Complete Guide: Updating the Details on Your UAE Residence Visa

How to update details on your UAE Residence Visa 

If you find yourself in the UAE and require modifications to your UAE residence visaOpens in a new tab. particulars or the issuance of a fresh Emirates ID, worry not – the government offers convenient online services for precisely these needs.

Whether it’s altering your personal information or obtaining an updated Emirates ID, the process is designed to be accessible and efficient.

If you’re in the UAE and you need to make changes to your UAE residence visa information or get a new Emirates ID, you can use online services provided by the government.

In this article, we have explained the steps to update your details on UAE Residence Visa and Emirates ID :

Update UAE Residence Visa Details through the ICP Website:

If your visa is from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, or Fujairah:

  1. Go to the website in a new tab.
  2. Click on “Public visa services” and then choose “Modification of current visa.”
update residence visa details 1
update residence visa details 2

3. Pick one of the options: Passport information, Visa File Number, or Unified Number. Enter the document number based on your choice.

update residence visa details 3

4. Sign in with your UAE PassOpens in a new tab..

5. Update your visa info as needed.

6. Upload any required documents.

7. Pay the fees, which are Dh200 in total (Dh100 for smart services, Dh50 for the application, and Dh50 for e-services and federal authority fees).

Once your application is approved, they’ll automatically start the process to issue your new Emirates ID.

Update UAE Residence Visa Details through the GDRFA Website:

If your visa is from Dubai:

  1. Visit the website in a new tab..
  2. Click on “Start service” and use your UAE Pass accountOpens in a new tab. to sign in.
update residence visa details 6
update residence visa details 8

3. You’ll see your visa and dependent details on your dashboard.

4. Click on the three dots next to your profile and choose “update personal information.”

5. Fill in the form with your current visa details and update the info as needed.

6. Add any necessary documents.

7. Pay the service fees using your credit or debit card.

8. Submit the application.

There are some fees involved: Dh100 for an urgent service, Dh10 for innovation, and Dh100 for printing (if you use ZAJEL Courier Center).

You can also update the details by going through the options below:

  • Visit an Amer center with your passport, Emirates ID, and any needed supporting documents (like a marriage certificate if you got married).
  • Go to a typing center for assistance with the process.
  • This will cost you Dh260.

After your visa info is updated and approved, remember that you need to separately apply for a new Emirates ID through the ICP (Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security). 

Keeping your visa and Emirates ID details accurate is crucial for staying compliant and ensuring smooth processes in the UAE. Thanks to the convenience of online services, updating your information has never been easier. So, if you ever need to make changes, remember these straightforward steps to ensure your official documents are always up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs on Updating UAE Residence Visa Details Online

Can you update you UAE residence visa details online?

Yes, you can update certain details of your UAE residence visa online through the respective government portals.

What details can you update online?

You can typically update information like your job title, name, and passport photo using online services.

Do you need to submit any documents for online updates? 

For some updates, like minor changes, you might not need to provide additional documents. However, for major changes, supporting documents might be required.

Is there a fee for updating residence visa details online?

Yes, there is usually a fee associated with updating residence visa details online. The fee can vary based on the type of update.

Can you update you details if you’re outside the UAE?

Generally, you need to be in the UAE to apply for online updates.

How do you start the online update process? 

You can start the process by visiting the relevant government portal, logging in with your credentials, and navigating to the update section.

What happens after you submit your online update request?

After submitting your request, it will be reviewed by the relevant authorities. Once approved, you’ll receive updated information on your documents.

How long does it take for the updates to reflect on my documents?

The processing time can vary, but in many cases, you’ll receive the updated documents relatively quickly.

Can you update someone else’s details online, like a family member’s? 

In most cases, you can only update your own details online. For family members, they might need to be present for the update.

What if you make a mistake during the online update? 

If you make a mistake, you might need to contact the relevant authority’s customer service for guidance on how to rectify it.

How do you update your personal information on ICP?

To update your personal information on ICP, follow these steps:
Log in to the smart services system using your digital identity or username.
Find and select the specific service you need to apply for.
Provide the required application data as necessary.

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