How to Check Your Medical Fitness Report Online in Dubai

Checking Your Dubai Medical Fitness Report Online

For individuals seeking residency or employment in Dubai, ensuring medical fitness is essential to obtain work permits or residence visas. To fulfill this requirement, proof of fitness must be provided in the form of medical reports obtained from designated visa medical examination centers across the city.

Understanding the DHA Medical Fitness Report Online

The UAE, a diverse country with expatriates from around the world, prioritizes the safety of its citizens by implementing necessary precautions to prevent the spread of viruses or diseases. As part of this process, individuals must undergo medical tests, and their fitness status, as determined by the DHA medical report, influences the granting of an Emirate ID and residence visa.

Accessing Your Medical Fitness Report Online

The process of checking your medical fitness report online in Dubai is straightforward. You can easily download the DHA Smart App and access your Dubai Health Authority Opens in a new tab.medical fitness report. This initiative by the Dubai Health Authority consolidates all of its services into one convenient application, allowing residents to access Smart Services, manage appointments, medications, lab results, and check their Medical Fitness Application Status.

Using the DHA Smart App

The DHA Smart App, available in both English and Arabic languages, is an excellent option for expatriates wondering how to check their Dubai medical visa test status. Additionally, the app features an intuitive map that helps users locate nearby medical fitness centers in the city.

5 simple steps to check your medical fitness report online in Dubai:

  1. Download the DHA Smart App from the Apple Store or Google Play and register as a user.
  2. Choose between using UAE Pass or registering an account on DHA, providing necessary personal details.
  3. Access your medical fitness result by navigating to ‘Other Services’ and selecting ‘Check Medical Fitness Test Status’.
  4. Input your request reference number (you will receive this number via SMS after you have conducted your medical fitness test) and date of birth.
  5. View your report once it’s completed or monitor its status if it’s still in process.
Medical fitness certificate online
Medical fitness certificate online1 1
Medical fitness certificate online3

The introduction of the DHA Smart App offers a convenient solution for immigrants wondering how to check their medical fitness report online in Dubai.

For those looking to apply for a medical fitness report in Dubai, the process is straightforward. Simply visit any visa medical center in the city to begin the application process. Moreover, Dubai boasts numerous hospitals with DHA-licensed staff, ensuring you receive top-quality medical care throughout your journey.

And for individuals considering working and living in Abu Dhabi instead, rest assured that there are visa medical test centers available to assist you in obtaining a health fitness certificate in the emirate. Whether in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the UAE prioritizes the health and well-being of its residents, providing accessible solutions for managing medical records and ensuring overall fitness and safety.

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