Reader Mail Bag: New feature on EmiratesDiary.

Reader Emails

Since the inception of Emirates Diary, we have grown from a small community to a few thousand numbers who regularly visit the site. As a result, I receive on an average 15-20 queries a day with regard to various aspects of Job Tips, Employment TipsOpens in a new tab., Gratuity calculationOpens in a new tab., UAE TipsOpens in a new tab., Visas, UAE Labour LawOpens in a new tab. and so on.

Some of the emails are very knowledgeable and I learn something new which I have not covered in the site. 

Hence, I thought it will be useful to cover these topics on the site!

I will be starting to share the reader emails and replies with the community, so that it will be helpful to others to understand and learn new aspects. 

Will I publish your name?

NO WAY. The names in the emails will remain anonymous and I will not be using names as in the email.

So keep those emails coming. However, I still would encourage you to comment on the site as this is the best way to get a quick reply.

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