20,000 Dirhams salary required to SPONSOR parents visa in Dubai!

AED 20,000 minimum salary required to sponsor parents in Dubai!

As per the new rules from Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department (DNRD) expatriates earning less than AED 20,000 salary will not be able to sponsor their parents on residence visas in the UAE . This was reported in Gulf News dated 14th November, 2014.

As per the new rule, applicants who want to sponsor their parents should have minimum salary of AED 20,000 or a monthly pay of AED 19,000 plus two bed room accommodation which is to be attested. In addition, the Labour contract bearing proof of salary must be attested by the Ministry of Labour.

The applicant must pay a deposit of Dhs 2,000 per parent after getting approval for sponsorship from the special committee and should provide documents to prove that parents are entirely dependent on them and there is no one to take care of them back home and this has to be certified by a letter from the respective Embassy or Consulate of the applicants’ home country.

As per DNRD previous requirement was 7,000 Dh or Dh 6,000 per month plus accommodation. Read previous article on sponsoring parents visa.Opens in a new tab.

The minimum salary seems to be the only clause updated by the Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the new list of pre-requisites for those seeking to obtain long-term stay for their parents under ‘Humanitarian Cases‘.

It is not immediately clear how the new rule will impact expats whose parents are already in the UAE on residence visa. Whether on renewal the existing residents on such visas will be rejected is not yet clear!!

We await more updates from officials on sponsoring parents’ visa.

Rest of the requirements are same as per previous rules.Opens in a new tab.


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44 thoughts on “20,000 Dirhams salary required to SPONSOR parents visa in Dubai!

  1. Dear Deepak,

    My Salary is 7200 and I am the only son of my father, my mother already died. I want to bring my Father and My wife and child, so is it possible

  2. Hi friends

    M not married my mother is alone back home she got divorced. My salary is 9000 pm with 3bedroom apartment.is der chances to get residential visa for her as a spatial case. She is 60 and alone back home

  3. Hi dear , Deepak. I recently moved to Al Ain.
    Divorced, with 3 kids. My salary 11.000 and 3 bedroom house. My mom is divorced. Can I sponsor my mom visa, as I need her help and support. She is 60.
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Hi, I would like to know, Can I apply for parent visa from Alain immigration, but in mmy visa place of issue is Abu Dhabi. All other eligibility criteria meets.please advise.

  5. Hi,

    This just happened today.

    My name is Daniel from Philippines.
    I just wanted to share the experience I had through in processing residence visa in Abu Dhabi for my mother in-law.

    I believe I’m qualified to apply for the visa since I have the following documents attested.

    – Salary certificate 24k monthly
    – Attested tenancy contract, three
    bedroom flat with Tawtheeq and
    – Affidavit letter from consulate
    – Attested death certificate of my
    father in law
    – 3 months bank statement

    I gave the application form together with all the documents in one of the officer in Humanitarian Department, and was told that it’s too difficult to get an approval, when I told my earnings he then wrote something on a piece of paper and told me to go and meet the Immigration manager in 1st floor. After giving the documents to the manager I was advised that It would take several days for the committee’s decision.

    After two days of waiting I then got a call from empost saying that my letter from Immigration is now ready for collection. I was so excited and very positive at that time till I open the package and asked someone to translate the words. I was surprised that my application got ‘rejected’

    I’m pretty sure I have all the necessary documents needed and properly followed all their procedures.

    I guess there is no guarantee that you’ll get an approval for this kind of visa even if you have all the documents..

    My luck didn’t work=(


    1. Daniel,
      Thank you for sharing your information.
      It ultimately depends on the committee to decide the approvals.
      Sorry to hear about your situation.

  6. Good afternoon Mr Deepak,

    Please help me! I would like to apply for my parent residence visa, my salary is 15500AED + 110000 AED ( per year) and my wife salary is 5100, so I can apply for my parent visa?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Ta,
      No, you will need 20000 minimum salary for one person not combined.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  7. My husband has a salary of 20k and same mentioned in labour contract , salary certificate and bank statement .. He applied for residence visa of my parents and it got rejected inspite if showing them a tenancy contract of 3 bedroom apartment .. The only thing is the accommodation is under my name cos it is my company accommodation .. Got the SMS today that it got rejected .. Any idea what to so next my parents r totally dependent on me ..

    1. Amit,
      I can not speculate on why it was rejected.
      There could be several reasons.
      I suggest you visit the immigration and meet up with the senior manager and present your case.

    1. Rashid,
      Which emirate are you talking about? In Abu Dhabi medical insurance is mandatory. In Dubai, they have started to make insurance mandatory too.
      In any case, it is better to take medical insurance.

    1. Ramy,
      Yes you can.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/documents-required-parent-visa-parents-law-visa-humanitarian-cases

  8. I want to sponsor my mother. How do I proof that my mother is entirely dependent on me and there is no one to take care of them back home.

    My father has died and I have his birth certificate attested by Pakistan consulate in Dubai.


    1. Mohammad,
      You need to file affidavit with respective consulate that you are going to take care.
      If you have siblings, they need to provide NOC for you to sponsor your mother.
      This is in addition to the regular documents required.

  9. Hello sir,
    Good day..

    i have been working in LLC company abu dhabi as a supervisor since 2011. now i got an offer from other company.i have submitted my resignation to the present employer, but they are refused and not accepting my request.
    nedd ur advise.
    thanking you

      1. Mr.Deepak

        I have given a request to revise my labour contract as per the revised salary to get family visa .

        employer already started processing of my contract.

    1. ravi,
      Rules are all the same as existing. 1 Bedroom Ejari, Dewa Bill, Minimum 4K(with Accommodation) or 5K, Marriage Certificate-Arabic Attested, Birth Certificate in case of kids etc.

    2. Mr.Deepak,

      in my contract mentioned salary is only 3000DH with accommodation. and my total salary is 5500DH. is it possible to apply family visa.i have salary certificate which i got from my company and i have a bank statement.

      pls clarify.

      thank you

      1. Ravi,
        I think you can sponsor your wife. All documents need to proper: Ejari, marriage certificate, Labour Contract with minimum salary etc

  10. Hi, I am eaning 30k per month and I need to sponser my mother in law who is a widow, My concern is my labor contract is stating only the fixed pay which is 15k although my Salary certificate shows 30k will that be an issue!!

    1. Please take a salary certificate addressed to immigration department in Arabic as well as bank statements invade they ask. Other regular documents will apply.

  11. How about parent RENEWAL VISA does this also apply the 20k salary or this is only for NEW application?


      1. My parent’s visa have been approved in Al Ain – Abu Dhabi RENEWAL case, I didn’t have 20,000 salary or 2 bedroom apartment so I guess this only apply to those NEW application. Although my application have to be approved and initially the typing centre gave me a NEW Application for Special cases, they said this is the new process but once approved i need to go back and re TYPE it for RENEWAL application. Thanks GOD it was approved and the visa got renewed. Good luck to all applying and thanks for the reply.

        1. Hi Mr. Ajay, I want to know more about this visa as you got from Al ain. I want to understand how is this new process working. I don’t have salary of 20K and neither 2BHK, but is there any chance if I apply it from Al Ain ? Somehow I want o take my mother in Dubai as she is alone back in India.

  12. Hi. Do you have any update as to the salary requirement for resident visa application of parents? I am from Abu Dhabi.

    And is there any age limitations? Both my parents are more than 60years old and are both dependent on me.

    thank you!

  13. Dear Deepak, M

    Want visit Visa for long term (90days) for my mother can she get in UAE Dubai. I have 2 bed room flat and if so upon exit from UAE can she make next entry within week time for next 90 days upon issuing new VISA (long term)?

    1. You can sponsor her visit visa considering you have all the requirement as per immigration. Visit visa holder once exit the country should stay outside the country atleast for one month before processing the other visit visa

  14. Sir,
    I am planning to work in Sharjah. The salary offered is more than 20 K per month.
    Will I be able to take both parents with me to Sharjah?
    My contract period is two years. Can both parents stay for two years?

  15. Sir, i want to sponsoring my mother as she lives alone no one to take care of her my father passed away long back…..my salary is 7000AED and i lives in 2 BHK..What is the criteria for this circumstances..please advice..thanks

    1. As per the new rule to sponsor parents one should have 20K salary. But anyways you can check in immigration and try your luck.

  16. What about in Abu Dhabi? I tried to take out my parents resident visa 2 months back they refuse by saying, we are not at all providing residence visa for parents.

  17. Is the new rule applicable for new application or its applicable for both new and renewal??

  18. Please advise me about the latest news regarding sponsoring parents in UAE for residence visa.

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