Documents required for applying long term-Short Term Dubai UAE visit visa for family, parents

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Documents required for sponsoring Parents-Father Mother, Wife, Children, Father-in-Law & Mother-in-Law

UAE(United Arab Emirates) being predominantly an expat driven country, our parents, parents in law are back in our home countries. In some cases there are men working here alone while their families-wife, children are back home. In order to get them to UAE temporarily, you might need to apply for a Visit Visa or Tourist visa.

A tourist visa can be applied through authorised travel agencies back in home countries or online. In most cases, your favorite airline might take care of the visa requirements, if you are visiting as tourists.

If you are working in UAE and want to apply for a long term visit visa or short term visit visa for a family member, you may apply directly at Naturalisation Departments across UAE. Long Term Visas are valid for upto 90 days.

Documents for Visit Visa UAE

  • Passport copy of Sponsor with valid UAE residence visa.
  • Original Labour Contract attested by Immigration or Salary certificate for those who work in Government or Free Zone Companies( Please note there is no need to get your salary certificate attested from immigration).
  • E-Gate Card or Emirates ID of the Sponsor.
  • Passport copy of the visitor which must be valid for six months.
  • Passport size photograph of visitor with white background.

Other Requirements:-

  • Salary requirement should be AED 3000 plus accommodation or AED 4000 and above.
  • Fees-AED 1270 per person (including visa fee, Health Insurance & Typing).
  • Deposit: AED 1000 per person (which will be refunded after exit of the visitor).
  • Valid 2 bedroom tenancy contract and latest DEWA bill.
  • Documents(passport copy of the wife) to verify relationship with father in law, mother in law.

Prior to approaching the immigration, you need to type the Long Term Visa Application or Short Term Visa Application at the authorised typing centres.

The visas are issued the same day and you may fax, scan or send the original to the visitor. If you are sending the copy of the visit visa, do not forget to deposit the Original Visit Visa at the Airport. Visitors need to have a valid return ticket when they arrive at immigration checking. Many airlines require that the visitor make arrangement for OK To Board.

When the family arrives, Enjoy your time in UAE and show them around.

65 Responses to “Documents required for applying long term-Short Term Dubai UAE visit visa for family, parents”

  1. Siraj

    Dec 18. 2014

    Hey Deepak, I plan to bring my mother for visit visa for 90 days . I have 1 BHK flat and my salary 6000 can you tell me the further procedure

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  2. Deepak Areekkal

    Dec 17. 2014

    Dear Mr Deepak,
    Can you tell me what are the procedure to change the profession in visa.
    Please reply me.
    Thanks and Regards

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  3. naveen

    Dec 14. 2014

    i have salary of 15000 , but staying in 1 bed room , will it be acceptable to visa department ?

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  4. vipin

    Dec 08. 2014

    hai i am on 90 days visit visa and i have been hired in a company in abudhabi .and i just want to know do i have to leave this country if i need to get my work visa .or can i stay here .plz help me with this ..

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    • Deepak Machado

      Dec 08. 2014

      If you are on VISIT visa you don’t have to exit. But if you are on TOURIST visa, you will have to exit the country.

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  5. vishnu prasad

    Nov 30. 2014

    what are the documents required for applying job visa in uae?
    please reply sir

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    • Deepak Machado

      Dec 01. 2014

      You will requrire:
      Passport copy, photographs with white background, attested education certificate. Rest documents are required from employer like establishment, trade license copy card so on.

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  6. PN

    Nov 26. 2014

    I have been issued a 90 days visit visa for my parents and want to know if Iam supposed to deposit the original visa at the airport prior to their arrival?
    The scanned copy is being carried by them.

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    • Sailaja

      Nov 30. 2014

      Yes, you need to deposit the original at the airport before they enter Uae airport

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  7. Maxine

    Nov 23. 2014

    Hi Deepak..
    I am on a tourist visa and plan to change the visa into husband visa. Do I have to move out of UAE and how long will I will out of UAE before going back as husband visa

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    • Deepak Machado

      Nov 24. 2014

      Depends on when your husband visa comes.

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    Nov 19. 2014

    Hi,,i would like to bring my mother in law to Dubai for around 60-90 days stay. My wife is not working and under my sponsorship. I could meet almost requirements. My question is: What required docs to justify the relationship between me and my mother in law, and should they need to be attested by immigration or uae embassy in my country (Vietnam just in case)
    Thank very much for your kind reply

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    • Deepak Machado

      Nov 24. 2014

      Does your wife’s passport have your mother in law’s name? In this case , this is enough.
      Otherwise, get your wife’s birth certificate. I think this will need to be attested.

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  9. neha

    Nov 15. 2014

    hi.. my husband is in employment visa and his salary is 4000 dhs. even i am in employment visa my salary is 2500 dhs. our son 3yrs old is in india. how to call him here?.. is that only studio flat tenancy contract is enough r 1bhk flat is required to call him?

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    • Deepak Machado

      Nov 15. 2014

      I think studio will do.
      Please directly call immigration authorities.

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  10. Marilyn Pascual

    Nov 13. 2014

    My sons’visa (90) days will expire this Nov.19,2014.I was approved another extension of 90 days for humanitarian as my husband is sick. I would like to confirm if i can apply for that visit visa before he will exit for one(1) day only as advised so he can bring it as airport to airport or he has to leave first before applying the visa? Thanks

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    • Deepak Machado

      Nov 14. 2014

      Do not know about this situation. Please check with immigration authorities.

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  11. sundaran vm

    Nov 10. 2014

    Pls explain the conditions to get residence visa for parents

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  12. sandeep singh

    Nov 04. 2014

    Hi Mr deepak,
    I am working in abu dhabi last 5 month, my salary is 2500 dh. I would like to bring my friend here. How can I do it and what is the procedure.

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  13. venkat

    Oct 27. 2014

    Hi Deepak

    I have a tenancy contract which is valid for another 4 months. My employment visa will be cancelled soon. I intend to go back to my home country after 30 days grace period of visa cancellation. I intend to return back on long term visit visa. I wish to hold the current tenancy contract and terminate it during my long term visit visa which will also be the end of my tenancy contract. Please advise if this can be done.

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  14. irshad jamsheed

    Sep 22. 2014

    Hi Deepak i applied long term visit visa for my brother but in dubai immigration they rejected my application that i should have a two bedroom flat. Please suggest me what i have to do. Can i get the visa application money back ??

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  15. shahid

    Sep 22. 2014

    My salary agreement is of 5000 and profession is sales my visa is of Ajman can I apply for 90 days visa for family, I’ve residency contract of 1 bhk on my name.
    Moreover can I apply for resident visa for my family

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  16. Rheyner

    Sep 11. 2014

    Hi Mr Deepak,

    I am on visit visa (90 days) under my wife sponsorship and will expire on September 20, 2014 and i have to leave uae the same day. How long should i stay outside the uae before i can come back to uae as visit visa again under my wife sponsorship.

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  17. Rheyner

    Sep 11. 2014

    Hi Mr Deepak,
    I am on visit visa (90 days) under my wife sponsorship and will expire on September 20, 2014 and i have to leave uae the same day. How long should i stay outside the uae before i can come back to uae as visit visa again under my sponsorship.

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    • Deepak Machado

      Sep 11. 2014

      As per the rules you will have to stay 1 month outside the country before new visa can be applied.

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  18. sajeev

    Sep 08. 2014

    Hai My query is that as per my contract and visa, my designation is Accounting clerk general and currently Iam working as an QHSE internal auditor and would like to change my profession and as per my Education. I have completed my 3year degree in Bachelor of science in Electronics from institution in India and is it possible to change my designation to to Engineer on my visa and Contract. plz advise??

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  19. Ahamed

    Aug 17. 2014

    Hi Mr.Deepak

    UAE Visa job tittle will chage i am presently woking in document controller my visa was ld driver need certificate or not ?

    Can you Explain me What kind of professional required certificate or without certificate what kind profession can do for apply ?

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  20. Manaar Dalvi

    Aug 02. 2014

    Hi deepak,
    My question is that i got recently job in sharjah and have 6 months probation period and now by husband who is working in Rashid Hospital got job in u.k and he wanted me to leave work and accompany him,can be it possible that he cancel his visa and keep my visa atleast valid 4 6 months and he can leave and i can join him after 6 months.
    2nd question can my father in law can sponsor me and my daughtet 3yrs.

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  21. r. Venkat

    Jul 15. 2014

    My mother is 87 years and I would like to bring her to Dubai on Visit Visa. Is there any medical certificate to be produced at the time of applying visit visa for her

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  22. R. Venkat

    Jul 15. 2014

    my mother is 87 years. I would like to bring her Dubai on visit visa. Is there any medical certificate I need to produce at the time of applying visit visa for her

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  23. vidyan

    Jul 08. 2014

    deepak can i bring my wife in visit visa without tenant agreement for two months

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  24. Mohammed Faisal

    Jun 15. 2014


    I would like to know is there a minimum salary requirement to bring in laws into uae(abu dhabi) on a long term visa under ny sponsorship?

    When I contacted a typing center they said I need to have atleast 10K to take 90 day visit visa for my inlaws. My wife is due in a few weeks your immediate help will be really appreciated.

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    • Deepak Machado

      Jun 17. 2014

      for visit visa i dont think they need 10K salary. I think it is 6K and you should have a tenancy agreement with your name

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      • ANAND

        Jul 27. 2014

        Dear Deepak ,
        I am here in Dubai for 3 months , now my salary is AED3000 only,
        my wife is in India , and about to write DHA exam shortly , if she get a job in dubai for AED 4000 , can we bring our Kid (3yrs) to dubai . please advice , because i feel stressed of my kid not with me. if we are in rented house or couple sharing apartment , would be less possibility to bring my kid ?

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        • Deepak Machado

          Aug 03. 2014

          You need to have a tenancy contract in your name to sponsor a family

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  25. Jeanamine Fernandez

    Jun 13. 2014

    Hi, i just want to ask if below scenario is possible in uae.

    I am planning to apply for a tourist visa and visit dubai to look for a job. I wanted to bring with me my child who is turning 3 years old. My question is, is it possible that if ever i got a job in dubai, can i apply a visit visa for her even if she is already in dubai with tourist visa so she can stay longer while we are waiting for the residency visa. I hope to receive your reply the soonest. Thanks

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  26. john

    May 26. 2014

    Hey Deepak, i bought my mother for my delivery on a visit visa for 90 days . That time it was 1 i am planning to bring her again. will they not agree with 1 bedroom? i dont knw when this 2 bedroom rule came?

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  27. Mohamed Ahmed

    May 04. 2014

    I have 2 apartment (one bedroom each) in international city in Dubai. both on my name and I want to make my wife visa on those apartment, she’s working for a company and she want leave them and we want to have her visa on the apartment, I got it on mortgage from a bank, etch one 495,000 on the tittle deed.

    I need to know if I can get visa on those apartment for myself and my wife? and what’s the documents required and the fees and as much as you can information about it.

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    • Deepak M

      May 04. 2014

      Sorry I have no idea about this . You need to discuss with immigration

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  28. vibelen

    Apr 25. 2014


    I would to ask if they have any agency here in Dubai or abudhabi that they have a residential visa I like to buy for my own visa. kindly please help he for this matter.



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  29. JOY

    Apr 08. 2014

    Please advice, Tenanacy Contract is must for long term visit visa.

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    • Deepak M

      Apr 14. 2014

      Yes it is must for long term visit visa

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    • Regal Tours

      Apr 21. 2014

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      Please refer to the below visa information.

      Please forward to your friends also, so that they too will benefit from this.

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      • ahmad

        Apr 30. 2014

        call me plz
        or mail me
        i need 90 days 4 visas for my family but plz reduce the rate deposit i can keep how much you say ?

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      • hilda

        May 05. 2014

        Dubai Regal Tours & Travel Agency Worldwide.
        i want to ask who is the person i can contact regarding this visit visa package pls. let me know as soon as possible… can u pls. send me message through my email add. tnx.

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  30. Mary Grace

    Apr 08. 2014

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I went to immigration in Abu Dhabi to apply resident visa for my son but the Immigration Director rejected our application due to my husband work only as motor cycle driver and his salary aed.2600 I told them I will sponsor my son as I received 8100aed but my labor contract shown only 5700 and my designation is telephone operator… now the director told me i can apply only visit visa and they request to prepare a letter that i will not ask for residence visa. I have no choice and I submit the letter. I want to ask only if there’s a chance I can apply again residence visa for my son.MY current designation is senior doc. controller with AED 8100 salary.

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  31. TINA

    Feb 27. 2014

    If I have an urgent requirement to bring one of my families here in Dubai and I have a 1 bhk, will they still NOT consider this situation???

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  32. Yasir

    Jan 22. 2014

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how the person can get 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai, Sharjah with AED 3000 plus accommodation or AED 4000 Salary?

    1. Dubai Minimum rent of 2 Bedroom Is AED 50000 +
    2. Sharjah, Minimum rent of 2 Bedroom is 36000 +

    I think not even in Ajman according to current prices which are going up day by day.

    On the other side requirement of AED 1000 deposit of each person

    Does it make sense?

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  33. jaye fox

    Jan 13. 2014

    Must be a 2-bedroom? I have a one-bed plus study? Do they ever consider it?

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    • Deepak M

      Jan 14. 2014

      The requirement to sponsor parent is two bed room apartment.

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  34. Allan Richard

    Jan 09. 2014

    Currently, I had sponsored my mother on long term visit visa (90 days). She arrived here in 1st week of December 2013 and will return back on 1st week of March 2014.

    My question now is, I got a good offer in other company and my present company needs to cancel my current visa on 2nd week of January, how will my cancellation affect my mother’s visa? After the cancellation of my visa my mother visa will be automatically cancelled too?

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  35. Sarath

    Nov 18. 2013

    Thank You so much Mr. Deepak .. Posts like this are really useful and helps to avoid confusions before you go to DNRD office for the Visa.

    I have a query here .. Do we need a copy of the rental agreement along with the aforementioned docs ?

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  36. Alfred

    Jan 16. 2013

    Deepak thanks for posting such an important issue! The people who stay in UAE must know about the documents required before asking their family members to come for a visit.

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