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Annual Leave as per UAE Labour Law

Annual leave for Employees as per UAE Labour Law There are various types of Leaves that an employee is entitled to: Annual Leave; Sick Leave; Maternity Leave (only for women!) In this post I will […]

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UAE Labour Law

UAE Labour Law 2013 PDF download

UAE Labour Law 2013 PDF download UAE Labour Law is ever changing and dynamic. In this post you can read and download the UAE Labour Law in PDF format. If you are employed in UAE, […]

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UAE Labour Law 2012 download

UAE Labour Law 2012-Download PDF UAE Labour Law encompasses all the rules and regulations with regard to the laws related to the employment in the UAE. Everyone who is employed in UAE should make it […]

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What is Probation Period?

Probation Period – what does the law say? A probation period is when your employer scrutinises your on the job performance. Usually, this period is in between 3-6 months. But as per UAE Labour Law, […]