Employment in Freezones

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In UAE each free zone has its own employment law and these free zones are not governed by the UAE Labour Law. Free zones, are subject to the rules and regulations of the free zone concerned authorities and maintain their own employment contracts. However, Labour Law will still apply and the provisions on the employment contract must be in accordance with the Law.

All free zone employees are sponsored by the respective free zone authority and not by their employers. The free zone authority sponsoring the employees, refer them directly to the immigration authorities and not to the Ministry of Labour. Opens in a new tab.

This means they do not require Labour departmentOpens in a new tab. approval. Any disputes between employees and their employers in the free zones will not first be heard at the Ministry of Labour but by the respective authority.

Employers are required to keep a bank guarantee which is required to secure the employees’ dues and any end of service benefits which may be payable on termination of their employment contracts.

Contracts in Freezone

Labour contracts in Free Zones are usually for limited to two years. In case, if the employee terminates the contract before the expiry, and if it is written in your employment contract about reimbursement of visa and other expenses, then the employer has the right to claim the reimbursement.

Such an amount shall be determined according to the employee’s position as well as salary. Usually, an employer cannot ask employee to reimburse visa cost and other expenses. It is considered contrary to the Labour Law.

If the free zone authority does not approve the transfer of sponsorship, the free zone authority shall cancel the sponsorship of the employee and the employee shall not be permitted to work for a new employer unless a valid entry permit and residence visa have been obtained. This may require exiting and re-entering the country.

Labour ban in Freezones

The Employer has the right to ask the JAFZA authority to put a work ban for a year as such a work ban is applicable for JAFZA only. In other Free Zones in general, an employer may make a recommendation to the Free Zone Authority to impose a ban on the employee, but it is at the sole discretion of the Free Zone Authority to issue the ban or not.


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  1. HI,
    I work in JAFZA and i am currently under my husbands sponsorship. I was informed that a labor file is only created for JAFZA visa’s which also means that I will not be entitled to end of service benefits. Is this true?

    1. Hi, If you’re under your husband’s sponsorship in JAFZA, you might not have a labor file, which could mean you won’t get end-of-service benefits. It’s best to check with your company or JAFZA for more details.

  2. Hi. I am terminated by my employer at Hamriyah Freezone. I just want to know how many months salary should I get?

  3. Hii
    I am in Dubai from India on Visit visa for 1 month and I want to get an employment through any reliable company from Free Zone .Is it ok that if I am selected and my visa status gets changed to employment visa I can work here .Can anybody help me to get labor contract in this message.I am desperately looking for an Job.Please help me.

    1. Hi. Unfortunately, no one can just simply hand you a labor contract, you need to get hired by an Employer and the rest will follow so unless you’re good and have an experience then continue to look for a job until someone will hire you; but if you’re a newbie then you should know that it’s risk you should take and you have to be prepared for that. Also, you cannot just decide to work on Freezone, it is depends upon the company that will hire you if they’re on freezone or otherwise.

  4. Sir
    I have worked 3 year 11 months in Dubai.It’s jafza visa(3year).my first visa is renewed and renewed visa expires on 24/5/2018. Before 9 months l came for a vacation and I couldn’t returned due to health problems.now last 9 months am in India.
    Is there any ban on my passport? My visa is cancelled or not? Can I apply for a new visa,in a new company,not Jafza visa.?
    Is there any way to know the visa status without the help of company authority that banned or not?

  5. We are a freezone company in RAK and one of our employees has not returned from his annual vacation and we got to know that he doesnt want to come back. What is the legal procedure and obligation towards this employee? this employee has not communcated his desire to quit nor has he tendered any resignation adn notice period

  6. Good Day!

    I am LEA MERCADO , Philippines national, I would like to ask If the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, Or the company having Freezone visa is valid to allow a legal in binding documents to the company owners against to its employee?

    I am working in a freezone company, salary of 1300 aed and I finished my 2 years of my 3 year contract, I have to pay 13000 dirham that if I didnt finished my 3 years contract for we have a documents >legal in binding that I signed> but I decided to resigned.

    I finished the notice period ,3 months with no salary , actually before the last day of my notice, the owner not stating to me to pay, then he suddenly said WE CANNOT GO so I decided to stay, I will not resign and finished my contract. But the owner Is not saying hat we can or cannot stay.

    I would like to ask what I can do?

    Sincerely yours,


  7. Dear Deepak,

    I am currently seeking a suggestion for a situation i am about to face. I am working in Dubai Main Land L.L.C company and planning to give the resign within the limited contract. They are giving me a labor ban for one year for breaching the limited contract. I want to ask if i got this ban can I work in any freezone? I think this ban is only effective on main land companies.

    Please suggest.

    1. Hi Wali, may Ibask whst happen with your resignation, because im also bout tomface that certain scenario same as you.

  8. Can someone tell me how I can know my contract if is it limited and unlimited…?
    And also I want to know how I can make complain against my company because they terminate me without any reason…

  9. Hi,
    I am working in a ajman based real estate l.l.c it is a. Free zone group of company but on my visa it is L.l.c my salary is 3,000 aed and my designation is recovery officer my employemnt visa is of 25 august . I want to leave this company in march 2017 . Can i change any ban will be aplicable by the employer on me ? Their contract was very heard and i received my contract before my visa on 24 feb 2016 no medical or house allownce or any thing they told me ur basic salry is 3,000 aed and in. Contract they divided these 3 thousand as transportation along with basic salry to be on save side . If i want to leave this company any ban will occur on me ?

  10. Hi Deepak,

    I’m previously working at Hamriyah Free Zone company. I finished my two years contract last October 28, 2016 & refused for renewal. My contract & visa already expired last october 28, 2016. I already give my formal resignation of non-renewal of contract last Nov. 2, 2016 for further execution of my cancellation, but till date my previous company is not cancelling my papers due to their issue at hamriyah free zone of account blocked & bounce cheque. My grace period of 29 days already started and till date their not properly cancelling my papers from my old company. I got a new offer to the other company but due to this issue I can’t join to my new company.
    Can you give some suggestion on it?

  11. Dear Mr. Deepak
    I got terminated after 2 months of my 6 months provision for absenteeism due to sickness since my contract is under MOL am I gonna get a labor ban? if so how many months? if I get NOC from my employer can this lift the ban? or if I get a job offer in the free zone area does my ban waived or not?

    hoping for your guidance


  12. As salam o Alaykum sir
    This time me give the concle and my time in the compney join time 22/6/2015 and me give the
    concle 17/9/2016 the Pro say cut the 45 day salry help me please

  13. Hi,
    I am working in Jafza. Now i want resigning my job, because Salary pending problem.So what is the procedure to resign,then if any payment i should pay to the company.

  14. Hello Sir

    sorry in my earlyer post i forgot to mention my visa is for 3 years and i have completed 26 monthes .

    I have recently got terminated with no notice period and when i ask for my final settlement they said you have been given two warnings already in which one was in email and other is on paper which i have signed . so now my question is am i not eligible for any of my end of service benefits and termination 3 months’ salary . please help me i was working in saifzone

    Thanks .

  15. Hello Sir

    i have recently got terminated with no notice period and when i ask for my final settlement they said you have been given two warnings already in which one was in email and other is on paper which i have signed . so now my question is am i not eligible for any of my end of service benefits and termination 3 months’ salary . please help me i was working in saifzone

    Thanks .

  16. Hi there I’m Ajman free zone visa holder my visa is executive director and valid for 3 years can I stay outside of uae more then 6 months?
    what will happen if I stay outside of uae for more then 6 months can I return back to uae ?

  17. Hello,

    I have Ajman Free Zone Visa,
    I worked in a company for 3 months and now my employer is asking me not to continue but he is not giving any genuine reason to terminate me, also he did not provided me any kind of warning letter in past not even he is proving me any termination letter. Just he is verbally terminating me.
    Please guide me what I can do?? What all benefits I can claim??? Can I get 3 months salary as a compensation??

  18. Hello Deepak,

    I have a question about Free zone licenses.

    I would like to know how much does it cost to have a Ajman free zone license ?

    Also can there be an additional partner added to a valid Ajman Free zone license ?


  19. Hello,

    I would like to know whether JAFZA visa can be transferred to DAFZA ?



  20. Dear Sir,

    I would like to ask your advice on what to do for my son working in Dafza.
    He is on limited contract for 3 years and he worked now for 22 months with the company.
    I want him to resign, because he is working outside his job description, ( like helping household chores in the house of his employer ) which is not acceptable.
    My son graduated in Maritime Transportation, and this is not acceptable.
    I want him to resign.
    Can you please suggest , what process shall i take.



  21. Hi Deepak,

    My jafza visa is already canceled this week. Thing thing is they wanted me to exit the country while I have my new visa from my new employer in Dubai Marina. I insisted that I will not exit since my employer will only change the status. Just to make thing sure, Is it possible that my jafza employer can lift me a ban why they wanted me to exit the country without me knowing?

    Let me know, Thanks.

  22. Hello Depak,

    I have been working for an company in JAFZA for 3 years. I renewed my contract for another 3 years but after 2 months i had to cancle it as i got another job in Another JAFZA company.
    Now the company is telling me that they will cut my gratuaty benefit by 45 days and may also put a ban on me for 1 year .
    Now my visa is already canceled and the End service calculation send to Jafza and approved.
    Can the company cut my money and put a ban on me still ?

  23. Hi Deepak,
    I signed a contract with a Dubai llc company last week and submitted my passport copies pictures attested degrees etc for processing. Now this week another company i was interested in joining has come back to me with a better offer and is in a freezone area. Could you advise what problems could i face if i decide to not go ahead with the dubai llc company and want to join the freezone company? Chances are they could have initiated the labour approval process sometime this week

  24. Hi Deepak,
    I am working for a company in DAFZA on limited yearly renewed contract. I have been working for 3 years now, my contract has been renewed every year for the past 3 years, but now my company decided not to renew my contract after I finish this year’s contract. Am I entitled to receive End of Service gratitude, even though it is limited contract?
    Thank you for your time.

  25. Dear Deepak,

    My query is similar to Suman’s.

    I was working for a free zone company in Ras Al Khaimah. I have been terminated on 13th of December 2015 due to reason of non performance and behavior which is not true. However, company provided me notice period of 30 days but I refused to continue my work for next 30 days which is notice period as I was not feeling comfortable due to the reason of termination. Its a month now and the notice period is completed and with the help of PRO I submitted my cancellation on 10th of Jan in free zone office here is ras al khaimah. Now I am requesting HR admin department to release my settlement, passport and air ticket in order to leave country, but my company is not cooperating appropriately. Hence, I request you advise me what I can do, as bcoz I am running out of money which I explained via email.

    Please advise what I have to do for proper and smooth process of settlement.

    Thank you.

  26. Hi,
    I am working in a Dubai based company and my family is under my sponsorship living with me. Now I got a job in a company based in Jafza Free zone. How can I proceed for my family visa? Can I hold their visa until change my visa or I need to cancel their visa and reapply? What is procedure for family visa if I am in free zone visa.


  27. hi Deepak
    do you have an idea on how long it takes to process residence cancellation in DWC?
    thank you

  28. Helo Mr. Deepak,

    I am working as an accountant for 3 years in Dubai. Now i want to move any other company as i am not satisfied with my currant employer. I want to move in any free zone company. can you help me how to drop my CV in free zone companies, can i visit personally in these zones. Someone told me that you can visit only ajman free zone and for jabel Ali free zone you must have an appointment to visit there. Please guide me in this matter.


  29. Hello sir, i am working in free zone in hotel as a reception recently i joint company since three months a ago, now they doesn’t want to keep me anymore, could you please give me update if there is any ban, or could i change to another company and there will be required entry or exit stump and if they cancel me for how long i have to wait if there is a ban, please give me updates soon, Thanks

  30. Hi Deepak,
    I’m on a jafza contract , have been working with this firm for 2 years plus but less than 3 yrs which is my contract. I’ve resigned with 1 month notice on the 1st of Nov, but they’ve not accepted my resignation via a written confirmation. I need to leave by 30th with cancellation, can i go to the labour office with this situation even though i dont have any written confirmation from them as they are just beating around the bush to make me stay longer.
    thanks for your help.

  31. Hello Sir,
    I am nurse in hospital at Al Barsha since 7 months. Now I got job and work visa in Australia. I want to give 24 hours resign but I will be needing good standing letter. will DHA going to issue me good standing letter if i give 24 hours resign and Is it going to effect good standing letter. kindly guide me.

  32. Dear Sir,


    I would like to ask you about my contract? I complete my jafza contrat for 3 years and i confuse which i follow to stop my working days the jafza id or the Emirates Id? my jafza id expiry date finished this nov 5, 2015 and my emirates id nov 13,2015.

    Thank you so much.

  33. Hi, Deepak!!!

    Currently iam working in a company at JAFZA, my employment contract with the company is for 3 years and i had completed 1 year and 6 months.

    Recently i got a good offer from a company in Abu dhabi, so i just want to know whether my current employer can for any fine or could pose any complications?
    there is no any clause as such in my contract.

    looking forward to your positive response.


  34. hi,

    I recently joined a company here in DSO freezone, my grace period lapsed on 27th Oct, 2015 (today) and until now my employment visa is not yet released and my employer has no idea when it’ll be approved or completely processed. i am worried about over stay fine plus the change status fee which i will pay according to my employer. i am working here for 20 days without employment visa.

    now i received a good news, i am hired in JAFZA and i wish to ask my employer to terminate the processing of my visa. will this cause me unlikely circumstances like ban or something? although we have agreed that in case i terminate my service i will pay the visa processing fees.

    i need your advise with this matter.

    thank you

  35. Hi Deepak,

    Can a person (62yrs) get an employment visa in Fujairah Free Zone company ?? If yes, then will it be valid for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years ?? If he gets the visa, will he be able to sponsor his family (wife & children) for a residence visa ??

    Best Regards,

  36. Dear Mr.Deepak

    My visa is in LLC company in Sharjeh and I have an offer from a university in free zone ( Dubai internet city , Knowledge village). I got NOC letter from the first company .

    can I work at university in knowledge village ? if yes what documents Need and what should I do ?

    your truly

    1. Dear Mr.Deepak

      My visa is in LLC company in Sharjeh and I have an offer from a university in free zone ( Dubai internet city , Knowledge village). I got NOC letter from the first company .

      can I work at university in knowledge village ? if yes what documents Need and what should I do ?

      your truly

  37. Sir, I have a free zone visa of Ajman, but the company now says has no work and says will give NOC. Can I work with this visa any where in UAE?

  38. Hi deepak Sir

    Am working at sharjah free zone, if i get a new job offer from dubai, what will be the notice period time required for them to release me.

    Thanks ,

    1. Roan,
      Not aware of the fz laws. Usually notice period is 30 days unless mentioned in the contract.

  39. Hi Deepak,

    I am working in Al Ain for more than a year and plan to transfer in Dubai, if my current employer incur me a ban, is it possible that the new company (free zone) could lift the ban?

    Thank you.

    God bless.

    1. Mark,
      In free zones, labour ban is not applicable.
      However, certain free zones do consider whether you have ban and may not process your documents.

    1. Dear Deepak,

      Currently i am working in one of the company in Dubai Silicon Oasis, as per the contract the contract my notice period is one month. Recently i got an offer from one of the company in academic city, dubai. I will work one month notice period. after that my visa from DSOA will cancel and new employer will process the visa, in this case any ban will be there for me. my visa is expring in 2017 only. i am working in current company since april 2014.


      1. Arun,
        in free zones, labour ban is not applicable.
        However, you must be careful whether the new free zone will accept your employment visa aplication.

      1. because my employer said that she will not give me no objection certificate. is it needed in my next employer? is it possible no to sign the settlement paper if they are not giving me my good standing and emploment certificate?

  40. Hi Deepak,

    I’m currently working with a free zone company in studio city, i’m getting a better job in other company and its being only 2 months working with company, in my contract its return (recruitment cost: the company shall bear all recruitment expenses including but not limited to the travel ticket at the beginning of this contract, visa processing fees and labour card charges.) can you please explain this to me. Do I have to pay them back all the charges?


  41. Hi Deepak,

    Do you have an idea how long it will take to get an approval employment visa from DSO freezone?

    1. Marko,
      Sorry, no idea about this. However, should not take more than a week i feel!

      1. hI
        I am on a visit visa and i have completed 2 months i got a job offer in saif zone sharjah. and i have signed the contract as well but now i think shouldn’t have. if i tel them that i dont want to work for them will they put a ban on me or force me to work? its just been a day that i have signed. and niether have they taken my visa or passport. its al with me.

  42. HI DEEPAK,

    This is Ersath. i am currently working in DMCC free zone and now it my 5th month here. i have just find another job in LLC company based in abu dhabi.
    My contract is unlimited and visa is for 3 years and there is nothing mentioned regarding reimbursement of charges if i leave the job at any time.
    Please do let me know, if i switch my job now, before 6 month, is there any ban from Authority, Employer or from Labor, or if there is any other consequences.

    Thank you.

  43. Hi Deepak,

    I am working in Dubai last 3month can i change job in Freezone Area?

  44. hi sir deepak,

    im currently working on freezone visa ( TECOM) my contract is 1 yr and my visa is 3yrs. im working for 11 months now. My question is if i leave my current employer and found a new one under LLC will i have a ban?
    my employer told me that they will not give me good standing , Employment Certificate and NOC.. my question is how can i get these documents from my employer? will i need to file a complain from TECOM? thank you

    1. Karl,
      Since Tecom is government organisation, labour ban is not applicable.
      Please check for further rules with Tecom authority.

      1. hi sir deepak,

        pls.give me advise . i am freezone visa in tecom, i have a 7months now and already decided to resign i give a1 months notice. finish on aug6 2016. but i dont have a copy of my contract and my employer is giving a 45days i need to pay.she said i am under of limited visa.

        my question is where can i take a copy of my contract (employer not give to me)?
        do i need to pay a 45days just in case if i am limited visa?
        how to calculate of that?

        sorry and thanks>

  45. Hi Sir, Wat is the labor rules of DAFZA if i join company and didn’t get any salary , even didn’t get platform to work, in this moment i have to immediate resign from this company for my better growth,
    I need your help wat i do ? there is no health insurance card too 🙁

    Thank you

    1. Muhammed,
      There is no labour rules for Dafza. They may have their own internal rules. I am not aware of them.

  46. HI DEEPAK,

    This is Tahir. i am currently working in DWC free zone and now it my 6th month here. i have just find another job in LLC company based in Dubai.
    My contract is unlimited and visa is for 3 years and there is nothing mentioned regarding reimbursement of charges if i leave the job at any time.
    Please do let me know, if i switch my job now, before 6 month, is there any ban from Authority, Employer or from Labor, or if there is any other consequences.

    Thank you.

  47. Hi Deepak,
    I am working for a Free Zone company and I am on my 9th month working for them. I am planning to look for another job- to a freezone company as well. Will I get a ban? Do I need to pay for the visa fees?

    1. Dollie,
      In free zones there is no labour ban.
      But make sure that the visa can be transferred.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        just wanted to know if it is possible to start working while my transfer visa is still on process at TECOM. do you think it is illegal to start working while the transfer visa is still on process?

        I greatly appreciate your response pls.


  48. sir,
    I am from india, I get visa from jebel ali free zone south(free zone visa), this job’s probation period 6 month, its visa period 3 years. In this visa salary is very low, my plan is complete the probation period and then go to better job to any other company in jebel ali free zone. This idea is possible, any legal problem, current company give NOC, may i pay any cash to that company. sir please replay my letter.

  49. Hi

    I came from an LLC COMPANY and then now I am working in a free zone company. Before I left my previous company I just gave them a letter of resignation without giving them any one month notice. My contract with them is two years but I just completed one year and then now I am started working in my new job which is free zone. What would be my consequence then on leaving my first company without giving any notice just the resignation letter . please do reply. Thank you

    1. Mhavic,
      You will not be paid for the notice period. Your EOSB may be held.
      IF you are already working in the new company, is there any issue.

      1. Hello Deepak,

        I am working in fujairah free zone company my visa from free zone unlimited contract
        my joining date 7/10/2014. I found new job in other country if i going to resign know how
        much i pay and is it compalssary 1 month notice becoz other company need me urgent
        bassis Can you guaid me.
        Thank you

        1. Yasir,
          Yes, notice period is mandatory.
          However, free zones have their own laws.

  50. Deepak,
    I was working with a LLC in Dubai. I have been slapped with a 1 year ban by MOL for not completing my visa period (Limited Contract).
    1. Is it possible for me to come back & work in UAE in a free zone visa immediately?
    2. Do I have to wait till my ban period is over to come back to UAE?
    3. Is there any minimum salary requirement for free zone jobs in order to lift the ban?

    1. Chin,
      1. No. I don’t think so.
      2. Yes.
      3. That is not possible.
      Better to get in touch with MOL and get clarifications.

  51. What will happen to the employee if the employer’s ask them to find another job because the company will shut down? Will the employee gets the benefits, oh by the will the employer’s pay all salary. DMCC VISA

    1. Pumpkin,
      Not too sure about DMCC. But employer should settle all the dues of the employees like salary, gratuity, leave encashment etc.

  52. hi Deepak

    I have been employed by a DMCC company as accountant and still under probation. But the job is not matching my profile. ‘

    I would like to Change my company so my questions are as follows,

    1.If i get job in non free zone company will i have to get any NOC from my current employer,

    2. If i get a job in the Other DMCC company do i have to get the NOC from my current employer.

    I know there is no Ban nor do i have to Reimburse the Visa cost. But I dont think my company will give me a NOC if i ask them to. Please give your Views about this.

  53. Currently Am working In JAFZA and staying in Abu Dhabi . I would like to apply for Driving licence in Abu Dhabi as am staying over there… Can you kindly update me the procedure to open file in Abu dhabi using Jafza visa.

    1. Minu,
      I am not really aware of this. Will make an effort soon.
      It should not be complicated. I think they will need NOC.
      The driving school should have information.

  54. If some one have jabel ali visa how much salary required for family visa and what are the rules?

    1. Adeel,
      I have not idea about Jafza rules. It will not be much different though.

  55. Mr. Deepak,

    Hi! My friend has a absconding case against him in TECOM last year, He then went to TECOM and he inquires how to lift the absconding case as he wanted to find a new job in Dubai as he is not ready to go home yet, he was advised to come back with a Job offer and pay a certain amount to lift the absconding case. However, till this time he has not yet find any new job and has decided to go back to home country.

    Can he still lift the absconding case if he want to go back to home country? Will he go to jail if he can’t lift the absconding case? How can he go home?

    Please advise.

    1. Ulrich,
      I think he will be taken into custody by immigration as this is a absconding case.

  56. Hi Deepak,

    I am still on my 6 month probation in LLC company. I got a better offer in a free zone company. Will I have to give 30 day notice to my current company? If yes, what will happen if I disagree to stay 30 days?

  57. Hi there!

    Good day.

    I would like to ask something.
    I am working in Jebel Ali Free Zone, and my work contract is 3 years.
    I just resigned in my post with total of 1 year and 9 months in the company.
    I’m transferring to an LLC.

    1. Do I need to pay the company for the rest of the remaining period under my work contract which is 3 years?
    2. What else do I get from the company?

    Thank You!

  58. I was working in rak freezone area I resigned but company are saying me you have to pay 45 days salary as panalty because you resigned before 2 year it is low in rak please sir reply me

      1. Hi Deepak,
        i am in Dubai(Freezone). I am terminated from my company and as per the contract i can stay in Dubai for 1 months(atleast). During this time will i be legally right to go back to my country for 10 days and come back to dubai again with the same visa? Can my employer ban on me if i go to my country without informing them?
        Please let me know ASAP?

  59. Hi We are having sharjha viza n now my husband is changing his job n ill be working inone of the company in a jebel ali free zone area.Do we have to do in out while issuesing new viza ?

    1. Grishma,
      IF you are under husband sponsorship, you must first cancel your visas and when your husband gets new visa, your new visas could be applied.
      Earlier there was a facility to hold the visa by placing deposit of 5K. But I am not sure whether that is available now.

  60. Dear,
    I am RAK Industrial and free zone visa. If i resign my job after 6 months, any ban is there.

  61. Dear Sir,

    I am working in JLT in a DMCC company for 3 months now and I just got regularized this month which would be my fourth month in the company. I am on my Mother’s visa and my notice period is at least 2 months. The company didn’t pay for visa or anything besides the labour card. Please help me with my questions:

    1. Can I leave the company without finishing my notice period?
    2. Will I be charged for my labour card?
    3. Do I have to give an official resignation letter for leaving the company?

    I hope for your immediate reply

    Thank you so much.

  62. I have a Ajman free zone executive director visa. I have been out of Emirates for more than 6 months. Is my visa still valid? Do I have to pay some sort of fine or will I have to apply a new visa. Your help will be highly appreciated.

    1. Ali,
      I am afraid your visa will be automatically invalid after continuously out of UAE for more than 6 months.

  63. Dear Deepak,

    I have completed one limited contract in Abu Dhabi and recently joined another company and completed 2.5 months (under probation), I am not willing to continue as things are not going properly , I am planning to find a job in free zone companies (in Dubai) , as per my understanding automatic labour ban will be there but want to ask that if I get job in a Freezone company will that ban can be lifted , if yes then it is must that my new offer must be higher than my current salary , my title on the visa is administrative officer and have graduation degree .

    Also want to ask that if employee is under probation , did employer has right to put employer ban on the employee or its not applicable during probation .
    I don’t think they will give me NOC letter ,let me know what can be the possibilities.

    I will be really thankful to you if you can revert back to me with possible options.


  64. I am working in a LLC Company inside JAFZ. I want to resign because I got better opportunity, will I have a ban?

    1. Ala,
      If you have labour approval, you will face labour ban if you have not completed your contract.

  65. Hello Deepak,

    I am working for one of the company in Dubai. Now i got a better opportunity in Dubai freezone.
    Now if i quit my current job, will i have a ban

  66. I am working in Zabel ali free zone last two months but my company is not paying properly. can I change my company?

  67. Dear sir

    I am working for saif free zone visa from last 16 months if i cancilleed my visa do i have banned ,do i need to pay to the company how it can be done


    1. Loulo,
      First of all, who requires this?
      This could be obtained only by authorised person.

  69. Hi Deepak,

    Im working at Dragon Mart. My labour ban was already lifted and I want to leave my current work as soon as possible. It wasn’t mentioned from my contract that I have to pay the expenses they made for me. As per my contract there’s a six months probationary period and considered renewed if I exceed and it will be my sixth month this 01.09.15. Can I still file resignation after that? Do I have to pay anything?


    1. Rochelle,
      yes, you could resign. But may face labour ban again.
      You do not need to pay anything!

  70. Good morning,

    I am working in a LLC company since Sept 2014.
    I cannot practice what I learned from school plus the experienced that I gained from my previous jobs.
    I made a 4x proposal on how to improve the SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) but all i got is “yes, we will process it” but yet it still not being implemented.
    I also starting to talk like a caveman like my fellow workers because they talked that way in English language.

    I would just like to know how can I transfer to another LLC or Free Zone without having any ban?

    Hope that somebody can help me.
    Thank you and God bless!

    1. Dan,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  71. Dear Deepak sir,

    Now i am working in Hotel with Limited visa in non free zone company. and this month i have completed my 6 months. Now i am looking for new job in Free Zone. i would like to know that if i get job in FZ, can i move there? ban will imposed over me or not? i am sure my company will not issue me NOC.

    Thank you in Advance.

  72. Hi

    I am working in a company located in jebal ali free zone. I got good offer from another company which also located in JAFZA. when i placed resignation my boss threatens me as they will put BAN on me. Is it possible to put BAN under what circumstance its applicable. can someone explain me.

    Without any illegal action why company imposing BAN on me…

    1. Anbu,
      I don’t think JAFZA would allow you to move within to another company.
      You should ask JAFZA directly. yes, there could be ban.; confirm with JAFZA!

  73. I joined a JAFZA free zone company on free zone visa on 11-Aug-2014.

    I have resigned on 21-July-2014 due to issues with the company as they are very insecure employers, do not pay salaries on time. Hire-n-fire sorts.

    I have got a new job in JAFZA itself & i resigned I am currently serving my notice period & completed 1yr in the current company on 11-Aug-2015.

    Pls tell me how will my gratuity be calculated. Also I did not take any annual leave within this year. Except for 5 days as i went for emergency to India in feb 2015.

  74. Hi sir,
    I was worked in Dubai for nearly one year. My contract period is two years( L.L.C company). I came to India for my vacation but I didn’t go again because of my family issues. Now I got an offer for the jebel Ali freezone company. Now my doubt is what ban imposed on me by my previous employer and will I get a visa if there is a ban on me?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Aravindraj,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      Your situation depends whether your company has reported you absconding or not.
      If they have reported you as absconding as you have not reported for work, you may not be able to enter UAE.

  75. Dear Deepak
    I have been working in LLC for more than 3 yrs and my contract is unlimited and profession mentioned in visa is engineer.
    I recently left the company and my visa is cancelled recently.
    I have a job offer from company in DAFZA ,will i be asked to provide NOC to get DAFZA visa.The position offered to me is project manager and salary 28K.

    1. Zafar,
      Sorry for the delay in replying. I was out of station for couple weeks.
      No, I don’t think you will require an NOC. But if the company gives you, take it.

  76. I am on husband visa and the company is in jlt which is free zone
    Do i need labour card? If so then how can it be applied

    1. If you’re working in JLT, u need a labour card as well. Employee with husband’s visa need to apply via portal of the DMCC company ( your company) . Ask your company if who is in charge with the portal, certain fee’s will be deducted to the company’s portal.

      1. Kat,
        Thank you for the info.
        That is employment card issued by DMCC. Labour card usually is applicable with MOL. Nowadays, labor card is no more issued.

  77. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Just a query. I am currently working at Dubai Investment Park (freezone company)… My boss is harassing me, like she’s always shouting and everyday making me look like a dumb or stupid.. In short she doesn’t like me.. I’m doing my job well.. If there is something wrong which is not really my fault.. I am the one who blamed by my boss. In fact every month she’s giving complaint letter to HR and I myself explaining to HR about the real situation which is basically not my fault. Now again my boss emailed me for one mistake made by my colleague and yet my boss blaming it to me and saying that she will terminate me.. What should I do with this kind of boss? Pls help.

    1. Mia,
      I suggest you take up the matter with the HR and all 3 of you need to have a meeting.
      From what you have said, this looks like discrimination at the workplace.

  78. hello deepak.
    i am working in Saif zone company.i finished my visa and after grace period my company paid the fine and i got outpass to leave the country but even after that my company didnt send me to my country and send we will pay your fine and will renew here .i have all the emails from them.now when i went to sharjah immigration becuause fine has reached10,000 aed and my emploeyer said we will try to cut it down by asking .sharjah immigration gave me one paper and said give your finger prints in Emirates id office and come back to us.will this means il get a ban ? i can force my company to pay my full fine if there is any doubt of having ban.need your help.i will be going to give my finger prints tomorrow.my employer said u are on free zone there is no fine and after we pay the fine you are all clear .and till date m going to my offixe and reporting at work .
    please help

  79. dear mr deepak ,
    i m working in llc telecom services company as technician since 6 months is it possible if i have free zone company’s offer letter ,and leave my current company and want to join free zone mol ban will be implement or not?i m not satisfied with my current company what should i have to do?
    please guide me,
    it will be highly appreciated

    1. Umar,
      Certain free zones will not process your visa if you have labour ban.
      So you need to check with them first.

  80. Mr. Deepak,

    Im working in a company at jebel ali free zone for two years now. I want to transfer to another company. My questions are:

    1. Can they say “NO” to my resignation?
    2. Employees who resigned before me have to pay 45 days worth of their salary and didn’t receive their leave salary or gratuity. Is this accordance to JAFZA law?

    1. Jeffrey,
      1. No, they can not say NO.
      2. I am not aware of Jafza laws. Excuse me.

  81. Hi Deepak,
    Am working in Dubai for last 3 months in al quoz now I got an offer from a free zone company . New company demands to join on next month start.
    1. Without notice period can I resign and join the free zone company?
    2. What are the procedure for cancelling current visa and joining the new company?


    1. Manuraj,
      1. No, you will have to serve the notice period. However, if company agrees ti relieve you it’s ok.
      2. Your PRO should guide you in this.

  82. Hi Deepak,

    I am getting an offer from DAFZA based company. But their service agency is asking for NOL from current employer (Which is not possible). where as I have heard that Free Zone doesn’t require any No Objection letter.
    If I exit the country after cancellation and request them to apply visa from DAFZA immigration without NOL , will there be any problem or this will work smoothly ?


    1. Nom,
      I think Jafza and Dafza companies do require NOC as they check whether you have labour ban or not.

      1. The company I’m working for at the moment is Mainland. And I have heard that freezone companies have no link with MainLand Labour Dept. Do they still need NOC ?

  83. I’m working as an Engineer in Hamriyah Free zone Sharjah. Do i need NOC from company or authority to apply for driving license, I heard some professions like engineer accountant do not require any NOC.

    Kindly advise me…

  84. I am currently working in a company in DAFZA and I have got a job in another company (outside freezone). As per the new company after 6 months I have to move to their Qatar office. So when I checked with my new company if I will have a labor ban when cancelling my UAE visa at the time of moving to Qatar, they commented as below:

    A UAE labor ban will be for 6 months only and it is not applicable for degree holders and salaries more than 5k AED.

    Please confirm if this true.


  85. hlo sir,

    I am compleated BE Aeronautical Engineering in India. Now i am staying in UAE (al ain), by husband sponers. I am searching job here, but they are asking minimum 5 years experience. But i am fresher. What can i do for get job here?

    1. Shamini,
      Yes, such profiles do require experience to obtain job in UAE.
      I can say that it will be tough for you to get similar profiles.
      You could in the meantime attempt to obtain job in other profiles.

      Kindly register your CV on the following links:
      1. http://emiratesdiary.com/gulftalent
      2. http://emiratesdiary.com/baytcv
      3. http://emiratesdiary.com/submit-your-cvresume

  86. Dear Deepak,

    I’m working in dubai since 1 year,but now my company cancel my visa they give to me 1 year ban (labor office and immgration) now i want to apply freezone visa in jafza ,so that is possiable to apply .

    if not ,how i can stay here not going back to county ,thanks

  87. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I’m working in a free zone company in Jafza since april this year, i got my employment visa last June and they are now processing my emirates id and residence visa. I am working with them for 3 mos now but i want to look for another job and change my current job. Do i need to pay penalties to that company? What will be the cost?

    Thanks for your help.

  88. Hi Deepak

    I am an Accountant By Profession Done ACCA , Currently working as an Accounts Manager for one of the JAFZA Company since 2 months, Now i got an offer from another JAFZA Company and my worry is that there will be any 6 Months BAN within JAFZA .

    Second thing if company imposes a BAN ,Is there any way to lift the BAN by Paying fees.

    Kindly Reply

    1. Syed,
      I am aware that there is a ban within JAFZA.
      However, I do not know the details.
      Excuse me.

  89. hi my company terminated me on july 8 2015 it is a creative city free zone company i am eligible to get 7500 as my severance pay the company has paid 4000 still now and said will pay remaining after my visa cancellation in august all these are on mail

    now i have got a job and want to do visa cancellation the company says you sign the documents and after it company has 30 days time period to settle me

    my question is is this true if i sign the papers is he liable to pay me can i still fight in labor
    also can i go to india dropping a mail as my leaving is urgent
    will i face a ban or something on my return or will i be termed as absconding

  90. Dear Mr. Deepak
    I am working as Electrical Engineer in a SAIF Zone based company since June 2011 under Limited Contract. Last year Visa was renewed for 2 year and it will be expired on 03.09.2016. Now i gave resignation letter with 30 days notice period as i got a good offer in Dubai based LLC company. Now i am facing the below problems with this company everyday which are

    1. The company is asking for compensation 3 months salary due to not completing 1 year after visa renewal?

    2. Company is threading me as they will put 1 year ban. pls. clear ban are applicable to which conditions?

    3. Company is instructing to complete all the jobs before cancellation which will require atleast 6 months Even though they have replacement person for me. The new employer will not wait for near 6 months. What can i do?

    4. I have not signed any employment contract from the company since I joined. Now they given a letter mentioning i should not join any of competitor company. If yes, this company trading license is covering everything related water & waste water. What can i do in this case?

    5. What will be end service benefits?

    Kindly reply me for the above. Thank you in anticipation.


    Marichelvam Palani

    1. Palani,
      1. SAIF zone companies can have their own laws and need not follow UAE labour laws.
      2. Not sure why they would do that!
      3. I am not sure what are their internal policies.
      4. How are you working without a contract?
      5. If you worked for more than a year, they should pay you EOSB.

  91. Hi Deepak,

    My employer has not paid my salary till date its been one and half month without pay. should i stop going to work.

  92. Hi Deepak,
    I am employed for 1 and half year with DMCC FZ JLT. My boss is not processing medical isurance to me only and verbally forcing me to give resignation letter. The reason is am not reaching the given monthly target but am not the weakest staff for sure. he is giving me difficult accounts and screwed at month end by forcing to give my RL and unacceptable words. If i found new company am ready to go. Pls I want to know my right legally. If i file conplaint with DMCC my Company still keeping me or become restricted in office w/out salary pls advice. i have more question pls email: [email protected]

    1. Edward,
      If you have found new job, you could amicably exit the current company.
      If you feel like complaining, you could approach DMCC authorities with evidence.

  93. Hi Deepak,

    I am terminated during my Probationary Period and I got an automatic 6 month Labour Ban. Now my Employment Visa was canceled and I can stay until August 7, 2015.

    Now I got an offer from a Freezone. I’m planning to accept their offer. Should I leave and visit UAE then change my visa status to Visit/Tourist again? after that I have to exit again for the employment visa right?

    Thanks Sir Deepak.

  94. hello deepak,

    I am working in an IT company at jafza
    I already cancelled my annual vacation as i planned not to go this year, but my father fell sick and i know that if am taking an emergency leave , i cant be back in said days then it will be resulting in life ban.
    so i submitted my resignation for emergency visa cancellation , but the company is lagging it.
    they are also threatening with 1 year ban, but i am trying to avoid it as i own a driving license I can try for another job after 2 months or later

    1. i need to reach home asap. in such situation will there be any ban for not completing the notification period

  95. I have left my job which offered me a salay of AED 5700 and again I am back on Visit Visa.
    I just completed 5 months in this company.

    Now I have got offer from a Free Zone Company with salary of AED 4000, will I get a ban?

  96. Dear Deepak
    I am working in LLC for more than 3 years and my profession is Engineer in my visa.
    If i quit my job and join another LLC offering me AED 25000 which is AED 5000 more than my current job , Will I get any ban?
    Appreciate your response.
    Best wishes

  97. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    I submitted resignation letter to my current company in JAFZA and they signed it, but they warned me if I am going to continue they will put ban on me and threatened I can not be able to enter UAE again. My contract is 2 years, and I already completed one year and 2 months. What are your thoughts about this, is it possible that I will have a ban after. Or is it possible that I can not enter UAE after they ban me?. Thank you in advance.

    1. Such behaviour from companies shows immaturity!
      They can not threaten with consequences!
      Without proper reason, they can not file any complaint or ban you forever in UAE!
      You should take up the matter with relevant authorities in the free zone main office!

  98. Hi Deepak.

    1. I have an agreed Offer Letter at hand with my Employer’s Agent. Employer is in SAIF. Agent is registered in Abu dhabi.
    2. My agreed commencement date with the agent is from 01July2015 to 05July2015.
    3. My employer in SAIF told me that the Visa is ready.
    4. They are not releasing my Visa till now because they want me to agree to a different contract which is lower and not aligned with the terms and condition as agreed in the Signed Offer Letter.
    5. I am currently on a Visit Visa right now since I already resigned from my previous employer which they have instructed me to do so last May2015.
    6. I am jobless right now. No income. And my future with this New Employer is vague. I find the 2 parties throwing the responsibility on each other for me. Time is affecting me.

    Kindly provide resolutions on the above matter.
    Who is responsible to me? Employer has my SAIF Visa. Agent has the Agreed Offer Letter.
    The signed Offer Letter is to be considered as the contract. Ami I right? as long as it is not superceeded.
    Who shall handle my case? Saif or MOL or Court?

    1. Netoyz,
      I can not comment on your situation, as I do not know what is the agreement between the 2 companies!
      SAIF zone does not come under MOL.

  99. Dear Deepak,

    Thanks for your prompt reply’s & Support!

    As a new freezone company how can I check a new employee’s visa status before hiring? if he has visa penalty and ban.


  100. Hello Mr. Deepak,

    i have cancelled my visa from my last company as i have joined a new company with a better salary, and the validity of my canceled visa is expired too, so i am overstaying and as informed me by my new company they will pay the overstay penalty and they are not able to process my visa since they doesn’t have a commercial license as of now and their commercial license is in process to, now my old company is asking me to leave the country and i gave them an assurance letter through my new company – in this whole scenario what all problem i may face and what are the solutions, my passport is still with my old company!…….will anybody can deport me due to overstay?

    Sumit Kumar

  101. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    i have cancelled my visa from my last company as i have joined a new company with a better salary, and the validity of my canceled visa is expired too, so i am overstaying and as informed me by my new company they will pay the overstay penalty and they are not able to process my visa since they doesn’t have a commercial license as of now and their commercial license is in process to, now my old company is asking me to leave the country and i gave them an assurance letter through my new company – in this whole scenario what all problem i may face and what are the solutions…….will anybody can deport me due to overstay?

    Sumit Kumar

    1. Sumit,
      Your old company could file an absconding case against you with the authorities.
      It is better to exit the country at the earliest.

  102. Dear Deepak,

    I joined in a private company on 4 april 2015 under limited contract. I am in probation period and I got an offer from a freezone company. If I resign now,
    1-Can my employer put ban on me?(I am just a bachelor degree holder.)
    2-If employer put ban on me for 1 year, it affect me to come on freezone visa?
    3-How much amount I have to pay to the employer in case of resignation. (Not mentioned in the contract about that) and it on the basis of full salary or on basic?
    Please advise.

    1. Sali,
      1. Read about limited contract.
      2. Yes, it will affect free zone visa if it is immigration ban. Certain free zones also will not process visa if your have labour ban.
      3. You don’t have to pay anything to your employer. http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  103. Hi Deepak
    I am currently working at a company in DIFC. I have got a job offer at another company in DIFC.
    I have Bangladeshi passport. As you know there is an unofficial visa ban for Bangladeshi citizens. Can I transfer my visa to the new company? DIFC is a freezone. Please help.


  104. Hi Deepak,

    I recently got hired on a company in Ajman Freezone bak in april but my visa was only processed this July, however i got another offer with a much better opportunity in Dubai Silicon Oasis (Freezone)
    my question is in case i accept the offer, will i get a ban even if my visa is just 2 weeks old?

    1. Hi Deepak,

      I recently got hired on a company in Ajman Freezone bak in april but my visa was only processed this July, however i got another offer with a much better opportunity in Dubai Silicon Oasis (Freezone)
      my question is in case i accept the offer, will i get a ban even if my visa is just 2 weeks old?

      1. Worried,
        I am not sure about Ajman Free zone rules.
        It is better to check directly with the free zone authority.

  105. Dear Deepak,
    I am working in Tecom freezone area for 5 years and i would like to transfer to another company which is in Tecom freezone area aswell, my question is, my wife and daughter’s are under my visa, how can i change the visa with out cancelling the visa and what are the formalities are in place?

    1. Mani,
      I don’t think you will have any problem as your visa is transferred within Tecom.

  106. I am currently on my father visa and have got a job in ajman free zone. Neither do I nor the company wants me to change my visa. But how can I get my labor card issued, since free zone do not have a labor approval like LLC. Kindly guide me as I do not want to sit and work in an office without having the permission for it. I have an NOC from my father in the name of the aid company, but recently I came to know that in free zone NOC is not acceptable without a labor card

    1. Zoya,
      Your company should apply for your visa and you must be on your company sponsorship.

  107. Dear Deeapk,

    I got an Employment visa from Ras Al Khaima Investment Authority / Free Zone trading.

    The visa will be going to Expire soon, Right now I dont have interest in that job Presently I am not in UAE.

    Kindly let me if I dont enter the country within the Visa validity time will there be any Ban on me??

    Pls advise.

  108. good evening mr. deepak
    im confused as i have been working in dubai outsource zone for a bank and im am working for 6 months now and my manager inform me that i may not be confirmed prior to my probationary period. just incase they do terminate my contract will i have a labor ban?

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I just came to Dubai a month back. My company is in Jebel Ali Free zone. My company is cutting out employees as they are downsizing. So I am afraid as being new there is threat for me as well. SO if a happen to find a job in Dubai outside free zone can company ban me from working in Dubai or any other free zone while i am in probationary period. Please give a proper advice.

    1. Andrew,
      If you are cancelling(resigning), you will not receive any air ticket. But if company terminates you they should provide you with air ticket.

  109. Hi,
    I am working in a RAK free zone company and my visa will get expired on this month. Unfortunately I forgot my original labor card and emirates id in my home country. Is it mandatory to submit these documents for Visa renewal or cancellation? Please advise..

  110. Hello,

    I have 15 more days to exit the country after my employer terminated my contract.

    Now they bought the ticked and forcing me to leave asap

    Note: it’s free zone Jabel Ali

    What can I do ?!
    Do they have the right to forcing me to leave knowing that I already signed an offer letter for a new job ?!

    Thank you.

    1. Sam,
      Yes, companies can insist that you leave the country because if you overstay, it is their responsibility!

    2. Mr Deepak ,kudos to you for quick response to all issues.
      A company in Dubai freezone is processing my work permit and it is rather taking too much time to get my permit ,first my certificate was attested ok by my country and UAE ,now my papers are filed more than a week now yet no response .This paper work started like May now we are getting into July so how much more time will I wait for my entry permit to be approved ?

      1. Helen,
        I can not speculate on time taken for the process.
        However, I can say that it does take longer these days due to the security clearance that is required on each application.

  111. Dear Sir :

    I have one doubt… I got new job in jumeirah lake towers Free Zone Visa. i need only two years visa… but they said jumeirah lake towers free zone visa only minimum contact three years…

    not avalabile two year visa in jlt free zone ?

      1. Dear deepak I am working in a for a freezone company however I am on probation and would like to resign as I got a better offer outside freezone. The company has threathenedbannb bann me. Is tht possible

  112. Dear Sir,
    I want to inquire regarding my situation now. I’ve been working in one of the private sector in DHCC for 7 months. I asked them why until now i have no labor card? But still i haven’t receive any answer.

    Should i process this by myself?..Should i be worried now? What if they terminate me anytime and i will not receive any benefits?

    Thanks. Pls. help me.

    1. Mary,
      DHCC does not have labour card as it does not come under MOL. However, they should have a ID card for you.
      Do you have an employment contract?
      I don’t think you should be worried.

  113. Dear Deepak,

    I have a question, now my situation is I was working in a company in dubai not free zone , I have only completed less than 2 months with them, now I got another offer with a company in free zone.

    I’m just worried would I get any ban ? How does the visa process work in free zone ?

    Thank you

    1. Sara,
      Ban is automatic. However, will the free zone consider your new visa is the issue.
      Lately MOL systems are integrated with Free zone systems. So, I can’t really confirm whether there will be ban in free zone.
      It is better to call up the free zone and confirm.

  114. Hi, I got an offer as a manager in a Chinese shop in Dragon mart in Dubai. My boss processed the visa last month but uptil now haven’t got the medical after which because of my small mistake he send me home saying to come back when medical comes.Now he is telling me after 2weeks that he does not want me and he will cancel visa and i shouuld search another job.Can he cancel my visa now?Can I save this job?Would he be liable to pay any compensation?

    1. Ayman,
      Yes, during probation the company can terminate you without any reason.
      You should be paid for all the days you worked.

  115. Hi,

    I am currently working in JAFZA, I was offered a job by another company in JAFZA for which i signed the offer letter however there is no contract signed yet and no process has been initiated. I haven’t given them a joining date either.

    Now my current employer has given me a counter offer, based on which i want to withdraw my acceptance of the offer from the new company.

    Are there any legal implications in this case?

    1. Muzna,
      I am not sure what kind of contract you have signed.
      You could start off by requesting them to withdraw your application.

  116. Hi Deepak,

    I have read your replies to each one and encouraged to ask you my query as well.

    I am currently working in Dubai under unlimited contract, completed one year in the current position, also hold attested MBA degree. I got an offer from JAFZA. The HR of the new company has told me that on discussing with JAFZA they have said that all systems are now linked with MoL and if there is a ban, JAFZA wont be issuing a visa. Is that so? If yes, then does it mean i cant quit my job within 2 years of employment and take an escape route to avoid ban/lift ban ( 6 months automatic).

    If the above statement is not true, does it mean that labor ban would be imposed, but would not affect JAFZA issuing me a visa for working in free zone. This is confirmed personally as well from JAFZA. They told me to speak to Mol who further told me to speak to TesHeel , which i already did . TesHeel has advised me to speak to MoL by giving an application/request for lifting it basis new employment. But all this can only be done after resigning/cancellation of visa and during application of new visa.

    I need to be sure about this process as i cannot take a risk due to family being sponsored by me here in the country. please advise.


    1. Pranav,
      This is something new to me as well!
      I did not know that MOL system is linked to JAFZA!!!
      I have to make enquiries and let you know.

  117. Dear Deepak,

    I need your assistance to understand the theory of Labour Ban. As currently I am working with a company on limited contract and my current Employer is going to impose 1 year labour band on me.

    I want to know, am I eligible to work in UAE or any of the Freezones in UAE during this ban. If not then is there any way that I can remove or uplift this ban.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Dhiraj,
      With 1 year ban, i don’t think you are eligible to work in free zones.
      And there is no way to lift the ban. But you can come on visit visa.

  118. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    A week before i joined in a new company which is in jebel ali free zone. I came to know that they do not have job as per my experience and my qualities. i would like to find some other job My question is
    1. If i get any job in non free zone company, will i get ban as i have not completed my contract and probation period.

  119. hi sir
    i am working in free zone company. i like ask question about is women allow to work tin night shift beacuse my company have roster my schedule in night shift and also i completed here six month if i resign do i get ban.

  120. Hi,

    I want to open a free zone company to provide Part time services to the Small companies.
    but i discussed with some other Business Owners. They told me I can do contract with Fz and LLC but my employee can not work in their premises? Is this true?

    As we want to provide Part time services to the companies we have to work in their premises may be for 3 to 5 hours per day.

    kindly please update me asap.

  121. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    You are doing a great work here. I have a query, I am under my husband’s visa and currently working in a clinic in Abu Dhabi, under unlimited contract. I want to transfer to Dubai with prospect works in the Freezone area. As I have just completed 6months, I know I will have labor ban. Will this, in a any way, affect my application in the Freezone?

    Thank you in advance!

  122. Greetings,
    i am working in DSO, finished my 2 year contract, they do not like to give me my end of contract dues against their approval to do visa transfer and PAN letter.
    i have 2 years end of service, 2 years tickets, i did not got my yearly vacation and plan tickets as well.
    kindly please advise what to Do

    1. Mody,
      If the company is refusing to adhere to the contract, you could file a complaint with DSO authorities.

  123. I was working for DMCC freezone.

    My company terminated my services the day after i completed my 6 months probation period ( without any reason mentioned on termination) with one month notice which I successfully served . they didn’t cancel my visa till now.
    As now I got a new job within DMCC and my new company require NOC to transfer or process a new Visa. but my previous company is not providing me an NOC to join my new work.
    1. My question is what should i do to get the NOC, they are not responding to emails nor my calls.
    2. what sort of benefits i will entitled upon termination.

    1. Warkha,
      1. I see no other choice but to request your old company for NOC.
      2. No benefits except for prorated ticket and ticket home.
      Further, DMCC does not come under labour law of UAE.

  124. Dear Deepak,

    Great work here.

    My company applied for an urgent employment entry permit through JAFZA on Sunday 17 May 2015. They are stating that my application is still under process with DNRD which exceeded the 3 to 5 working days anticipated duration.

    I called DNRD AMER service and they confirmed that they have not received any application for my passport number. Is it normal that my application take this long before reaching them or the AMER call centre have delayed info?
    fyi I am egyptian . Also there any restrictions on egyptians in dubai or dnrd like in dubai?

    Appreciate your feedback on the jafza emplyment permit

    1. UAEexpat,
      I am not too sure how jafza operates.
      Hence, can’t help with your query.
      IF Amer service has confirmed, non receipt of your application, it may be so!

  125. My work visa in Ajman. But our MD insisted me to work in Dubai office.
    But i do not want to go in Dubai office. How can i face this situation legally.

    1. Sinsha,
      not sure how you will do that!
      Companies can ask you to work at their other offices.
      Please seek advice from MOL.

  126. Hi Sir,
    My employer imposed a one year labour ban on me. But the thing is a Freezone company already hired me. Will that affect me sir? Or the ban can be lifted since it is a Freezone company?


  127. hi sir,
    i joined one clinic in sharjah 6 months(dec 1,2014) before on my husband’s visa.They did my temporary license approval from ministry in february,2015.But they did my contract paper for labor card just a month ago.And my labor card on processing now.But now i want to leave from here.My question is do the clinic can put any case or fine on me if i leave now?

      1. hi sir,
        I just want to clear my doubt that whether the clinic can impose any fine or case on me other than labor ban.

        1. Maya,
          I am not sure what context you are talking about!
          What fine are you saying?

  128. Mr. Deepak, please advise in my case: I am working for 2 months in company under DMCCA. In case if I decide to resign refer to my own reasons, what penalties have I to pay to company, only visa
    reimbursement or smth. else?

    Thank you!

    1. Jessica,
      I am not too sure about DMCC rules and regulations.
      You’d be better off enquiring directly with the DMCC authorities.

  129. i am currently working in hamriya free zone.next week i go to kuwait in my company business matter and i am return may be after 7 month. how is avoid for my visa baning.

  130. i am currently working in hamriya free zone.next week i go to kuwait in my company business matter and i am return of after 7 month. how is avoid for my visa baned.

    1. Lakshmikandhan,
      Why do you think you will get banned?
      Your visa will expire automatically. It is better to visit once in between for the visa to be valid.

  131. Dear,

    I would like to ask I recently join one company in jebelali freezone. They are about to open their trading company owned by general manager of freezone company. My question is my visa is free zone visa at the moment. Can I work outside ? As because they didn’t tell me anything about can I work or not by law ?


  132. Hi ,

    is there any law for women harassment in the office. those rude supervisor shouting, humiliating, rude with no valid reason at all to ladies.


    1. Ruby,
      There need not be any policy! It is a basic right of everyone to be respected.
      Please file a complaint with Dubai Police with proof in case you feel that you are being harassed.

  133. Hi Deepak

    I was working for a company registered in Al Hamriya Free Zone.

    They have neither done my visa nor any Labor Card & made me work for about 5 months. When I tried to leave the company, they asked for 3 months of notice but I served for 1 month 9 days. The owner of the company had agreed for the same but on the last day he mailed saying I am not HR, hence, cant take these decisions.

    It was them impossible for me to serve the notice any longer, as I`d to join some other company, which was obviously unknown to this employer.

    But what they did is that, they did not give my 1.5 months of salary saying that they have adjusted that in lieu of the remaining notice period, which was never mentioned in any of the rules of the company.

    I`ve to claim my salary, as they in any case was making me work illegally (no visa/no labor card). They gave me only an Offer Letter, that too from India & a salary certificate with UAE office stamp, so that, I can open an account here, however, the bank told me that no such office exists.

    Please guide me on how can I get my money? Please note, they are not even giving me in writing that they have adjusted my remaining salary for the pending notice period.

    Thank You

    1. Anisha,
      As you would know, Free zone companies need not follow UAE Labour Law.
      Hence, you should take up the matter with free zone authorities.
      There is no Labour Card in Free zones only an ID card issued by authorities.
      To get your dues, you should file a complaint with Hamriya free zone authorities against your company.

  134. Good morning,

    I need some help regarding this Rate sheet (http://www.dafz.ae/en/Upload%20Document/Rate%20Sheet%20-%2001-01-2014.pdf) I found from the DAFZA website wherein I am also currently employed. This is the same rate sheet that my employer printed and told me that this will be the amount I need to pay them back should I want to terminate my contract before 1 year plus my airfare ticket going to and fro to Oman. This is page 2 of the rate sheet and it does not state there that employees are required or mandated to pay such fees in case of contract termination. Can my employer insist in letting me pay for it? Please help.


  135. Hi Deepak, i have free zone visa and worked for 2 months undee 3 months probationary. i am planning to change job. Is it true that I will shoulder the amount of the visa expenses?

  136. Dear Deepak,

    I have been working for a Tecom company for more than two years. While calculating my gratuity says mine is a limited contract. I want to know are there limited and unlimited contract in free zones. If there are what are the issues which i might face? Can you please help me with the gratuity calculation in both cases. Thanks in advance.

    1. Prince,
      In both scenarios you are entitled for gratuity as per your contract.
      Please submit for gratuity calculation: http://emiratesdiary.com/gratuity-calculator

  137. Hi Deepak,
    Thank you so much for your response.
    Please let me know if he will have to pay any fine also.


  138. Hi Deepak,
    I have a friend who is an artist and keeps on travelling frequently and got his employment visa of 3 years issued from Tecom free zone authority. Last time he visited dubai was in february. Now he is out of Dubai and his visa got expired on 25th March.my questions are
    1. Does he need to cancel it if he wants to come back 2 dubai or he can apply for a fresh visa

    2. Can he come on a visit visa

    Wat are the options available

    Please please let me know


    1. Hina,
      1. Yes, it is better to cancel it officially.
      2. I guess, he must first cancel it and then apply for visit visa.

  139. Hi Deepak
    sir just i wanted to know that i have spend 2 years in under jafza and i have contract of 3 years. But after 2 years my company is saying that we dont have work so you should go to your country and we will have work we will let you know. Sir what rule will b applying on this condition.

  140. i am working for al fujairah free zone company bur business location is dubai

    my visa is as sales executive

    and company business is exhibition and events and designing

    can i get noc from my employer to do 3 projects for other copmany

    and what will be the procedure

    pls advice me

  141. Hi Deepak,

    I am fairly new to Dubai. Joined a company in Hamriyah Free Zone in December. I just got the employee visa cancelled on 29th April – i don’t thing they said termination. Position is Sales Executive.

    I want stay back for the 30 day period and look for a job and get onto the new visa by getting a – No Exit – stamping done. The employer got the passports from the authorities today.

    However, the employer is insisting that I exit immediately and that he will hand over the passport at the airport. He says I can exit to a neiboring country and come back but all that wildest a lot. What he is insisting on – to exit – Is this legal or can I go to the authorities to get my passport back?

  142. Dear sir,

    I am working in Jebel Ali Free Zone Company as Accounts Manager since 2nd Nov 2014, but visa stamped date 13 Dec 2014, however Jafza contract date is 18 Nov 2014, however, till Dec 2014, I got my salary, as per contract, and since Jan 2015 till April 2015, I not got my salary, and on 23rd April 2014 my company requested me that this is my last month with the company and to find some other job, and April 2015 was my last month with the company, and because of this the company web portal is also blocked:

    1. Now I have got job in JAFZA company, and wants to cancel my current visa and rejoin in the JAFZA other company, what should I do if my current employer’s online portal is blocked, and I want to cancel my current visa.

    2. They have not given my at least one month notice from discharging the job, who may salaries I can claim from them.

    3. If I want to join other company is JAFZA, is there any ban on me legally.


  143. Hi Deepak,

    I work for a company in DMCC free zone with basic salary of more than AED 12000/-. I am an Engineer. My contract with company is limited period contract and I am planning to move to another company. I have completed my probation period and in first year of contract.
    Please can you guide me about the immigration ban. If I change my job is there a compulsory ban from DMCC for a year time ? If we do not complete the contract?
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  144. Hi Deepak,

    I am currently employed with a company in DIC. It’s a 6 months contract. I’ve completed 4 months with the company but I’ve found a better opportunity. New opportunity is also a temporary contract but outside DIC. My current salary is 14K and the new opportunity is giving me 22K. My contract paper which I signed did not have any terms and conditions. I am on my spouse’s visa and I do not get any benefits from the company. I have a DIC Identity Card with company name. I would like to know the implications if I break the contract.

  145. Hi Deepak

    I’m working a company in sharjah as 14 months
    it’s not freezone area ..
    if i get a job in freezone now . will i have ban..?

  146. Good day!

    I was working for Transguard group and i submitt my resign on 13th of may 2014 on one month notice period.13th of june was my last working day.
    Can i reapply in Transgurad group before 1 YEAR after leaving the company?

  147. hello sir,

    I am working with Ajman Free Zone based company & my visa is for Two years.

    how ever what ever contractual paper does not have any expiry date.

    Now i want to resign end of the 8 month of my service with proper 30 Days prior notice.

    Am I fall in to any of Banned Category?

  148. hy sir i am working in dubai silicon oasis freezone i am completed 2 years 8 month now i given the resign but my company is told me my contract is limited and i must pay 45 days salary to company and they are not will pay me gratuity and other benefit and i have completed my notice pried . please guide me … thank you

  149. hi Deepak ,I got an Offer from SAIF Zone with 5500..I am joining this company for temporary. soon i get other better offer i will change the company.Can you plz suggest me what are the things i should take care of avoiding ban.

    1. Shanavas,
      Free zones have no labour ban.
      But what you are doing is not right!


  150. needing help.. i’m employed in a dmcc company as admin assistant for almost 4 months now…. and i’m planning to resign and look for a higher paying job due to sudden family needs. i’m in a limited contract for 3 years and it is indicated that i have to pay the visa costs if i’m to terminate the contract earlier… i don’t earn much here. do you have any idea how much shall i pay.. can’t contact dmcc yet as i’m afraid my bosses may take this seriously against me.. if i resign after a year, will it make a difference on the cost i have to pay? your response will be appreciated. thanks!

  151. Dear Deepak,
    I’m hoping you can answer my questions. I am interested in contracts in DHCC, which is part of TECOM.
    1. Are DHCC contracts governed by UAE Labour Law?
    2. Is there somewhere I can find out the requirements for a DHCC contract? I have emailed and looked, but had no response and no luck on the website.
    3. Would you be able to offer pure commission in these contracts, without Annual, Sick and Maternity Leave, and Gratuity? If the two parties agree to this, would it be acceptable?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Meredith,
      1. No.
      2. Sorry, I have no idea about this.
      3. Again, not sure about this. But that is inhuman and violation.

      1. Thank you for your responses and I suggest you avoid judging my questions when you have no details about the situation.

  152. I came here with employment entry permit. due to my health reason I am thinking to resigned from the company on 1 st week it self.My Passport and my certificates is with company. now I want to go back to my country.my medical and visa stamping is not done. My permit ends on may 25. Will there be any problem happens for my returning.
    Please tell me what should I do.

    1. Kannan,
      I don’t think there will be any issues. It is better for the company to relieve you rather than keep you since you have health issues.
      You should resign and inform you company HR.

  153. hi

    I have been working in Dubai main land for almost 5 years, now I have been offered sales manager job in Dubai free zone. company requested me for degree as I don’t have it at the moment I have requested company for some time for which they agreed.
    my question is what designation in free zone don’t require degree I-e sales officer etc
    also if my salary is 15000 will I be eligible for sponsoring my family

    1. Nomi,
      Not too sure about what designation in free zone don’t require degree I-e sales officer etc!!
      You could sponsor your family with that salary plus other requirements.

  154. Dear Deepak
    I have joined a company in SAIFzone Sharjah, and I arrived on their visa on Jan 5th, but my freezone ID shows date as Feb 22 due to delay in visa processing. I have a 6 month probation, within which if I leave I have to reimburse visa fees and Joining ticket fees. After that it stipulates that I can leave after 1 month notice.

    1. When does my Probation end , six months from Jan 4th or from Feb 22nd?
    2. Before 6 months how much notice should I provide if I need to leave?
    3. Can Company ask Saifzone authority to put a ban on me for leaving during probation period?
    4. Can Company ask MOL to put a labour ban on me?

    Looking forward to your advice

    1. Arun,
      1. From your actual date of joining.
      2. As per your contract.
      3. NO
      4. No. Freezone companies have no dealing with MOL.

  155. Hello Deepak,
    I was working in a company in JAFZA in 2013 i left without cancelling my visa due to personal issues and the employer did not put any ban on me. currently i got an offer from SAIF is there any issues for getting visa & travel?

    1. Manu,
      You should officially cancel your previous visa. These will be in records and you may not be able to get new visa.

  156. I am planning to resign from my job after 1 year from Jafza. While cancelling Visa and going back to my country, will company get back the visa amount after cancellation? Do I have to bear these expenses?

    1. Sandeep,
      No, you should not bear any cancellation expenses or any other expenses.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  157. Dear Deepak,

    How are you, I am working as Accounts Manager in JAFZA Company since 02 Nov 2014, but visa got since Dec 2014, I have not got salary for the last three months, Jan to Mar 2014, due to company financial crisis, know I am considering to change my job in Dubai, or Jafza or going back to my home country.

    1. If I go back to my home country and behind me my company shut down, whether, I could come back on my present visa within 6 monhths, and live here for 2017 Dec?

    2. If, yes then if I will come back lets spouse in Oct again and got job what will be the process of visa cancellation then if my sponsor is not present here?

    Waiting for your reply

    1. Noman,
      1. That depends on whether the visa will be cancelled by the company or not.
      2. NA. Cancellation should be done by the company.

  158. Dear Deepak,
    I got the idea that I don’t have to pay anything to get back my passport. I have joined in Jafza on January 2015. My contract starts from Feb 23,2015. I am planning to go back to home country after 1 year of service. What are the procedures I have to follow? My passport is with company. I am not bothered about ban in UAE as i am not coming back here again. Please reply with all the details through my mail

    1. Sandeep,
      you will have resign as per company policy and provide notice period.

  159. I joined a company in Jafza on this January. I have provided with an employment visa on February. My contract begins from February 23, 2015 I am having an engineering visa. If I want to leave the company once I complete 1 year of service what are the formalities I have to do? I am not bothered about ban in UAE as I am planning to go back to home country. My passport is with the company.Will they ask for any compensation to give it back? Please write to me in detail. Please don’t publish my email. Even if company wishes to charge any compensation how much I have to pay?

    1. Sandeep,
      You will have resign officially and provide the notice period.
      No, passport should be with you. http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport

  160. hai ..now i am on visit visa . i got placed in media city freezone company. is that compulsory that i want to exit and come back ?

    1. Fijo,
      You need to be clear whether it is TOURIST VISA or VISIT VISA.
      Under Visit visa, you need not exit. But company can request.

  161. If I am wishing to leave my job at Jafza after 1 yr and go back to my country, how much amount i have to pay as compensation to get my passport back?

    1. Sandeep,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign
      Passport should be with you: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport

  162. I am currently working in Jafza as secretary for 4 months now on probation. I am planning to leave and apply to a non-freezone company but I have not finished probation and I do not know what will happen to me. I heard 1 year ban is applicable in Jafza, is this true?
    My boss also threatened to terminate me the other day saying he is unhappy with my work. He has so many unreasonable demands and I am struggling to keep up with him. If he terminates me during probation, will I get a ban too? Thank you

    1. Shazia,
      JAFZA ban is not applicable outside! Not sure what kind of ban you are talking about.

  163. Hi, I am working in a sole proprietorship company in dubai for over 7 month, and want to leave for good. Will i get a ban or do i have to pay anything to my employer.

  164. Hello Deepak,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I have got job in Hamriyah Free Zone in an Oil base company. I have submitted my Passport and attested documents on 3rd of March to process my Visa. Its been more than one month and I am still waiting for the Visa.
    The PRO team says that there is some blockage of Visas faced in Hamriyah Free Zone and we are expecting to get it very soon. They told me that your Visa status shows security clearance.
    The situation is getting worst day by day as its been month and i am still waiting to get my Visa. I cannot even concentrate on my current role.
    Can you please tell me what is the Visa’s issue in Hamriyah Free Zone these days and why my Visa has been delayed so much?
    Kindly reply me.

    1. Kamran,
      These days the departments take time for security clearance.
      Your visa should arrive if all the clearances are obtained.
      This is not limited to Hamriya only. Everywhere the situation is same.

      1. Hello Deepak,
        Thanks for your response.
        Can you please tell me what is the expected and average time to get your security clearances?

  165. Hi Deepak,

    I’m currently employed (8 months) in a private company in Dubai under 2-years unlimited contract. I wanted to try looking for better job opportunities and transfer to a new company. I know that my current employer will of course cancel my Visa because that is automatic. My worry is the 6-month ban. What are my options to lift the ban? I need to transfer to a free zone company in order to lift the ban?

  166. Hi Mr Deepak,
    i am working as a secretary in a company in jafza. i was being shouted and humiliated almost everyday. that is their attitude. can i call police for that? women harassment. can i complain the person to police?


    1. Ruby,
      What you are referring is a human right violation and workplace harassment.
      You could file complaint with the MOL with proper proofs.

  167. Dear Deepak, thank you for the all the information on this site.

    I am currently working for a services company in the Healthcare Free-Zone. My contract is stated to be for 3 years and I have completed only 2 months of service.

    I have not received the visa stamp in my passport yet but I HAVE entered on the pink approval slip/entry visa.
    Due to ownership and a failure to pay my salary on time for the second month in a row, I have decided it is best for me to seek employment elsewhere.

    In my contract it states: “if the contract is terminated before completion of 1 year, Immigration and Labour costs, including total expenses will be deducted from your outstanding dues.”

    My questions are:

    If I choose to resign, will I receive an immigration or labour ban for failing to complete the contract (keeping in mind I have not received the stamp in my passport)?

    Also, am I required to repay the cost of visa if it states it in my contract? (but as I have noticed is not in-line with labour law)

    How long can an employer not pay me before I can report it as misconduct?

    One colleague has told me I must pay back 45 days salary + visa/immigration costs to avoid an immigration ban? Is this true and applicable in the Health Care City Free Zone if I have not yet received my visa stamp or completed my medical examination?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Tone,
      You will not receive any ban since DHCC is a freezone.
      Free zone companies could device their own policies. So visa costs might need to be paid.
      However, it is not right on employer’s part to seek such expenses from employees.
      Immigration ban is in extreme cases and I do not think yours is.
      If you are confused, I recommend you speak to DHCC authorities directly as rules keep changing quite often.

  168. Good Morning deepak,

    I am not sure if my question has been answered here. Anyway, i just got here in dubai on april 1, 2015 with employment visa sponsored by my friend.. I havent done my medical yet or whatsoever or started working since he is my friend and i am actually have to freedom to look for another job if i want to and he will give me NOC..Now, my question is this :

    Is it ok if i now start looking for work on different company even though i dnt have my labor card, medical yet?

    2. I am interested to work in a freezone area as to avoid labor ban, but does that mean i still have to exit dubai if in case i get hired or no need since my boss havent started processing my residence visa and card yet?

    Pls enlighten me on this deepak…ur response is highly appreciated….by the way..ur blog is really helpful and informative…

    1. Tawny,
      1. Yes, you could look for work.
      2. You could change your status while in UAE. But this has extra costs.

  169. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    I got my EOS benefit but from the company to my bank account now the bank has frozen my account i cannot withdraw the amount . I was having credit card with the bank where i had a due of only 3000 but my EOS was almost 30000 when approached bank they told to clear dues then only they can release the hold i have done the same and card closed and no due to bank but still the bank is not releasing the hold.

    Please advise is this legal to freeze the account.

    1. Ramesh,
      Credit card clearance will take upto 45 days. Till the 45 days are complete, the bank will hold your funds.

  170. Dear Deepak , I joined a company in Ajman free zone 4 month later they sacked me from the job for non performance before that I was working in JAFZA company for 6 yrs

    After they sacked they gave my dues and visa was cancelled and was threatened to leave the country in 20 days they have kept my Indian passport with them but now I found a job in JAFZA even my new company gave me employment visa when I contacted the owner they said they are on vacation and will be back in 2 weeks I cant wait that long my question what can I do to get my passport back soonest secondly what action will be effective to get my passport back and risk loosing my new job more over my dad was hospitalized yesterday due to brain stroke and I want to visit India ASAP

    1. Bob,
      Let me first tell you that, your employer has breached the law by keeping the passport with them.
      If the company does not return your passport, you could file a complaint with Indian Consulate and I am sure they will intervene.

      1. Dear Deepak thank you very much I have following concern

        Today went to Ajman free zone immigration section they said employer is responsible to complete the process of submitting exit paper or employment visa copy so they are not blocked in the system for next visa I want to know if employer have right to force me exit the country even I have JAFZA employment visa yellow copy ??

        next question is my new employer has applied visa selecting the option that I am inside UAE because of this reason I cannot exit the country if I did exit the visa will be not valid .

        next question is what should I do to get the control of my passport and submit for status change and medical without exiting the country

        you valuable input is highly appreciate

        about your earlier suggestion going to indian consulate will it help to get the control over my passport or I will still get my passport at the airport while I exit which I don’t want in any case without getting proper residency

        Regards Bob 050 473 1942

        1. Bob,
          1. Yes, the company can ask you to exit the country!
          2. That is OK. Once you receive your visa, you could exit and enter immediately!
          3. You should have your passport to do the formalities.
          4. Companies can force you to leave the country when you cancel.

          1. Dear Deepak , it is very saddening that Ajman free zone employer has all the rights to force me exit country even when I have valid visa in hand ?

            secondly I can legally stay in country for 28 days once my visa is cancelled

            and third that my employer is having the passport which is illegal and by UAE law should hand over the passport in 24 hours and if approached any court in UAE can get my passport in 24 hours with this I can complete the process in given period of time

            so I conclude that I should go to court take the passport and complete the visa process he cannot force me to exit is that right ?

            appreciate if you can shed light on my conclusion

            Best Regards BOB

            1. Bob,
              I guess you are right.
              I recommend you contact a lawyer and get a legal opinion.

          2. Dear Deepak , I have spoken to Ajman free zone today they said once the owner is back to UAE we will call him and take the passport from him I need to give guarantor emirates ID and signature to complete the process once I submit the residence visa I can take back the emirates ID

            Is this also one of the rules ? or its just a favor for me ? can please let me know

            Thanks and regards BOB

  171. Question. i was hired a month ago in JAFZA and my emirates ID is still on process. if i get a new job (ie. private or different free zone companies other than JAFZA), what problem can i possibly encounter as i intend to look for a new job before my probationary period ends? by the way, this is my 2nd job and i finished my 1st employment contract in LLC before joining this company. thanks in advance!

    1. Lullaby,
      First, you will need to check whether there is any labour ban under your name in the MOL.
      There is no problem for you to join in any workplace.

  172. Hi Deepak,

    I have a legal question I want to raise. My employer is registered as a freezone company (I beleive TECOM). Can my employer deduct salary as a punishment for being on sick leave for 1 day? Their policy states that in order for them to consider it as paid sick leave the employee must produce an official sick leave certificate. I did not see a doctor and now they have deducted 3 days salary.

    Appreciate your help!

    1. Sandra,
      First let me clarify that I do not offer any legal advice!
      If it is their policy, yes could deduct the salary as per the policy of sick leave.

  173. Dear Sir,

    I am working as a Civil Engineer on Unlimited contract with my present employer and now i am in probation period ( joined in Nov 2014) .

    Recently i got a new job with good salary ( 15,000 AED) and i should join by next month May 2015 1st week after my notice period ,. But my present employer is harassing me that company will or may put One year Ban on my visa without any courtesy as they dont want to leave me . Is it possible to put 1 year ban

    I would like to request and brief my enquiries as below:

    1) Can present employer is eligible to put 1 year ban on my visa in probation period?

    2) Is there any option to lift the 1 year ban if ban is imposed?

    3) Can a new employer can lift the 1 year?

    4) Can I go to labour court if company has imposed ban

    5) What is the process to approach in legal way to succeed?

    6) Please also provide the contact number who can support me in this situation

    7) My manager is not accepting my resignation? what to do

    1. Pavan,
      Under unlimited contract how could your company impose 1 year labour ban?
      1. No.
      2. If it is immigration ban, there must be a good reason to impose that. You will not have labour ban as your new salary is 12k+
      3. Labour ban can be lifted.
      4. Yes, you can file a complaint with MOL.
      5. File a complaint with MOL.
      6. 800 MOL
      7. Your manager has no option but to accept your resignation.

  174. Mr. Deepak,

    Good Day! I used to work in one of the companies inside JAFZA. After 1 1/2 months working, I went back home due to emergency reasons and was not able to go back anymore. My concern now is, can I able to go back to UAE and work again but now it is outside the freezone?

    Best Regards,

    1. Raymond,
      Depends on your current status in immigration.
      Hope your company has not filed absconding case against you!

      1. Good Morning Sir.
        I am working in a hospital, free zone company. I am working for them 1 year 10 months. Now I want to resign. My company rule is 3 months resignation. But I cannot give three months notice period. I will serve them under one month notice period. Can you please guide me ?

        1. Sayantani,
          I don’t think you have any option than to request your company to relieve you within 1 month.

        2. Sir I m waiting for your reply. As I am working in RAK free zone what is the general rule of resignation. Please help sir

          1. Sir I m waiting for your reply. As I am working in RAK free zone what is the general rule of resignation. Please help sir. Can they put banned on me?

  175. Hi I am currently working in a FZ LLC company, I have my free zone ID and I am planning to resign (for example) effective today. Is it possible?
    My colleague said it is possible because Im on a free zone company and didn’t sign any contract with them in terms of limited time to stay in the company. Hope you can help me with this. What are the problems I might encounter? By the way the reason I am resigning because I already got a new job from a free zone company also. Thank you.

    1. Alex,
      Depends on what is written on your contract.
      Can’t really comment without having read the contract.

  176. I just want to have a clarification regarding my offer letter. It says that if ever I will terminated my contract, I will pay 3 months salary. Is it possible?

  177. Hi deepak, i am very worried. I am in limited contract and my visa is under dmcc . i am a cashier in fastfood. My concern is, i was absent before for 1 day and my company gave me warning letter if i will repeat they will terminate me. And again i was absent for 1 day again, is it possible to terminate me? I am in 4 months in my company. Do i will get labour ban if they terminate me under probation? And will pay all the visa cost? Pls. Help. Thank you in advance.

    1. Maureen,
      Have you informed your employer about your absence officially??
      Since you are in DMCC, labour ban is not applicable.

  178. I am from India, recently I have been offered a job at Sharjah (SAIF ZONE) International FZE. My employment visa documents has been submitted to SAIF zone immigration department on 1 st Feb 2015. Its been more than 1 month I didn’t heard anything about the status. PRO of the organization is just updating that the visa status is WAITING FOR APPROVAL. As well due to some unexpected holidays in the month of January has caused this delay it seems. But as the waiting is prolonged I am getting tensed based on the situation.
    I request you to kindly suggest me what would be the appropriate reason for the delay please.

    With Regards,
    K. Vignesh Kumar.

    1. Vignesh,
      Can’t really comment as this is regulatory requirement of security clearance.

  179. Dear Deepak,

    I’m resigned from my current company which is located at Sharjah. Within a couple of days they will cancel my visa and let me go. I got an offer from a company, so I’ll be back within a week once my new employer provide the visa. I got an information from my current company, they are going to take visit visa in my name immediately after I exit from UAE. So my new company can’t apply employment visa because of this active visit visa. Is it possible take visit visa in my name without any information ? If it is possible, what is the solution for that ?

    Please help me.

  180. I’m working in Hamriyah free zone company and I’m in probation period . My company HR said that will put ban on me for a year in all over UAE .
    Can it possible to lift ban if I will get salary more than 12000AED ?
    I gave 30 days notice period.

    1. Swapnil,
      Imposing arbitrary ban will result in companies getting into trouble.
      They will need a real good reason.
      Labour ban is not applicable.

  181. Dear Deepak,

    Recently we hired an IT Manager and due to his irresponsibility the server got crashed and many other issues and we decided to terminate him. Is there any law says that we can deduct the repairing charge for the server from his final settlement?

    And as per my knowledge he is only eligible for vacation salary + cancellation ticket right……

    1. Sreekanth,
      Such contingencies are to covered under an insurance and can not be deducted from employees salary unless you had a policy or agreement in place.
      Yes, you could pay him accrued vacation day salary and air ticket expenses.

  182. please clarify to me as i am currently working in hamriyah freezone company for almost four years, i tried to resign two months ago because i get an better offer, my company offered me a higher salary so i did not join the new company. after receiving my last salary with the increased one after 7 days the MD send me an email informing me that they can no longer give me the salary they have recently offered to me and should i wish to continue with them i will be receiving the old salary i was getting so immediately i resigned stating the reason of not giving me the offered salary. Now they are forcing me to sign a letter stating that i will not join any company with the same type of business, any trading and spare parts company but i refuse to sign. they have threaten me not to release me if i will not sign this letter. please help me in this regard.

  183. Good day Deepak,

    I want some clarification, in my contract, I have to pay the VISA fees with my employer in DAFZA should I terminate my contract less than a year. I am on my 5th month now and I would want to resign next month. As per thread on this page, majority of your answers about VISA fees is that, employees are not required to pay the visa fees to the employers. In what cases does the employer have the right to demand for the payback in DAFZA companies?

    Thanks for your answer.

      1. Thank you for the clarification though. Last question, I know that DAFZA has their own rules and that MOL is not directly governing these areas. As an employee, what can we do though should the employer insists that we pay the VISA charges they have incur for us?

  184. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as an Engineer on Dubai Visa (LLC Company with unlimited period labor contract) . My visa was stamped in middle of November 2014. This is my first employment visa in UAE. Now I may be getting a better offer from a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone in the coming month. I want to know that if I shift to this Jebel Ali Free Zone company, will I get a labor ban? And is it possible for me to shift to this company?

  185. Dear Mr Deepak,

    My visa has been cancelled already from the freezone company. Does the company have the right to hold my passport since it was cancelled already? Do I have the right to get my passport? please advise.

    1. Marvin,
      No one has right to hold passports.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport

  186. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    Sir I am an engineer and currently working and my visa is a freezone from Masdar, i am now in my 5 month to my current company and i want to resign due to some circumstances , but the problem sir the company didn’t give me a copy of my contract when i asked them they told me it is in the freezone authority already if i want a copy i need to go there and ask. My question sir, do i need to serve a notice period of 1 month or i van make it shorter is there any problem if i leave the company?

    Thank you in advance for enlighten me Sir Deepak.

    1. Lalai,
      notice period depends on the company policies and is mentioned in your contract.

    2. Hi deepak,

      I have 1 year ban in Ministry of labour.
      Is this ban is applicable in zonecorp

  187. Dear Deepak,

    is degree attestation is required for Jabel ali free zone visa
    if the designation is mentioned as senior coordinator.
    and salary is mentioned as 5000/-

    pls advise if it is mandatory ??

      1. Dear Deepak,

        Authorities is in the sense of my new company HR authorities or immigration authorities ??

      2. hallo deepak,
        i am working in dubai, my contract 2 year, now i am finish 8 month,iam searching another job in free zone,any ban for me,

        plz replay deepak

          1. hai deepak
            next month my visa cancellation, i want going to Oman

            one month visit,possible for Oman visa border,how can arrange

            visa,pl z replay

            1. Arun,
              No, you can not change visa by driving to Oman.
              You will have to exit through an airport.
              But please check again!

  188. Hi Deepak,

    My company’s office is located in DSO. We are about to end the DSO lease and move the office to SAIF.
    What do you recommend as more simple or adviseble:
    – to apply to a VISA cancellation with DSO and apply to a new VISA with the SAIF
    – or to transfer the VISA from DSO to SAIF, if possible.

    Thank you in advance for your help and reply.
    Kind regards,


    1. Rosa,
      I am not sure whether visa transfer is possible.
      If it is possible, it is the better option.
      Please take care of the gratuity payments in case of cancellation.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply, Deepak.
        Do you know where can I check if the Visa transfer is possible or not?
        Many thanks!

        1. Rosa,
          You will have to check with both the free zone authority immigration departments.

  189. Deepak,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Company or Company PRO is creating issue and not accepting resignation. I am thinking to visit fujairah , and register a complaint against company in front or Free Zone authority or in ruler court or in interior ministry. I would seek help of tying services there.

    Whtat is your opinion will it help?


    1. I am having Tecom Free zone visa for 3 years. In my visa position is computer operator but in my offer letter position sr.Tech consultant.
      Now my visa is going to complete this month and already i sent mail to them for not renewing my visa.
      I got a job in my competitor company, position is for computer engineer. In my contract non-competitor clause is there, it mentioned as below..
      “The Employee shall not during the term of this
      Contract and for a period of twelve (12) months
      after the expiration or termination of this Contract
      for any reason, directly or indirectly, whether as
      owner, partner, shareholder, director, employee,
      consultant, distributor, agent, representative,
      sponsor or otherwise carry on or be engaged,
      concerned or interested in carrying on within Dubai
      of any business or employment which may compete
      with the business of the Company or any of its
      affiliates or subsidiaries and in respect of which the
      Employee has performed services during the period
      falling Six (6) months prior to the expiration or
      termination of the Employee’s employment.”

      Is there any ban can my employer apply to me…

      1. Vinoth,
        If you complete your contract, there will not be any labour ban.
        Competitor clause may not be applicable as there are no clear cut rules in the labour law regarding this.

        1. Hi deepak,
          Thank you for the response..
          But some chance are there, they can ban me right..
          current visa is dubai te-com Freezone visa, new company visa is from Abudhabi..

          Is there any advantage because of this…

  190. I am working in JAFZA for last 2 years can I transfer my visa to Ajman Free Zone

      1. Thanks, Deepak you have solved my big problem……….. one more help please whom should I contact for this visa transfer process.

  191. Dear Sir Deepak

    I would like to ask a question. I am currently working now in JLT freezone if ever I will leave my job after completing my 1 year actually my contract is 3 years. But i’m planning to leave after a year . Is it possible I can join another freezone company like Hamriya freezone ? Is there any ban ? Please let me know.

  192. Gud Evening ,

    i was working in a Dubai company n i got my visa canceled from there, i work there for 1year n 8 months.

    now i m over stay n i m trying to get ajman free zone visa.
    i know i have to pay fines n all.
    but i have one question that is , that i took iPhone from etisalat been a while i haven’t paid the bill for sum months now.
    will it be giving me problem to get my visa stamp in ajman free zone?
    n how can i tell etisalat that i have no job will be getting it soon n then i will start paying them the money.
    i cant talk or call any one as i have no friend or family here.

    the whole point is i have got the job in Ajman free zone n i m just waiting for my visa to cum out as it is in process.
    plz let me know after all this will there be a problem for me to get the visa .

    kindly reply me.

    1. Farrukh,
      Yes. It will be a problem.
      If you are aware, we now have Etihad Credit Bureau, which has information on all your banking, telecom transactions and payment history.
      I am not quite sure whether this will be used for visa stamping purpose. If not now definitely in the near future, this will be a norm.
      Yes, you could approach Etisalat and let them know about your situation and restructure your payments.

  193. Dear Sir,

    I am working with employer from Pakistan who provide IT services here in UAE and registered here as FZ LLC, They send me in Abu Dhabi on a project, and I am on Fuairah Free Zone visa ( I have a work permit saying Fuairah Free Zone). I want to leave the job as I found another opportunity here in UAE but not in Free zones.

    I remember I signed a job offer letter before issuance of residence visa that said I am a sales man with 5000 AED salary and either parties can give one month notice to cancel the contract. My residence visa was issue in May last year. Also I do not have that job offer letter.

    I have already given the one month notice that ends today on 12th March, 2015. My employer is saying we do not accept your resignation and you come back Pakistan and then we talk. I was paid Pakistani salary and 125 AED per day. But not AED 5000 as said by contract here. Also employer has not paid my last month salary and TADA for this month also they are taking residence from me from tomorrow. I have following questions

    1- Any Pakistani job contract is considered in UAE or free zone.
    2- I do not know where to go my visa get cancelled. What is procedure to cancel visa.
    3- what are my chances to get visa cancelled or any problem that I have to face.
    4- How I can I claim my one month salary and TADA?

    I would be grateful to you.

    Tipu Chudary

    1. Tipu,
      1. No.
      2. Your company PRO will need to visit respective authority to cancel visa.
      3. Not sure about this.
      4. Not sure either. However, company must settle all the dues.

  194. Dear Deepak !

    I am currently in my 10th (Joined in May 2014) month with a company. My contract is unlimited and I was offered 4000 AED plus commissions. Later, I was not given a commissions related profile. I objected and my salary was increased to 6000 AED without commissions in Jan 2015. Currently I have an offer from a good IT firm in Freezone Dubai Internet city. They are giving 5992 AED as fixed and rest as commissions. Can I switch ? My contract with current employer says they can charge me for training costs if I leave before completion of contract. I don’t know which training or how much amount. Can I be charged for being trained to do my Job here and other visa fees etc ? I am in mainland under MOL.

    1. Issac,
      Is it mentioned in your MOL contract?
      Employers can not seek costs. Not sure whether training costs could be recovered.

  195. Currently working in a company in JAFZA completed six months probation and want to resign now and join own business which is under Ministry of Labor in Sharjah, will there any ban on this basis or do we have any other requirements ??

  196. If an employee resigns from a company in Abu Dhabi and joins a Free Zone company in Dubai… does he need to cancel his MOL visa (which is about to expire in 2 weeks) first and then he can join Free Zone company or is it possible to join a Free Zone company without cancelling your MOL visa (in case the employer wants to delay the cancellation process)

    1. Romi,
      Yes, you will need to cancel the labour card before joining anywhere.

  197. Hi,
    my visa is for Ajman freezone, i have been with company for three months and i got a better offer else were. But my contract states that if i leave before my first vacation, which is 24 months, i should refund the visa fee.
    My contract is unlimited.

    1. Me,
      No rule like that in UAE labour law.
      But, Ajman free zone companies need not follow UAE labour laws.

  198. Dear Deepak,

    I had been came from visit visa under AIR ARABIA LLC., t owork in JULPHAR METAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES FZE in RAK INVESTMENT AUTHORITY Free zone. i had joined the company on 5th of this month and now they are telling not statisfied in my performance. mean while telling to return back to my country. if it is possible to do like this. they need people for urgent requirement. Also they are asking me visa fee of 1500 dhs . it is rule to pay the fees. my passport is with admin manager. now what i want to do : please loooking for your reply. my number 0508351379

    1. Kamal,
      Yes, companies can cancel your contract.
      however, they can not ask for visa fees.

  199. Good Day,

    I am presently working in a company in JAFZA for 1 year and 10 months , recently I had resigned from my Job role. Is there any chance for the company to Impose me a ban ? If the company put me a ban, is that only applicable for JAFZA ? If the ban is applicable for UAE, how can i lift the ban ?

    Hope someone can help me with.

    1. Raj,
      Why do you think the company will impose ban?
      There is no labour ban applicable in HAFZA.
      Yes, if you do not finish your contract and want to join another company within JAFZA, there may be ban.
      There is nothing you could do to avoid inter JAFZA ban.

  200. I worked 3 1/2 years in DWC logistics city where first 2 years I worked with my own visa out of DWC and 1 1/2 years with DWC logistics city visa – I got my annual leave and airfare but due to some family matter(family are here in Dubai) I didn’t go for vocation – company terminate me giving reason that why I didn’t inform them, they deduct airfare the gave from my settlement amount which they calculate by 1 1/2 years – please let me know what law said about it.

    1. Mumtaz,
      What kind of own visa were you working on?
      Whatever it is, the company is liable to pay settlement for all the days you have rendered your services to the company.
      Did your company take approval from DWC authorities prior to employing you at the company?
      Leave ticket policy is company level.

  201. Sir,
    I am new in Uae.i have been here since last 3 months and now my 4th month is going on and i work in transguard group and its free zone visa so,i got an offer from another restaurant.can i move to that company and its in abu dhabi.As my contract probation period was 3 months so can i give resign and move there.

  202. Dear Deepak,

    Now an interesting one for you. I have been working for a DMCC FZ company since Sep 2013 but on student visa. Not I have just transferred to employment visa (with Dec being mentioned as my date of joining in application). But I have one interview coming up in JAFZA company. If things go well and taking into account the time taken in the process of hiring, if I get an offer, say in April 2015, what possible situations could come up? Mt visa will have to be cancelled as this is a different free zone but what about possible fine or claims my current employer can come up with? Regards.

    1. Danish,
      I wish you all the best with the interview.
      You need not pay any cost to the company.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  203. dear sir, now i am working in abu dhabi with 2 years unlimited contracts visa so i completed my one years and now i got better job in jabel ali free zone, so there will be any ban if i resign my present company and can i move to the free zone?

      1. Hi i just want to ask regarding labour ban 1 year then after change status to freezone company but still have a labour ban. please can you give me your contact number I have also other query to you sir.

        1. Liezel,
          If you have labour ban, it will not affect your chances of a job in free zone.
          Sorry, I am unable to take calls.

  204. Hi deepak,

    I’ve been applied for employment in hamriyah freezone since Jan. 20 and until now march 3, 2015, the visa was still not yet released. Is the hamriyah freezone authority took a long time to process? And is there any chance i could pull-out my paper in the authority and we will apply for wife’s visa sponsorship. Do you have any hamriyah freezone law that i could refer to ?

    thank you


    1. Mike,
      Do not know how hamriyah works. However, it should not take such a long time.
      I do not have any law!

  205. Hi Deepak,

    I’m working in a free zone company located at Hamriyah Free Zone for the last 22 months. Now I got a better opportunity, so I submitted my resume. There is no problems in my offer letter if I’m resigning after 6 months. But now my company is asking me to pay 45 days full salary (including all allowances) + full visa expenses to cancel the visa. Is there any rule like that ? some of my friends saying, there is a rule saying employee has to pay 45 days basic salary while leaving. Is it applicable for Hamriyah free zone ?

    1. Aneesh,
      There is no such rule. But since you are in Hamriya free zone, I am not sure whether this rule is present.

  206. Hi!
    If my colleague is on a Fujairah freezone visa, is it possible to transfer his visa onto Tecom freezone (Media City)?

  207. Sir,
    I have been working with an IT company for last 16 months. My contract is for 2 years. But unfortunately company terminated me on yesterday with the warning letter. When I called MOL they informed me that there is the labor ban for next 6 months.
    So I just want to know that meantime can I work in any free zone company? Even if I get a job in free zone, is it compulsory to go exit from this country?

    1. Shaneesh,
      SOrry to hear about your situation.
      Yes, you could work in free zone companies even though you have a labour ban.
      Exiting depends on your current company although it is possible to change status locally.

  208. Dear deepak
    i hv got 1 year ban imposed by my previous employer, because i left job in probation period limited contract, but i hv got job in freezone.

    Will that 1 year ban cause a problem obtaining freezone visa?

    Can i visit on tourist or visit visa?

    Your reply is really appreciated


    1. Tanveer,
      if the ban is labour ban, you could work in free zones.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  209. Dear Deepak,

    I’m presently working with a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis & got an offer letter from a company in JAFZA. My contract with present company is for 3 years & I have completed only 3.5 Months now. My probation was for 3 months. As per my contract my notice period is 3 months. Following are my doubts:

    1. Is it mandatory for me to complete 3 months notice period?
    2. Will there be any ban for switching from DSO to JAFZA?

    Please advice..

  210. Dear Deepak,

    I work in Hamriyah freezone company from November 2013.In Nov 2014 i went for my one month annual vacation .Before i report back my company mailed me saying my leave has been extended till further notice due to restructuring .They din call me back till Feb 2015 and its beem almost 2 months of unpaid leave.Due to this i was not unable to pay my bank EMIs and now im in trouble since the bank is not ready to acccept any reasons for non payment.i wanna clarify whether the compnay holds a right to extend my vacation and make it a unpaid leave. kindly reply.

  211. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I would like to ask there’s any posibility that the free zone company here in Ras al khaimah can provide me a employment visa while Im still working in non freezone company.

    Please I need your suggestion and advice…

    Thanks you….

    1. Bien,
      This does not look legal.
      it is better to ask your HR with regard to this.
      Is the company entirely different or sister company?

      1. Thank you Mr. deepak,

        because as per my knowledge Free Zone had a different rules compare to non free zone that is why i confuse.

        anyway thank you so much for the response and advice…..

  212. Mr. Deepak,

    i would just to clarify things,

    1.) if ever i resign in my previous work here in JAFZA free zone, under probation for 6 months but just start working not too long cause im on my 2 months here, should i have pay them back for the visa fee?

    2.) I already have Emirates ID, JAFZA Employment. Do i have to Pay them back for that? is that possible?

    Thank you so much, Looking Forward for your Reply.

    1. Jane,
      1. You are not required to pay any fees. Read your contract from JAFZA.
      2. No.

  213. Dear Deepak,

    I been working 1.8 years for a company based in DWC -Logistics city. They did not give me a contract on my hand, I never signed one. Due to economical difficulties I was terminated by the company. If I do not have a contract what benefits, end of service the company should pay me?

    Thank you

    1. Elena,
      DWC, does not follow labour law of UAE. Hence, it depends on your contract by DWC.

  214. Mr. Deepak,

    I am working now in on one of the company in JLT (DMCC) but I will not be able to continue it. I am on a probationary period. I just want to ask if there will be an offer from a private company in Abu Dhabi and accept the offer will I be able to work with them or I will be ban based on UAE Law.

    1. Jay,
      since you work in free zone and are shifting to Abu Dhabi company, there will be no labour ban applicable.

      1. Sir, If I will accept the offer from the new company do I need to exit in Kish or just wait for the new visa that will be issued on me?

        1. Depends on whether company. If they can spend money for status change, it is possible here.

  215. thank you for the Reply.

    But Sir, if i Resign, do i have to pay them back for the Visa Fee?

    Thank you.

  216. Dear Deepak,

    I’m planning to resign and I believed my current employer will impose a 1 year company ban to me as I have a limited contract & I’m under probation. can my incoming company/employer apply a free zone visa to me?

    1. Chris,
      What kind of 1 year ban is that? If it is immigration ban, then you can not live and work in UAE.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I have not committed criminal offense and I’m always reporting at work. I believed this is 1yr labour ban? can the 1yr labour ban be lifted if I will join a company in a free zone visa?

        1. Chris,
          1 year immigration ban can not be lifted even if you join free zone company.
          If it is labour ban, it will not affect your free zone employment.

            1. Chris,
              If you break limited contract is one of the possibilities.

  217. Dear Deepak,

    Good evening!

    Just curious what are the factors that the company can impose/file 1 year ban to the employee. And what are the requirements that the company has to provide for them to be able to impose it againts the employee? Will the government investigate first before they will approve this 1 yr ban? Or is there a fair investigation for both parties? And how to know that you have a 1 yr ban? If in case the company successfully filed a 1 yr ban to the employee and that employee just knew it when the new company applied the visa for that employee.. can the employee file a complaint against the employer who imposed a 1 yr ban to that employee? like if there’s no valid reason for the employer to put a 1 yr ban to that employee?

    Kind regards,
    Annax ☺

    1. Annax,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
      Also read the UAE Labour Law Clauses 118 onwards.http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labor-law-2015-download-pdf

  218. Hi deepak,

    one of myi friend resigned from a freezone tecom company , she is on her probation period with a salary package of 5k, she found a better job and resigned, but in the offer letter they have mentioned that if an employee leaves the company during oneyear including the probation period they he/she will have to pay 6 months gross salary to the company, they are not cancelling her visa and asking her to pay 6 monthe s gross salary that would b 30 k AED , is this practical? its illogical? how can someone stop if an employee wants to resign or if an employee is not happy working in a company and would like to leave??

  219. Hi deepak,

    one of myi friend resigned from a freezone tecom company , she is on her probation period with a salary package of 5k, she found a better job and resigned, but in the offer letter they have mentioned that if an employee leaves the company during oneyear including the probation period they he/she will have to pay 6 months gross salary to the company, they are not cancelling her visa and asking her to pay 6 monthe s gross salary that would b 30 k AED , is this practical? its illogical? how can someone stop if an employee wants to resign or if an employee is not happy working in a company and would like to leave??

    1. Shebu,
      Tecom free zone companies can draw their own rules as they do not follow MOL and UAE Labour Law. Hence, the offer letter holds good. However, is this the offer letter(contract) from company or the Tecom authority(DIC)?

      1. when contacted the tecom authorities they said there is no such rule, its written in the offer letter not in the contract.

        1. Tecom also comes under UAE government and they have certyain rules and regulations employers must follow, so they told us to launch a complaint for such cases , because no employers can byforce ask an employee to stay or every employee has the right to leave during the probation period.and they cannot hold the passport with them for too long ,

  220. hi deepak,
    i’m working for ras al kaimah free zone from past 8 months and now i have received a offer letter from a company based in dubai. my present company offer letter had a clause saying i will have to bear visa charges if resigned within 11 months. now my question is will i get a ban ? or if i dun get ban is it possible to join the new company without exiting from dubai?
    plzz reply

    1. Rakshith,
      you will not face labour ban as you work in free zone.
      Joining new company without exiting depends on your current company. They might want you to exit UAE after cancellation.

      1. so its not mandatory to exit from UAE once free zone visa gets cancelled? it all depends on new company right?

  221. good afternoon Deepak,

    question? if the company will impose 1yr. ban you can still work in freezone?

    and the company can impose 1yr ban if you,re under a unlimited contract?

    i hope you can answer my question thank you

    1. Ted,
      What kind of 1 year ban?
      If it is immigration ban, you can not live and work in UAE.
      If it is labour ban, you could work in free zone companies.

  222. i had got job offer in Ras Al Khaimah free zone area ( hamariah) in one company. they are providing me visit visa to work under probihition perieod two months. but they did n’t send me offer letter . instead they had given mail from company id regarding my designation, salary, food and accomodation . if it is possible to take visit visa with out offer letter. please any one give me answer.

    1. Kamal,
      Working under visit visa is illegal.
      An offer letter must be printed and signed by both parties. Moreover, offer letter(contract) must be printed by the respective free zone authorities or MOL.

  223. hi, i would like to ask some thing
    1.) im working now at JAFZA jebel ali free zone, for almost 2 most, and i know that im still on under probation, i want to resign. is there a possibility that i would face any ban? and should i pay them back for the visa fee? cause they already gave me the employment card and i already have a residence visa.
    2.) I want to look for a new job out side the JAFZA Free Zone, is it ok?

    Thank you.

    1. Jane,
      1. You will not face labour ban as labour ban is not applicable in free zones. Within JAFZA if you change jobs, you may face ban.
      2. Changing jobs outside is OK.

  224. Dear Deepak,

    I’m working in a company which is under Hamriyah Free Zone for the last 21 months. Now I got a new job in Abudhabi. I want to resign from my current company. When I’m asking for cancellation they are threatening me in such a way that they can ban me for 1 year. I want to know is there any possibilities for that ?
    If it is possible, what is the solution to avoid ban ?
    Can I take any legal protection against the ban ?

    1. Aneesh,
      What kind of ban? Companies can not just ban arbitrarily. There must be a valid reason.
      I recommend that you speak to free zone authorities.
      There is no labour ban applicable as hamriya does not come under MOL.
      I am not sure what legal protection you could take. Pleas consult a lawyer.

  225. Hi,

    I worked in our company in Jebel Ali for 3 years and I resigned last January 31 2015 . Every year we are entitled to get a bonus. As per our management which was announced we will be having the bonus for the year of 2014 (last year). Our HR said t anymore and I am not entitled to get the bonus as I am not part of the company. I extremely believe that I am entitle get my bonus as I worked hard for the full year of 2014. Can you please advise? They said this is part of UAE law.

    Please help me..




    1. Madeleine,
      There is no law for bonus payment and this depends on company entirely.

  226. Dear Deepak,

    My colleague worked for more than 7 years in JAFZA (30/11/2007 – 14/02/2015); while settle the end of service benefit, HR told him that his EOS benefits will be calculated based on 21 days as his contract renewal date is 10th Dec 2013 i.e. before the new rule implemented. Is it true or he should get the EOS benefits 21 days for 1st 5 years and 30 days thereafter; please confirm.

    1. Ajith,
      Yes. The company is right. First 5 years for 21 days and 30 days thereafter.
      Submit for calculation if you have any doubts: http://emiratesdiary.com/gratuity-calculator

  227. hi mr deepak. i’m working in a company in DAFZA and i’m still on probationary period. i want to resign since i have plans of moving to Qatar to be with my brother. my company advised me thati have to pay for visa costs & medical insurance that they have processed, they informed me that we have 2 contracts, an internal contract and a contract from DAFZA. i believe that i’m on an unlimited contract also. in the internal contract it is said that if an employee resigned in less than 1 year then, he should pay the visa expenses. in DAFZA contract, it is not stated that i have to pay for the visa cost upon resigning during probationary period. which contract will be implemented? thank you

    1. Aniger,
      DAFZA can have its own rules as it does not come under UAE Labour law.
      But, DAFZA authority contract will take precedence and not company contract, in case you have a dispute.

  228. Good afternoon. Im in Abu Dhabi during 1 month only. Company wants to terminate me. Will I receive ban even its not from my side?

    1. Eva,
      If it is a termination, I don’t think there will be ban.
      Obtain NOC from company.

  229. If i go labour to freezone in this case i ,ll face any ban or not cuz i jus want to leave where m working now..so tell me please..i done bsc hons in accounting n finance..

    1. Umer,
      You will not have labour ban if you move from labour to free zone.

  230. i am working in jebel ali free zone for a company. i am here 4 months. As the working environment in the office is not good i want to change my job.Will i have a ban if i join in other company inside free zone jebel ali? Already i have paid 40,ooo/- INR to the company for my visa also. Kindly advise.

    1. Ane,
      You can not change jobs within JAFZA without completing your contract.
      Also, companies can not ask for cost reimbursements.