Documents required for Parent visa-Parents in Law visa – Humanitarian Cases

Parents visa / Parent’s in Law – Documents – Humanitarian Cases

One issue that has people confused here in UAE is residence visa for Parents or Parents in Law. In most cases the parents or parents in law are in their old age and you would like them to spend their time with you and your family here in UAE. UAE does have provision for you to apply for the residence visa for your parents or parents in law. I received a lot of queries from readers as to “what about Humanitarian Cases?”

UAE Residence Visa for parents parents in law documents required

I have previously written about UAE residence visa for Parents and Parents in law.

I did some research and spoke to few officials and they informed me that the residence visa for parents or parents in law are processed as Humanitarian cases and there are a set of documents that you will require to sponsor your parents or parents in law.

Below are the documents that you will require as a sponsor to provide Residence visa for your parents or parents in Law.

  • Clear Passport copies of sponsor and the sponsored (You and your parents/parents in law)
  • You will have to obtain an Affidavit letter from your consulate vowing that you as a sponsor will take care of the sponsored and information about your siblings, the address of your siblings.
  • You should have a labour contract attested by Ministry of Labour or salary certificate in Arabic.
  • Minimum salary required is AED 20,000Opens in a new tab. or AED 19,000 with Accommodation.
  • As a sponsor you are required to sponsor both your parents. If one of them has expired or divorced, in such cases you should present the divorce certificate or death certificate. The certificates are required to be attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • You have to choose between your Parents or Parents in Law. You will not be able to sponsor your Parents or Parents in Law together.
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months from salary account. Company bank statement in case of business people.
  • Tenancy Contract attested by respective authorities for a 2 Bed Room apartment.
  • Utility bill for the latest month. (DEWA)
  • You are required to deposit AED 2000 per person once the approval comes.

Other Important Notes:

  • You are required to make sure that there is sufficient time for the current entry permit (if parents are in UAE) in order to avoid fine, as humanitarian cases go through a committee who can not be held responsible for fines.
  • The committee’s decision is final and not valid for reconsideration.
  • The committee has the full right to approve or decline a transaction, subject to complete and fulfillment of terms and conditions.

All the best to you.

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