Yoga in Abu Dhabi

Yoga, as all of us might know may be India’s best gift to the world. It simply is a means to attain physical, mental and spiritual discipline. While most of us today in the Middle East are ridden with a mundane life, there are those who take time out to organise ‘healthy events.’

Yoga, as you know is not new to Abu Dhabi, Dubai or UAE for that matter and a group of enthusiasts are organising a Yoga and meditation workshop.

The session is conducted by Dr. Tanmay Goswami of “Punarnava Ayuvedic Centre” from Udupi. Although I have not attended his sessions, I have attended other Yoga sessions, which have been more than fulfilling. I recommend you too take advantage of this rare opportunity. You may contact Mr. Jeevendhar on +971 -50-3520568

Click the following link for the flyer: Yoga in Abu DhabiOpens in a new tab.

Further information on Yoga is HERE.Opens in a new tab.

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