Applying for a relative or a friend’s visit visa UAE? Here are the documents required!

Visit visa for a relative or friend

Visit visa or a tourist visa is a preferred route to arrange for a relative or friend’s visit to UAEOpens in a new tab.. While UAOpens in a new tab.E is a preferred destination for tourists, many parents, relatives, friends like to visit UAEOpens in a new tab. to meet and greet their kith and kin. UAEOpens in a new tab. Government has made visiting UAEOpens in a new tab. very easy by only requiring essential documents from the applicant. So if you are planning to get your friends or relatives to UAE on a visit visa, below are the documents that you will require to furnish. I have previously written about visit visa for parentsOpens in a new tab..

Visit visa are of 2 different duration; Short Term and Long Term. Short Term usually consists of 1 month, while long term is upto 3 months.

Documents required for visit visa application of a friend or relative:

  1. Passport copy of Sponsor with valid UAE residence visa
  2. Original Labour Contract attested by Immigration or Salary certificate for those who work in Government or Free Zone Company’s( Please note there is no need to get attested your salary certificate from immigration).
  3. E-Gate Card or Emirates ID of the Sponsor.
  4. Passport copy of the visitor which must be valid for six months.
  5. 2 Passport size photograph of visitor with white background.

Other requirements for visit visa UAE:

  1. Salary requirement is AED 8000 plus of relative sponsor and AED 10,000 plus for friend’s sponsor.
  2. Visit visa cost short term-AED 710, Long Term visit visa cost-AED 1,800 (including visa fee, Health Insurance & Typing).
  3. Deposit: AED 2000 (which will be refunded after exit of the visitor).
  4. Sponsor and visitor must be same gender.

For any visa type a valid tenancy contract and Utility bill is a must. In case if you do not have a tenancy contract, you may need to provide hotel booking details. Immigration might also ask return ticket incase!

You are required to visit any authorised typing centre and submit your documents. Once the typing is done you are to go to Naturalisation Department to obtain the visit visa. Note that, the success of the application entirely depends on Immigration department.

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