How to check your Labour Contract through MOL Smartphone App?

Now check your Contract through MOL Smartphone App!

You already know how to check your labour contract through Ministry of Labour Online systemsOpens in a new tab.. Now, MOL has made it more easy to access their systems by launching a smartphone app for Android and Apple iOS. 

Video Tutorial on How to check your Labor Contract online through Apps:

Below I will show you how to check your labour contract through MOL Smartphone Apps.


Install Smartphone apps on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

mol iphone app ipadOpens in a new tab.

mol android appOpens in a new tab.


01 labour contract details through mol smartphone app


STEP 2: Once the app is installed, it will show in your list of apps in the smartphone. Click on the App to open.

This is a fantastic app that is created by MOL for both employers and employees. Employers can use this app to request host of services such as Inspection, Establishment Card Services, Pre-approval of Work Permit Services, Work Permit Services, Labour Relations Services, Enquire about pending transactions and so on. 

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to check your Labour Contract Details. The app does not provide your entire contract like you can download online; but you can get your important details such as Labor Card number, Labor Card issue date, Labor card expiry date, Type of your contract such as Limited or Unlimited, your Labor Contract Start Date, your Labor Contract end date, Designation, Basic Salary, Total Salary, allowances and so on.

02 labour contract details through mol smartphone app


Click on Employee Service to check your Labour Contract details. Out of the 2 options, click on My Contract.

03 labour contract details through mol smartphone app


You will need your Passport Number, Nationality and Date of Birth in order to request the details. If you enter wrong details, you will not get any results.

04 labour contract details through mol smartphone app

Enter correct details and click on Submit.

05 labour contract details through mol smartphone app


Your labour contract details will be displayed on the screen.

06 labour contract details through mol smartphone app

If you find your salary details here do not match with what you receive in your bank account towards salary, you must first bring it to the notice of your company and if they do not adhere to this, you must file a complaint with MOL. 

So you know, how easy it is to get your labour contract details through MOL smartphone app. This is one of the best services that MOL has brought to everyone.


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51 thoughts on “How to check your Labour Contract through MOL Smartphone App?

  1. hi sir how r u

    sir my labour card is come but contract info not show on this app why.?

  2. Please sir I had sign a contract with a company 6months ago and till now my visa hadn’t been sent to me please what is the case?

  3. Dear sir ,
    Plz find the job at Dubai for any work like : – Cook helper , IT solution , & Marketing

  4. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you
    shared this useful info with us. Please stay
    us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dear Sir

    I am a Senior Artist,and i am working in the company for almost 9 years now,but before i came to this company i already know how to do the designing without any training from their company,and i trained people already how to do it ,and i decided to leave the company,is it required that the company will ask me to sign a waver that saying that i cannot use any training to the other company which is i already shared my knowledge to their company while im in their company?Is it legal?Kindly please give an advice,thank you!


  6. Sir I have a two year contract with company company terminate me after a year. What is the ban conditions on me for six month written on terminations letter so it is a six months ban on me

  7. pls help me my name is konadu Asante Michael from Ghana .I have my job offer from One of the company I have sign for more than two weeks now my visa is not in I wanted to check whether they are finished or my visa statues my passport no G1329843 plz check for me and reply me emails [email protected]

  8. Hello sir please I need your help I signed a contract with a company about 1month ago knowing that by now my employment visa must have been out so I wish you help me check if the visa is still in process and my time here remains only 10days beside what do I do now this is my passport number 0419645 dates of birth 07/08/1993 good afternoon sir.

  9. Sir, in emergency leave, am I be the one to pay for my own plane ticket? how many days required legally? am I going to be paid while on emergency leave?

  10. Sir,
    i got offer letter from ministry and i did all procedure but after some days Company send me a mail i am in the black list.
    Sir, i just want to know that, i never been in UAE and i never applied any work permit so, how it would be a black list. Please suggest me.

  11. To whom my concern
    sir presently i am working in the abu dhabi but i got offer one of good reputed company
    actually i am from Bangladesh we do have any opportunity to transfer the visa

  12. Dear sir
    a very good evening
    sir I want to say that through a recruiting agency in india I was selected by a LLC company for the post of foreman category. but after a long period of 3 months I got an offer letter by mail and I was asked to just give a thumb impression the offer letter was a 5th category worker.sir I come according to law of mol uae in third category but why my employer sent me that 5th category offer letter? apart from this this is my 4 th month of waitinh for my visa but didn’t get that.sir please reply will I face any problem in company if I go there? please please reply..

  13. Asslam.O.Alaikum. Dear Sir

    i am very said indays plz help me any one

    plz send me you full vusa datile
    passport 1169731

  14. I took one month tourist visa and find a job in sharjah, now it’s one month over still the company saying that , mol not aproved and it’s in processing stage , what might be the reason for not aproving my visa process

  15. Hi

    I got selected in a free zone companynij sharjah. I got offer letter as Admin accountant but they change my designation to archives clerk. Will this be any issue for me?

  16. Hi Deepak, I tried to follow the same procedure as per above, but it shows my detail doesnt exist.

  17. Hi Deepak,

    I’m on free zone visa. completed 3 years and 8 months. First visa contract was for 3 yrs. Renewed. Now I got terminated due to low business. I’m eligible to get 1 month salary or 3 months salary as compensation? On my termination letter it’s written 1 month salary. Tried MOL app to find out limited contract or unlimited contract. But showing no record found!

  18. Sir i have 2 years contract i have certificate of fsc and D.I.T diploma i have six months here the company giving low salary sir can i change my visa to another company

  19. HI,

    How can i download my labor contract from the system.Before i was able to do it.But now option is not help

  20. Hellow sir,

    Can you help me know how to get my labor contract from otherway except my company.
    In case of visa cancellation they will charge me for visa charges can you tell me how muct is it?

  21. Hi, how can I check if my employment Visa is being processed online by my company. can you please show me a link I can use to verify? I am in Iran for Visa exchange and I need to check so I’d know my fate.

    1. Alex,
      best thing is to ask your PRO on the status.
      IF you have the relevant details, you could enquire here:

  22. Hello, am currently working in United Arab Emirates in a maintenance and deco company designated a/c mechanics assistant. It’s a year now since a joined this company.
    The work I do is mason instead of
    mea/cchanics, and the salary is only 1000k with no good accommodation and other working conditions.
    Now, I had unlimited contract and a holder of bachelor’s degree. To me it’s a waste of time because what am doing doesn’t befit and my knowledge is vein.
    I would like to know if there is any ban if I get a befitting job and move to a new company.
    Thanks and best regards

    1. Tata,
      Labour ban is automatic, if you do not complete your contract.
      To avoid ban read:

  23. Dear Deepak,
    First of all Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.. I never knew that Indian’s are so helpful.. Can i have a words with you please..
    Kind Regards

  24. Hello Sir,

    I am currently in Abu Dhabi with a 2 year contract under Computer Engineer Visa, If I get another opportunity will I get a ban ? if so how long and is there anyway to lift the ban ?

    Appreciate your response. .Thanks ..

  25. Hi. The name of the company is not indicated. Is there somewhere we can see it? Thanks

  26. Dear sir
    I came is a salesman in Sharman food company as 4500 dhs per month salary I received 11months same salary but now with out any problem company reduce my per month salary 1000dhs so I getting only ,3500 dhs and I have company agreement job offer also.Please help this question.Thanks

    1. Rais,
      Companies can not reduce salaries.

      Be part of a community at Emirates Diary Forum. Browse, ask a question at the latest feature of Emirates Diary. Visit:

  27. Dear Deepak,

    i am civil engineer.i have UAE attested certificates, but my company gave me a Archive Clerk visa-Right now im under probation- i got new offer- i have limited contract,if i resign now, will i get 1 year ban? new company is NOT free zone.
    current company is telling that they will put Ban for 1 year as im on limited contract. Is it possible?
    how to lift the bans.

    Please reply

    Thank you

  28. Dear Sir,
    I have a termination case and my mrp has been arrived and now to receive I need old passport which company is denying to give. So, is it right of company after termination case or should I file complain for this. If so how should I go….
    Hoping for an early response.

    1. Shyam,
      What is mrp?
      And why is your employer having your passport? Read:

  29. Dear Sir,
    I came to Sharjah on 29.04.15 with a employment visa and joined the Supermarket as Accountant General on 30.04.2015

    Still now I have not received my salary for May & June
    What is the option for me get my salary

    1. Jose,
      Has your visa been stamped?
      Have you tried speaking to the HR?
      If nothing works, you could file a complaint with MOL.

    2. I’m working 5 months in tourism company. i work 10 hrs delay even the month of Ramadan Im working 8hrs. we have time in time out duty schedule in our time in time out machine i have 1 min and 2 min under time. company want to deduct my salary 200 dhs. its is allowed and if i want to resign because of this kind of policy of the company. do have band because im still under probation.

      please help my Question.

  30. He told us we cannot complain because we are just 5months in our work,Is that true?

  31. Dear Sir, I go to Dubai on 3 month visit find a job as accountant with a construction company on 15 days trial, they give me offer letter i worked with them after completion of 15 days trial they accept me but they took my trial, my responsibilities were time keeping of labor & co. staff and material arrangement from main contractor on site after 15 days trial they accept me, but they were not ready to put me as accountant, i asked them to put me as accountant as per offer letter bcz u people hire me as accountant. the owner become angry and said ok thank hand over all the thing to specified person i handed over all the this thing to specified person and left the job. they pay me for days i worked with them. i find another job before visit expiry in RAK.

    New company go MOL to get my approval but MOL said this person already have approval with another company, give us cancel paper from that company then we would be able to give you approval of this candidate. New company called me give this cancellation, immediately i called in construction company request for cancellation after 3 days promise they said we have to put visa as of another candidate inplace of you, bcz this cancellation we will lost all other qouta approved bcz u got mol approval then your visa was in process in immigration and immediately after process we stopped due to our owner instruction.

    I follow the new company when i was on visit they did not cancelled then on visit expiry i came to Pakistan i called the many times they daily promising me we will do today but not yet cancelled even my fried go to office and put hand on your foot pls cancel me. until now they did not cancel me. Now they saying our PRO only can do the cancel but he is on annual leave they also not confirming his come back date.

    sir. Please advise me what i can do bcz my new job is on stake new company calling tell us final decision.

    your early response shall be appreciated

    1. Rehman,
      Only that company will be able to help you to cancel.
      I am not sure of other ways.

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