What is Probation Period?

Probation Period – what does the law say?

A probation period is when your employer scrutinises your on the job performance. Usually, this period is in between 3-6 months. But as per UAE Labour Law, probation period is for 6 months. During the probation period you may be terminated from employment usually with a day’s notice. The labour law of UAE has a provision for employers to assess your performance and judge whether it is up to the standards expected.

Once you are confirmed in the employment, your employment is secured according to the Federal Labor Laws of the UAE and then you can only be terminated upon the expiry of your contract or as per Article 121 of UAE Labour Law.Opens in a new tab.

Article 37 of the UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab. mentions the below:

The employee may be appointed for a probationary period not to exceed six months, and the employer may terminate the services of the employee during this period without giving a notice or end of service remuneration. Appointment of the employee on probation basis in the service of one particular employer may not be made more than once. However if the employee passed the probationary period satisfactorily, and remained in service, such period of service shall be computed in the period of his service.

What you need to know about Probation Period?

  • You can not be placed under probation more than once by the same employer.
  • Your employer can terminate your services at any time during the probationary period without notice or severance pay.
  • The probationary period is included in calculating your service years for purposes of gratuity calculationOpens in a new tab. and other pay calculations.
  • You are not legally entitled to any paid sick leaves during the probationary period.
  • You are likely to incur a labour banOpens in a new tab. if you terminate your employment during this period. However, this will also depend on your skill levelsOpens in a new tab. and new job offer (Read: How to avoid labor banOpens in a new tab.?)

What happens if you resign during probation period?

I have written a separate article on what happens if you resign during probation period.Opens in a new tab.

Note that Probation period may be the most important part of the start of your job in UAE. Wish you all the best.


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  1. hello,
    Can I ask about my situation? I was terminated on September 30, 2017 and I have finish my probation period . because I joined the company on March 05, 2017. Can I oblige them to pay me for how many months. I am under Unlimited Contract. Please advice me. During that time they did not do what they promise that they will pay my months without work.

  2. Hi everyone,
    Can anyone please let me know about my status.
    I start work with a trading company from 1st May 2017 and my in/out (status change ) on 06/06/2017 with a limited time contract and 3months probation period mentioning in my service agreement.
    Now my employer forcing me to resign as he don’t want my services more.
    When I refuse to resign ? He give me another option that sign on cancellation and will give me NOC for visa change.
    Can anyone tell me that do I have a right to challenge him in Labour office ?
    As agreement is limited with 3months of probation period.
    And I already completed my 5months and 5days and according to status change 4months.

  3. Greetings there,
    I (along with several colleagues)was/were recently laid off by my employer giving the answer of business not doing good. Because of being under probation period I would be getting no compensation for this.
    Just wanted to know if labour law is same for the employees getting terminated for performance or because of company’s downfall under probation period. Isn’t there any compensation for the employees who left the previous company just for the sake of experimental results of the new company?

  4. Hi Deepak,
    I want to know when the probationary period starts, Does it starts from the first joining day in company or from the day when visa stamped on passport?
    One more thing i want to know can i change the job in probationary period under unlimited contract and will be there any ban if yes then How to remove the ban.
    Thanks and best Regards.

  5. I just want to know that before completing my six months, can I change my job. There will be any ban? Shall I get notice I’m working for 2500 dhs, I have an offer for 3000 dhs shall I join. I have no completed my six months here is there any ban? Please reply. Thank you

  6. If my daughter volunteered at a nursery and signed a contract on 6th June and they paid her that month but then had 8 weeks off for the summer, re-started work on 21st August, when would her probationary start?

  7. Hi Deepak,

    I have recently join one company on outsource visa and my boss is threating me that if they terminate me within 6 months then I have to pay them visa cost and other expense but there is nothing written in my labour contract but in my job offer letter the following lines are mentioned

    in the event you decide to voluntarily resign / terminate the employment for any reason whatsoever within a period of 6 months of your employment you agree and confirm that you shall be liable to pay for the compensation of expenses/cost/loss incurred by the company but not limited to visa,medical cost etc etc

    in the above mention case if they terminate me do I need to pay them.

    kindly help me out in this ill highly appreciate thanks.

  8. When an employee is under probation, and took a leave when he is not entitled yet until completion of probation period, does weekend included in the days of his unpaid leave?

  9. is the probationary period applicable to Control room operator? If incase that i will resign what is the maximum amount that i have to pay in the company? i still havent get my residence visa. i would really appreciate your answer.. thank you in advance.

  10. Pls my offer letter is been sign for me and I pay the agent not noing DAT company pay my ticket and Visa and I can see the agent pls can I do

  11. hello Deepak,

    I am working for a llc company at al ghail free zone Ras, its been 40days still i dint get my salary plus i was reloacted from dubai to Ras. During interview i was said i will be working in Dubai. My salary is 1700 only. when i ask my pay they say tomorrow, which never comes. I was hired as assitant engineer and now im doing other work. I am not at all happy with this Job. My probation period is 3month. if i want to change job within probation period will i get any ban?

    Thank you so much in advance.

  12. Hello everybody !

    Can YOU Tell me please what will be happend if I will resign if I am on the probation period ! I will finish my third month Soon . My contract is unlimitted and I Want to came back in my Country !
    If I will resign one month before ( is in the contract already ) what should I give FOR my company ? Should I Psy them FOR flight ticket, Visa or anything else ?
    Thank YOU !!!

  13. Hi Deepak,

    i have recently joined an organization with unlimited contract. My joining was on 17th April 2016. But the company has applied for the visa on 19th of april 2016 and that is been approved on 17th may 2016. Now i have to get through the Medical and Emirate id. So my question is what would be my joining date? When will i complete my 6 months?

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am working for almost 2 months in a new factory LLC in Ras Alkhaimah under RAKIA. My Probation period is 6 months as stated in my offer letter. I have an employment entry permit but haven’t applied for emirates ID and Residency yet by my employer, and its more than a month already. I am considering to resign before my probationary period expires due to over working hours and most of my tasks aren’t in accordance to the position which I applied for, and salary isn’t on time (2500 aed). I only hold a copy of my employment entry permit. I reminded him of my Medical tests and emirates ID but until now he hasn’t taken care of these matters.

    In this regard, will i have a labor ban when I leave the company, even if I haven’t signed any contract nor processed my emirates ID and Residency? What should I do, Sir? please help me.



  15. Hi Mr.Deepak,
    I am working in a hotel in dubai since 10 january 2016 and i got a better offer from another hotel.my contract is unlimited and my probation period is for 6 months.i went to office for resign with resiganation letter and i put 1 week notice period on letter.but they said that your notice period is 45 days.i want to know that what is the rule for notice period in probation period.please let me know as soon as u can.my contract is under DMCC.

    1. Sir,

      I am in a probation period. My company terminated me in probation time and going to cancel my visa. Will have any ban ?

  16. Assalomu Alykum
    I would to ask u some question that I am having now difficulty …
    I have sighned my contract 2015 november for two years… I wanna leave school before due date,my contract is Limted and owner is asking to pay me fine that for 6 weeks salary…..Is it in low….

  17. I have been working in Al Ghail Industrial Area for the past 7 months. I am under an unlimited contract for 2 years. My Probation period on my contract was 6 months and this is what was mentioned in my contract letter for the probation period :

    Probation Period : 6 months after which your services would be evaluated and will be confirmed if found satisfactory.

    6 months over and according to my interveiw I was promised a raise in my salary so at the end of my 7th month I go to my Manager asking him about the upraisal to which he replied that we have decided to increase your Probation by 90 days as we are not yet certain about the performance. So which makes it that they want me to serve a porbation period of 9 months even after that they might not retain me.

    I have had major concerns with them regarding my timing as at times they have made me work for 22-26 hours straight and called me back to the office after 6 hours which was affecting my health in a drastic way and they still want me to continue to do so.

    My main concern is can they lawfully increase probtion period for more than 6 months, As i fear that if i accept it they might terminate me and ask me to pay for the visa expences and everything.

    And also please tell me if they do terminate me will I be liable to pay them anything or will they be liable to pay me ?

  18. Dear Sir,

    I am working for a company under JAFZA visa and contract . I have been give termination notice after 6 months of probation ( Joining date : September 13th 2016 ) and Notice of Termination given is on 28th of March and asked to leave by 31st of march 2016. I have already completed by probation on 13th of March 2016

    I am under limited contract and I have not given any legal notice or official written warnings as such. I would like to know whether I am eligible for severance pay of 3 months salary in this case .

    My Joining date was 13th of September and i have a documented proof of it however my contract document says the contract begins at 01/10/2015 and this is because the employer had told me thats fine in the beginning.

    Can I ask for 3 months of pay as severance pay ?


  19. Dear Sir,

    I am working for a company under Jabel Ali Free Zone visa . I have a limited contract and I was under probation period for 6 months. I have joined on September 13th 2016 and they have given me a termination notice on 28th for March which has already passed my probation period of 6 months.

    I have no legal notice or official warnings under my name or any kind of act which allows me to terminate.However my employer gave me a notice of termination after 6 months of probation.

    Probation clause is mentioned in the offer letter signed by me and I have salary certificate and other proof which shows I was working since September.

    I would like to know am I eligible for the severance pay of 3 months salary from the employer for termination after probation without any notice.

    Also what if Joining date is 13th September 2015 and Contract start date on Contract document is 1/10/2015 ?


  20. I started to work in december on a limited contract for 2 years and the probation is like 6 months.
    My salary is 4000AED but now i get an offer from another employer with 6500AED salary and procent from sales. I will receive a LABOUR ban if i try to change my work? Please tell me how is with the new rules for 2016 Labour. Thank you

  21. Hi Sir,

    I would like to place a query on resignation during probation. I am on my 3rd month now and am under 6 month probation and limited contract, If I resign, do I have to pay them the 45 days remuneration?

    1. Well it depends if you are on a limited or Unlimited contract. If limited you would have to pay 45 days . If unlimited you need not pay as you would sill be on probation.

  22. i started my job in one indian school on 24 august 2014. now i gave my resign from 6 december 2015 with one month notice. but school is not giving my any settlement and even they are not giving my winter vacation. i want to know what is rule?

  23. Hi Deepak,

    This is great that i have come across this article.

    My wife joined a company in Dubai and worked for them as a trainee for period of 30 days.

    She is under my sponsorship.

    The company is not paying her for these 30 days as a trainee on the pretext that my wife has not actually worked for the company instead they have been teaching her using there resources. What does the labour law indicate in this regard. Does she get paid??


  24. Hi Deepak, I work in Dubai within Dubai silicon oasis freezone area under govt dept. I joined recently and is under probation period. Currently I am getting a couple of offers from private sector within the dubai mainland. Is it advisable to shift job? any ban will be applicable if i move from freezone area ?
    Appreicate your kind reply.
    Thank you.

  25. Hi deepak,

    I am a IT engineer working in archive clerk visa, one month has finished and medical finished, Visa stamping on process. I am in in unlimited contract under probation period is 6 month. I had a new offer above 5000 AED and I am B.E Comupter science. My question is:

    1: I will reisgn my job now? how much day i need to give as notice period?
    2: Will i get ban of 6 month?
    3. Do i need to pay any money?
    4. My company is holding my degree, How to get that?

  26. Hi.. can i asked question?

    Its ok to request a emergency leave if i’m in a probition period? They said that i’m not qualified in emergency lleave because i’m in probation period and they say that the one thing that can i do is to resign and to pay 4500 in recruitment cost? Is’t true?

  27. I was employed with a company in their corporate office with a two-month probationary period written into my contract and was made redundant after 4 months with a two-month notice period, one month of which I worked and the other which I was paid and given the apartment for an extra month. I have found a position within the same company but in non-corporate role and they want to give me a 6-month probationary period. Are they allowed to do so, and how would I appeal this if I have already signed the contract?

  28. 1) Will i be imposed by 1 YEAR labor ban if i leave my current company before the probation period . and also reminding that i got a better opportunity in a company that is more favorable to my career growth.

    I am asking about 1 year ban not 6 month

  29. Hi Mr Deepak

    i m working as a sales manager now i m under probation period last 2 month i didn’t get my salary and now my company asking me to search an other job…management not ready to pay my salary .. any solution to get my salary

  30. hi sir!
    i am working in abu dabhi in semi private company for about 5 months.
    i dont like the working environment.
    what do i need to do?
    wait them to terminate me? or resign by myself?
    either way, do i need to pay something if i got terminated or if i resign?

    1. Erick,
      I can not suggest on your first point.
      You don’t have to pay anything unless mentioned in your contract.

      1. Hi Deepak,

        I have been reading your replies & found them helpful. However i am in a tiff and need your help desperately, i work as a marketing manager with a well known firm (currently in probation & I have a sales visa with only SSC & HSC documents taken by the company). I have a degree in B.tech & MBA(not attested). I get paid 5000 per month which is very low for my profile.
        I don’t like the work environment here and looking to change the job.

        1. I know that i will have a ban however will a better salary & providing a degree stop the ban?
        2. I have 1 month left for the probation to get over, should i wait so that i won’t have to pay the employer the 45 days salary? (It’s a limited contract for 2 years).
        3. What can be the possibility of me leaving the job asap.

        Really need some insight on this. As things are bad in here.


  31. Dear Deepak,
    Hope you are fine, I got termination letter from my current employer within 3 months probation period, can in get any salary payment after termination. my contract is unlimited. please give me a reply as fast as possible. Thank you

  32. Hi,

    I work as a Nurse in a private hospital, I’m still in probationary . Can I resign and is there a ban and payment if I resign ? Thank you.. badly need your help

    1. Juan,
      professionals like you may not have laobur ban.
      But please confirm with MOL first.

      1. Hi Deepak
        will there be any ban if i resign during my probation period (I have completed 4 months) as i got a job of almost the same salary but a higher profession (computer operator to procurement officer) and my salary is below 5000 AED.

        Waiting for ua reply.

        Thank you in anticipation

  33. Dear Deepak,

    I joined as a Specialist dentist at a dental clinic 2 weeks back. I am having a Masters Degree.

    Mine is a limited contract of 2 years, with a probationary period of 6 months.

    I am somehow not satisfied with the working environment, and don’t want to continue in my job any further.

    If I quit now, what are the liabilities on me under the UAE law? Do I have to pay the employer anything, since I am still in my probation period.


    1. Sandy,
      Professionals usually do not face ban.
      However, it is better to double check with MOL on this.
      You dont have to pay anything.

      1. Hello Deepak,

        The MOL says that in limited contract, if I leave during the probation period, I will have to pay 45 days salary to the employer.

          1. she has to pay? even it is not stated on the labour contract? isn’t it illegal?

  34. Dear Deepak,

    My wife got hired in a company here in dubai, she’s having husband visa and her contract was unlimited.
    she resign from her job after finishing 2 months of her probationary. she was told to pay three months of her salary and she will be having a ban.
    My question is..is it under the law to pay three months salary and she will have a ban even if she was still under probationary status?
    And can you give me an advise of what to do?

    Thank you

    1. Tom,
      Under unlimited contract, that is not possible!
      She may however, have labour ban.

  35. Hi Deepak,

    I got fired from company before completing 6 months probation for no reason and they have told me find a another jobs so my question is do i get any ban from the government ?if yes why they have told me to find a another job before one month?

    Thank you very much in advanced,

  36. Dear Deepak,

    I am an expat working for a govenmental company in Abu Dhabi, I started on the 12th of July 2015, I have six months probation. My husband is sponsoring me. I wanted to know if I can actually ask for one day leave to add to eid al adha vacation since my husband will be traveling. Kindly, let me know what are the consequences that I might face. Because by law I am not allowed to take 1 day vacation leave or sick leave for six months. Is there any argument that could support me, since I am dependant on my husban?
    Thank you,

    1. NAH,
      It is up to the company policy!!
      If you are in Governmental organisation, why are you on husband visa?

  37. Hi Deepak, hope you are doing well. I would like to get some advice from you. I am a dentist, on my father’s sponsorship. I have recently been offered a job in Abu Dhabi , its a 2 year contract , with 6 month probation time and a salary of 13K. Due to some reasons I have to find a job soon, I am not very happy with the work environment but I don’t have a choice. There are a few posts opening in a few months but I can’t wait that long. Is there a way, that I can take this job, and if I find a new one , I can quit before the end of the probation period? I have heard that labour ban is not imposed on Doctors/Dentists , is that true ? If I resign during probation period will the employer have the authority to cancel my license ? is it possible that the employer can refuse to give me a No Objection Letter or even don’t give me an experience letter? Will I be required to pay the 45 days salary ?

    1. Abdul,
      Professionals like you could change the job and labour ban may not be applicable to you.
      Employer does not have any authority over your license. However, yes, they could refuse to provide you NOC.
      Experience letter must be given.
      If it is a limited contract, you must compensate the employer with 45 day salary.

  38. Hi sir
    Dear sir i am wirking as a civil engineer in construction company my duty timiming is not good in my contract my duty is 8 hours but the company wiant 14 to 16 hours duty without overtime now i want to quite my job i am still in probition period i completed 5 months and 20 days in company my contract is unlimited now if i cancle my visa then i face ban of 6 month or either commpany can impose 1 year labourban on me………….?

  39. Hi sir
    Dear sir i am wirking as a civil engineer in construction company my duty timiming is not good in my contract my duty is 8 hours but the company want 14 to 16 hours duty without overtime now i want to quite my job i am still in probition period i completed 5 months and 20 days in company my contract is unlimited now if i cancle my visa then i face ban of 6 month or either commpany can impose 1 year labourban on me………….?

  40. Good Day!

    My name is Sheilton, I have some questions regarding my situation now. previously I’m working in a free zone company and still under probation at the time I decided to resigned due to some reason. i joined to the company last January 4,2015 and end June 30,2015. but the problem is they want me to pay 45days. so my question is; do i need to pay the 45days?

  41. i am wroking in uae a private firm, now i am not satisfying in my job, can i cancel my employment visa contract. have any expense from my side? my visa processing all completed, so please give a advise

    1. Nishanth,
      You can resign at anytime. But you should be aware that there will be labour ban if you do not complete your contract.
      You do not have to pay any expenses: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  42. Hello Deepak,

    I am planning to come to Abu Dhabi, on a 2 year contract as a specialist dentist. My query is regarding the probationary period.

    1. When do I come to know about the length of the probationary period, as my initial offer letter doesn’t mention anything about it.

    2. Is the length of probationary period decided by the employer only, or can the employee have any say in the same?

    3. If I choose to leave my job, within the probationary period, am I liable to pay anything to my employer?

    Many Thanks.

    1. Sandy,
      1. The offer letter/contract should clearly mention about probation period. It is also mentioned in the labour law.
      2. Yes, company can waive probation period. But maximum number of months is 6 months.
      3. No, you are not required to pay anything. http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

      1. Hello Deepak,

        Thanks for your reply.

        My initial offer letter, as I told does not mention anything about probation period, but it does says that “Everything will be according to the UAE labour laws.”

        While joining I should ask, him to mention clearly the probation period, or are there any instances, where there is no probation period at all according to the UAE laws?

        Thanks again.

  43. Mr deepak,
    If i resine during prohi’bition period will my company charge me for my visa

    1. Shahid,
      The companies are not supposed to charge for any visa expenses: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  44. hello Depak i’d like to ask if i resign from limited contract on probation period under article 121 there is still will be ban ? And can i use recording voice in leibor office to pruve i have harassment from managers ?

  45. Mr. Deepak,

    I am under probation and I resigned. and I have still have two months service charge and tips with them. but my employer told me that if you are under probation and resign. I am not entitled to recieve any extra charge as per UAE law. please enlighten me. Thanks

  46. Hi Deepak, I would appreciate your guidance on the situation I face right now:
    I signed a two-year limited contract to work as a hairdresser. The contract had probation period of 6 months. Terms and conditions for the probation period were mentioned explicitly under the heading of Probation Period separate from the general terms and condition. Under the Termination clause of the general terms and conditions, it states that if the employee resigns prior to completion of the two year contract period, he/she is liable to pay the company 45 days of pay. This clause is not mentioned in the Probation Period conditions. I have now resigned within the probation period but the employer is still withholding 45 days pay (which is substantial amount of money from me) claiming that it is in accordance with the labor law. Is that true? or should I claim my unpaid salary from them? Thanks very much.

      1. Deepak, unfortunately not the response I was hoping for but thanks very much for clarifying.

      2. If I resign after 3 weeks during probation, About the 45 days compensation during probation period? we should really pay that even you don’t have labor contract shows in MOl yet? And how will I resign during probation period? just give them a resignation letter effective immediately or the date I gave the letter without the one month notice?

        1. Don,
          yes, you should compensate in case of limited contract.
          Yes, written resignation is OK. But make sure to take an acceptance copy.

  47. Hello deepak.

    I have a different question for probation .

    My wife was working under my sponsorship for two years for a limited contract and after completing the tenure she asked company to sponsor her . The company issued an unlimited contract after two months of the previous contract. For these two months my wife was still working and salary was duly transfered to the bank and company had a two months work permit . When they issued new contract after two months of the previous limited contract tenure completion they put probationary clause on the unlimited clause also .They fired her under the new contract probationary clause and gave the performance related reason. She served the company in a continuous services 2 years and 8 months . In span of two months of temporary work permit company issued her the entry work permit and her new labour contract had a gap of one month after her company sponsored entry permit visa .As per article 37 no employer can hire the employee more than six months on probation and more than once . But this law does not explain our situation .as company treats her as a new employee after signing new labour agreement and new probation of 6 months despite continuous service and they claim that this transfer of sponsorship leads her as a new employee .

    Further company has taken has given her end of service for the first two years of limited contract but the gratuity calculation was also wrong but they got her signatures and transferred the agreed money .Article 397 of law 3 of 1987 states that force signature can’t be taken as she was threatened to be fired and claimed that she is being given the company visa so that’s y gratuity amount is adjusted in visa cost .

    I hope u understand all the matter .

    Seeks a guided response .


  48. Hi Deepak, my company decided to end my contract during the probation period. Now I looked for a job and had an offer. I have 5 questions:

    1) After my contract is finished with my company, how much I have to wait for join the new one ( 30 days or even the day after the termination of the old contract?)?

    2) I have a bachelor degree and My New salary is going to be around 7000, BUT with a lot of commisions (40%) on sales (because I will work in sales). THOSE actually will get the real figures of my monthly salary. How does % on sales will affect the MOL perception of my salary? They will consider only the 7000? So I highly risk a ban?

    3) Will the NOC from old company help me to avoid it?

    4) If I get the BAN can I still live in the UAE?

    5) If the Old company cancel my visa, also my Emirates ID will be automatically cancelled? And this means I will have to do the Emirates ID again with the new company?

    Thank you a lot for your help.

    1. Dee,
      1. up to 30 days.
      2. The salary is as mentioned in MOL. They do not consider commissions.
      3. Yes. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae
      4. Yes with valid residence visa.
      5. Yes, Emirates Id will be automatically cancelled. You will again have to type a new Emirates ID

  49. As per my contract, my probationary period is 2 months with an unlimited contract period. Does this happen in the UAE and can the company force me to re-sign the contract. They haven’t, but just in case I want to know if this could happen.

  50. deepak i want to ask if i leave a job before completing my probation period can the company but a ban on me?

    i have signed a limited contract.

    and sholud i get a original copy of the labour contract?

    1. Chats,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  51. Hi deepak,
    I am on my probation period but the company terminated me 1 month ago because i asked for leaves according to my offer letter and they did not agree. Now they want to put one year ban and because of that they need my signature on an enquiry certificate for processing the ban. I have already complained in the MOL but no actions have been taken it has been more than 10 days. I just wanted to confirm that if i will sign the documents will the company provide me my return ticket and due salary because i am still in my probation. And i have already signed in the cancellation paper but the company did not proceed with my cancellation. I have filed a complaint in the MOL but i still did not recieve any calls from them. I just wanted to know about the ticket and my pending dues.

    1. Zeeshan,
      company should provide one way ticket home and salary for the time you worked.
      MOL has their own procedures.

  52. Dear Deepak,
    I have been working in a well reputed organization in Abu Dhabi for the past 1 year.
    1)Although I have my Initial contract which i signed on joining after completing my probationary period i have been not given a updated contract to sigh upon which i believe that employee is entitled to,correct me if i’m wrong?
    2)Next I have was promised by my manager for a promotion,although I didn’t get it in writing,I have been working in the new role for the last two months without any salary increments I should receive and whenever I ask him for any updates he avoids me or says that he would let me sigh it soon,but after checking with the Human Resource Department they confirmed me that they are clueless.Two days after bring this to my managers attention,I have been asked not to come to work for two days and on the third day to submit my resignation who else he threatened to terminate me, when I asked him the reason for such a action he says that I didn’t carry out a job he asked me to carry out,which believe happened due misunderstanding,I also believe that it is not true as I was not given the chance to explain my self.
    Please enlighten me on the necessary action i could take.It would be a life saver if you could do that.
    Thank You

    1. Krish,
      1. You should have your confirmation letter.
      2. That is an internal company matter.

  53. i am currently working in abu dhabi.my probation period is 6 months.i am on husband’s visa .But i want to leave the job after 4 months.Will i get a ban?

  54. Hello Deepak,
    If employer terminate a contract during probation period, shall he give a ticket to employee?

      1. hi MR. DEEPAK! i want to clarify something about my situation, im working in a company under probationary period with unlimited contract, im almost 3mos in our company and my boss told me that im terminated because he was not satisfied with my work and i should try to find a new job. i want to know if….

        1. if there will be a ban if your employer terminated you under probationary period?

        2. Can i still find and get a new job to other company here in uae?

        3. if there is a ban, what are the documents that i need to avoid the ban since im on probationary period and only earning 2500 salary.

        4. if i get a new job, is it required that my salary should be as required by MOL like higschool 5000aed,dimploma7000,bachelors degree 12000 just to avoid the ban?

        thank you so much!

        1. Jin,
          1. Yes, ban may be possible. You could take NOC to avoid labour ban. Also MOL will consider to remove ban if you were fired.
          2. Yes, after cancellation of your visa, you have 1 month grace period to search other jobs.
          3. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae
          4. Read the above article link.

          1. I just want to ask if NOC and Termination letter is the same? becuse my boss gave me termination letter and he told me that termination letter and NOC is just the same.

            Thanks Mr. Deepak!

            You are such a big help to all of us,
            Thank you for alloting time to response in our inquiry.
            may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

          2. thanks Mr. DEEPAK!

            and i want to know if NOC and Termination letter is the same?
            because my boss tgave me my termination letter and told me that it is the same with NOC.


  55. Hi Deepak,

    I joined this firm on April 1st 2015, after joining only i realised I’m 1 month pregnant. I spoke with my company to give me 6 months leave (3 months before delivery, and 3 months after) as I have to go back to my country for delivery. But they are not excepting, they can only provide me maximum of 45 days leave. I have decided to quit. Just wanted to know, if i resign, do I have to pay any visa charges to the company. i don’t have any problem with the ban.

  56. Hi deepak, i have appointed in freezone company media city my company ceo informed me in jan2015 that company is stopping operation. and he said i wil hire u in my another freezone company & wil give u visa,,then i moved to his new company fzz & he gave me offer letter..my probation is 6month. he dint give me his new company visa i,m on the old same fzz visa,,now i got a new job n i resigned, n my new company wants cancelation paper.to get me visa, so when i resigned my boss said u have to give one month notice,,even i,m in probation,, i said i wil give u,,bt i,m in probation,, although i have to give u 1 week bt i will give u month,,bt pls cancel my visa imediate,,,on this he wasted my 4 days,, and said i wil only give u last day of ur working day… that cancelllation paper..which is harasment.. they said after cancel paper u can fly..i said no i have job in dubai i wil serve u bt give me cancel,paper..now he says,,i wil put u in abscond,,,n not give u until last day,,my new company wants cancel paper asap so they can give me pink paper employment visa..without this i cant join,,my joining date is after 20 days…bt as he wants to delay,,, i wil loose job…pls advice,,,can i go in tecom complain,,they gave me email id only..tel me if i complain..they will give me cancelation early or it wil go in court..cuz if i go in court it will be bad for me,,n for my new job…pls answer

  57. Hi Deepak

    It’s me again… I work in this school since 1 December without official contract, signed the official contract the 5 May (now 2015). After signing I have been pressured to sign a letter to downsize my salary.

    Can I leave this job without being banned? I don’t have conditions to work here anymore. I don’t wan’t to sign a letter or going on here…

    Thanks, this is really hard to handle.

    1. Maria,
      Salary can not be reduced as per the law.
      I recommend you file a complaint with MOL.
      Yes, you will face labour ban in case you resign.

  58. Hi Deepak!.

    Im working to LLC with unlimited contract..i joined last november 16 ,2014, i get my labour card feb. 2015 with my e.visa in my passport. heres the problem. this month may my boss threaten me that he will cancel my visa if i do not do my job well.. so i decided to resign due to long working hours.. without pay overtime. using our break for work even if theres no things to do..

    1.can i use this complain to avoid labor ban?
    2. whats the specific date should we count that probation period?
    3. is with noc is for freezone(new employer) only ?
    4. if i have noc theres no labour ban?
    5. without noc can i still apply for freezon comp?

    thank you

  59. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Hope you are doing good

    I’m working in a in Sharjah. I start working here in september 2014 and still I dint get a confirmation letter. When I Informed mY HR about my confirmation and after a week time they siad the management is not happy with my performance and they wanted me to leave the company. this is my8th month. i Know i did my work well. but they wants me to give the Resignation but i said i wont give if they want then terminate me. So i wanted to know whether i will be getting a ban, and will I be able to get 2 salaries and a ticket to my country. I dont have singal money with me.. Hope to get a feedback soon.

      1. Mr. Deepak,

        Thanks alot for your kind reply.

        I just wanted to know this as well. Will be getting any salary for 2 months if they terminated.. what will happen if i give my resignation, then will i be eligible to get a ticket??

        1. Mahesh,
          Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/unlimited-labour-contract

      2. Dear Deepak,

        Thank you for your Reply,

        i just wanted to know if I give my resignation will i get a salary for 2 months and a air ticket. Because company needs me to give the resignation.

  60. hai deepak am raneesh ,am in hospital field am joined now 4 mont s i want to change in another firm got offer letter if any ban in probation periode,either party can breake contract in this periode? give details

  61. Hi Deepak.

    I m Ajantha working in catering company in store section.from 08/04/2013.

    Still on 6 month probation period I am getting lots and lots of pressure even I do my best but still at end of day its counted 0 on their not give my offer later olso. and in my visa my postion is light duty driver but i dont have a license and i am workig as a store keeper.

    Now every day I am getting so much pressure and our company owner using very bad word which I never gone through in my pass 7 years in Dubai. I want to quite this job and join another job. if i quite this job there ban me. if yes how can i quite this job with out ban.
    please advice me


    1. Ajantha,
      WHy are you on probation for more than 2 years?? Probation can be maximum 6 months.

  62. hii deepak… i completed 2 months of my work in a company and in a 3rd month of 1st week they terminated me.. ( i was under probation/ limited contract )
    now i want to know about the ban scenario… because i don’t want to go back so early.. i came here to earn so there is no point of going back..
    *i want to know can i seek other job..
    *what happen if the current company will cancel my visa? do i have to go back to my home country or i will get a grace time of 1 month time to leave the country ( after cancellation )
    * in this termination scenario do the company will give me some amount like a 1-2 month salary? as somebody told me in this situation company will entitle to give 1-2 month salary in advance ig they if they terminate an employee…
    so please give me some idea what actually happen and hat i can do…
    can i seek another job?
    and what about 1 month grace time after the visa cancellation..
    kamal pandey

    1. Kamal,
      1. Yes, you can look for another job.
      2. If they cancel visa, you will grace period to stay up to 30 days. Yes, you will have to exit before the grace period ends.
      3. That depends on the company. During probation, company need not pay any compensation.

  63. Dear Mr. Deepak,
    I am employed as barber I am here for more than 2 months will be 3 months on 19th April, I have signed contract already and everything is finished before they ask me money to pay for my things in accommodation but it is stated that my accommodation is for company expense, I dont like the ambiance and the company but they provided me visa and my ticket. I have 2,000 dirhams salary monthly. I wish to apply to other company with same field but must be far from my current city I am planning to talk to my employer for NOC can I still get ban? I dunno if my contract is limited or unlimited coz they dont give copy on it.

    1. Ellee,
      Without knowing about your contract type, how do you want me to reply to you?

  64. Hi,
    My contract was terminated today by my employer during the probation period. I was paid 40000 AED for children school fees in benefits at the start of employment. The employer deducted this amount (pro rated) from my last salary. In my contract it states that I will have to pay these only if I (employee) resigned during probation. but it does not say anything if the employer terminates my contract. Should the employer deduct this amount or any other benefits that I was paid at the start of employment although the employer terminated my contract?

    May thanks

    1. Ahmad,
      Looks like from what you have mentioned, that the employer has breached the contract by deducting the fees from your salary, since you were terminated.
      You will need to first seek clarifications from the HR as to why this has been done.
      If the results are not satisfactory, you may complain to MOL.

  65. Hi Deepak,

    I am new to the UAE, been here just over a month from the UK. I am Teaching in a school here in Al Ain. I am not liking the school at all, and I have been head hunted by another school in Abu Dhabi where it looks much better and better suited to me and they have offered me the job.

    Now the issue I have is that I am still in my probation period, therefore can I resign and move to this new school without a ban. I have read through my current contract, it says that if I decide to leave then I will have to pay ball any fees that they have spent on me, but it doesn’t specify what happens if I move to a new school within my probation period. I would really like to move to this school, but I would rather stay at my school if it means getting a ban if I leave!

    Also one more question, if I do successfully move schools, will I have to go back to the UK in order to get a new entry visa and to undergo new VISA paperwork? Or can the Visa be simply ‘signed off’ from one school to another?

    Apologies for the longevity of the query


    1. Suhuur,
      The labour ban will depend on your new salary being offered.
      Recommended reading: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae
      Under probation you may leave the company with a day’s notice.
      However, it is illegal for a company to request reimburse of costs and is against MOL rules.
      The current school may require you to exit the country to your home country upon exit. However, there is no hard and fast rule that this is followed.
      I believe you also could exit to a nearby country and obtain Entry Permit to enter UAE.
      Your new company also could also pay an extra amount to immigration to change your status.
      Transfer (sign off) of visa is possible if your current school agrees to do so. Usually that is not the case.

  66. Dear deepak,
    This is my 3 emil. Kindly reply on my email.
    i have completed 4 months on a limited contract. If i will change my job before 6 months, on a better salary . Is there will be any ban?
    I have graduate degree attested. And i also have MBA degree but not attested yet.
    How will i lift that ban?


  67. Hello MOL,

    Good evening Team MOL. I’m in my “probation period” in my present company today under unlimited contract, my questions are:

    1. If I’m going to resign in my current company and transfer to a Free Zone company will I have a labor ban?
    2. Can I leave the company without prior notice as I’m still under probationary period with unlimited contract?
    3. Do I have to pay for all the expense that my current company has provided me?
    4. Can my employer hold my passport?

    Thank you

    1. Lyn,
      1. No.
      2. Yes. 1 day notice.
      3. No. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign
      4. No. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport

  68. hi deepak

    i am having an Dubai employment visa with designation sales executive salary 7000 aed,
    i have completed 18 month on service if i resign with 1 month notice for better opportunity job will i face an banned if yes how much fine cost to lift up the banned from ministry of labor


  69. Hi Mr. Deepak,
    I came here in Dubai on a painter visa and my salary is 2000AED. Basicaly they heird me as admin assistant but they dont have quota for that. This is my second month in this company. My company didn’t give me a single penny for my in-out ticket, accommodation or for food. They told me that i will have to pay 3500 AED for visa to them. I have paid 1000 in advance and now they are deducting 300AED per month from my salary. Now i want to leave the job and go back to my country just because my mom is sick. I told my boss for my termination he said pay me 6000AED and you can go. Please guide me how can i go back i don’t have enough money to pay.





    Thanks in advance for understanding and do needful.

    1. Arun,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/reader-mailbag-pay-visa-costs-resign

  71. Dear Deepak,

    Am an employee under JAFZA contract, i Have finished the 6 months period around 15 days ago, but i didn’t receive a confirmation letter.

    Am I still considered under probation ? if they terminate me now will I get the regular benefits of an employee ? or it will be considered as if am still in the probation period ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. MH,
      Talk to your HR regarding this as internal rules differ with regard to confirmation.
      Technically yes, you are under probation.

  72. Hi Deepak,

    I have joined a company and its been just a month tand i am not happy about the job . I would like to quit during my probation.. Can you tell me the consequences.

    1. Jay,
      YOu will face a labour ban for 6 months.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  73. yes bro i’ve signed a contract.
    1000 AED salary with 8 hours daily + food+accomodation.
    but i am not paid even a single penny.

      1. but if i file a complaint.. then is there any rule that MOL will not put a ban on me if i say that i dont want to work with this company. get me release from this company and give me a stay to work on this visa?

  74. Hello Mr. Deepak

    My problem is that i am in UAE first time, i’m working at a computers shop. My visa is stamped and emirates id is done.
    this is my 3rd month on job. my duty is 8 hours with salary of 1000AED + Food and Accomodation. but i am forced to work 16 hours and He Is Not Paying Me any Salary. if i talk about my timing he says that he will cancel me.
    Salary that was agreed between us before i paid for visa is 2000+food and accomodation. but i’ve no any proof or offer letter.
    I have Unlimited Contract
    so in this situation what should i do.
    i’ll be thankful for your suggestion.

    1. Muhammad,
      Have you signed any labour contract?
      Salary should be paid as per the labour contract.
      Check your labour contract online and let me know: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/how-to-check-your-labour-contract-online-on-www-mol-gov-ae

  75. Hi, need you advice.. I am working for 3 months, my employer asks me to resign, then I give him resignation letter. Now he is telling me he is in bad mood that time when he told to resign and if I continue my resignation, he want me to pay 4000 dirhams for visa expenses and he will give me 1 year ban. He will make problems on me. Please help me. I am in Limited Contract. What is the bests to do? Thank you and more power

    1. Fancy,
      Companies can not recover visa costs from employees unless the employees have agreed in writing.
      I suggest you take up the matter with MOL.

  76. im on dmcc visa.completed 7 month in a company ,but still not received any confirmation mail.So cam i change the job.within freezone or outside.without any ban.

    1. Nasir,
      You can change job outside freezone. I am not exactly aware of the DMCC rules.

  77. Dear Deepak,
    I worked as a teacher for 2 months in Al Ain.I was really dis satisfied with the work and the workplace.I was so stressed out that I had to take medicines to keep me steady.So I resigned.Now the management is asking me to pay back 45 days’ salary.I have signed an offer letter saying nothing regarding paying 45 days’ salary back to the employer.More over it says I will be on a temporary appointment until approval from the ministry of education.I havent signed the labour contract.What happens if I don’t pay them back?Thank you in advance for your valuable reply.

  78. Hi,Good day! I am a filipina who is currently working in a private company for 2 months here in ras al khaima. I have a probation period for 6 months and unlimited duration of agreement.

    The problem now is, I am not happy and satisfied with my work.I didnt enjoy it, I want to resign. If I do that, what will be the future conflict?
    They paid for my exit and employment visa, do I need to pay it for them if I will be going to resign?After resigning I am planning to look for another job, is it possible for me or I will be banned? If yes, How long?

    1. Vien,
      You may resign. However, there may be ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  79. Iam working in a school for past six months no appointment letter or labour card given or signed in any contract letter ,but I resigned as I got better offer,management telling that will deduct salary ,can they?can they stop me in any way from joining the new job

  80. Additional information in my query. I already have my residence visa stamped in my passport and also i have my ticket with me. What other documents that are needed if theres any?

  81. Hi sir Deepak,

    Greetings! I am in my 3rd month of the probationary period and i am planning to travel in asia over the weekend, is there any requirements or documents that are needed to present in the immigration officer in abu dhabi airport? Does being in a probationary period could Cause me problems in my travel? Please help me and thanks.

  82. I have submitted my resignation during probation.according to my contract I have to serve 3 months notice period.I’m on unlimited visa.my company says if u break the contract they will impose one year labor ban on me.i have have medical issues in my family and I have submitted the relevant documents regarding the same,they are saying that its not acceptable for them,they are also saying that even if serve 3 months notice period they impose a one year ban on me.is the 3 months notice period applicable during probation?if I break the 3 months notice period can I lift the ban with a job paying me above 5000?

    1. Ryan,
      1 year ban is only in cases of breaking limited contract.
      During probation, notice period is 1 day as per UAE labour law(http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labour-law-2014-download-pdf-copy)

  83. I have been working for 3 months with my present company and is under probation till this month end. They asked me to resign as they dint like my performance. They havent paid my 2nd month salary, am i eligible to ask for that months pay ?
    If i resign during the probaiton period will i b liable to pay the visa charges.
    will i have a ban ?

    1. Mia,
      Yes, you are eligible for the salary for the days you have worked.
      Paying visa charges depends on what is mentioned in the contract.

      1. Hi Mr. Machado,

        I have resigned from my current employer after working for almost 2 years. And now, I will be joining the new firm from 1st of December. Is it possible for me to take a leave for 2weeks during my probation period? Whether the employers are generous here in UAE to give you the leave?

        1. Rajesh,
          usually companies do not provide leave during probation.
          If they provide, it will be unpaid leave.

  84. Iam working with current company from 1month and now i decided to quit the job, so do i need to pay any compensation for the company?can you tell me what is the scenario both in limited and unlimited contract.My salary is 10k and profession is archive clerk .

    1. Bharath,
      You don’t need to pay any compensation unless you have signed such contract.

      1. 1. Is there any ban if i leave the company after working 1 month and visa is stamped ?
        2. am a manager in designation but visa profession is clerk, salary is 10k. in future before 6month if i get an offer wth 12k or more, can i lift the ban ?
        3. do in need to pay for visa stamping charges to the company if i leave the company now ?

        1. Bharath,
          1. Yes. Automatic labour ban is applied.
          2. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
          3. Depends on what is written in your contract.

  85. I have got a job offer in another comapny with a higher salary than my present company below 12,000 AED and i would like to quit my present job where i have been working for about 10 months.Im on an engineer visa.Please advice.

  86. Is any ban if i resign because of salary problem(3 months pending) . I am IT professional having salary of 6000AED, this is my 5 month of 6 moth probation.

    1. Jeirn,
      Yes, you will face labour ban for 6 months.
      Get NOC from the company to avoid ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  87. please tell me. now i m in 6 month probation period.if i resign my job how many days notice period will come.any ban will i meet?if i get freezone company job.how will we check our contract in online?

    1. Safee,
      yes, if you resign during probation, you will get 6 month ban automatically.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae
      TO check contract online visit: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/how-to-check-your-labour-contract-online-on-www-mol-gov-ae

  88. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    Good Day to You,
    I got a Job without degree. i was joined as as Accountant. But i went for exit. my company send clerk visa. now i am working as a clerk. and i am not satisfied with my job. i want to change my job.its possible without job. my contract is limited.

    1. Rizwan,
      If you break limited contract, you will have ban.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  89. Hello Depak

    Thank you for this informative site. I have a PhD and have been employed as a secondary high school teacher since September. My probation period ends at end of November. I have been advised that the school is not happy with my performance and I have been suspended for a few days whilst they investigate a supposed complaint by a student. It’s unfounded but I suspect that it’s a way to get me out before probation period and they will terminate me. I am ok with this as I have no faith in the school.

    Given it’s their decision, will there be a ban? I am willing to work the next 6 weeks to end of term but I am worried that as this falls out of the probation period, then there may be issues, even if they promise to give me an NOC. Can I get them to write a statement and NOC now to ensure that this won’t be an issue in 6 weeks time? I am feeling like I am being set up (I am not the only teacher facing this at the school) and unfortunately from what I know and have heard, they can play dirty. I just want to do what is right for my family and also ensuring there is some continuity for the students, however I need to protect myself and I am not sure what is the best course of action.

    I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

    Thank you.

    1. Kem,
      For your qualification, there will be no ban provided your salary is above AED 12000.
      It is better to get NOC from company.
      Unfortunately, under probation, employee’s rights are limited and employer/employee can terminate the contract with a day’s notice.
      If you already dislike the working environment, it is better to discontinue and look for another opportunity.

  90. Good day!

    I am a receptionist from the Philippines. Please guide me on this. I am newly hired and working for 2 and a half months and now my employer wants to terminate my employment at the end of this month.

    I was on a tourist visa when i applied to this job. This company provided for my exit and my entry on an Employment Visa. I believe that i am still on a probation period i have not submitted yet to medical exam. I don’t have labor card and i have not signed any employment contract. I was not given an offer letter.

    Please help me with these questions:
    1. Will I get a labor ban?
    2. Can I still be employed right after this termination?
    3. If my visa is cancelled how long am i allowed to stay in UAE while I am still looking for a job?
    4. How can I transfer to another employer from this cancelled visa?
    5. Do I have to exit from UAE after this termination? If yes, how long?
    6. Is it possible not to exit or go home to my country, if I find a new employer?

    Thank you.


    1. Marilyn,
      1. You may get labor ban if your labour if your labour approval is obtained.
      2. Yes. Obtain NOC from the company.
      3. After cancellation you have a grace period of up to 30 days.
      4. New visa will need to be applied.
      5. Yes, exit before your grace period expires. After this you will pay 25 dirhams per day as fine.
      6. Yes. You may enter if you have 6 month ban also.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/types-bans-uae

  91. Hello Deepak

    I am an engineer working in Jafza i am still under the probation period and i am thinking of quiting a job. Will i face any ban if do that ? Also i signed a training bond with the company in which you pay your company back the training expenses thay paid for you during your training, is this valid in probation period ?

    1. Ahmad,
      If you join outside of JAFZA, there may be no ban.
      You are required to pay back training expenses if this is mentioned in your contract.

  92. Hi Deepak,

    I am a woman who was employed on husband sponsorship. i received offer letter on 29th June and up to now no labor card has been provided.

    I have since decided to leave and had given 1 (one) week notice but my boss is refusing saying that as per internal contract i should serve 3 months or at least one month notice.

    Also it is stated that i will be under probation for 6 months. I understand that i can give a day notice if under probation.

    Help me how can i leave without having ban….can he give me ban if i have no valid labor confirmation. I think he just does not want to give me my salary.

    Help me please.
    my mobile no. 050 440 3688

    1. Florence,
      Under probation the notice period is be 1 day as per UAE Labour Law.(http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labour-law-2014-download-pdf-copy).
      If your labour card is under process, you will have automatic labour ban for 6 months.

  93. Hi

    I come here with my family 5 months ago to work for a company here.
    I have been told by my employer that the establishment that I was employed to manage is not going to happen now as the company has financial issues. I have been told to look for another job.
    I have been unable to find a new position with the same benefits.
    my 6 month probation period is almost finished now and my employer is starting to get frustrated with me and is pushing me to leave

    I am on an unlimited visa, what are my entitlements in this case?
    I have been told it is 3 months salary is that correct?

    thank you for you help

    1. Tony,
      Under probation, employer can ask you to leave with a day’s notice.
      There are no benefits under probation.

  94. Dear Sir –

    I am a fully qualified accountant working full time. My contracts states my probation period is 90 days, which I completed early September.

    However this is subject to change of up to 6 months per UAE Labor law.
    I have completed my probation but 1 month after I have been told that this has recently been extended to 6 months.

    Is the company allowed to do this? – I was under the impression that I would need to be informed of an extension prior to completing my contractual probation period.

    Would you please be so kind to respond to my query?

    Many thanks

    1. Nicola,
      Probation could be extended only once. However, once you are confirmed, then once again the company can not put you under probation.

  95. Hi,

    Can you help me with this. I signed limited contract with company in Dubai. Probation period is 6 months. One week before completing my probation period, I got letter that although I’m completing my probation period but company is not satisfied with my performance and they will monitor my performance for the coming 2 months. Does this means I am under probation.? Can they terminate my services anytime with one day notice or it should be 30 days notice? If I found another job with less salary, can I transfer my visa or I will have band? I have office job with 30 k salary. Thank you

    1. Khaled,
      I am not sure, but I think probation can be extended.
      Under probation you can leave the job with a day’s notice.
      However, be careful and obtain advice from a Lawyer.

  96. Dear Deepak,

    My former employer gave me a Termination Letter stated as follows:

    ” It is sad to inform you that your services has been terminated with effect from the 4th of Sept. 2014 based on your resignation letter submitted earlier”

    But in fact, I was terminated and I did not submit any resignation letter. This happened during my probationary period (3rd month). I do believe that they wanted to reverse the situation and blame it to my side for me to pay them their expenses. I have so many predicaments including bank CC debts and all I want to get is a letter that I can submit for the bak to have considerations to defer my monthly payments.

    Appreciate your immediate and favorable response.

    Sincerely yours,

    JOhn Archie

    1. John,
      Under probation, an employee can be dismissed with a day’s notice.
      If you have not resigned, let them provide clear termination letter.

      1. I have no arguments about the dismissal. All I wanted is a clear termination letter stating the reason. I can send you the letter for your reference in your email address.

        I do believe they are trying to cover up for a possible fault in terminating my services. They are putting me in a situation in which I can be stuck here in the UAE. I have CC problems and I cannot approach these banks without this letter to show proof I have been jobless. I could be facing possible travel ban if I cannot present myself clearly. Until now I am still struggling to find a job. I cannot go home, my wife is in treatment for her leukemia for 3 more years until fully recovered.

        Please disregard my email that I have not received your response. Hope you understand my predicament.

        Sincerely yours,

        1. John,
          As per the letter you sent me they are saying that you have resigned!

  97. Dear Deepak,

    Can you tell me if i renew my visa with same employer and after six months cancel my next visa , there will b any stamp or not?

    thanks and regards.

    1. Arslan,
      You should not face any issues in such case.
      However, read the contract properly.

    1. Arslan,
      Under MOL, you will receive automatic 6 month ban. Ask for NOC from your employer to avoid ban. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

      1. Mr Deepak, Can You tell me that now i am working in sharjah with master degree at 2000 aed 3 months , can i move other company if other offer 5000 salary , without stamping ban?

        1. Arslan,
          There will be ban for 6 months from MOL.
          To avoid read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  98. Dear Sir,

    I am on my fourth month here in Doha Qatar and still under probation for 6 months. I work as a Teacher in a big company. I was also direct-hired by the company. I wanted to resign before my probationary period is done. Is there any possibilities that my company won’t accept my resignation? Can they do anything not to allow me leave the country? Will they ask me to pay anything? I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  99. HI
    I am employed by free zone company, MY probation period is 6 months and they submitted my documents for Visa processing 2 days ago. My contract says that it can be terminated by either party at any time without any notice or reason(Probation period). few articles after that it mentions 1 month notice period. I am getting confused if I need to give 1 month notice>??? and also if there would be a ban? Thought for Free zone companies there are no bans now. ?

    1. if you are on probation you can leave the company by giving one day notice.
      There wont be any ban considering your visa processing not yet started.

  100. Hi Deepak,

    I am working as Engineer and my salary is above 12000AED.
    I am under probation period & with unlimited contract and its getting completed by this month end. Will I get ban from my employer If I resign during my probation period? NOC is possible?

  101. I am currently on 3 month probation. I want to resign, if I do so will I get a ban? How much notice must I give them/

    1. you may get ban. you can leave immediately without serving notice. but you need to inform atleast by giving one day notice

  102. Hi ,
    As iam on a probation period for 2months & 10days due to heavy workload & lot of preesure i ha resigned my job.S o do i have pay any visa charges & will the ban will admittef

  103. Dear Sir,

    I newly joined a company in Sharjah with Abudhabi visa, 3 months is probation period, but the company has not new projects, so after 2 months they terminated me, the company manager saying, they will cancel my visa without ban and if needed they will provide NOC. Is that possible? how can we know the ban is there or not? I have a bank loan is here..please give me a reply.

  104. hi,
    i am working a company in abudhabi,here i came last month i am in probition period ,i resigned before 15 days but now company charging me sum of AED5500 also they didn’t pay me the salery of last month.shall i pay this ammount to them as per low?

    1. Depends on your company policy and the terms of the contract you have signed for

  105. If I Complete my Probation period like 6 months In UAE, then can i get a leave for a week to visit home country ?

      1. suppose they dont have a policy and i have completed 6 months now i need a emergency leave for a week what should i do ?

  106. Dear Sir
    I joined the company and signed offer letter in February got my residence visa in March and signed employment agreement(contract) in May.The place of work is seasonal so for two month (July,August) it was closed and I was on vacation.I’m comig back now in 15 th of September to Dubai, but I want to resign. Will I have any problems or a ban? Am I still on probation period and are these two month vacation counted as probation as well? When can I start my new job after resignation,and how long it takes to cancel my visa?

    1. You may get a ban. Better to check with the company about the probation period whether the seasonal off months are calcuated for probation period

  107. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I’m a UAE national and I work in a government entity. I have successfully passed my probationary period of six months. Now I’ve finished more than a year and the Human Resource dept. have not yet changed my contract to be like fixed-term employees who are entitled to join a pension scheme. They keep postponing the matter and giving excuses that does not make sense. I do not want to lose this job as it took me so long to find one. What do you suggest I do in this case and who do I approach? Thank you.

    1. Hello Laila, if your HR executive is not responding to your queries, you may approach a higher Manager in the company to sort the issue.

      1. Interestingly enough the higher management is totally aware of it and there are other employees that share the same problem as I do. I was wondering if I or we should seek help from the Ministry of Labour or some other entity that you recommend? Thank you

  108. Dear Deepak;

    I am Electrical Maintenance Engineer and I have completed my probation period in the company. Now I want to join another company so is there any chance of ban on me or not, and also am I liable to pay the money for the visa as it was mentioned in my offer letter that if I am going to leave the company than I have to pay.

    1. There may be ban if the salary is AED 12000 in the new job. To avoid ban please read following article: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  109. employee resigns during probation period and neither in her contract or offer letter is mentioned that she needs to serve notice period but the employer is making it a compulsion to serve notice or not leave the job till find the replacement?

    What needs to be done?She is on LLC visa and on husbands visa.
    And the employer also is not getting the labor cancelled till a replacement is found.

    Is the company liable to pay annual pending leaves amount in full and final settlement?
    Could you help?

    1. Under probation as per UAE labour law, notice period is 1 day both for employee and employer.
      I am confuse with your visa.
      Leaves depend on company policy.

      1. On husbands visa but has her labor contract.

        But why does ministry of Labor state that a 30 days notice is mandatory?



  111. Dear Sir,


    please advice me.

    1. Looking at your salary, i do not think you may get a ban. However, it is better to be careful while taking the step. Please consult MOL on this. I understand your situation.

  112. dear mr Deepak,
    my name is eliza and a Filipino. i am on a 6 months probationary to an interior design consulting company. my abu dhabi visa is also on an interior designer category and received all my health insurance and emirates ID. i joined the company in june 2014 and have been contacted by another company in Dubai to join them. will get a labour ban and should i pay all the expenses incurred i,e visa; medical; EIDA by the company.
    thank you very much

    1. Hi Eliza, as per UAE labour Law(http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-labour-law-2/uae-labour-law-2014-download-pdf-copy) there may be no ban during probation period. However, MOL usually imposes automatic ban. You may avoid ban this way-Read the following article: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  113. Hi Deepak,
    I am getting terminated from the company. I joined with the current company on Feb 08th 2014 and now its been more than 6 months but the employer says i wont be having any notice periods as they consider my DOJ as from the time when my visa got stamped in my passport. Could you please tell me.

    1. DOJ is when your labour approval came through and not visa stamping date, if I am right. How did the company make you work if did not have a labour approval. If you are still under probation, there is no notice period.

  114. I am working as accountant general in fujairah. My employer is not happy with my work so i resigned after 3 months of my contract. its probation period. My qualification is ACCA Finalist and graduation also. The employer said to me u can search another job then i will cancel u. It means i am resigning with mutual consent.
    current basic salary 2000
    new job salary offered 3000 in sharjah

    Will I recieve any ban?

  115. im in proation period and did not complete any graduation and my employer planning to terminate my job.

    ban will be applied or not. and do i need to return back to my home country?. shall i search and join in any other company without exit from uae?.

    pls help me im in a trouble

    1. Hi Mr. Deepak,

      im a little bit confuse about labour ban. im currently working on my 5th month under 6 months probation period in an unlimited contract. i feel like the company is not gaining so i planned to finish the probation period and find another job. Do i get a ban? Do I need to pay the company for all the expenses like (visa, labour card, emirates ID, medical). Do I need to tender a resignation letter? Please help me. My sixth month will be on the mid September this year. I hope you can help me as you helped everyone a lot. Thank you.

      1. If company provide you release then there won’t be any ban. Since you are on probation you can give one day notice to the comany

  116. Hy Deepak,

    I find myself lucky to have come across this discussion.

    I understand you have come across situations of this sort.

    request you to please help me with my request. I am curently serving my 6th month probationary period with a 5k remuneration. I have a an offer of 7k from another company. my new employer requires me to start work by the august 24th/28th august.

    I understand that there will be a ban of 6 months, which can be upliffted as im being offered a better pay.

    my question is- Do I have to give a notice period of 1 month?

    my contract reads the following in quotes

    “Your contract with us will be subservient to the U.A.E labour law and you will be entitled to the gratuity law applicable thereto.

    During the probationary period, if your services are found to be unsatisfactory, the same could be terminated without giving youprior notice. However, after the completion of the probationary period, a notice of two months will be required to terminate these arrangements by either side.”

    please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

    1. Under probation as per UAE Labour Law, you may resign or employer can terminate with a day’s notice.

  117. Dear Sir,
    I am working in a company In Dubai.My visa is limited. i am still under probation period (5 months now). I got a new offer from other company. salary is 10k. I am a diploma holder. so that i need to leave this company.as per offer letter from this company I have to pay visa cost if i will leave this company under these period and is there will be Ban …?some body told that they can ban me for a one year. Is it possible to Ban one year?
    Please advice sir..

  118. Dear Sir,

    Presently I’m working for AED 4,500.00 as a sales representative. in dubai.

    I got an opportunity for AED 5,000.00 in a abudhabi company as a quantity surveyor.

    I’m on my 7th month.

    I have a professional diploma certificate also.

    can you guide me that how i can change my visa to new company ?

  119. I am working in Abu dhabi since last one year and wish to switch in HFZ sharjah for new . Please advise for any ban imposing ( engg with salary more 15 k) or any difference

  120. Hi Deepak

    I came here with an business visa and i got a job here and probation period of 6 months.The one thing is that my visa expires this august, is it favorable to give Pass port for stamping or Should i exit the country and come back here and which visa i can come back and when will they issue the work visa only after probation period?

  121. Hi,

    i have been working for 2 months in my new company and under probation, they terminated my contract due to poor performance but they never called my attention about it (or warning notice) will i get ban for 6 months? what if i can get 5,000 and higher offer from other company? will my ban be removed?

    thank you.

  122. Dear sir I am new to dubai I came on 9th March 2014 and my labor agreement done on 29th april 2014 and I am on 6 months prohibition period though I am graduate My employer offers me very less salary and I got new opportunity offering lil better salary that I can at-least survive here what if I resign from my current company now, did they ban me or I have to pay for visa charges and if yes how much visa charges I have to paid

  123. i am working in company from 1 year 6 month. now i get new opportunity, my question is this if now i leave this company , they will bann me or not. my 5 months is still remaining in present company

  124. hello Mr Deepak M
    Would appreciate if i can get an answer.
    I am new in dubai and have been working with my company for less than a month (still on probation period which is 6months) i have only done my medical but haven’t yet applied from my Emirates ID the visa in my passport hasn’t been stamped yet also, and my question is and because i cannot work under the condition with my actual job, i have found another job in dubai healthcare city which is more of my field also i was given an offer letter so i would realy be thankful if someone can tell me if i will meet any problems or issues while resigning and also joining the new company.
    thank you in advance
    warm regards

    1. i think you can leave the job as you are still on probation period. Nothing to worry. Moreover your visa has not been stamped.

      1. hi mr Deepak ! i need ur help
        my situation is so close to this situation !!!
        i am an female Architect (Architect visa ) i joind a very small company they offered me 4500 per month !! they gave me 1500 salary !!! and they r acting so aggressive now completelty chnaged 🙁
        once i started working with them i saw everything is completely against of what they told me .. i worked with them now exactly around 45 days ! and now i want to leave the company ..
        i didn’t sign any contract with them and my visa (residency) is not stamped yet !!
        now i want to know i can change to another job?
        and what about the ban law !!!???? i just made the medical but i didn’t sign a contract or stamped my visa or even sign on offer letter !!!
        i want to leave and i want to know the law !
        please advice me mr Deepak !

  125. Dear Sir,
    I am employed in a company for the last three months and my probation period is 6 months (3 months remaining). If I resign from the company during my probation period, would I have to pay any visa expense or any expense to the company or ministry of Labour? Also Would I have to face any ban issues?
    Please help me with your kind reply.

  126. I’m currently working in freezone company in JLT. I have only employment visa but I didn’t yet take medical and no stamp in my passport yet as well. Can I resign if I only work for 2 months? Is there any expenses that I have to pay to my employer?

  127. if the company fired me I get a banned?what is the benefit from the company I work there for 1 hears and 6 month

  128. Sir, please advice me.. company is going to terminate me. this is my probation period.5th month. i will get any ban or not???

  129. Hi sir,
    I’m working in salon as a hairstylist but I’m on 6 month probation period I want to cancell my visa due to sickness and I m on labour visa so any ban if I want to cancell my visa before six months

  130. Sir,
    I need advice from you.im working in green darbar restaurant. But my visa is from Khalifa mubarak restaurant.end of this coming month is my completely one year in this company.but for now I’m planning to ask to my boss a release paper. Sir, it is possible for the release paper? Pls response to me sir.thank you so much.!

  131. Please Mr. Deepak reply to my questions,
    If I finished my probationary period of 3 months do I need to pay for the visa cost in my company?Because I don’t want to be part of the company anymore.
    Thank you

  132. Hi Sir Deepak,
    I am confused regarding the offer letter I signed if I am going to pay or reimburse for the visa cost, they process the emirates id and labour card. Do I need to pay for their visa cost since I am on probationary period for 3 months and I want to resign as soon as possible during my probationary period? And what if I leave without notice to company and return to my country, what is the consequence?
    Here’s my offer letter that I signed already:
    You are required to serve the service period as per the contract. Either party may terminate the contract by giving the other party one month notice in writing any time after completion of the probationary period.
    Should you resign prior to completion of one year of service or Should you decide to leave our employment after completing one year of service and before completing the minimum service period of two years, you will be required to reimburse the company all recruitment expenses which will include complete visa process expenses, and bear your own ticket to your return country.

    Please reply to this..Thank you!

  133. Hi Mr Deepak,
    Regarding to quiting job while on probation. I just finished 1 month of my 3 months proby and would like to quit. I currently work for a Private Consulting firm in Dubai as an Architect (categorized as Engineer in Dubai I beleive) with a salary of no less than 12k a month.
    Reason, my dream job (and company) have made me an offer which is better than my current..
    In my present contract, (the offer letter that I signed), nothing is mentioned that I need to pay anything, only to serve 1 month notice if I am to resign.
    Now I’m planning to quit, what are the chances that I’m gonna get banned? Could you kindly advise, including other information/consequences that relates to this (if I am to quit).

    Many thanks in advance.


    1. if you have no visa from your company then you can quit the job you will not get any ban.

  134. Hey there deepak
    Thank you for being so supportive to all of us, your guidance has helped many people make critical decisions.
    I have a question if I may
    I was hired by a company on freezone visa om 1 year contract and my probation is 6 months. Im here for 7 months now and my probation got extended till 8 months (did not recieve confirmation letter)
    If I am to resign, do I have to serve notice period (mentioned as 3 months in my contract)?
    Also, are there any bans of any kind, given I am working as a manager and my new job will offer same or slightly higher

    1. there is no need to serve notice period as you are still on probation period
      regarding ban it will be depend on company

      1. dear sir now i am working as a data entry operator at a oil and gas construction company while probation period .after probation period have i to pay any compensetion or 45 days salary

        1. Anshad,
          I do not know what is mentioned in your contract. Hence can comment on this!

  135. Hey there deepak
    Thank you for being so supportive to all of us, your guidance has helped many people make critical decisions.
    I have a question if I may
    I was hired by a company on freezone visa and my probation is 6 months. Im here for 7 months now and my probation got extended till 8 months (did not recieve confirmation letter)
    If I am to resign, do I have to serve notice period (mentioned as 3 months in my contract)?
    Also, are there any bans of any kind, given I am working as a manager and my new job will offer same or slightly higher salary?

  136. Hi Sir Deepak,

    I am confused regarding the offer letter I signed if I am going to pay or reimburse for the visa cost, they process the emirates id and labour card. Do I need to pay for their visa cost since I am on probationary period for 3 months and I want to resign as soon as possible during my probationary period? And what if I leave without notice to company and return to my country, what is the consequence?

    Here’s my offer letter that I signed already:

    You are required to serve the service period as per the contract. Either party may terminate the contract by giving the other party one month notice in writing any time after completion of the probationary period.

    Should you resign prior to completion of one year of service or Should you decide to leave our employment after completing one year of service and before completing the minimum service period of two years, you will be required to reimburse the company all recruitment expenses which will include complete visa process expenses, and bear your own ticket to your return country.

    Thank you!

  137. Hi Deepak, my probation period as mentioned in the offer letter is 3 months, and have informed that once after probation there will be an increment of 500.
    Now as per the visa stamped date I have completed my 3months probation. My salary date was on 5th but, every month salary is delayed and will be paid on 10th or between 20th, this time I have received my base salary without increment.
    I have been issued with warning letter during my probation. that is because whenever I asked for salary they issue warning letter the next day. So I have stopped asking for salary now, think like let it come as per their wish.

    Now, they have not intimated anything regarding withhold of salary increment. However, when I checked with accounts head, he personally informed me that, “as you have received many warning letter during probation might be a reason for hold, you may check with manager”.

    What should be done

  138. hi mr. deepak! i am currently employed under a freezone visa for 3 months now, i am planning to resign and go back to my country. as per my company they told me that I will pay 4,000 to 5,000 dirhams if i will resign. is that true? as per my contract it states that if i didn’t finish a year i have to pay 5,000 but i’m still in probation period, so would that be counted? is the UAE labour law applicable to all working in UAE whether labour visa, freezone visa or immigration visa? pls reply. thank you

  139. Hi mr. Deepak good day!!! Ii want to know if i will be going to have a ban i was under probation i have been working for 2 weeks now im not done with my medical i want to know if i will be going to resign am going to have a ban? And how will i know if they already stamped my visa? Please i need your kind advise im not happy with my new company .

    1. There wont be any ban but your employer shoudl cancel the work permit before you join the other company. Or else your new employer wont be able to apply for your work permit

  140. Hi Mr. Deepak i need your advice i was planning to resign to my company as im under probation im a going to face a ban if i was hired to freezone company or may salary will be higher that my previous job like from 3000 to 5000?

  141. Hi dear depak i would like to ask about my probation period.
    I have just complete my 2 months and my company fired me so plz tell me is there any ban that i will face from labour?
    Plz inform me i would be thanks full .

  142. dear Mr. Deepak M
    ,please give me your professional advice. I joined one of the big private hospital in January and still on probation period( 6 month) till July. I am dreaming about othe job which is with etihad company( cabin crew). what are possible scenario for me if I resign on prob/ period or after/ is etihad a government company/ I know that it is national. but is it government((

  143. Hi mr deepak
    I m fired from my current job within probationary period . Will I face a labour ban ?

  144. I got an offer from Tecom FZ co as Admin Manager, in the offer letter they changed my job title as Sr admin Officer and processed my visa form Dubai Immigration, instead of Tecom FZ, and after six month they sent a termination letter saying my work is not up to their expectations (actual reason they want to appoint a guy from the company directors family)if the employer terminating me before 1 year do i get an employment ban if it on probationary period or after the probation period?

    1. If you are visa is directly from freezone then nothing to worry you may not get any ban

  145. Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

    Is there a probation period for me now?….

  146. Hi Deepak,

    I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013. and visa stamped date is 22 jan 2014. However, in my contract my probation was ‘0’. And now I would like to break the contract as my salary is not paid on time, due to this my house owner is complaining me a lot for rent. I enquired for a salary advance and I was said that there is no cash currently to pay. I need to know whether if I need to break the contract do I need to pay the visa cost? and any ban will be made as this is a fault from company (article 121- non payment of salary on time)?.

    Thank you

    1. If you are not receiving your salary on time it is better to address this issue to MOL.

      1. Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

        Is there a probation period for me now?….

        1. Thanks Deep. I would also like to clarify with you that: As I have joined the company in Dec 30th 2013 and visa stamped date is 22 Jan 2014 and in my contract my probation was mentioned as ’0′.

          Is there a probation period for me now?….

          Please address…………….

        2. It is better to check in your labour contract about your probation period clause. Normally it is mentioned 6 months probation period for all employees

      2. Hi Mr. Deepak.

        This is jagadeesh from India , I completed MBA. I am working in Adudhabi as sales Co coordinator . I am not satisfied with work location, what they promised me interview , i am not getting that.
        They offered me 3.2 k for 6 months , later they will increase the salary. but they said it in verbally .
        Now they are saying we cannot increase the salary after 6 months .its against to company policy . After listening this my hopes gone, because i have lot of commitments .

        So i decide to leave this company , is there any Labour ban ? I am planing to go back to India.!

        Note : In offer letter they mentioned employee has to work with us minimum 1 year ,otherwise employee has to pay some visa chargers some other charges, what ever employeer invested on employee .
        i heard this is against UAE labour law. illegal. is it tru

        So please tell me help me with your valuable suggestion. because this 5th month.
        i start something now onward to take or search any other choices .

      3. I came to uae on work permit visa for Asst. Manager on 11.9.2014 and joined work on same day.my visa stamping got delayed as their shop licence expired so visa stamping nd CONTRACT was done with effect from 5.11.2014.as per the CONTRACT I am in 3 months probation will this be calculated from 11.09 or 5.11 pls reply

        Also if i go to court how many sittings it shall take to settle the matter

        1. Arun,
          Yes it will be calculated as you have joined work.
          Not sure whether I understand your second question.

  147. Hi deepak…. i’m presently working as a production engineer in dubai (VISA of production engineer too). i’m in my probation period and am not happy with the work environment in this field…. i have decided to leave my job and search for a new job in some non technical field….. i already got my visa stamped and got my labour card and emirates id…. will i face a ban of 6 months if i change my job???? will getting an NOC from my present company avoid the ban????

  148. HI Sir,

    I joined an insurance company IN FEBRUARY as sales executive, in March i got an offer from bank with 5000 plus package, i resigned from insurance company in PROBATIONARY period without stamping visa on my ppt. My visa will be cancelled soon.

    For my new offer at bank, I need to submit cancelled visa details only then I will get new employment visa (BANK) with in 7-10 days.
    Question: After cancellation from first employer, can I stay in UAE to get new employment visa? or I need to make an exit for new employment visa ? I PREFER NOT TO MAKE AN EXIT.

  149. Sir
    I have joined a company on 7th jan’14 in ras al khaimah free zone.
    I am not satisfied with the work environment in the company, so I offered my resignation on feb-22, 2014.
    Now the company hold my salary from 1st Feb and uptil now.(I am still working with them)
    They are warning me of permanent employment ban in uae.
    And also asking me to pay the visa charge, 2 months accomodation charge plus ticket money which they paid while I came here.
    Beside all this they are telling me that I have to work one and half month free for them.
    Sir, I am in too much tension please help me.

  150. Dear deepak
    i;m a mechanical engineer works in a trading company, im in probation period of six months is there any chance of termination since i got my employee id and my visa is stamped in the passport.please reply me.

  151. Hi.
    I have been working here in Dubai as System Support PABX Engineer from 1st July 2013 & i have bought up in SALES VISA.
    In total with my Indian Experience i have around 1 year 4months in IT industry now Employer says they have no Use of keeping an Engineer as its a small firm with more of Technician work so if I resign now what about the BAN?

    I’m seeking for job now if any requirement please let me know .. I am good at Configuring PABX, routers, Digital Marketing also

  152. Dear Deepak,

    I am working in uae from past 2 months as a mechanical engineer. I want to leave the company bcoz of worst environment. Please advice me that if i got good offer & i resign there is any ban?… or else wants to pay for lift the ban?… please reply me as soon as possible..

    1. There are chances of getting an automatic labour ban for six months.To avoid this you can try job in freezone or government companies.

  153. I am working in one of the company as a mechanical engineer from past 2 months. I want to leave the company. If I got another offer, shall I go?.. & There is no issues for a ban?.. Else I wants to pay to immigration?… Please reply me as soon as possible.

  154. Hi Deepak,

    I appreciate the time you took for the Service.
    My name is Satya. I came from India. I am working as waiter in a hotel since 16th Dec 2013 in Abu Dhabi with Entry Permit Visa (Provided by Company). I am in probation period. now I got a good opportunity ( IT) in another company in Abu Dhabi.. I want to resign from my current company and move to another company. Three weeks back they have taken medical checkup and applied for UAE id. But i didn’t Receive any UAE id. so can I resign? Is their any labor ban..?

    Once again Thank you for your assistance.

    Please Kindly Advise me sir,

    1. You need to check whether your visa is stamped on your passport and issued UAE ID or not . If not you can decide to leave the job at your risk.

  155. hi Deepak,

    want to know if I can resign giving 1 month notice within probationary period in saif zone? but in my offer letter I need to serve 3 month notice…. im on 6 months probation period. do I need to pay anything? all the visa expenses they’ve spent on me? and the visa cancellation fee? please help deepak thank u so much…

  156. Hello,
    I am working with a private company in dubai and my 6 months probation period will end in Jan19. My question is:
    1) Can i resign after this date (after my 6months) cos am really tired of the job.
    2) will i have to pay any fine to the company?
    3)will there be any ban on my visa/entry into uae.
    4) Whats the best procedure for me to resign.

    I hope you will be able to answer my questions and i await your soonest response.

    1. If you resign after six months you need to serve notice as per employment agreement
      To pay fine would be depends on company policy
      You may have the chances of getting an automatic labour ban

  157. I am working in a construction company as a draughtman this is my probation period (6month probation).During this period i have got offer from another company.If i resign from my current employer.
    1) Is it possible to join new company,
    2) If they ban me new company can lift the ban or not.

  158. I’m on my probation period, my manager keep on telling us that our employment is not necessary and they do not need us in the company, I resigned but they want me to pay other expenses they used against my visa processing,, usually how much this,, and right now im still currently working with them for 1 month now,, can i request them to just deduct it with whatever days i have worked with

  159. I was offered a job by a private company in Dubai that is not in a free zone with a salary of 2500 DHS per month including food,accommodation & transportation. I have been here for almost 2 months,my probation is six months.I hold a Master’s degree in finance and two years experience.They took my visa not in my profession,before i came i asked to them why you took that trade to me.They told me that,its easy to get employment visa.
    So currently i am loosing my profession.I want to know can I resign from the company.
    They are asking visa cost and other expenses that are spend by them for me.I signed my contract because of my superior’s pressure.I am first time in dubai.I don’t know legal procedures in dubai.
    Is there any provision in law say,pay the visa expenses?I know i will get ban,if i resigned before 2 years contract period.Suggest me a better solution to resign from this company.

    1. There are chances of getting an automatic labour ban for six months. There are No such provision for deducting visa cost… it will be depends upon company policy.

  160. Two months back, I have joined in a school as teacher and on probation period of 3 months. During school winter vacation of 2 weeks, does shool has right to consider that as unpaid leave for me?

  161. Will the employer will issue if I resign during the probationary period under Free Zone Visa

    1. if you are not satisfied with work you can resign during probationary period. But you need to show the proper reason for resignation

  162. I am started working in dubai from 01 june 2013.In my contract letter its mentioned as from 01 june 2013 to 30 may 2015. Now company told me i terminated form this company during this probtion period. so let me know when will finish my probation period (pls mention the correct date)

    1. The normal probation period is 6 months starting from your joining date. If you are not performing then company has the right to terminate you without notice.

  163. I working in trading company, but I terminated without any valid reason even though I worked very hard ,sincerity and professionally to get the best result for more than 5 months during the probation period. when I asked him the reason, he simply told this is the probationary period, so we terminate you.
    My question is, is he terminate any employee without any valid reason?

    1. Yes during probation employer will see your job performance and If your performance is not upto the mark then the employer has the right to terminate you without notice.

  164. I m working in Dubai from 22nd june 13. Now i have a better offer in Abu Dhabi. My current employer is not accepting my resignation. What steps I can take ?? Please Guide and what are the consequences of cancellation of my visa during probation.please guide..

    1. if your current employer is not accepting your resignation then you can address this issue with labour department.

  165. hi sir,
    i just want to know if i will be automatic ban if i resign. Im on probitionary period. i only work with them for 3 weeks and i have not done any medical and no labour card. but i have employment visa good for 3months. im in limited contract. do i have to give one month notice? please help.

    1. Since you are on probation period and your visa is not stamped at you may resign by giving one day notice. I think there wont be any ban.

  166. Hello Deepak,

    I joined a new company in Dubai last month. I am under 6 months probation period. They have got my entry permit issued but not yet changed my visa status. I have got a much better ofer from another company. Can I resign without notice period and can my current company refuse to cancel my visa? I am willing to pay for the visa expenses incurred.


    1. Dear Deepak,

      I am still waiting for your reply on my problem. Kindly provide guidance. My main concern is whether the current employer can refuse to cancel my visa.

      I am awaiting for your reply.

      1. Current employer cannot refuses to cancel your visa unless there is some work pending from your side

    2. If you are on probation period you can leave the company by giving one day notice. Company cannot hold the cancellation.

  167. Dear Sir,

    I am currently working in a freezone company. I started last April, 2013 and as my visit visa expires I was asked by my boss to exit to our country while waiting for my employment visa.They paid for my Round trip ticket and overstaying.I stayed and waited for 2mos for my employment visa and return back to dubai this august. Everything was already completed medical, residence visa, emirates id and labour card. My probationary period will end on the month of january or february. What will happened if they cancelled my employment and residence visa after my probationary? Does my employer will pay for my ticket back to my country?is there a gratuity i need to recieve from them or any amount since I signed a 3years contract from them.? I got a lot of expenses already while here in dubai (rents, food allowance, etc)…many debts already that is why if my visa will be cancelled how can i pay my debts…is there any ban?Do I need to pay for the visa cost? What should i received after when my visa will be cancelled in my probationary period?please do reply. I am awaiting for your reply.

    1. since you are working in freezone you will not have an automatic labour ban. yes if you are terminated then company should provide you with return air ticket. No you will not get any gratuity , to get gratuity you need to complete atleast one year in the company. Debts you need to settle. there is no other way. It is personal. Visa cost-it will be depends on company. You will receive only salary till your last working day.

      1. Dear Sir,
        Thank you for your immediate reply to my concern.
        I thought there are some additional benefits that i will received if ever I will be terminated…but sad to say on return air ticket back to m country and my last salary …one thing more what if I was ask to pay for the visa cost…very bad! With this, for me If I will be terminated much better if I will just return to my country than start from the very beginning hunting for jobs in dubai as of today is very difficult and many companies are just giving lower salary ranges 1000-2000 only. If I will start at the very beginning then the result will be more additional expenses again that will result again to additional debts!very bad…maybe I am not lucky in Dubai…bad for me…soooo sad! well thanks Sir Deepak for your big help now I got my plan B that if ever I will be terminated I will just go home to my country….thanks a lot!

  168. Dear Deepak,

    I am currently under my probationary period and want to know whether I can terminate my employment within the probationary period by giving how many days/months of notice.
    Also, my contract specifies a notice period of 90 days which I believe is applicable only after the end of my probation period. Please guide me in the process.

    Thank you.

    1. Yes during probation period you can leave the company immediately without serving notice period

  169. Dear Mr Deepak,

    I just want to if I will be resigning in my present company and im on my probation period and I do no have my medicals and labour card yet and even my residence visa its that mean I will have my automatic 6 months ban? I have a better offer from other company and my current employer hold my cancellation papers. they said that they will only release me if they can find my replacement. I’m willing to pay all my expenses. How many days is the cancellation of visa? Thanks..

    1. Cancellation can be done within one day. Since you have not done your medical and dont have labour card you will not have any ban.

  170. Dear sir, im under probation and my employer is terminating me because i they want me to go to sharjah for relocation, before they told me that i will be working only here in dubai but then they are forcing me to be in sharja but i refused and they told me that if i will not go there they will terminate me and will not report for work anymore. And they also said that i will be going to pay for all the expenses that they paid on me. Is that right and legal sir??? Please i need your advice because im just new hre in dubai. Thnks in advance.

    1. It is not legal to deduct visa cost from employee. But some companies do it. You can go to labour can discuss this issue:http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/what-is-probation-period

  171. Dear sir,
    Past two months am working for a LLC in unlimited contract now they terminated with one month notice period. I have only got emirates ID no labor card yesterday. if there is any band for me?

    1. If they have processed your labour card and issued by MOL then you may have the chances to get six months automatic labour ban.
      How about your residence visa on passport? is it stamped? http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/how-to-avoid-6-months-labour-ban-in-dubai-uae

  172. Dear Sir,

    I am working in a company In Dubai.My visa is Unlimited. i am still under probation period (5 months now). unfortunately i have some problems at home. so that i need to leave his company. Do i need to pay any visa cost if i will leave this company under these period and is there will be Ban …?

    Please advice sir..

    1. yes you will have an automatic labour ban for six months. Some companies ask for visa cost from the employees if they resign before the contract period.

  173. Dear Sir Deepak,

    If probation period is the period when an employee can resign without giving notice, why employer can request a one-year ban in the Ministry of Labour? I am on limited contract. I want to resign and move to other company, I hope I wont get the one-year ban… Thanks Sir

  174. Sir Deepak, if an employee can resign during probationary period without giving reason and notice why some company can request a one-year ban? please enlighten me. thanks Sir 🙁 im on limited contract… i want to resign.

    1. There is an automatic labour ban for six month if you resign before the contract period.Regarding one year ban if an employee committed any serious offense then only company can request one year ban.

  175. Hi Deepak,

    I am working for a freight forwarding company as a Sales Manager from 25th Feb 2013, near completion of 6 months my company called me for a review and since my sales figures were not available they have extended my probation period by another month. They have asked me to sign a letter saying that probation terms are extended and to be reviewed after a month. Today without having any correct sales figures they are blaming me that i have not performed as per their expectations and on my offering to resign they are not accepting my resignation as well instead they are saying they will terminate me. I am under a Dubai Logistics City freezone visa and terms mentioned on my offer letter is that the notice period after the probation period is over is 3 months (which my employer does not want to honor) on basis of the signed letter taken from me at time of completion of 6 months of employment. Please advise your views if the company can do this? or else why would they not want to accept my resignation?

    Await your advise

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. If it is stated in your employment contract that your notice period is 3 months, and if you are a confirmed employee then if company terminates you, company should pay three months notice period salary. Same thing applies on the other hand too. If you are on probation period and then company wants to terminate you , company can give one day notice, same on the other hand too.

  176. Hi Deepak,

    I am working for a freight forwarding company as a Sales Manager from 25th Feb 2013, near completion of 6 months my company called me for a review and since my sales figures were not available they have extended my probation period by another month. They have asked me to sign a letter saying that probation terms are extended and to be reviewed after a month. Today without having any correct sales figures they are blaming me that i have not performed as per their expectations and on my offering to resign they are not accepting my resignation as well instead they are saying they will terminate me. I am under a Dubai Logistics City freezone visa and terms mentioned on my offer letter is that the notice period after the probation period is over is 3 months (which my employer does not want to honor) on basis of the signed letter taken from me at time of completion of 6 months of employment. Please advise your views if the company can do this? or else why would they not want to accept my resignation?

  177. Hi Deepak.

    I am on my husband visa. I have been offered a job in Freezone Tecom in DIC area. There’s a non-competition clause in my agreement which says if I leave, i cannot join the competitor. I pushed the employer to chuck out this clause, but refrains to do so.

    So if I leave the job during probationary period, is the ban valid on me. Can I not work with the competitor. What to do?

  178. hey.i have just started a job in august. i am on a six month probation period. however, as im studying higher courses and the job location is one hour away from my house. it is very hectic for me everyday. my father also has a business. so for example if i resign from the job, and apply for residence from my fathers bussines. is that possible?

  179. Hi Deepak.

    I m Ali working in ——– company in F&B section.from 30/04/2013.

    Still on 6 month probation period I am getting lots and lots of pressure even I do my best but still at end of day its counted 0 % on my last review with trainee manager they told me that I have 1 week time to improve my performance.

    But every day I am getting so so much pressure which I never gone through in my pass 8 years in Dubai. I want to quite the job if I do I have ban on me.

    1. If they terminate you then they should give you a NOC. If they give you a NOC then you can join other company without facing a problem of ban.

  180. My nameAhmed, i came from India on employment visa(company provided- open contract) now i am working with my employer since a month, i am not satisfy with this job .i would like to resignation from present job.what is the notice period in uae labor law.

    1. if you are on a probationary period you can leave the job at any time no need to give notice

  181. Hi, you can call me jazz. I want to ask if I can resign in my present job during probationary period. I seen in my limited contract that I have a 6months probationary period, so I want to ask if I can leave my present job. Is there a automatic ban if I leave? I have a problem with my employer that I think is too much to bear. Time of work are not good, sometimes he speak to me not good words that you can feel pitty for yourself. And also how many times he hit my left hand by the used of metal ruler. Please help me to know give me some advise. Thank you. i start working here feb.15, but in my contract start is march 25 so if you compute the months base in contract im turning to 5 months. so i have the right to leave this company without being ban or not?

    1. Since your contract is limited for sure you will get automatic labour ban even though you are on probationary period.

      1. Hi Mr Deepak,

        I Also have the same situation with jazz, i really want to resign because im not happy with my job, and also my time of work is too long. The reason why i’m still staying because some people telling me that i need to pay 15,000 dirhams for my visa, im in a limited contract, i just started to work last march 17 im still in my probationary peiod. But i checked my contract and it is not stated that if i will resign i need to pay for my visa and it is also not stated that i need to compensate them. I really dont know what to do. please help me, i need your advice. thank you!

        1. if you are having a limited contract you need to complete your contract period . If you resign you may have to pay the company.

  182. Hi Deepak, I have been with my company for just 2 weeks and have not offically started work yet am just training. I am working in a salon. I have not signed anything or done a medical. My visa has been stamped by immigration when entering. I am British national. I am unhappy with the company and would like to join another am I going to get a ban?

  183. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am currently under probation, my company has an excess of employees and is wanting to cut down on costs, 2 of my colleagues have already been terminated due to the fact that the company does not need them anymore. Now, since I have been performing well, the company wants to retain me but wants me transferred to Abu Dhabi. If I refuse, they would terminate me. If I choose to be terminated within the probation period, will I get a labor ban even if they provide me an NOC? Will I pay the cost for the Visa that they’ve used when they hired me? Thank you.

  184. Hi Sir,
    I am a doctor on an unlimited contract with my hospital. I am still in my probation period. I am not happy with my current employer and have an opportunity in government hospital. My private contract (not Labour Contract) between me and the hospital mentions 3 months notice period, however there is no specific mention of notice period during probation.
    Am I liable to give notice period to my employer? If yes, how much should be the notice period? One month or three months?

  185. Sir

    I hv 6 month prabation i finuahed but company extend my probation 3 month if i confirmed i am elligible for general increament june is our compny funantial budget and july increament so i loss my this increament i am not elligible for this and fear about my job was secure or not after 3month they are confirmed or not then wt to do ? Pls sir advice this 1st time in dubai job

    1. My advise is to wait for the company response.But if you are still having any doubt regarding loss of job it is better to look for other job opportunity in market.

  186. Dear sir, ive been working on our company for the past 4 and a half months… they just processed my visa, medical, emirates id, and labor contract few days ago.. that means my probation period will just start the moment my labor contract is approved? so i will have to start again for new 6months probation?

    i would also like to know how can i complain to the authorities with regards to this. not only my employer delayed my labor papers, but he also make us work 12-13hrs a day. without overtime pay

    1. Hi, Your probation period will start from the date of joining.If you want to complain you need to go to the labour department.

  187. Dear Mr.Deepak,

    Good Day to you!

    Thank you very much for your time for the Questionnaire !!


    My self Abhiram, i came from India on employment visa(company provided) now i am working with my employer since a month, i am not satisfy with this job and also some thing i don’t like in this company, so can i resign ? is there any labor ban ??

    Note:Company did not take me to Medical Checkup yet and also my visa(residence) is not stamped on my passport !

    Kindly advise me for the same!

    1. Hi Abhiram, Yes you can move to the other company but make sure you dont have labour card or labour contract. Also company may ask you to pay the visa charges.

  188. sir my name is iqbal hussain frm pakistan i have completed my honur degree of bs telecom and networking also my internship now i want to do job in doha international airport i m 25 years old i hve all my dacuments degree 4 years and inernship certifacate goog computer skill langes english,urdu,pushto mother tangue iwill show my ability in ur organization i msure sir thanks if u become agree then urgent call me on 923449681880. thank u sir


    1. I am working on the basis of my Bsc degree and my probation is not yet completed. If I am being terminated by the company, I will face a ban for a 06 month. Kindly let me know whether the ban will be uplifted If I get an offer on my MS degree.

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