What is the rule for sick leave as per UAE Labour Law

Sick Leave or Medical Leave in UAE

Anyone can fall sick at any unexpected time. Many companies have different policies on what proof is required to avail sick leave pay. However, UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab. specifically lays out several Articles within the Labour Law.

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You may have following questions about Sick Leaves in UAE:

  • What is the sick leave policy in UAE Labour Law?
  • What is the rule of sick leave in UAE?
  • How many days sick leaves are you entitled to?
  • How can I get sick leave certificate in UAE?
  • Is medical certificate required for one day sick leave?

UAE Labour Law provides clear provisions for sick leave for employees working.

When should employee inform about Sick Leave?

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As per Article (82)-The employee must report to the employer any injuries or illnesses preventing him from working within a maximum period of two days.

Can I take Sick Leave during probation period? How many days sick leaves are you entitled to?

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As per the Article (83) – The employee is not entitled to any paid sick leave during the probation period. However, if an employee spends over three months after completion of the probationary period, the employee is entitled to sick leave not more than 90 days either continuous or intermittent per each year of service, computed as below:

  • Full pay for the first 15 days
  • Half pay for the next 30 days
  • No pay for any following period

It should be noted that the employee should provide evidence of his illness warranting sick leave by an official medical certificate.

Note: The above provisions are subject to conditions and do not apply on sick leave because of occupational illness.

When are you not entitled for Sick Leave?

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As per the Article (84)- If the employee’s illness is directly caused by his misbehavior such as consumption of alcohol or narcotics he is not entitled to any wages during the sick leave.

In addition :

If the employee is on probation period

If the employee works for another employer during the sick leave

What can cause termination after sick leave?

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As per the Article (85), The employer may terminate the service of an employee who fails to resume his duties at the end of such leave as stipulated in Article (82), 83), and (84) hereof, in such case employee shall be entitled to his gratuity in accordance with the provision of UAE Labour Law.

Can you resign during the sick leave?

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As per Article (86)-The employee may resign from employment during the sick leave period and before the completion of 45 days specified by law, provided the reason of resignation is approved by a physician or Government Medical Officer. In this situation, the employer must pay the employee all the wages he is entitled to, until the end of the 45 days referred to above.

What are the provisions for Hajj Leave / Umrah Leave?

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As per the Article (87)- A special leave without pay may be granted for the performance of pilgrimage to the employee once throughout his service and shall not be counted among other leaves and may not exceed 30 days. Note that the Hajj pilgrimage leave is without pay as per UAE Labour Law; but I have seen companies paying employees during the Hajj Leave.

Can you work for another employer during sick leave?

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As per the Article (88)-During the annual leave or sick leave provided for hereunder, the employee may not work for another Employer; however, if the employer has established that the employee has done this, he shall have the right to terminate the service of employee without notice, and to deprive him of the leave pay due to him.

What happens if you do not report to work after sick leave?

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As per the Article (89) -Subject to the provisions herein contained, every employee who does not report to duty immediately after expiry of his vacation, he shall be deprived of his pay for the period of absence commencing from the day following to the date on which the leave has expired.

Can a company terminate employee during sick leave?

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As per the Article (90)- Without prejudice to cases where the employer has the right to dismiss the employee without notice or gratuityOpens in a new tab. as prescribed herein, the employer may not dismiss an employee or serve him with a notice of dismissal during his leave as is provided for in this Section.

The employer may not dismiss an employee from service during his sick leave or annual leaveOpens in a new tab.. During this period any notice for termination will be considered null and void.

However, the employer is entitled to terminate the employment contract if the employee has exhausted his full sick leave and is not fit to return to work. In such cases, the employee will be entitled to his full gratuity and end of service entitlementOpens in a new tab. in accordance with the Law.

Furthermore, the employee will not be entitled to wages for the days that he has not reported to work after the end of his leave (whether sick leave or annual leave). This will not prejudice the rights of the employer to terminate the employee’s contract if the employee fails to report back to work within seven consecutive days from the date he was due back.

However, in cases of a persistent or chronic medical condition or the need for long-term treatment, an employee may apply for an extended sick leave of up to six months, which will be granted if authorized by the Civil Service Medical Committee, on the basis of an assessment conducted by the Committee itself. Thereafter, the six month period of sick leave can be extended for a further six months, on the same basis. Under applicable rules, civil servants are entitled to full pay while on sick leave.

Sick Leave Certificate – How to Get?

As per the New DHAOpens in a new tab. rule, Dubai Employees in Dubai’s private and public sectors must pay Dh60 to get a sick leave certificate which will help to prevent abuse of sick leave provisions and protecting employers from work day losses.

Is medical leave certificate required for one day Sick Leave in UAE?

This really depends on your company. Certain companies require the employee to submit sick leave medical certificate from DHA even for one day sick leave. If the company requires you to submit medical leave certificate, unfortunately you will have to provide this

What if you fall sick during Annual Holidays?

If you fall sick during annual holidaysOpens in a new tab. and if you have a sick leave certificate from concerned Authorities, then the sick leave can be considered. However, if you do not have acceptable proof of your illness, your company may not accept the sick leave application.

What if you fall sick during Public Holidays?

Similar to being sick during annual leaves,Opens in a new tab. if you are sick during public holidays, you should produce sick leave certificate acceptable to your company.

Sick Leave COVID- 19 Positive UAE – Can I Apply Sick Leave?

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization confirmed the necessity of the private sector fulfilling social and legal responsibilities toward employees affected by the Coronavirus.

Employees tested positive for COVID 19 should be considered pathological cases and will be given sick leave in accordance with the Federal Law No 8 of 1980.

The UAE labor law states that if an employee (who is under probation) has spent three months in continuous service for an employer, he is entitled to sick leave, and the duration of leave should not exceed 90 days.

If an employee has completed more than three months after the completion of the probation period of the employer and falls ill, he shall be entitled to sick leave not exceeding 90 days for every year of service.

As per the aforementioned law, the employee should be paid:

  • The full salary for the first fifteen days
  • Half salary for the following 30 days and
  •  Without salary for the remaining 45 days

The Ministry also called upon the private sector to document employee leaves, note any amendments to business contracts, and ensure the payment of salaries through the Wages Protection System (WPS).

COVID- 19 POSITIVE – Can Employer Terminate The Contract During The Sick Leave?

As per UAE labor law, an employer does not have the right to dismiss an employee from service during his sick leave or annual leave. Any notice during this period for the termination will be considered null and void.

If you believe you have been terminated in violation of the UAE you can file a complaint with MOHRE app or calling 800 60.

The Ministry will deal with any complaint in this respect in accordance with the procedures followed, if the complaint cannot be resolved amicably it will be referred to the judiciary for litigation to determine whether it constituted lawful termination or arbitrary dismissal, said the Ministry.

The UAE’s Federal Law on communicable diseases (Federal Law No. 14 of 2014) puts in place regulations that protest the rights of a person suffering from a communicable disease.

The Ministry added in this respect that Article 27 of Federal Law No. 14 of 2014 on combating communicable diseases states that “it is prohibited to place any restrictions or provision on patients carrying communicable diseases that would deny them their rights enshrined in the legislation in place in the country out of consideration of their health status and without prejudice to the measures governing the control and prevention of communicable diseases.

COVID- 19 POSITIVE – Will the employees be remunerated during quarantine period? (If employee had an contact with the suspected case)

The UAE Labour Law does not specifically address this situation. This could be based on the company’s policies and procedures which should be reviewed for any relevant provisions (relating to emergency leave or unpaid leave, for example).

If an employer demands an employee to be kept under quarantine, then the employer may be under an obligation to remunerate the employee for the duration the employee has been kept under quarantine. This is because quarantine was imposed on him and not voluntarily taken.

In this case, employer may request the employee to work remotely, consume annual leave or sick leave , it may be paid as normal payment based on the company’s discretion.

It is always advised to all the employees to notify the employer where they have any symptoms related to COVID19 and not to return to work before they are no longer contagious.


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192 thoughts on “What is the rule for sick leave as per UAE Labour Law

  1. i was on a holiday (Annual Leave) outside the country (UAE) , but unfortunately I was not able to come back since i got COVID positive. When I told my HR to apply for SL for my extension, he said he can only consider the additional leave requested by me as an extension of my annual leave and not as a sick leave since I have not joined back from the annual leave.

    is this valid?

    1. Hi, please refer to your company policy on leave. Also, If you have a medical certificate i would suggest you to check with your HR if they can consider the medical certificate to extend your leave.

  2. Hi Sir, I hope to hear your comment about this:
    Can there be a payment in lieu of unused sick leaves? How about the unused vacation leave, is it convertible to cash? If so, is the employer entitled to pay for the unused sick or vacation leave per year or just upon the end of employment? Thank you! God bless!

    1. Hello, Where a worker is dismissed or leaves his job after the period of notice prescribed by law, he shall be entitled to remuneration in respect of any days of annual leave not taken.

      Applies only in case of unutilized annual leave and not on unutilized sick leaves.

    1. Yes, weekends are considered while calculating sick leaves. However, you may refer your company leave policy as well.

  3. Dear Sir.
    I have joined my company on 4 May, 21. I got Covid + ve on 23 Feb 21. I submitted my Sick Leave application for 15 days as per Doctor advise. The company paid full salary as per Law.
    Few days back, I got ill and submitted my application for 19 & 20 September. The Company paid half salay for these two days.
    Am I entitled for full Pay or Half pay. As these days fall in my 2nd year of service. The Company says that we are considering on Calendar Year and not Year of service ( as per Law)
    Kindly advise

    1. I believe that your joining date is May 4, 2020.
      The 90 days sick leave can be continuous or intermittent, and the salary is paid as follows:

      full pay for the first 15 days
      half pay for the next 30 days
      no pay for the rest 45 days.

  4. What if she was the answer I’d been needing this whole time? She’d already said that we’d talk when I figured out what I wanted. I knew that now. I wanted out.

  5. Hi

    I have taken 2 days of sick leave in 12 months is it company can deduct 2 days from my annual leave

    1. That is not legal. You have total of 15 sick leaves as per Labour Law. But you may require to submit MOH issued medical certificate.

  6. Iam sick ireqwested sick leave to go back to my country my bosses no respond so help me am soon to die 0523609229

  7. I have An ear Problem & doctor advise me for surgery from my home country because its too much costly from UAE which i cannot afford. So i want to know about medical Leave, also the procedure for this & about salary.

  8. what if i have remaining unused sick leave is it possible to request it to cash out?

  9. Hello! I just have a doubt. If an employee takes sick leave from Sunday to Thursday, wherein Friday and Saturday are weekend offs, and has joined back on the next working day i.e. on Sunday, will the weekend off be part of the Sick leave.

    Kindly note that the employee utilized all the 15 days full pay sick leave and that the above scenario falls under the half pay sick leave.

    Looking forward for a prompt response from your end.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  10. Hi im crystal.
    Im working as receptionist in a beauty salon.
    Now Im undergo checkups due to my illness.
    I have been not working for almost 3days because of my situation. Too much pain, even if I take medicine for pain. Only just for a minutes it will relieve then it will comeback. I have hormonal problems which i need to undergo too much checkups. Is it possible foe me to decide to file resignation because my sickness already affect my work. I cant work properly because everytime i feel pain, i need to go home or if too much directly go in the hospital. What will I do? If doctors will not advised me to file resignation, but for my ownsake i want to do it. Please help me i will be 6months this month and I an under unlimited contract. Here abu dhabi. Thanks.

  11. Hi,
    I need a minor operation on my back and doctor has advice for 2 week min bed rest post operation
    so i would like to ask
    1. will i be eligible for sick leave for 2 weeks ( working in the company for past 1.3 years ).
    2. what if the manager denies my sick leave and forces me to take annual leave.
    3. do we have laws where i can claim my rights if things go wrong (incase the company doesnt give me sick leave ).

    1. 1. Yes, you are eligible for sick leave with proper certificate from DHA.
      2. It is as per law. your manager can not deny it.
      3. you may complain with MOL.

  12. Hi,

    I need a minor operation on my back and doctor has advice for 2 week min bed rest post operation
    so i would like to ask,
    1. will i be eligible for sick leave for 2 weeks ( been working for 1.3 yrs in my company ).
    2. what if the company/manager denies my sick leave and forces me to take annual leave.
    3. do we have laws where i can claim my rights if things go wrong.


  13. It’s absolutely wrong… no one can just deduct 3 days salary just because you were absent for 1 day. basic salary can’t easily be deducted.

  14. I was absent for one day because I had a fever, and I wasn’t able to give any medical certificate as I didn’t went to the doctor. The following day, my manager told me that one absent without medical certificate is equivalent to 3day salary deduction as per the labor law. Is it true? Because I can’t seem to find the clause stating such statement. Kindly confirm.

    1. Such must be in your contract. Because its listed in my contract as such. Absent without permission requires 3days salary reduction.

  15. Can I take sick leave during my notice period? If so then how many days?
    Will it extend my days of working?

  16. i took 22 days leave for my mothers treatment. I have bills for treatment. is this possible to get paid leave for me?
    Treatment(operation) done in india.

  17. Hi

    I want to ask another question if someone sick for 1 day and he or she is not able to come, Can company deduct 1day salary ?


    1. Khurram,

      you must provide sick leave certificate, then company can not deduct salary.
      Maximum paid sick leaves are 15 days.

  18. What about Umrah Leave ? If i want to go for Umrah only for 10 days so this leave will be pay leave or unpaid leave?

  19. Hi,

    Can an employee be marked absent if he does not report sick in the first hour of working
    if an employee is permanent has he to provide a medical certificate for 1 day if he reports sick

  20. Hi There, Can you please confirm if one is hospitalized . and then after discharge he will get sick leave from docter. so by law hi ssick leave will be effective from day one when he was hospitalized or when he was given leave. bcz i heard hospitalization leave is different from sick leaves. is it so? any law then please share the supportive link.

    1. Hi Ira,

      Sick leave will be applicable on the days you are sick and that the sickness is certified by the doctor. There is nothing like hopitalisation leave!! (unless you are talking abour workplace injury!!)

  21. Hello Deepak
    Please guide me My Employer issued me a termination letter and currently i am serving notice period.
    I took obe day as sick leave and as per company policy it is paid leave because in past many of my colleagues including me have taken 1 day sick leave and got paid for it. My question is the sick leave which i had taken during notice period will be paid or not as per Labour Law, I am waitng your reply please reply me

  22. I’m working in a security company as a receptionist for almost 1 year. Now I’m sick and unable to come at work. I don’t have insurance or health card until now. And i can’t go to hospital for a consultation as it is costly if you don’t have it. My company keep on telling me that they will issue the insurance card this January 2017. Now my manager asking me a medical certificate showing I’m sick as its my 1st day of not coming at work and we both know also that our company still not providing our health cards. What is the best thing to do? Thanks,

  23. Hello I just want to ask something..
    I have sick leave for two days.. and I have certificate also.but my manager wante to come
    Tomorrow.. if I come tomorrow to my duty what happened to my sick leave and what action that I need to do. Thanks

  24. Good morning I have a 3 sick on leave as of medical certificates… And our company is forcing me to work during of my sickness…. And the days that I have been not to work they will deducted on my salary my sick leave start on Dec 17 to 19 2016 is this right ….My company is golden express cleaning services, 0562707442…

  25. there must be no charges for medical certificate.
    as the employee has to pay (Doctor fee+ certificate fee) which is same or more as one day salery cut for many low salary employees
    then what’s the difference between sick leave and normal leave. as sick leave is paid leave but still in this way we are paying..

  26. Hi Deepak,

    I have an inquiry regarding my sister, my sister had an accident while she was on her way to work. (her right foot was run over by the car wheel). currently her company did not issue a medical insurance for their employee.
    the second party which is the car owner call traffic police and and ambulance after right after the accident.
    when the responded police officer came and ask for my sister health insurance, she dont have something to show and they just sent my sister to hospital via the ambulance. we have paid full amount at the hospitals including medicine’s since my sister don’t have health insurance. the second party paid the ambulance only a its minor accidents as per them.

    My sister can’t work for 3 weeks to one month as her right foot have fractured bones and now on plaster.
    should my sister company shoulder the cost as she’s on her way to work and dont have health insurance?
    ca we reimburse what we spend and all the succeeding cost by this accident?
    how about the payment on her sick leave?

    appreciate your response on this.

    Thank you.

  27. Hi,
    My Employer issued me a termination letter and currently i am serving notice period.
    I took obe day as sick leave and as per company policy it is paid leave because in past many of my colleagues including me have taken 1 day sick leave and got paid for it. My question is the sick leave which i had taken during notice period will be paid or not as per Labour Law.

  28. He is not getting medical certificte by any medical authority .so what should do plzz reply usus soon

  29. Hi
    i have some queries .my younger brother was terminated by the compony .nd the reason is excessive leave .unfortunately he was sick but did nt go to any hospital abd consult dctr just usde medicnce from chemist shop nd he absocnding continue till 15 days witout infrming to compny nd suddenly he got terminatination letter now
    when he looking for medical certifcte to produce as evidence in compny but medical authority giving the medical certifcte so under this circumtance what shuold do plzzz reply us and give some solution

  30. Sir:

    I was absent due to severe abdominal pain and was not able to go to the doctor the same day as I can’t almost stand and walk. Instead, I went to doctor day after I was absent and secured a medicate certificate and was given a 2 days sick leave. Now, my company will not honor my medical certificate, instead, they will deduct my absent from my vacation leave.

    What UAE labor law can decide on this matter.


  31. Hello Deepak,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I have have submitted sick leave with the document for tumor surgery. I had to go India for this surgery as NMC Hospital , Abu Dhabi was refereed me.

    When i came back after 15 Days. My HR is saying you cant not be paid as you are out of the country. Sick live only valid if you are doing the treatment inside the country as per the labor law. But i could not find this type of low anywhere.

    If you have any idea about this can you please share me. Is there really any low this like ?

    Waiting for your kind reoly.

    Thanks in advamce.


    1. Hello Sir,
      Hope you are doing well!
      I have have submitted sick leave with the document for tumor surgery. I had to go India for this surgery as Aster Hospital, Dubai was refereed me.
      When i came back after 15 Days. My HR is saying you cant not be paid as you are out of the country. Sick live only valid if you are doing the treatment inside the country as per the labor law. But i could not find this type of low anywhere.
      If you have any idea about this can you please share me. Is there really any low this like ?
      Waiting for your kind reoly.
      Thanks in advance.

  32. Hi Mr. Deepak,

    Ramadan Kareem!

    Just want to ask regarding this matter.

    1. Is there any rules that stating you cannot take leave during thursday and Sunday?

    2. Since Jan. 2016 until present I accumulated a total 4 numbers of sick and I provided certificate for those sickleave, now on my 5th leave, the company issuing me a warning letter and i don’t want to sign it since i know i didn’t violate any company rules, the hr told me that he want me to sign that warning letter so that they can avoid using our sickleave and he’s telling me that the rule i break is the rule am asking on item no. 1.?

    3. Do they have the tight to issue me a warning letter due to that reasons?

    Please let me know my rights regardingthis matter.

    Thank you and best regards,

  33. A teacher wants to go home country two weeks before the summer vacation for dental surgery. Although it can be postponed to the vacation days, he produces the medical certificate from a clinic, stating that he has to undergo treatment before the vacation. As the case is doubtful, how can it be checked?

  34. Hi,

    I would like to know if it is legal practice of the employer to substitute day off by sick leave. You see, I work 5 days a week and having 2 days OFF. My sick leave fell on Day Off and after 2 days i had one day OFF and never been given in that week another- 2nd day OFF. Was i eligible for another day OFF or compensation if not given

  35. Hi Deepak,

    I am a teacher in abu Dhabi. Do you now If I leave the country will my employer recieve some sort of notification ?

  36. Hi Mr Deepak,

    Good morning!

    My colleague already resigns from the company and is completing his one month notice period only. my question is he still entitled to get a paid sick leave?

    What does the law say about this.

    Appreciate your advise. Thank you

  37. I would like to a clarification on below point.

    Point No. 1 : My employees having 8 hours duty (6 Days/week) and Friday Weekly off. If any employee took holiday on Saturday other than sick leave is employer have the right to deduct Friday Salary also?

    Point No. 2

    If any employee going for vacation and his last working day falls on Thursday but he travels on Saturday whether Employer has to settle his salary till Friday

  38. Dear Deepak

    I have resigned from my job and after finishing my 2 months notice period, my company has done my clearance and final settlement, it has been already 13 days passed. My visa also cancelled and I have done all my formalities what HR told but still there is problem with settlement.

    I completed 15 months of 2 year contract and I have balance my annual leave and some public holidays. So will I be entitled for ticket from company to my home country

  39. good morning i have a question regarding to may sick leave certificate i have a chickenpox and may doctor gave me 3 days sick leave only and after 3 days i need to come back for another 3 days sick leave i need to pay again the sick leave certificate? the dortor said i need 15 days to cure my illness
    thank u ang godbless

  40. Hi,would like to ask….My joining was june 31,2015…I finish my 6 mos probtion…im plnning to go vction on may20..That is my 11 months of working in the company…Is it possible?

  41. Hi…. I have been absent for 5 consecutive days, on my first day of not feeling well, i informed our HR. but on my 2nd to 5th days of absent i did not inform them of me going to work. Can the Company issue memo for being Absence without Leave? Please enlightened me about this.

  42. Good Morning..

    I have query abt escort leave.. My kid got admitted in hospital bcoz of UTI. The hospital has given escort leave as no one there to take care of my 3 yrs old Kid. I have submitted the escort leave certificate to my HR. He asking me is it covered in labour law. if it is covered in labour law.. please let me know where it is mentioned. I will submit them to get my salary paid.

    Please do needful.. Thanks, Savitri

  43. Hi deepak,

    i am from pakistan, my visa is in Dubai bass company.

    My 1st question is that what is the emergency leave rule it will paid or without paid.

    My 2nd question is that what documents or approval required from home country if i am sick and go to home country for treatment

    Require approved by the embassy or foreign office or is there any procedure that i should follow ??

  44. Good day,

    If the staff got into a car accident caused by other reckless drivers, will the company be obliged to settle the sick leave days of the staff?

  45. Hey hii,

    I work with an Engineering Consultancy, our employer has enforced a policy to produce a Sick Leave Certificate for 3 days if leave taken on Thursday..(including Friday & Saturday).Even if we give a certificate for thursday we incur deduction for weekend Please advise if this is as per UAE Labour Law.

  46. hi, i am entitled to 45 days sick leave but i did not use any of days, did the employer will pay the days ?

  47. Is the sick leave entitled on completion of 06 month probation period or after additional 03 month on completion of the probation (Total 06 + 03 = 09 month) as mentioned in the law.

  48. Hi, I am resigned in a period of oct1-nov10.
    Suddenly I got sick on oct31-nov2 with medical certificate submitted. My company said my sick leave is not applicable and will be considered as loss of pay. Is it right or not?

  49. Hi,
    I worked in a beauty saloon. My queries is is there a provation for if an employee report to work and on that the same day she went back home because she has severe migraine. And she failed to go to the doctor. Is she entitled for a sick leave pay?
    Thank you

  50. Hi, I’m working in Dubai Outsource Zone and am currently expecting. Due to a medical condition I’m advised for bed rest by my doctor for which I have provided the medical report as well and everything is mentioned clearly in that. Can my employer ask me to resign or terminate me in this case?

    1. Sumayya,
      If terminated or asked to resign, that will be inhuman.
      They can not do that.

  51. Dear,

    I have consulted a doctor for fever and cold.Unaware of the procedure I didn’t ask the doctor about letter that confirms the sick leave which I am supposed to submit in my office.The very next day I came to know about this and asked doctor to issue one.But he is refusing to provide that certificate stating letter will be issued by the health authority and ministry of health.I requested a letter from hospital.But he is not willing to give it.Please advise.

  52. My health insurance card is on renewal. Am on Notice period. My company is telling they will not provide the insurance card while on notice period. Is this legal?

  53. What UAE Labour Law telling about the ” Availing the Sick Leave during the notice period “. If a Employee availed the sick leave during his notice period, is it deductible from the final payment ?

    1. hello,i just a ask question about the absences without medical certificate..can they terminate a person if he absent without medical certificate?
      then the absences they already deducted in the salary?

  54. hi. I am working in car worshop I made leave on 22 September. one day now they asking go medical certificate. it is possible to get after one week! please help me

  55. Hi, is sick leave during your notice period paid or it will be deducted from you final salary?

    1. Misha,
      Depends on the company policy. Nothing in particular mentioned in labour law.

  56. the employee had a minor accident inside the company premises he had a bad fall from the stairs he was taken to the hospital and was diagnose he had an ankle sciatic nerve or sprang ankle and can not walk he was given a sick leave and medical certificate for 17 days.is the company liable to pay him his salary whit out any deduction because he was not able work …employee completed 1 year & 8 months. please advice as to clarify this matter because as an employee It would be hard on their part if salary will be deducted to accidents we would not want or like to happen. Thank you.


    1. Kaye,
      Yes, for the first 15 days salary has to be paid in full. Next 15 days the pay will be half.

  57. Hi, I got sick leave from government hospital for 30 day’s. My company said,” they can give me only 15 day’s sick leave after 15 day’s i have to go for work if i will not go for work they will take action against me”. So i want to know, can they call me for work? please let me know. Thank you…..

      1. Hi, my visa is free zone so where i have to go for complain, and if i will complain they will take action against my company, please let me know…. Thank you so much for your help.

          1. Hi Deepak,
            I want to ask, my hand was broken on duty and doctor given me one madical report he mention in the madical report it was happend in my home and then my treatment done by government hospital and he given me madical report but he did not mantion where it’s incident happend and i submit both report to my company now my company says they will not pay any amout becouse it’s mantion in first madical report this accident happened in my hom and second madical report there is no mantion home or duty so my question is company will pay or i have to pay. Please let me know who have to pay money.

  58. Hi.. My concern is my company is still not paying for my two weeks sick leave. I had the surgery last july and I was on sick leave for 14 days (2 weeks). The doctor provided a certificate and in fact the health authority sent me an sms for the approval. What’s really frustrating me is they deducted the 15 days from my august salary and up to now it’s not refunded. Can I make a complaint about this? I am really disappointed because almost everyday I am making follow up to our HRD but they’re always saying the same thing, that they’re still waiting for approval. I am really upset. THANKS

  59. I am sick in Romania and i have contract work in Dubai. What document and what process i can do to have medical paied leave?

  60. It should be noted that the employee should provide evidence of his illness warranting sick leave by an official medical certificate.

    In terms of the law is a certificate required if only one day sick leave taken?

  61. dear Deepak,
    i have sick leave letter for 5 days from the doctor,but i didn’t take off for that day ,can i get the compensation for that 5 days while i’m going vacation

    1. Mahjoub,
      You may not get extra compensation for working on a sick leave. It would be considered as a normal working day.

  62. good day!

    we already finished our contract for 2 years, we didn’t use any sick leave, can we get them encashed in our final settlement?

    thank you!

  63. Hello Deepak,

    I have some doubts like in Article 83, it is mentioned that ‘if an employee spends over three months after completion of the probationary period the employee is entitled to sick leave’. And in the above conversation (with jes on 04/05/15) you said/agreed like an employee is eligible for sick leave even before completing 3 months after probationary period. Can you please make it clear?

  64. I am employed in my current company for more than 10 years. Recently, I have been away from work on medical leave for about 6 weeks. i have visited my doctor few times and was given medical treatment but due to my sickness, it took six weeks before i could recover. during my visits, i have not asked for medical certificate or medical record as it was not asked by my company in the previous years. when i came back to work, a new policy was implemented that we should provide medical certificate. my physician was only able to provide medical records during my visit as she is not allowed to provide medical certificate for the period that i was away from the office. my company refused to accept the certificate stating that they need to see proof that i was really sick during my absence. please advice what i can do?

    1. CHZE,
      You should obtain a Medical Certificate from the hospital. Make sure it is authorised from MOH.
      There is no other way.

  65. good afternoon i want to ask some question
    i start work august 9 2014 then i go sick leave december 28 2014 until january 14 2015 i bring my certicate for my sick leave when i take my salary it deducted 18 days for my salary now i am 1 year working and taking my leave vacation but my company want to deduct again my leave salary is it right to make a double deduction for my leave salary .what is my rights please answer my question thank you and waiting for your response.

  66. If the employee resigns less than 1 year of service is she entitled for any sick leave pay?

  67. Sick Leave:
    Our company provides 30 days full paid sick leave. One of our employees has been out for more than a month now starting from June 1 until July 15 2015. However, the employee submitted several medical certifications that covers the weekdays only. Example, 1-4 June 2015. The will be on sick leave again the following week providing certificate covering 7-11 June 2015. This went on on a weekly basis and the last was 12-15 July and came back to office on the 16th. We need to consider that the sick leave reason is operation related.

    How will you count the number of sick leave days. Is it based on weekly certificate excluding weekends or should consider the total number of calendar days the employee was out including weekdays?

    1. Rastie,
      Sick leave is considered as calendar days and not working days.
      My logic says that sickness does not see whether it is a weekday or a weekend!!

  68. Hi I wanted to ask i had a surgery 5 months ago in my country and i am having this pain again for which i have to go back to sort it out. My employer is not approving this and i am in severe pain and couldn’t go to work for last 7 days. I dont care if they cancel my visa or whatever what options do i have? if i go to labour court how much time it will take till court does something? Thanx

    1. Zawaib,
      Sorry, I can not say anything about the timelines of the court/MOL decisions.

  69. I want to ask how many days of absent before the employer will ask u a medical certificate i have one day sick leave and they said its not paid and they deducted to my salary without notice i already 1year and 4 mos in my company

    1. Hana,
      This depends from company to company. Most companies would require to produce medical certificate for each day of absence.

  70. Hello. I did my surgery for sinusitis and dental implants in my home country (because of the lower costs). I can use the papers from my country like medical leave in UAE?

  71. What about the documents I need from abroad to get a sick leave here? I want to go for abroad treatment. what documents do I need to bring back in order to get my sick leave? and how do I get this sick leave?


    1. Helen,
      I am not too sure about this.
      However, first you will inform your HR about this.
      I guess, you will require doctors letter and the letter from the clinic/hospital about your situation/procedure undergone and number of days of rest required.

  72. In Article 83, For a company having 6 months probation period for staff, doesn’t the 3 months-after-probation sick leave eligibility take too long to wait?

    Looking from another angle, 9 months will be unpaid sick leaves all through out.

    Your thoughts?

  73. hello!Mr. Deepak,

    i just want to ask when does the 2nd annual leave starts?Thanks!

      1. hai deepak
        I would like to know about sick leave during the notice period ( termination or resignation). Company told me its unpaid leave.

        1. George,
          Sick leave is sick leave. Not unpaid leave; even during notice period!
          You could request them to guide you on labour law and where is this written!

  74. Hello. I just want to ask. I finish my probationary period 3 months. I start working January 4, I finished probationary april 4, I signed my regularization april 6, 2015. I got sick, my doctor gave me 5 days sick leave. The hr of my company said its unpaid. But according to my contract after probationary period I can have sick leave or annual leave. Do you think I have right for this? I want to say my side that they need to pay me for my 5 days leave. They said I’m not 6 months working at the company. Thanks. Please reply

    1. Jes,
      After confirmation, you are entitled for paid sick leave of up to 15 days per annum.
      Your HR must be aware of this.

  75. Dear Deeapak,

    I have exhaused all my 15days Sick leave with pay so i have received my full salary in april. My doctors still advised for another 15days before i will be allowed to work. For Sick leave provisions of 30 days half paid. Then my salary will be be affected because of the half day pay for 15days? Should i apply the other half to my annual leave so i can get my salary in full also?


    1. Lans,
      that will depend on your company. In most cases, they should approve it.
      You should speak to your HR.

  76. I want to know if all balance sick leave that I did not use during my term will be paid once I resign?

  77. Hello,
    for the 30 days half salary, can you confirm if this concerns the whole salary or Basic salary only ( excluding house and car allowances)


  78. Sir, I was having a ankle fracture and my doctor gave me a 14days to rest because the cast my foot and I am a waitress so I cant do my duty. when I forwarded my medical certificate, xtray and other medical documents our area manager did not accept my sickleave. I put it on the log book that i submitted my documents. when i finished the 14days and i start to work again i saw may attendance it was absent 14days.please tell me if i have a right to claim for my sickleave. i paid my sickleave certificate to the accredited hospital of our company but still the did not accept it. 14 days is a big amount for me and for my family.

    1. Belle,
      Yes, you have the rights as per UAE Labour Law for 15 days paid sick leave per annum after completion of your probation.

  79. Hi,
    1 – I would like to an employee how many days sick leave without pay can avail during the probation period.

    2 – If some one got injured during duty hours like getting down from stairs ect…is that would be considered injury during work or not.
    If yes then how many days sick leave due to injury an employee can avail during probation.

    Please advise, I will be very thankful to you.

    1. Ali,
      1. No limit.
      2. Yes. The number of sick days will depend on the doctor’s instruction.

  80. i am working in my company last 8 years. went india for eye surgery and resume duty in dubai office. after two month my surgery was fail and will have to done again.company will pay me to medical leave….again

  81. My question is ..will the labour insurance paying the cost of labour surgery ? My friend salary is just 1200 dirham in months and surgery cost in Iranian hospital in Dubai without medicament’ 5500 dirham . what my friend can do if company and insurance not cover the cost ? And i s any organisation in uae that can protect the laboured for such cost ?

    1. Khosrou,
      It depends on what kind of insurance coverage is provided by the insurance company. Not all insurance companies cover all the expenses.

  82. Hi,

    I am due to have a surgery anytime (as soon as I get the approval from the company’s insurance) however I am planning to quit my currrent job because I got a better job offer somewhere else.

    My question is: Will the insurance with the current company where I work still cover my surgery if i hand in my resignation letter and while sirving my notice period of 1 month? Or shall I wait to get the surgery first then resign? If I do that any consequences?

    Many thanks

    1. Sarah,
      Most probably the company will also cancel your insurance coverage once your employment contract ceases.
      Better to get the surgery done first, settle the insurance and then proceed as planned.
      Also would your new company not provide you insurance coverage.

  83. In UAE One of well reputed hospital…Doctor has given 15 days sick leave … because of surgery… so my question .. my passport with my employer….Have I rights to go home country in sick days ? ….If I go home country , 15 days salary will be paid or not as per law… ??

  84. Sir. In UAE ,A surgery was done and given 15 days sick leave . My question is … I have rights to go home Country in sick days…If I go home country , 15 days salary will be paid or not according to law…please need explain

  85. am i getting paid? heres what happen. doctor gave me 30 days sick leave because of ankle injury i got, i underwent arthroscopic surgery, but heres the deal, it happens outside work premises, it happen while im playing basketball, so am i candidate with the “sick leave with pay” or without.

    1. Ruzz,
      Full pay for the first 15 days
      Half pay for the next 30 days
      No pay for any following period

  86. My love relationship is in home town so I wnt visit her parents for the marriage so I can take emergency leave for tht

  87. Dear Mr. Deepak,

    I am regular employee working for 10 years now in my current dubai company. I took one day sick leave and gave prior official notice to my boss I would likely need to take one day break bec of viral flue due to changing weather nowadays. We don’t have medical insurance. I cannot come to hospital for sake of taking medical certificate for one day. I managed home medication and bed rest only. My boss wants to deduct a one day salary. I never gone for sick leave in my entire service. Is it fair? Doctor’s fee in Dubai is more than my daily wage. I am receiving barely 130 dhs/day only.

    1. Ann,
      The sick leave policy is such that you are required to furnish proof of illness through a medical certificate.
      Rest is the understanding between you and your manager.

  88. hi,I’m sarah, sir I would like to ask if it’s illegal to the company who holds my passport and how will I know if im blacklisted.also is it right that the company can dedeuct 3x of your basic salary if you are absent for 1 day without sick leave..i need your help.thanx

    1. Sarah,
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/uae-tips/can-employer-keep-passport
      Your second point is not clear to me.

  89. I want to know something.
    I took 103 extra leave than I entitled
    now company saying they will pay sick leave salary for
    15 Days full salary
    30 days half salary
    Balance 58 salary will deduct from my salary… Is this UAE LAW???

    pls tell me about this

  90. I would like to know what happens if somebody has sick leave which ends at the start of a booked and approved annual leave. Does the employee continue on annual leave without returning to work first or the annual leave is suspended until employee is certified fit and has reported for duty first.

    1. Inno,
      If you are already on annual leave, this will not be sick leave. If you fall sick after the annual leave is considered, sick leave is possible but with proper certifications from certified / acceptable hospital.

  91. Hi
    Mr Deepak
    My name is faiyaz i was on my annual leave in that i have got joidis i informed my manager he told me you have to report on time doctor advised me to take full bed rest till one month or more in my company sick leave is approve for the period of three month after my vacation end 30 october till that i am in india today dr gave me the fitness certificate so is it possible to come back to uae there will not be any issue or i have to stay in my home country it’s about 42 days over my vacation end

  92. Dear Sir,

    I’m working in my Company since 6 years and I have Medical insurance. Now my Dr advised me a Surgery for removal of Uterine Fibroma and I would like to make treatment from my Home Country.

    I am eligible for paid leave?

    Expect your advise.


    Ms. Mohamed

    1. Mrs Mohamed,
      You are not eligible for paid sick leave beyond what is mentioned in the labour law.

  93. I was absent for 2 days because I was sick. I went to a hospital for a check up and was advised to take a rest for 2 days. I have presented the medical certificate to the school where I am working as a Teacher. When I submitted the medical cert to the secretary she told me that according to the Principal I will be deducted 3 days salary even there’s a medical cert. I thought it was like a sort of threat so I ignored it. Then, the salary came and indeed they deducted 3 days. Is it fair? Is there a basis for this? Can I file a complaint about this because they are not honoring other Medical Cert aside from a certain hospital?

    1. Nica,
      This is entirely illegal. Are you a confirmed employee?
      Some companies have policy under probation where employees are not entitled for sick leave with pay.

  94. Hi,
    I have been working with my company for 1 year and 7 month and I became very ill. My HR advised that U should travel home while my company would cancel my visa and am okay with that but just today they asked me to send in a resignation letter. To the best of my knowledge a resignation letter means a deduction of 45 days from my benefit.
    Kindly advise please

    1. Juliet,
      What deduction are you talking about? Nothing as per labour law!
      You will be paid gratuity as per UAE labour law.
      Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/jobs-in-uae-2/gratuity-calculation-uae-labour-law-unlimited-contract

  95. Is the computation of sick leave per day is base on your basic salary just like the annual computation?

  96. Hi,

    I work for a private company for three years. I had gone through neuro spinal surgery in dubai and I got a sick leave certificate from DHA through MED Care neuro spine hospital.

    The sick leave is given for 1 month from 1st Oct to 31st October., will I get full month salary for Oct month.


    1. Satish,
      Please read the article again and it is clearly mentioned about sick leave provisions.

  97. Dear Mr. Deepak,
    My query doesn’t clear In below link.
    My query is that I have completed 5 years in my company. I got sick and went to take treatment at my home country. So, I have applied sick leave
    with 15 days full pay to take treatment. But as per my HR department, labour law says that I’m not eligible for paid sick leave because I’m not
    taking treatment within UAE .
    So, please let me know if I’m eligible for sick leave as per UAE labour law.
    Thank you

    Chirag Shah

    1. Chirag,
      There is nothing like that .
      Since you are employed in a company you can take the sick leave even though you are out of the country considering you have the authorized sick leave certificate

  98. Dear Mr. Deepak,
    My query doesn’t clear In below link.
    My query is that I have completed 5 years in my company. I got sick and
    went to take treatment at my home country. So, I have applied sick leave
    with 15 days full pay to take treatment. But as per my HR department,
    labour law says that I’m not eligible for paid sick leave because I’m not
    taking treatment within UAE .
    So, please let me know if I’m eligible for sick leave as per UAE labour law.
    Thank you

    Chirag Shah

  99. Hi
    I have an appendicitis and got it operated in home country. Am I eligible to get sick leave with full pay for 15 days?
    I have taken out all the relevant medical reports from local hospital and informed my HR team, but as per them I can’t claim 15 days fully paid sick leave because I’m not taking the treatment within UAE.
    Please advise.

    1. i think you should get the entitled of 15 days paid sick leave. just confirm with MOL

  100. In our company we have in total 20 days annual leave. so employee taking sick leave and providing medical. So the leave should be deducted from annul leave.

    1. Sick leave provisions are besides the annual leave and are not to be deducted from annual leave. Read: http://emiratesdiary.com/job-tips/sick-leave-per-uae-labour-law

  101. Hi Mr Deepak,

    Good morning!
    I had an accident and doctor advised me to take 3weeks leave. My left foot is on full cast.

    I advised my Managers on the day I had the accident and after I had the follow up check up when the Doctor advised of the leave.

    I am alone in Dubai and in my house as well, so I informed them I will just go home in the mean time to my home countryso I canrecover. fast. But reply or whatsoever.

    Should I wait for an approval before I can go home even though I have a medical certificate from the Doctor?


  102. dear sir, i would like to inquire in my case get sick due to exposure to company working environment got cancer any compensation fromk the company.

    1. If your company is based in Abu Dhabi, there is mandatory health insurance. In Dubai, few companies have insurance or workman compensation. Get in touch with your HR.

    2. I have no idea. Better to check with the company. You need to have a proof


  104. Thank you for the article,

    But, I have a question: the case is that My Company hasn’t still provided us Medical Insurance, and I have been spending my own money for Medical Diagnoses, medicines and Sick Leaves.

    Am I entitled to request from my company, to cover the money I spent for my Medical issues, as I don’t have an insurance?

  105. Hi,
    I work for an Power & Electricity generation company which is situated outside the city limits (remote side).

    Due to severe cold and coughing and after checking from the hospital in UAE, the medicines were not helping and after consulting with the doctor from UAE I informed my immediate supervisor by company email the I will proceed to India for treatment as advised by the doctor in UAE (the doctor had proceeded for his vacation after my 1st and only consultation with him).

    I plan to join back to work after 8 days and want to know the medical certificate that i will carry with me from India has to be approved by the embassy or is there any procedure that i should follow ??

    My employer says that i meed to attest the medical certificate with my embassy to prove its legality ?

    Please help me out on this issue .


    1. Lots of minor employees face difficulties due to paid sick leave certificates. Most of the time, employee has to pay doctor consultation fee + medical certificate fee. Some of the companies provide medical cover with very low limitations. There for employee has to bare many costs. Employees in very minor categories like Cleaners, for them it is a considerable expense. Some companies required sick leave certificate for one day and for those who not produce sick leave will be subjected to salary cut.

      Also some companies encourage employees to go on emergency leave expecting not to pay their leave settlements and other benefits. They are not providing air ticket, but they get away by paying very small amount to the employee for the air ticket.

      There are many illegal happenings in the companies.

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