Is there Ban in UAE Freezones?

Ban in Free Zone UAE

There are more than 40 Free Zones in UAEOpens in a new tab.. And  the companies in these free zones have created numerous employment opportunities to job seekers. Employment in free zones is governed by their own rule, laws and regulations. When it comes to ban, free zones may treat them differently.

free zone ban dubai uae

If you have not read about Labour Ban, you could read my articles written about Labour BanOpens in a new tab. and how to avoid labour banOpens in a new tab.. When someone speaks about Ban, it can mean 2 things:

  1. Immigration BanOpens in a new tab.;
  2. Labour BanOpens in a new tab..

When someone is imposed immigration ban, the person can not legally live in UAE, meaning he/she will not be able to take up employment, start a business or get a residence permit here in UAE. Here is an article that explains BanOpens in a new tab. in detail. Irrespective of whether you work in MOHRE/MOL regulated companies or Free Zone based companies, if you have immigration banOpens in a new tab., you can not legally live in UAE. This means, if you are employed or are seeking employment in free zones and you have Immigration Ban, then you will not be able to work anywhere in UAE. This includes also the Free Zones. Immigration level banOpens in a new tab. is a UAE wide ban and person affected by this will not be able to live or work in UAE.

Another type of ban is Labour Ban (Unlimited Contract Labour BanOpens in a new tab. and Limited Contract Labour BanOpens in a new tab.), which is imposed by MOHRE – Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOL formerly). This ban is usually imposed for 6 months and all companies that are regulated by MOHRE (MOL). Since free zones in UAE are independent of MOHRE, the 6 month labour ban will not affect you.

For example: If you have received a 6 month labour ban for not completing your contract with MOL or MOHRE regulated company (usually mainland companies), you can apply for job in a free zone, get a job and work there. 6 month labour ban will affect your chances of getting a job and visa in Free zones.

Are there exceptions to ban in Free Zones?

Usually free zones do not impose bans on employees. But they may impose ban if the employer requests it. It depends on the circumstances that lead up to your dismissal or termination of contract. But if you have resigned from your job, there is no labour ban within free zones. If the ban is imposed, this may be applicable only within that particular freezone. Since MOHRE (MOL) does not have jurisdiction within free zones, the 6 month labour ban is not applicable in free zones.

Can I change jobs from one Free zone to other?

Queries from Emirates Diary ForumOpens in a new tab.:

free zone ban uae dubai

As in the question above, if you received a ban from JAFZA, can you join another company in another free zone?

ban in freezones

If both the free zones have special agreement on not accepting employees who have been banned, then you may not be able to join these respective free zones. Otherwise, I feel that there is no issue here.

Can I join Free zone from LLC?

llc to free zone bans dubai

If you are joining from LLC to Free Zone, there will be no ban. As mentioned earlier, MOHRE (MOL) does not have jurisdiction in Free zones. However, please note that certain free zones do consult MOHRE / MOL to check whether you have a labour ban. And this may affect your chances of getting a visa in Free zone.

Additional reading from Khaleej Times.Opens in a new tab.

I hope this article clarifies your doubts on Ban in Free Zones. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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19 thoughts on “Is there Ban in UAE Freezones?

  1. I was working in DIFC free zone and my employer terminated me before 6 months .but he paid me for the days I had worked with in that month and she cancelled my visa.

    Now I got ajob in mainland company .is there any ban which could have been imposed on me .

  2. I want to resign after 6 months on my work . My visa is clerk but I’m working as a housemaid.. if I resign can I work in LLC? And can I get visa ?

  3. Hi Deepak,
    Helping a friend.. He was working in a freezone establishment and then his employer didn’t allow him to work and after that he filed my friend absconding runaway and that employer wants him to pay 8k dirhams for the cancelation of visa ‘what shall he do? Thank you.

  4. If someone with over Stay gets a job in a free zone, can his over stay fine be cancelled?

  5. If I want to resign from a freezone company before 6 months is there a ban?

  6. i came with employment visa, I did medical and paid for emirate id, my company refused to stamp my passport and I pay them money for stamping and insurance. later they close the company and they nowhere to be found. I went to labour, for cancellation they said they will cancelled me with year ban. my question is this, if I take the band, can free zone give me resident visa

    1. I get job in free zone and i give resign my company theybtold they will band for i can go free zone. ?there i have bqnd or not . Now i work limited visa labour

  7. Hi Depak,

    I am working in Free zone I recently came from India with employment visa and 45days completed and i would like to resign to my job . Because i am having any offer in Dubai Pld do let me know the process will be there any ban from Jafza for this.

      1. Can I work in LLC from freezone?If the both parties agreed to cut the contract? Is there any employment ban?

  8. I worked in Freezone and resigned after just 9 months, will this affect my visa transfer to mainland/private company?

  9. should i really pay after 6 months probation in a freezone company?thank you!

      1. Hi Deepak ,

        i Got a tourist visa for an sales executive, i have to travel on Aug 15th But suddenly company you cant travel in this visa , you have to wait once they send employement visa i can travel.
        Need your sugesstion in thsi case

      2. I want to move from Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone to sharjah free zone. My family visa needs to be cancelled or it can be on hold and transferred within a month

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