Truth revealed: Why authorities want you to live near your workplace?

Why you should live near your Workplace?

Abu Dhabi government recently issued circularOpens in a new tab. to their employees that they need to live in Abu Dhabi if they would like to claim their House Rent Allowance. This could be done by furnishing an Abu Dhabi based tenancy.

There was a huge hue and cry over this, as few government staff were living in Dubai and working in Abu Dhabi!

Conspiracy theorists sprung to action with their own conclusions on this decision by the government.

Do you really know the reason for this decision by the Abu Dhabi government?

I believe I know!

A lot of studies in this area have been conducted. One of the major causes for job related stress is the long hours of commute that employees take. This not only reduces productivity but also puts their lives in danger. I came to know of people who commute to Abu Dhabi daily from Sharjah!!! What kind of output could we expect from these employees?

Driving one day on Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway would reveal that seldom do cars travel at speeds below 140 Kilometeres per Hour!! This not only puts you at danger but others at danger. You may be a perfect driver; but you do not know how good a driver is your neighbor!!

Why should you live near your workplace?

Commuting causes stress

Recently authorities urged people to live near their workplace. Opens in a new tab. Driving long hours reduces your efficiency. It also gives you more time to be at home with your family. Long hours on the wheels will definitely cause you mental and physical stress which effects your performance at work and home negatively.

Commuting long makes you obese

If you merely spend 3 hours a day on wheels, 9 hours in the office, 8 hours sleeping, you only get 4 hours for other activities. Do you optimise your time for physical activities? Would you go work out  after a long drive? I guess NO. You end up gaining unnecessary weight, your body goes out of shape!!

I believe, authorities are concerned about your quality of life. Because, if you are working for a company, the best thing they can have is happy, efficient, productive, active and healthy employees. 

Now you know why authorities want you to live near your workplace!

Do you drive long hours to office? Kick the routine and be healthy!

Infographic on effects of commuting long hours: Below infographic shows you How your Commute is Killing you.

effects of commuting long hours to work

How is your JOB killing you?

job stress

I hope you understand government’s decision for you to move near to your workplace. Let us not give heed to gossip.

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