This is what will happen if Dubai wins Expo 2020-My thoughts

What happens if Dubai wins Expo 2020 bid!!

With just 6 more days to go, I believe we are in the cusp of creating history here in UAE.

I previously wrote as to Why Dubai will win the bid to host Expo 2020Opens in a new tab.!

dubai Expo 2020 Logo

Here are few of my thoughts which I feel will happen if Dubai wins Expo 2020 bid.

Good Things

  • More Jobs will be created. As per some estimates around 300,000 jobs will be created. This will not only boost the job market, Dubai will see more professionals heading to its shores looking for employment.
  • Name of Dubai and UAE will be etched in the annals of history. No doubt about this!
  • Dubai claims and affirms its position as a leading destination for investments and tourists alike!
  • Overall confidence in the region will be uplifted. There is no better way to tell the world that you have ARRIVED!!
  • Improvement in overall economy with boost in confidence in sectors like Real Estate, Logistics, Aviation and so on. I am sure, more spectacular projects will be launched.

Not so Good things

  • Rents will increase across all areas, not only in Dubai but everywhere around UAE.
  • Increase in traffic!!
  • Overall increase in the cost of living in Dubai.

These are my few thoughts. What do you have to say??

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