10 signs saying: It’s time for a Resignation from your job!

Is it time for a Resignation from your job? Find out !

UAEOpens in a new tab. has been home to most of us for a long time now. I have spent last 7 years in UAEOpens in a new tab. and I like it here. The primary reason I have been here is due to employment.Opens in a new tab.

Many of us do business here, work, study. However, you may agree with me that majority of us here are on employment visa. Yet, many have joined companies and organisations out chance rather than choice!

To many of us job and changing jobs is a stressful decision and experience we ever make.

Here are top 10 reasons that I present to help you make this decision : “It’s time to Quit the job!”


1. You have lost passion for work and dread going to work

Are you up every morning with a grin on your face and look forward to go to work? Or do you hate the thought of waking up every morning and going to work? if getting up every morning becomes a challenge to you you need to ask yourself the tough question: “Why do I feel this way?” If the answer is “WORK”, then you better move on.

2. You have nightmares about the work assignments

Does a particular assignment keep you up at night? Deadlines to be met, clients to be signed up….There is an apparent anxiety about your work. And this may keep you from performing well. Make the right decision!!

3. You are more into politicking than working

Do you spend more time on rumors and hearsay within the company? When you evaluate yourself at the end of the day, do you see that you have spent more time in internal politics than on normal work?

4. Your relationship with the boss has changed

if you’ve had a fantastic job over the years. But you start sensing a shift in the attitude of your boss towards you or your work. Your boss’s leadership has changed. You are being asked to deliver too much with much lesser resources! The relationship with your boss is deteriorating, falling apart. The organisation has itself shifted the values. What do your do?

5. You have no work-life balance

Spend too much time at work? You are drained out at the end of the day. You are unable to commit time to your family regularly. Your spouse complains! Your kids only see you on the weekend. This is a drastic situation. However, I know few individuals who suffer this way. May be it’s time to move on.

6. You are no more a Key member

Remember the times when you were the part of the key decision makers in the company. Somehow, you have been eliminated from this and you are now skipped from meetings that make key decisions for the company.

7. You are not assigned with cream projects!

Previously you were assigned the key client portfolio, the most revenue generating projects. However, you are now not assigned with cream projects. You are now not considered part of the elite individuals who can handle the project. What do you do?

8. Your relationship with your colleagues is not as usual

The deteriorating factors above will further contribute to your relationship with your colleagues being demolished. You worked hard on maintaining a healthy relationship with your colleagues. This is no more possible.

9. You are frustrated with certain decisions

Your organisation might be changing the focus. However, you feel that things should in fact go other way! What do you do? No one listens to your suggestions. Is it time to move on? I guess so!

10.Have similar experiences? Share it here!

Most of us work hard so as to live a happy and balanced life. However, there are certain signs at your workplace that you may come across which make you feel: “Do I really belong here?”. If you are that person, may be it;s time to make the tough decision to leave your job and find another one.

However, be careful and take caution! Check out the problems you may face with the Labour Ban in UAEOpens in a new tab.. Read the UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab.. It is not always easy to find a job. Prepare a good CVOpens in a new tab., Pass interview successfullyOpens in a new tab., Get a job! Your new move needs to be really a good one as you may not be able to continuously change jobs.

Research the new company thoroughly. Get to know the key decision makers. Contact existing staff and ask them on how is it working with the employer.

If you have any other views, do comment!

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