Get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate using smartphone App! (Video + Images)

Dubai Police Clearance Certificate through Dubai Police smartphone App

Video Tutorial on how to apply for Good Conduct Certificate through Smartphone App

I have previously written about getting your Dubai Police Clearance CertificateOpens in a new tab. through web in a separate post. Things however have changed since then.

Now you could apply for a clearance certificate right from your home through Dubai Police Smartphone App.

Things you should keep ready before you apply for Dubai Police Clearance Certificate:

1. A Smartphone with Dubai Police Smartphone app installed. You should also have internet connection and Mobile Network active to receive SMS.

2. Your Emirates ID number. (The number at the front of the card)

3. Valid Credit Card. 

Install the Dubai Police App:

The Dubai Police apps are available for Apple-iosOpens in a new tab. and Android platforms. Opens in a new tab.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

dubai police android appOpens in a new tab.
Once you get the App from iTunes or Android, it will appear on your smartphone. Click on the App icon to open the App.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

For this tutorial, I will be using my iPhone. But the interface will be similar on other platforms as well.

STEP 1: Click on the Dubai Police App

When you click on the Dubai Police App, a screen with various online services offered by Dubai Police will appear. You will need to click on “Good Conduct Certificate” service.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct


STEP 2: Enter the details required such as Emirates ID number, your email address, Purpose of the certificate(select from Dropdown), Certificate Required by. Check the box on Agree to Terms and Conditions and proceed to the next police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

STEP 3: Confirmation.

In this step you should confirm the details that you have entered whether they are correct or not. If you find any mistake, click on the Edit button to go back to the previous step and correct the details. If the details entered are correct, please go to the next step.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

STEP 4: Verification of your mobile number. 

In this step, you will need to verify your mobile number to receive a confirmation code. Enter your valid mobile number and click on submit.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

STEP 6: Once you submit your mobile number, you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

You need to enter the mobile number in the next screen on the app in the space provided  to confirm your mobile number. If you have not received the code, first check your mobile number whether correct or not. If it is wrong, change the mobile number and follow the step again. If despite the mobile number being correct, you have not received the SMS, click on RESEND button to instruct the system to send the code again.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

STEP 8: Payment.

Once you have successfully verified your mobile number, in the next step you need to pay AED 210/- through your credit card. You will need to enter your valid Credit card number and expiry date and click on PAY.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct

STEP 9: Processed Successfully

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a “Processed Successfully” message with the Reference Number, Receipt number and Transaction number.

dubai police clearance certificate 9

Receipt of Confirmation SMS:

At this stage, you will also receive a Confirmation SMS on your mobile phone.

Visit Nearest Police Station

As instructed in the SMS, you will have to visit a nearest Police Station to verify your identity. Once you verify your identity(take your Emirates ID with you), you will receive an SMS notification as below.

dubai police clearance certificate pcc certificate of good conduct


You will receive your Dubai Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) or Certificate of Good Conduct on your email. Please note that you will receive an email from [email protected] as below:

dubai police pcc good conduct

With this app, the Dubai Police has simplified the process of obtaining Good Conduct Certificate.

Dubai Police Certificate of Good Conduct – Sample

clearance certificate Dubai police in email

With such initiatives, not only Dubai Government is proving to be efficient, it also is a way to provide a service which saves time and energy for all the parties involved.




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24 thoughts on “Get Dubai Police Clearance Certificate using smartphone App! (Video + Images)

  1. What if im out of uae and need a PCC?
    Well the app sounds good, but to visit the nearest police station for verifying the identity for the ones that are out of the country should have a solition as well?! May u help!

    1. Sorry, at the moment I am aware of only this way.
      But there should be a possibility through UAE Embassies.
      Please check and let us know.

  2. my visa has been cancelled one year ago… how do i apply for PCC online / get. Am i eligible for it

  3. I have many employee with me and I want to submit aplication go good conduct certificate for many people in one time what should I do now

  4. Hi Freak I put in wrong email ID by mistake. What should I do?


  5. hi, how long does it take to get the certificate? (that is after visiting the police station)

  6. plz guide me i already left uae but i need police certificate how can i apply i am from nepal

    1. Pranik,
      Please use Dubai Police website to apply!

  7. I have tried, but cannot get past the first step – I get the message “Sorry we can’t proceed – data is not available. Kindly visit nearest police station” – am I doing something wrong?

  8. I guess so, because the fingerprints are pre-recorded in the emirates ID. If you mean to say if I physically went to DubaiPolice, then no. This is my first time to apply for good conduct. From your online application review, you mentioned that the conduct should be delivered without any visit to the Dubai Head Quarters. So, I assume it should be alright. Deepak, I appreciate your response to my queries. I would like to ask you about the good conduct. Does the good conduct mention the job mentioned in the online form like accounting/finance or it would say accountant just as shown on my residence visa.

    1. Ahmed,
      Please have a look at my Good Conduct Certificate I applied just to show the readers. (it is at the bottom of the page)
      THere is no any designation mentioned anywhere!

      1. I think you got confused. I meant about the good conduct using online service (through web) not mobile app. you didn’t show any sample for it.

        1. Ahmed,
          Sample is in this post at the bottom. I do not think there is any other sample:

  9. Thanks Deepak. I am currently out of the country and i want my good conduct. I have valid residence visa. Shall I apply online instead of the app and have it delivered ?

    What do you suggest?

      1. technically yes because, i am a resident of uae so the finger prints are pre recorded in the emirates id. in other words, this is my first time applying for the good conduct. I guess the online should be fine as long as i am a resident.

        One more question and i appreciate your feedback. when filling the form the job is the scope and not the exact mentioned in the residence. How does it appear on the good conduct, for your case based on your online review (was it accounting/finance) or as per your residence visa?

        1. Ahmed,
          Yes, online application should be ok.
          Please do and let me know the update.

    1. Ahmed,
      yes, it is a must that you visit police station.
      This is to protect your identity; otherwise anyone with your emirates id could apply for a document that is yours.

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