Documents required for Parent visa-Parents in Law visa – Humanitarian Cases

Parents visa / Parent’s in Law – Documents – Humanitarian Cases

One issue that has people confused here in UAE is residence visa for Parents or Parents in Law. In most cases the parents or parents in law are in their old age and you would like them to spend their time with you and your family here in UAE. UAE does have provision for you to apply for the residence visa for your parents or parents in law. I received a lot of queries from readers as to “what about Humanitarian Cases?”

UAE Residence Visa for parents parents in law documents required

I have previously written about UAE residence visa for Parents and Parents in law.

I did some research and spoke to few officials and they informed me that the residence visa for parents or parents in law are processed as Humanitarian cases and there are a set of documents that you will require to sponsor your parents or parents in law.

Below are the documents that you will require as a sponsor to provide Residence visa for your parents or parents in Law.

  • Clear Passport copies of sponsor and the sponsored (You and your parents/parents in law)
  • You will have to obtain an Affidavit letter from your consulate vowing that you as a sponsor will take care of the sponsored and information about your siblings, the address of your siblings.
  • You should have a labour contract attested by Ministry of Labour or salary certificate in Arabic.
  • Minimum salary required is AED 20,000Opens in a new tab. or AED 19,000 with Accommodation.
  • As a sponsor you are required to sponsor both your parents. If one of them has expired or divorced, in such cases you should present the divorce certificate or death certificate. The certificates are required to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You have to choose between your Parents or Parents in Law. You will not be able to sponsor your Parents or Parents in Law together.
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months from salary account. Company bank statement in case of business people.
  • Tenancy Contract attested by respective authorities for a 2 Bed Room apartment.
  • Utility bill for the latest month. (DEWA)
  • You are required to deposit AED 2000 per person once the approval comes.

Other Important Notes:

  • You are required to make sure that there is sufficient time for the current entry permit (if parents are in UAE) in order to avoid fine, as humanitarian cases go through a committee who can not be held responsible for fines.
  • The committee’s decision is final and not valid for reconsideration.
  • The committee has the full right to approve or decline a transaction, subject to complete and fulfillment of terms and conditions.

All the best to you.


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62 thoughts on “Documents required for Parent visa-Parents in Law visa – Humanitarian Cases

  1. Hello Deepak,
    I am south african married to a tunisian lady, living in Abu Dhabi. I am 61 years old and currently unemployed. My wife works for abu dhabi police and i have residence visa under her sponsorship since past 4 months. my daughter and her husband lives in Dubai. her husband works and salary is in excess of aed 25,000. i wish for my son in law to now sponsor my residence visa as an unemployed person. can this current residence visa be transferred or do we have to cancel this current via and apply for new one? wat would be the cost ?
    Thanks. Mohammed.

    1. Hi, Since the visa is from different emirate, in my opinion you might have to cancel your existing visa before applying the visa under different sponsorship.

  2. Hi Deepak,
    I work as a Software Engineer in Dubai and my visa is a Tcom 3 years visa.
    My salary is 12 K.
    I have a 2 bedroom flat in my name.
    I’m not married.
    My father has retired before 2 months.
    My mother is a housewife. They’re 62 years and 58 years old.
    They are In Uae only and have residency visa till 27 October 21.
    We are total 3 daughters for our parents and 2 of my elder sisters are settled in USA.
    There’s no one to support my parents in India.
    I’m the only one who can support my parents.
    My father has done a surgery and on medical treatment.
    Is it possible on humanitarian grounds to apply residency visa for my parents?
    What are the documents required?
    And which Immigration office we have to contact?
    Appreciate your kind response.
    Thank you

  3. hello what about those who dont have salary upto 20k and only mother is in home country and to let her stay her in UAE we are reneweing her 3 months visa for last 2 years now.

  4. Hi,
    Can my brother sponsor me his sister on residence visa in case of father’s death ? Brother is self-employed?

    1. No, this is not the possibility under personal sponsorship.
      But if your brother is self employed, he may be able to sponsor as an employee in his company.

  5. I work as Medical Officer in Health Administration Service.
    My total pay including allowence is Aed 16000/
    VISA on my passport is Medical assistant.
    My parents are already in Abu Dhabi .
    Can I sponsor them for residence VISA
    What documents are required
    What will be the cost and duration of VISA

  6. Hi, i want to know how much to pay for parents visa only for the third renewal here in Dubai UAE thanks

  7. Hi deepak. Hi my husband is factory owner I want to bring my mother permanent in UAE with me can I get visa for her what is th procedure And so many people said that immigration rejects cases only 10 / getting parents visa

  8. Hi my husband is factory owner I want to bring my mother permanent in UAE with me can I get visa for her what is th procedure

  9. Dear sir
    I wound like to bring my wife parents on permanat visa. She and her sister both are working in uae. Nobody is there in india to look after the parents. We dont have 20000 salary.but tenanacy contract 2 bed room avilable. Please advise us did we can bring them here …and what types of papers we make reday for the process.

  10. I am in Abu Dhabi and need to process my mothers residence visa. I can fulfill all above conditions and I am wondering in 2017 , still they follow same rules and regulation? Could you please update us with new rules

  11. Hi Deepak

    I applied for my parent’s Dubai Residency visa on 4th Feb’17, and haven’t heard back since. My case is clear in all documentation and salary is also above 20,000. I have already postponed the tickets twice, and when I call the customer care to follow-up, I don’t get any feedback except “It’s in Process”. Can I approach the authorities directly, and if yes, where?

    Many thanks for letting me know.

  12. My father was having a resident visa in 2010 to 2011 after that he was in India alone but know he again want to come sharjia as in India there is no one I want to ask again I have to apply for a new resident visa or old resident visa can be renewed
    Please guide an sent more details on my emails

  13. Dear Deepak,

    We have a few doubts about sponsoring residence visa for my mother-in-law in Sharjah. We will have the necessary salary criteria of 20k as well as a 2bhk home in Sharjah. My father-in-law passed away a few years back and my mother in law is 72 years. We have the death certificate that we would get attested from required authorities. But I have heard that they dont grant residence permit for parents older than 70 years. Is that true? Kindly guide.

    Thanks in advance,

  14. Dear sir
    I want to bring my both parnts here in recidence visa. my salary 9500 AED, less then 20000 AED as per UAE law. so no one takecare to them in india. I am staying with my family. is it possible to make recidence visa for my parents. my father age above 70 and my mother age is 65. my visa is abu dhabi visa. please give possible solution. if possible where should i go to apply and what documents required and where (location) kindly please advice me.

    Thank You

  15. dear sir, my wife and my son 9 years old. Were on visit visa and unfortunately my wife died because of hypertension, brain hamarige. Now i want to sponsor my son, but my salary is 3500.and there is no one back country to take care of my son. I want to sponsor my son for resident visa. Plz help me and guide me.. Its only last 10 days since i lost my wife.

  16. Hi,
    I am a single lady,have a SAIF zone visa ,my salary is less than 20k.My father recently passed away on India (i have all the relevant documents).All my younger siblings are in UAE.Can I sponsor my widowed mother?

  17. I have all supporting documents as per their requirements, in addition I submitted the Village officer letter attested by district notary and still they rejected my application for mother’s residence visa for no reason in Dubai. She is 76 and I checked is that the reason and the answer was ‘NO’.

    Please advise

  18. My father is expired in Feb 2016, I have started my job in Dubai since December 2016 and only three months have been working over here.

    My mother has a problem of zero vision from her eyes and there is no income she has in India, since no pensin comes and always needs one attendent with her to take care of her. Also I do not have any siblings.
    Thus I am bound to bring my mother and to live with me in Dubai.
    I does not fall under salary bracket of AED 19,000 / 20,000 , as my salary is 12,000 and can afford one bhk in Dubai.
    Kindly advise will I get the approval from the humanitarian committee in such a case if I submit the application.


  19. My father expiref two year before. My mother us now 51. My younger brothet now working in Oman. My salary is 10k Aed there any special case to get a residence visa for my mother under humanitarian consideration, as no one in Indai to take care of her.

  20. Hai deepak,
    I want sponsor my wife My designation electronic technician and my salary 4000/aed possible to get
    Resident visa kindly suggest me.

  21. Dear deepak….My husband n my husband’s brother stay in a two bedroom apartment..he’s also married….we are applying for thr parents pr…will we get it as we live in the sane 2 bedroom house. or will thr be any problem..

  22. Hello,

    I am from India. Is it possible to get a residential visa for my mother with the permission of my father? If possible, what are the documents to be submitted?

    please help. thank you

  23. Hello
    Can my hubby apply her sister’s residence visa?
    She was on my brother in laws visa but he moved to canada and sister’s visa will expire in this oct.
    My husband salary is below 19000. Is there any possibility to transfer her visa on special humanitarian case?

  24. Hi Deepak,
    Please help with this clarification – I need to apply for mother’s residency Visa in Dubai.
    My salary is Aed 16800/- & my wife salary is Aed 12700. can we show both ur salary to meet the 20000 criteria. I have a two bedroom father passed way in 2007 & i have younger brother in India.
    Thanks and regards,

    1. Vinay,
      Salary of a single person needs to be 20K.
      They won’t entertain this request.

  25. Hello…
    I need to know if parents health matters when applying for visit visa for them… i want to bring my mother here.. she is 54 years old but almost bed ridden due to alzhemiers… will i be able to bring her here?

    1. Sarah,
      They should not have any communicable diseases like TB, AIDS etc
      I don’t think for Alzheimer’s they will reject residence visa.

      1. Does anyone know about documents needed if you are applying from Abu Dhabi? Alos, what is teh duration of this visa; one year or more?

        Thanks in advance for the help.

  26. hi, my salary is 22000 but i have one bedroom apartment. will i able to apply residence visa for mother? i have no siblings and father expired.

    1. Rahul,
      I think you will need 2 bedroom apartment if you are married and your wife/kids stay with you.

  27. Hi Deepak,

    Just wanted your help. Where do I go for the affidavit? IVS? What all papers are needed? What forms do I need to fill before I go there? I could not find these information on their website.
    Thanks for your help.

  28. Hi Deepak,

    I already have a residence visa and need to renew this year.

    Do i need to go through the process again or just normal dependent renewal process to be followed?

    BTW, the information is accurate for applying parents residence visa.

    1. Aamir,
      It will be a normal renewal. First you will renew your labour card, then visa can be renewed.
      Once your visa is renewed, you could renew your dependent’s visa.

  29. Hello everyone,

    I just thought to put some of my experience of today (13 Jun 2015)and last working day (10 Jun 2015). I visited DNRD Humanitarian (Al Jafliah metro station) section for submitting application for my mother who is all alone in Pakistan. My father died in 2001. My salary is less then 19K but not that much.
    I was really disappointment. On 10th June I got the ticket for Humanitarian desk and the lady just saw my salary certificate and rejected it. Then mostly I have gone all the counters from 25 to 32. Even on Information desk the person didn’t issued me the ticket next time. No one accepted my application. I showed them there is mention of Humanitarian desk on Dubai Govt website but they said these are the only counters and 20K is only required. I talked to 1 star, 2 star officers also but no one helped. I have all my documentation like affidavit, death certificate of my Father, my sister contract who recently shifted here. They say my sponsor salary should be 20K even 19K + accommodation is not valid (this information I got from uniform officer of counter # 27).

    I left from there with no hope. If anyone has recently passed through this or have any experience, please share.


    1. Please consider 11 June and 14th June. Mistakenly written 10th and 13th June.

    2. Rizwan,
      Sad to hear that.
      But also note, the rules keep on changing and the officers are bound to go by the rules.
      They can not differentiate with applicants as all are same in front of the law.

      1. Thanks to Emirates Diary for giving this platform and thanks to Deepak for the reply.

        I understand Deepak. I always upholds law. I was just searching if someone has applied with salary less than 20K and exact law/rules to be mention in this case to have more knowledge. My all planning was based on that website of Dubai Govt (which I believe was updated and correct). Even when I asked few Typist, they also said it can be done and now they are also surprise.


        1. Rizwan,
          The information I obtain is from proper sources.
          The rules and regulations could change.
          You will need to approach respective authorities.

        2. I applied two times for my widow mother in Abu dhabi. My Salary is 18500 + Company given 2 bed room apartment. I work as Assistant professor at a govt university in ABu Dhabi. They received my application but rejected it 2 times and they dont give the reason. Now I have applied it for the 3rd time. Lets see. I am just wondering, how many times we can apply?

  30. Hi Deepak, this thread is very helpful! Thanks. Appreciate if you could help answer my questions:
    1. Is there any age limit for parent’s residence visa in dubai? I called abu dhabi immigration and they said cut-off is 59 yrs old.
    2. My husband’s visa is in dubai but we are living in abu dhabi since i work here. My husband will sponsor my mother, is it allowed to use 2BR tenancy contract in abu dhabi while applying residence visa in dubai?
    3. If i will get visit visa first for my mother, can we easily convert it to residence visa?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Raven,
      1. No, however, they are bound to have their own rules. My question is till that time parents usually do not need any help; it is after this age they really need some support!!
      2. Yes, that will be enough.
      3. Yes, this will not be a problem.

  31. Dear Deepak,

    My Labour contract is already cancelled by my employer. but the residence visa is still active almost a month my labour contract has been cancelled, and my employer doesn’t want to give me my passport.

    what will happen if they still refuse cancel the residence visa?
    They can file absconding against me? even i still have communication with them?
    Because they want me to be blacklisted

    thank you

    1. Ted,
      What is the reason for not cancelling the visa?
      If labour card is cancelled, how can they impose absconding case?
      Please inform and complaint with MOL about your situation.

    2. Good Day Deepak,

      i don’t know why until now they’re not canceling my residence visa,
      and they don’t even want to give me back my passport, MOL said that ask help to DNRD then DNRD send me to Dubai court to file a case, And also file some case to Police station, but even when Police try to convince my previous employer they dont want to surrender my passport to the police, now i am worried that i might be overstay here in uae because its already 1 month since they cancelled my labour contract, and i got my new employer and willing to lift my band

      Is there any fine for me if my labour contract is already cancelled but my Residence Visa is still active? what will happened to my sponsor who’s holding my passport? what possible will happen?

      thank you,

      1. Ted,
        As mentioned, I request you to go to your consulate and file a complaint!
        There is no penalty if you have cancelled your labour contract. Till your residency visa is valid, you could stay!

        1. Follow up question Deepak,

          If ever they already cancelled my visa and not giving me the passport, how can i get a copy even just a copy of my cancellation?

          Thank you

      2. Good morning Deepak,

        When my residence visa is already cancelled that is the the 30days grace period will start?
        and 1 more thing i can get a copy of my labour cancellation if i go to MOL office? they can provide a copy for me?

        1. Ted,
          Yes, grace period will kick in once the visa is cancelled.
          Not sure about the cancellation. Your PRO should have it and you should too!

  32. Hi, My father is a salesman with 6000 salary. Can he sponser my mother. Is there any rule that saleman cannot sponser his spouse?

    1. Sheza,
      No such rules.
      However, authorities have the right to approve/reject any visa application.
      Your father could sponsor but he must have all the necessary documents required by authorities.

  33. My salary is 20000 apart from aacomodation will I be able to sponser my mother in Abu dhabi as I heard visas for parents are not being issued in Abu Dhabi

    1. Nawaz,
      I am not sure where you are getting the news that the parents’ visas are not being issued in Abu Dhabi!!

  34. Hi, my mother’s & sisters application were rejected due to the company I am working with & my designation, even though my salary is 20k. Both my mother & sister are alone in Pakistan as my father passed away in 2012. Considering my parents have been in Dubai since 1968 isn’t there any options to grant her residence visa to continue living in Dubai same like before?

    1. Naeema,
      Once the application is rejected by the Humanitarian committee, there is no option.

      1. Then why is there a Humanitarian committee or section for such cases? What do we mean by Humanitarian terms? My mother sure is old & not keeping well, more staying alone in Pakistan is not safe, hence due to such circumstances I wanted her to stay her in UAE, not to forget she has been here all her life. People staying for that many years have been granted nationality & here I am struggling for residence visa!

        Anyways, what if she comes here on visit visa first & later change or apply for residence visa while staying in UAE? Any chances for that?

        1. Naeema,
          Please approach the department directly through authorities.
          She could come on visit visa. Again approval of residence visa is entirely up to the authorities.

          1. Hello, Ms.Nameema ,
            I am Hasan Rana I am a PRO. Here is my contact detail [email protected] or u may directly call me 0558872819. I know someone who will help us and we will try and also i will try to find good solution for your problem. InshaAllah Allah will help us.

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