Termination of Contract under New Labour Law Rules (2016)

Termination of Limited Contract or Unlimited Contract under New Labor Law Rules

The 2nd Ministerial Resolution 765 released in September 2015, speaks about Termination of Employment Relations under Limited Contract and Unlimited Contract.
The Resolution provides clear scenarios as to when can an Employment Contract be terminated. It provides rights of the employee and employer. These terms are effective as of January 1, 2016.

Extract from MOL Decree 765 of 2015:

Minister of Labour’s decree (765) of 2015 on Rules and Conditions for the Termination of Employment Relations.

The Minister of Labour:

Upon consulting Federal Law (1) of 1972 on the mandates of ministries and the powers granted to ministers; and of Federal Law (8) of 1980 and its amendments governing labour relations.

Article (1)

An employment relation between employer and worker may be terminated as follows:

I. In the case of fixed-term contracts (approved by the Ministry for a term of no more than two years), an employment relation is terminated if any of the following instances occurs:

1. The term of the contract expires and the contract is not renewed.

2. Employer and worker mutually consent to terminate the contract during the course of its term.
3. Either party (employer or worker) acts unilaterally to terminate the contract and complies with the legal steps that are described in clause (4) of this article. The terminating party bears any legal consequences of early termination.

4. Either party (employer or worker) acts unilaterally to terminate a renewed term contract, whether renewal has occurred before or after this decree enters into effect, provided the terminating party complies with the following legal steps:

a. Notify the other party in writing of its intent to terminate the contract in accordance with the notice period to be agreed to by the two parties, not to be less than one month and not to exceed three months. If renewal occurred before this decree enters into effect and the parties had not agreed to a notice period, this notice period shall be three months.

b. Continue to honour his/her contractual obligations for the duration of the notice period.

c. Indemnify the other party to the level that was agreed to by both parties, not to exceed the equivalent of three months of gross wages. If renewal occurred before this decree enters into effect and the parties had not agreed to the amount of indemnification, this indemnification shall be the equivalent of three months of gross wages.

5. Either party (employer or worker) acts unilaterally to terminate the contract without complying with the legal steps that are described in clause (4) of this article, and for no reason of non-compliance by the other party; in this case the terminating party bears any legal consequences of early termination.

6. The Employer acts to terminate the contract of a worker who commits any of the violations that are described in Article (120) of the Federal Labour Law.

II. In the case of unlimited (not term-bound) contracts, an employment relation is terminated if any of the following instances occurs:

1. The two parties consent to termination.

2. One party acts, at any time, to terminate the contract subject to notifying the other party and continuing to honor contractual obligations for the duration of the notice period, which cannot be less than one month and cannot exceed three months.

3. One party (employer or worker) acts unilaterally to terminate the contract, without complying with the legal conditions described in (2) above and without reason of non-compliance by the other party; in this case the terminating party bears any legal consequences of early termination.

4. The Employer acts to terminate the contract of a worker who commits any of the violations that are described in Article (120) of the Federal Labour Law.

In all instances of termination described in this Artile (1), either Employer or Worker may refer to the judicial system to seek indemnification or recover other rights under the Federal Labour Law and its implementing decrees.

Article (2)

An employment relation is considered to have de facto ended if any of the following instances occurs:

1. It is duly established that the employer has failed to meet contractual or legal obligations to the worker (as in, but not limited to, the non-payment of wages for a period exceeding 60 days)

2. The worker has filed a court complaint against an employer who failed to secure employment of the worker as a result of the shutting down of the employer’s business, in which case a report by Labour Inspection attesting to the fact that the business has been inactive for a period exceeding two months must be obtained and the worker must have reported to the Ministry during this period.

3. A labour complaint is referred to the court by the Ministry and a final ruling is obtained in favour of the worker stating that the worker is entitled to no less than two-month wages or to indemnification for arbitrary firing or early termination of a fixed-term contract, or any other benefits denied to him by the employer for no lawful reason or including the end-of-service benefit.

Article (3)

An employment relation is deemed to have ended without due process when:

1. The employer terminates the employment relation without complying with legally mandated procedures;

2. The worker employer terminates the employment relation without complying with legally mandated procedures;

In which cases the wronged party may initiate legal action to seek indemnification or the recovery of other rights as stipulated by the aforementioned Law governing labour relations.

Article (4)

Any and all provisions of previous ministerial decrees that are contrary to, or inconsistent with the provisions of this present decree are hereby rendered null and void.

Article (5)

This Decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and become effective on January 1, 2016.

By Saqr Ghobash, Minister of Labour
Issued in Abu Dhabi on September 27, 2015


Article 1

Part 1:
Termination under Limited Contract:

The contract is terminated in case it falls under the following possibilities –

-The contract is terminated automatically at the end of the 2 year period and is not renewed.
-The contract can be terminated if both employee and employer agree to terminate.
-Either employee or employer terminates the contract by himself will need to adhere to legal steps as in next point.
-Either employee or employer by himself terminates the employment contract, will need to adhere to following legal steps:
*The terminating party needs to inform the other party about the intent to terminate the contract in writing and serve a minimum notice period of One Month and maximum of Three Months. If the renewal happened before January 1, 2016 and if in case the notice period duration is not mentioned in the contract, the notice period will be 3 months.
*The terminating party will continue their contractual obligations. For employers it means that they should continue paying salary and other benefits. For employees, it means that they should continue their work as it is.
*The terminating party will compensate the other party with 3 month gross wages. IF the renewal happened before 1st January 2016, and compensation was not decided by both parties, 3 month gross salary should be paid as compensation by the terminating party.
*If either employee or employer do not comply with the Point 4 or for no reason of non-compliance by other party, the party which terminates the contract will face legal consequences.
If the employer terminates the employee under Article 120 of the Labor Law.

Part 2:
Termination under Unlimited Contract:

The unlimited contract is terminated in case it falls under the following conditions:

-If both parties agree to Termination;
-Either employee or employer decides to terminate the contract while notifying the other party in writing and continues to honor the contractual duties during the notice period which is minimum 1 month or maximum 3 months;
-If either employee or employer do not comply with the Point 2 or for no reason of non-complaince by other party, the party which terminates the contract will face legal consequences;
Employer can terminate an employee under Article 120 of Labor Law.

In any cases of termination under Article 1, either party could seek compensation or recovertheir rights under Federal Law and its decrees.

Article 2

Employment contract is ended if:

-Employer fails in their obligations (paying salaries, benefits etc)
-If employee files complaint upon closure of employer’s business and the employee is unable to obtain new employment. This will be confirmed by Labor inspection team. Within 2 month’s of such occurance, the employee should file complaint with MOL
-If the court rules infavour of employee with 2 month compensation, under arbitrary termination under Limited Contract, or compensation for arbitrary termination or termination of limited contract.

Article 3

If employee or employer terminates the employment without complying to mandated procedures.

Article 4

All previous decrees with regard to the above subject are null and void.

I am sure the new labour law rules will help ease the labour market with transparency.


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  1. Sir, my company terminated me June 10 ,they give me one month notice,finish july 10,my passport with company, I signed my termination paper, now my question is they can cancel my visa without my knowledge

  2. Please I have a question… I joined my company on 23rd of Feb 2017, Now because of some changes in management the company has given me a termination letter to sign but I didn’t sign it because they said they will only pay me for one month notice and air ticket… Is it right I reject to sign the paper because I think I am entitled to more than one month pay… My visa is Dubai and my contract is unlimited

  3. Hi. I’m currently working for 5months on my new job but the company doesnt go well, if i resign under probation do i have the rigth to terminate my contract? And do i have to pay the company?

  4. Hi! I have a question. If someone is working on an unlimited contract and the employer is forcing the said employee to resign rather than terminate. What should that employee do? And what are the rights of that employee if such a situation happens?

  5. Hi i want to ask that i have been working with same employer since november 2015 in unlimited contract but in august they gave me a termination letter with 1 month notice and when i ask the reason they said there is no reason we r thankful for your service with us we just no longer need your position in our company. I have a question that how my settlements should be coverd? Does it count as arbitrary termination?

    Looking forward for cooperation thanks

  6. Hi. im two years now in my company. i want to resign this month but my labour card still on november 2. i start november 2 2015. if i didnt finish 2years labour card contract do i have 6month ban?

  7. I terminated from my job.my notice period is 31s august.if I quite my job does company Will pay to me of my notice period salary?

      1. Hello, i just want some clarification. im currently on 2nd contract (limited) total of 3 years 4 months to be exact, im planning to resign but what i heard, im not eligible to get my gratuity even i finish my 1st contract as per article 138. But on other articles, it states that more than 1-5 years im eligible to get 21 days per year. So im really confused. Could you help me on this?

      2. how about my situation is like this.im hired last september 1 2017. and they forced terminating me bec. they need my service bec. my boss is always out of country. they talk ti=o me yesterday nov. 14 2017. they give me atleast end of this the month so i can find a new job. then they will give me just 1 month salary.. i just want to ask if do i have a right to pay me more than one month salary bec. they force me to quite the job within short notice of time.

      3. Hi Deepak,
        I have a quick question.. I am working in a company since 2013. Now they have given me notice period of one month. They terminated me. They asking me to find another job. Can u Pls tell me, they should pay me 3 months salary plus gratuity. Right. Pls reply urgent.

  8. hi man
    i m resigning from the company which m working now ,its only 4 months and its 6 months probationary period . so my question is what amount of money i have to pay there to terminate the contract. is it like
    45 days salary plus visa charges

    1. No, will not pay anything.
      Company will give u only air ticket to u.
      Pls check your offer latter what’s mentioned.

  9. my labour agreement expires on aug 6th 2017 can i leave my job on that day itself?

  10. Hi i work in a company with an unlimited contract for 8 months, i left them april 2017 but i sent them a letter where i state the reason of my urgent resignation, they probably terminate me but without mutual agreement. I want to know if it is possible for me to go back in dubai now and find another job, do i have a ban?or should i just wait until my resident visa expire (july 2018)then find a job there? I want to know my status in MOL but i dont know how to contact them

  11. hi sir! I’m working in cleaning company, my labour card will expire July 24,2017 while my Emirates ID will expire august 30 and manager told us that we should work until Last day of August. We are expecting that we can stop working this July 25,201. We already submitted our letter of non renewal ahead of time. Do we need to follow the Labour card sir or the Emirates Card?

  12. Hello,
    Good Morning.I just want to ask about and seek some advice at the same time. I am working with my company for almost 5 years on September 2017 with Limited contract and I want to resign this coming July because I need to report to my new found job this coming September. Is my company can give a ban?do I need to render 3 months of service with out pay?Please kindly advice me. Thank you so much.

  13. Sir
    I am working in a company for one month under unlimited contract. I haven’t interest work so any consequences face during cancallation

  14. Hi I have been wokring under unlimited contract for 1 and a half year my employer just given me the termination letter.. for being absent for 1 day which i have police report as proof that I lost my wallet containing my id but fortunately I found it. My employer has just given me termination letter without any notice period …what am I suppose to do and what are the dues that he owes me

    1. Hi, I have a quick question I am working for a company from last 4 years. Now they have given me a notice period of one month. Do they have to pay me 3 months salary plus gratuity. Pls reply.. Need to clarify.

  15. Hello. I’m under limited contract. Last January 2017, I renewed my visa under limited contract. I’m planning to resign next month with a month of notice. Is there any possibilities that I have a ban? Do I need to pay my employer for the expenses they bear on my renewal? Thank you.

  16. Hi. A friend’s housemaid residence visa expired on Oct 2016. The employer said that the contract will be renewed but until today my friend did not receive the renewed visa. It seems they did not renew the visa. The employer also has the housemaid’s passport. What do you advise on this? Thank you.

  17. Hi, I’ve been working for 4 months with my company under UNLIMITED CONTRACT and last month I resigned. I served a 1 month notice and has a mutual agreement with my employer. I’m now transferring to another company. I just want to lnow if I will get a ban or not.thank you

  18. Dear sir,

    I completed my two years of limited contract, now I just signed my new limited contract but still my medical is pending so can I skip this job, there is any ban on leaving and should I pay 45 days salary to them?

  19. Hai sir
    I am Irshad, since two years i have been working in a school. Now my labor contract about to expired. the company didn’t wish to renew my contract for the next year. I need an NOC from the company. But they are not ready to give N O C with out any reason. And they told me to come after one week to collect other my due rights. I replied them After they had given all my due rights including N O C i will sign the cancellation letter.Getting NOC is my right or not? If they deny NOC what is the next step i can take?
    Hope u will answer me as earliest
    Many Thanks in adwance

  20. Is it compliance to the labour law for employee to terminate himself/ herself for only three month after renew his or her contract with the company?

    1. actually i have completed my first contract period that is two year. now the company they decide to not renewing the contract

  21. Dear Concerned,
    I am Sabitha from India, currently working in UAE as a receptionist for last 9 months. I got employment visa from India directly by my employer and he forced me to join before 4th May 2016 but didn’t provide any air ticket. I have reached UAE on 2nd may 2016 but I could join only by 22nd may 2016 as our company was about to shift. Aslo, as per my offer letter my working time is mentioned as 8.30 AM to 1.30 PM & 3.30 PM to 7.00 PM and offered salary is AED 2000/-+Accommodation+Transportation. But from the 1st day of joining I am suffering from working hours of morning 8.45 to 8.00 PM without any break and I am getting 10 to 20 Minutes for my lunch which is also not in a fixed time. for the 1st few months my company arranged accommodation for me in a flat which our company is providing for ladies accommodation but now they have shifted me to a villa where our male staffs are staying. Being a lady I have requested my company to get a comfortable accommodation but they are refusing my request. Also, I am facing some sexual harassments from my managing director orally when nobody is there in our office. As I am facing insecurity in my current office I would like to change my job. Kindly advise me about the legal support I can get to solve this issue.

  22. my previous company terminated me before my contract end due to cost cutting, now I found new job,
    do I have ban if my new company will apply my new UAE employment visa?

  23. Dear Sir,

    I have completed 2 years of work and my visa has gone for renewal. My offer letter said that I would be receiving an Unlimited contract but the contract provided to me was limited during the first time. If I now sign a limited contract and resign before my contract ends , will I be banned ? Will I still qualify for gratuity? What about the compensation I will have to pay to my employer? I have heard that the ban is no more valid. Please advise.

  24. I have limited contract, 3 months back the company forcefully reduced my salary by 50% and asked to sign on the new work offer letter which I had to, now again company is reducing my salary which I cannot accept any further. In this situation what are my legal options and my salary is not paid for 2 months now.

  25. Dear Deepak sir,
    I was working under Unlimited Contract since February 2010, and company terminated me without any notice period and they are telling they will not pay any notice period salary. in my contract, it was mentioned prior to terminate the contract, 3 months notice should be given.

  26. Hi Good afternoon,
    Dear Sir / Madam, My brother had come to UAE on employment visa on 12/09/2016 as a AC technician they offered him 1500 Dhs in contract but when he reached here they are paying 800 Dhs only and also giving him other labor jobs now my brother did not want to continue so they canceled his visa in second week of January 2017 but not providing Air ticket to him, I just wanted to confirm who’s responsibility is to provide ticket , and what if he do not leave with in limit, please let me know
    Thanks & Regards
    Mohammed Zameer

  27. madam/sir
    i just want to ask my frnd got terminated she have unlimited visa.. but she didnt have 1or 3 months notice period. her company also said that she will not get any gratuity!

    1. same in my case right now I’m working already for 1year 2 months.. but our employer give notice last dec 2. so this feb. 2 me and my 2 co employee get terminated by our employer and he only give as 1 month before canceling our visa… no gratuity were given.. and the worst is the reason why we were get terminated bcoz.. our company cant afford to give us salary.. so any can answer if we have the rights to ask some gratuity?
      tnx… a lot

  28. Hi sir/ ma

    My name is ola I enter Dubai in August 30 /2016 when I came the second day they took me to the company that did my visa and the man welcome me he ask me to go and rest or I want to start work now and I said yes he told me to go and do medica I went for it I did it with my own personal money I gave her the typing sheet to submitt for me so I can have my ID card on time and for my two years employment visa I paid for it with own personal money after one month I ask my for my salary the company they have not give me my salary I now call the person that gave my money the to that company that what is happened he speak to them and he reply me that the company said have never employed and they know I so don’t have anybody to fight for me they use me for four month now please help me am so happy to get this application please rescued me from this to pay my house rent here I need to call my family to send me money or anybody that I see I we beg them to assist me and am always the Maneger that they want to send me out for where am stay they told me to go out and look for job and god help me to see another job they and they said they we collect NOC the company still refused give the NOC until I lose the job company latter told me that is only per time I can do with my visa so if I see per time job then they will give me the NOC all of sudden where I submitted my NOC for per time they call me they ask for some documents that I we come when am coming company still said they alibab signature before they can give me the documents please help me for god sake and i hear that the man that did my visa he want to travel now by next week please assist me even they tell me that they will conculle my visa and I pay for the visa with my personal money please help me for god sake thanks god all mighty we continued to up you and this country we be save in the mighty name of god thanks am graceful I we be waiting for you thanks.

  29. I was hired by a private company in Sharjah last Nov 2015. My cmpany is not doing well right now so I decided to resign this January 2016. I just want to know if I have a labor ban? Please help.
    Thank you.

  30. Dear Depak,
    I have recently joined to the company andafter I jont to the company and I realized its not suitable for my self.and I have decided to resign from the company.since I am one probation period is it possible to get another job without laber ban?they have applyed for my visa and I did not attend to the medical test.please help me with this mater.big help.

  31. Dear Concern,

    I’m Aravinth working in security systems company in Dubai from march 2015 to until now (25-dec-2016) now I wish to resign my job so what are the benefits(Gratuity calculation, leave salary0 I will receive from my company.

  32. I’m on a limited contract and want to resign after 6 months, as I need to further my education in my home country. I want to know if I’m by any law required to pay some charges. Please I need advice…

  33. Dear sir ,

    i’m working as a fabricator in shipbuilding company more than 5 year’s in limited visa . i have some serious problems in family so i gave the emergency resignation letter and i want to go home within 10 days .but our company say’s must do 30 day’s work in notice period . but i want to go within 10 day’s . now i’m in big trouble so please give a solution. i hope you can help me ,

    Thank you

  34. Hi sir im just new here in UAE nd im just a visit visa,now im working here in Khorfacan near Fujaira,the problem is they did not comply on the things we talk about my work before i started working with them,the contract they are not following it and all my documents are with them they dont like to give it back to me…my friends told me that i can live my work and find a new job if i will finiah my 6months with them because thats the new law…is that true sir i just want to be sure before asking permission to them that i will leave the work…thank you so much if you could reply…im a college graduate a board passer i want to try my luck here and have my board exam for teacher thats why i want to leave my work…

  35. Respected Sir,
    i want to know some information.i am working in sharjah till 7th december 2014 now my visa will expire on 21-st december i already submitted my resign with one month notice, in the company on 20-november 2016 but my company refuse to off my duty befor 15 january -2017 and force me for work have the company right to force me to stay here and work so please kindly inform me about this situation

  36. dear sir or madam. im here in UAE from august 2013 to present. just now i change my visa this september 2016 so it means i finish my 3 months in my new company this november last. now i just want to ask if i will give resign now so there is come any 6 month ban or no. i have limited visa.

  37. Dear Sir, 

    I would like to seek advice against my wrongful termination by my employer.


    I was terminated for the violation of company’s ethics policy. I believe I did not commit any wrongful action as specified in the article 120 of uae labor law.


    They had an investigation about the matter, where I was asked a few question. I was never shared the outcome of the investigation and never allowed to present my defenses other than the investigation which they did, the results of the outcome were not shared with me.


    On Thursday 17th of November they just called me to a meeting room ad told me I was being terminated with immediate effect and I will not be allowed to have the pay for my notice period. I was never issued any warning letter and there was no meeting held with me which could allow me to present my case and in which they would tell me the allegations against me , give me a chance to put up my defence and then inspect my defence prior.to terminating me. 

     I’ve attached the ethics policy the I. violated and my termination letter with this email.for reference 

    My question is that


    1.      Can my employer terminate my unlimited contract with them just like that without giving me a warning letter? I was working with the company for more than four and a half years. They did not share with me tye charges against me and the result of their investigatio

    2.      Can they terminate me without providing me proof of my wrongdoing?

    can I claim.my notice pay and upto 3 months of wrongful.termination termination pay?

    My plea is even if I violated their ethics policy which I had signed they cannot terminate me without the above two.

    their claim is that I knew. of something unethical happening and I didn’t raise it

    I would request your advice on the subject



    Thanking you in advance

    Best Regards

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    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  38. hi sir my name is henry , i am filipino. i have a complain about my company , last October we didnt receive our monthly salary because my boss told me” no income at that month.. “until now we didnt recieve the salary , and i already complained to my boss thru whatsapp.. i msg him that all employee’s complaining . then he msg me a will terminate you.. so i stop replying to w/him.. face to face we are having conversation in his house not in the office, everyday we reporting to his house even have work or no work.. sometimes on call. He made termination effective Nov. 14 until Dec. 14, 2016 and i sign it ,but, writen there is am the one who terminate the contract ( am finished already 2yrs last october 19, 2016 according to my Emirates ID and employment visa ),we start already renewal . So my question is what benifits i will receive..?

  39. Hi, just want to know what to do because I’m serving a family and I’ve talked to them about my benefits (off day, time of work, etc.) and they told me they are not giving any day off but they’ll think about it. Now im almost 2months and im really getting stressed thinking how to get out of here and find a better job. I know im mew here but it is my right to have a day odd, I even requested to have atleast once a month day off but they don’t want to.
    I want to leave this family and find a etter job but im thinking how about those expenses they used for me to get here, am I goingo pay for it incase I want to terminate my contract to them?

  40. I recently got terminated (31.10.2016) by the company I was working for after 3 months, this was because I failed an assessment. I was employed as a Kitchen Manager and the assessment focused on one very small and irrelevant aspect of what I am required to do as a manager (come to think of it I was never furnished with a job description or KRA’s to begin with).

    Firstly, there was no mention of this on my contract at any given point that I would remain employed if I passed this assessment. While everyone has been re-assessed after 1 month, I was given only 6 days and a warning that if I fail I would be sent home.
    Secondly, I was told I had to continue footing my accommodation and living expenses while I await for the cancellation process and for my ticket back home.
    Thirdly, I was made to sign the termination letter with no explanation of the process. Even my reason for termination only came through via a 3rd party nothing was communicated to me for 12 whole days. Does signing have any repercussions on any appeal I could make?
    Fourthly, my contract states that while under probation termination can be at given period without notice. Is this legal?
    Lastly, I was never informed of my termination except verbally through a third person who didn’t even have the details for me. After frantic emails and calls I was then referred to our HR depart a day after the day I was told would be my last day. that’s where and when I signed a termination letter. I continued to work for 11 days even after the verbal communication had been done.

    I find this very unfair but I am not well versed on UAE labor law, and clearly being here and all the laws i was really afraid of something happening to me or my last days here. is there something that can be done about this. I am from Zimbabwe!

  41. Sir,

    I m employed for the last 6 years in Dubai. The company was not paying the salaries in time, paid in chits and bits.
    The company has not paid us salary for the last 4 months. Due to this i gave them one month notice period, and worked for them. The employer played trick with me and wanted to pay my dues in post dated cheques, and on his private company letterhead hand written letter said that he has cleared my dues with chq. number and amount mentioned upto April 2017. Iam sure the chques will bounce, but in spite knowing i signed the company letter head. Now the employer has refused to hand over the cheques and just paid 50% only dated upto jan 2017.

    I had no other option- but to knock labor to assist me. I explained them the whole story related. Now my question is that the private company letterhead which i have signed is valid in eyes of labor law or not. what should i do.

  42. Hello greetings…
    I just want to seek and advice I was being fired on the spot by my employer.becoz they want me to sign a new contract even though I have already been sign a labour contract under limited. They threaten me to call a police if I will go back to work..can they give me a ban?I am working as teacher assistant. plz help.what to do.

  43. Dear sir/madam
    I’m working in general transport& contracting company. Still 2 month i didn’t get my salary. I speak to my manager “give my salary otherwise pls cancel”. They say cancel is not possible you directly go to your home country reside in more than 6 months automatically your visa will be cancelled. Pls sir what i do. Because my visa cancel in 25-01-2018.

    1. Company must be pay your salary and other due ,, Otherwise you can register complain against company

  44. Is it possible that the previous oversea’s company didnt submit any Contract Termination letter to the visa office. And for that the new employer (from the same country) are not able to get the work-permit visa??

  45. Sir my name is bhanu pratap my father is working in laundry I want ask u if my fathers employer terminate him after cross visa but my father has complete medical procedure for next period then what should do him please reply me

  46. Hi Deepak,

    Is it legal for your former employer to hold your passport until you provide them a copy of your e-visa from your new employer? Is it mandatory by law?

    Really admire your website and I’m sure it helped alot of people. Thank you in advance!

  47. Hi.

    My friend worked as limited contract until 17 Feb 2016. And then the contract was renewed as unlimited.
    The company asked her to leave so how to calculate the severance?
    Will it be first 2 years as limited, 21 day per year? Or total years (2 years and around 9 months) as unlimited??

    or all will be as unlimited ??

  48. Please am just on my six months now and I want to resign due to some problems. Salary delayed til on the 10th, accommodation disturbance and unpleasant act of other co-workers.

  49. I’m on probation. Working in airlines. Can I resign on probation otoit paying the cost?

  50. Hi, My company is shutting down its Manufacturing unit as a result some people are absorbed in the parent company. Myself and few of my colleagues could not fit in the New structure and hence been provided with a notice for 1 month.Meanwhile the Organisation has been helping us to find a New Job during the notice period and assured full End of Service benefit.I wish to understand the law whether Can I request my Employer to not to cancel my Visa after notice period is serviced if in case I still do not get a suitable New job .Legally on a Good will can the Employer reserves the authority to retain my cancellation of visa for another a month or so till I get a Job. Please advice .

  51. hi sir/mam

    i resigned in my company for the reason that they are forcing us to work with out health card insurance and delay of salary for less than 2 month.. they are sending our salary late and they are also giving 50% only, the other half will be received by the next month. do i have the rights to complain all off this in labor office? because untill now they aren’t cancelling my visa… what consequences am i going to face..?

  52. Hi my husband visa had expired on 12 of August 2016.. He is still working with the company in grace period and he has already handed over his passport to the company on 16 but what if they will not renew the contract… Are they’re not allowed to inform first please we are in very difficult situation it will be really really appreciated if you can guide as what to do as per labour law…???

  53. hi, can any one tel me-
    i got a termiation from the company for not satisfy with my performance,
    and probationa period was finished — so how many month salary would i recved according to uae labour law,
    please suggest me with all compensation

  54. Dear sir ,I got my visa in 19 April 2p16 but I have cancelled my visa in august 15 2016
    How can I check 6 month ban stemp on my entry for UAE

  55. Have worked for 2 years and one month, if I change to another job will I get aburn before finishing 6months

  56. hi sir, me saroj now I work in pizza hut but I have too much pressure while working I want to change my job but I have only 4 months in uae (pizza hut) how how can I change my job after 2 month ???? my contract will finish after 2 year but I want change the job after 6 months how can I change this job????

    1. hi sir i just want to ask what will happen if i want to resign immediately with less that a month of working under limited contract?

  57. hi, i works on a company and my 2nd visa is about expire nxt month i was force to take leave for last three months and company have not paid any as my salery,i asked the management to cancel my visa if they dont want my service but they are not ready to do that and they are asking me to resign, if i submits resignation now will i be getting any due for working on the same company for last 47 months?

  58. Hi Sir,
    What will happen if the employee wants to resign after He/She finish only 1 year but the contract is 2 years and it is under limited contract please give me advice….thank you

  59. Hi Sir,
    What will happen if the employee wants to resignHe after He/She finish only 1 year but the contract is 2 years and it is under limited contract….thank you

  60. Dear friend’s I join one company and we wrote a contract for two years now I have completed six months only and company terminate me now what can I do please inform me and help me can I get my transfer fee to other employer and also iqama fee in which I worked with them

  61. Dear Sir,
    I have been working in a private company for three year and eight months. My labour contract is limited. I would like to quit my present job and join another company. Kindly let me know the terms and conditions for the same. Thanks.

  62. Hi,

    I’m a 21 year old girl, under my father’s sponsorship here in Dubai.
    I joined a company at the beginning of this month on a full time basis. And I asked my boss for the labor contract and she said it’s not necessary since I’m under my dad’s sponsorship and I only need a labor contract if I want the company visa, and I will be put as an “intern” for the company since we have a lot of interns. But my dad says otherwise and said that I won’t get any of the benefits and I might get a labor ban. Is this true? Should I push for the labor contract? How do I do it?
    Please help.

  63. I was employed at 4TN Trading LLC Dubai. I joined 16.12.2015 and 30.06.2016 the contract was terminated by the employer: without any reason. And I pay baid my own for the Visa. I told them don’t cencel my Visa but they cancelled ans they did not pay for my visa and they gave only one month extra and they told leave dubai as soon as possible but I m seaeching a new job I want ask they my visa today I mean 18 of july I one moth to stay. I can not stay..? And I want ask After official termination of the contract how many months the company should pay the salary? The contract is 2 years.

    Thank you in advance

  64. hi, i just wanna know if there is a law pertaining to 90 days gross salary deduction if an employee resigns the job.

  65. Hi, Kindly request you to reply me as soon as possible, am a female Ugandan, I came here as a family driver in local family. And I was supposed to get 1500 salary with one day off so that I go to my church as the law stated, and other benefits. But my boss told me to give me only 500 dirahm before I start my driving and up to now I have not yet started every time are giving me excuse which am very tired of. I passed the theory exam but since then never tell me what next. And secondly am psychologically tortured by the situation where by I do not have my human rights, they shout at me very often without any reasonable point, and refused me to go to. You church and not supposed to get of fence. Am here getting crazy with this situation of no freedom and serious torture Lastly I asked permission just to go to saloon they refused me in this matter I conclude by saying that am not capable enough to do the job of driving any more time. Am here four months not taken to the driving school. Am a nurse by professional. Please help me I this matter. yt of arrtart

    1. Even my dog have better conditions than you. I am still in chock to hear how people treat their employees here in the Middle East…

  66. I’m Benjamin I have worked with 1 company for 6months now and there’s emergency I need to attend over family , marriage problem in my country but the manager says unless I pay3500 dhs before he will allow me to go 2weeks leave so what should I do

  67. Hi sir good day,
    I’m Dave Balter C. Emperado.. the company hired me on september 2015.. but i received my employent visa at october 2015, then after 3 months my temporaty employment visa has expired by december. Then the company process my residency at May 2016, I received my emirates ID at the same Month May 2016. Then after a month I received a termination letter with 1 month notice. I just want to ask if I can receive any benefits except my salary?

  68. Hai. Deepak. Ihave work in sales vissa super market.my duty hours 14. And not weekly of.basic salary 1000and not giving over time. I have complited just 2month. i have other job offer how i change vissa and avoid 6 month ban.

  69. My limited contract as a Manager is getting over in last week of July 2016. I was repeatedly asked to give a request for renewal of my contract in writing which I did about a month back. however, I have not signed any contract and also I was later told that there would be no change in my old contract including the salary component. Can I still refuse to renew my contract as I have not yet signed any contract letter.

  70. Respected sir
    My name is bilal I am from Pakistan I am working in a free zone company of fujaira I have working there from 26 months my basic salary is 950 food allowance is 150 and others benefit allowance is 150 but from 26 months my company did not give me my others binifits allowance I have agreements paper so what can I do pls help me I shal going to the office several time but thay denied and says if I shal go there again and ask for his allowance the company terminated my job and visa

  71. Hi sir my name is Rehman i am from pakistan ,i came in 30-01-2016 , i work as a .net developer for 5 months. But my visa is Public Property and my salary is 2000 AED. My company is not paying the salary on time and I am facing a lot of problem because of that. Now I am planing to change my job with a better salary.

    if i change the company problem create or not please sir replay me ,i am waiting for your answer

  72. Good morning Sir,
    My contract would finish this July and i will not Be renewing it but my companies HR assistant is forcing me to tender in resignation letter, I want to know from you Sir, is it right for me to drop any resignation letter again, please am just confused of what to do , pls help me? I already inform them that i would not be renewing my three years contract. Thanks

    1. Dear Sir,

      Coming november my Visa is going to expire,I don’t want to Renew my Visa and i don’t want to continue in

      this company any more ,up to now my salary is pending for six months.I heard that our companies System is

      Blocked.If i am not renewing my visa is there any problem for visa cancellation and forfurther settlement

      ,thank you very much.

  73. Good morning Sir,
    My contract would finish this July and i will not Be renewing it but my companies HR assistant is forcing me to tender in resignation letter, I want to know from you Sir, is it right for me to drop any resignation letter again, please am just confused of what to do , pls help me? I already inform them that i would not be renewing my three years contract. Thanks

    1. They want you to drop resignation so that they wont pay you all your gratuity. If i were you, i wont tender ANY form of resignation letter and try as much as possible to avoid signing any thing from them especially if you are not clear about it.

  74. hi sir I am working in one company since 3.5 year .now i give resignation 6-06-2016 but company rejected the resignation and company said to me if i want leave from this company should find one replacement for me other wise the notice period end only after 3 month what i can do in this situation

    1. Well, its because they love you and thats why they want you to get a replacement for them.Please, im available if the job description and salary is very good.

  75. Hello,

    Please reply to myquestion! It is very important!

    I was employed at Dubai Media City. 14.01.2016 the contract was terminated by the employer: due to the financial problems of the company. After official termination of the contract how mamy months the company should pay the salary? The contract is three years.

    Thank you in advance

  76. I’ve been accuse of harassing a chef, but the only things i did is scrub his back, yes i admit i say some foul words but it was a joke especially when the other joking to us also or everytime telling me stupid i joke to him to offend him or make him mad, i ride the joke and he say nothing. i didn’t touch his private part only his back. (if i really want to harass him, i should touch his ass or his front). this is my first offense but i don’t understand why they terminate me? someone says they should have given me a warning letter or even final warning. is it cause termination?

  77. Hi sir i have friend runaway from local family?she is 9 month working in local before now my be she is more than 1 year runaway??what she can do to make ligal or how can she do to get her own pasport

  78. Good day,

    I just resigned the other day with a limited contract of two years. I only finished 11 months within my company and planning to go back at my original country but my company denied my compensation and my other benefits even my plane ticket going to my country.Pls help.

  79. Good day,

    I am currently working in a restaurant in Abu Dhabi, my contract is Limited and I already finished 1 Year and 6 months and I want to resign and find a new job. If ever I can get a new work, and I still did not finished my 2 years contract on my current company , do I have a Ban?
    If I have a Ban what will I do to remove the Ban?

    1. I am currently working in a mep construction company, my contract is Limited and I already finished 1 Year and 6 months and I want to resign and find a new job. If ever I can get a new work, and I still did not finished my 2 years contract on my current company , do I have a Ban?
      If I have a Ban what will I do to remove the Ban?

  80. Hi,

    I would like to ask any legal advise from you guys.

    I am employed in a private hospital with pimmited contract renewable in 2 years. as per contract i was entitled for annual leave with benifits, but after a year i raised a problem in our HR regarding my manager on hew she treated me as an employee that why i’ve sent an email to outmr HR that i cant work with her anymore. 4 days HR replied and told me that i need to write a letter stating that i cant continue my contract anymore due to certain circumstances. (note: i already requested to shift dept. because i want to continue my contract) but they can’t give me any position so i’ve decided to continue. Question! Am I still entitled for the settlement?i alreedy filled my leave and approved the cheque was ready but they decided not to gave it to me. I need your legal advise if i still have the right to demand for my settlement. thank you

  81. dear sir
    am Evan frm Uganda iwork as cleaner in abdhabi ihv just finished second month & ihv got a job of my professional am a social work and social administrator by profession,can I be allowed to change from cleaning work to my professional.

  82. Dear Sir,

    with reference to my experience after changing the labor law companies have taken benefit such as in old labour law min 45 days salary to be paid after termination of contract, with support of new labor law companies are paying on 30 days salary after termination of contract.

    This is for information.

    Thank you,

    1. Dear sir
      Can you please help me what shoul’d i do? i’m working in arabic restaurant..suddenly me and my supervisor had a gap..my supervisor asking to me to work in restaurant,but with shouting..he shouting to me thats why i didn’t follow to him..he said if i didn’t follow to him ok you go home..he was angry and me too,thats why i walk out,i go without any inform to the manager,because that time was busy,so i didn’t find the manager.
      After tomorrow when i come duty the manager talk to me,and i explain about my side..he said ok go home..he didn’t give me the chance to work that time,so i don’t have another option so i was go…now my question is,do i have the rights to not to continue to work? Do i get any payment if ever?i hope to hearing from you soon sir..thank you

  83. Hello sir..

    Presently i am working in gold souq.. and my visa will expire in the month of July 15th.. i want to know is there any ban for me because i have submitted my resignation letter this month and my last working day is 31st may.. so please let me know is there any ban for me and should i have to pay amount for visa..? Waiting for your reply

  84. Dear Sir,

    I am John, Im working in a Restaurant, my Visa Issued Started Nov. 27,2015. Where 9 people who working with franchiser our visa is under his Company name German LLC.

    Now, Due to Business reason the franchiser owner dont like to continue his franchise, what he did he send it back to the main company then the main company take back the responsibility,

    Now the problem where 9 people whos working in this franchiser when he give it back to the main company, the main company dont like 9people to stay with them, then they want us to remove, now what i want to know is what we can do and what will happen to us after this, and our 6month probation period will finish this comming May 27,2016.

    Waiting for your good reply,

    Thank you So Much.

  85. Hi Mr.Deepak…

    I am working in a company since April 11,2013.I renewed my contract in 11-april-2015 but i didnot sign any new contract paper when i ask them they told me old contract paper from 2013 will work.I am under limited contract.Now i am turning 3 years and 1 month.

    Can you please advise me if i can change a job.


  86. Hi Deepak,

    I am confused with the annual leave matter. We earn 2.5 annual leave per month and after completing 12 months of service we earn 30 days annual leave. When we use this, as one full month vacation, do we still earn the 2.5 annual leave credit during this vacation?

  87. Hello, I start work on april 3 2016..and my manager told me she will terminate me this end of may. I am under unlimited contract..and probation period. Do i have a ban? please answer me. Thank you.

  88. Hi Deepak,

    I filed my resignation letter and it will end on May after my 3 months probationary period. My employer informed that I need to pay back the residence visa (engineer) and medical insurance which they spent for my employment. I checked my unlimited contract employment and there’s no any clause which it is specified clearly. I crossed check with the labor law and cannot find where it is stated. They said that it is company policy?????

    Is it legal? Any references. Please kindly advise, need your expertise.


    1. Hi Joseph,

      We have the same situation. My current company is telling me to pay 45days which is not in the contract and not stated in any labor articles specially under UNLIMITED Contract. I don’t get their point that why pay them need us? I’m a direct hire from my country. And my current company insisting me to pay and go back to my home country with my own expense. I don’t get it? I get confused, which the labor code doesn’t mention it. Also mentioned by the labor that we can file a complain to the labor if the company is asking for a payment or dues. Also the secretary of my boss is telling me that its a big deal to my boss if I file a complain to the labor and he might ban me in the immigration, even without doing grave offence. She also mentioned that our boss is a Arab (but not local or part of GCC) and he has alot of connection just to make sure that I don’t get back here in UAE.

      So any PRO or from MOL staff out there to help us about this concern? What is the best thing to do about it? Do we need to complain? Kindly advice as how to proceed.

  89. Please I want to ask a question please and I need a reply as soon as possible thanks if my working place have asked to move to mussafah a industrial area and my boss is not ready to get another shop or office there and have worked for five months only what will happen to me please email me back on [email protected] thanks

  90. Dear Sir Deepak

    Please i need a urget answer,
    Di i get a ban?because i join my company last sept 21,2015,i want to know if ill get a ban if ill resign or they terminate me? Do i get any ban ??and do i need to pay?

    Please asnswer my question as soon as possible because i have appointment with them this coming april 24,2016


    Thank you very muh!!!

  91. I just want to ask a simple question kindly please advice me if i am wrong or correct me if i think my recruiter done wrong with me.

    A multinational company hired me as for their client which is located outside of gulf.
    after receiving offer later i started my duties for client. actually i was the replacement of existing resource who is working for the same position he transferred to another country for the same position meanwhile we are working together.
    he was working with me and waiting for his visa after 6 months recruiter realize the we are unable to get his visa then they decided that he will continue his service and i have to leave the company mean need to search new job nothing in written they just called me and said he will continue his services we will give you 1 month notice.

    there are so many things in between i really dint know is this the attitude of multinational companies no planning no professionalism dont have the discussion powers i am really surprised that multinational companies behave and act like this .

    advice me and answer me is this the write way to kick off the employee ??

  92. dear Mr. deepack,
    I have been working s receptionist for more than 3months. I want to leave here. I want to know should I pay for or I have a ban.

  93. Sir I am working in a rent c car company since 2014 now I completed 2 years in same company but looking better job but still I did not get offer letter now I have plan to continued and planned to renew my visa in same company after I renew I got job offer letter from other company can I change with out any ban

  94. Dear Sir,
    I am Masters degree holder and i have joined a job in november 2015 as a secretary. Its been 4 and half months. I want to change my job. Can i change it ?

    Some prople saying thst i can not change before working 6 months in this company.

    If i can change then how esrlier i should inform company and would i have to pay something to company?
    And what if my employer dose not have consent on my resignation and job changing

  95. I have been working in Al Ghail Industrial Area for the past 7 months. I am under an unlimited contract for 2 years. My Probation period on my contract was 6 months and this is what was mentioned in my contract letter for the probation period :

    Probation Period : 6 months after which your services would be evaluated and will be confirmed if found satisfactory.

    6 months over and according to my interveiw I was promised a raise in my salary so at the end of my 7th month I go to my Manager asking him about the upraisal to which he replied that we have decided to increase your Probation by 90 days as we are not yet certain about the performance. So which makes it that they want me to serve a porbation period of 9 months even after that they might not retain me.

    I have had major concerns with them regarding my timing as at times they have made me work for 22-26 hours straight and called me back to the office after 6 hours which was affecting my health in a drastic way and they still want me to continue to do so.

    My main concern is can they lawfully increase probtion period for more than 6 months, As i fear that if i accept it they might terminate me and ask me to pay for the visa expences and everything.

    And also please tell me if they do terminate me will I be liable to pay them anything or will they be liable to pay me ?

  96. Dear Mr. Deepak

    I have been working as a cashier for less than 6months now, but the manager that i am working with is always giving me hard time at work and putting me in shame with out any valid reasons, company is not providing us health insurance also..if i will resign to this company can they give me a ban? Pleade reply..thanks

  97. hello sir. I need advice i work as a sales in my company, I finished my 2 yr contract to them, and last month they renewed my contract , i’ll just want to know if I resign now, can I join to the other company without the ban?

  98. Hey Deepak,
    I was working in fashion , and for health reasons my contract was terminated and left UAE since 2015 feb 21. I don’t know if the company banned me . I am ok now , healthier and sound and is it possible I can return to UAE by now as visitor? How can I know if I have ban Coz it’s not showed anywhere in my passport … Thank you .

  99. Deepak sir

    I am not sastify from my job I don’t like my job I am working 4 months here I want to leave from here I want to know should I have to pay penelw for company if yes how much …

  100. Good day! I’m in a very stressed and confused situation at the moment. I work as a nanny but my contract was office clerk, under unlimited contract. I’m not that happy doing my work here actually i think both are not happy so planning to move out. But my concern was the labour ban? Do I really get a labour ban if I terminate my 2yrs contract? Your response upon my concerns will be highly appreciated and hoping to brighten my mind. Thanks.

  101. Hello sir. I have a question that i was working in service depertment in ras al khaimah. Eighteen month i work there and i passed my resignation, finished my notice period as well. But now clearence time the company wants to charge me the full amount whatever they expanded for me. So is it the uae labpur rules that before 2 year if i resign the job i have to pay all the amount???

    Please reply me bcoz i am in trouble about this matter.

  102. Good day sir,my name is Kingsley,Ian from Nigeria…iam working in an engineering company.I came with an employment visa.I came since December 28th and my Emirates identity card have not been given to me.and they haven’t paid me salary till now.iam. confused and furtrated…i have families,I mean three kids to cater for in my country.I came here for a Greener pasture,but its now the other way round.and the kind of job iam doing now,its not what I learned…iam ready to come and meet you at anytime you want to see me to really be sure of what iam saying…pls reply me pls.what can I do

  103. Hello Dear

    This Tariq working with contracting science last 14 months company as laborer supervisor … Now they don’t have any project to and also cant paying salary to me from last 10 months… And now i have offer of Consulting Company with good designation (Engineer) and good salary than earlier…
    So please advise me change my visa without any serious issues or ban…

    Thank You

  104. I ma working as a Project manager for 2 years and my visa is expiring on 14th April 2016. i asked my company to renew but the company says the dont want to renew. And i have less then a month. This is what company said “The company has decided to terminate your services effective 17-Mar-16 and this would mark as the start of your notice period. That remains as it is and nothing changes on that.”what should i do in this situation i have my family under my sponsor. what is the final settlement i should get in this situation.

  105. hi mam/sir.. i want to ask… i already renew my visa then i finish already 1years but i dont like to work now.. because of salary not given on time.. if i leave my job.. my boss can put ban for me… because he told me.. i cant leave my job till my visa not finish… pls i need help…

    1. I was working since last 1 year in this current company on my husband’s sponsorship. But since my husband’s visa expired and was not renewable my employer promised to provide me visa with family status. He did show my salary 7K though i get 3K only. But he is now charging me for my visa and is deducting frm my salary. Also he will retain my passport and get in writing frm me that i am not entitled for graduity and will be fined AED 6500 if i leave the job.

      I just want to know wheather it is compulsary for me to complete the contract for 2 yrs or is it possible to quit in 6 mnths providing notice. Also will i be fined as per law.

      Also now my husband’s visa is renewed and he has got family status. Please let me know what should i do to be safe.

  106. Hello dipak
    I m working in a private hospital as a technician.
    I have offer in one semi government hospital package around 12000dhm
    Can i break my current contract or is there any ban imposed?
    Kindly guide me

  107. Dear Sir
    I am working QC Job but my company is no Job cancel my Visa but I work with 2 years and 8 month. So my gratuity how many days ? Please help me Sir

  108. i have been working in this company for 4 months now,in my contract i was made to understand i am to work for 8 hours one hour break but for the past 1 month i have been working 12 hours every single day just one day off.i am female and this overtime i did not ask for the company is imposing it on me.i have had two health issues that took me to the hospital and when i beg for day of rest from the company,they threaten me with salary deduction or termination.this is abuse of my rights.labour law says 8 hours of work a day i am working 12 hours.my health is getting affected .can i change my job i cant continue like this for two years.i am a university graduate

  109. Sir,
    Presently am a civil engg.wrkng as a project Engineer, My certifcate is attested, i have finished my 11 months in the present co. now i have a good offer frm anther co. I knw dat as per new UAE Law no ban for me, what am asking is ther any need to get NOC from my present employer. or without NOC can I join in new co. soon. pls reply me….

  110. Dear Sir / Madam

    I have come on company visa but my own flight ticket , now i have got a better job and wish to change my company , i have been on unlimited visa and my medicals are still not done and so my visa is not stamped , please let me known can i change job shall i get any ban , as my new visa is from febraury

  111. Hello sir my visa is unlimited I finished 2 year and renew visa with same employer now I spend 5 month in new visa can I change visa with out labour ban .

  112. Hello sir my visa is unlimited I finished 2 year and renew visa with same employer can I change visa with out labour ban

  113. hello sir,

    please please help me sir , i am basanta kumar sir i have a dout that i finished my contract in 1 march 2016 but i want to renew my visa but i cannot beacuse the lisence that give me visa has been cancelled so they told me i well have new visa ,but same company same owner but change only visa so if i change to another company i well have any banned .

  114. Sir I. Work as a cleaner I have unlimited contract I will be finishing my one year this feb2016 but I want to change my work because I am not fit in this job I am always sick I ask my boss if he will cancel me without a ban he said yes will I get a ban from labour even the desicion is mutual between me and my employer… Thank you sir

  115. Hi sir I just want to ask my situation now I was visa as sales but I’m a nanny..now I’m not satisfied with the treatment of the child to ..I want to find another job what will I do pls help me

  116. Hiii, Presently am wrkng as a Civil Engineer, My PG certfce is attested, i have finished my 6 months in the present co. now i have a good offer frm anther co. I knw dat as per new UAE Law no ban for me, what am asking is ther any need to get NOC from my present employer. or without NOC can I join in new co. soon. pls reply me….


  118. Hi Deepak,

    If there is a mutual termination before 6 months, ban is applicable or not.

    Please reply

  119. Hi Deepak,

    Have a great day

    Kindly let me know about the limited contract rules for resignation/termination during the period of contract.

    Waiting for your prompt response



  120. Dear deepack
    a good new year comes. I ask questions about my case I’m only 4 month here my new employer, I have plan this coming February finish my 6 months I want to find new job because of some reason like I’m bored to work here and before I apply here my working time is 13 hour’s but after I see my contract 9 hour’s only I want to left this job but I have limited contract, in this case what I’m going to do? I hope you give me exact information and advise about my case.. Thank you so much..

  121. Hello Sir. I want to ask you if ever your contract is under U.A.E law.And your working here and after that your company sent you to other country and you work there for few months without extra money.Should be sir you have bonus right?They said if you went there you have bonus.But sad say not a single penny.Thank you Sir more power.


  123. Dear Sir,

    I am a school teacher in dubai from last 11 months and not satisfied with my job and also have a good offer from school in sharjah. I have masters degree in economics. What do u suggest shall I change to new job?

  124. Hello
    I’m here in Dubai from 12-2- 2015. Will I be able to change my job from 2016 I already have searched job and I don’t know what to do .

  125. Hi sir i am working as salesmen from april 2014 …now my company terminated me because of 2 houres late reported to shop even i inform through text msg …is theire any ban for me after january 2016??

  126. Plz sar send to reply sar my visa complete to 2017-1-10 now I’m finish 1yer my company not give solary in one month (1100 my salary ) boom Chang 2016 2month his give 1800 that’s y I’m Chang company I have any ban

  127. I’m working 1yer in electrician (salary 1100) in company but I’m changing to another job his give to (1800) that’s y I’m Chang to company any ban 2016 2 month

  128. HELLO SIR




    ME FROM JAN 2016.

  129. Pls I came here on the 16 sep.2015 and I have work from that day till now and they treat me like a slave bcos am an Africa I want to cancelled next year and I have two year visa how many days will I have to leave UAR when I cancelled my company next year thank u I need a reply pls

  130. dear deepak i m working as a office boy i finish 1 year in this company now i can change the job or no in the same field or i need to wait 1 jan 2016

  131. Hey deepak
    I was came 2014 may15 in dubai in labour unlimited visa
    I want to change the job From January
    My company give me NOC
    Can I change job without ban

  132. is their any labour ban for engineers under unlimited contract according to new labour rtule

  133. iam and engineer under unlimited contract, am i be facing any labour ban if i resign before 2 years.

  134. hello sir,
    Iam working in Abu Dhabi and under UNLIMITED contract, i just finished my 1 year in this company, but i got a better oppurtunity in another PRIVATE company, but they are offering 9000AED salary only. Will i get any ban, if i resign from the current company.?

  135. Hello, deepak
    I am summer and i am working in restaurant. I have more 3 month to complete probation period… but from some other company i am getting good oppertunity for better salary.. as i got information from jan 2016 there were no labour ban for worker… if its possible if i can find other job if i will give resignation to my Senior.. there were no ban for …. just give some proper advice..thankyou waiting for your feed back

  136. Hi deepik Sir,
    I have completed 1 year and 9 month under unlimited contract, I have master degree, but my visa is site supervisor, salary 3000. Can I change the job in January 2016, without labour ban.

  137. Hi Deepak,

    I am planning to leave my current job in Jan 2016 with mutual consent .I have a new offer as well and planning to join them by 2016 Feb.can you please suggest me on the documents to be collected from my current employer which will help me to get a new visa from new employer.

    1.While terminating the contract (7 months from date of joining and unlimited),should i take something in written ?
    2.If so, should i take it on current company letter head ? Arabic should be there on the document ?

    Can you please help me on this urgently


  138. Hello Deepak
    I am a teacher by profession.i came here with three months visa and in about one month ten days left i got a job in one company.The gave me probation period of three months and it ending in january.my visa is out and no medicals yet.i dont like to work with the company again because of too much racism.In my probation period the said either party can decide to terminate the contract.please what if i do it?will i receive a ban?Am confuse i have got another job that pays thrice to my present one.Help me.

  139. Hi Sir
    I am completing 1 year and 9 months on unlimited visa.
    If I resign in Jan 2016 and my visa is canceled, will I get employment ban.

  140. Hi Mr Deepak hope you are doing well
    I need your suggestion that I am working in a hospital as a Hospital pharmacist on a limited contract now I have an opportunity above 12000 in Abu Dhabi.
    from new rules the company ban will be removed or not I mean can I get benefit from new rules
    thanks and regards
    waiting for your response

  141. Hi deepak
    I came here June 10, 2015 my visa as a telecomunication engineer unlimited contract in dubai but my company says me to work as a normal labour with labours , they only need my certificate to their company lisence renewal am a fresher to uae . now I cancel my job I get ban then 2016 onwards I heard no ban for skill 1,2,3 … My question is I cancel visa in 2016 how many days I will stay in UAE to search new job and I my visa is stamp on 8 august 2015 and i should complete probation period or not and i think my probation will end on10 feburury 2016 and can i give notice 1 month during my probation period kindly help me am worried?

  142. Hi Deepak
    I am a Physiotherapist with 6000 salary working for 8months in Dubai . mine s limited contract. Now I have an offer for 12000 in Abu Dhabi. My company refused to give NOC and thy ll put 1year ban . if I resign in Jan 2016, can I move to the new company without NOC and company ban.
    Pls do clarify.

  143. Hello, Mr Deepak,

    My Name is Nilan and I joined in company 2014 November 30th and I’ll be completing my first year in this company this coming 30th.. my question is can i find another job after January?

    My contract is 2 years.

  144. Hello Sir Deepak,

    I want to ask something,Im a computer engineering graduate and i have a red ribbon diploma and i am currently working in a computer shop my visa is sales and i am planing to look for another job ,my reason is i am not comfortable with my job for some reasons i really want to resign .my question is if i lift my current job and look for another company it is possible i will be ban. im planning to resign next year i am already 6 months on my current job because i heard the New UAE Labour Law Rules this 2016
    waiting for your reply

    thank you.

  145. Hi Deepak,

    I have been working in UAE for 3 months and need to go back home for family and health reasons. My contract states that I only need to give 1 day notice whilst still on probation, but if I do that I fear that they may stop me leaving the country in order to repay housing costs and visa expenses. I feel that leaving the country first could be my best option and then resigning whilst back in the USA, but will that mean I get a lifetime ban from UAE?

  146. Hello deepak,

    Hope you will be fine.Actually i m working with an insurance company on a commission basis and i dont have any salary and i have unlimited contract.I have a degree of MBA so i need to know that if i switch to any other organization in january so will i face any labour ban according to a new law which i heard will be going to implement from the jan 2016.Need your advice.

    Thanks & regard,

  147. Hi deepak ,

    I’v been terminated last month, do i get labour ban from Jan2016.

  148. Dear sir,
    I got a new opportunity from some other company.I want some clarification sir. I was joined in my present company 03/02/15. I am having unlimited contract with my present employer and having salary more than 12000 with engineering graduation. The new company is giving hike of 6000.Since I have completed 9 months in this company and completed my probationary I have given one month notice to them. In my contract it was mentioned that it was unlimited contract and notice period will be as per UAE labour law.But my employer is mentioned in my resignation that it is accepted based on 3 months notice like that he mentioned. While our discussion he told me that project is in critical stage I can’t accept this. Also he told that if u want u go to labour court. I don’t know what to do now sir. Kindly help me sir. What is labour law is saying in my situation. Whether one month notice is enough? and my new offer from a free zone company. Kindly help me sir

  149. Hi deepak
    I came here June 10, 2015 my visa as a mechanical engineer unlimited contract in sharjah but my company says me to work as a normal labour with labours , they only need my certificate to their company lisence renewal am a fresher to uae . now I cancel my job I get ban then 2016 onwards I heard no ban for skill 1,2,3 … My question is I cancel visa in 2016 how many days I will stay in UAE to search new job and I want to pay compensation to my company please help me thanks

  150. a question is that what are the rules for tourist visa 3 month if a person got job and He over stayed in Dubai and after his visa expires and then he pay fine ..the questions is either he must go for his home country or he can go to kish as well all the practices are being happens for exit and entry ?

  151. Hi deepak, I’m a graduate and working as a sales in one village name taiween before dibba, my question is dat, I came to uae in July dis yr, I’m under probation for 6mnth and my salary was very very poor, plz can I change my work with out ban or exit, no offday no over time money I’m working for 12hrs plz advice me what to do tnkz

  152. I have an LLC visa from Dubai with designation as sales executive.It is not yet stamped and not processed.If the employer cancels the visa before stamping,then will i be able to get a grace period of 30 days to exit the country?
    Kindly reply.

  153. Hi Deepak,

    I joined my Company in sept’14. I got terminated in Oct ’15. My Company has provided a three month notice to me as per my unlimited contract. I have the following queries:
    1. Is the new labour law applicable to me since my last day notified to be is in mid of jan’16?

    2. In case should I decide to head home now, with just weeks to start of my notice period, will I be entitled to complete three months notice period salary or just for the time I served the actual notice period I served?

    3. Will ban be stamped on my passport in this case with the employer terminating my position without a reason?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  154. I came 2013 may I finest my contract first company I now I join new company last mont is their any ban in 2016 of i change job to other company

  155. i just need an urgent answer in my question.

    I am working as clerk in a medical center and i saw my labor contract that i was registered July 26, 2015 so until now im still in probation period. m contract is under limited contract. now my problem was my employer is always shouting at me and humiliate me infront of customers and always saying that he will terminate me. and he dont want to see my face. he also said that he dont need me and i dont have brain…,. I cant take this anymore… i want to find another job as i need money for my family but i dont know what will i do. i want to resign and find another job but i dont know if i will going to have a ban or what. pls i need an answer.

    1. Abril,
      If you did not have brain, why did he recruit you??
      ANyways, yes, ban may be applicable to you.
      From January 2016, labour ban may not be applicable to you:
      Read New Labour Law:

  156. Dear Deepak,

    I joined on 08.06.2015 and my probation will complete on 07.12.2015. i am not satisfied with my job and my visa is Accountants Assistant and i am a MBA Graduate and my salary is 3500 AED.

    Could you please advice is there any ban if i switch to another job/ is there any consequences that i can face for changing the job .

    please advice.

    Syed Rizwan

    1. Syed,
      From January 2016, labour ban may not be applicable to you:
      Read New Labour Law:

  157. Hello Sir,

    My company for more than 2 years, had terminated my Limited contract due to this reasons, They don’t want bank agents coming to our office to talk to me, which happened just recently due to some late payments on my Credit cards, second is that they accused me of tardiness and being frequently absent, in which I never received any written complain or notice if any from company. I admit I have some absents but I have informed them on which they are aware fully, I believe they are making this up just to justify there arbitrary decisions on firing me.
    Finally they are giving me a settlement which does not include a 3 months gross wage. Is this legal? can they do this?

    Thank you so much and sorry for the long email.

    1. Rico,
      I think this amounts to disciplinary action in which case, company can terminate you as per Article 120.

  158. Dear Deepak,

    I am a graduate and working as a account asst. but my visa is stamped as carpenter and my salary is 2500AED. My company is not paying the salary on time and I am facing lot of problem because of that. Now I am planing to change my job with a better salary. I have worked here for one year. If I change my job after 2016 Jan with a salary above 3500 AED will I have a ban. Should I have to attest my certificate. Please guide me.

    1. Anand,
      From January 2016, labour ban may not be applicable to you:
      Read New Labour Law:

  159. i came in dubai april 2014, i have limited visa for 2 years, my visa will be finish in april 2016, now i can change a visa in other company before visa finishing, without 6 month ban.

  160. hi Deepak, hope all is well, can I get a job according to new 2016 labor low? I resigned in 25 June 2015, I was 2 years contract but I did not know it was limited or unlimited but it was MOL common contract, how to I know limited contract or unlimited contract? if I ban how I can get job before my ban period complete?

  161. Dear Deepak!

    Is that possible if i have Dubai employment visa and i work in Abu-Dhabi for the same company which have branches in both Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.

    Waiting for ur reply……thanks

  162. I came here august 05 2015 my company sent me back home this coming october 05 2015 but they give me noc possible I can comeback here to look another company my visa expire 2016 August now they cancelled.possible anytime or a day I can comeback here in uae

  163. Hello sir

    Does it means they will be no ban for changing jobs from January 2016?


      1. hi sir my name is kumari i am from nepal.before i worked as a sales consultant for 9 months and i cancelled my visa on dec 31st 2015. i got new job from another company but now i got labor ban for 6 month.my previous company is not ready to give me noc letter,soo for this situation what i can do,,,how can i lift my labor ban without noc

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