Emirates ID to replace Labour card for expatriates

Emirates ID to replace Labour cards from 2014

Ministry of Labour Opens in a new tab.has confirmed that starting next year Emirates ID will replace the Labour card or work permits. This was reported in Gulf News.Opens in a new tab. Emirates ID will also replace the Driving License and Health Insurance cards.

The replacement of Emirates ID with Labour cards will reduce the processing time from minimum 15 days currently to less than 48 hours. Mr.s Humaid Bin Deemas Al Suwaidi also confirmed that the whole process for the work permit and job contract will be re-engineered and most of the process will be taken online which will save time and efforts.

emirates id labour card driving license


This change will mean that employers will submit only a job contract signed by both the worker and the employer to obtain the work permit online. These efforts are made keeping in mind the to make UAE one of the world’s top governments by 2021. The replacement of labour cards with Emirates ID will also mean that the penalties charged for delays, renewals and cancellation will become obsolete.


  • Drastic reduction in processing time from 15 days to 2 days.
  • Integration of cards means, our wallets will be lighter with only one card, Emirates ID which will replace Labour Card, Health card and Driving license.
  • Reduction in costs-There is no clarity on this as I am not sure whether the charges for Emirates ID will be increased or not. I also have doubts as to who will pay for the Emirates ID cost; Employees or Employers?


  • (Can’t think of anything currently)

This is a very good initiative on the part of UAE Government which will boost the image and will lead to enhance the process and help all stakeholders.

Image courtesy: Gulf News

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