UAE Companies Law – Download PDF

Federal Law No 8 of 1984 – UAE Commercial Companies Law

Companies and Corporations are a essential to any economy. UAEOpens in a new tab. is no different in this. UAE Federal Government has laid out specific rules to govern the legality of various types of companies in UAE.

There are basically 7 types of Legal entities under Commercial Law (Company Law)of UAE.

1. General Partnership.
2. Commandite.
3. Joint – Venture.
4. Public Joint – stock.
5. Private Joint – stock .
6. Limited Liability companies – LLC.
7. Commandite Limited by shares.

The Law lays down various provisions for the commercial companies.

In UAE you can find various types of companies. But most common type of company that we see is Limited Liability Company or LLC as we popularly refer to it.

The law prescribes following sections:

General Provisions, Properties of Public Joint-Stock Companies, Incorporation of Public Joint-Stock Companies, Extra – Ordinary General Meeting and many other aspects of company formation and operation.

You can read the Companies Law below:

[gview file=” Law No.8 of 1984.pdf” save=”0″]

Download the Companies Law (right click and save as..)



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