or intellectual properties.

    • You can check through your PRO or just call MOL (hope they will help you out). Usually they are not supposed to request these details.


  • Sir, I would like to ask, how can I obtain my previous employment contract?I worked with one of the hospital in Abu Dhabi back 2010 under a Mission Visa, and now I have an application overseas which they’re requiring me to obtain the employment contract on that hospital in Abu dhabi. I have asked the hospital for the copy but they’re saying that it’s not allowed for them to give employment contract copy for ex-employees.I need your expert advise.Please.Thanks.

    • If your company said so, then there is no other way to get the copy of your employment contract.

  • Pls sir I wont check welther my company is existing in uae because our mangement is going one by one and I don’t know our office. They name is sai security llc

  • sir
    I want to change my visa an other company but I not complete two years.If i change my company than i will face the six months ban ?
    So i want to release from this ban.what i should i do. Please reply me

  • Hai Sir, Now our people are in 2 year visa, if they don’t want to renew the contract means, our company is sending before 2month they are telling in the reason it’s your vacation period. So for all cancellation people getting automatic band, one of our office staff ask the help of MOL customer sevice they are asking the company letter to stopping before 2month. but our compnay refused to give this letter. now all people in our compnay is in very critical situation. if there is any way to safe us.

  • Hi Deepak,

    I moved to another company and now have my residence visa stamped on my passport. But I have not signed any labour contract and have not received my labour card apparently. I still dont know if my Emirates ID has been applied.

    I can still switch job, If i get another offer right? I am currently working as admin manager. Does it necessarily require that I move to a same position to get my ban lifted. What if I got an offer of General Office Clerk and got higher salary than what my current employer offered me.

    I am still on probation and I have not signed any labour contract but I already got my residence visa stamped on my passport. which I know is weird and not the usual procedure.

    please advice

    • If your current company is not llc and your visa is directly from immigration then there wont be ban.

      • Hi Deepak,

        Got another question, is any company here in Dubai allowed to take back or cut 15days of your first month salary and say they will give this back when you finish your contract or go for vacation.
        Its like you are keeping your own ban?

        Is this legal?

  • Hi a housemaid in a local family here in albarsha i just have 4 mos.for me to complete my 2 yrs contract to them..i just wanna ask if its possible to look for a new job even they will not give me release paper or no objection as i finish my contract already..pls i need response to make it clear to me.thanks

    • If you have finished your labour contract and cancellation done without any problem then Yes you may look for other job.

  • Hi. I just wanna ask, I’m currently working in a non-freezone company and I finished my 1 year and 5 months. I got an offer from a real estate which happens also a non-freezone company. My contract is unlimited. Am i getting ban from labor itself or from my current employer?

    • There is a chance of getting automatic labour ban. If your company gives you release then you can avoid ban.

  • Hi sir!My sponsor just cancelled me last Nov.14 2013,I want to know if how long can stay here.And after my service with them can I get the gratuity Test m them?

  • Hi sir if my extension in staying here finished can I extend?I need information abt legal and illegal staying here sir in u.a.e.

  • Hi sir when my extension in staying here will finished is it possible to stay more here?can I extend my staying here?I want to know informartion legal and illegal staying here in u.a.e.

    • You can not stay illegal in UAE. You need to have a proper visa or residence permit to live in UAE.

  • My labour contract is limited(1.3 years) i am trying to chenge my job .
    my employer put a six month ban or 1 year ban

    • If you are planning to change the job during your limited period contract company has the right to put one year ban too.

  • Sir can other employer view my contract online? they have copy of my residence visa and national ID

  • Hi deepak
    i have joined a new company 3 months back want to change my job with other company and i have not completed my degree what is the best solution for this

    • You may have the chances of getting automatic six months labour ban. So think twice before you take any decision.

  • Hai Sir,
    I am on visit and I got an offer from a co in DUbai and signed a contract (6-7 pages,in english!). I have submitted my pp copy for visa processing and co told me it will take 2 week to get visa.Now it is one month and it goes uncertain!. I have another new offer from another co. Is it ok if I am going for the new offer. Any problem ?. Pls advise

    • If they have not processed your visa then you can take offer from the other company . No issue. But please make sure that your new company not processed your visa and labour card.

  • Hi sir just want to confirm that i have completed my three contract with company now they cancelled my labor card on 1st oct and my visa on 10th november from time of cancellation visa i can stay 30 days in uae or labor card ? my contract over on sep 14 2013.

    • after the cancellation of your residence visa you get 30 days grace period where you can stay in dubai

  • iam working as a chemist in a mineral water company.but my profession is written as sales,is it possible to change my profession, and if,how much will be the amount.I also want to know that ,if i resign from my post here,may i get a ban i have finished 8months here

    • Yes you may have the chances of getting ban. You can change your designation in contract during the renewal.